Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fantasy Land

I am a daydreamer for sure! I have a couple active fantasies at any given time. I like to think of them as my lives in a parallel universe. It's seductive to visit these worlds when life gets a little rough in this world. Instead of hiding in fantasy land, can we find a way to bring the insight and energy here? Our fantasies can serve us by showing us what we want more of and helping us work out conflicting desires. There's nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, fantasy land is a great place to push the boundaries.

I thought I'd put some of my favorites down for posterity's sake and to get a better look at them, what they have in common and where they differ. Sorry, they're pretty tame...

1. I live in a city much more glamorous than Denver. I'm still single and about 5-10 years younger. I'm an upcoming designer in my city and spend time rubbing elbows with successful artists, writers and performers. There are a passel of beautiful men chasing me around who I treat with disdain. I LOVE IT! This fantasy requires a lot of time spent dreaming up the beautiful interiors I create for all these fabulously interesting people. My subscription to Elle Decor in real life gives me a lot of material to play off of. This fantasy can put me right to sleep after a long day of taking care of tots.

2. My current family and I live on an organic farm/commune in the wilds of California. We grow our own food and live simply. All the residents get along great with each other. WE NEVER FIGHT OR HAVE DISHARMONY OF ANY KIND. We do all kinds of amazing arts and crafts that we sell in the town market for incredible profit. We care for the children together and teach them amazing values plus at least three languages. The air is fragrant and we are far from the stress of the city. Life is perfect in every way.

3. I randomly buy a lottery ticket and HIT THE JACKPOT. I use half of the winnings to set up a charitable foundation which I pay myself to run. With the other half, I buy an old Denver mansion and a smaller cabin in the mountains. I spend my time finding worthy causes to donate money too and getting spa treatments to maintain a sense of internal peace. Though I send the children to the best private schools in Denver, I make sure they volunteer to feed the homeless on a regular basis to ensure they never feel too entitled or spoiled. They learn at least three languages and grow up with gratitude and a desire to give back to the world.

4. I write a bestselling novel that is made into a hit movie. I become an instant celebrity though I am reluctant and reclusive. Everyone wants to interview me and the barrage of attention is intense. The point of view of the novel implies that I have incredible insight into the workings of our current society. I am treated like an authority of sorts which I shirk and kick at. I move the family to a remote European hamlet where we live in peace as I crank out ten or more works of literary art, each one better than the one before. The children have a tutor who teaches them three languages and gives them an incredibly well-rounded, worldly education. We travel extensively, seeing and enjoying all the beautiful places on this fair Earth.

As you can see, these four fantasies are unique and different. Some imply great wealth and others celebrate simplicity. Some are urban and others are rural. There is an element of selfishness in all of them and hopefully some generosity too. Beauty, art, values, (and languages!) are a recurring theme. Some of them require being part of the world and others require retreat.

Our fantasies give us insight into what we want to create here and now. Look to the themes in your fantasies to get information about yourself and what drives you. A fantasy is a great space to explore some of the conflicts we experience in our lives. Do we want to be wealthy or just comfortable? Do we want to live in a city or in the country? Do we want to involve ourselves more deeply with people or pull away? Chances are we want all of this and more.

When I get really immersed in the life I have right here, right now, the fantasies languish. I just don't have time to indulge them. We know that when we don't have time to visit our parallel universes that life is GOOD. It can be painful and GOOD or blissful and GOOD. It's GOOD when we are fully engaged in it.

If you find yourself retreating into fantasy land, where everything is lovely and fine, ask yourself what you can bring back to the life you have now. Put those dreams to work. Don't let them become a source of pain. Keep them firmly in place. If we let them get bigger and more interesting than what we have here, we are dis-empowering ourselves and failing to get the most out of fantasy land. When the fantasy gets bigger than our lives, we know it's time to change.

In my case, I better start stocking up on foreign language tapes to listen to with the kiddies! If I want them to learn three languages, I'll have to work to make it happen. OR I CAN LET IT GO!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Eating to Safety

A client recently called me and wanted to know why she couldn't stop eating. She's a petite woman, elegant and well groomed. She has always taken care of herself with regular exercise and careful eating. Though she was giggly while talking about it, I knew it was bothering her and would especially bother her if she couldn't stop SOON.

These days, a lot of us are a little plump. When I'm out and about I find myself noticing the thin people and wondering "what are they doing to stay so trim?" It seems that here in the land of plenty, our bodies are starting to reflect the surplus of our great nation.

Let's face it, eating feels good. With so much uncertainty in the world, food can become a refuge and a place of safety. As we adjust to the ever increasing intensity and complexity of our reality, we naturally find ways to cope with the energy. One of the easiest ways to cope is eating.

When our bodies feel overwhelmed, we have an unconscious need to get bigger so that we can handle more. Some of the most amazing healers I've met are big people. As they pour out their tremendous energy, they take on the pain and fear around them. This exchange makes a body expand. People who've suffered sexual abuse and other physical traumas want to feel safe in bodies that have been a source of vulnerability in the past. Why not get bigger and drift from feeling attractive and alluring? What a great way to hide!

When we are sensitive to competitive energies, we might just take ourselves out of the competition as opposed to learning how to be neutral to the offensive energy. If we look less than ideal, we don't have to worry anymore about being perceived as competition. There are too many energies to name that cause us to retreat as opposed to coming forward. Our inner world becomes the place we feel the safest, but ultimately it gets painful. God did not put us here to hide.

Our bodies will become whatever our spirit asks. Sometimes our spirits get far ahead of our bodies. In our desire to create what we want, we sometimes get separated and diminished. The spirit is down the road saying "Come on! Hurry up! I found a great relationship...MOVE IT." Meanwhile our bodies are here on earth struggling with difficult situations and feeling lonely. From a spiritual point of view, there is no time and space, but for our bodies, time is all too real and we can't always hear the encouragement and love coming from our spirits. Sometimes it just sounds like an impatient parent yelling from a distance.

If we want our bodies to reflect who we are as spirit, we must work on uniting. We must gently bring our spirits back to where we are and get in alignment. Our bodies want to be loved and accepted. If we put our attention and energy into healing our relationship with ourselves, the struggles we face will start to lose their potency. Working to manage the energies that make us want to retreat can help our bodies feel safer and less vulnerable to compulsive behaviors.

The best place to start is forgiveness. The spirit needs to forgive the body for being a little slow and the body needs to forgive the spirit for being impatient and sometimes distant. Play with the energy of forgiveness! If you cross the line with food or something else try to approach the aftermath in a loving way. A fresh start is available in every moment. Love the body you have now and watch it become more of what you want.

By the way, my client admitted that the extra weight felt kind of good. It felt soft and warm and LUSH. During our session I could feel her relax which got her out of the vicious cycle of eating too much and feeling sick. I'm happy to report that she is feeling more balanced in relationship to her body. She is also able to enjoy the extra weight and the sense of abundance she feels in her current body. As we work to create more love between our bodies and our spirits, maybe we can unhook from the incredibly controlling programming we get about how we're SUPPOSED to look. Beauty takes many shapes!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Horoscopes 11/24 - 11/30

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we find ourselves completing cycles, projects and relationships. Completion doesn't mean it's over, it just means it's time to bring in new and refreshing energy. New passions need to be developed. Don't be afraid to try some things before settling on the right one. The challenges we face seem extra potent right now. This is a good sign! Endings can get intense but when we know we're almost there, we can make it. Faith in our abilities and our dreams is essential. The mind is looking for evidence that our dreams are untenable. Activities that help quiet the mind are a great idea.

Have a great week!

Aries -
You are coming to the end of a cycle and it's time to reflect and validate all that you're created. You're in an excellent position, Aries. Know it! If you forge ahead without acknowledging your accomplishments, it will be tough to finish. Go ahead and feel good about yourself. Share this feeling with the world.

Taurus -
You are falling in love with your life, Taurus and it's a good thing! Your perspective about yourself and your place in the world is undergoing subtle changes that are allowing you to feel refreshed and hopeful. People are drawn to you and you will enjoy connecting and co-creating.

Gemini -
It's time to contemplate your life and the roles you're playing in the world. Don't be afraid to cast off stuff that has ceased to feel authentic. It's time to narrow the focus, Gemini. Doing so will allow you to be more forceful in the areas you treasure the most. There is value in the struggles you face now.

Cancer -
Open up and let something new take root in your world. You're in desperate need of new stimulation, Cancer. You've been sticking to your routine so stubbornly that life is getting a little dull. You have the power to change this but it might feel like an effort at first. It's worth stretching a bit. The creativity that comes will feel really, really good.

Leo -
You are in a great position to pause and rest. You have a lot of resources at your disposal though you might have to slow down to recognize them all. This is not a great time to rush into anything, Leo. You need time and space to make the right move. You won't lose out on anything by taking your time.

Virgo -
You may be feeling a little restless this week, Virgo. The changes you're trying to make are slow in coming. Hang in there! There's some great stuff on the way and you need to trust it. Rushing and pushing will exhaust you so try and relax and let it all come together with ease. It will.

Libra -
It's time to create some inner peace, Libra. You've been debating something for too long. It's time to make a decision and follow through with action. The guarantee you're looking for might not arrive. Go forward anyway with the understanding that taking action will get you closer to what you want, no matter what that action is.

Scorpio -
You are positively magical this week, Scorpio! You have the potential to turn everything you touch to gold. Of course this power could easily work against you if you insist on holding on to grudges and being negative. Do what you can to reclaim a dream or two, then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Sagittarius -
Get everything off your chest, Sagittarius. You need to unburden yourself. You don't have to confront anyone directly, you can find relief by writing in a journal. Keeping everything bottled up is dragging you down. Finding a healthy way to vent will get you back in touch with your optimism and your ability to take risks.

Capricorn -
Being stubborn could work in your favor this week, Capricorn. You have a vision and the people around you don't seem to get it. Don't waste energy trying to get them to understand. Just stick to what you know and keep on going. They will get it when they see how successful you are.

Aquarius -
A wealth of information is at your fingertips, Aquarius. A sudden insight has the potential to change how you are approaching a problem and give you a lot more latitude to work things out. Be willing to be still and let all sink in. There's no need to take action just yet. You'll know what to do when the time comes.

Pisces -
Heavy energies are starting to lift and move out of your life. A dream that you have been struggling to get off the ground is starting to gain momentum. This will bring relief and motivation to keep going. Make sure you pace yourself, Pisces. There is potential to burn out if you don't.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lightworkers and MONEY

You don't have to be a professional healer or psychic to be a lightworker. Whatever field you're in, you're offering your healing energy to that space. Unfortunately, most of us don't get compensation for the healing we do in the world at large.

Sometimes lightworkers struggle with abundance. Why is that? It may have to do with unconscious judgments we have about wealth. In our current popular culture, extreme wealth is celebrated and show-cased EVERYWHERE. Take for example, "Real Housewives of Orange County," on BRAVO, or "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," or MTV's "Sweet Sixteen" and "Cribs." Sometimes we see these shows and think 'that's CRAZY.' The energy of judgment can keep us stuck.

Seeing wealth celebrated in a way that seems self-involved and gluttonous makes us long for the opposite. Simplicity becomes vaunted. As lightworkers, we want to live in harmony with the earth. We may be sending signals to God, asking for just enough to get by, without being aware of it. As lightworkers, we practice gratitude (not always an easy space to hang on to!). Sometimes we end up saying I'M FINE RIGHT HERE. This is great, but shouldn't it be a jumping off place to create more? Between asking for simplicity, longing for more and being disgusted by those we feel have too much, it's hard to send a clear message to the Universe.

It's okay to ask for more! As lightworkers we long for simplicity AND abundance. We want our lives to be clean and uncluttered. We also need to feel safe and taken care of to do our work effectively.

There's nothing wrong with getting by and being grateful, but if we want more, we need to give ourselves permission to have more and stop the guilt and judgment that creeps in. When we have more, we can give more and it's okay if we also want to cruise around town in a BMW. If you're feeling like your abundance energy is not where you want it to be...if you feel like somehow your prayers have not been answered, ask for a HEALING.

Don't be afraid to wrestle with God. The name Israel translates to "one who wrestles with God." We are meant to get into it with God, not meant to be passive in our relationship with divinity. Ask for a blessing, demand a blessing and most of all know that you deserve to enjoy the richness of life. You can live in harmony with the earth and be cared for materially.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Horoscopes 11/17 - 11/23

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we'll have some unexpected surprises to deal with. There might be an initial sense of unpleasantness but once we give ourselves time to adjust to the new terrain, we'll see that there is more freedom and potential to maneuver toward our goals. Life will be as magical as we want it to be or as challenging as we want it to be. The thoughts we are thinking and the energy behind those thoughts has the power to shape our reality. Let's choose optimism and gratitude over resentment and dissatisfaction. Bursts of energy can either inspire or irritate. Channel excess energy into physical activity and stay in motion. If we let the intensity build, something might explode causing an unnecessary mess.

Have a great week!

Aries -
You seem to be slightly afraid to follow a passion. Even though there is no certain outcome, you'd be better served by taking a risk and going for it. Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a clear sign is a waste of time and it's starting to take the wind out of your sails, Aries. Go now or you're going to be awfully mad at yourself later.

Taurus -
A new project is ripe with potential. Enjoy the freshness, Taurus. Soon this project will become an integral part of your life and while you'll still enjoy it, familiarity sometimes breeds contempt. It's shiny and new right now. Keep it that way as long as you can and don't let anyone else take away the wonder.

Gemini -
Your world is rich and fertile and exploding with abundance this week, Gemini. Everything seems to be on the upswing. There may be a part of you that is reluctant to get too excited. You're wondering if the other shoe is going to drop. It won't unless you keep thinking about it! Let go and take it all in. You deserve it.

Cancer -
A major change might have you feeling shaken to the core, Cancer. Something that you've outgrown needs to be put aside. The sentimental part of you wants to hang on. This old thing is keeping the new, more wonderful thing from showing up. Be willing to relinquish whatever it is you need to define who you are.

Leo -
There is an incredible amount of creative tension building in your world this week, Leo. Do something to express all the energy that's roiling around in you. If you don't get it off your chest, you'll end up saying terrible things that you regret and feel guilty about. You can skip the fireworks if you want to.

Virgo -
You are fighting with yourself this week, Virgo. It's taking all your energy and you're not getting anywhere. This is not a productive battle. If you want something, go after it. The worst that can happen is you don't get it but you're wiser for trying. It's highly possible you will get it. That's a whole new can of worms!

Libra -
A conflict is getting painful. No one wants to compromise here and things are getting tense. Use your charm and wit to get everyone to the table, Libra. You've been holding back out of fear that you might have to give in to make peace. It's not true, but it is true that you need to take charge of the negotiations.

Scorpio -
It's time to actively seek to heal the conflicts that are compromising your well-being and inner peace. It may take hard work and it may take honest exchange, but whatever work it takes, it's worth it! You won't know until things get peaceful just how much of your energy has been tied up in useless spaces.

Sagittarius -
Being impatient could get you in trouble. You're so busy pushing your agenda that you've stopped noticing what's taking place around you. There may be an easier way to get the results you want but you won't see it unless you slow down and take a few deep breaths. Stop pushing, Sagittarius.

Capricorn -
You seen overly concerned with money or your perception of the lack of it. It's not that bad, Capricorn. So you want more and you're working hard to get it...what's the problem? Don't let your fears get the best of you. It takes time to climb a mountain and it takes time to build an empire. Enjoy the process and the progress.

Aquarius -
Negative thinking is a big problem for you this week, Aquarius. You've got to discipline the part of you that wants to sink into the worst-case scenario and stay there. It's just not a habit you can afford to indulge in. Things aren't that bad. Find a way to re-frame the story and abandon the role of victim.

Pisces -
A wealth of information seems to be settling into your mind as subtly as a fine mist on the water. You may not even notice at first that you have the answers you need to make great strides. Once you realize it, you'll be so filled with relief that the color of your world will be significantly brighter, Pisces.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Short and Sweet

I'm keeping it short and sweet today.

Contemplate this...

Isn't this the picture of


love it, live it, IT'S FOR ALL OF US!

back with scopes on Saturday lovelies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love In All It's Glory

How much time do we spend hoping to find love? We look to other people, pets and projects to fulfill us on this level. Is it possible that the love we are seeking comes from a place inside our own hearts?

The love we feel for our beloved, the love that intoxicates and delights us is our own energy. The beloved is merely a catalyst and key to unlock the treasure trove lurking under the surface. If the beloved leaves, we still have the energy that felt so good. It's an illusion that we lost it.

When we start to believe that someone else has the love we need, we experience the horror of knowing that if they leave, WE'RE SCREWED. It's one of the biggest lies on our planet. Love never leaves and we are never wrong for loving, so why is this an area that causes so much pain and confusion?

I may not have an answer to the WHY but I do have some insights to share about how to create more of the good stuff. First we must recognize the lie that keeps us feeling enslaved and immersed in fear. We must also consider that love is many different things.

When we ask God for love, what exactly are we asking for? Are we asking for a hot, romantic connection or a cozy cuddle by the fire? Love can be a Sunday afternoon in bed with a good book, ALONE. Love can be the feeling we get watching a fabulous sunset, or savoring a slice of chocolate cake. When we ask for love, we need to be clear about which variety of love we want to experience.

Ask and it is given. This is a universal law. You may be a doubter, having asked for many things that never appeared. Sometimes we ask for things that are contrary to each other. If love is togetherness and being alone, what do we get?

Get clear about what you want to experience. Know that loving is far more satisfying than being loved. We all want a place to express love. Ask God to bring you someone TO GIVE TO with the understanding that this person will receive it and respond in kind. Be willing to take a risk. An open heart is a good thing!

Asking for love means being willing to feel awkward and silly; afraid and unsure. As we grow deeper in love, bubbles of distrust and hurt rise to the surface to be released. We can't experience the power in our hearts if we keep it locked up and under control. Know that when you feel these bubbles tickling up through you, you're on the right track. Don't misread the energy you're releasing as some kind of bad omen. Loving requires courage. Being vulnerable is the ultimate test of strength.

Keep on loving lovely reader! The more you give, the more there is. If someone you love leaves, know that the love is still there. You can have it anytime. Let love be fluid and moving. Don't try to hold on. You can't hold on to water, and so it is with love. That's what makes it so magical when we're in it. Be willing to explore new spaces and you'll find you have what you need when you need it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Horoscopes 11/10 - 11/16

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we become aware of the tremendous resources available. Sometimes we discover this by experiencing a temporary feeling of lack. Loneliness is to be expected as we take stock of our lives. We have plenty of abundance but find ourselves pining for what's depleted or missing. Let's resolve to take our attention off the future and the past. Opportunity happens NOW. We'll miss it if we're gazing in the wrong direction. The wheels are starting to turn in areas that felt stuck and unpleasant. Get ready for the pace to pick up more and more. Rest and relaxation are vital if we want to create on the level we're capable of.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Take some time off for fun and relaxation, Aries. You need pleasure and you need it now. Good things want to come to you but you need to make yourself available. Be discriminating when choosing who to spend time with. Cheery folks will get your mood up and tickle your funny bone.

Taurus -
A big change is coming this week, Taurus. It might shake you up in ways you weren't expecting it to. Go with it. Don't try to hang on to anything that wants to leave. You'll get hurt if you do. Letting go will make space for something new and more fulfilling to arrive. This process will require faith.

Gemini -
You can run but you can't hide, Gemini. No amount of stimulating distraction will help you escape the nagging feeling that changes must be made. The energy you're putting into trying to get away would be better served by finding creative solutions. You know what needs to be done. Do it.

Cancer -
You are all over the place this week, Cancer. There is way too much going on and you seem reluctant to prioritize and focus. You're not going to lose any of the opportunities at hand by putting some of them aside for a while. If you continue to try and juggle them all, you will have a mess on your hands.

Leo -
A betrayal has you questioning a lot of things this week, Leo. Don't stop trusting just because a minor event has you shaken. Look to the love triangles in your life (past and present) for important information. A choice needs to be made and it's as simple as being a strong advocate for yourself and what you want.

Virgo -
A painful feeling seems to be following you around this week Virgo. As much as you try to shake it off, it's there in the corner waiting for you. You might as well spend some time with it and see what it's all about. This is old stuff and you can move through it but only if you are willing to look it straight in the eye.

Libra -
Your worries are potent this week, Libra. It's not as bad as it looks so do what you can to keep your energy up and optimistic. A minor threat has triggered something old and deep. You can heal it now that it is visible. Have gratitude for the opportunity to clean your spiritual and emotional house.

Scorpio -
A relationship is offering you shelter and warmth this week, Scorpio. Jump in and get cozy. Be willing to express appreciation and affection for all that this person provides. This will sweeten the connection and make it even more fulfilling. Moments of insecurity are to be expected as you surrender to a deeper love.

Sagittarius -
You're feeling oppressed by circumstances of your own making this week, Sagittarius. There's no need to get down about it. Look for the windows of opportunity in the walls that surround you. They're there and you can jump right through to something better. Lamenting about where you are isn't helpful.

Capricorn -
Connect with friends to lighten your mood and your sense of responsibility, Capricorn. You have been dumped from every one's invitation list as a result of being disinterested in fun. Throw a party if you have to, to get back in the action. Reclaim the relationships that keep you motivated to strive for more.

Aquarius -
Let go of your responsibilities long enough to notice and appreciate what's in your life. It's time to lighten up and play Aquarius. Shake off that jaded shroud and get involved in the moment. That's where the magic is and you are in need. Be willing to let bygones be bygones. It will feel great to let go.

Pisces -
Go after what you want with a brave heart, Pisces. There are no guarantees, but standing on the sidelines is more painful than taking a risk. Let your body tell you when and how to act. Instinct is more powerful than your rational mind this week. Even if you don't get what you want, you'll be in a better place than you are now.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Psychic Weather Report

It feels like there's a dust up going on! I can tell by my own moods as well as by the energy I encounter in my readings. There's a lot of despair and depression going around as well as a manic push to get things going.

What do we do in times like this? How do we weather the storms? Hopefully we can turn to loved ones to offer support and receive some as well. We also need to dig deeper into our own internal resources. The strength and insight we need to survive and PROSPER is built in us.

We must look to our idea of God. Is God detached from us, and watching from a distance as we struggle? Or is God involved with us and what we are creating? When the psychic weather gets intense we often feel abandoned and unloved. Is it possible to love even though we are struggling?

These are questions I find myself pondering a lot. I'm not sure our world was meant to be peaceful and I'm certain that some things can never be understood. Why our best friend gets cancer or our neighbor's child is killed is often a mystery. Terrible things happen to good people all the time.

Can we continue on and grow and love despite all the tragedy? That is the question I pose to you. If you feel like life is getting a little too intense, know that you are not alone. The times we live in demand that we care for ourselves and do it well. If we are not taking care of our bodies and our souls we will have a much more difficult time with the curve balls that come our way.

There is a place inside each one of us that remains calm and quiet no matter how intense the psychic weather gets. It is truly the eye of the storm and when we retreat to this place, we can see clearly. This is where we KNOW we are eternal and that the challenges we face are fleeting and small compared to the spiritual power that WE ARE.

Take comfort friends. This too shall pass and when it does, our lives will be reconfigured in such a way as to allow for more. Psychic storms give us a chance to take apart the situations and relationships that no longer serve us. Freedom is the gift and reward. Sometimes we have to let everything fall apart so that we can rebuild something more authentic to who we are NOW.

It is our task to bring more of our spiritual selves here. When we do, the eye of the storm grows until it eclipses the chaos surrounding us. God is available. If the word God conjures up pain for you, it's time to reclaim it and make it golden once again.

Be willing to let go of stuff that keeps you boxed in. Immediate relief will arrive. Prayers are answered, not always the way we imagine. Send some up today and if you need a little help, I'm happy to add you to the prayer list. Send an e-mail with your request.

Take cover and find the love inside you! LET IT GROW...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Power of Permission

How many of us are actually fulfilled by the work that we do? For most of us, there are elements of our jobs that we enjoy, and other elements we could do without.

When we find ourselves drained and unhappy, it becomes difficult to get enough energy together to create something new. This can lead to a vicious cycle of feeling stuck and drained and unable to make a change.

Sometimes all we need are some psychic/energetic boundaries to help keep our energy flowing and give our spirits enough space to play. The energy of permission can work magic!

Imagine a bubble around your body. Fill that bubble up with the energy of permission. Permission allows us to feel what we feel in any given moment. It takes away the struggle. When we have permission we know that we have choices. Choices bring freedom and freedom allows for movement and change. When we move from resistance to permission, we can see opportunities where there once were none.

Permission gives us a chance to dream and reclaim the messages our spirits are sending us. The clues we need to make our lives feel prosperous are all around but we miss them when we feel stuck. Fulfillment is more about energy than it is about what we're doing. Pick a color for the energy of permission to make it more real. Surround yourself with it and see what happens. It might take practice, but you'll soon find that the things you don't like lose their edge, giving you the energy you need to change.

Your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled...

Give yourself permission!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Horoscopes 11/3 - 11/9

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we'll see movement, growth and change in areas that have been a little stagnant. Projects and relationships that felt stuck and unmoving are now back in action. This is just the beginning. The pace will continue to pick up, so get ready for a wild ride. Intuitive information has the power to direct us through difficulties if we pay attention and act on what we discover. Sometimes we find ourselves in resistance to what our spirits are telling us. Let's decide to be open to what shows up, even if it's something we'd prefer not to look at or acknowledge. Passions need to be pursued. Find time to indulge in the things you love. Doing so will bring energy and refreshment where once there was none.

Have a great week!

Aries -
An emotional entanglement is starting to turn sour. You high hopes for this situation are not coming to fruition the way you hoped they would. It's time to face the music Aries. Lingering here won't make it better. Do what you need to do to change the agreement and free yourself for better things.

Taurus -
It's time for play and celebration. Make more room in your schedule to get out and enjoy the beauty of the world. You might be afraid to take your attention off work and responsibilities. Breaks will actually increase productivity in the long run. The present moment is sparkling with possibilities.

Gemini -
Your world is fertile with possibility this week Gemini. The only thing you have to do is show up. Get your head out of the way and let your heart make the decisions. This might be a challenge for someone as bright as yourself. Enjoy the process of listening to what your feelings are telling you.

Cancer -
A new project has you feeling a little giddy, Cancer. Hold steady and prepare to go all the way. The passion you feel can carry you through the rough patches ahead. The people around you don't get it yet. That's fine. You can show them what it's all about as this plan goes from dream to reality.

Leo -
Find your internal strength Leo. You've been looking for relief in the wrong place. Other people can't help you now. The hurt and rejection you experience is pushing you to go within and tap into resources that have been dormant. You need quiet time for reflection to get in tune with your brand of magic.

Virgo -
You have the potential to create a lot of magic this week, Virgo. Put aside the conflicts that are peppering your inner world. This will require you to forgive yourself for anything you think you've done wrong. Once you get on your own side, anything is possible. Let the miracles manifest!

Libra -
Something big is starting to unfold. you may not know exactly what's coming but you can feel it. This shift may cause some anxiety. Take heart Libra, you are on the way to wonderful things. Be willing to leave the known behind in favor of the fantastic surprise. You won't regret it.

Scorpio -
You need new stimulation and you need it now. Your routine is getting a little stale, Scorpio, and this can lead to irritability and frustration. Make a resolution to do something different this week. Meet new people, explore a new venue. It will lift your spirits and get you cheerful once again.

Sagittarius -
Repressing a desire is going to get painful soon, Sagittarius. You have some lurking fear that if you let yourself go you'll end up in trouble. It's not true. You will end up in trouble if you stay in a space of resistance. Go ahead and explore. You'll quickly discover how capable you are. You are always bigger than the momentary passions that grab you.

Capricorn -
A big decision is in the works Capricorn. You may find yourself debating the merits of the two paths ahead. In the end, what matters is that you choose and move on. There is no way to make a mistake. The only mistake would be wasting more time trying to figure it all out. Get going.

Aquarius -
It's time to go your own way for a bit, Aquarius. Trying to get everyone around you to understand is a waste of time. You need space to explore what's going on inside you. It might feel lonely at first, but the peace and quiet you create will help you get back in alignment with purpose and your life path.

Pisces -
Love is on your mind this week, Pisces. Chances need more. Not only do you crave the love and attention of others, you really need to find more places to express the love that's in you. Be generous with your time and attention without wondering what you'll get out of it. Giving can be more fulfilling than receiving.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Chastaneyka...talking with the dead

Just in time for the Day of the Dead, an interview with my friend at 12Listen, Chastaneyka. She is a gifted Medium and Energetic Healer as well as a mother of four! The first time I encountered her, I was struck by the absolute passion she has for spiritual work. She gave me a healing and was so quick and efficient that I had a cynical moment of doubt. Within days, I felt a shift and was surprised and delighted with the changes she helped me make. She is so filled with love and light that it really blows me away.

Whether or not the topic of communicating with souls who have passed over is something you believe is possible, I think there's plenty here to provoke thought and hopefully inspire. ENJOY!

1. Tell me a little about being a MEDIUM.

Being a medium is definitely an interesting lifestyle. In the beginning it was a little confusing and sometimes spooky. I remember as a child seeing the ghost of my cat on the stairs and strange people visiting me in my dreams. My mom didn’t really care too much for the idea and kind of brushed it under the rug.
I learned to set up boundaries. They have to wait outside my house for me because they used to come so frequently it was a bit bothersome. Mainly they come to me for help with transitioning and letting go of trauma they experienced or caused someone else. There are a few who come just to chat and give their loved ones messages.

2. Are there misconceptions about this area of psychic work?
There are definitely misconceptions about this type of work. It's easy to see why. This work is totally necessary in this day and age where death is feared by most and avoided by more. The ceremonies and prayers that were in place in the past are used very rarely these days, so spirits may feel lost. As a Shamanic Medium, I love helping them process, say their peace and cross over. I have even taken a few the whole distance, watched them wave at everyone they desired to see and move on. It is fun what we create for ourselves even after death. We are totally amazing beings.
I helped my mother transition. She threw herself quite a party – with a big tent and tables and tons of ice cream! I told my dad about it and he was surprised. He said that he had thrown her a party just like that in Hawaii. It is important to remember in questionable situations, that everything has a reason, a purpose and that it might help you one day.

3. What is your favorite color and why?
This is a hard question. A year ago it would have been white/pure light, because it encompasses all colors. When pure light is separated out it makes a rainbow and I like being all inclusive and harmonious like the rainbow. Two months ago – I would have said Purple – as I love the spiritual depth and the metamorphoses purple provides. Today I am definitely enjoying what black and red offer. Black is such a warm color. It is a place you can just be. It allows for deep and restful sleep. It is confident and all-knowing and an unknowable void all at the same time. It's sad that it has been associated with evil for so long that people are afraid to embrace it. Red offers passion and movement. It is full of life and direction. These colors offer so much richness and verve to my life. I am grateful for them.

4. Tell me a little about the best reading you've ever done?
The best reading I had the honor of doing was for a young man about 11 years ago. This young man had a handicap; his thumbs where not functional but he had an aura and spirit that was so present. He was beautiful. He came with a sad heart and huge disappointment. Another reader told him that he was living a blank life with no purpose and it was basically a soul-less life. He was very dismayed and needed help so I took a moment and channeled a short letter to him from his guides. I don’t remember what it said, all I know is, he read it and began to weep tears of thankfulness. He was so grateful for the message. About a week later this boy (who’s thumbs didn't work) made me a dream catcher that I still have in my window today. My gift is for moments like that; to touch a life, to inspire hope, to break through a barrier, to create a happier more joyful life for myself and others.

5. Which famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to work with?
Well, I’m going to choose a living person. I would love to work with Louise Hay. I love her and her work. She is an amazing woman who has subtly and simply changed the world. She has a mind fine-tuned to the simple energies of life and is open with such a force of inspiring love. I’m sure she is human and has her moments, but I am also sure that she is ok with it! She accepts her humanness with humble honor and moves on. I would love to sit and share with her and know her.

6. Name one thing you can't live without.
Well, there are actually two. Chocolate and Baths. Without either I tend to be a little off kilter. Chocolate soothes the savage beast, and baths offer regeneration, a great place to meditate and of course the ability to smell good. I am a Virgo and love to be clean! It is my thing. So give me chocolate and a hot bath and life is good for everyone.

7. What is the one message you wish to give to the world?
It is important for people to know that there really is no cosmic answer to who you are and what you are supposed to do with your life. Searching for the answer is really the greatest distraction we ever invented to keep us from just doing and being what we already are. The only answer is the one you choose for yourself. Know that you already are your greatest passion, your greatest love, your greatest act of kindness. You already are! Live it!

8. What was your most compelling past life?
I was a woman in an underground army against the occupying Germans. The birth mark on my back is where I carried my weapon. I would hide in trees and ambush them. It makes so much sense why in this life I love the military. As a girl, I loved to play war games and was a great shot with a gun!

9. What is your psychic stage name? (first pet+ street you grew up on)
Ok. This is funny – using your formula my name would have been Bear Royal.

Chastaneyka would be the closest thing to a psychic stage name for me. When I decided to dedicate myself to the passion of my spiritual life I changed my name to my medicine name Chastaneyka. It was hard for my family to deal with, but they got it when I explained it was just like the disciples changing their names when they decided to walk their spiritual path. I love my name and am so totally glad I changed it.

So there you have it! No need to be afraid my friends...your great Uncle Mortie just wants to tell you he loves you! Let's stop running from our spirit friends and get a spiritual hello!

To learn more about Chastaneyka, visit her website
or for a reading, go to 12Listen.