Monday, March 31, 2008

Fortune Forecast 3/31 - 4/6


It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to see the magic that's all around. This week, we need to make time and space to dream. The more we open to the possibilities of life, the more we'll fly. Sometimes we unconsciously limit ourselves by keeping our focus on what we see in front of us. Let's open up our peripheral vision and look all around. Opportunities are lurking in the shadows and we need only to be aware to claim them. Creative pursuits can help us lighten up and tap into the world of the unseen. It is here, behind the thin veil that our desires and dreams begin to take shape. It's important to have permission to drift and wander with our imagination. Visit parallel universes and bring back some fun!

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Monday 3/31
Making lists in our minds and going over plans is keeping us from resting and recognizing the beauty that's here right now. It's also causing stress and not helping to resolve anything. It's important that we create ways to get out of the mind and back in to the experience of our bodies. The body is the ultimate alchemical process. Let it work to create deep desires.

Tuesday 4/1
We're ready for our lives to look and feel different and it seems the world just isn't moving fast enough. When we succumb to restlessness we easily get irritable and make choices that won't serve us over the long haul. Healthy distractions are a must today. We can use the intensity of our energy to make art, music and lots more. It will take a little effort to find the flow but it's worth it.

Wednesday 4/2
Some days are just lucky! Today is one of those days where the risks we take have tremendous potential to pay off big. Even if things don't turn out quite the way we want them to, we'll still benefit from asserting ourselves and reaching for the stars. Put fear aside and know that a step (even a small one) will bring us out of stagnation and into positive movement. It's a great place to be.

Thursday 4/3
A happy surprise is coming. We are being honored and recognized for work we might have done quite a while ago. The reward might show up as the calm feeling of knowing what we want and what we are capable of. It might show up in a more dramatic fashion, with lots of applause and open admiration. Let the validation build a stronger foundation for the next step in the pursuit of dreams.

Friday 4/4
A small shift in our routine has the potential to unleash a new, more vibrant perspective. It doesn't have to be radical to be effective. Take a walk in an unfamiliar place, stop at that store you've always wanted to check out or attend an event you would normally pass on. Opening to new experiences will bring in important information and connect you to a new face who will be helpful in the future.

Saturday 4/5
It's time to sit down and create a map to happiness. Take a look at your goals and start to break everything into little pieces. Be logical in your approach. A dream can easily remain a dream if we can't take steps to make it real. Don't worry if the plan looks like it will take a long time. There will be points of acceleration that move things forward quickly once we take the initial first step.

Sunday 4/6
A pause is always a good idea as we contemplate a big leap. Today is a great time to rest, reflect and indulge in activities that offer rejuvenation. It might even be a good idea to completely remove our attention from the plans we made yesterday. Let everything percolate in the deep recesses of the mind. This allows our ideas to grow and develop without effort or strain.

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How often do we limit ourselves and what we think is possible? The thoughts and energy running through us day in and day out create patterns that can become rigid and painful. We get so used to these patterns that we don't even notice them after a while. Now is not the time to deconstruct it all but it is a good time to start seeing it in operation. When we bring certain dynamics to light, they lose power quickly. Awareness is the beginning and the majority of all healing.

We weren't born saying negative things to ourselves. It's something we learned and we can unlearn it too. Ponder this: how much of the thinking we're doing is us psychically reading the people around us? Everyone has a broadcast. Some radiate the music of the spheres and some are putting out heavy metal. We hear all of it in our heads and think the cacophony of noise is US. This can lead to a lot of pain and confusion and make manifesting our own dreams a lot more difficult. Let's start noticing the broadcasts around us so that we don't mistake them as our own.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


If you've ever given birth to a baby, you know how much a contraction can hurt. It's a familiar sensation, achy and intense and not surprising.

The power of the contractions that lead to new life are frightening and it's easy to get in a space of feeling very close to the line between life and death.

In birth, contractions keep coming, waves rolling through our bodies, moving that new life down and out for a first breath and the beginning of an independent life. Contractions open us up and allow something big to emerge.

It could just be me, but it feels like we are in the midst of energetic and spiritual contractions right now. We feel squeezed beyond what's comfortable. It takes concentration and focus to breathe through the intensity of our lives. For some of us there may very well be a life and death quality to the energy we're encountering.

What are we to do?

First of all, remember that these are the pains of a new life emerging. This kind of pain is PRODUCTIVE. We are giving birth to something new and when it gets here, the joy and elation will be well worth the struggle. If we thought that life only offered these endless contractions with no breaks, we'd give up right here and now. There will be an end point to these birth pains.

Look for the space between contractions that allows for rest and rejuvenation. This space is what I looked forward to in the midst of labor. The space between contractions is the most magical, blissed out place I've ever been. The pain of birth is not constant. It has an ebb and flow. When it passes it leaves something better in its wake. It may not be the better something we think we want. Like getting to know a new baby, we need to be open to the surprise that's emerging from all this chaotic energy.

It's more important than ever to cultivate peace in our own inner worlds. One thing that helps with the pain of contractions is the ability to trance out and let go. The endorphins that get going as the contractions build, push us out of our rational minds into a trance state where time becomes fuzzy and nothing really matters apart from the experience itself. The gift of moving out of the thinking mind makes the experience bearable.

The spiritual contractions we're experiencing now demand that we leave the fearful thoughts behind. We simply can't function well if we drag this junk into the experience at hand. More and more we are being pushed to BE HERE NOW. This is a spiritual practice and takes discipline to achieve. There is love in discipline! The love that says...the fulfillment of my life is bigger than the little distractions I create to avoid it. Discipline does not include punishment.

If we understand that the pain we're feeling and living is productive pain, we can bear it. Everyday we get more gloomy news about our world. We need to know that the restructuring that's happening now will lead to more prosperity in the future. We are creating a new foundation and re-defining what prosperity and success is all about. This trouble will pass and peace will come again. Like the constant movement of the Wheel of Fortune, sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down. The only constant is that things are always changing.

In the end, the birth we're experiencing has nothing to do with the external world. It's the inner world that's in transition and it's the inner world that must be addressed. When we experience peace in our own universe, the slings and arrows of fortune bounce off us more easily. We can weather whatever comes our way relatively gracefully. The contractions of birth are pushing us to go inside and surrender to the changes knowing that something beautiful is taking shape. As our inner worlds transform, we see external reality transforming as well.

Birth is a space of faith. Get some, for the process is in motion. Go with it, don't fight it and know that you are never alone. The climax of every birth inevitably includes a moment of thinking I CAN'T DO THIS. I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR THIS TO BE OVER. Know that if you are having these thoughts, you're almost done! Soon you'll be sitting in the exhausted space of having given birth to a new you and you'll have no doubt that it was worth it.

I promise!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fortune Forecast 3/24 - 3/30


This week we find ourselves in the position of having something new and exciting drop into our laps. It may take a bit of time to figure out exactly what the potential of this opportunity is. There's no need to act in haste though the creative energy is so intense that we may be tempted to act impulsively. The opportunity in question won't manifest over night. It will take time and diligence to see it to fruition, but we can rest assured that the potential is incredible. We may have to keep this close to our hearts for a while. A seed is vulnerable and needs time to get grounded and rooted in reality. While we work on it, we need other places to put our energy so that we're not hovering over this one, impatiently. Talking about it may open us up to feelings of doubt. Be careful when choosing a confidant.

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Monday 3/24
Not only do we have the beginning of something wonderful, we also have the resources and connections we need to make it flourish. It's time to take stock of what we have on hand. This will help us get a list together of things we might need to make it all come together. Think about the people who might play a role in this project and start making contact. Start with a simple hello and see what emerges.

Tuesday 3/25
Though we have a long way to go in terms of making the most of this opportunity and we are vulnerable to doubts and fears, the excitement we feel about the potential can carry us past the heavy, dream killing energy that wants to creep in. We need outlets for all the energy building up in our inner worlds. Playful entertainment can keep the creativity from getting bottled up and frustrating.

Wednesday 3/26
Though we're tempted to take rash action, today is the day to reflect and visualize the outcomes we want. Creative energy makes us impatient to do it all now, but when we let this impatience get control, we tend to do sloppy work. We're not going to miss out on anything by pacing ourselves and taking small steps. Remember that this seed will take time to grow and adjust to it.

Thursday 3/27
Unexpected developments can be annoying when we're ready to go. Today we are being asked to address issues and responsibilities that feel like a distraction from our true passion. Gifts hide in what looks like detours. The work we're being asked to do is ultimately creating a stronger foundation for the new project. Undertake it with enthusiasm and the knowledge that nothing is a waste.

Friday 3/28
The pace is picking up and though we are excited to get going, the chaos that is being unleashed is hard to handle. When we sink into superstition, we are tempted to think our ideas are no good when they get challenged and complicated. Keep on going! We just have to push through the initial mess to get to a smoother space. The challenges that come today should not be taken personally or made too much of.

Saturday 3/29
It's easy to sprint at the beginning of an exciting project. It hardly feels like work when work is so passionate and fun. Inevitably reality sets in and the routine can become a grind. That's where self care becomes essential. Part of self care is finding creative ways to keep our spirits up as we hammer away to create what we want. Don't give up just because it's not fun all the time. The harvest is well worth the struggle.

Sunday 3/30
Keeping our new project fresh and engaging is the key to long term success. Not only do we need fresh ideas and approaches, we also need to feel excitement here and there or we might just decide to quit. Getting stubborn about how we need to do things can stop the flow of inspiring energy. Stay loose and stay open letting new information come in. That's part of what's so magical about this little seed. It is showing us new ways of being and doing.

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The little seed that landed in our hands not only brings new abundance, but also teaches us new ways of doing things. One of the biggest gifts we have is the creative juice that comes with this opportunity. This creative energy can help us weather the natural ups and downs we encounter as we move toward completion. This is a great time to start journaling or take up a new hobby like painting or music. Anything we do now to open ourselves to more creativity will help us create success and love across the board.

Sticking to routines can be comforting but can also create limitations and keep us from seeing the magic that lurks on the edges of our world. Even a small change will yield big results in terms of opening us to flashes of insight and intuitive guidance. Take a chance this week in an area that feels safe to risk in. It's time to come out of our protective shells and offer the world some of the magic we've been hoarding for ourselves. Letting it out makes space for newer, more exciting vibrations of energy to come in.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beauty is Essential

Beauty is essential. It reminds us of the power of the world we live in. We don't always make time for it and some of us might think it's a shallow thing to value, but don't we feel the presence of the Goddess when surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of our magnificent world?

We value beauty so much that some of us are willing to suffer greatly to become it. Of course, some of the things we do to our bodies to make them beautiful don't always strike me as true beauty.

As we work away, trying to create the lives we want, we often put things out in front of us...We'll buy those pretty things when we have more money. We'll take that trip to the beach when we can afford to take a break from work. Sometimes if we give ourselves the gift of beauty right here, we'll have more energy to create the money and resources we need to feel safe.

Even a small treat can help us stay in the game. A bubble bath doesn't cost much. Candles can enhance a space easily and cheaply. A walk in the local park can be uplifting as well.

Nature provides ample opportunity for enjoyment. We need merely to make time for it.
In my world, I live in a very dense, urban neighborhood. My family and I live with the sounds of helicopters, ambulances and firetrucks. We also live with some unpleasant smells from time to time. We often intend to leave town for a night or two, but it gets pushed into the future. When we do leave, we come home feeling refreshed and appreciative of our little house in the city. When we take breaks to be in beautiful spaces, we get the energy we need to carry on.

I'm fortunate to live in a place where beauty is all around. As a family, we enjoy traveling up into the mountains for a soak in the mineral hot springs. The fragrant air and the dense forest always helps us come back to equilibrium. It takes effort on our part to get this experience. We can't afford to wait for the right time. We have to make the time.

Let's challenge ourselves this week to seek out the experience of beauty. It can help mitigate the pain of seeing a world in flux. That's right, our world is changing. WE can see the chaos of the changes reflected in the gloomy news. Our economy is correcting itself. Our government is correcting itself. As Pluto takes root in the sign of Capricorn, we see and feel the energy of transformation in areas we depend on for stability.

Things will settle down again and prosperity will be available. Don't wait until then to give yourself the experiences that keep your spirits up. Be mindful of the energy of panic. It's popular right now. Our culture is descending into the underworld to find a new truth. We asked for these changes. Though we may not like how it's effecting us in the short term, the healing we'll get over the long term is worth the sacrifices we're being asked to make now.

Wherever you are, the world is waiting to embrace you with her magnificence. Get out there and enjoy it! It will serve to remind you of who you really are.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fortune Forecast 3/17 - 3/23


There is some absolutely magical energy in the air this week and it couldn't come at a better time. Maybe it's just me still shaking off the tail end of the flu, but I'm ready for life to feel lighter. No doubt, 2008 has presented most of us with many challenges. The skies are full of serious planetary configurations. These patterns are not fun and fluffy but like a cloudy sky that breaks open revealing the sparkling of thousands of stars, the stellar beauty we get to glimpse now can help us make sense of our trials and tribulations and give us the hope we need to get to a better place. All we need to do to capture the magic is be out and about. Breaking up routines will open us to the happy surprises that are around every corner. It kind of feels like an old fashioned easter egg hunt with all the wonder and mystery that a child experiences searching for those pretty, painted eggs. Have fun hunting!

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Monday 3/17
Pay attention to what's going on right here, right now. Though thoughts of the future and the past beckon, the opportunities we need to make our lives feel more like our dreams is in the present. How much magic do we miss out on by simply not being present? Be open to having something special occur today. Get ready for a series of small miracles that add up to big magic.

Tuesday 3/18
Gut instincts and feelings can help us get to the right place at the right time. It's sometimes a challenge to get quiet enough to interpret this guidance. If it means avoiding stressful situations, than by all means, we must do our best to limit our exposure to these situations. Dreams and impressions should be investigated with the same seriousness we apply to an expert's opinion.

Wednesday 3/19
Anything that gets started today has an excellent chance to thrive and grow. The excitement of something new and fresh can carry us far. Creative energies are high and the right resources are lining up for success. This is one of those days where everything falls magically into place. Let's enjoy it and offer thanks to the great spirit for providing such heavenly ease.

Thursday 3/20
Expectations are limiting and can be downright damaging. Sometimes we want something and we have an idea about what it looks like and how it should show up. If we can't liberate ourselves from these expectations, we don't see the unexpected surprise. Sometimes what we want shows up looking like something else. It's our job to check everything out before rejecting it.

Friday 3/21
Fearful thoughts are creeping in today and talking us out of believing in the viability of our dreams. It's as if we are afraid to feel too good in case it all ends in a flash. A pattern of negativity is about to shift and is at its most intense right now. We need to notice how easy it is to slip into the dark space, how easy it is to make it REAL. We can choose something else with the power of awareness.

Saturday 3/22
We're still working through some of the negativity from yesterday. It's as if we're afraid to feel too good in case the other shoe drops. There is no other shoe. Nothing bad is coming and even if there are a few twists and turns ahead, it's nothing we can't handle. Let's put attention on all the amazing aspects of life on Earth. The more positivity we notice, the more we'll see and we're back in the magic!

Sunday 3/23
It's true! They're everywhere! Count the small miracles that make up an ordinary day. Now double that and we have the magic of today. From the new contacts we make, to the unexpected windfalls...there is so much to be grateful for right now. The more gratitude we have, the easier it is to manifest more. This is a great time to celebrate even if life is less than perfect in many ways.

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It takes strength to believe in the power of love, healing and prosperity when the news is full of doom and gloom. We start to narrow the band of what we think is possible as we experience the squeeze on our resources including time and our spiritual reserves. How much of our energy goes out to those around the world who are suffering more mightily than us? The permission to dream and receive our heart's desire starts to feel shallow in comparison to the tragedies we see and hear about. Still, as we raise our vibration and continue to create the world we wish to live in, all beings benefit. It's easy to get stuck in the trenches with the suffering, dropping our energies low under the illusion that joining them is noble. Our spirit is the light and our bodies, the lantern. When our lights shine brightly through the glass of the lantern, the world gets a bit brighter. Dreaming makes us shine, so continue to dream big for the healing of the whole world.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Sick To Blog Today

Well, friends, I have the flu and feel like my joints are on fire. UNPLEASANT.

But I didn't want to leave you high and dry, so I'm going to direct you to an amazing article I found about Capricorn in Pluto. I found this article at Shades of Graeae very, very interesting. Have you found yourself saying I CAN'T GO ON LIVING LIKE THIS!? This article will help you get to some truth about all that.

Click on the above link, but you'll have to scroll down to the second article (now third) to the one called Pluto in Capricorn, Your Paramount Picture. My link function is weird in here.

See you soon!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Fortune Forecast 3/10 - 3/16


Life is moving faster and faster. As we go from one challenge to the next, we often forget to pause and celebrate our victories. The things is, when we make time for validation and reflection, it is easier to move to the next thing. Some of us are self-conscious and don't want to look arrogant. Is it arrogant to relish success for a second or two? When praise is offered, let it in. This week we get to explore issues of pride and progress. More change is in the works. Let's go forward with confidence and the security of knowing what we're capable of. This is a great time for mental exploration and brainstorming. We don't need to take action just yet. We are better served by waiting until a plan organically takes shape. Know that it will and get the rest needed to make the next leg of the journey.

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Monday 3/10
Big changes are easily weathered when we know the resources available. Recent success needs to be acknowledged so that it can help create a strong foundation to move into new things. It's easy to brush off praise and stay fixated on the next big challenge. That would be unwise as unexpected developments test us to be bigger, stronger and more capable than we feel like being.

Tuesday 3/11
Deep desires and dreams are floating to the surface for review. Some of these we tend to hide from or pretend they don't exist. It's time we give ourselves permission to look closely at the sometimes subconscious energies that drive us. If we can look at this space objectively, we can gain insight into our inner workings that will ultimately create more freedom and abundance.

Wednesday 3/12
Emotional impulses are great information but we're best served today by creating a bit of emotional neutrality. Getting a sense of the big picture can help us choose a course that will be productive and fulfilling. When we start reacting to the what's happening as opposed to following our plans calmly and with clarity, we get ourselves into a mess or two.

Thursday 3/13
It's easy to get stuck when fears and doubts become bigger than our belief in our abilities. Today we are vulnerable to negativity and need to be mindful enough to see that the heaviness that keeps us from taking action is really a distortion and not real. See it as energy and find a way to release it. Movement and creative pursuits will do the trick. Refuse to let NO take over.

Friday 3/14
There is a wonderful sense of magic and miracles today. We might be resistant to letting ourselves take in all the possibilities. We often guard against disappointment by down-playing the expansive energies that want to take us there. Let's dream big today and imagine that it can all happen. When we feel that creeping voice that tries to talk us out of our dreams, let's gently say no.

Saturday 3/15
Adventure can help us break out of ruts and patterns. Searching for something new and exciting can bring inspiration to the other parts of our lives that require us to be steady and patient. If we feel deeply, emotionally engaged in life, we are more willing to take risks and to let go of projects and relationships that are holding us back. A good book or movie can do the trick.

Sunday 3/16
There is a sense of overwhelm today that can easily settle into clarity if we give ourselves time to consider all the options. This is a time for rest and for planning the next stage. If we take the mixed messages seriously, we will be unable to see the truth. Deep in our cells we can find the answers but to get there, we need quiet and the limitation of distractions. Give permission for down time.

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In the excitement of all the changes that are unfolding, we often forget to rest and reflect. A little goes a long way. The constant push to do more, more, more, weakens us. There are certainly times for ambitious assertion. Now is not one of them. It's not easy to clear our minds and create a meditative state. In the world we dwell in, meditation can be more effective if it incorporates the senses. Beautiful music can help us get there as well as a walk in lovely surroundings. Good food, pleasurable sensations and fragrant aromas bring peace and help our bodies get back in alignment with our lightening fast spirits. Breathe through the tension that pops up. Check out the article on alchemy below for more ideas on how to shift the energy affecting the body. As life grows in intensity, our awareness of our spiritual abilities grows as well. What a wonderful time to be here on Earth! Enjoy the magic and beauty of the physical world. It is the greatest of healers.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Are Alchemy

Long ago, people studied the art of alchemy. I imagine this was an early version of science with experiments and the combining of elements to create something new. The ultimate alchemical process is to turn iron into gold. Having that knowledge is powerful!

How did people conceive of this idea? The creative vision behind it is telling. If our imaginations can conceive of something, then somewhere, in some way it's possible.

The body is the ultimate alchemical process. We breath air and that air becomes fuel and rejuvenation for our cells. We eat food and drink water and those elements are converted into elements that sustain and nurture us. Even on an energy level, our bodies are constantly processing energy, taking in negative energies and putting out positive energies. This is the spark of divinity in physical form.

One of my earliest experiments working with energy taught me a lot. It was 1986 and I was failing a trigonometry class. I was depressed by the high school dynamics and wasn't trying very hard to succeed. My teacher who I adored took me aside after I failed a test and told me he'd let me retake it. He was stern and let me know that he knew what I was capable of. I didn't want to disappoint him and I also felt challenged to show him and myself what I could do.

The night before the test, I went for a run in the freezing Denver winter. I wasn't fond of running but my father insisted that my brothers and I exercise everyday (thanks dad!). This run was different. Every time I took a step, I imagined releasing a dark, heavy energy, the energy of failure. As I moved forward I would breath in a deep breath of confidence and knowledge. So it went for the two or so miles of the run. By the end of the run, I felt completely differently about the impending test. I didn't study in depth. I went over the failed test a couple times and scanned my sad little notes.

I took the test the next day and almost tripled my original score. The teacher was shocked and pleased. It was incredibly validating. The thing that struck me about this experience is that I didn't technically study for the test. I simply focused on changing my energy and attitude.

I don't know how I knew to do this. It was an intuitive knowing that drove me to try. That experience helped lay the groundwork for my future study of healing and energy work.

We can affect the outcome of a situation by working the energy in our space first. Most of us are doing this whether we know it or not.

As I got older I perfected my techniques. After studying a bit of Buddhist philosophy I decided to try the opposite. Instead of releasing the negative and breathing in the positive, I decided to inhale and go more deeply into the negative and breath out the positive. I let my heart take in the darkness and turn it to light to be shared with the world. I liked the magic of this even better than my teenage experiment. It appealed to the healer in me who feels determined to make the world a little better one breath at a time.

Either way, our bodies are the ultimate in alchemical process. If we are immersed in depressive and despairing energies, we might find relief by walking the pain away and taking a healing breath on every step. When we feel stronger, we can breath deeply into the suffering of the world and breathe out healing life force energy.

The magic we seek is in us. Relief comes from the shifting we create. As spirits, we gave ourselves the gift of having a body so that we could play with energy and power in a more visceral way. Knowing the magic of the body makes it easier to enjoy the body we have. Caring for the body is essential to keeping the magic in motion.

With that, give some love to that body of yours! Let it know that you appreciate what it can do. Experiment with your alchemical abilities. Keep ti fun and see what happens. Then be sure and write me. I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fortune Forecast 3/3 - 3/9


Passionate energies are lifting our spirits and helping us to go after our dreams and desires. When we are immersed in lust for life, it doesn't matter what comes our way, we relish the challenge and can see the wisdom in every situation. So it is this week! This is the time for risks and pushing the envelope. We want more of everything and we're not afraid to go after it. Anything that brings us new experience and a sense of adventure is welcome now. Opportunities seem to be coming out of nowhere, delighting and pushing us to raise the bar on what we think we deserve and can handle. Charisma can help us create new connections and open doors that once seemed firmly shut. Play and connecting with children can help us move through old emotional complexes without difficulty. Romantic unions get a shot in the arm. This is a great time to bring fresh energy into existing bonds as well as forging new ones.

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Monday 3/3
There is a wonderful sense of expansion and possibility coupled with the energy to make the most of it. Good fortune is smiling on us today and we can rest easy knowing that whatever is unfolding now has tremendous potential to grow into something magical and rewarding. There is a sense of freedom that allows us to explore and change directions if we want to. Good stuff!

Tuesday 3/4
As we get closer to the passions that propel us, honesty becomes more and more important. If we know what our motivations are and what's at the core of our goals, our actions are forceful and effective. If we are under illusions, everything gets muddled quickly. We need to be willing to tell the truth in our inner world as well as sharing our thoughts and feelings with others. This process creates movement.

Wednesday 3/5
There are so many amazing opportunities to ponder. It's important that we are ready to move forward with the most promising options. Organization and knowing what resources are available will make it easier to capitalize on the amazing breaks coming our way. Weed out negative thinking as well. Even the traces of doubt tend to create cracks that can cause trouble down the line.

Thursday 3/6
The creative energy is so high this week, that we may be tempted to stay insular and exclusive in how we share our time, energy and resources. It's as if we're afraid there's only so much and we need it all for ourselves. Sharing can actually amp up the energy even more. It creates more flow and more space for even better energies to come to us. Reach out and spread the good fortune around.

Friday 3/7
Sometimes we create obstacles to slow ourselves down. When the energy is high and things are moving quickly, we find ourselves wanting to put the brakes on. Notice the many ways obstacles are created. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's something to be mindful of. When we go to sleep to this dynamic, the obstacles become real and syphon energy from our dreams and desires.

Saturday 3/8
It's time to take that leap of faith! Thinking about it and waiting for the right time isn't going to get us there. Action is called for. It's ok to feel awkward and uncertain. The important thing is that we reach out and put energy behind our goals and dreams. A new project will enliven us and make all the other things in our lives feel fresh and more fulfilling. Creativity needs outlets or it quickly becomes frustration.

Sunday 3/9
There is a sense of something big happening though we don't have a clear picture of what it is yet. There might be a slight feeling of anxiety accompanying the excitement. Sometimes life gets tough right before a breakthrough. Notice the feeling of struggle. Let it be all right. there's no need to make big decisions just yet. The details will get worked out in an organic way.

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We're in trouble if the intense energy that's available gets bottled up and has no expression. Keeping ourselves entertained and in motion will help us make the most of the creative impulses that are on the way. Contemplating water imagery can cool the internal fire and help us surrender into the natural flow of life. Blues and purples will bring a sense of calm even amidst the incredible chaos of change. Fluidity is such a wonderful quality! It allows us to move smoothly past obstacles with little to no effort. It also takes all the hard edges away. Deep breathing and meditative movement helps us bring in a higher vibration of energy. As we allow ourselves to embrace our desires, fears emerge as well as judgments. It's time to let the heaviness go down the drain. Let the water imagery bring in the quality of permission. Permission to dream, permission to wander, permission to change our minds. This is the ultimate healing vibration.