Saturday, September 29, 2007

Horoscopes 9/30 - 10/6

Welcome to the Scopes!

There's a lot going on this week and it will be a challenge to find the focus. We all want to create, but it might be time to pick one or two things that are the most dear to our heart and let the rest go (for now). Prioritizing will get us closer to what we want FASTER. Mixed messages from the people around us can be a problem and a distraction. Tune it out and direct attention inward. Negativity is infectious, so keep an eye on it! Noticing it makes it easier to manage. Going unconscious to it wreaks havoc. Speaking our truth will also help ease the cynicism. Don't hold back. Words that create new boundaries will give everyone a healing.

Have a great week!

Aries -
You are at the end of a difficult cycle Aries. The climax is awful but if you know you're on the verge of a breakthrough, you'll be able to hang in there for a little longer. Rewards and recognition are on the way. Do what you can to create peace in your heart. Know that you've done your very best and stop beating yourself up.

Taurus -
Your world is expanding and exciting opportunities are coming out of nowhere. Be patient Taurus. The offers you get will be there when you need them. Don't be hasty! Give yourself some time to consider and reflect, which will help you pick the best one. Get ready for your life to accelerate!

Gemini -
You may feel stuck in something this week Gemini. Instead of struggling to free yourself, pause and regroup. Sometimes surrender creates the movement we need. An important piece of information needs to be integrated before you can move on. Do what you can to create the quiet time you need to get clear.

Cancer -
Your world is a little chaotic this week, Cancer. You have a ton of creative energy and you are putting it to good use. It's important to have a list of what's most important. Don't waste time and energy on projects that aren't imperative. Make sure and get some down time. You need to recharge and rest A LITTLE!

Leo -
Your fears seem awfully big this week, Leo. Something has threatened your sense of security. You have a lot of resources available to you, but it's hard to see them through the fear. If you need an outside opinion, get it. Be careful who you choose to counsel you. Some folks might just fan the flames of what's bothering you.

Virgo -
Patience is important this week, Virgo. You have some amazing ideas and plans, and you will reap tremendous rewards, but it will take some time. Put some fun things in your routine to keep your creative energy flowing. Boredom is a problem. You need to have some fun while you're working away.

Libra -
Someone may be making you an offer that is hard to refuse. You might be sensing that it seems too good to be true. There is a valid opportunity here Libra but you will have to show up more than you think if you want it to be successful. The choice is up to you whether or not you have the time to devote to it.

Scorpio -
Love is important! You've been focused on building your empire which has caused a relationship to languish. Take a break this week and create some fun with loved ones. You'll get a lot of energy back, Scorpio. Be willing to give even if you feel like you've given too much already. It will come back to you three times over.

Sagittarius -
An event has triggered insecurity and self-punishment. You are taking responsibility for something that is beyond your control. This is not a good thing, Sagittarius. Bring in some forgiveness and let yourself move forward. Whatever went wrong here is really a blessing in disguise. You'll see.

Capricorn -
It's time to let yourself wander a bit Capricorn. You've been on the straight and narrow for a while now. You need a break. Give yourself some space to play and experiment. Doing so will bring new creative ideas and help you tie up loose ends on a project that is no longer interesting or engaging.

Aquarius -
Clarity is important this week, Aquarius. Be willing to share your ideas and thoughts. Talking about it will help you refine your vision. Step out of the emotions surrounding the issues. You need your rational mind to take over for a little while. Breaking everything into smaller pieces will help you find success.

Pisces -
Your intuition is powerful this week, Pisces. You may be resistant to some of the information you're getting. You're desperate to hold on to a fantasy. No one can take your dream away but if you refuse to acknowledge the truth, you're heading for PAIN. Be willing to consider the alternatives. They might lead you to what you want after all.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The High Priestess

I love this lady! This was one of the first Tarot cards that really spoke to me. She is the night, she is intuition and she is POWER. When the High Priestess shows up we know that important messages are coming through. These messages will arrive as feelings and impulses; dreams and flashes of vision.

She holds a book in her hands for she has studied the world and all its spiritual belief systems in depth. The little beast at her feet could represent a number of things. I like to think it represents her ability to tame her animal nature. She is not ruled by passion though she is very in tune with the collective unconscious (which can be a little wild).

The High Priestess puts us on notice to pay attention and read between the lines. The veil between the worlds is very thin when she's around and our ability to understand and grow is ripe. The challenge here is in interpreting the signs that show up. How do we quiet our minds long enough to hear her soft voice?

I call it looking for the sparkle. Sometimes things just pop out and demand attention. It might be an ad in the newspaper, or a sign we see on the drive home. It might be a piece of a conversation that we overhear that sparks a new awareness. When we see the sparkle on something, it is our job to follow up and find out more. There are so many clues strewn about our lives! They glimmer and gleam and if we are centered we will recognize and capitalize on them.

The High Priestess may be urging us to explore new avenues, get out of our normal routines and DISCOVER something new, thus rediscovering ourselves. When we feel stuck in certain situations freedom may come by putting our energy into something else. When one area of our lives improves, the rest follows suit.

The energy of the High Priestess is like water. Sometimes we need to flow around obstacles as opposed to pushing against them. If you're bored at work, take a class and develop a new and fulfilling creative hobby. You'll soon find that your job is less draining. It's not always necessary to directly confront the problem. REDIRECT YOUR ENERGY AND ATTENTION. In doing so, you will find a path around the problem.

It seems counter intuitive to take our attention off the problem. The High Priestess urges us to do just that. Rest and reflection are also called for. We might need to study a subject in more depth before making a decision. We are also on call not to let our animal instincts and passions have too much influence.

The High Priestess calls on us to go deeper within which is definitely a challenge in a fast paced world. Keep it simple and look for the sparkle. It leads to more fulfillment and you can't beat that!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Orange, like yellow used to bother me a lot. I read somewhere that orange was every one's least favorite color. It seems to remind everyone a little too much of the vests of roadside workers.

Here in Denver, it is also one of the colors of our football team, the Broncos. I'm not much of a football fan so the 'Orange Crush' didn't inspire me much...

Then something changed. I suddenly was seized with the need for orange. I bought an orange dress and later that year my mother gave me a beautiful pashmina shawl the color of a young, ripe ORANGE. I wrapped myself up in that shawl and felt warm and cozy. The color cheered me.

Soon I had a quilt featuring big orange flowers and tangerine throw pillows started gathering on my green couch. I bought bouquets of orange roses and filled the house with orange candles. It started to get a little out of control in a good way. I was making up for lost time.

I started actively asking to understand the energy with more depth. All of a sudden I got a whole bunch of spirits vibrating at orange showing up for readings. When I see orange energy in a session I always think of adventure and freedom and fun. It's creative and wild and slightly unpredictable. People who resonate or vibrate in shades of orange are playful and warm. They also have to deal with a lot of resistance from folks who want them to take life more seriously.

Why take life more seriously? It's serious enough! We need our orange brothers and sisters to hold the light, to shine in the dark and to pioneer new ways of creating and manifesting. Life would be dull without these quirky folk.

If we think in terms of chakras, orange correlates with the second chakra, the seat of our emotions and sexual energy. Having struggled with depression here and there, orange seemed to remind me of the optimism I knew I possessed. Being around the color helped me get my spirits up. I started to appreciate different kinds of orange from burnt sienna, to golden yellow orange. I even painted a wall in my house orange!

If you're feeling blue bring in some orange. Don't worry about the energy you don't like, just decide what you want and let the new vibration push the old one aside. Imagine yourself in a bubble of the stuff and see what happens. I bet you're going to like it!

I've been moving out of my orange period. I still love it and there's plenty of it around me now to remind me of its power. There are so many other vibrations to explore and enjoy. I've been through purple, burgundy, orange, green and blue. I'm now immersed in yellow...
see my first post ever on the blog
,'They Brought the Yellow.'

What's left? Pink, brown, white and fire engine red?

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Horoscopes 9/23 - 9/29

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week mood swings are likely. It would be a waste of time to try to figure out what it all means. The more we open to our range of feelings, the more space we will have to exercise our spiritual power. Relax and have fun with it. A lot of creative ideas are waiting to be born. Most of us desperately need some fun. Hoping it will come out of nowhere won't be as effective as going out and making it happen. Find a way to express the intensity of the energy. If we don't find productive outlets, we may end up creating trouble for ourselves and our loved ones. Quiet time for reflection is a must and a great counterpoint to some of the chaos of the creative energies that are coming in so strongly. Enjoy it...all of it.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Internal tension is slowing you down Aries. You might feel pressured to participate in something that just feels wrong. It's a very seductive proposition, but the voice inside is saying STOP. Do what you can to bow out gracefully. You won't regret it once the whole story unfolds.

Taurus -
Painful feelings are hard to ignore. Take time to honor a recent disappointment. It won't take long and it will be like leaving an old ball and chain behind. If you continue to ignore your inner world, you will feel the effects of this pain across the board. It will subtly poison your enjoyment of life. Just say no!

Gemini -
There is a tremendous sense of possibility this week Gemini. You won't have to do much to get wonderful things to happen. Just be open and willing to receive the gifts that are rightfully yours. There's a part of you that wants to make it more complicated. Fight the urge and relax into the good stuff.

Cancer -
A big change might take you by surprise. If you give yourself some time to reflect, you'll see that this has been in the works for quite some time. It's okay to be nervous about what lies ahead. Something wonderful awaits you. To get to it, you must be willing to let go of an idea you've been clinging to with force. Surrender!

Leo -
A betrayal has you deeply shaken, Leo. It's not what you think but it hardly matters because you have been tossed into an old wound and can hardly see straight. Before you go and lash out in defense, pause and do some healing. Time and space will help you find the neutrality you need to create positive action.

Virgo -
Deep changes are deceiving. You might feel stuck this week Virgo, but nothing could be further from the truth. Be grateful that you have a chance to rest and prepare for the next big growth spurt. It's coming and soon! Get your world in order and make space for new projects and plans to take shape.

Libra -
You may not like what life is offering you this week Libra, but if you know that a valuable lesson is to be had, you might be able to surrender into the change more readily. It's not a heard lesson either. Can you find the resources you already have and apply them with confidence? Outside help will not arrive and it's a good thing!

Scorpio -
A relationship is demanding attention. You might resent it a little Scorpio. Decide that putting energy into it is a joyful gift to yourself and to the other person. A little re-framing will help you show up and do the work and create more love for all. If you try and avoid it, the problems will multiply quickly.

Sagittarius -
There's a spring in your step this week Sagittarius. A dream that once seemed far away is starting to look like a viable possibility. It's hard to repress the urge to tell everyone you know about it. Keep it to yourself a little longer. This sacred seed needs a little protection while it grows into a sapling.

Capricorn -
A whole new world seems to be unfolding right in front of you Capricorn. It's ok to be a little nervous about what's ahead. You can't really see it yet. All you have is this tremendous sense of anticipation which is very similar to anxiety. You're not in control here, so forget about trying. It's time for radical trust.

Aquarius -
When you see what you want, GRAB IT. If you spend a lot of time thinking about what to do you will miss the golden opportunity Aquarius. Trust your instincts to know the right time and action. Your body will tell you what to do. Quiet your mind in the meantime. That sucker needs to ride in the back seat and ZIP IT.

Pisces -
It's time to get your life in balance. You might have lost your center in the hot pursuit of a passion. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's time to come back and get yourself organized. You'll find that giving yourself this gift will feel really, really good even though it doesn't look that fun from where you stand right now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every Woman is a Witch

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was enthralled by the idea of the witch. I wanted to be one and I suspect that many women play with this archetype at some point in their lives. For me, it was when I was coming of age so to speak (I was a late bloomer!). I was looking for a way to consciously create more of what I wanted but I was unaware of what might happen if I tried to manipulate others in my quest.

I had a friend in college who shared my desire to explore witchcraft (the why not me gal!). We drove up to Salem MA on a Thanksgiving break and visited a witch store. We bought a book of spells and eagerly went back to our dorm. We decided to do a love spell which involved a lot of fire and chanting and blowing ashes in the wind. We took liberties with the spell in the book and decided to do things our own way.

It was fun and we thought we were so clever. About a week after the spell, my world collapsed! My first true love dumped me for a girl from his past. I in turn had a fling with a guy my friend had once dated (NOT GOOD). She was very angry with me at a time when I really needed some support. My consumption of alcohol escalated and it took a while to get grounded again.

She in turn was madly in love with a guy who had another girlfriend. The affair was exposed, she got dumped and the mutual friends she had with the boy distanced themselves from her. Her plans to move and be near him were destroyed and her drinking escalated as well.

We were shocked by the outcome of our spell. Our elaborate requests for love had all kinds of contingencies built in and our efforts to manipulate created terrible suffering for both of us. It could be argued that we had it coming since we were both being a little sneaky and morally loose. WELL WE GOT IT, THREE TIMES OVER.

I was never flippant again about the power of the witch. Casting spells can create something much bigger and more powerful than what our minds can conceive of. I learned that when we ask for something, the slate might have to get wiped clean in order for our "wish" to come true.

We all have energy that CREATES and energy that DESTROYS. Both are necessary. It's the great cycle of life and death. The witch understands this process and how to be in harmony with it. Every woman has this intuitive knowledge but may need some guidance to learn how to use it wisely.

I learned the hard way but the lesson showed me that there is power to be had and that I was entitled to it by birthright. I still cast spells, but now I use mediation and prayer. I always ask that my intention work be for the good of all and I work to trust what happens, even if it sometimes seems like it's the opposite of what I want. I also work to keep my female energy running strong. This requires me to keep the fear of being 'burned' at bay. Let's face it...female power is feared!

For instance, the beautiful girl is pilloried by other women and hounded by men who want her. Women with position are called names and criticised for wielding power. Pregnant women are sometimes murdered by their partners. When we own our birthright, we risk punishment from people who can't handle it.

Don't let that stop you. Let's work to get neutral to the energy that gets thrown at us when we get strong and capable. Let's learn to use our power for the good of all. Let's be witchy and wild and continue to work our spells. The world is so dull without the magic that is our birthright. Get the witch to work for you! If you don't she might just make a ruckus when you're not looking, unconsciously being destructive to get your attention.

And if you're not sure of what you're doing GET HELP AND GUIDANCE! Be careful with the element of fire...don't go burning names and chanting unless you are ready for radical results. This witch wants you to know that sometimes following instructions is important.



My father got me a subscription to Time Magazine about a year ago. He has long been critical of the fact that I don't watch the news and don't know what's going on in the world. I agreed just to make him happy, but now, a year later, I'm addicted to the darn thing! I look forward to it and get grouchy if I don't have the time and space to read it cover to cover.

Let's see if I can recap what I've learned thus far:

-The avian flu is inevitable and will kill a lot of people.
-Global warming is a fact and it's progressing much faster than we originally thought.
-Public education is in desperate need of reform though there are a few gems sprinkled around (unfortunately, not in my area).
-The housing market is in terrible shape and will only get worse which will threaten the rest of the economy.
-Millions of people have no health insurance and more and more people lose it everyday because they just can't afford it.
-The top guys at private equity firms get incredible tax deals due to old loop holes (they also make many millions of dollars each year).
-China is an environmental mess and imports lots of toxic products which we unknowingly buy.
-Our current administration has spent a lot of money, quite a bit of it is unaccounted for.
-Efforts to rebuild the Gulf Coast after Katrina have been fraught with corruption and greed.
-Oil companies are making record profits while the country struggles to keep up with the cost of gas.

I also know A LOT about all the presidential hopefuls, their wives, their first wives, their haircuts, etc. I'm still a little fuzzy on their proposed policies.
I know a lot about Brittney, Paris and Lindsay, their trips to rehab, jail and the MTV awards.
I know which movies are worth seeing and renting and which to avoid.
I know which books are bestsellers and why.

I'm not sure why I find it all so titillating. There's definitely a theme here...NEGATIVITY. Maybe it's like that gruesome accident know you shouldn't look but you just can't help it.

A dear friend of mine used to say..."they're just selling fear to the public," (they being the media and advertising). How many industries are capitalizing on fear? Honestly, I'm not sure I want to know.

I will say one thing. My Dad and I are finally having some lively conversations about the world HE lives in. He is very, very proud that I have finally broken free of what he considers my self-absorption. I wish I could be more successful in showing him my world.

In my world, there's an effort to see the positive, to be grateful for the good stuff and to take it all with a grain of salt. In my world there's a lot more going on than meets the eye and SPIRIT is very present. In my world, miracles big and small take place in every moment of every day. But even in my world, I feel the effects of all the fearful messages that are bombarding me every day. It takes a lot of work to keep this energy at bay.

So again the question, why the fascination? The only answer I can muster is that it is important to know the enemy, know how the enemy thinks and operates. I'm starting to think I know WAY TOO MUCH.

Truth is mutable like it or not. All of these facts can be the truth if we want them to be, but in all of the above facts, there seems to be no room or understanding of MAGIC. Therefore, I'll have to say no. I'll still take a look at it, but I'm going to resist the urge to let it be too real.

At the same time I want to honor the suffering in this world of ours and send out my prayers of healing. It's all too real.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Horoscopes 9/16 - 9/22

Welcome to the Scopes!

We continue our adjustment to Saturn in Virgo this week. It's starting to feel a little more grounded out there. Slow deep changes are in the works. It will take time to see the fruits of our labor come to fruition. This won't be a problem as long as we know there are rewards on the way. Opportunities are coming but if we don't take action when the moment arrives, they will pass on by. Instincts and intuition can play a strong role, helping us figure out when to act and how to go about it. Get things in order while life is still relatively calm. When the pace picks up it'll help to be ready and organized. Saturn in Virgo will give us the desire and hopefully the energy to create order out of chaos.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Don't be surprised if someone you're attracted to is questioning the depth of your feelings. You feel vulnerable but it's not showing. If you want to be loved, you need to open your heart Aries. Otherwise, the object of your affection is going to continue to be guarded. You just don't seem trustworthy right now but it's something you can change if you want to.

Taurus -
An unexpected development may take a while to adjust to. You might even feel pretty upset about the change in plans, Taurus. There's a wonderful opportunity here! You might not see it at first but if you take a deep breath and let the dust settle you're going to be very happy that the original plan fell apart.

Gemini -
Healing energies are available if you are willing to ask. Pretending you don't need help is robbing you of the miracles and magic that wants to come to you, Gemini. Fears of being vulnerable are wreaking havoc. Get quiet and let the gifts that are rightfully yours drop into your life. Stop over-thinking it.

Cancer -
Your intuition is trying to tell you something you may not be ready to hear. Don't ignore it Cancer. You know what happens when you refuse to listen...things can get painful. As unpleasant as it may be, you need to confront a situation that just isn't working anymore. It won't be as difficult as you imagine once you take the first step.

Leo -
Your mind is all over the place. There's too much to do and too much to see this week, Leo. You'll have to narrow your focus if you want to be productive. You simply cannot do it all. The passions you put aside for now will be there when you have more time and energy to pursue them. You're not losing anything, so go ahead and let go.

Virgo -
You're very ambitious and you can definitely make a lot happen this week Virgo, that is if you get out of your own way. You keep changing your mind about how to approach your goals. It's a waste of time. Any action is better than no action. Instinct is more powerful than intellect this week. Use it.

Libra -
Make up your mind already! The endless debate isn't getting you what you want, Libra. There is no right answer, so there's no need to worry about making a mistake. The indecision is keeping your creative energy from flowing. Flip a coin if you have to, but get going. You'll be relieved to be on your way.

Scorpio -
A brilliant insight has the potential to change the way you think about your life now and in the future. It's all so simple Scorpio! You might be a little surprised that you didn't "get it" sooner. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you capitalize on the information and make the most of it right now.

Sagittarius -
Pause and make time for organizing your stuff. It may not be your favorite thing but you'll find something that you thought you lost forever and it will HELP. You have a lot of energy tied up in your own personal chaos. Discipline and focus will pay off immensely. It will take about half the time and effort you think it will.

Capricorn -
Tensions are high which isn't really a problem except that you seem to be taking it all very personally. The noise and chaos around you reminds you of your own inner dialogue, Capricorn. Get neutral enough to see what the truth is and you'll know exactly what to do to make the problem go away.

Aquarius -
You are almost finished with a project that required your heart and soul. It may seem like you'll never get to the finish line. Recognize that you are a little afraid to move on, Aquarius. Some of the difficulties are self-created. If you start to dream a new dream it will be much easier to wrap it up and move on.

Pisces -
Those closest to you are looking for leadership, Pisces. You may be reluctant to take it on but if you try and hide from this, things will get a lot more complicated. Your live and let live attitude just isn't going to work. Don't be afraid to give orders. Ignore the grumbling from those on the receiving end. Secretly, they're relieved.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Psychic Weather Report

It's stormy out there! If you're sensitive to energy, you're probably feeling a little frazzled lately. The normal trials and tribulations of life might seem more intense and fraught with difficulty. That's because the psychic weather is VOLATILE.

When it snows, rains or gets incredibly hot, our bodies react. The psychic weather is a little harder to categorize and thus, it's harder to manage. The trick is awareness. Those of you who have some form of meditation will be less affected. Meditation helps us keep our energy flowing and our spirits healthy.

Meditation can be anything you enjoy...singing, painting, walking, taking a bath and listening to your favorite music can be meditative. You don't have to sit in the lotus position and empty your mind but you do need to take care of yourself.

We are affected by the media, world events and the people around us. We can't control our environment but we can choose how we want to react. If you're feeling panicky, you're being affected! Do what you can to find the calm, inner, eye of the storm. If you need help get it. A massage, or a quick vacation, a good book or a reading with an excellent intuitive advisor can help you get back to your center. Once you find that quiet place, you'll have the answers you need to navigate the storm.

"You may be psychic, not crazy" is the tag line for the Berkeley Psychic Institute where I trained in the early 90's to develop my intuitive and healing abilities. I remember what a relief that statement was for me! Crazy is not a normal state of being. If you find yourself wondering why you're not handling things better, it's time to acknowledge that the psychic weather is riling you up.

This too shall pass. Just like weather on the planet changes, the psychic weather moves and changes as well. TAKE HEART!

In the meantime, be mindful of the energies around you and how they feel. You can choose something else. Let me know if I can help. I'd love to be of service to you during this particular dust up...

click my availability bar to find me!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why Not Me?

One of my favorite friends and I used to have this mantra...WHY NOT ME? Every time we saw a girl with a great boyfriend, or someone who had a job we coveted, we would ask...WHY NOT ME? It got to be so funny! It helped alleviate the pain of jealousy, of not feeling worthy, of wondering why the good things sometimes passed us by.

Now years later, I still have moments when I ask WHY NOT ME? You probably ask this question too! The thing is, God can't really answer that question in a logical way. God answers by offering more experience. When we ask that question we get more of NOT HAVING WHAT WE WANT so that we can figure it out for ourselves.

For example, the question, "why don't I have more money?" will be answered by more experience of not having more money. "Why do I always end up with partners who are selfish and uncaring?" will be answered with the experience of having another partner who is selfish and uncaring. God always gives us what we ask for and in this case we get more of what we don't like.

It's time to replace WHY NOT ME with a new question, or even better... a request. How about, "help me work through the energy that keeps me from manifesting what I want," or "give me clues to follow to lead me to the relationship that will be fulfilling and wonderful," or best of all "I AM CAPABLE OF CREATING MY HEART'S DESIRE AND I DO SO NOW!"

If you find yourself longing for what someone else has created, know that you can have your perfect version of it as well. Let the other person be an example and a mentor of sorts. I know, I know, it's not as fun as sitting around saying WHY NOT ME but you will enjoy the results immensely. (disclaimer: sometimes it takes more time than we would like it to. That's no reason to give up)

We are so very, very capable that sometimes we play at powerlessness. It's fun to collapse into our fears and pain. It's a bit of delicious devilishness! It also gets painful quickly when we forget who we are (alchemical, magical beings). If you find yourself stuck on WHY NOT ME, take a deep breath and think of what you want. ASK FOR IT. Let's start intending to have what we want instead of wasting time lamenting about what we don't have.


Now it's your turn...

Monday, September 10, 2007

I Won an Award!!

My dear, new friend Scruffy Hippo has bestowed the Rockin' Girl Blogger award on ME!! I am so proud and happy. I feel like one of those weepy beauty queens.


Check out his blog...he rocks!


I've long felt like the rocker in me ran off to follow the Grateful Dead and never came back. Thanks for letting me know she's still here!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Horoscopes 9/9 - 9/15

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we'll start feeling the effects of Saturn moving from Leo to Virgo. When a big planet changes signs, it takes a bit to adjust to the change. Saturn is at home in Virgo, more at home than hanging out in Leo. It will be easier now to feel grounded and manifestation will be on every one's mind during the transit (which will be a couple of years!). For those who work diligently and hold steady for the outcomes they want, great rewards are possible. It won't be easy, but that doesn't mean we can't make it fun. Be sure and make time for sensual pleasures. Earth signs need to feel good in their bodies. With Saturn in Virgo, we could all use a little extra tender loving care.

Have a great week!

Aries -
It's time to make a decision, Aries. You've been spending a lot of time debating and it's getting you nowhere. Draw straws if you have to but get moving! In the end it really doesn't matter what you choose. You will get what you want. Now it's just a matter of scenery on the road to your dream.

Taurus -
You're being awfully hard on yourself Taurus. Some things are beyond your control so there's no point in trying to take the blame. Use this time period as an opportunity to clean out some old internal closets. Get the skeletons out and make them dance! You have the power to make it funny, and that will create tremendous healing.

Gemini -
Be at peace with your life, at least for now. It's time to pause and reflect Gemini. You are in a great position but you won't see the resources if you keep pushing to get ahead. Tensions can be easily assuaged if you make the first move. Creating peace will free up a lot of energy and help get you inspired.

Cancer -
You're starting to see a new path unfolding. It's hard to get a sense of where you're going but it's worth finding out, Cancer! Creative ideas seem to be coming out of nowhere. Not all of these ideas are worth putting energy into. Give yourself some time to sift through them and pick the best ones.

Leo -
A dream is within reach Leo. You'll have to reach out and grab it. Go with instinct and you'll know exactly when to act. Your mind is not a friend this week. It will try and talk you out of taking the risk. Be vigilant about keeping negative thoughts in check. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Virgo -
You're all over the place this week Virgo. There are a lot of competing demands happening in your world. Don't even try to do it all. Focus on the projects that promise the most. The only thing that can cause problems for you is guilt. Just say no! It's time to put yourself first.

Libra -
Tensions are mounting around you. The problem isn't yours but it's almost impossible to avoid feeling affected. You might be tempted to compromise your position to make peace for someone else. You will regret it! Stand firm and state your truth. There will be resistance, but when the air clears, you'll be in a great position to succeed.

Scorpio -
You are very powerful this week Scorpio. There will be temptations to manipulate and connive. As much as you want to indulge these forces, try to stay on the straight and narrow. Doing so will get you what you want faster and with more ease. Share your ideas with people who have resources to share.

Sagittarius -
When was the last time you cut loose and had fun, Sagittarius? This week you need to find a way to celebrate your life. Make time for it even if you feel responsibility calling. The refreshment you get from taking a break will give you a ton of energy to finish up projects that have been languishing.

Capricorn -
Your moods are intense this week, Capricorn. Let them have room to move through you. Don't take it seriously or waste time trying to figure it all out. It's old stuff and it just needs to come out. You can help facilitate the process by taking walks and finding other forms of moving meditation.

Aquarius -
Don't give up! You're almost there, Aquarius! This is the final test before you get the reward you've been working so hard for. It might look hopeless but it's just an illusion. Pushing will get you tired and frustrated. Relax, take a deep breath and you'll see a way around the obstacles in front of you.

Pisces -
Spend time connecting with the innocent part of you. It's in there Pisces. Play is important this week. Find your amusement even if there's a fair amount of pain around you. Children can teach you a lot about being in the moment. Find some kids to observe and better yet, join in and PLAY.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Artist of the Month

Check out this artist!

Christine Shields

Before she starts a painting, San Francisco portraitist Christine Shields interviews parents to "pick up clues" about her subjects. Then she turns to photographs for inspiration. Shields figures out what aspect of the child's nature she wants to convey; she'll often have a beloved animal symbolically come to life in the portrait. The results are a compelling blend of strange and lovely, evoking both folk art and fairy tales.

Check her out at Christine Shields.
Isn't this fantastic? Check out her website. She does a whole lot more than just portraits of the kiddies. Her paintings are lyrical and full of magic and mystery. She seems very connected to her psychic/spiritual self.

It's so interesting to imagine the soul and energy of a person reflected in the qualities and traits of an animal. We sometimes have "encounters" with animals by seeing them in our environment or dreaming of them in a way that implies a deeper message.

As I mentioned in my post "freshies" my son reminded me of a bird at one point and my daughter, a hippo. Now my son has morphed into a monkey and my daughter an owl. STRANGE AND LOVELY.

Maybe it's easier to see these energies in children? Adults have had a lot of time to mask their inner selves. The mask serves a purpose. It's tough to go through this world raw and vulnerable. We tend to want to pick the right times to reveal ourselves. It's important though that we don't forget who we are and that we allow ourselves to change and mutate as we grow and learn.

Working with animal totems can help us get closer to our true essence and can also help us get valuable information about right action. Spend some time reflecting on the animals that have meaning for you. They might have something important to say.

for more info on animal totems, check out this book... Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals: Books: Jamie Sams,David Carson,Angela C. Werneke

It has been an excellent resource for me and I hope it will be for you too!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Faith...a Fickle Friend?

I found this lovely picture of St. Brigid and it pushed me to do a little research. She refused many proposals of marriage in order to devote herself fully to God. She is also credited with starting more than a few schools and is a patron saint of students.

I admire people who can commit to spirituality so deeply. I also feel that it's pretty easy to be close to enlightenment if you've chosen to renounce the distractions, pain and joy that the human experience offers. It's easy to find peace in an ashram or a monastery, where the world and all its temptations and joys are shut out.

Or is it?

There is pain that comes with a sacrifice on this level. Mother Teresa's correspondences are now becoming public and to my surprise, she felt an internal sense of pain for fifty years. She felt abandoned by God and at times even questioned God's existence. Even though she suffered greatly, she continued her work and continued to project an image of incredible and unwavering faith.

Interestingly, Mother Teresa's pain began as soon as she was asked by God to minister to the "poorest of the poor." Once she got permission from the church to go live in the slums with the people she was told to help, she stopped feeling connected.

Is it possible that being surrounded by so much suffering drowned out the voice of God? Was she so immersed in the droning of the pain station that she couldn't hear/see/feel anything else? Every time she took a break from her work, she was able to feel uplifted again.

Maybe God wants us to do good works AND enjoy life on earth. We need breaks!! We need to rejoice in what's so beautiful here. Extreme devotion is an amazing thing, but isn't part of devotion loving ourselves and our lives?

Is anyone immune to the human struggle? How do we maintain our faith in a demanding and abrasive reality? Does anyone have the answers?

This is just my opinion, so you can take it or leave it but I don't know if this reality is about getting answers to our questions. I'm not sure peace is possible here either internally or externally. Faith comes and goes no matter who you are and what story you choose to tell the world.

We can enjoy ourselves here, most of all when we move into acceptance of what IS. We can celebrate and love and create magic and fight and fuss and fail. It's awesome here even when it's atrocious.

You don't have to be a saint to get closer to God. Being a saint doesn't guarantee anything, at least here on earth.

That's great news for those of us who wonder is we're doing enough! Maybe it's just enough to keep on living and breathing. Maybe we're here just for the experience and nothing else. This idea comforts me when I start fretting that I need to do and be more. Maybe it's all here right now...the full spectrum...and maybe in the end, that's what it's all about...experiencing the full spectrum.

What do you think? Do tell!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Horoscopes 9/2 - 9/8

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week it's important to make time for rest and reflection. Important clues can help direct us but we will miss them if we are caught up in the frenzy of pursuing our goals. Some of us might be resisting making time to be alone. It's time to confront whatever it is we're running from on an internal level. New things are starting. Get ready. It's time to take charge of our inner worlds. Cleaning up and getting into a routine will help us make the most of the opportunities on the way. Lay down some new rules. Be tough if you need to be. It will pay off and you'll get some much needed respect.

Have great week!

It's time to let go, Aries. Holding on isn't going to make things the way they used to be. Letting go will make room for something new and improved to show up. If you need to grieve what has passed away, do so. A new dream is starting to take shape, but you won't see it if you're looking back.

A brilliant insight has the potential to change your life. You have work to do, Taurus. Plant the seed and take good care of it and you will reap tremendous rewards. Patience is essential. There won't be quick results here. Settle in for the long haul knowing that it's worth facing whatever obstacles come along.

A money making opportunity has come out of thin air. It will take some work to get what you want, Gemini. The potential is awesome but it will come with some challenges. Do as much research as you can before making a decision. You need to be prepared for what's coming.

Your head and your heart are pulling you in opposite directions. It seems that one of these powerful forces has more control than the other. You need both if you want to get to your goal, Cancer. It might be a challenge to get them in harmony but it's the best place to put your focus for now.

You may feel boxed into something that's less than fruitful. It's hard to find a way out, Leo. Instead of looking for a door, find a window. That's all you need to gt free and feel good again. Try not to waste time fretting about the situation. A little bit of a shift on your part will make the perceived obstacles crumble.

Slow deep changes are at work in your life, Virgo. You might not see as much action as you'd like, but be assured that change is on the way. Use this time to get rest and get ready. When things pick up again, you'll want to be energized. A good book will come in handy this week.

A disappointment is hard to shake off. You keep drifting back and ruminating about how things might have been different. Maybe it's time to let it go and move on, Libra. Clinging to the experience is starting to create a level of self-punishment that you just don't need.

Someone is making a promise that's too good to be true. It's easy to be seduced by this person's earnest charm. The truth is, you don't really need what's being offered. It's something you can create on your own. Politely decline no matter how tempting it is. You'll be glad in the end.

A whole new way of seeing your life is starting to take root for you Sagittarius. There are opportunities in places you couldn't see before. You might be a little surprised at what is being offered to you. Reach out and grab it! You've worked for this even if you don't know it. Enjoy your rewards.

Pushing yourself past your limits is not a good idea this week, Capricorn. You've got your sights set on a goal and when you fall short, you're absolutely miserable. Try to validate what you have accomplished up to this point. It will give you the foundation to create more.

Internal tension could create a breakthrough or a breakdown, Aquarius. Work with the creative energy that is so abundant in your life right now. If you try and force things to be the way you think they should be, you'll get hurt. Be willing to open up to possibilities bigger than you can imagine from your current vantage point.

Love is in the air! Put your attention on the people you care about the most this week. The love you give and receive will create an incredible amount of energy that you can use to manifest other delights. It might frighten you to take your attention off certain responsibilities. No worries!