Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Body is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Most of us struggle with our bodies. We want to improve, condition and discipline them. Some of us spend time, money and energy "working" on them. We resist aging and being sick. We resist what we don't like. We spend a lot of time feeling bad about them.

A teacher once told me, "You have the perfect body (for you) this lifetime. It is everything you want to be, and all the information you need to create what you want is already there."

That felt so true to me. It got me to think about what's great about the body I have. I rarely get sick. I'm strong. I'm sensitive to energy. I have wonderful, wise hands, etc.

Bodies bring amazing pleasure and at times, amazing pain. Our bodies want to be what our spirit dictates. Bodies respond best to love and validation. If we are constantly harassing and insulting our bodies with angry thoughts, words and punishing behaviors, our bodies will become stuck in the very energies we are trying to slough off.

We are alchemical beings. We can take energies into our bodies and transform them either positively or negatively. We all have incredible healing abilities, but these abilities work best if we are taking good care of ourselves spiritually and PHYSICALLY.

Do something today to validate and thank your body for getting you this far. Being in your body can be the kingdom of heaven, or hell on earth depending on the energy affecting you. Fortunately, we can change the energy in and around us by becoming more aware. When our spirit is in alignment with our physical form, everything is possible.

That's power.

Love it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Babies are beautiful! One friend calls them "freshies." So true. They are fresh and unique and magical. Their beauty isn't about their bodies. It's the spirit shining through.

My son reminded me of a little bird when he was born. Delicate and sprightly, elfin and impish. He crinkles his nose when he's quizzical and talks in his sleep.

My daughter looked like a baby hippo when she arrived. Strong and stocky, a little tank. She has attracted some excellent babysitters with her crazy shock of hair and bright smile.

They are so different!

Even now I can see these qualities reflected in their personalities. My son is hesitant about the slide and the swing. My daughter throws herself into whatever experience is at hand, seemingly without fear.

It wasn't until I had two that I realized how much we come into the world with who we are. Nature versus nurture.

These two little people have plans! Very different plans as far as I can tell. The boy wants to play with others. The girl wants to be left alone to explore. What worked with one doesn't neccessarily work with the other. They keep me on my toes.

I found an old friend recently who knew me right before I met my husband. We used to prowl for men together. It was a lot of fun. She wrote that she had heard through the grapevine that I was in my element as a mother. I have no idea who might have told her that. I think she was being polite.

The truth is, these kids are forcing me to develop parts of myself that never would have come into play without them. They have taken my selfish impulses and magnified them. There are certain things I just can't afford to do anymore. Behaviors that were fun and indulgent are out the window now. Even sitting down to read a book is a challenge.

Sometimes when I can't sleep I imagine a parralel universe without them. It usually puts me to sleep right quick.

What does that say?

Life without them would be pretty darn dull.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Magician

I'm a little wary of the Magician. There is tremendous power here but there are no guarantees either. It is the Law of Attraction in action. You WILL get whatever you put your energy and attention on. If you dwell on the money you don't have and the problems you encounter in relationships, you will get more of the same.

If we focus on what's right in our lives, we'll get more of the good stuff.

The knowledge that we are the creators of our lives can feel quite heavy. It's a lot of responsibility and the shadow here is potent. If we are involved in a car accident, did we create it? If we get sick is it because we weren't thinking the right thoughts?

I'm prone to negativity. It's part of my sense of humor, but it's not so funny when I seem to get more of the stuff that's bothering me. So I know when the Magician appears, I need to be vigilant. Gratitude becomes essential. I have to work sometimes to find what's good and keep my attention on it.

Then there are the times when the Magician seems to bring effortless abundance, love and healing. We've all been there, floating down the river of life... everything coming together in miraculous ways.

What if we could be there all the time? In a world of ease and magic...Would we appreciate it or would we start to take it for granted and find ways to be unhappy with it? Humans are fussy creatures! A lot of us come into the world screaming and never stop.

When we do get those moments of flow, it's so delicious! It's worth striving for but if you're like me...(a person who tends to frolic in unhappiness from time to time) it would be a bit dull to have it all. What are we doing here if not to struggle and grow and get stuck and get free and get stuck again?

We have incredible power. Sometimes it works for us and sometimes it works against us. It's all part of the game we're playing here. Let's have fun with it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Horoscopes 8/26 - 9/1

Welcome to the Scopes!

This is a great week for all of us to reach out to the people we love and let them know we care. It's all too easy to get caught up in the shuffle of life, letting too much time pass between phone calls and visits. Make a gesture and don't let it bother you if the recipient is a little bit grouchy. A new way of thinking is possible now. Look for inspiration in the mundane. It's there and it's calling you to COME OUT AND PLAY. Trying to repress a desire is getting painful. If you can rid yourself of the judgement, you might actually be able to explore this space in a healthy and fulfilling way. Or not. Healthy choices are sometimes overrated. Go ahead and be bad!

Have a great week!

Take a break for a minute or two, Aries. You need to get a feel for the resources on hand. There's a lot more than you realize available to you. Knowing this will help you proceed with confidence. The little voice of panic in your head is about to be silenced. You'll also see the people around you treating you with more respect which ought to feel pretty good.

An unexpected change of plans has you feeling irritable and out of sorts. You are being challenged, Taurus. Can you roll with the punches or are you going to try and hang on to something that just isn't feasible? You have the power to choose what you want to do in response to the disruption. Something amazing is coming. Get ready.

An old pain is up for review this week, Gemini. If you try and avoid it, it will gather more energy and intensity. Sit down and spend some time reflecting. It won't bite! Because it's so old, there's not a lot of power in it. You're the one fueling it. It's time to dismantle it. The work is worth some temporary discomfort. You can do it!

Relax and let go. This is your mantra for the week, Cancer. Pushing to get what you want isn't going to get you where you want to go. Let go of the control and you'll find that everything you need is here. The challenges you face now are important. The way you handle them is setting the stage for the next chapter. RELAX AND LET GO...

Your intuition is powerful. Trust it Leo even if some of the information you're getting is not what you want to hear. How often do we block the part of us that knows because we are stubbornly hanging on to something that isn't going to work? This would be a great question to contemplate. Continuing to ignore your inner voice, is a set-up for suffering down the road.

You'll have to make some tough decisions this week, Virgo. Can you follow through on what you know is the right action? It might make you a little unpopular in the short term. Is that a risk you're willing to take? If you decide to back away from the power that's available to you, you're going to regret it. Don't be afraid to take charge.

Fears about money are getting blown out of proportion. It's not as bad as it looks. Do what you can to keep intense emotions in check when it comes to your wallet, Libra. It's true, you don't have as much as you want but if you focus on what you do have, you will create more. Gratitude is an energy worth contemplating this week.

A whole new world seems to be opening up right in front of you, Scorpio. You knew this time would come but it's so much better in real life! Hard work is being rewarded in more ways than one and you are getting urged to step into a bigger and richer space. It's ok to be nervous. It won't take long to get used to your new surroundings.

Emotions are all over the place this week, Sagittarius. Mood swings are not your favorite thing! Just go with it. Stop trying to make sense of it. The more range you allow yourself the better. Creative ideas are waiting to be discovered. If you know you're on a treasure hunt, you'll have a lot more fun surfing the waves.

A fantasy is rapidly becoming an excuse to avoid reality. You're under a spell of sorts Capricorn. The more you dream this dream, the more real life seems uninteresting at best. Even if you get the object of your desire, it will not shift your life the way you think it will. This has the potential to get painful quickly. BE HERE NOW.

A relationship is demanding attention Aquarius. You might think you can get away from the work that's required. You can but be prepared to lose the connection if you do. Hanging in there will bring rewards but there's no doubt about the fact that this needs attention NOW. Willingness is all you really need to make it right again.

You're being way too hard on yourself Pisces. It's not your fault and it's really not that bad. Taking too much responsibility is a perverted form of control on your part. Face it, you're powerless here. Knowing that has the potential to bring tremendous healing. The only control you really have is to decide to stop.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dropped Blog


I really dropped the blog this week. MY BAD! The thing about a blog is, you have to keep going. This experience is offering me a tremendous amount of spiritual growth since I'm the kind of person who likes to do something for a while and move on.

If you're reading this...THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

Horoscopes will be up tomorrow and I have about three articles in the pipeline...

If you're interested in getting a reading with me, come visit me at on Monday August 27th or Tuesday August 28th from 10AM - 1PM Mountain Time. The first three minutes are free for new users and Tuesday will be discount day...33% off!!

I can't wait to read (and write) for you!!



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i'll be there for you...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scopes 8 /19 - 8/25

Welcome to the Scopes!

A heavy feeling is lifting. This is what I would call a shift in the psychic weather! What a relief. Progress is suddenly possible in ways we couldn't have imagines two weeks ago.It may be difficult to put aside the internal strife and enjoy the sense of freedom that has arrived. Be willing to make a gesture towards creating more peace. It will pay off big in the near future. Take time making choices. There's no need to be in a rush. Opportunity will wait so take the pressure for perfection off. Wait for the right answer to emerge. It will if you give it some space and time.

Have a great week!

Hold on to what you've worked so hard to create. You may not know how valuable it is until a threat comes along. This is a great time to start planning the next phase. You have a wonderful foundation to build on. If all you think about is where you want to be, you'll miss the joy of this moment. THIS ONE!

In your creative fury, some of the details are getting lost. You've got amazing energy this week Taurus. Use it wisely. It would be all too easy to slip into chaos and frustration. Decide that it's just not an option. Be a surfer and surf this wave the best you can. Thinking gracefully will lead to graceful action.

Get a pad and a pen and start writing all the ideas down. There's so much going on in your head that it's almost painful. The fear of forgetting something or not having the focus to go all the way is bringing you down. If you take notes, you'll have all the information when you need it. You know it's useful, so treat it so.

It's all too easy to perceive hostile forces this week Cancer. Though what you are encountering is a bit unfriendly, it's not the powerful enemy you imagine. Your fears are getting stirred up by circumstances that seem to be beyond your control. Slow down and take some time to reflect and redirect your energy. You'll see the path clear.

You are hot with ideas and inspiration, so much so that you can't focus on any of the mundane projects and responsibilities of your life. Go after it Leo! You have nothing to lose, just make sure you pay the rent first. In other words, take care of yourself as you go wild through the world this week.

Everyone wants to be around you this week, Virgo. You are radiating a playfulness that is infectious and healing. This is a rare time of giddy absolution for you. You just don't care and in your ability to suspend fear, you've become an incredible genius! Ride this wave as far as it'll take you.

You're finally getting a project off the ground. You've been incredibly patient Libra. Look forward to a lot more momentum and progress. The only thing is, this project has created so much frustration for you that you're ready to walk away. If that's the case, move on gracefully. You got what you needed even if you don't know it yet.

For some reason, what you want seems out of reach. You may even have the awareness to wonder why your longing is so potent and achy. Old issues are lying in wait for you this week, Scorpio. Be grateful for the opportunity to do some clearing. You're facing something that has the ability to tap you into deep reserves of strength.

An unexpected change in plans is hard to recover from. You might be feeling pretty unnerved by recent experiences Sagittarius. The feelings of vulnerability are intense and hard for you to understand. Be willing to release the identity you've cultivated for the public. It just doesn't fit anymore. Updates are needed.

Open mindedness is essential this week. You might think you're plan is too developed to abandon. It may not be necessary to abandon the plan, but it would be wise to be flexible and adaptable to change. A happy surprise is in store for you but you'll have to be present in the moment to recognize it.

It is essential that you create more harmony in your inner world. You've been fighting with yourself about something and it's slowing you down. If you can create a truce and a compromise you'll find yourself getting more of what you want. Love is asking you to be responsive to its' call. PAY ATTENTION AQUARIUS.

The best thing you can do this week is create a whimsical event and invite a few dear friends to attend. It doesn't have to be extravagant Pisces. The rest of us count on you to bring the magic. You've got some stored up. Find a way to share it. In your ability to heal others, you'll find your own healing as well.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What's Your Devil?

Today, my devil is inconsistency. I just can't seem to tow the line! I get something going and then lose focus and it all falls apart.

I want it one minute and the next I can't remember why.

Do you ever feel like the sands of life are shifting so quickly and subtly underfoot that you have no idea what you're about?

Today is one day that I'm very aware of it.

What's your devil today?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock My World

I ran into a woman last week that I had gotten to know about a year ago. For two weeks or so, we decided to be friends. We got together one time, me with my son and her with her daughter. The two kids were great together and I thought this woman and I could develop a bond as well.

As I sat on her couch watching the two kids wrestle around she started asking me questions about my husband. She had already told me that she was very devoted to her church, so I felt a little self-conscious telling her that he worked in an upscale steakhouse smack dab in the middle of a strip club. It didn't bother us...we thought it was endlessly entertaining and funny. I had a feeling though that she would be disturbed.

She stayed pretty cool but I could tell she was rattled. It got even worse when I told her about my work. This was partly my fault because I was dragging my heels. I DIDN'T WANT TO TELL HER. I knew it was the end. Professional psychic was just too weird. People seem to have this fear, when they first discover what I do, that I'm going to see something unpleasant. They get nervous and self-conscious. (not everyone, thank-you god)

She was unsure of what to do after I told her. I wanted to say (and I did in a stumbling kind of way) that..."It really isn't scary!" IE. It's not about the devil, it's about clarity and finding the truth and living with purpose. I was very aware in that moment of a level of spiritual competition. I don't think she would have articulated it this way, but that's what it looked like to me.

She never called me again and even though I knew it was for the best (why would I hang out with someone who thinks I'm going to hell?) it still hurt. Low and behold, I run into her at the park. It was terribly awkward but we both pretended all was well. She immediately told me she had lost my number. I wish she could have told the truth..."Hey, I really can't spend time with folks who are not in alignment with my spiritual beliefs." WOW! That would have rocked my world.

Instead she talked and talked about her new baby and all the wonderful, amazing things her kids were doing. Never once did she even acknowledge mine. As far as I could tell from what she was saying, everything was perfect in her world and she had the mother-thing down. By implication, I did not have it down and was one of those messy, frazzled moms (which by the way is true).

The intensity of her competition energy stunned me. She was radiating an incredible level of superiority. I hate to admit it, but it kind of pissed me off. Competition energy is such a drag! I found myself shrinking up, feeling smaller and more uncertain. It was incredible. She was showing me a place in need of healing.

Isn't that what the Mommy Wars (Modern Myth) are all about? It's pure female competition. No one can win a war of this nature. We're always going to be better or worse than someone else. The Mommy Wars are all about the BEST way of raising a child. What does that mean? Isn't my way the best way for me and my family? Can I be gracious and accept that other people make different choices?

I'd love to see women join forces in supporting each other more instead of putting most of their energy into defending choices and attacking or ignoring others. I don't know if it's possible. I think competition is an integral part of feminine energy and thus can never be "gotten over". I'm sure it has served evolutionary purposes well. Since we can't get rid of it, I guess the next best thing is learning to be more neutral to it.

In this case, I was not neutral. SHE GOT ME! Her energy interacted with mine in such a way that I saw a whole level of healing called for. I was irritated and frustrated at my willingness to play nice. I didn't really feel like it and I felt untrue to my own heart.I was disappointed that I was not more honest with her..."You didn't lose my number! You just didn't want to spend time with a sinner like me..." WOW! That would have rocked my world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scopes 7/12 - 8/18

Welcome to the Scopes!

A mild threat is easily blown out of proportion this week. Stay calm and notice the resources available to you. You may be feeling someone else's panic in your body. It happens all the time. Do what you can to find the calm center inside that lets you know that it will all work out. If you see something you want, GRAB IT. Opportunities are coming fast and furious. Be ready. A revelation will help you make decisions that support your growth in the material world and in the spiritual realm. It may be quite surprising in its simplicity, but potent nonetheless.

Have a wonderful week!

Aries -
Big changes are in the works and you may be a little nervous about it all, Aries. It's time to let go of who you think you are. All those old ideas and goals have become a prison of sorts. Willingly relinquish what isn't working for you even if it offers comfort. Freedom will feel better than the stuff you're clinging to.

Taurus -
It's time to slow down and do some grieving. You may be thinking that now is not the right time to stop and feel, but if you don't do it now you'll be dragging it down the road and that is unproductive. Be assured that better things are on the way. Make room to receive the goodness and grace that's coming.

Gemini -
Your mind is all over the place Gemini. It's hard to make a decision when you have so many potential avenues to explore. Let yourself off the hook. Decide not to make a decision just yet. With a little more time and reflection, you'll be able to choose a path that's abundant and fun. It's worth the wait.

Cancer -
You may feel boxed into a corner with no way out. It's just an illusion that you are stuck, Cancer. Let's face it, you're getting some mileage out of the drama! Look for a window as opposed to a wide open door. There are plenty of small openings that you can climb through. It will make an even better story than the one you're telling now.

Leo -
A bright idea has you feeling excited and energized. Know that it will take time to bring it to fruition. In the meantime, Leo you need to keep quiet about it. A sacred seed needs protection. There are a couple of people in your life capable of understanding the potential. TEverybody else will jump on board when you're a little further down the road.

Virgo -
A repressed desire is threatening to break out and wreak havoc. You might as well explore it, Virgo. It's important even if it seems a little unsavory to the Virgin in you. Holding back will create more force and potential pain. Let yourself have a taste of it. A little will satisfy and it isn't going to hurt anyone, not even you.

Libra -
Mood swings have you all over the place this week, Libra. Don't work to make meaning of it. Just get out of your own way and let it keep moving. The emotional range you allow is reflective of the spiritual range you allow yourself to explore. They are connected! If you open up to your feelings, you will get some great information on your next step.

Scorpio -
A feeling of satisfaction is keeping you from taking an important risk. You are afraid of creating an imbalance in your life, Scorpio but what you don't realize is that there already is an imbalance. It's time to welcome some healthy, creative chaos. You won't regret it even if it gets a little messy.

Sagittarius -
There is a lot of pressure on you to give in, Sagittarius. Try to stick with what's right for you even if it means you will be temporarily unpopular. If you compromise to make someone else happy you will have quite a mess to clean up later. Find the strength of your convictions and stand behind them.

Capricorn -
You are in desperate need of new stimulation, Capricorn. Your focus is so narrow right now that you're starting to feel uninspired and maybe even a little grumpy. Fresh energy and perspective will help you complete a project and inspire a new one. Get help if you need it. Talking about the process will snap you out of the narrows.

Aquarius -
A harvest may surprise you with its riches, Aquarius. It's taken so long to get here that you may have forgotten where it all started. Take time to celebrate with all the people who helped out. You are creating the foundation for the next big thing. It's exciting! Get some rest before things start to pick up again.

Pisces -
New love is asking you to step up, Pisces. Feelings of insecurity may be emerging as you get an idea of the potential here. Don't be afraid to explore what's happening. You might feel like you're not ready. Push the silliness aside and go for it. You won't regret what happens, especially because it's not what you expect.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tree Hugger

I used to have a wonderful little house in South Denver. It was quiet and there was plenty of space around it, which felt good. It was an old house...a hundred and one when I moved in. The tree in the front yard was even older.

Sometimes late at night, I would turn off my porch light and run out to hug the tree. It was so big that I couldn't get my arms even half way round it. I didn't want my neighbors to witness such madness. It was sacred and they didn't need to know.

I used to lie on my couch and gaze out the big front window watching the tree's long branches bend and sway. I wondered what the tree had seen over the years. It was the biggest tree on either side of the block. My tree was the king of Sherman Street.

When I traveled, I thought of the tree watching over the house, waiting for me to come home and tell my stories. If events were painful, I would picture the tree in my mind's eye knowing that the trouble would soon pass, and knowing as well, that when it did I would long for the intensity of what had come and gone.

I talked to the tree, expressing appreciation and sharing anxieties. The tree was calm. It knew the impermanence of things in a way that would never be real for me. It had weathered seventy-five to eighty years of storms before I was born. The tree reminded me not to take life too seriously even though there were serious issues to be dealt with.

Sometimes I found more comfort in my relationship to the tree than I did with people. I brought a date home one evening and as he walked up the path to my door he said something along the lines of, "You really should get that tree cut down. It's a big liability." I was so shocked I could hardly speak. He didn't see the health and beauty of something I regarded as holy. That was the end of that!

Eventually I met my husband and he moved in. Our son came along and was born in the little house with the tree watching over us.

When the time came to find a larger place to house the brood, I worried about the tree. I wondered what it would be like to be apart. I wondered if I'd ever find another embodiment of wisdom as powerful as that tree. I also fretted over the idea that the tree would suffer without me. I knew the property was likely to be developed. It was a quirky house in a rapidly appreciating neighborhood.

I soon found a new house and we moved. The old house sold quickly (to a developer). I was relieved to find out that old trees are protected by law in Denver. The new owner was responsible for keeping the tree alive or be fined $17,000 by the city.


I was so relieved to know that I could leave and that beautiful old tree would still be there. It cheered me to know that my local government valued the tree as well.

Sometimes you get surprised...

The new owner tore the old house down and built a duplex. The tree remains, sprawling over the street, a gigantic canopy of cool. I still drive by once in a blue moon. I'm sad that the house is gone. It was a wonderful place to live but I am so very, very grateful that the tree lives on.

I wish I could hug you again old friend and I hope that the people who live under you sneak out at night to feel the love. You've got tons of it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


When I notice patterns in the readings I do, I tend to think something important is at work. Lately I see a lot of people trying to pull themselves out of the issues and challenges they face long enough to get perspective. It's as if everyone is trying to pause and reflect in the midst of the demands and chaos of life.

When we find ourselves in that space (it looks purple and blue to me) we need to make quiet time a top priority. When we get quiet we can better hear the intuitive voice that's trying to guide us. I'm fond of telling my clients that meditation doesn't necessarily mean emptying the mind. It means finding a way to get your natural energy flowing, the energy of you as spirit.

Life tends to fall into place when we have our spiritual energy flowing. We meet the right people and opportunities come out of nowhere. We've all been in that space and we can all be there NOW. Sometimes all it takes is listening to a favorite piece of music, or strolling in a beautiful place. A bath or shower can work wonders! Sensuality brings us gently back to our bodies with heightened awareness and clarity.

The shades of purple and blue I see so much lately also imply loneliness. It's as if the people around us just don't get it. It's difficult to articulate the feelings and thoughts we are experiencing. Connecting with supportive friends can help us get the information we need. Unfortunately, we tend to isolate ourselves when we have this kind of energy around us. Resist the urge to hide out. Pick up the phone and make a date with someone you enjoy.

The pause before a rush of new manifestation is a very vulnerable time. We might wonder if things will ever change. Though there's a lot going on, fulfillment seems elusive. If you find yourself resonating with what I'm saying, take heart! Just as a wave pulls back from the shore to gather strength, you too will soon find yourself crashing on the shore with lots of exciting new happenings in your world. Until then, get some rest and start to think about what you want. You might not know all the details but you know how it will feel when you get there. Bring that feeling in NOW.

Creating the energy you want to experience here and now will lay the foundation for the world that is beginning to emerge. It will also give you a sense of control and empowerment during a time when the illusion of stagnation is very powerful. Know that what you want is on the way and undertake the work of taking care of yourself joyfully.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scopes 8/5 - 8/11

Welcome to the Scopes!

Grab the tiger by the tail. Good fortune is yours if you act when the time is right. Social activities are favored this week. Make connecting with friends and family a top priority. The refreshment you experience from having fun will help you be more productive in other areas of your life. If you find yourself embroiled in a conflict, stay as neutral as you can. It's not your problem and you can't fix it. Getting involved will drain resources that you need for personal projects. Relax into the flow of emotional highs and lows. There's no point in trying to figure out what all the feelings mean. The more range you allow, the more answers you'll have when you need them.

Have a wonderful week!

Aries -
Your mind is conflicted about which way to go. You won't find the answers byt thinking, Aries. Listen to your heart. Feel your way through the trouble. Do what you can to lighten up. This too shall pass and when it does you'll discover that the conflict was important. It's time to forgive and forget an old betrayal.

Taurus -
Pause and enjoy where you are. Hard work is paying off and you are more abundant than you thought. Resources are waiting in reserve for when the need arises. People are treating you like the authority you are. Bask in it and give credit to those who support your growth. This will create the foundation for more magic.

Gemini -
Impatience could get you in trouble this week, Gemini. You can't push a river. Adjust your pace to the pace of the world and find ways to blow off steam. You're going to get there...can you enjoy the journey? Keep a journal of bright ideas. You'll need it further down the road.

Cancer -
You may be slightly disoriented by unexpected circumstances this week. Try not to panic Cancer. If you get quiet, you'll see that there's plenty of guidance available to you. It won't come through thinking. It's all about feelings. Something important is starting to take shape. Pay attention.

Leo -
It looks like you have everything you want, Leo. You're on top of the world. The only thing is, it's kind of lonely up there. The people around you just don't get it. It's hard for them to understand what ails you. Come down off that throne and get dirty. It will help you feel a lot better.

Virgo -
Discipline is called for. You could have a lot of fun getting everything in order if you have the right attitude, Virgo. Recognize that confronting projects that are stagnating will ultimately free up a lot of creative energy. If you continue to avoid the unpleasantness, it will pile up even more and become a real problem.

Libra -
You're starting to get the big picture. It feels good too. Confusion and chaos are starting to seem like things from the past. Hold off on big decisions until you have a little more clarity, Libra. The more time you give yourself the more efficient you will be. Channel restless energies appropriately.

Scorpio -
Mood swings are intense this week, Scorpio. It can be a beautiful experience if you drop the judgement and just relax into it. You have an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Doing so will help you get clear about your next step. There is power in being able to shift and change from moment to moment.

Sagittarius -
This is a time period of tremendous fertility and growth. The best part is, you don't have to do much to make it happen. Be open to all the wonderful opportunities that want to come to you. You planted the seeds a long time ago, Sagittarius. Now get ready to enjoy the harvest. It's rich!

Capricorn -
You are in need of some new stimulation, Capricorn. Things are getting a little too ordered. You've gotten everything under control and it's boring you to death. Do something wild! Break out of stale patterns and make it a top priority to do something you would normally write off as frivolous. You won't regret it.

Aquarius -
A whole new world is starting to unfold before you. It might feel strange and intimidating to be standing on the edge of big changes, Aquarius. What's coming is amazing but you don't know it yet. Get some rest while you can because things are going to start moving quickly. You'll want to be ready when they do.

Pisces -
You need the wisdom of your head and your heart this week, Pisces. If you've let one of these elements be in control, create balance now. You have an important goal withing sight and you'll get there quickly if you can detach from the intensity of thoughts and feelings and harness all that energy into forward motion.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Changing Light

the light through the leaves hints of autumn
lush landscapes peak in prettiness
a deeper sky portends change
soon it will cool...


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Modern Myth

I'm fascinated by celebrities; especially when they are naughty and get caught. I'm also a bit embarrassed to admit it. What about being on a spiritual path? What exactly does it mean to be spiritual? The older I get the more I realize that my spiritual path is to allow myself to be human, with all the messy imperfection that goes with it.

The media supports my fascination with celebrities which lets me know I'm not alone. The intense scrutiny of the famous grows more virulent each and every day. There is the constant question...why are we so interested in this insignificant drama and fluff when there are pressing and important issues that warrant attention?

Some would say we like it because it distracts us from the droning of the pain station. Who wants to spend time thinking about all the suffering? We like to watch celebrities because it's fun and it's especially fun when we see how human they are.

I think there's something deeper at work. Ancient Greece (among many other early cultures) had a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses who did lots of naughty things. They fought, fell in and out of love, they were vengeful and greedy and judgemental. They punished each other and scores of mortals who didn't seem to deserve it. It hardly seems god-like compared to the ways we see Divinity presently.

Human beings feel more comfortable believing that divine forces are human-like. We want to see the foibles and flaws in our Gods and Goddesses. It's deeply reassuring. When God energies are accessible in this way, we can relate to and understand them. We can love them for their craziness because we too have our craziness.

When God becomes something removed from us, distant and uninvolved, it's kind of scary! Who's watching out for us? If we pray, will we be heard? If we do the right thing, will we be rewarded?

I want to feel God close to me. I want to know that God will accept me just the way I am, even if I'm doing something BAD. I want to feel intimate with the Divine. Intimacy doesn't guarantee that everything will go well. In fact, the real challenge is finding God in the midst of difficulty.

I look at celebrities and see them playing out primal, archetypal themes. They have triumphs and they also journey to the underworld. They overindulge and put on airs and are humbled the next day. They cheat and scratch and fight their way to the top. Being nice doesn't always pay off. In fact, they seem to reach megastar status when they get out of control. It's awesome to watch.

On some semi-conscious level, they remind us of the pantheon that once dominated our spiritual lives. Some are Mercurial, quick changing and mischievous. Some play the roles of Venus and Mars. Seasoned stars age and become serious and Saturnian. There are the jolly Jupiters and the rebellious Uranians. Some stars struggle with the Neptunian theme of addiction. There are Plutonian types or just Plutonian time periods. We all know these energies because they dwell in us and the folks that surround us.

In a strange way, celebrities are pale shadows of something familiar. They are amped-up, glamorous versions of ourselves with the same struggles and pitfalls. They remind us that no matter how successful, beautiful or rich we become, we're still HUMAN BEINGS LIVING IN A PERFECTLY IMPERFECT WORLD. It's comforting and in a world of uncertainty and random disaster, I'm all for it.