Thursday, February 28, 2008

Creating and Destroying

Most of us are excited about the notion that we create our lives. The vast power we have is intimidating and exhilarating. Creating feels positive and filled with light. What about destroying? How many of us are comfortable with the other end of the spectrum?

If we look in terms of goddess energy, we have Demeter, the mother, fertile and endlessly productive. On the other end, we have Kali, the dark mother with her necklace of skulls. Though she is frightening, she serves an important purpose. She clears the path for our new creations to take form.

Most of us are afraid to put our destroy energy to work. We actively work to preserve what we love, we even preserve situations and dynamics that are harmful out of fear of what might replace it. We don't want to be seen as destructive. Who will love us if we're going around tearing things down?

Whenever we get caught on one side of a dichotomy without taking ownership of the other, we are in trouble. We need to get peaceful with both sides. This allows us to find the center point, the point of truth and power. If we don't take ownership of the destroyer in us, it acts out in ways that make us uncomfortable.

For all the things we work on manifesting, there's an equal and opposite list of things that need to end. If we refuse to take conscious ownership of our destroy energy, we may find ourselves unable to bring in the new energy, awareness and things that we want.

When we refuse to own the destroyer in us, we sometimes manifest it in a relationship. We may choose someone else to embody this important force for us. Then we slip into feeling victimized by the actions these people take. We can't understand why such destructive forces show up.

Kali is a force of love. She's wise enough to know what needs to be transmuted for our own good. Though her appearance can be upsetting, she makes space for the magic to manifest. For those of us who have a long list of things we want to create and are frustrated with delays, it's time to take a look at what might need to move out of the way. Ask Kali for help in identifying the stagnant stuff. Be willing to let it go, even if it once brought great pleasure. When we align with Kali energy willingly, we get to move through changes more gracefully and can avoid the shocks and trauma that unconsciousness brings.

This is a great time to re-frame how we think of destructiveness. It's time to see it as a vital part of the creation cycle. It's time to embrace the idea that it can be brutal and so very, very necessary. There is plenty of destroy energy working in the world. It's hard to understand and even harder to see the wisdom of it. Understanding divine forces has perplexed the human race sine the beginning of our ability to question. Still, we know that without the force of Kali, nothing would ever move and evolve.

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of destroy energy, see it as a positive, even if it feels hellish. Ask for guidance and help. Know that this too shall pass and when it does there will be fertile ground for reconstructing. Reach out for support and comfort. Know that whatever is happening in our lives, we are never alone. Without the push that pain brings, we'd never be motivated to discover the truth and the full spectrum of our being. Divine forces often push us to our limits...THANK GOD.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm not a fan of the wind. A warm tropical breeze is okay, but the winds that get whipped up in the winter make it tough to stay outside. In Chinese medicine, too much wind can cause imbalances in our systems. Wind is also considered an internal state. Imagine wind inside the body!

We get effected by the psychic winds as well. It's important to be mindful of this. When we forget, we are tossed around by blasts of energy that have nothing to do with the truth of who we are as spirit. The election energy is windy. The news about the economy is windy. The sense of change in the air is WINDY.

Where do we go for shelter, especially when this wind becomes internalized? How do we create rest and rejuvenation? External winds are annoying but manageable, it's the wind inside us that wreaks havoc.

More and more it's important that we create time for quiet and reflection. It's important to have a sense of community and a place to share ideas and affection. For those of us who tend to isolate ourselves, the wind can get pretty loud.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves to leave the comfort zone of retreat we create. Sometimes we have to move into acceptance that the external forces that affect us are not within our control. We are constantly being pushed back to our inner world whether we like it or not. The gift is in being able to make that inner world a place of strength and peace. When that world is right, we can go anywhere in any condition and weather the storms.

When we find ourselves hanging on for dear life, we must LET GO. Though we fear getting blown away, in letting go we relax and the gusts of energy blow on by. White knuckling it isn't going to work. Fluidity is a space worth cultivating.

Winds whip up the surface of the ocean, but underneath the movement is slow, powerful and purposeful. Can we become more like the water, wending our way around obstacles and moving at a pace that feels comfortable?

Just a short missive today as I contemplate the ever-growing intensity of life on Earth. May we be blessed with peace as we move through the gusts of energy that challenge us at every turn.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fortune Forecast 2/18 - 2/24


This week favors that we pay close attention to the signals we get from our bodies. This might require us to slow down and relax enough to feel these signals. For those of us who feel tired and are struggling with pain and illness, it's time for healing. Our bodies are magical! They have the ability to take energies that are heavy and negative and transform them into abundance and love. We are the ultimate alchemists, but if we are not taking care of ourselves, this process starts to fail us and the negativity becomes overwhelming and toxic. Looking for quick solutions is always seductive. The real healing comes when we pause and nurture the temple we dwell in. Peace in our bodies equals peace in the world. Opportunity to have more awaits us, but we won't be able to make much of these opportunities if we are too tired and distracted to notice them when they pop up. Problems will melt away as we align our spiritual energies with physical reality.

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Monday 2/18
We are conditioned to seek information in the world around us. Our senses are constantly picking up on and shifting through clues, but in our haste to make choices we often forget to check in with the quiet core of peace and confidence inside. Whatever it takes, spend some time today checking in with that quiet core. It has the wisdom to see us to new heights.

Tuesday 2/19
Resist the terrible pressure to make hasty decisions. When we feel anxiety, we know that we are missing something and need to slow down. Nothing that belongs to us is going to disappear if we give ourselves a little space to contemplate. Once we know what we want, it's easy to move forward and create a workable plan. Enjoy letting the vision take shape.

Wednesday 2/20
It's time to get organized. Small messes contribute to chaotic thinking, making it difficult to rest. A little goes a long way. It's not necessary to overhaul everything. Small steps will pay off. Whether it's a physical space that needs cleaning or an emotional state that needs order, the work we put in will create more fluidity and less rigidity which gets us lined up with spirit.

Thursday 2/21
Mood swings can be messy and unpleasant when we fail to see the wisdom behind them. Though we don't always know why we feel the way we do, when we allow ourselves room to experience our moods, we open up the range and power of our spiritual experience. Let's stop trying to manage it all and move through them and with them to a new, beautiful awareness.

Friday 2/22
Can we trust ourselves to know what to do when opportunity knocks? Our bodies have urges and instincts that when followed lead us to the abundance, peace and love we crave. Our egos like to come in and control this process. Meditative activities help our bodies get the advantage in this game. It's time to relinquish the notion that the body is the great betrayer.

Saturday 2/23
We're not going to miss out on anything. Regret is an energy we play in, but it's not real. We'll always get where we need to go, it's just a matter of deciding what scenery we'd like to look at along the way. When fortune appears, grab it. If it runs on by before we have a chance to reach out, we can trust that it wasn't the right thing at the right time. Anything else is folly.

Sunday 2/24
Today is a day to recognize the new cycles that are gaining momentum. Projects and relationships that start today will take time and patience to see to fruition. Let's enjoy the process of creating. We can rest assured now that good things are on the way. This will help us weather unexpected storms and the slings and arrows of fortune. Celebrating is a good idea.

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It's easy to see our bodies as the enemy sometimes. They get sick and tired and have demands that need to be met. However, our bodies want to be what our spirits dictate, but like a child, the body needs love and affection to bring out the best. Create a list of physical qualities that are absolutely delightful. Contemplate the idea that we choose the perfect body for us this lifetime. Re-frame the story of the relationship between body and spirit, as one of love and forgiveness. Find ways to pamper and nurture those tired feet/hands/necks/etc. Small pleasures can go a long way towards creating harmony and healing. Recognize that our bodies are being assaulted by invalidation all the time. We are constantly bombarded with energy and messages that tell us our bodies are not ok the way they are. It's time to put an end to it. Without our bodies we have little ability to command our spiritual gifts here on Earth. Love can bring us back to the alchemical wisdom that rests in every cell.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Romance...what a concept! I'm a Capricorn, so I'm a little too practical for all that. Honestly, the most romantic moments of my life have occurred when I'm all alone. Seems strange, huh? For me romance is such a perfected state, that there's no room for anyone else with all their flaws and foibles.

Romance to me is the heartbreaking beauty of a sunset, or the painful longing for a lover who is unresponsive. Terrible but true...I'm not one for sharing such things.

Having said that, I AM a huge proponent of the power of love. Love seems to require that we get past the desire for beauty and perfection. Love requires the willingness to sacrifice and compromise, to forgive and tolerate. Love asks us to be vulnerable to disappointment, to be willing to love beyond the mess of human-ness.

As we celebrate love today, we all get a chance to take a closer look at what we believe love is and what we think it can do for us. If we are waiting to be rescued, we might want to ask ourselves who we can offer assistance to. If we are hungry for love, it's time to find a place to put our own love. If we are holding things against a loved one, we might ask ourselves to bring in forgiveness and healing.

Fairy tales tell us that love will show up and make life magical. Maybe it's us that needs to show up!

I was an English major in college and studied the romantic poets. I had a lovely teacher, exasperated with the hangovers and lack of attention we dragged in to his classroom in the morning. I'll never forget when he said "ALL GREAT LOVE STORIES END IN DEATH."

This is true on many levels. We all die of course, it's the ending we all face, but more than that, he meant that life is challenging and fraught with conflict and the perfect love will eventually be tested by the stress of life. Romeo and Juliet had to die in the story or they surely would have ended up at each others throats about how to best parent their brood. Romeo might have taken to drinking too much and staying out with the boys, and Juliet might have sunk into depression as the beauty of youth faded, leaving her alone and bitter.

Staying together is tough! It's not always romantic but the love that lies underneath the initial spark of passion is warm and comforting in a way that romance can never be. The thrill of romance is tied into the fear of losing that which brings such happiness.

I'm celebrating love today by sharing a little cherry covered cheesecake with my dear husband and two lovely children. I'm celebrating love today by doing readings at on my favorite subject RELATIONSHIPS with all the ups and downs that come with the opening of the heart. I hope that you too can find a way to celebrate love today, enjoying the romantic aspect but not getting too stuck in it. Romance is a fleeting force, delicate and precious but not sustaining. Enjoy it and see it for what it is friends.

This from an old goat...

For more inspiring messages about love, check out my friend, Elizabeth Pendleton's article on her blog Musings From Avalon. I contributed a little to the article about what I know...I hope you get a chuckle out of it!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Moon News

Tonight we have a Solar Eclipse to add energy and power to the New Moon in Aquarius. What does it all mean, you ask? It means now is the time for innovative thinking and joining in on causes that can change the world for the better.

Aquarius energy is about thinking and acting in a new, fresh way. Creativity awaits us, asking only that we open to it. Risks are favored now. Holding on to the status quo isn't going to get us where we want to go.

This is the time to look at our lives from a different perspective. The areas that feel stuck and sluggish will move when we change our relationship to those areas. Sometimes creating a shift is as simple as taking a slightly different approach.

Aquarian energy asks us to be revolutionary, to question authority and risk being unpopular in the process. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of free thinking and innovation. The New Moon is ushering in the potential and excitement of something new and better. It won't come without pain. Sometimes we need to deconstruct the patterns and systems that we've outgrown. This can be frightening and chaotic, but the freedom on the other side is well worth it.

Use the energy of this moon to welcome change into the world on a personal level as well as a global level. The moon rules our emotions and how we feel. Be willing to feel in a new way about the things that work and the things that don't work.

Bedtime is a great time to take a moment to send out prayers and reflect on what makes us grateful to be here, to be a part of such an intense time in the human experience. The Solar Eclipse is amping everything up, so don't be surprised if it's difficult to drift off to sleep. We have so much to be excited about! Expect change because it's coming. Demand change where you want and need it. Embrace change when it shows up even if it looks different than what you asked for.

It's getting interesting, lovely readers...