Thursday, January 31, 2008

From Doing to Being

I was fortunate to attend a meditation seminar last weekend with one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Michael Tamura. He was at the Berkeley Psychic Institute back when I was a student and then he lived in Colorado for a few years which was AWESOME! I got spoiled having him so available. Eventually he felt called to move to Mt Shasta, which was a loss for us Coloradoans!

The morning of the workshop I had a headache. I knew I was about to release a ton of energy. I got there late and sat down. I had to fight the urge to run screaming from the room for about the first hour or so (this is not unusual for me when it comes to working with Michael...his work is very powerful and all the energy in me that didn't want to move was intense and physical). Thank goodness I held in there because by the end of the day I felt completely transformed. I slept like a baby for the first time in a long time!

The main message I got was that it's important to move from doing to being.

DOING is effort. Doing implies that we are not ok where we are and that we must move to some other space immediately OR ELSE. Most of us are driven by goals and desires, and sometimes driven just to keep up with the demands of our lives. We define ourselves by our accomplishments as well as our lack of accomplishment. We push and push. Even in our spiritual growth we become ambitious, looking for results, looking for our lives to feel different or to gain amazing insights that will change us forever.

Culturally, we are rewarded for hard work. It's expected and if we're not working hard, something is wrong with us. Contentment is illusive and no one wants to be content for too long out, fearing the loss of a competitive edge and drive in the midst of all the ease. There is also the fear of being seen as lazy or unmotivated. THE ULTIMATE CRIME!

Ultimately when we get swept into DOING what we're really buying into is the idea that we don't have everything we need right here, right now. Doing is the ultimate lie, for in doing we are coming from a consciousness that says we are not enough (and never will be). When we find ourselves striving so hard, are we not invalidating the space of ALL THAT IS? We become blind to the incredible space of God and the giving that is available for all. We miss out on the beauty of life in the moment.

How often are most of us in the space of BEING? Being allows us to rest in the space of ALL THAT IS. Being allows us to relax and create. Being is about being in the process. Being is about uniting with divinity, owning our spiritual information, recognizing the truth from the lie and much, much more. When we are being, we are powerful, alchemical creatures living in physical form.

Being allows our senses to work for us. Being shows us that what we need is much more simple than we think. Being gives us the freedom to recognize the manipulation that pushes us towards MORE MORE MORE. Being is a space of refreshment and renewal. It is ALL THAT IS. Being is about holding still, pausing and seeing what is real in the moment.

Now the tricky do we move from doing to being?

The first step is in recognizing where we are in any given moment. Awareness is the key to freedom and choice. If we can see ourselves DOING then we can better relax into the space of BEING.

It can also be helpful to find a guide...a teacher who can help move the energy that keeps us hopped up and frantic. When we can see the invalidation that collects around us, driving us to DO MORE we can find ways to slide out of it. I know that seeing my old friend Michael helped me see more clearly how I move between these two spaces.

It's funny, because it's easy to make moving from doing to being another goal or ambition!!

Let's say no to that...and move back into the space of ALL THAT IS. It's always here for us, even when we can't see it.

Love to you lovelies and if you ever get a chance to attend a workshop with Michael DO IT.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Violet Flame

I love color and it's important in my work, but violet hasn't been a part of my personal experience of energy for a long time. There was a time period when I couldn't get enough of the stuff from burgundy purples, to lavender and plum. Purple felt like power to me and I was immersed in the lessons and gifts it offered.

At some point, I moved on. I stopped wearing purple and drifted toward green, then orange, then blue, now yellow. Color and the colors we are attracted to can tell us so much about our energy and the issues we're working on as spirit. We can learn a lot about ourselves by noticing the colors that are repellent to us as well. You might say I drifted into a space of purple resistance for a while. I almost couldn't stand it. Shades of purple started to feel heavy and serious and not at all fun.


Last summer, I was trading readings with a wonderful psychic named Lacey. She told me to work with St. Germaine. I did some research and found that St. Germaine was tied into the symbol of the lion which was important to me at the time (leonine times anyone?). St. Germaine is also know for using a violet flame for healing.

I didn't think much about the violet flame at the time but carried on with the development of my life. I bumped into another psychic named Keith and asked him what his favorite color was. He wrote a beautiful paragraph about the violet flame which I would quote here, but it got lost in one of my computer disasters. Again, I dismissed the violet flame. I just didn't want to have anything to do with purple.

Then a week or so ago, another psychic friend of mine named Elizabeth mentioned giving stress over to the violet flame for healing and that was it. Three times and I knew it was time to pay attention! I decided to play with the violet flame. I didn't research it, I just gave myself over to it one night before I drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I felt peaceful and calm. I decided to hold the space for God to work through me. I had a great day of manifesting healings and readings, I was calm and centered with my two energetic and rebellious toddlers, I felt peaceful about my life and let go of the endless list of things that need to be fixed and improved. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Today, as I write this article, I find myself itching to look up everything I can about the violet flame. There is a ton of information out there BUT I'm not going to put it all in here. Sometimes it's important to get the rational mind out of the way and let the mystery prevail. Suffice it to say that the violet flame brings healing, power and awareness to our crown chakra, the connecting point between body and spirit. The violet flame transmutes energy quickly and easily. We just need to ask.

If you're struggling with stress and worry, imagine the violet flame all sound your body. GIVE IT OVER TO GOD, so to speak. Let this potent energy wash away the forces that make life so difficult. The challenges we face aren't that bad, it's the energy that comes with the challenges that is so tough and sticky.

If you find yourself working to make it happen, RELAX. This power is our birthright and it's always available. If you're like me, you might be a little cynical about something so simple being so incredibly effective. Give it a try and see what happens. I think you'll be surprised and pleased to know that comfort and healing can happen in an instant.

Introduce yourself to the loving energy of the violet flame!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


How much time to do we spend waiting to be rescued? We might find ourselves slipping into fantasies about winning the lottery, or having some miracle show up that solves our problems and brings us relief. We wish and pray for the perfect love, the perfect job, the perfect healing. The more time we spend trying to escape, the less power we have to make the change happen.

There is a difference between fantasy and working to manifest a dream. Fantasy energy can deplete us and cause us to lose focus on what's happening RIGHT NOW. Conscious creation requires us to stay present and be willing to confront the pain and disappointment of our circumstances. Conscious creation means we are willing to do the work to get to a better/different space.

Sometimes we ask and pray for relief and nothing comes. It's easy to wonder if we are doing something wrong, or worse, slip into the fear that maybe God doesn't love us and won't help us. Could it be that the troubles we have are important? The troubles we so want to run from are the fertilizer that makes us flourish.

Life is tough and the only way to get through it is to keep on going! Put one foot in front of the other, take small steps if you have to but KEEP ON GOING. We grow the most through adversity. Like iron in the fire that is shaped into a sharp blade, we need adversity to discover our true essence.

That doesn't mean we have to like it! It's fine to kick and scream and rail against God. Don't hesitate to question. We are afraid to question God out of the fear that we will be treated like naughty children and receive even more punishment. We are afraid to be ungrateful but forcing ourselves to stay in gratitude can cause problems if it keeps us from purging our disappointment and rage. Heavier emotional energy needs to be released so that we can float back up to lighter vibrations like ABUNDANCE, LOVE AND GRATITUDE.

There's no need to fear punishment. We have difficulties to create depth and understanding. Upon reflection, most of us can see the gifts that come from struggle.

Though we create our own universe, we need to be vigilant about thinking that when bad things happen, we somehow did something wrong. When we fall into this trap we are missing out on a greater sense of awareness. We can't see the beauty of our struggle, our bravery and our resourcefulness amidst the chaos.

Life is a mystery. Random events do happen and they aren't easy to understand. Some of us spend a lot of time trying to figure it out when there really is no answer. One of the gifts of aging and life experience is knowing these truths.

We can't understand everything, that's the nature of this reality. Struggling to understand is the flip side of retreating into escapist fantasy and behavior. They both make it impossible to BE HERE NOW.

Lovely readers take heart! Whatever your struggle be it big or small, be willing to own it and use it to propel your growth. Be kind to yourself as you make your way through the rocky canyon. Soon there will be light. There always is. I write this to remind myself of these truths and to let you know that I understand the struggle AND IT'S GOOD.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


It's easy to slip into worrying about the people we care about but what are we really doing when we worry about a loved one? Are we offering support? Sometimes we worry about ourselves and the circumstances we find ourselves in. What is worry? How does it affect us?

Let's take a look at worry from an energetic perspective.

Is it possible that when we worry about someone, we're actually picking up on their own fears and doubts? Worry is a psychic space. We worry about a person when we feel their insecurity and anxiety. Worry is distortion. Worry keeps us from acknowledging the powerful spirit that is temporarily stuck in a difficult situation.

When we worry about ourselves, we are stuck on some idea and energy that says THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN DO THIS. Worry is the space of non-belief in ourselves and in the denial of the great, creative forces of the Universe we dwell in.

Worry insults our spirits. When we worry about someone, we're saying, I'M NOT SURE YOU CAN DO THIS. IT LOOKS TOO HARD. YOU'RE NOT READY. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT.

Wouldn't it be better to hold the space of belief for ourselves and those we love? Can we replace worry with faith? We may look at someone's circumstances and think it looks awful. Those circumstances, as awful as they look, are the perfect spiritual playground for the person in question.

Life is hard! Sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Adding worry to the mix only dims the incredible light and wisdom that resides in us. Worry makes it hard to see our footsteps in the sand. It makes it hard for us to validate the distances we travel.

Let's say no to the seduction of worry. Let's stop insulting our spirits and the divinity that is our birthright.

I'm ready...are you?

Monday, January 7, 2008

JSS Forecast 1/7 - 1/13


Earthy energies help us get grounded and start new projects this week. It's important to stay faithful to our dreams when opposition comes up and shortcuts beckon. If we can get quiet, we can hear the guidance that emanates from a powerful place inside us. This wisdom will help us weather minor storms and get us on the road to success. Others may not understand our visions and we may be unable to communicate them. It's not a problem

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Monday 1/7
There is a temptation to do something rash and reactive today. Slow down and think about the outcome your want to create. Is rocking the boat a good idea? You might be frustrated with the lack of support for your ideas and dreams. In the end, you're the only one who needs to believe and continue on despite opposition.

Tuesday 1/8
You may get an opportunity to do something sneaky and get closer to a goal. You won't feel good about it even if you get what you want. Be willing to do things the right way today even if it requires more work. Listen to the inner voice and follow the rules. It will pay off and create good karma for you.

Wednesday 1/9
Sometimes we get so focused on what we want and don't already have that we can't see what's right in front of us. Abundance means many things. Look around and cultivate gratitude for what's available. Relish it and recognize it. Doing so will make it easier to create more of what you want.

Thursday 1/10
If you feel like taking action, slow down. It's not a good time to push forward. The information you need is coming, so find some healthy distractions. Being impatient and pushy will create unnecessary complications. Answers might arrive as feelings, impressions and urges. Pay attention and let these same urges tell you when to move. Trust is called for. It's not easy, but well worth the effort.

Friday 1/11
Flexibility will serve you well today. The rigidity we create around our goals and dreams keeps the energy from flowing. Unexpected detours pop up and when we go willingly, we discover that the new road has much better amenities. Surrender and openness are important today even if it means putting pride aside.

Saturday 1/12
You may be looking around in a panic for some much needed assistance. It's available, so calm down! Take small steps today to keep from getting overwhelmed. Goals can be accomplished quickly and easily, especially if they are within reason. High expectations are a set up for failure. Be crafty.

Sunday 1/13
There is so much to feel good about! It may take some work to get to a place of peace today but it's the most pressing task at this point. Going forward without faith means lots of struggles. Build a relationship with a higher power to help you see where you are. Life is good and you are loved!

need help with the energy this week?

Feelings of boredom and impatience can be dealt with by moving the body. A walk in the park or a swim in a crystal blue pool will move us from feelings of frustration back to flow. Even the smallest movement can create healing. Meditate on greens and blues to get back to a feeling of fluidity. Find ways to express frustrated feelings creatively. Emphasize fun and dance, sing, skip your way through the earthy energies at hand.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


As we move into 2008, we naturally have an urge to get things in order. We have a surge of energy that tells us we need to CREATE MORE NOW. When and at what point did we stop trusting the cycles in our lives?

Creating has an ebb and flow. There's no way to push a river, no way to make things move faster. Is it possible that the things we want to create are already in the works? When we get pushy and impatient we may be damaging the delicate seeds that have already been planted.

The spiritual warrior knows when to come forward and when to retreat; when to take action and when to rest. This is a space worth contemplating as we launch into a new year where everything is once again possible. How do we know that we are out of sync with our own creative patterns? Our feelings and emotions will tell us. If we don't feel good, we know we have drifted from a core place of truth and certainty about our lives and our abilities.

The reality we live in is so very, very fast. How often do we take time to look around and notice the beauty of the natural world? Where I live, the natural world is becoming more and more crowded with condominiums and suburban settlements. Driving the highways at night is no longer a trip through dark, starry skies. Instead, the neon lights of civilization line the roads and take me one step further away from the reminder that we are part of nature and that we need nature to guide and direct our energy. Spending time in nature requires more effort now. Some of us have to actively seek it out. IT'S WORTH IT.

How often are we willing to surrender? We seem determined to FIGHT, FIGHT FIGHT. Is it possible that true happiness comes in knowing when to relax into what is? Most of us don't mind relaxing into love, but can we relax into our pain as well? When we surrender we become the river. We are no longer trying to push the river to get somewhere else, we are the water and we slide past the obstacles that pop up and threaten to throw us off balance.

To surrender we must first give ourselves permission. Are we prepared to be perceived as lazy and unambitious? Are we prepared for others to think we don't care and aren't trying hard enough? From my perspective, most of the challenges we face are challenging because of the energy, ideas, opinions and emotions we pick up from the people around us.

Knowing that can help us move through challenges with grace.

Some of us may feel like we can't stop and relax, that we are fighting for our lives, fighting for survival. If this is you, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you can move from survival to creativity just by deciding it. Like the woman in the image above, we can all relax into the richness of the moment when we want or need to. It's here right now and always will be.

May your creating be relaxed, powerful and bring you much joy, fulfillment and magic!