Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Underworld

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about Pluto the planet and the mythical symbolism behind it. One of my favorite myths is the story of Inanna and her sister Ereshkigal.

In a nutshell, Inanna's husband died and was taken deep into the underworld. She wanted him back and decided she would go down and beg her sister Ereshkigal for a second chance. Ereshkigal was queen of the underworld and she was bitter by nature. She had been banished to the underworld after being raped. He family couldn't bear the shame and she was shipped off. Pretty awful huh?

She never liked her more popular sister Inanna who seemed blessed, loved and favored beyond belief. Ereshkigal was pretty excited to get her hands on Inanna's beloved husband...finally some justice!

On top of all this Ereshkigal was in labor and expecting a baby soon. It was a difficult labor and there was no one around to help. This added to her vengeful mood and she was determined to make everyone suffer as much as she was.

Inanna began her descent into the underworld to see if she could get her beloved back. She wisely told her maid that if she wasn't back in a day or so, to send some help. She passed through seven gates and at each one was asked to give up something precious to her. First came all her jewels. Next her beautiful clothes. Soon she was naked. She got to her sister and begged for her husband's life. Her sister offered her a deal. TRADE YOUR OWN LIFE FOR HIS. Inanna agreed and was hung up on meat hooks to rot.

Fortunately her maid rallied some help in the form of a chorus of voices that comforted Ereshkigal during her terrible labor. They lamented with her and validated the pain and unfairness of it all. After the baby was born Ereshkigal had a change of heart and let Inanna and her husband go.

There are many variations of the story but this is the one I find the most resonant with my own life. To tell you the truth, I find Ereshkigal the more interesting sister. She's had a terrible injustice done to her and instead of being nurtured, she is banished to a dark and frightening place FOREVER. There is no help or comfort or understanding for her.

Meanwhile, there's Inanna...the popular sister. She is asked to make sacrifices, giving up adornments and things that have superficial value. She's brave and I like her for that but there's something annoying about the ease of her life versus the suffering of her sister. On the other hand, she tries to reach out to her sister and is rejected because Ereshkigal is too angry and bitter to let any love in.

Here's what we can take from Inanna's side of the story: We are all forced to go to the underworld sometimes. We can go willingly or we can kick or scream. Inevitably, the underworld is a place where we are stripped of the masks we wear. It's a place where everything is raw and exposed. It doesn't matter how successful or beautiful or rich we are...we're all just meat on a hook in the end. Rebirth is possible, but only for those willing to die first, in other words, willing to give up everything they know and love. In the end, love is bigger than the fear and doubt.

Here's what we can extrapolate from Ereshkigal's story. Sometimes terrible things happen and on top of the terrible things, THERE IS NO JUSTICE. Some people are prettier, more popular and more successful than us, it is the way of things. The biggest, most important and challenging moments of our lives are often experienced all alone. Validation for our experiences and our struggles can take the sting away and bring forgiveness and healing. Giving birth is tough, but once it's over, our perspective shifts quickly allowing love to become the focus.

Both perspectives offer us a glimpse into Plutonian themes. Pluto has been a powerful force over the last few weeks and months as it joins with Jupiter in the skies. It's easy to get excited about the power that's been set in motion but the power doesn't guarantee instant happiness. We may be required to do some work to get there.

Is it time to let go of something? Are sacrifices called for? Can we strip ourselves naked and face the dishonesty of our attachments and facades? Are we willing to reach out to spaces that feel hostile? Are we willing to accept love even though we've been hurt too many times to name? What are we giving birth to? How can we get support for the process? Who in our lives can listen and validate our experiences without imposing or trying to fix it? Are we willing to die in order to create a new, more authentic life?

These are Plutonian questions...important questions to be asked as we head into the New Year. Pluto promises transformation but does not promise ease.

Thank goodness Jupiter is along for the ride! Jupiter's a jolly energy, indulgent and pleasure oriented. Jupiter says..."drink a beer and eat some peanuts with those questions and for heaven's sake LIGHTEN UP".

And with that...I'm off for some beer and peanuts!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elizabeth Pendleton...solstice reflections

Just in time for the Winter Solstice, I'd like to invite my friend and colleague Elizabeth Pendleton to join us. She is a tremendous psychic, angel reader and healer. There is an air of the Arthurian legends around this gentle lady. She's lovely to talk to and lovely to know! This is the Advisor I call when I need a does of Leonine sunshine. I hope you enjoy getting to know her.

The winter solstice is such a powerful event. What does it mean for you personally and/or professionally?

First of all, thank you so much for having me on your blog. It’s kind of funny with Winter Solstice because I begin preparing myself for it back at Samhain. There’s something about the heavy, deep death-rebirth energy of Scorpio that always pulls me in. Upon reflection and honoring the Death Crone at that time, there’s inevitably inner housekeeping that I’m called to do. I use the time between Samhain and Winter Solstice for purging. Confronting what no longer works and releasing it as the nights lengthen and darken makes the rebirth of the Light at this time very special to me.

The trick in seeing what is unpleasant is to learn to turn its meaning into aspiration for the future. And as you know Julia, Ms. Astrology, Neptune turned direct on Samhain this year, so there was no room for illusion. The marking of the re-entrance of Light, is the awakening of a promise deep within, that the sorrows are passing and something better will come from finding the courage to surrender and change. Winter Solstice really transforms all of that heavy energy into celebratory Light of hope, opportunity and renewal.

You’re a musician as well. Do you find that being psychic and being a musician work together? Can you tell me more about that relationship?

Yes, I think technically, a lot of the same areas of the brain are used in both activities. And Spiritually, it makes perfect sense to me; they both really ultimately come from and are an expression of the Divine. Playing the harp and singing give me as much joy as having a great reading.

Tell me a little about the best reading you've ever done?

Mostly, I love to help people shift. Sometimes it’s a little thing like showing them how to look at their situation and options in a new way. Other times it’s bigger shifts like life changes that I get to help them with. I especially love guiding and supporting someone who feels spiritually compelled to change, but is fearful. It’s great to get in there and inspire people.

But I’d say in all of the years, the one reading that will always remind me of how humbling and important our work is is the night I believe I saved a young girl’s life. She couldn’t even speak at the beginning of the call she was so distraught. I stayed with her, gently and patiently coaxing her to talk to me. She was only 18 or 19 and her boyfriend had just walked out on her and a 6-day-old baby. She didn’t want to live anymore. It’s strange how you never really have any “training” for that type of thing, but your heart and instinct guide you. I stayed with her until she was clearly alert and talking, even made her laugh for a minute about the enormous phone bill she was going to get from our call. I made sure that she had written down the numbers for a couple of suicide hotlines and promised me that if she got scared again that evening she would use them, and that after our call she would simply go into the other room and hold her baby. I felt certain that after we talked if she just took that new little life into her arms, she would make it. It’s rare in our line of work, but it happens. I’m always grateful that Spirit arranged things so that I was there for her and her child.

Which famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to work with?

That is such a great question. Mozart, Shakespeare and Louise Hay are three for sure. Mozart because well, what musician wouldn’t want to work with such unbridled genius? But Stevie Ray Vaughon would be great, too. Shakespeare to learn from someone with such keen insight into the human condition and literary brilliance, and to stay in a state of intoxication over the English language. And Louise, cause she’s 81-years-old and could kick my ass with nothing but a mirror and a half dozen affirmations.

What is the one message you wish to give to the world?

Peace. Please visit my website: to see how much this means in my life.

What was your most compelling past life?

It was in Ireland for sure. There is such grief that wells up in me every time I visit and the time comes to leave. And there are so many spots I just KNOW there, ancient and relatively modern. I’ll hear someone playing the whistle in Galway, the sound of a silver coin falling onto an old stone floor in a Dublin pub or venture into a tiny hallow in the side of a mountain in Mayo and be instantly transported back to another time. Ireland is always amazing to me in that way. Now living through the attainment of peace there moves me beyond

Name one thing you can't live without.

Coffee, music, friends...there I go again.

What is your psychic stage name? (first pet+ street you grew up on).

No stage name. I feel lucky to have been born with Elizabeth as it’s so stately and elegant, well made for a Leo!

So there it is! Let's capitlalize on the power of the winter Solstice to purge and prepare for new things. What would we like to create in the New Year? Get those lists ready and take time for reflection and renewal.

You can find Elizabeth at
Please check out her music video celebrating the peace in Northern Ireland as well! Get Up

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Horoscopes 12/15 - 12/21

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week it's important to get things in order. Being organized can bring relief and free up space for new creations. If something is out of balance in the kingdom, it's time to put it back in it's place. Gentle discipline can work wonders. It's easy to retreat into fantasy land. Even if the dream came true, it wouldn't make everything right. Developing a spiritual practice will create peace and fulfillment. Disappointment happens when expectations are too high. When we are grounded in the moment at hand we are open to the happiness, magic and love that is always available. Old pain needs to be worked through to create levity and play. There's no time like the present to purge the burdens of the past.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Love is important this week, Aries. The love you give is better than the love you get. Look for places to express love. Be a beacon of light for all to see. make connecting the top priority and you will find that it infuses your whole world with energy, play and ultimately, productivity.

Taurus -
Mood swings have you all over the place this week Taurus. You might be wondering what it all means and what you should do to make it easier to deal with. Surrendering to it will smooth out the rough edges and help you relax. There is creativity lurking in the ups and downs. See it all as a positive.

Gemini -
You are being shut out of a space you desperately want to belong to. Is it possible that you are better off Gemini? This club you want to join might not be what you think it is. It's time to trust the universe and know that you are being protected from something that is not in your best interest.

Cancer -
Passionate energies need to be directed and channeled with care. You are so energized that you can't see what's going on around you. Do what you can to slow down and reflect. Your actions will be much more powerful if you are operating with all the information that's available and not just your own agenda.

Leo -
Go after what you want Leo and don't hesitate when the moment arrives. Your instincts will guide you. This will require you to trust your body over your mind. You are ripe with the energy of manifestation. Imagine what you would do if anything was possible. Go do it.

Virgo -
Slow deep changes are taking you closer to a dream, Virgo. It may seem as if you are stuck, with nothing new and nothing to look forward to. It's not true. there is a tremendous force of change working in your life but it is slow, subtle and gentle. Be grateful that the changes you want are on the way with little to no drama.

Libra -
A decision is pressing. You keep going back and forth and talking yourself out of making a move. The evidence you're waiting for is not coming, Libra. You need to take a leap of faith here and know that no matter what happens, you'll find your way to something new and more exciting.

Scorpio -
Be cautious this week, Scorpio. You need to conserve resources and be aware of the people around you. There might be some wolves in sheep's clothing hanging around. No one is a threat unless you're completely asleep and refusing to pay attention. Your body will tell you if something fishy is afoot. Pay attention.

Sagittarius -
It's time to climb out of your self-imposed confusion and make some decisions. You've been acting like you don't know what's going on. This is silly and dis-empowering. It's time to shed the naive facade and take charge of your destiny. You know what needs to be done. Get the energy and focus together to do it without apology.

Capricorn -
You have so much to be grateful for Capricorn. It doesn't mean anything unless you see it and enjoy it. Sometimes you get so focused on what you want and what you perceive as missing that you can't recognize what you already have. Take some time to smell the roses this week. it will lift your spirits and change the focus of your efforts.

Aquarius -
Be at peace, Aquarius. You've done your best, you've learned a can you move on gracefully? You seem unable to stop analyzing what has just transpired. You're past the point of healthy reflection. Find something new to get interested in. If you insist on clinging to what's already gone, you'll end up at a dead end.

Pisces -
Impatience could get you in trouble this week, Pisces. Pushing for what you want instead of relaxing and letting it come to you could get painful. Loved ones are challenged by your intensity. They are threatening to withdraw support. This ought to be a red flag and a sign that you need to slow down as opposed to a blaring battle cry.

Friday, December 14, 2007

More Changes...

Creativity is amazing. It's like a wave that carries us to places we never conceived of. It works best when we go with it, letting it carry us to foreign lands without question or doubt.

In my case...I now need to amend my earlier plan.

1. Expect to see weekly horoscopes on the blog this Saturday morning for the last time. From now on my weekly scopes will be found at The SUCCESSCOPES ought to give you the horoscope fix you need.

2. Monday will be the debut of my weekly JSS FORECAST. A more in-depth look at the trends for the week day by day and an elaboration of the information you will find in my weekly e-mail the FORTUNE POSTCARD.

3. If you want reminders to visit the blog, sign up now for the FORTUNE POSTCARD weekly (click on the newsletter link at the top left of the blog). It will direct you to the FORTUNE POSTCARD weekly sign-up. Receiving this card will give you a hint of what's to come and will serve as a reminder to come visit Leonine Times for more in depth forecasting.



Don't worry, it's all coming together NOW.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Enjoy the forecast,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



How did you like that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction yesterday? I don't know about you but I felt like I was about to launch into the stratosphere! What a wonderful shot of energy and what a great time to start something new.

With that in mind, I thought I'd let you in on a couple new developments in my world.

1. The blog is changing.

My practice is growing by leaps and bounds and with two horoscope columns every week, I don't have time to continue writing two articles a week. From now on there will be one new article a week (on Thursdays) and fresh weekly horoscopes on Monday.

2. My new SUCESSCOPES debuted over at last week.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

3. New this Monday...the FORTUNE POSTCARD...a weekly forecast available by e-mail only.

You have to sign up to receive this card by clicking on my newsletter link on the top left of the blog. For those of you who already receive weekly e-mails, expect them to look different.
The FORTUNE POSTCARD is a short and sweet weekly forecast derived from Astrological trends as well as my own Intuition. Look for keywords and phrases to help you navigate the energy and challenges of the week ahead.


4. JSS Unlimited, LLC is now official!

I filed papers with the State of Colorado yesterday to launch my new corporate entity. Though I worked to get the perfect Astrological chart, the Universe had something else in mind. Instead of having the Jupiter/Pluto energy in the third house (written and verbal communication) of the business chart, it ended up in the twelfth house (intuition, global trends) of the business chart. Computer issues caused delays but I'm, trusting that it's all the way it needs to be. A twelfth house stellium is appropriate considering I'm in the business of intuition and healing.

5. 2008 will bring exciting developments in the JSS reality.

-I'll be offering classes in psychic development here in Denver as well as developing a course on how to be a professional psychic.
-For those of you who don't live nearby, I will be launching teleclasses on the same topics.
-I've started a marketing service for lightworkers, which has been exploding with activity and excitement. I expect to see it grow and change a lot over the next year.
-I'm getting ready to record and produce meditation downloads on a variety of subjects for those who want to get more in touch with their inner divinity.
-A book is in the works!

6. I'm so proud of my lovely friend Audra Garcia who is hosting the new site 12angel.

It's an absolutely beautiful site, with a prayer board and a team of gifted angel readers available for counsel and support. There's a special going on today. All readings are priced at 2.12 per minute and if you're new to the site you will get an additional 3 minutes free.

Please go and give it a look. I think you're going to love it.

7. I am so very grateful to be a part of your world. This has been an amazing year for me and I hope for you as well.

Your friend,

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Horoscopes 12/8 - 12/14

Welcome to the Scopes!

This week we may find ourselves in a sticky situation or two. The trick is to let go of the struggle and relax. Though it might seem counter intuitive, letting go of the resistance will actually help us slide right into a new space of freedom and awareness. The biggest mistake we can make is to use our precious resources kicking against something we don't have control over. This is where faith comes in handy. Clear thinking and communication are favored now. It's as if the delays and blocks we're facing are giving us time to fill in all the details and create plans that are innovative, clear and easy to follow. The pace will pick up soon. Meet the chaos knowing that there is a strong foundation underfoot.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Relax and enjoy what you've created. Pay attention to your body and amp up the sensuality, Aries. You deserve a break and some rest. Hard work is great but it needs to be celebrated, otherwise you'll just be running in circles getting nowhere. You have the world in your hands. Know it.

Taurus -
You have a ton of creative ideas this week, Taurus. It's hard to pick just one to focus on but that's exactly what you need to do if you're to find success. Don't worry about making that choice just yet. Give it some time and use your instinct to pick the one with the most potential. You have plenty of energy to create what you want.

Gemini -
A burst of energy can take you far this week, Gemini. It might be hard to handle at first, but once you settle into it, you'll love the intensity and drive that comes with it. Others are inspired by your enthusiasm. People want to be around you. This could delight and annoy you at the same time. It's all good.

Cancer -
Balance is a word worth contemplating this week, Cancer. Your head and heart seem to be going in different directions. If you look closely, you'll see that at the root they both want the same thing. Once you figure out what's driving you, you can get back in harmony with yourself and get to the goal.

Leo -
Clarity is elusive this week, Leo. You just can't get to the big picture. Try to put off making any decisions until you have a better feel for the landscape. You'll have to resist the urge to be impulsive if you want to be successful. Don't be surprised if the people around you just don't get it. You're not making sense.

Virgo -
Lessons are popping up everywhere Virgo and you can have a lot of fun learning with the right attitude. Part of what you need to see is that it's not personal. If the people around you are grumpy, so be it. It's not your responsibility to make it better. In fact, some of the folks around you might need to wallow a bit before getting it together.

Libra -
You need to know where you are in order to get to the next place. Rushing blindly ahead will not create a positive outcome. Pause and reflect this week, Libra. Know what you have in your bag of tricks. When you encounter the dragon, you'll have the potion you need to conquer it.

Scorpio -
Love is important. It's important to be loved but even more important to have a place to express the love that's in you. Go ahead and get creative this week, Scorpio. Look for places to pour love into. Don't worry about what you'll get back. Do it knowing that giving is more fulfilling than receiving for now.

Sagittarius -
Go on a quest to find more fulfillment. Be creative about it Sagittarius. Simple pleasures will refresh and rejuvenate sagging spirits. Try not to make promises you can't keep. Though you don't mean to do it, it can be hurtful to those on the receiving end. Pause before making agreements and life will be jolly.

Capricorn -
You are wealthy beyond measure Capricorn. Unfortunately, your measuring stick is off, leaving you insecure and unsure. You need to change your perspective and your frame of reference this week if you want to have access to the tremendous resources at your disposal. Tell a new story and watch the magic unfold.

Aquarius -
The wheels are starting to turn, Aquarius. A project you almost gave up on is starting to look promising again. It will take time and diligence to get to the end of the road, but you're starting to get enthusiastic which is half the battle. Heaviness is lifting and support is forthcoming. This is a great time to be grateful.

Pisces -
This is a time of expansion and experimentation. You can take advantage of it by opening yourself to change, Pisces. Be willing to go forward into the future bravely without any evidence that you will succeed. There are amazing opportunities in the works for you this week. Pay attention and respond.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reclaiming the WORD

God is a charged word. It means many different things to many different people. It is full of energy, positive and negative. Can we reclaim it?

I used to avoid the WORD. I was wary of offending or imposing an idea or image onto someone else. I didn't want anyone to get uncomfortable or make assumptions about what the WORD means to me. Lately, I've decided to reclaim God for myself and the people I work with.

I've been immersed in New Age philosophy for a long, long time. One thing that has always troubled me about the New Age movement is the idea that we are all creating our own realities. Where is God in this equation? Does God play a role or sit back and watch us struggle?

Is God a distant energy, loving but detached? God (in my mind) was a being who gave us this space to experiment and play in. If times were good, it was because we were good, if times were bad it was because we weren't in alignment with God, or we were willfully creating suffering. I would have to say that some of this was unconscious. I don't really believe that we are bad or that we get punished for being bad, but there were traces of these concepts in my subconscious. The idea that we are creating our own reality had a strange way of playing on these falsities.

How often do we invite God into our lives? How often do we ask for help? How often do we share our joys and triumphs with God? Are we trying to take all the responsibility for our lives and leaving God on the sidelines?

What would it be like to welcome God back to our lives? To lay our struggles before Him/Her? What would it be like to struggle and push and wrestle with God? What does it take for us to engage God and ask that there be more divinity in our lives?

The level of pain I'm seeing in my readings is stunning. More and more I find that a job change, or falling in love or selling the house that is languishing on the market just isn't enough. It's time to reclaim the WORD and the divinity that is our birthright. We need to welcome God back into our lives knowing that this divine being is here to LOVE US NO MATTER WHAT.

The peace we are so desperate to find exists in that quiet space inside. It might be time to put energy into creating time for quiet reflection. That space can expand and get bigger but only with attention, devotion and practice.

Finding God doesn't guarantee that all our problems will magically vanish, but it does promise that we will have the peace on our hearts we need to muddle through until things get better.

Life is intense. Reclaim the WORD. Give it over to God.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Joan Ranquet

I've known Joan for a number of years now. We're veterans of the 12th House in Denver. She's funny, slightly irreverent and she is AMAZING with our fine animal friends.

Her new book "Communication with All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator," is now available!!

1. Tell me a little about your book, what inspired you to write it?

Since the mid-90's people were so intrigued as to how to "receive" information from their animals. They have flocked to my classes to "receive" information. I realized, that they were bypassing the concept that telepathy was more than receiving - that it actually included being a great sender. Being conscientious of how they were behaving, feeling, the words they were saying was part of the whole "Animal Communication" experience. If people slowed down enough to 'be' with their animals, they would not only automatically receive information but in fact inform, influence or enhance the communication or challenging situation (whether that was an illness or behavioral problem).

2. What is your favorite color and why?
RED - BECAUSE IT IS SO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Tell me a little about the best reading you've ever done?
I don't have a best. I know that when people have had animals cross over, or when they're at the point of making that decision to assist an animal crossing over, my work is very helpful. Also before a high performance event whether it's a kid at a 4-H show with a bunny or a dog going to Westminster, or a horse going to a pre-Olympic qualifying event. Or anything in between (dogs at agility, horses in barrel racing, cats going to Cat Fancy....) I've also experienced working with very aggressive dogs as well as misbehaving cats.......Believe it or not all of those things are related as they require a single minded laser focus.

4. Tell me about the worst?
To me the worst is when a person would rather be right then be helped. If I can't get through, I just say - "HEY, you called me?!"

5. What is your favorite issue to look at and work on?
I'm a Scorpio moon, so I love anything that makes me have to get in there and get to the truth.

6. Which famous animal (dead or alive) would you most like to work with?
Dead? My first thought is I'd love to have a chat with Secretariat. (His story is in my book and I want to expand that in a second book).
BUT if I could have worked on Barbero - I would have started with a diet change. Given him a more alkaline balance to his diet. The diet change would have supported the problems down the road. They kept him on food that could only create arthritis. I would have piled his fan letters and flowers outside his stall. I would have put a television with all of the love people had for him in a loop so that he knew exactly how much people were pulling for him vs. how serious the vets took the disaster. I would have blacked out the newscasters when they said how serious his problem was and sung stupid musicals while they were talking and changed all the words to Barbero - Like "Oh it's a jolly holiday with Barbero" or "Barbero makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around". Then I would have worked with my hands and my rife machine on each and every break in that leg with SUCH LOVE that he would have walked out of there. I would have had shifts of people there working just on the circulation with their hands around each and every broken part of the leg and another TEAM of people supporting his sacrum, bringing all of the energy to his hind end.............oh well. Both Secretariat and Barbero had Laminitic changes which at the end of the day is diet and then breakdown of the lamini in the foot. So PREVENTABLE.

Of course I'm curious about W's Scotties and Laura's cat. Just because WOW. What must THAT be like?

7. Name one thing you can't live without.
Love......and coffee.

8. What is the one message you wish to give to the world?
LOVE, LAUGH, LAUGH, LOVE ad infinitum

9. What was your most compelling past life?
Aren't they all compelling? The one that has served me well in this lifetime is - I was a mid-wife during either WW1 or WW2. I was in either East Germany or Prague (I've travelled extensively through Eastern and Central Europe even though my heritage is French/Irish/Native American/English) and it was VERY familiar. I delivered babies that went to England. I was part of a whole underground baby exchange to keep them alive. I haven't had children this lifetime, but I was a step-mother for 7 years. I have also delivered foals, puppies, kittens and been in the room with three human babies being born. One is my God-child, one is my niece and the third one.....well, that was the wildest. It was a home birth and he was born as the electricity went out and he came out with the cord wrapped around his neck. The midwife and I were the only two there in the DARK other than the screaming mother. Within 2 seconds as the baby slid out, without allegedly "knowing" what to do - she and I acted so quickly, and had that cord undone in two seconds. That child is about 14 now. I knew exactly what I was doing when I cut that cord in that second. It was part of my cellular memory. There was no thinking - as in several of the other births (one puppy being stuck, etc.) In the introduction of my book "Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator" there is a foal delivery story where my own foal was coming out of my Soul Mate horse's anus. I just went right in and redirected the hooves and out he came. Again, in this lifetime as far as birthing training went - WHO KNEW?!

10. What is your psychic stage name? (first pet+ street you grew up on)
Rini 123

To learn more about Joan and her remarkable abilities,visit her website
or get a reading with Joan at 12listen


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Horoscopes 12/1 - 12/7

Welcome to the Scopes!

Intuitive impulses are powerful this week. We need to be prepared to discover uncomfortable truths. Sometimes we build a story around what we want to believe. Expect the story to get challenged. Let's be willing to cast away the elements that aren't true. What's painful in the short term sets the stage for freedom and growth in the next stage. Many projects have the potential to produce abundance. It will take a little more time to see these all the way to fruition. There's no need to get discouraged...let's find ways to play while we work. Relationships can refresh and revive our spirits. we will get back what we are willing to put in. Be the first to make a gesture of loving kindness.

Have a great week!

Aries -
Though there is plenty of work to do, it's time for a break. You might have to make an effort to pull yourself away, Aries. There's something a little frantic about your energy right now. Redirect attention into a space where you can see how far you've come. This will help you calm down and get more productive.

Taurus -
Take charge of your world Taurus. You might be waiting for something, but waiting is making you vulnerable and taking away a lot of the power that's available to you. If you want to see things change, you'll have to lead the way. Put aside insecurities. They don't fit the you that is emerging.

Gemini -
A golden opportunity has fallen into your lap Gemini. This is not the kind of thing that will happen overnight. Diligence and consistent work is called for. If you're patient and you pay attention, the pay off will be huge. Keep it to yourself for now. Loved ones might talk you out of going for it.

Cancer -
Put aside the conflict that's been keeping your energy tied up Cancer. You can move forward now. It might feel like you are all alone in the world. In some ways, this is true. The challenges you face now are yours alone. You can find the solution, especially if you stop looking to others for the answers.

Leo -
The Universe has a wonderful gift for you but you are so busy looking at what you don't have that you can't see it right in front of you. Open your eyes Leo! There is a wealth of opportunity available to you. It might take an attitude adjustment and some feedback from a neutral observer to get you in touch with the magic.

Virgo -
Confusion is a problem this week Virgo. Move into a space of acceptance about it. You might not be able to move forward just yet. If you let yourself pause, you will get an important insight that will get you moving again. If you kick and scream, you will exhaust yourself. Trust yourself to know when you need to.

Libra -
A recent decision hasn't worked out quite the way you hoped it would. Instead of sinking into a depression, pick yourself up and make the best of it. It's just an illusion that there's a problem here Libra. Being hard on yourself is not getting you closer to your dream. Decisive, positive action will.

Scorpio -
Something you care about is getting messy. As you sink into lamentations about what you're losing, you're forgetting about all the good stuff you still have. It's fine to get upset, Scorpio. Just don't hang out there too long. Be willing to have gratitude over what's left. The mess is important and you'll see why soon.

Sagittarius -
Your work load is intense, relationships are suffering because of it and you're not sure how to handle it all. Keep going Sagittarius. You're almost there! If you collapse now, you'll have a tough time picking up all the pieces. It's hard but you can do it. Try to tune out the distractions for just a little bit longer.

Capricorn -
In your attempt to make yourself clear, you might come off a little pushy this week, Capricorn. Use your intuition to know when to slow down and pause. Your heart's in the right place but frustrated feelings have the potential to come across as judgment and criticism. The folks on the receiving end of this aren't going to like it.

Aquarius -
It's time to make a decision. It really doesn't matter in the end, which way you go Aquarius. What matters is that you get moving. There's an element of loneliness going on in your world. No one seems to be able to give you the feedback you need to get clear. I guess you'll have to bring in some blind faith and act anyway.

Pisces -
You are spacing out a bit and it could lead to trouble. Resources that you need are vulnerable, Pisces. Take note of what you have and keep an eye on it. Being careless could be costly. If loss occurs, know that there's a lesson in it. If you want to relax, create an appropriate time and space to do so.