Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kuan Yin...goddess of compassion

The world is feeling intense lately. Natural disasters, defensive and aggressive posturing, money fears running rampant...what are we to do?

Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion is a great and powerful being that we can call on anytime we need relief. She is the mother we all wish we had, soothing and kind. Her touch takes the pain away. Her name literally means "she who hears prayers."

According to legend, she was incarnated in physical form and through good deeds and devotion to spirit, she was awarded the gift of a place in the heavenly realms. As she was about to take her place there, she heard an agonized cry rising up from Earth. She turned away from heaven and returned to be of service...a version of the Bodhisattva (a soul who returns to Earth to help others grow spiritually).

These are tough times on the planet. There are many, many difficult situations going on globally and in our personal realities. It's intense! How do we find relief knowing that there is so much suffering in the world? We are all connected and we all feel the shades of pain going on in distant places. How do we continue to offer love and devotion amidst all the chaos?

It's tough to hold the energy of light, peace and love if we ourselves are drained and discouraged.

The Sun went into Scorpio on the 23rd. This shift in energy pushes us to go inward. It's a great time for prayer and reflection. We might not have the energy we want and need to go out and conquer. Don't fight what's happening. Surrender and send a prayer to this great lady. Let her cool, calming energy into your heart to refresh and rejuvenate.

If you find yourself alone and in pain, ask Kuan Yin for a blessing. She exists to give to you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If you are worried about a loved one, ask Kuan Yin to watch over your beloved. She will care for the souls of those in need.

There are so many spiritual resources available to us but we often forget about them as we plod through our day. A spiritual practice is just that... A PRACTICE. It's not like flipping a switch and everything is better. We have to cultivate our spiritual awareness, healing and love energies. One thing is certain. We are no good to anyone when we get blown out by the circumstances in our lives.

So...take a deep breath, notice the beauty around you and ask Kuan Yin to visit. Have a dialogue with her and put aside any feelings of awkwardness or unworthiness. Ask and it is given. That's all there is to it! She will descend over you like a cooling mist, letting you know that all is well. This too shall pass and there is place of peace in your heart that you can always retreat to. DO IT NOW and meet this goddess face to face. She's a real beauty.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horoscopes 10/27 - 11/2

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week, we need to slow down and make sure the words we are saying make sense. We might think we are being understood only to find out later that something was lost in translation. Minor misunderstandings will frustrate and waste time. Go over the details slowly and with patience. It will pay off. For those of us with lofty goals, it's time to pause and take stock of the resources at hand. Taking the time to do this will enhance productivity and keep everything organized. It's time to make peace with a situation or person that has been a distraction. Repressing our thoughts and feelings is not helping. Let's resolve to speak our truth, (gently if possible) so that we can all move forward.

Have a great week!

Aries -
You may be feeling like there's just too much on your plate this week, Aries. Your urge is to speed up and try to get it all done. This will create more chaos. Take one step at a time and before you know it, you'll plow through the list and have the space and time for projects that feel more passionate.

Taurus -
You are being terribly hard on yourself for something you have no control over. Where is your faith Taurus? Fears are running rampant and it's up to you to shut it down. Getting to a peaceful place if even for a minute or two will help you see the many paths out of this troubled spot.

Gemini -
A big change has been in the works for quite sometime. You've been feeling it without knowing exactly what's coming. It's great, Gemini, so relax. There will be things you have to let go of. Do it joyfully knowing that what's on the way is much, much more fulfilling and true to who you are now.

Cancer -
An area of your life that has felt stagnant and stuck is starting to move. It will take time to get momentum in this area, Cancer. Once the momentum builds, there will be no stopping you. Rest up now knowing that the pace is about to pick up. Don't push. You need to conserve your energy for what's coming.

Leo -
You are in desperate need of new stimulation, Leo. If you're hoping for a breakthrough in an important relationship, you're looking in the wrong place. The shift needs to be internal. It could be as simple as taking a break from your normal routine, or taking up an old hobby that was once passionate. If you change, it will all change.

Virgo -
An internal conflict is slowing you down and keeping you from creating the love and abundance you deserve. Make your relationship with yourself a top priority this week, Virgo. Forgive whatever you're holding against yourself. It's dead weight and it has nothing to do with who you are now. Free yourself!

Libra -
It's time to move into a space of forgiveness, Libra. You don't have to forgive someone else; it's your relationship to self that needs healing this week. You might not realize how deeply your anger and resentment is affecting you. Do what you can to move on. You'll be amazed at how much lighter you feel when you do.

Scorpio -
You're on the way to something wonderful Scorpio. This is not something that will happen overnight. Prepare for the long haul knowing that the rewards will justify the effort. This project can be a lot of fun if you have the right attitude. Enjoy every tiny development as it happens.

Sagittarius -
When you see what you want, go after it. Your body will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, Sagittarius. Hesitation will cost you dearly. The chatter of your mind is intense this week and could possibly block you from receiving a happy surprise. Put that monster of a brain in the back seat for now.

Capricorn -
A wealth of information is at your disposal Capricorn. Stop looking around for validation. You need to give it to yourself if you want to move to the next level. Others may need guidance from you. Are you prepared to take charge? Try not to see it as a distraction and see it as an opportunity to GIVE.

Aquarius -
A passionate drive for perfection can help you get a lot accomplished this week. You are applying a ton of experience to the project at hand and other people are responding with respectful admiration and the willingness to do your bidding. Be a benevolent leader, Aquarius.

Pisces -
You are in a great position to push your agenda and create more support. Hold steady while being open to feedback. Fresh ideas are in the air but if you are stubborn about the way you want things to progress, you'll miss the opportunity to expand. Take care of your body. Hugs can heal the world!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wood Nymphs, Fairies and Such

The fairies in the back yard are burrowing down under the rocks for the winter! I didn't really notice them until this spring when a friend mentioned them. Once she gave me the heads up...I felt their presence.

They live under an old red rose bush. There are a couple of Iris plants and a few feathery weeds surrounding the roses. There are little dips and turns in the dirt there and some old river rocks piled up. The fairies seem happy in this tiny dell.

I know they help me maintain a sense of magic around the house. Magic and mischief. A small black cat has moved in next to them...sleeping in a thick patch of vines that cover the old carriage house in the back. I like that little cat! The only person the cat has ever come close to is my son. He is a psychic in his own right and very strong on a telepathic level. He and the cat like to chat...

I remember being a child and KNOWING wood nymphs, fairies and such were all around. I was fortunate to have two sets of grandparents with homes in the middle of nowhere. Nature always promised a glimpse of the unseen, spiritual world to me. Even when I couldn't see it, I could sense it.

For those of us who love the Earth and find ourselves talking to the trees, the fairy folk are friendly. They hide but we can FEEL their presence. Even in the incredibly urban area I live in, they continue to make a home, thriving and prospering.

Are there fairies and wood nymphs near you? Maybe they like to visit that bowl of pretty jewelry on your dresser, or collect in a quiet corner of your home. From what I can tell, they like a bit of chaos in their environment...the better to stay hidden. There might be a patch of garden that when you look at it, you can see what a perfect place it is for such mystical folk. If you can imagine it, KNOW THAT THEY ARE THERE.

If you want to experience more of their energy and presence, give them a little hello. Acknowledgment and awareness works wonders in every area of our lives. When it comes to the mystical, all we need to do is validate it and we'll have more. The awareness of our magical fairy friends keeps my heart filled with love for this crazy, complex world we live in.

When you're weary and jaded and sick of listening to the pain station....TALK TO THE FAIRIES. You'll be right as rain in no time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Artist of the Month

Pierre-August Cot (1837-1883)

Pierre-August Cot was born in BĂ©darieux, (Herault) on February 19, 1837 and died in Paris on August 2, 1883. Cot began his studies at the l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts with sculptor, Francisgue-Joseph Duret (1804-1865). He continued his studies at the Academie with one of Paris’ more influential teachers, historical painter, Leon Cogniet (1874-1880). Cot also studied with Alexander Cabanel (1823-1889) and William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).

Cot debuted at the Paris Salon of 1863 with historical scenes, genre and allegorical subjects. As his genre scenes and portraits began to decorate some of the more notable homes in Paris, Cot became extremely popular and one of Paris’ more successful painters. His paintings had a strength that magically was mixed with delicate grace.

I stumbled across this painting in a magazine when I was about 18. I promptly cut it out and took it with me every time I moved. I still have it! It's called "Le Printemps." At the time, I was very interested in Greek and Roman Mythology and this seemed like the perfect depiction of Venus and Mars.

I spent time wondering what this young man's face looked like. I knew it was good because this girl looks absolutely DEVOTED.

This depiction of feminine submission was appealing and frightening at the same time. She looks NEEDY and more than a little FRAGILE. Are these bad qualities? I thought so.
I grew up with two brothers and always felt the need to prove I was as strong as them. This painting helped me re-think strength.

When I look at this painting, I see a very simple statement about men and women. We need each other, we want to feel safe, men like to feel strong and needed, and women want to feel protected enough to be vulnerable and open-hearted. We are capable of such sweetness at times. It's the dream of this experience that keeps us looking when we're single and makes us pine if we're committed to something dull or even worse, abusive.

Here, Mars is vulnerable too, swept away by the ethereal qualities of Venus. In some ways, she has the power here though she looks absolutely helpless. She has his rapt attention. Isn't that power?

In the end does it matter who has the power? These two need each other. They bring out the best (at least in the serene moment captured by Cot). Love is bigger than the individual struggle to win or be right and strength can be defined 101 ways.

Thanks Cot, for painting such a lovely scene. I'm still enjoying it 20 years after I first discovered it. It gives me plenty to think and DREAM on.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Horoscopes 10/20 - 10/26

Welcome to the Scopes!

Life may feel a little slow this week. Some of us will love it, and some will find it dull. It's a great time to take stock of available resources and get our bearings. The pace will pick up and when it does we want to be rested and ready. If you have time to indulge in pleasure, do it! A wish can come true. It will show up when we least expect it in a surprising way. Be present in the moment you happen to be in or you might just miss the magic. It would also be a good idea to get off the beaten track a bit increasing the likelihood of bumping into the surprise. The mind is looking for trouble. It will blow the tiniest problem out of proportion if given the opportunity. Redirect it and refuse to take the drama seriously.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Trying to get somewhere fast will cause even more delay. Shortcuts just aren't going to work, Aries. Make up your mind to dig in and do whatever it takes to get closer to a goal. Once you get peaceful with the idea that there's a certain pace here, you'll start to have a good time working out all the mundane details.

Taurus -
Cheer up Taurus! A depressed bull is an awful site. You still have the opportuity to make a dream come true, but you'll need to shake off the bad mood and get back in the action. You are ruminating over a disappointment and it's starting to cause problems right here right now. Don't let a minor incident destroy current potential.

Gemini -
You may be in the role of teacher this week for someone in desperate need of guidance. This person needs the most basic of information, Gemini. Dress it down. You'll enjoy tapping into your wisdom. Sometimes you don't even know how much you know until you get a chance to share it.

Cancer -
Turbulent energies will sweep you into chaos unless you find a way to step back. There's no need to rush, Cancer. Doing so will cause a feeling of instability and fear. Let the storm pass and emerge when everything is settled. It's not your storm so there's really no need to get involved. Let yoruself off the hook.

Leo -
Bright ideas are helping you see a new path, Leo. It couldn't come at a better time! You are ready to explore a fresh form of freedom. The ability to see so many possibilities can be overwhelming but it also taps you into a deeper level of creativity. Be clear in your communication even if it's just to say, "I have no idea where I'm going."

Virgo -
You are in a great position to make something wonderful happen, Virgo. You've worked hard, been conservative with resources and find yourself staring at a stockpile of riches. Enjoy it for a moment. Celebrating what you've created will bring even more magic with little to no effort on your part.

Libra -
Passionate feelings are tempting you to take calculated risks. Go for it Libra. You have enough experience to know how to stay on top of these powerful emotional forces. Others want to do your bidding. Use this advntage wisely and with awareness. It's okay to take charge, just be sure and express gratitude for all the help.

Scorpio -
You've come to the end of a cycle that was fulfilling and magical. There's no going back Scorpio. It's time to let go and move on. Go ahead and grieve. Just know that something even better is coming along. This knowledge ought to help you wrap things up peacefully. Don't linger too long.

Sagittarius -
Go after what you want when you see it, Sagittarius. Your body will tell you when and how to act. Trust yourself. If you hesitate or over-think things, you might find the opportunity is gone. That would be a shame. Don't worry about whether or not you have the resources you need to capitalize on this. You'll have what you need when you need it.

Capricorn -
Stagnating thoughts and energies are starting to move. What looked like a problem last week is starting to lose its sting. It's time to focus on the future and what you want to create. You don't need to put energy into setting the stage. The foundation is there...now fly! The pace is picking up. Get ready.

Aquarius -
You are in desperate need of a new passion Aquarius. Things are getting a little too routine in your world. Find ways to shake up the routine before you get the urge to get destructive. The revolutionary in you needs a project NOW. Directing your energy in a positive way will save you from saying things you'll regret later.

Pisces -
Powerful intuitive information is pushing you to step into more power Pisces. Don't expect the process to be comfortable. You are being asked to give up a limiting belief or two. Make room for the new awareness to take root. Those closest to you might not like the change. Let that be allright.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Empress

Another lovely lady! When I first started exploring Tarot, I was a little perplexed by her. At the time, I was still trying to figure out what femininity was all about. I needed to reclaim the power that is WOMAN. The Empress helped.

The Empress is pure feminine power in earthly form. While the High Priestess is about connecting with spirit, the Empress is about connecting with earth. Finding the spiritual magic in the world of matter can be a tough business.

The Empress is sensuality, and fertility and love. She doesn't need to get aggressive to get what she wants. All good things COME TO HER. She is the power of being receptive, the strength that comes from vulnerability. She is perpetually pregnant with life and ideas. She is creativity in action.

Here we see two white rabbits at her feet. The rabbit is clearly a symbol of fertility and reproductive health, but it also represents immortality and rebirth in many spiritual traditions. The white rabbit also speaks to the awakening of spirit. Sometimes it seems as if our bodies are in competition with our spirits...in other words, earth is in competition with heaven. The Empress offers integration and wholeness.

The Empress is Venus and Aphrodite. Love becomes the most important thing on Earth when the Empress turns up. We are on call to connect, be generous, suspend judgment and offer love. Doing so will bring power. Many of us feel that being open-hearted is a dangerous risk to take, that somehow we will be weakened and crushed by our willingness to be open. The Empress encourages us to risk anyway. She lets us know that we are never wrong to love and nurture.

Like the Fool, the Empress is very present in the moment. Nothing exists beyond what's happening right now. This moment is pregnant with possibility and when we're in it, everything has the potential to become more of what we want. Even troubles lose their sting when we move into acceptance. It is the terrible struggle to escape that wreaks the most havoc.

Interestingly, the art in this card (which comes from a deck called the Golden Tarot) has a distinct Christian quality. This particular Empress is evocative of images of the Virgin Mary. From the blue robe to the babe on her lap. Maybe the idea here is that the Empress gives birth to perfection.

Birth is a natural process. IT IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION AND A MIRACLE IN MOTION. We've drifted from this awareness as a culture. Our birth practices are designed around the idea that birth is problematic and frightening and needs to be monitored/interrupted/managed and treated with suspicion. (a whole 'nother article!)

The Empress reminds us to get back in harmony with the earth and our bodies. There is perfected imperfection here. Let's celebrate it and stop trying to flee from it. When the Empress visits, make love and connecting your top priority. Be on call that a birth is eminent, be it a project or a little babe. She's here to reassure us that it is indeed ALL GOOD.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rest In Peace

My cat died on Friday. We spent over sixteen years together and though I knew the end was coming, it was quite a shock when it finally came. We weathered many storms together. He helped me stay grounded when no one else was around.

THANKS MOGIE! I'm going to miss you...

This is a love letter to my dear friend,
disclaimer: if you can't stand bad poetry...stop reading now

you were noble and handsome, serious in nature.
i never did see you smile
yet you radiated love and wisdom
and reminded me of an owl

when you were young we called you slim
but when your opportunity for sex left, you got fat...
i'm very, very sorry about that!

you tolerated the witch cat who came to stay
she did her best to rattle your cage
your buddha nature was strong and quiet
you taught me so much about peace and silence

my attention wandered from your needs more than once
loving to cuddle, my first leonine love

i hope you feel good wherever you are,
i'll miss you sweet kitty
though I know you're not far

i still feel you near...


My heart goes out to all those whose pets are in pain or on their way to pet heaven. It is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE loss! In my case, Mogie was old and I was happy in some ways to see him free of a body that was no longer a happy place to be.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Horoscopes 10/13 - 10/19

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week tells us it's time to PLAY with power. Just know that when we get opportunities like this we can expect the unexpected. Embodying more power sometimes means things get chaotic as we adjust to the new energy. Discovering our power can mean we temporarily feel POWERLESS. A sense of humor is essential to get through the weirdness. It's time to acknowledge the tremendous resources that are available. We don't always see it, and when we go unconscious to what we already have, we are in a very vulnerable position. Gratitude is essential. There is a lot of potential to start new projects that can be incredibly fruitful for those willing to stay in it for the long haul.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Open to a bigger understanding of your life and yourself. Sometimes you get so focused that you can't really see what's going on around you, Aries. A big shift is HAPPENING NOW. If you feel unsettled, know that you are right on track. Trying to figure it out won't get you where you want to be. Go with the flow.

Taurus -
There is a lot of beauty in your world this week Taurus. Take the time to notice and appreciate it. Working hard will not yield the results you're looking for. Instead, get into a space of receiving what is rightfully yours. There's no need to fight so hard for what you want. It's right there, just reach out and grab it!

Gemini -
Opportunities seem to be coming out of nowhere this week. There are so many that it's hard to pick one to focus on. Settle down Gemini! You need to feel your way through this. Your body can tell you where the gold is but you'll have to quiet your bright mind first. Explore meditation techniques if you need to.

Cancer -
You are the magician this week Cancer. You have the potential to turn nothing into absolute gold. This will require a great attitude and belief in your abilities. Can you unite the opposing parts of your being long enough to create what you want and need? Mind and heart are both necessary if you want to reach the heights you are capable of.

Leo -
Your mind is racing this week Leo. You know what you want and you see about ten different roads that have the potential to get you there. How do you pick which one to travel? Settle down! You need a little time to think it over. Hasty actions will create chaos. Be willing to give yourself time and space before jumping into action.

Virgo -
Relax into a space of love Virgo. You may be harboring resentment or on the flip side guilt. These feelings are keeping you from getting the support and love you need. Your beloved understands your struggle and is in a space of openness and forgiveness. Enjoy the connection and stop keeping yourself from the love you need and deserve.

Libra -
You have a ton of creative energy this week, Libra. You also have the skills and experience to make the most of it! When doubts creep in, banish them knowing that you have everything you need to make the most of the opportunities available. Women will play an important role in helping you shape up your plans.

Scorpio -
Magic is all around you this week Scorpio! Work on being grateful for what you already have. Gratitude will set the stage for more to come. If you find yourself slipping into negativity, do what you can to redirect your thoughts and energy. You are so powerful that whatever you put your mind on will become manifest.

Sagittarius -
It's time to unite with an important ally. Elements of competition need to be put aside for now. Teamwork will get you where you want to be faster. If you find yourself in conflict internally, do what it takes to heal it! Peace is more important than anything else this week Sagittarius.

Capricorn -
Protection is called for Capricorn. You can't protect the resources you don't see so take some time to get familiar with what you have. In your ambition, you sometimes lose sight of what you've already created. This will leave you vulnerable to forces beyond your control. It's an unnecessary oversight that can be easily corrected with consciousness.

Aquarius -
Grab the tiger by the tail and don't look back! Your mind may try and talk you out of taking a risk this week, Aquarius. That would be a shame. You have what it takes to make the leap of faith. Do it. People are attracted to you. Some of the attention will feel good, some of it won't. Be kind when saying no.

Pisces -
A burst of energy feels great but also threatens to temporarily unbalance you. Find ways to blow off steam productively or you might end up frustrated and angry, Pisces. A magical seed has been given to you. It will take time to grow it. Get ready to pace yourself. There's no need to hurry though you might feel like running.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shane Knox

Shane Knox is a clairvoyant, Shamanic Medium and a friend of mine. I had heard so many amazing things about him, that I called him on a Happy Hour at 12listen.

He jumped into the reading and never stopped. He has the energy of a wild, revival preacher...offering motivation with a dash of tough love. IT WAS AWESOME and just what I needed.

Here's a peek into the inner world of an amazing psychic/healer!

1. What is your favorite color and why?

Black. It's pretty much all I wear and is often energetically misunderstood. In my tradition black represents the void, the part of great mystery in which all possibility exists. I wear black and love it as a color because it means unlimited potential that is ready to be realized and manifested. I view my work as helping people to realize their potentials so black is perfect for me.

2. Tell me a little about the best reading you've ever done?

I found myself faced with a woman who out of fear was staying in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. She happened to have her daughter with her during the reading. At the point most readers would have backed off, I pushed harder and asked if she was willing to let her daughter go through what she had been suffering. I was compassionate but hit her pretty hard with the message from spirit. She thanked me and went home. The next day she was back with the daughter and a loaf of banana bread. She smiled and handed it to me then said, "This is the last thing I'm ever cooking in that house.we left last night.".Then the daughter added simply, "thank you, sir".

3. Tell me about the worst?

Any reading where a person is holding out for what they are wanting to hear instead of listening to the actual message spirit is trying to give them. I learned long ago that Spirit knows what you need to hear and too often people miss those messages because of expectations.

4. What is your favorite issue to look at and work on?

Personal empowerment. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, empowerment. Whether it's for a client or myself, that is the big one with me. It's what it's all about. The key to life is taking responsibility for and control of your actions. It's a matter of stepping past fear and insecurity and into a calmly assertive way of living.

5. Which famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to work with?

I'm not sure about work per say but, I'd like to sit and talk about organized religion with Jesus. I'd be very curious about his views on what has been carried out in his name.

6. Name one thing you can't live without.

Coffee. I'm a whole bean, fresh ground, dark roast, in a carafe so it doesn't get scorched, black and hot kinda guy. Although, iced coffee is good. So is Irish coffee and frozen cappuccino. I like espresso too. Java Monster.Magic Bean.Mudhouse.Starbucks, all good. Oh ya, and chocolate covered coffee beans. I'm tired after typing all that. I need a cup of coffee.

7. What is the one message you wish to give to the world?

The greatest challenge and the greatest reward you will ever have is to simply be yourself. It sounds overly simple but I live by those words. Find your own truth and live it proudly.

8. What was your most compelling past life?

I was a Tibetan Monk in a monastery. I think of that life often because of the level of discipline and dedication I had then. I'm still trying to regain those qualities to that degree in this life.

9. What is your psychic stage name? (first pet+ street you grew up on)

If you go by the old petname/street you grew up on it would be Mingo Frank. However the one i use is the name given to me by the medicine woman who started me on my path, ShadowHawk. It's a name I take a great deal of pride in.

What a gem!
This guy is all heart and I hope you'll check him out. You won't regret it.

For more information on Shane visit him at 12listen
or go to his website shamanshadow.com

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

True Blue

Why is it that we love blue so much? Blue Suede Shoes, Devil in a Blue Dress, Blue Moon? Blue is one of the most celebrated colors in pop culture. It's a color and a vibration of energy that we can all relate to. Because it's like the water and the sky it seems able to become anything we want, from passion to depression and everything in between. Blue is easy to project feelings onto.

Blue to me represents neutrality. If we think in terms of chakras, blue is the third eye; our psychic command center. People who favor blue are bright and identified with the mind. When making important decisions, especially ones with an intense emotional charge, it's great to be in a blue vibration. When we're blue, we can see all the facets of the diamond that is reality. There is space to contemplate and choose the best course of action without getting swept into REACTING.

I think that's part of what's so appealing about blue. It can be anything we want it to be and it can also give us space to create from a place of clarity.

If you need to find the calm, quiet voice of reason, imagine shades of blue all around your body. Use blue to cool heated emotions but watch out! If you're not careful, you could end up with the BLUES.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Horoscopes 10/6 - 10/12

Welcome to the Scopes!

There's plenty of energy to go around right now. Everyone is discovering new passions simultaneously which is great for the world. What happens if our passions start to clash? We will get a chance to find out this week. Let's say your passion is a three month trip to Tibet and your partner's passion is settling down and having a family NOW. Who wins? Relaxing and enjoying what works in our lives will help smooth out the rough edges and give us common ground on which to create compromise. It's easier to get to our dreams when we appreciate what we have now. Fears will crop up as we start to believe we can have what we want. Notice them, but don't make too much of them. They are fleeting.

Have a great week!

Aries -
You have a ton of energy at your disposal Aries! You know what you want and you are not going to stop until you get it. Be careful that you don't hurt anyone unlucky enough to get in the way. You don't mean it, but your focus is so intense you just don't see them or what they want from you. Slow down a little if you can.

Taurus -
A betrayal that affected you deeply is now up for review, Taurus. Take your time here. You might be afraid of slipping into depression if you linger too long, but there is freedom under the pain and resistance. It's all about your ability to trust yourself. You know that you do! Act like it!

Gemini -
A sudden flash of insight has the potential to help you change directions quickly and easily. The information coming in is simple but incredibly profound. It's as if you're waking up and seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. This calls for celebration. Do it up Gemini style by inviting everyone you know over to chat about it.

Cancer -
You may be wondering when you'll get your just rewards. It's going to be a while longer, Cancer. Make sure you make time for breaks and fun. If you continue to focus on your goals, tuning everything else out, you'll get burnt-out. Your burn-out has the potential to affect everyone around you. PLAY NOW.

Leo -
Protect yourself, Leo. You have valuable resources that you aren't even aware of. Take stock this week so that you know what's available. There might be some sneaky stuff going on around you. It's not a problem if you stay awake and trust your instincts. Not everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Virgo -
A relationship needs to be your top priority this week Virgo. You've been busy with plans and goals, now it's time for love. Unfortunately, you might have to create some healing before you can get the affection you crave. Your loved one feels ignored and invalidated. You can turn it around with a little charm and focused attention.

Libra -
You are popular this week Libra. Your energy is up and enthusiastic and infectious. Everyone wants to be around you, but you might not have the patience for everybody. Be discriminating. Say no with grace. if you don't, you'll get irritable and your good mood will fall by the wayside. That would be a shame.

Scorpio -
Expansion is happening in your life, Scorpio. It might feel a little unsettling. Good things are on the way but you may have to let go of some things you don't need anymore to make space for the new. Be patient and let yourself settle into your new surroundings. Then you will have the good sense to choose the best options for you.

Sagittarius -
It's time to say goodbye to something that was once incredibly fulfilling. It's run it's course, Sagittarius and it's time to move on. If you insist on holding on, it will start to get painful and annoying. Wouldn't you rather have a wonderful memory than a stinking, lingering mess? The choice is yours.

Capricorn -
It seems you are stuck in some sticky energy Capricorn. If you try and figure it out it will only get more unfathomable. It's all about healthy boundaries, and you are discovering that you don't have any. Redraw the line. You don't need to lose your cool, just be firm. A large percentage of what's bothering you is not your problem.

Aquarius -
A burning passion has started to move you to action. You're just starting, Aquarius so pace yourself. Getting to the harvest will take time, so do what you can to avoid burnout. Loved ones are stunned by your complete and total focus on the goal. There's no way to articulate what's moving you. Don't even try.

Pisces -
It's hard to find relief this week, Pisces. It seems that everywhere you turn another obstacle appears. It would be wise to take a break and find healthy distractions. Time and space will get creative energy flowing. This will give you a new way of looking at the stuff that gets in the way, and the inspiration to overcome it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Guardian Angel

My mother is a very psychic lady. She has incredible insights but she has also resisted this ability which has caused her a lot of pain. She isn't the kind of person to talk about God or spirituality. It always struck me as slightly tragic.

When I was a little girl, she told me that she had a guardian angel as a child. She just KNEW it. She also told me that she felt her guardian angel became my guardian angel when I was born. This small bit of information was profound. The idea that I had a guardian angel was of great comfort, though to be honest, I really didn't know what to do with it. I also felt sad that she lost her angel to me. It seemed like she needed it!

In some ways, I believe this was her way of telling me she loved me. I wasn't easy to love! A psychic child is a bit of a crazy child and a mother in resistance to her own psychic abilities is going to have a rough ride. She never did elaborate or give me more detail. I tried a few times to get more information, but she didn't seem able to provide any.

I haven't worked much with angels though I have a dear friend who is an Angel Reader, Audra at 12Listen. Audra sometimes suggests an angel for me to work with on a specific issue. IT WORKS. Angels are messengers of God. They want to help and they do. All we have to do is ask.

If you're like me, asking for help is probably not your favorite thing. For some of us, learning how to ask and receive is the new frontier of spiritual development! We have worked so hard to develop strength and independence that we have grown weak in terms of allowing and receiving. We may even judge our desire for help and protection as a problem to be overcome.

I like to talk to the angels as I'm drifting off to sleep. I don't do it often, but I do it more often than I used to. I ask them to protect my home and family. I ask them to help me grow and be more of what I was born to be. I ask them to help others that need help beyond what I can give. It feels good...like the purest kind of loving support.

I also asked that my mother's angel return to her. She's still learning to handle my energy which I imagine is TOUGH. Having devoted my life to psychic and healing work can't help but challenge her to own her own abilities...

Talk to your angel! Ask for help and please share your stories HERE! I would love to know what you know about our dear spirit friends.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Our vices can make us feel so alone! We try to hide them, we deny them, we repent and work to make amends. What happens when we accept them? Do they lose their power over us?

I have too many vices to name. Some are habitual and some come and go. When I fight them, they get MEAN. When I accept them, we live together in relative harmony.

As a person interested in spirituality, it's sometimes hard to reconcile. The human experience is messy, don't you think? Can we glory in it? Can we love ourselves even when we're being NAUGHTY?

I get down sometimes about one or another. I find myself trying to hide them. That's when I know I need to get it out in the open. Most vices have something to do with pleasure, it may be out of control pleasure...but it's an attempt to feel good.

The human body feels so good when it's having fun. Sometimes the stop button just doesn't come on until we've wandered into the land of gluttony. 'Everything in Moderation,' is a phrase I've heard a million times. I'm not sure I like moderation! I like to go all the way. I am hungry for experience.

Of course, as I get older I find some of my vices difficult to manage. Some have naturally fallen by the wayside and the ones that are the most active are subtle...certain ways of thinking or seeing the world that keep me insulated from the pain of self-examination. Beliefs and attitudes that help me defend my position instead of helping me grow.

These vices are tougher for me than the extra drink or the online shopping spree. These vices are harder to get a good look at. There is unconsciousness around them and that feels a little bit Dangerous. I like naughty but dangerous? NOT SO MUCH!

I challenge you to be playful with your vices this week. See them as companions that you chose to amuse yourself with. Don't make them the enemy because if you do...you've already lost the battle.