Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Beginning and the End

There's nothing like the holidays to throw a person completely out of their groove. I admit, my groove was tenuous at best but is now completely GONE.

The children and I succumbed to a mystery illness this Christmas which has resulted in me losing my voice. This is a very weird experience. I didn't realize how often I was raising my voice until I didn't have the option!

The new moon in Capricorn this morning has a serious quality that is slightly uncomfortable. The moon is joined up with Pluto and Mars enters the fray tomorrow. This is volatile energy and we see some of it reflected in the world as conflicts erupt and resentments surface. Please take extra care now and don't be surprised if you feel like hiding away for a bit. It's ok!

Notice how everything feels so BIG and there's a crushing sense of what's right and wrong. Don't take it too seriously...this is just the new moon energy showing us the dark side of our dreams and desires. Now is the time to start planting the seeds of the new dream. Solemnity is fine but be wary of the depression.

As I wrote in the latest issue of the New Moon News:
*The key to working well with Capricorn energy is the body. Caring for the body is essential now. When Capricorn feels good and is able to participate in the material world joyfully, success is assured. Come back to the simplicity of the body. Do something nice for that body under the influence of the new moon. Sensuality and small pleasures can make what's wrong seem right again. Cultivating relationships and the willingness to be vulnerable also offer healing.

Love what you got!

I've launched a new venture called **20 minute meditation. It's a conference call with a guided meditation on a variety of topics. We'll meet on Fridays from 11-11:20 am mountain time. I want to invite anyone who's interested to participate for free in the month of January. Just send me an email expressing your interest and I will add you to the invitation list.

The more of us who join together in the spirit of healing, the more healing will manifest.

I also want to take time to thank everyone who commented on the blog last week or sent a note. I'm trying to respond to each of you individually and I will but it might take some time. You are so amazingly supportive and I wish you all the biggest and brightest miracles 2009 has to offer. I plan on doing a numerology analysis of 2009 this week, so please check back (be advised that I'm no expert, but I might have some basic insight to offer).

Blessings friends! Here's to a wonderful New Year.
Come join me for 20 minute meditation this Friday!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Greetings

It's a little heavy tonight since the Sun moved into Capricorn this morning and is teamed up with Pluto.

If you're like me, you're feeling a tad tired. That's the way it's supposed to be. Love this long night and take time to send out a prayer or two.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Mercurial...grad school application update

Okay...I had some of the application up today, then I took it down.

  • Having it up for a few hours helped A LOT.
  • I'm going to continue to craft this sucker of an essay into a work of art!
  • I met a lovely lady today who told me that there are tons of Leonine Times readers out there (way more than I that possible?). While this is extremely validating, it also makes me more aware of the content here. I want to offer good stuff, not ME ME ME.
  • Anyway...thanks for going along with my little experiment. It's starting to come together after that terrible period of stagnation.
  • Thanks to everyone for all the amazing letters of encouragement. I really appreciate the support. YOU GUYS ROCK!
  • I'm amused by my own process. I hope you are too...
  • If you need help with any changes, just know: I GOT YOUR BACK.
Here's a pretty picture to entertain and delight you.

You'll be the first to know how it all plays out, peeps.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Big Test

I'm in the midst of applying to graduate school...

I could go on and on about why, what and how. The bottom line is, I'm looking for a way to apply my skills to larger groups of people, people who wouldn't normally find me, etc. I want to work with a group, have a predictable schedule and great benefits. I would love to find a way to reach more men (no offense goddesses but some male energy would be a refreshing change). I also want to create more stability for my family as the life of an Intuitive Counselor tends to be one of feast and famine (*fun for a single gal but slightly nauseating as a parent and home owner).

In my pursuit of this new goal, know that I will ALWAYS make time for my dear little blog and my lovely clients. That is my promise to you today (could change but I certainly hope not...).

Anyway...this grad school application has me tied up in knots. It's been sitting here for weeks, practically untouched. At first I went through a stage of feeling like there was no way they'd ever take me. It's a competitive program and I wasn't a great student as an undergrad and I'm too old and blah, blah, blah.

Then I moved in to F*CK IT. My energy shifted into rebel mode as if to say who cares anyway? I don't need your stinkin' program!

Now I'm back to looking at the application and thinking...I really want to do this and I'm pretty sure I can get in (I mean there's a part of me that doesn't want to do it but that's the same part that doesn't want to answer the phone, pay bills or take a bath. The part of me that doesn't want to do this is the part that wishes it could daydream life away with no work, no responsibility, NO BODY).

Since the NO BODY part isn't an option, I'm back to the application and this terrible feeling of being tested. I have to prove I'm worthy of the program? Not my favorite thing.

The application is basically an essay. You'd think I could knock it out with all the writing going on over here but NO...I am jammed up. I've been a nervous wreck about it. How do I explain my life, my choices, my ambitions for the future? What tone do I take? WHO AM I TALKING TO??

Thankfully, A (lovely friend/client and university prof who bears a resemblance to the picture above) gave me an excellent suggestion. She said blog the application. What an amazing idea!! If I blog it, I know who I'm talking to (you) and I start to relax. After all, I just want to get ME across to these mysterious, admission people. So, over the next couple of days I might be blogging some of the application.

OR NOT. (It might not be interesting enough for you dear readers...but the suggestion alone has gotten me started). I've been writing the application in blogger and transferring it to word just to help me stay in the mindset of talking to you (just another of the myriad ways you help me...).

Man, I wish I was brave enough to let it all hang out. In my parallel universe of telling the truth no matter what, I might include this exact blog entry as part of the application but then what? Would they think me too cheecky, weird, irreverent, silly, strange? Now you see friends, why this damn application is making a ruckus. The self-consciousness it engenders SUCKS.

Intuitive people like to hide. We don't really want a lot of attention or fuss. We like to keep the focus on others. As I contemplate making this change, I'm not just going back to school or looking for different kinds of work, I'M COMING OUT OF HIDING!

Okay...enough for now. I will let you know what happens. Just another space to play with what I know (and don't know). never ends!

*thanks economic meltdown/pluto in capricorn for helping me catalyze big changes that have been on my mind for YEARS.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gift

Well, I'm back from grandma's house. What a treat! I won't say it was easy because there were a few challenges but I am grateful, grateful, grateful that I got to spend time with her.

I've always been terrified at the idea of traveling alone with my two children. I see now how much this fear has limited me. I got over it by actually doing it. Things did not go perfectly either. My two year old daughter was suffering from a stomach bug which meant a little bit of vomit and a ton of stinky poop. She's a Virgo and gave up diapers a while back, so there were many trips to the potty, sometimes at inopportune times. Still, I was proud that I stayed calm and just sucked it up.

My son was a little defiant. I wasn't expecting that and it got my irish up a couple times, but he's still alive, so that's good news. My grandmother even got her energy together to take my son to a movie. She didn't enjoy it much but he did. These newer, animated films move a little too fast for grandma.

At home, my husband does 90% of all the cooking but I found myself preparing meals for the tots, my grandmother and me. I can't believe I actually made palatable food for all of us. There's something amazing about being put in a position where you have to do something you normally resist and discovering that you can do it and it can actually be (slightly) fun and fulfilling?

My grandmother reminded me of something. I'm not sure how to describe it except to say that I felt calm around her. I had a sense of being able to handle whatever difficulties may arise which is not always how I feel at home. It's like she knows something about me that I tend to forget and it's good stuff. Being around her seemed to bring out the strength and confidence I sometimes lack in my daily struggles.

I had a chance to ask her about her childhood and how she met my grandfather. She lit up telling me stories.

She told me about my great, great grandmother Julia, born a year after the civil war ended. I guess great, great grandmother Julia used to spontaneously burst into a Scottish jig for any and all reason. This delighted my grandmother and her siblings. Great, great grandmother was a single mother from the time her daughter was two, her young husband having died from a dire case of typhoid fever. I imagine it was tough.

That's the thing. There are tough times for every generation. I needed to be reminded of that. Despite the tough times, we can all spontaneously burst into a jig at any moment.

My grandmother is definitely thinking about death. She said a couple of cryptic things. She has chronic back pain and her doctors told her it was too dangerous to operate and that she should just live with it. I can tell she's tying up loose ends and my visit was part of that. Selfishly, I hope she hangs in there. I want to see her again! I need to know more about her childhood, her life and her wisdom.

I'm going to try for the summer. I want her to have a chance to know my children and give them a chance to know her. I'm so glad she cajoled me out of my resistance to travel. I'm also glad that being around her reminded me that good times come and go and come again.

We can always find reason to dance no matter what the circumstances.

SORRY IF THIS IS RAMBLING...that darn stomach bug is running rampant in our house. Gotta find a way to kill it...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fortune Forecast 12/8 - 12/14


There is magic in the air this week, somewhat fragile and intangible. Patience is essential. When a sacred seed drops into our hands, we need to treat it gently and carefully. It takes time to grow a seed into a thriving and fruitful harvest. Expectations and the desire for instant gratification can lead to trouble. Be willing to think long term. Recognize the cycles that are in operation now. Take delight in planting this seed knowing that it will bear fruit in perfect time. Don't let the anticipation of what's to come keep the pleasure of now away. One of the greatest gifts of this time period and all the challenges it has presented is the opportunity to break free and redefine our values. Relationships are important and need tending. Look for the simple pleasures this week. These pleasures are potent in the healing they offer.

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Monday 12/8
Reach out and connect with the people you love. It seems too simple and it may even seem like a distraction from the work that needs to be done but much abundance will be generated by making relationships the focus today. Conversations bring insight, healing and amusement into dark spaces. Don't put it off. Pick up the phone, shoot out some emails and create a gathering of like minded souls.

Tuesday 12/9
Progress seems to have ground to a halt. It's hard to see any movement or change. Under the surface, potent forces are at work. We will soon see the fruits of our labor. In the meantime, it would be wise to cultivate an upbeat attitude. Let go of the need to control it all. Trust that it's all coming together because it is and we'll be delighted soon when we see it all in clear relief.

Wednesday 12/10
Validation is in the stars today. There's no need to brush it aside or downplay our role in recent success. We need to take it in, bask in it and enjoy it. The boost we get from earned recognition gives us the energy we need for the next step and the risks that are coming. Humility is sweet, but pride brings healing as well. Know how to balance these two seemingly opposing forces.

Thursday 12/11
It suddenly feels easier to move forward. Our minds are clear and the clarity helps us make plans that are workable. Communication is important today. We need to give ourselves permission to ask for what we want and respond to the requests of loved ones and friends. Dreams feel more possible now which brings levity and play. Small steps take us far down the road.

Friday 12/12
We have the remarkable ability to see past the mask today. The truth is clear even if there is a layer of fog over it. It's painful sometimes to see what's real, especially when it clashes with what we want to believe. Still, the truth offers freedom and a greater range of choice. We are being liberated and it will lead to more abundance and joy if we are willing to stand behind it with grace.

Saturday 12/13
There's no doubt we are in a difficult time period. It's seductive to dwell on what needs to be improved and what we don't have enough of. Celebration is an energy and it's always available. Look to the simple pleasures that are available and relish them. Bring attention to the body and how it feels. Offer comfort to that body! When the temple is in order, all else flows.

Sunday 12/14
Sometimes we wake up to a world so beautiful and so blessed that we hardly believe it. Today is one of those days. The magic and the mystery is potent and pleasing. Can we let it in? Can we move out of our own thinking structure long enough to see the wonder the way we would if we were still children? That is the challenge today. The magic is always there, we just can't see it. take the blinders off for a bit and enjoy.

need help with the energy this week?

Our world moves quickly and it sometimes seems as if we've lost the ability to work patiently and diligently for the harvest. Once we were farmers and herders and craftspeople who knew how to take time to create a desired outcome. Tap into that ancestral wisdom this week. There are many moments when progress feels slow. Don't be tricked by the illusion. There is a ton happening behind the scenes. Forces that we can't conceive of are at work. All we need to do is keep the focus and continue to take small steps. Soon we'll be in a better space and we may even wonder how we got here. Recognize that there are cycles in play. We can't push the river. Relax and trust but keep working for the dream. It's emerging, fragile at first but growing in strength as we continue to refine and define it. Enjoy the journey friends!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Grandmother's House I Go

I'm on my way to visit my grandmother. She is an elegant lady...not the kind of grandmother we picture when we hear the word. She is a terrible cook and in some ways, she's not the typical nurturer. Still, she has much to teach about being a woman.

She is an incredible hostess. She knows how to create amazing family gatherings which must be a challenge with seven children, twenty grandchildren and six great grandchildren. She is charming and funny and graceful.

She was married to a powerful man (my grandfather). He was a charismatic guy and I wonder sometimes what it was like for her to be in the supporting role to such a character? I know that he would have been a fraction of himself without her. I hope she knows that too.

Sometimes I see her face in my daughter's face. It flickers by. It's a funny thing when that happens...

We've been trying to create a meeting for a long time and we've finally gotten it together. I feel blessed to have some time alone with her and my two children because who knows if this opportunity will ever come again?

Not much else to say friends, except that I hope you have the opportunity to connect with your dear ones as well during this holiday season. In the end, isn't that what we remember? The gatherings and exchanges with loved ones?

WISH ME WELL ON MY JOURNEY and i wish you well on yours!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fortune Forecast 12/1 - 12/7


We may have an idea of what we want to create this week but if we are wise we'll stay open and fluid to change. When we get locked on to something to the point of feeling anxiety about not having it, we know we are getting too narrow in our vision. An opportunity that looks easy to capitalize on might offer a ton of complications. We need to slow down and consider everything before making agreements. It's as if there's a mirage up ahead and we can never quite reach that elusive oasis. We keep trudging forward, trying to get there and in the meantime we miss out on the amazing moment at hand. Look beyond the shining facade for the truth, for that truth is the key to freedom, joy and success.

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Monday 12/1
How often do we ignore our impulses in favor of being practical? Today we need to give ourselves permission to wander and drift. The intensity building inside must be explored. It will not abate until it finds satisfaction. The journey it promises can take us closer to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Look for clues that come through feeling and just go.

Tuesday 12/2
A dream that seems sweet and appealing is actually starting to cause a lot of pain. Part of the problem is that we don't believe we can ever make it real. The other part of the problem is that we've been using the dream to escape the discomfort here and now. Sometimes we just can't control the obsessive energy. If that's the case, indulge in it but put a time limit on it. Don't let the dream take over indefinitely.

Wednesday 12/3
Happy surprises are popping up all over! The more we get ourselves out and about, the better. There is good fortune in the air today. We bump into important people and create auspicious beginnings. Things seem to be falling into place after a few days of struggle and doubt. This is wonderful news. Relax into it. Trust it. What starts now has a divine blessing on it.

Thursday 12/4
Leaps of faith are often uncomfortable. We have no assurance of success. We need to go anyway. Today is a perfect day for risk. Even if we don't end up quite where we expect to, we'll still benefit from the assertion. There is emotional relief in reaching for what we want. A stuck energy will move just from the action of taking action, great and small. As they say...JUST DO IT.

Friday 12/5
It's difficult to move today. A kind of paralysis is sinking in and slowing everything to a standstill. Could it be that the pause is necessary and important? There's no need to struggle against the tide. Retreat if retreat is called for. The psychic weather is difficult to navigate now. It's not personal and in no way is it a reflection on how we're doing things or if we're doing them right.

Saturday 12/6
A new vision is taking shape and with it a plan of action. We're not quite to the point of moving forward. We're in the midst of the pain that comes before the surge of creative energy. Doubts and fears are close to the surface. It's easy to succumb to a lack of faith. When we feel this way we know we're close to the breakthrough and the liberation we need and want. Hang in there! We'll be on to better things soon.

Sunday 12/7
The breakthrough we've been anticipating has arrived! Expect the unexpected for as much as we've tried to visualize our freedom, it feels different when it finally shows up. This is an exciting time period and it seems that anything is possible. This might create anxiety as well as enthusiasm. It's okay to be ambivalent and sort of overwhelmed by the potential. The energy will smooth out soon.

need help with the energy this week?

Cultivate a positive attitude no matter what comes at you this week. The energy is up and down from day to day so expecting to be able to hold a steady space may be unrealistic. Create a mantra or an affirmation to help keep the focus on the positive. Everything is happening for a reason, though we are often not privy to the divine plan. More and more we are being asked to trust in forces greater than what we can conceive of. Perfection is not part of the picture so don't impose it on yourself and your circumstances. Everything happening now is getting us lined up with our purpose. Know it and the ups and downs won't feel so choppy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008



Don't you love Thanksgiving, especially when you throw in a new moon in Sagittarius? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and sometimes excess. Expect to eat plenty of yummies under the influence of this energy.

There may be a bit of sadness in the air today. First of all, the new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle. We can't see the light of the moon when it's new. It's as if the light disappears. Psychic, emotional fears tend to rise to the surface when the moon is new. The unease is difficult to name since the moon rules the unconscious.

Be mindful of this energy and don't let it take away from the gratitude and abundance of the holiday.

Yesterday, Pluto re-entered Capricorn where it will stay for the next 16 years! The turbulence we see in the financial markets and in government reflect the enormous shift of Pluto going from Sagittarius to Capricorn. For the last 12-13 years, as Pluto moved through Sagittarius, our culture celebrated excess, optimism, expansion and idealism. As we transition, the energy naturally contracts from the fiery expansiveness of Sagittarius to the earthy conservativeness of Capricorn.

The new moon may have us longing for the good old days of Sagittarius in Pluto, when jobs and credit were (seemingly) abundant and we all felt like we could reach and attain bigger and better things. We may have a sense of fear about what's up ahead. Our value system is in the process of change. The new cool will have a lot to do with conservation, frugality and living more simply. This process will take time to get used to. Pluto rules death and we are in the midst of a death. It's ok to grieve and natural to be nervous...

As Pluto progresses through Capricorn, we can look forward to business and government becoming more streamlined and efficient. As a nation, we may find ourselves pulling back from global conflict in order to heal our own wounds. Workers and how they are treated will become bigger and bigger issues. We can expect to see a lot of attention and energy being directed to older folks as Capricorn reveres and respects the wisdom of the ancients. Nursing home reform and how we approach retirement will be hot topics.

Capricorn rules the bones of a body. We'll see a lot of energy going into repairing roads, bridges and buildings. Schools and education will get more attention since Capricorn is extremely competitive and likes to think in terms of long range goals. We'll see our nation start to fight to be more competitive in the world with technology and business which naturally requires excellent and affordable education.

There is a sense of sacrifice in the air that makes it all seem less than fun. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the disciplinarian. This is a shock to the carefree, live for today Sagittarian energy we've grow accustomed to. Still, there are elements of this change that feel refreshing. It's as if we are getting back to the roots and healing those roots so that they can produce greater abundance in the future.

In the end, I think we have much to look forward to as we lay the foundation (Capricorn) for a new kind of prosperity. It may be awkward at first, but as the transit gains speed, we are going to see some remarkable shifting and growth that helps us all feel more stable and safe. Family will become more important as we pull together to get through the changes which brings me back to today.


Enjoy this less than perfect time period. We are on the cusp of amazing change. Get together with loved ones and connect. If sad feelings pop up, let them move through you and find release. Notice that regret has a strong pull now. Say no to it! Capricorn isn't heartless though it may seem so. It's the father stepping in and making corrections so that our human family can live in harmony with nature in an updated, more workable way.

LOVE IT PEEPS! It's going to be a wild ride for a bit...but we're on to better things.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/24 - 11/30


How we love to daydream! Sometimes our dream space takes over and makes it difficult to enjoy what's real. We also tend to retreat into longing when things are tough. Hiding out this week could become a problem though, because it keeps us from recognizing opportunity to create healing, love and abundance. It's our task to keep pulling our attention back to the moment. It might help to know that even if our dream came true, it wouldn't magically solve all the problems. Notice the drifting to the past and the future and gently come back. Pay attention to the body and respond lovingly to physical needs. New dreams will take shape as we release old ones that are as mutable as the clouds floating by in the sky.

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Monday 11/24
There are situations beyond our control today that give us the opportunity to choose peace. If we try and go straight to the heart of the problem to solve it, we might get more frustrated. Retreat is called for. It's hard to step away and trust that no action is more helpful than action. Be the first to say "let's all take a deep breath and get a better look at this before we act in haste."

Tuesday 11/25
Our inner world is rife with intensity and we see it manifesting in the outer world. Pushing ourselves with effort will create exhaustion. Can we bring a loving attitude to the forefront? It starts with how we feel about ourselves and ripples out from there. Compassion can smooth over the roughness and get us back in the flow of abundance and creativity.

Wednesday 11/26
Little things are big triggers today. We might have a tendency to misunderstand and misinterpret the actions of our loved ones. It's not personal. When we get lit up, we have a chance to take a closer look at old wounds. Let these wounds become more conscious. Work with them as opposed to against them. Bring in some amusement to help lighten the energetic pain.

Thursday 11/27
Don't you love Thanksgiving? It's such a great holiday when we strip away the expectations we build around it. Because this is also a new moon day, we might find ourselves a little more moody than normal. Use this emotional energy to create depth in important relationships. Let go of fear for one day and sink into gratitude. Be childlike and open to happy surprises.

Friday 11/28
It's as if the blinders have been removed from our eyes and we can see everything clearly again. It's easy to make plans that work now. The simplicity of what we see is astonishing and refreshing. It's time to move forward and willing release our list of wrongs. Share the inspiration and watch plans develop even more depth. Brainstorming with a trusted friend pays off big today.

Saturday 11/29
Sounds easy but it's not! We're so conditioned to use effort to get what we want that we forget to get out of our own way sometimes. The universe is lining up to get us where we want to go. We've earned what's coming, so let's open up and let it in. This is a great day to look around and validate what works. The more we see the magic, the more magic there will be.

Sunday 11/30
Our mind is all over the place today. It's difficult to find the core of any particular issue. Let's stop and ask ourselves where the passion is. Put attention there. Let some of those minor details rest for now in order to dream a bigger dream. It takes discipline to keep the mind from running amok. Gentle discipline works best. Get some rest even though responsibilities are looming.

need help with the energy this week?

It's all right here, right now. Moving meditation can help us bring our attention and energy back to the moment. Creative projects help as well. It's easy to drift away but our energy gets scattered when we do. Those daydreams can give us important clues about our purpose here on earth but they can also cause a lot of pain when they are used as a way to escape the work we need to do now. Imagine your spirit as a ball of light. If it helps, pick a color to represent your spirit. Imagine this color all around your body. Do this as often as you think of it and see what happens. This experiment will delight you with results and ease of use. Bring your spirit home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow the Sparkle

Intuition is a fuzzy, nebulous space sometimes. We want to hear that voice but struggle as we are bombarded with energy and opinion on all fronts. We expect our psychic information to show up dramatically and clearly, but often it is subtle and hushed.

What are we to do?

Follow the sparkle!

If you're flipping through a newspaper or a magazine and something pops out, investigate. If you're driving home and you get a sudden urge to take a different route, investigate. If you have a conversation and something sparks you're interest, investigate.

Listening and responding to intuition is often like a treasure hunt. We move from one clue to the next, unsure of where it's going to take us. The route may seem circuitous and chaotic but if we give ourselves permission to go, we often end up somewhere amazing and totally unexpected.

In order to create stability and predictability, we often create a picture of where we want to be and then take steps to get there. Sometimes that picture gets so rigid that we can't see all the roads leading to the destination.

Our world is so uncertain at times. We crave order which limits our ability to trust and follow the sparkle. We dread the idea of wasting time or involving ourselves in spaces that will be unproductive and unfruitful. We often discard our intuitive information because it doesn't make sense and seems to be a detour away from the attainment of our goals. We are afraid to trust our spirit and its (seemingly) crazy, haphazard plans.

The trick to using more intuitive information is to look and respond to the clues. The mind chatters on like a backseat driver as we wander off to investigate. Expecting the mind to get quiet is probably unrealistic. We think that if we hit upon the right thing, our brain will immediately agree and settle down.

I don't know about you, but my brain NEVER SETTLES DOWN. It's always chattering away, giving me opinions and ideas that may or may not be helpful. This is why meditation exists! We know we need to get quiet in order to hear the whisper of spirit.

Our bodies also give clues. Anxiety is a clue, as is joy. Anxiety may be telling us to step back for a bit while joy tells us to go forward. The body is an exquisitely refined psychic barometer. As such, the body can become a completely overwhelming space of psychic noise and feedback.

Keep it simple.
Stay open, stay fluid.
Blow up the picture of what it needs to look like.
Be willing to wander.
Let go of the notion of wasting time or going in the wrong direction.
Open to the magic.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/17 - 11/23


This is a great week to reflect on all the amazing spaces and relationships that have been created of late. Is it possible to pause now and just let it all sink in? It's tough to do when there's always more to strive for. It's difficult to create more if we don't validate where we are right now. Create time to celebrate. It can be simple but make it a priority. If we try and push ahead now, we will be working against the energy that's trying to bring rest and rejuvenation. Let's work to create a new understanding of abundance. Look and see what resources are on hand. It's important that we take stock before the pace picks up again and we get busy, busy, busy.

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Monday 11/17
There is a tremendous urge to make a decision before we have all the information we need. It's hard to resist the desire to pick something on impulse and a whim. Sometimes spontaneity works, but not today. We can move out of the restless impatience when we know that waiting will help us find the space of certainty we need to choose the best and most fruitful path.

Tuesday 11/18
Old wounds are close to the surface today and its almost impossible not to get triggered. Minor upsets have the potential to blow up and get intense. We may have the sense that it doesn't make sense. Let's be willing to step away and reflect if and when we need to. Confront those old patterns and work towards peace. This will require forgiving ourselves as well as those who've done harm to us.

Wednesday 11/19
Though we may not have everything we want and there are many things to worry over, it's time to cultivate gratitude. We can start small and expand. Can we be grateful for the struggle and all the wisdom it offers? Now is the time to try. When the energy lifts and we feel better, our feelings of abundance will help us capitalize on the myriad of opportunities coming our way.

Thursday 11/20
There are so many excellent possibilities worth consideration today. Some of them seem far fetched. Those are the best and deserve the most attention. Be willing to make the dream bigger. Important clues are popping up and giving us the insight we need to progress and prosper. Call someone and brainstorm. Conversation will help add depth and dimension.

Friday 11/21
A meeting of the minds can yield incredible results today. Call a friend or meet with a mentor. Sharing ideas can help us figure out how to order our plans and get closer to making a dream real. There might be issues that need to be aired for healing and release. Make space for this process. Flashes of insight are guaranteed. All parties involved will benefit from sharing.

Saturday 11/22
Moods are up and down and all over the place today. There's really no rhyme or reason. It helps to relax into it. Fighting it will create frustration and pain. We're not going to like all of the spaces we visit but there is value in going along for the ride. Surrender to the opening that's in progress. Spiritual range is intimately connected with emotional range. Say no to resistance.

Sunday 11/23
Don't you love Sunday? Whether or not you have the time to rest, it's easy to use this day as a time of preparation for the next week. Even ten minutes can help set the stage for manifesting more abundance and love. Let's be grateful from what we have. Longing is exquisite pain. Put is aside for a bit knowing it will return soon enough. Now is the time for rejuvenation in all forms.

need help with the energy this week?

The inner critic is powerful. It doesn't want us to feel to good about ourselves. Notice it and gently say no. Do not let this voice get control. Meditation can help. Choose a color that represents love and imagine it all around your body. Do it as often as you think of it. Change colors if and when you feel like it. Give that critic some love! Watch what happens. If you adopt this as a practice, you'll see results and positive shifts. Color is the language of spirit. Start creating the energy you want in your life now.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover)

so pretty!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/10 - 11/16


Intuition is potent this week and can help us navigate a myriad choices. Sometimes intuition shows up in very physical, sensory ways. It's important to stop and pay attention to these feelings and impressions. We might find ourselves resisting certain moods as if they are bad or wrong when really, these feeling states are trying to help us discover a truth. There will be times this week when we don't really enjoy some of the information coming through. We might be asked to make adjustments or let go of ideas and goals we've made a heavy investment in. Can we be graceful and fluid when those flashes of insight show up? It will require the relinquishment of control and a willingness to let something new and unknown be born.

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Monday 11/10
Old wounds are a pain in the yin yang! They seem to pop up for review at the most inconvenient times. Today we can't get past the thoughts and feelings that keep us from enjoying what we have in abundance. There is a perceived sense of lack that's not rooted in the present, though it might seem like it. Do what it takes to stop reacting to this old energy. Freedom is at hand.

Tuesday 11/11
Lurking around every corner is the potential for an amazing gift. Today can be a treasure hunt in whatever area of life needs healing. It all depends on our attitude. Let go of the weariness and cynicism. Look at the world with innocence and wonder and the world will respond with plenty of magic. It's hard to believe that happiness is available all the time and in every circumstance.

Wednesday 11/12
It's tough to pick a plan of action or know how to move forward when mixed messages are so prevalent. There is a shifting, mutable quality to the energy today. Someone important is acting completely unreliable. Let's not make too much of it. It's just one of those days. Take a break from the spaces that confuse and confound. Clarity will return soon. It would be a shame to make decisions without enough information.

Thursday 11/13
There's a sense that something big is starting to happen. We don't really know where we're going and there may be some nervousness about it. There is also a sense that hard work is ahead but it's the kind of hard work that feels great, so there's no need to worry. Tie up loose ends and get ready because the pace is about to pick up and it will pay off to be organized when it does.

Friday 11/14
There are many appealing options to choose from today. Each one has its charms and it's challenges. Trying to figure out which one is the best is a waste of time. It all comes down to scenery. One road is coastal and one is mountainous. Which drive do we want to go on? Both roads end up in the same place, so pick one and get going. Debating the merits of each road is a form of procrastination.

Saturday 11/15
Out of seemingly nowhere, intense emotions are erupting. This will cause surprise and possible displeasure. There's healing in the air today and part of that healing requires that we allow old stuff to come up and out. Find healthy spaces to channel all the energy. What we think the problem is, is not really the problem. Keep an eye on the urge to behave in needlessly destructive ways.

Sunday 11/16
After a week of emotional highs and lows, we're finally settling back into a space of calm. We can maximize the feelings of peace and well being by slowing down and relishing the moment. Simple pleasures can help refresh and overcome any feelings of weariness. Take a look around. The shape of the world has changed and the opportunities feel bigger and more profound now.

need help with the energy this week?

There are many moods to float through this week and while it's not necessary to understand them all, it's helpful to have time and space to rest. Stepping away from the intensity of the world will make room for revelations and important insights to arrive. It feels good when the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place without struggle, without effort. This week can help us get in alignment with forces greater than our own, especially as we allow ourselves to surrender into the healing at hand. Trust is required. Make adjustments to allow a new, updated version of faith.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebration Time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/3 - 11/9


It's tempting to stick to the same old routine this week, but the same old routine is becoming rather stifling. It won't feel natural to break out of our patterns but that's exactly what needs to happen. It's time to wander and drift and look for new stimulation. If we insist on sticking to what we know, we'll rapidly get frustrated and irritable. We can't enjoy what we have if we have nothing to compare it to. We can't get creative if there's nothing to inspire us. We can't envision a new dream if we're busy sticking to the straight and narrow. If there's a class or an event that's been calling, now is the time for exploration. Stop putting off responding to the quiet messages spirit has been sending. Freshen up!

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Monday 11/3
It's easy to get obsessive today about a situation that needs time to work itself out. There's really nothing more to be done here so why waste time stressing out about it? It will require discipline to stop feeding this situation with valuable, life force energy. Find a healthy distraction if necessary but shift the focus into a more positive, productive space. The problem will be resolved soon.

Tuesday 11/4
Freedom can mean different things to different people. Are there situations and involvements that feel oppressive and repressive? Now is our chance to get clear about where we want to put our energy and attention. Make a play for freedom. It doesn't have to be extreme. Even an affirmation can help get the wheels of positive change in motion.

Wednesday 11/5
There's luck in the air today and all we have to do is make sure we get out and about to bump into it. Expect happy coincidences and magical moments because the stars are lined up and ready to deliver. Be willing to offer energy and time to someone who needs it. The more willing we are to share the bounty, the bigger the harvest will be. Relax and go with the flow.

Thursday 11/6
Something wonderful is about to run by. Don't hesitate to reach out and grab it. They say good fortune is like a woman with long hair in the front and bald in the back. If you don't grab her when she's coming at you, you'll miss out (you can't grab her once she passes by). In order to make the most of the good luck, we need to be watching out for opportunity today. When we see it, we must not hesitate.

Friday 11/7
It's time to make a choice and get behind it. There's been a debate over which is the best/most productive/most fun/most practical path. This debate has caused all movement to stop. It doesn't matter what we choose but it does matter that we make a choice. Picking something will get things moving again and help us develop plans from a new and evolving point of view. Just do it.

Saturday 11/8
Although there is always work to be done, the best thing we can do for ourselves today is take a break and relish the abundance and love that's available. It's time for some rest and play. Disconnect from frantic, perfectionist energies that get in the way of being here now. Call a friend, connect with family and let that list of things to do fade away for a bit.

Sunday 11/9
Psychic information is powerful today. Pay attention to dreams and impressions. It might not make sense at first. Sit with it and let it all sink in. One of the challenges we face is that our intuition may be telling us something we don't want to hear. We may be blocking important information with our own resistance. Be willing to consider a reality that's out of step with expectations.

need help with the energy this week?

As we allow ourselves to open to new experiences, we might discover that we are desperate for change. Like a person coming our of the desert, dying of thirst we might get impatient and pushy for transformation. Pacing is important now. We don't need to overthrow our whole routine to find relief. Small changes can create a tremendous impact. Take a different route to the grocery store, go to sleep at a different time. The smallest shifts will create the feeling of liberation we crave.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Wild Inside

About ten years ago I moved to New Orleans. I was in the midst of my Saturn return and was recovering from some difficult family dynamics. I had watched my aunt die a slow death here in Denver. It was gruesome and it demanded a lot of my time and energy. I was desperate to get away for a while, so I rented my house, packed up some stuff and moved to the French Quarter.

I let myself get completely out of control. It was as if I cast myself in a role and played it to the hilt. There was a ton of alcohol and a handful of bad boys in the mix. I LOVED IT! I let myself get wild knowing it wouldn't last. I'm much too practical to live like that forever.

I lasted about nine months, just long enough to give birth to a new consciousness. The persona I created in the city that care forgot was totally different from the person I was at home. I became the fallen woman. I stayed up late and dressed myself in tattered rags. I danced and drank and sobbed over unrequited love. I took risks that shock me in retrospect. It was creative and tragic and intense.

The only reason this experiment worked is because I knew it would end. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to live this alternate reality. It took me a bit of time to clean myself up once I returned to Denver. There were financial problems to be mended and healing to be done but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I learned a lot about myself and the depths of my own depravity. It was as if I scratched an itch that had been bugging me for satisfying!

We so often force ourselves to stay on the straight and narrow. We judge ourselves for our transgressions. We resist the compulsive urges that threaten our stability and in doing so, we miss out. The energy we use trying to keep ourselves together detracts from our ability to be creative and to live to the fullest. We lose our range as spirit when we limit what we think is acceptable behavior.

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? What made it wrong? Was there abuse? Could it be that those experiences are vital? I hate to say it, but that kind of love can make us feel so alive. The trick is knowing that we can leave and create something else. We can visit those spaces knowing we can also choose to create a new version stability and prosperity with our hard earned information.

Even now, I have time periods where I let myself get out of control. It's not as extreme as it was ten years ago! The wild inside now is more about taking a day off when I probably should be working, or spending too much time on the internet reading blogs. Still, I need to have that unstructured, crazy space. The rebellious teen in me is still alive and kicking. To say no to her would not be healthy. She knows how to make a ruckus!

What are you resisting? What urges are you repressing and judging? Could it be that these urges are important and need to be explored? I ask you to contemplate this question and see if you can't find a way to INDULGE. It doesn't have to be extreme or cause destruction. Open the door to the part of yourself that's locked away.

Go ahead and walk with the devil. It's fun and rich with information, especially when you know you can leave any time you want.

If we keep these dark parts bottled up, there will be trouble. Subtle, destructive energy will leak out all over the place. Be a little naughty now and then. You'll still get to heaven, I promise. In the meantime, here on earth, you'll have the richness of experience as well as the certainty of knowing that you can trust yourself if and when you jump off a cliff.

Make friends with the wild inside...or as William Blake once said THE ROAD OF EXCESS LEADS TO THE PALACE OF WISDOM. Stop holding back and trust yourself to navigate the darkness. Forgive the destructive part of your being, for without destruction, there can be no creation.

Love to you lovelies!! Feel free to share your stories with me! The darker the better as we enjoy the waning energy of the new moon in Scorpio.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fortune Forecast 10/27 - 11/2


We would be wise to hold off on risks and bold movements this week. Conservative, earthy energies urge us to dig in and hold steady now. Wait patiently for the right opening. This is harder than it sounds. So often we are seduced by our own will. We want what we want and we feel determined to make it happen. It won't work this week as unexpected developments push us to be more grounded and cautious in our approach to goals and challenges. Know that by waiting, we're allowing energies and forces to line up in our favor. In other words, trust and faith are essential this week. Happy surprises will show up when we need them if we can remain in a receptive and open space. Lose the effort and let the river of life take you somewhere wonderful. Life is an adventure now, just not the adventure we planned on. Who needs plans anyway?

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Monday 10/27
It's easy to get stuck in a rut and to have the focus become more and more narrow. How do we know we've drifted from the big space of manifesting? We can tell by tuning into our bodies. Are we breathing deeply? Do our muscles feel open and relaxed? If not we may be clinging to a goal stubbornly and unable to see the myriad of other options available. Let's move into a bigger dream space today.

Tuesday 10/28
We all collect things and keep them around for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately these things take up valuable space and sometimes require energy that could be put to better use. This is a great time to do some purging. Let's prepare for new things to arrive. We might be letting go of ideas we hold about ourselves and our lives that have kept us in a tight space as well as the literal stuff we've amassed.

Wednesday 10/29
Though we love those giant leaps forward, progress often happens in small, unexciting steps. A big goal van be overwhelming. Doubts and fears creep in and kill the enthusiasm. A small step can help. Research, communication and a bit of action can move the energy that says NO. Be proud of the progress even if it seems to be moving at a snail's pace. Relish the movement, great and small.

Thursday 10/30
There's a lot going on today and it's hard to find the focus. We might have to be vigilant and prepared to limit distractions. this is a form of self-care and if we don't take a stand, we might end up immersed in spaces that are draining and distracting. Take breaks today to check in with the inner world. Otherwise prepare to get swept away. Learning to say no is a great space to play in now.

Friday 10/31
It might be a small victory but it's a victory nonetheless. It's time for a reward of some kind. Too often we get caught up in a cycle of MORE, MORE, MORE. This prevents us from feeling good about where we are right now. Pause and enjoy the abundance that's here right now. Doing so will create the foundation for bigger victories. Slough off the perfectionist in favor of enjoying the NOW.

Saturday 11/1
We might be surprised at today's developments. A change in direction that we didn't anticipate can help us move more quickly and effectively. Don't be afraid to experiment and visualize a new path to achieving an old goal. It's a little frightening to surrender to the fates but we have more control here than we realize. Go willingly and with an open mind into the vast new territory ahead.

Sunday 11/2
It's so tempting to take a short cut today. We might even have a nagging sense that this short cut is a risk and a gamble that probably won't pay off. Why waste time on it? Hold steady and keep chipping away. The long way can become the short way with consistent effort and belief in our abilities. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it, no matter how seductive it looks.

need help with the energy this week?

There are times to leap forward and times to rest. The trick this week is knowing when to do what. Intuition can inform and enlighten, but intuition only works when we listen and respond to the cues. When we feel overwhelmed and unsure, we know to slow down and resist impulsive action. It's hard to let go of the effort we use to drive our dreams but effort is not nearly as powerful as enthusiasm and play. Do what it takes to get playful this week no matter what pops up. Don't succumb to the seriousness. Remember that 4th grade teacher who was constantly telling you to stop messing around? Get her out of your head once and for all. You don't want to end up crabby and dry like her, now do you?? UNLEARN THE PART OF YOU THAT GOT SERIOUS. You weren't born that way and can relinquish it now.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Quiet Spaces

Have you ever sat down to meditate and felt restless and impatient? The mind races and the body wants to jump up and do something, anything but sit in a chair quietly. Why do we resist the quiet spaces that offer healing and peace? What is it that gets in the way of our journey to solitude?

Our bodies look solid and separate from each other but really, we're like sponges. We're taking energy in and putting energy out all the time. We exchange energies with each other and sometimes we lose the ability to let it all go.

When we get jammed up with energy, it's hard to sit down and get quiet. Even though it's the best thing for us, we just can't do it. To get to the quiet space, we have to journey through the junk on top. That junk is not who we are but some of it has been in us for so long that we identify with it and will do anything to avoid it.

Fortunately, mediation comes in many forms. Any activity we enjoy can be a mediation. When we can't sit still, we can create movement that heals.

So often, when a person shows up for a reading for the first time, they are nervous and unsure. They think I might have something terrible to say. I'm not looking at what's terrible, I'm looking at what's WONDERFUL. It's so gratifying to see a person relax into their magic. My clients often look different at the end of a session. It's as if they start to glow again and they are always more beautiful than they were at the start.

Please friends! Look for opportunities to meditate now. Our world is fraught with anxiety and fear. As each one of us separates out from the group agreement, we break it apart and allow even more miraculous energy to flow.

Reach out for help is you need to. Call a friend and find something to laugh about. Grab a journal and get all those dark thoughts out of your space and on to the paper. Go for a walk and enjoy the magnificence of the natural world.


Knowing what I know about the world now, I created a new offering called WISDOM INFUSION. It's short and sweet and very powerful and can help you separate out from the junk that gets between you and the quiet space inside. I'd love to help you discover the beauty and magic that's waiting for you.

HANG IN THERE LOVELIES! Troubled times lead to truth and wisdom. You have everything you need to weather the storm. All you have to do is remember who you are, a brilliant, creative being in a world of forgetting.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fortune Forecast 10/20 - 10/26


Start small if you have to but look for something to be grateful for and cultivate even more gratitude. The mind is powerful this week and can help us create more magic or sink us into the depths of despair. For those who apply gentle discipline to the mind, delight lies in wait. Alchemical energies are available to us now. Take those lemons and make a batch of delicious lemonade. Be creative and resourceful and willing to look at challenges from a new angle. If the door is closed, look for a window and hop on through. Look for small miracles and soon the miracles will multiply. It's the easiest and most challenging thing in the world. It may be the number one lesson of being human. We are creators and we can create the love, abundance and healing we want WITHOUT A DOUBT.

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Monday 10/20
It's easy to get seduced into longing for what we don't have today. We look around and see areas that feel less than prosperous and wonder if we can make positive change. We can and we will, especially when we start to focus on what we do have. Take a moment to reflect on top values. Knowing these values helps create lives that reflect these values. Stability, adventure, fun? What do we want?

Tuesday 10/21
It's hard to break away from what's familiar and safe, especially when we can't see what's ahead. It's time to get creative and cultivate the willing to envision a new path. If we can just dredge up the strength to try, the magic will start to unfold. Expecting guidance from friends and loved ones leaves us unable to hear our own wisdom. It's a little lonely today and that's the way it's supposed to be.

Wednesday 10/22
Write it, speak it, make a list. The more orderly our plan is, the easier it is to implement. Small steps can lead to great progress so don't let the magnitude of certain goals stop the movement. Friends and confidants can help us brainstorm and see possibilities we might overlook on our own. Sharing ideas helps everyone get inspired and ready for action. A nice turn of events from the loneliness of yesterday.

Thursday 10/23
Internal conflict is threatening to stop all progress today. The head and the heart are pulling in opposite directions. See these two forces as children that are quarreling. There is a part of us that is bigger and wiser than these two and that part can broker a compromise. This of course will be dependent on our ability to stop over-identifying with our favorite child.

Friday 10/24
Things are not moving very fast today and it's causing a lot of frustration and consternation. The thing is, the delay is a good thing. We need a little more time to consider all the information before committing to anything. Try to remember that when tempers threaten to flare and create even more obstacles. The missing piece is soon to come and when it does it will be easy to take a big leap forward.

Saturday 10/25
Hasty action is not a good idea today. There are just too many unknown variables coming into play. It's hard to say no to opportunities that look so promising on the surface. It's not that we necessarily have to say no, we just need to give ourselves time to think about it all and decide on the most efficient course of action. A pause is the best gift we can give to ourselves and one that will serve us well.

Sunday 10/26
Sunday is such a great day to stop, reflect and rejuvenate. Most of us have lost our sense of ritual in the world. It's time to create new ones. Even if there are only 20 minutes to spare, bask in love and affection for yourself and others. We've got to stop putting off connection in favor of getting stuff done. Be present with loved ones. Put all the thinking aside and just be.

need help with the energy this week?

Use that magical mind of yours to picture something wonderful. Don't be afraid to push past the part of you that says that could never happen. It can and it will! If you can't come up with a picture, call on the energy you want to experience. How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning and think about your work, family and health? I love working with color because it helps me imagine the quality of energy I would like to create.

  • For enthusiasm and creativity try pink and orange.
  • For a calm, centered quiet vibe try green and blue.
  • For strength and power try shades of red, burgundy and purple.
  • For divine healing, bring in the gold.
Imagine a color all around your body and let that vibration of energy infuse you with the energy and healing you need. Experiment and see what happens. Keep it simple for best results.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fog

People seem to be walking around in a bit of a fog lately. As each day passes and we get more familiar with our new circumstances, the trance begins to wear off. We're getting used to the changes. The fear gives us an opportunity to discover a new kind of innocence. After all, with a new paradigm, comes new opportunity to experience the world differently, free from expectations and assumptions.

My prediction for the next decade or so is that we're going to see a lot more emphasis on relationships and building community. I think we'll see more people coming together to work cooperatively to not only make change but to hold steady as well.

This is good news! The bottomless pit that we try desperately to fill can be filled with connection and the exchange of energy and love. In my opinion, that will be the new currency that matters.

I recently read an article written by a man who was in New Orleans for hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. He wrote a list of things to help get through a disaster. One thing he stressed was the importance of knowing your neighbors and having a community support system. This is essential in times of trouble because as a group, the sharing of resources can mean the difference between survival or not. He was able to get through the dearth of food and water by pooling with other people. He was only able to do this because those people cared about him, and he cared about them in response.

The psychic weather has been a bit of a hurricane lately. Even my friends who've managed to detach from the news and the panic are starting to get a little more nervous. In other words, no one is immune to the group agreement of fear.

Instead of hiding out, we need to get out there and look for opportunities to create more community. I've had some of the most amazing and frank conversations with people as this financial mess has become more and more real. The opportunity to bond is HUGE.

Not much else to say today. The Katrina survivor mentioned one other currency that helped him get through the hurricane. He says you can never have too much of this particular resource, that it's in high demand during a disaster and can be traded for other valuable resources.

Can you guess what it is?


Stock up if you're the kind who thinks a disaster is eminent!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fortune Forecast 10/13 - 10/19


Sometimes we have a goal and just thinking about what it might require to get there can take the wind right out of our sails. This is a great week to revisit ideas that may have been cast aside as impractical or impossible. A small step each day can create amazing progress. A phone call or a visit to a website for more info can be invaluable. Opportunity is out there waiting for us to seize it. If looking at the long term goal is overwhelming, look for the next, indicated action and do it. It's important to enjoy the process of getting somewhere. We can't sustain motivation if we're working toward something that might happen someday. How do we make it more engaging to be on the path? Let's be creative in our thinking and our approach.

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Monday 10/13
It's so tempting to take rash action today. We need to hold still if we want to take productive and prosperous action. The answer is not obvious at first, in fact there's an element of counter-intuitiveness that could lead to a creative breakthrough or two. Notice the pressure to choose something, anything and gently decline. Good things will come to those who wait, as they say.

Tuesday 10/14
It's time to choose peace over resentment and hurt. A relationship that recently soured is hard to stop thinking about. We may feel terribly victimized by the way circumstances played out but by telling ourselves this particular story, we are only hurting ourselves. It's time to make some gesture representative of healing. Take action to move past the heaviness of something that really doesn't matter anymore.

Wednesday 10/15
A wonderful day for small miracles. Stay awake to what's happening. There are countless moments of grace and the more aware of them we are, the bigger they becomes. Keep the focus on what's amazing and worthy of gratitude. As we see what's beautiful in the world, the beauty multiplies. If there's a special wish in our hearts, let's be willing to be vulnerable to ask for it.

Thursday 10/16
It will feel great to help someone less fortunate today. Love is so easy to give and like yesterday's magic, love can multiply and spread quickly. If there's someone you've been meaning to check up on, do so. Being a willing listener might be all it takes to create a big healing for a lonely soul. Let's make sure to let our loved ones know how valuable they are. Loving exchanges create abundance and peace for all.

Friday 10/17
It's a great day to look for friends new and old. The energy is playful and light for those who need a dose of healing amusement. It's infectious, the happiness. For those of us who are being recognized for our creative contributions, let the praise sink in and sooth the soul. Good times can be had any time and anywhere under any and all conditions. Be the one to start the party.

Saturday 10/18
Boundaries are under attack today by chaotic and antagonistic forces. Defending ourselves won't be difficult as long as we stay awake to what's happening. It might be time to start saying to no to spaces that are chronically draining. It's hard to say no to people we care about. Sometimes no is the best healing there is. Don't hesitate to let a loved one find the bottom of their own problem.

Sunday 10/19
Dreams need to be updated here and there. Sometimes we find ourselves slightly out of step with ourselves. It's as if a part of us is growing past the mental framework we use to make sense of ourselves. A little time spent reflecting on values can help us make adjustments that will yield a bigger harvest. Cast old, unimportant dreams aside and welcome some new ones in.

need help with the energy this week?

Even in the winter there is growth. A desert is arid and dry but still teams with life. So it is this week. It might look like there's no growth, no opportunity, no fertility and things are slipping into stagnation. It's not true. Creative energy is shimmering and waiting to be tapped into. It's vital that we cultivate new points of view and allow fresh responses to old problems. If an idea feel a little sparkly, it should be pursued, researched and implemented. If the normal routine is boring, shake it up. Don't take things heard and seen too literally. Remember the games we play here. Those games are dramatic and sometimes painful and we can see the wisdom of it all as soon as we brush up against the part of us that agreed to fall asleep (the number one rule of the game). We can always wake up and change the story. Even brief moments of consciousness create the freedom we need to make changes. Don't wait for things to be ideal, enjoy living now.

get out from under the energy dulling you down...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleepy Time

I love sleeping! What a wonderful space of relief and healing.
I bet you love it too.

Before I go to sleep I like to send out a few prayers and do some energy work. I imagine a big, gold bubble of magical energy all around my house. I take time to decide what I want in my home...abundance, love, peace, healing, amusement, freedom, creativity, protection, space for everyone to be who they know, the good stuff. This comforts me immensely.

Last night however, I had a strange experience. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of what seemed like 8 fire engines and 14 ambulances. Now I live between a hospital and a fire station so I'm somewhat used to the sound of sirens. This was different. As I bubbled up from the deep trance of sleep to this incredible, urban cacophony I had a moment of terror. There was a part of me that for a minute thought the worst. It even seemed like the room was glowing red a bit.


It took a minute before I settled back into a restful space. I felt incredibly vulnerable in the dark as I confronted all kinds of scary thoughts. I fully felt my helplessness in the face of potential disaster. It was as if the fearful part of my psyche was close enough to the surface that it was the first responder to all that noise.

The anxiety level in the world is high right now. THIS ENERGY IS AFFECTING US. In that moment of foggy panic, I became even more aware of how the collective anxiety is right here all the time, ready to take over my consciousness.

In many ways, the world is on fire...transformative fire.

Lately in my prayers, I've been working on giving it all over to God. I just keep relinquishing my junk and asking to be more of an instrument of divine will.


It's strange how things start to fall together the more I offer this prayer. The people I need to meet are showing up and the clues I need are popping out and showing me which way to go. At the same time, I notice the fear and nervousness as it asserts itself many times a day, demanding that I take it seriously.

umm...H TO THE NO or in other words HELL NO!

Inside each of us there is a calm, quiet place where we know IT'S GOING TO BE OK. We lose it here and there but the quiet remains. Sometimes we lose it for a few minutes or a few days. Sometimes we lose it for a few months or a few years. Still, the quiet is in us waiting to be found.

The next question becomes, if it's there, why wouldn't we make it a bigger priority to maintain and embody it? My theory is that it's hard to stay in that place. Though it offers comfort, it's also the place where we know what needs to be done even if what needs to be done conflicts with our personal agenda. Most of us are unwilling to give up our personal agenda in order to align with divinity...AND THAT'S OK TOO.

I've probably written about this before but what I see emerging from all this chaos is DIVINITY. The opportunity to find and cultivate that quiet place is getting bigger and at the same time more complicated. As what we know and count on cracks apart, we get a chance to look for that quiet place. We get a bigger opportunity to see God in the world. We also get to confront our own reluctance to spend time there. It's ok to be ambivalent about embodying more of who we are. There's a sense of responsibility that makes is seem serious and not fun.

...give it over to God!

What's worse than willfully saying no to the quiet space of divinity inside us?

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fortune Forecast 10/6 - 10/12


Potent information is coming through this week. Not all of it is welcome. We're starting to see that some of the areas we've invested in are not going to be as fruitful as we had hoped. The trick is, can we pivot and make adjustments and side step the part of us that wants to panic/lament/create unnecessary drama. It's not that drama is wrong, it's just that we need to be responsive and fluid when confronted with the many twists and turns in the path ahead. Don't be afraid to take a strong stance once clarity descends. Making excuses for other people's bad behavior is not helpful. It's time for everyone to dig deeper and work harder. No excuses. Once the work begins, we'll have the happy surprise of discovering that it feels good to leave an illusive, untenable dream behind in favor of what's real and available.

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Monday 10/6
Get ready for happy surprises and unexpected good fortune. It's time to open up and make ourselves available for the good stuff. The risk here is that by opening up to new blessings, we might also be making ourselves vulnerable to the yuck. Being defensive and trying to shut out certain experiences and energy doesn't work. Stay fluid, stay loose and know that whatever comes along can be handled with grace.

Tuesday 10/7
Truth has many dimensions and can look different based on our emotional experience in any given moment. Being reactive today will not yield the results we want. We need to be mindful of slowing down and letting all the information in before choosing a course of action. It will be tough to resist the urge to make decisions based on impulsive urges but that's exactly what's called for.

Wednesday 10/8
What more is there to say? The mind is a stressed out mess today and needs a little gentle discipline. Meditation and breathing techniques can help us snap out of the negativity. Meditation can take many forms. For some it is gardening. For some it is playing music. for some it is a walk in a lovely park. We don't have to stop the mind so much as get our bodies in motion to counteract the anxiety.

Thursday 10/9
Something that was once beloved is ending. There are many happy memories and sentimental reflections surrounding this space but the truth is, it's time to move forward and find new forms of happiness. If grieving needs to happen, let's undertake it with a willing and open heart. The process will be easier of we remember that something exciting and new is beginning to take shape.

Friday 10/10
Break out of stale patterns today and go on a quest. Love is out there, but it's also lurking inside us waiting to be catalyzed. Exploration is favorable now and we can all experience a renewed sense of well being with a little adventure to stir the soul. Look for someone in need to give to. Open the heart and let all that healing love pour out. This kind of conscious energetic connection will give back tenfold.

Saturday 10/11
Stop and feel good right here even if the landscape is still riddled with challenges. It's important that we validate the progress we've made. How often do we put off rest and celebration in order to make a bigger dent in the endless list of projects? This is a pattern that just doesn't work and we have the power to change it NOW. Let's be proud, let's feel good and let's put aside the need to apologize for it.

Sunday 10/12
The critic is loud today and wants a lot of attention. It's ok to listen to the negative chatter. The big challenge is, can we listen without giving it too much credence? See this voice as the voice of a frightened child and react accordingly. A part of us is asking for nurturing. That's all it is. Some calm reassurance to the part of us that doesn't believe will help sooth and calm the irrational voice of fear.

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The dreams we have sometimes rob of us our ability to see what's magical here and now. We hang on to certain dreams to keep ourselves from experiencing disappointment and overwhelm with what's really going on. Unfortunately, some dreams start to collect more pain and sadness than joy and relief. Sometimes our dreams are too narrow and they prevent bigger blessings from coming in. This is a great week to slow down and take a closer look at the dreams we use to fuel our lives. Are there goals that aren't resonating with who you are in present time? Are you putting effort into making something happen that isn't going to bring the results you want? Are there ways to update fantasies so that they are more reflective of the present environment and the resources available? Let's not be afraid to liberate ourselves and in doing so, allow a new creative pulse to start beating.

It's time for a new vision!

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