Monday, July 30, 2007

The Color of Love

What color is love?

Love comes in all colors...

There's the fiery, red passionate love that seems to distract us from the rest of life. It's intense and sometimes volatile. Its easy to judge this kind of love as damaging, but isn't it grand? It may not come often but when it does, it has the power to change who we think we are.

Orange may be the kind of love that offers adventure and creativity. It's enthusiastic and willing to experiment. There might be an emphasis on travel, either figuratively or metaphorically. The exotic beckons us to explore. Orange is mischief with the best of intentions. It's mutable, restless and ever changing.

Love in shades of yellow feels fresh, friendly and warm. There's a celebratory quality to this kind of love. Gratitude is easy to express. Openness and vulnerability feel good in this space. Yellow brings safety and play. Innocence is a big part of the experience. Here we have the opportunity to rediscover the child that dwells inside.

Green is all about healing. The people we love in this space are in our lives to help us become more of who we are. Love in hues of green can be unconditional and accepting. Its patient and comforting. Think of it as a retreat in the midst of the chaos of daily life. These relationships tend to flourish over long periods of time.

Blue is the mind and intellectual compatibility. It has a cool quality...lots of talking and sharing ideas. The physical is deemphasized in favor of lofty thoughts. This is the kind of relationship where you find yourself talking and talking and talking. Blue love helps us develop more wisdom and depth, clarifying values and priorities.

Purple is the kind of love that allows us to communicate without even talking. Its as if we can read each others' minds. This is the kind of energy that allows us to be with someone without having to try. Its comfortable and allows a lot of space to grow and change. Purple pushes us to address the self. There can be great sacrifice for a loved one, but in the end the sacrifice is really about the transmutation of self.

The good feelings we feel when we love come from us. The passionate reds and oranges are our own energies in action. The greens and blues are aspects of ourselves showing up to be explored and owned. We tend to fall into thinking that the object of our love has the power to take it away. Its one of the most destructive lies on the planet.

When we love someone and they go away, do we lose the love we feel for them? If so where does it go? I think most of us know that it stays with us, sometimes faded and worn, but still living. The grief we experience is not the withdrawal of the beloved, its the terrifying possibility that we have no one to share our energy with. With enough experience, we also come to see that THERE IS ALWAYS MORE. The next love might be a different color, bringing fulfillment of a different kind but just as good.

If we knew that, we would be so free...

There are many, many shades of love and we all have our favorites. Fortunately we get to experience them all. Love is never wrong and there's always more. Reclaim what belongs to you! Lets love as much as we can with the willingness to be free from the fear of losing it.

The world will be much more colorful when we do.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Scopes 7/29 - 8/4

Welcome to the Scopes!

If you've been wanting to see change, you'll get your wish this week. It's nothing earth shattering, but there is a trend toward slow, easy evolution. If you feel impatient, remind yourself that you are closer to the realization of a dream than you think. Be willing to let go of outdated thoughts and goals. Make space for all the new energy coming your way. If there's a little grieving that needs to happen, face it bravely. What's leaving is not half as good as what's on the way. Enjoy nature if you can this week. There is a tremendous amount of beauty out there and if you immerse yourself in it, you will be healed and soothed spiritually as well as physically.

Have a wonderful week!

Aries -
It's time to take a closer look at something that has been bothering you. A hidden agenda may be affecting you in a negative way. Healing will come through absolute honesty, Aries. There's no need to get angry. Stay calm and communicate clearly. That will fix it right up.

Taurus -
The best thing you can do for yourself is celebrate in some way. Pause Taurus. Stop working and take a look around. You've accomplished a lot and it would be wise to bring in some validation. Doing so will give you the energy to take the next step. Call some friends and plan to get wild!

Gemini -
There are amazing opportunities coming your way, Gemini. Be patient even though you will have the urge to grab the first one. Patience will allow you to find the perfect fit. Of course patience also requires trust. Can you trust that what you want is on the way? It is!

Cancer -
Pause and take stock of where you're at. Stability is important now Cancer. You are about to be recognized for hard work and rewards are in the works. The recognition won't feel fulfilling unless you take pride in your accomplishments. Let yourself shine like the star you are.

Leo -
You are incredibly psychic this week, Leo. Trust your instincts for they are offering powerful insight and guidance. There may be a person or two who would like to talk you out of what you're sensing. Don't let anyone compromise your understanding of the truth.

Virgo -
It's a great time to take a risk or two. Do it when the urge comes and try not to think about it too much. Your mind might try and keep you from chasing a dream. That would be a shame, Virgo. Freedom to explore needs to be a top priority. If you don't give yourself some room you're going to get rebellious.

Libra -
There is an incredible amount of tension building inside you, Libra. You feel torn between two equal but opposing forces. The most productive course of action will soon be clear. Hang on! In the meantime, get creative. You have a ton of ideas percolating, waiting to be brought into reality.

Scorpio -
You're coming out of some chaos and it sure feels good. You managed to hold onto your integrity in the midst of a lot of pressure. Good job, Scorpio. Get some much needed rest now that you have a chance. Even better, create a way to celebrate your victory. This will help cement some new truths.

Sagittarius -
Being hard on yourself is not helping, Sagittarius. Your mind is looking for something to chew on and if you're not careful, it will chew on you. Regrets and ruminations are threatening to dull down your enthusiasm. Can you let yourself off the hook and trust that what you're involved in will be fruitful? It will be!

Capricorn -
A period of stagnation is coming to a close. You're building momentum. This is an exciting time, Capricorn. Goals that have been held in secret are starting to come to life. Of course, its never fast enough. Watch out...once the wheels start turning, nothing will stop you until you get where you want to be.

Aquarius -
A disappointment is weighing heavily on you. You seem to think you did something wrong which is absolutely not true, Aquarius. There is something familiar about this scenario and that's why it stings so much. You are tapping into old wounds. Take advantage of this opportunity and relax into acceptance.

Pisces -
You are on the cusp of a harvest. Hard work is paying off, Pisces. Relax and enjoy it. There's no need to rush into the next project. Invite others to be a part of your success. Reach out to someone less fortunate and share the abundance that's flowing to you. It feels good to give.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tawny little lions sleeping in a heap
Hopefully they won't kick themselves awake...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mermaid Shades

I've noticed a certain kind of energy making a resurgence lately. It's blue and green and watery. It's a little bit mermaid and quite a bit powerful. Yemeya comes to mind. She is the Santeria Goddess of the ocean and brings life to all living things. With her, anything is possible.

There are many versions of Goddess energy. One might be fiery, spicy and fierce; another earthy, patient and organic. We need different kinds of energy at different times. When the world feels hot from fighting and fear and rough weather, we could all use a little bit of cooling, magical mischief.

I see a lot of people craving the energy of Yemeya. It is refreshing and deeply healing and it makes sense given the psychic weather (which is fiery and abrasive) not to mention the weather we experience in reality (which is hot where I am).

Yemeya is great for times when we feel overwhelmed and rushed. She helps sooth anger and frustrations, relaxing the rigidity that builds up around us. Looking out at a world of pain, its easy to stop seeing all the miracles and magic. Yemeya reminds us of the mysteries and hidden joys that are shimmering all around.

Meditate on the beauty and compassion of the Water Goddess. Close your eyes and imagine being in a bubble of beautiful blue green water. It feels warm and reassuring. Your problems are floating away. After all, problems are just the manifestation of being slightly (sometimes not so slightly) off your center. Come back home. Come back and reclaim the parts of your life that have felt overwhelming and chaotic. Come back with love.

Introduce Yemeya to your world and see what she has for in store for you.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scopes 7/22 - 7/28

Welcome to the Scopes...

I think we'll find that there are happy surprises in store for all of us this week. A harvest is at hand and its time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. A celebration is in order so help organize one and participate in the ones you've been invited to. Discipline is also called for. We need to make the most of the gifts that come our way this week, because they will be even more fruitful over time, with proper care.

Aries -
You're at the end of a difficult cycle and may be vulnerable to cynical thoughts. A breakthrough is imminent. Hold on just a little longer and you'll get the relief you need. It's important to consider that the challenges you face are of your own making. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

Taurus -
Your mind is moving through all possible scenarios. You are looking for answers, but the more you look, the more overwhelming it becomes. Do what you can to quiet the mind and slow down. Keep a notebook handy so you can capture all the inspired thinking. You have plenty of time to make it real.

Gemini -
You may be hitting a glass ceiling. The realization that you've come to a serious obstacle is threatening to rob you of your cheery nature. There is a way to get around this easily and effectively. Start by opening a window allowing a small point of consciousness to expand, getting you the answers you need.

Cancer -
You're climbing out of a period of confusion. That's the good news. The bad news is, you might have to wait a little longer to feel as clear as you want to. You'll have to sift through a lot of ideas to find the one with the most potential. Treat it like a treasure hunt and be patient enough to let it all unfold.

Leo -
It's your time to shine. You are radiant and in the mood to assert yourself. Your passion is impressive and inspiring. Relish the fun that's available. What's happening now is important, most of all, the people you meet. There are folks coming along now that can have a tremendous impact on your future.

Virgo -
Your thoughts are powerful this week, Virgo. You have the magic to make things happen. Try to stay on the positive, productive end of the spectrum. As a healer, you tend to get stuck on the pain station at times. Look for what's good about your world, and dare to believe in your dream.

Libra -
You need some quiet time to reflect on what you'd like to create next. Trying to get answers from anyone beside yourself is pointless now. YOU KNOW! Now all you need is the courage to follow through with your convictions. It's time for a new foundation to build on. This work can be fun.

Scorpio -
Intuitive instincts are very strong this week, Scorpio. You may be experiencing a mini dark night of the soul. There is light to guide you into a space that feels better, but it will be hard to see if you panic. The struggles you have now and how you choose to handle them is important and worthy of full attention.

Sagittarius -
You can take almost nothing and make something golden, Sagittarius, especially this week. Creative energy is running high for you. The only pitfall is ego. If you get heady over power and start to manipulate in the wrong direction, you might have regret about what plays out. Be a lightworker!

Capricorn -
There are a hundred reasons why nothing will work. It's time for a breakthrough, Capricorn. You can't afford to hang out too long in too much negativity. Time is passing when small steps can be taken to make things different. Stop talking yourself out of ideas that have tons of potential.

Aquarius -
A magical seed has been handed to you from seemingly out of nowhere. Be careful with it, Aquarius. It will take time and consistent care from you to see the potential of this sacred seed grow into a fantastic tree. Don't talk about it too much just yet. It needs more time to mature before it can stand up to a lot of scrutiny.

Pisces -
Harness the strength of your mind and your heart together to capitalize on opportunities to succeed. There are doors opening everywhere you look. The mind and heart need to be balanced if you want to get to a new and better reality. Change will happen quickly and effortlessly if you get in sync with yourself.

I like to pull Tarot cards to write Scopes, but I think I'll keep the cards I'm referring to a bit of a secret. I pull three for the general forecast and one card for each sign. If you can guess which cards I'm pulling...GOOD FOR YOU!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Fool

One of my favorite tarot cards is the Fool. The Fool is zero, the beginning of everything. The Fool is the space BEFORE something begins. Everything is possible...its almost overwhelming.

When the Fool shows up, we know its time to take a leap of faith. We have no way of knowing the outcome, in fact the outcome is not important. What matters is that we take action, sometimes radical action with no real reassurance. Faith is absolutely necessary.

Typically, the Fool is looking upward, dancing dangerously close to the abyss. He's not worried about anything. He is present in the moment. His relationship with source is the most important aspect of his life in the material world. He could fall off the cliff or jump off willingly knowing that God will take care of him. The Fool knows without doubt that he will survive whatever life brings.

The Fool reminds us that it is the journey that matters. Be here now!! This everlasting, present moment is where all the power, abundance and love is. When we stray from the moment, we are diminished.

When the Fool shows up in our lives, we are forced to realize that we might not have as much control as we like to think. Who cares when we have the Divine, always present, walking with us, informing us, reassuring us? This energy/being/consciousness is waiting right now to connect with you. Get quiet and listen....

Sometimes we have to take radical action without knowing where it will land us. If you feel the urge, DO IT. Try not to sit around and over think it. The rational part of the mind has a way of killing the joy of the intuitive mind.

The Fool is free of expectations so that there are no mistakes and nothing to regret...there is only the celebration of the ever-evolving mystery.

Go ahead and jump!

Monday, July 16, 2007

What Beauty

There's the music of the spheres and there's the pain station. There are tons of broadcasts in between. We can listen to what we want when we want.

For those of us who feel stuck on the pain station, it's time to take responsibility for being fascinated by all the moaning and groaning. It's addictive and you know it!

There's nothing wrong with being interested in the pain station. Healers are especially drawn to it, looking for a way to fulfill their purpose in life. The drive to make the world better is a powerful force but we are no good when we get tired and weary and all we hear are the sad and angry songs.

It's important to remember that there are millions of other vibrations to be explored. Sometimes we need a break from the moaning and groaning so that we can recharge and remember the beauty that is so abundant here on earth.

Once we become aware of the choices we make in terms of what we want to tune into, responsibility is taken and the spell breaks.

Then we suddenly have the ability to hear all the other sounds in the Universe.

What beauty.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scopes 7/15 - 7/21

Pull your focus back to yourself. You might find that the support you're longing for has disappeared. This is a blessing, for it allows you time to get in touch with the quiet voice inside that is trying to steer you in the right direction. You'll know what to do when you need to.

Dig in your heels and get comfortable. If you've been feeling pressured to give in to something you know is not in your best interest, be brave and say no. It's important that you honor your own sense of integrity. If you choose to stray, there will be quite a mess to clean up. It's not worth it.

Healing energies are flooding your body and spirit. Issues that have wreaked havoc are now fully illuminated, allowing you to make conscious choices. You might not like what you see but at least you have the power to change it now that you are aware of what's really going on.

It's time to pause and celebrate all the work you've done and the results that are finally starting to show up. You might have begun to doubt the payoff, but its here and it needs to be validated. Doing so will give you even more strength for the last leg of this particular journey.

Be open to a happy surprise. You might be asked to take a risk before you actually get the reward. If you pay attention to your intuition, you'll know when to jump. Loved ones may try and discourage you. They don't get it, but they will when you show them the glory.

Your mind is giving you very little peace these days. A decision made in good faith has turned out badly, causing you difficulty and a little bit of self-recrimination. Work to forgive yourself and you will find it easier to navigate into a better situation. Know that it's not too late to change course.

The wheels are starting to turn after a period of stagnation and frustration. Creative ideas are coming fast and furious. Write it down! It will take a little more time to get the new plan into action. Be patient and let yourself get excited about what's coming up.

Find a way to blow off steam and channel the intensity that is infusing your body with energy. You are frustrated with the status quo and ready to shake it up. Don't be hasty. Pick your battles wisely and you will be able to capitalize on this energy incredibly effectively.

You are being asked to give up something that is very dear to your heart. Resisting the change will cause more pain. Be willing to let go and trust that something even better will come. It's worth contemplating your notion of faith. You need it now and it will serve you well.

You are weary as you tie up loose ends and prepare to begin a new cycle. Stop being so critical! It's hard to see the success if all you're looking at is what could have been done better. Let go of the ruminating thoughts and get some rest. What's coming is a lot more fun than where you've been.

Connect more deeply with your roots. There's important information waiting for you to claim it. It's time to reframe events from the past, especially if they have created regret and grief. There's power under the pain, so dig into it and learn to love what has made you who you are.

Grab the tiger by the tail. Quit thinking about what you want to do and just do it. It's going to be a lot more fun than you think and you're going to love where you end up. This is a great time to flirt and play. You are attractive and charming. Try not to break too many hearts!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


An overcast day...
quite unusual for summer.
Tired in my bones.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ear Infection

What am I unwilling to listen to? This has become a very important question over the last few weeks as I've struggled with an intense and painful ear infection. I can see now that this infection has been lying there dormant, coiled like a snake, waiting for an opportunity to rear it's ugly head.

How do I know? I've been slowly losing my hearing over the past few years.

Don't worry! I can still hear plenty...the firetruck that roars past my house at least eight times a day; the frustrated cries of the baby; the pigeons who cluster and warble on the bathroom window sill.

Is this what I've been unwilling to listen to or are we talking about something bigger? Have I been trying to drown out the voice of God?

Its no secret that the last few years I've been adrift as I adjust to motherhood and marriage. Maybe God has been trying to talk to me and I've been unwilling to relinquish control long enough to get quiet and tune in.

I'm not suggesting that the ear infection is a punishment, though illness often feels like it. The ear infection has in fact been a tremendous blessing. It has forced me to pause and reflect. CAN I LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW even if it's less than perfect? Am I willing to move and explore new areas so that I can be the magical, creative being that God intended? Am I willing to let go of the patterns and behaviors that keep me from attaining my goals? Can I trust (God and myself)!!

I don't know all the answers and I don't think I need to. I am however, grateful that this aural development has pushed me closer to the investigation. I'm also grateful that it has pushed me to write more.

The physical/spiritual/emotional pain of the infection has given me the impetus to give birth to the leonine times, a space to explore the divine and the mundane, for we are nothing if we can't have both.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

They Brought the Yellow

For a long time I had an aversion to yellow. It reminded me of something sour… pastel and cloying…or stained and dirty, urine-like. If it was a darker shade it seemed burned and dry, uninteresting and unfeminine. Pale yellow struck me as too soft, suffocating and immature. I wanted to hang out in cooler, mermaid shades.

That is, until the children came along.

They brought the yellow.

A few months before my son arrived I found myself longing for a gold satin throw. I wanted it for my baby, thinking about him growing from baby to boy. I pictured it tossed over his bed, that extra layer of warmth…a blanket to snuggle down to nap in.

I didn’t know he was a he. It just felt right for the spirit on the way.

It was strange and I was aware of it. Suddenly this color that had caused almost physical revulsion in me seemed cheerful and appealing. Sunshine splashed across the bed, warm and comforting.

By the time my daughter arrived, my fascination with yellow had developed more depth. I started noticing the tremendous range of yellow. Soft, mellow buttery tones and richer shades of tan; yellows that faded into pale green, spring time grasses and marshy wet fields; yellows that slid more toward orange, warm and smooth, daffodils and a full moon here and there.

The children's cheerful dispositions seemed so…YELLOW.

I got a healing...

I could suddenly see the yellow in me and it wasn't repulsive. It was generous and fun; warm, uplifting and slightly irreverent. Thanks, kiddies for bringing back the yellow.