Monday, April 28, 2008

Fortune Forecast 4/28 - 5/4


There is pressure this week to give into agreements we know won't work. It's terrible to say no and risk the social consequences but saying yes is a guaranteed way to create failure and frustration. The world gives us opportunities big and small every day to learn about staying true to ourselves. These little tests are annoying at times. We wish we didn't have to affirm our values over and over, but we do.

Sometimes the people closest to us unintentionally hold us back. They just don't understand our vision or how we propose to get there. The lack of support can be crushing, but if we know it's just temporary, we can soldier on. That's what we need to do this week as we free ourselves to pursue a deep desire with seemingly no plan.

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Monday 4/28
As the powers that be gather to persuade us to join a lost cause, we might experience feelings of anger and frustration. It's awful to be in the hot seat and have to say, "look, this isn't going to work for me and I don't want to be a part of it." Notice the resentment that surfaces when others pressure us to make unworkable agreements. Use those uncomfortable feelings to say NO.

Tuesday 4/29
We are anxious to see change and explore new landscapes. Expansion is happening slowly and steadily and somewhat predictably. Though it's not very exciting, there is comfort in knowing that the evolution we're experiencing now is gentle and offers stability as opposed to upheaval. This is the time to adjust our pace and get comfortable on the road to magic. It's not a race.

Wednesday 4/30
When in doubt, check in with the inner voice for counsel. There are some sneaky things going on and we might be tempted to join in for easy gain. If it looks too easy or feels slightly off, take it as a warning to slow down and reflect. If there is pressure to make a hasty decision, put the brakes on. Integrity can help us create a life that reflects and enriches sacred spaces and dreams.

Thursday 5/1
Dreams are starting to come into focus today. We can see how to put practical action behind some of our inspired ideas. Simplicity serves us much more powerfully than complexity. Break everything into small, workable steps and then get going. It's not overwhelming or impossible with even the sketchiest of maps. Patience will be required to see these plans blossom and bear fruit.

Friday 5/2
A sudden insight brings a sense of clarity and calm. It's as if we've stumbled across a missing puzzle piece and can now see the whole picture. It's much easier to move forward with confidence knowing that we are acting from certainty. Clear the air with loved ones. Minor grudges and misunderstandings create weight. Unload it and make space for more manifesting.

Saturday 5/3
We can use the stable energy of today to take stock of where we are and what we have. Even the projects and relationships we're trying to get rid of need to be accounted for. When we can rest in all the circumstances we've created (positive and negative), we create the freedom and permission we need to move on. Resisting what is gives it the power to linger and languish.

Sunday 5/4
Grab a book or start googling. There is an incredible amount of information out there that can enhance and support our growth. Let's scratch the spiritual itch that's been making us edgy. Even a sentence or two can change our perspective and get us thinking and feeling in fresh, new ways. Go deeper with something you already enjoy or try something new. An important answer is waiting to be discovered.

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Sometimes we just have to keep putting one foot on front of the other even if we're not sure where we're going. We long to go back to times that were simpler and more fun. We try to recapture the magic of certain relationships and projects. Looking back and holding on keeps us from being free to discover the beauty of what's happening right now. There is no going back and when we cling to old pictures of fulfillment, we never have a chance to make something new.

Just keep going is another way of saying don't give up. One small step after another and the next thing we know we're in a brand new space with excitement, passion and new kinds of challenges. Dropping in a self-pitying heap is tempting, but even small steps take us far when we JUST KEEP GOING.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Rejection is awful, don't you think? When we want to belong to something or someone and feel thwarted in our efforts it's pretty painful. We start wondering why and looking for possible reasons. The pain of rejection makes us search for answers.

One of the blessings of parenting is being able to see how a fresh, new life adapts and learns. Watching a three year old discover the pain of rejection is pretty fascinating. It's hard to communicate to a toddler that there's no need to take it personally, that the rejection isn't that important.

I've lived this scenario for almost a week as a dear old friend of mine visits from far away with her five year old. Her son needs a lot of space and can't handle the enthusiastic overtures from my son and to a lesser degree, my daughter. Watching my son deal with the rejection is hard on me and my friend as we had high hopes of the boys becoming friends.

Seeing my son's sadness reminds me of times I felt shut out. It's an uncomfortable space to revisit. I can see how as parents, revisiting certain painful events through our children can be a big trigger. We may find ourselves trying to shut it out, minimize it, over-dramatize it and more. It's the same when a good friend or partner is going through something traumatic that feels familiar. We may find ourselves intolerant or on the flip side, we may project our own energy into it, making assumptions about what it must be like for the other person.

What I'm discovering is that the best help I can offer is compassion. I need to hold steady for the kids to have the healing they need (whatever that might be). Trying to exert control or getting stuck in my own feelings just isn't helpful.

Can we extend this idea to ourselves? When we feel rejected and start to sink into a morass of painful self-reflection can we make space for the experience? Can the wise part of us offer compassion and permission to JUST BE IN IT? Or must we desperately try anything to escape/change/heal it?

Some things in life just suck. There is unfairness and abrasiveness everywhere. We're not going to get rid of it nor should we expect ourselves to roll gracefully through difficulty at all times. Sometimes we just need to sink into the pain and experience it. We need to offer the same courtesy to those around us as well. What better gift is there than acceptance? The unconditional energy of love?

So I comfort my son and resist the urge to make the other child wrong. I look to see where my own vulnerabilities are lit up and offer love to those spaces. I create special projects for my children so that they feel engaged in their own activities and less needful of the illusive connection. I prepare for the many lessons on the way that I will get to experience through the children...some of which will be difficult and fraught with worry FOR SURE.

I've experienced a surge of gratitude for my small family and our dynamic. I see the sweetness of a child who tests my patience often and I hope to bring that awareness forward. I want to help this gentle being preserve the sweetness and innocence he brought here with him. I also want to give him space to build his own understanding of difficulty.

We're going to do it, together...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fortune Forecast 4/21


The energy this week is up and down. We're on the rollercoaster whether we want to be or not. There is a growing awareness of the box we put ourselves in. The comfort zone is starting to feel suffocating and yet the way out is not apparent. Instead of looking for the door, look for a window. A small crack can become the gateway to greater awareness and permission to create. What we don't want to do is spend a lot of time lamenting and gnashing our teeth about perceived injustices and limitations. It's time to move slowly and surely, knowing when to pause and when to leap forward. this knowingness is born out self awareness. Instinct and intuition are invaluable and can help us know what to do and when to do it. The only real challenge is in trusting the inner voice and following through.

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Monday 4/21
When we feel stuck, it might be a good time to take a look at the space of worthiness. If we aren't feeling good about ourselves, it's tough to manifest opportunities that bring the abundance and love we need. To raise our vibration, we can create a mantra or affirmation that affirms we are valuable and deserve the beauty and bounty our world has to offer.

Tuesday 4/22
Though we are tempted to lash out today, we are better served by working on forgiveness and maintaining calm. Pushing to get past all the perceived limitations will end up causing more harm than good. We might have to get creative to find ways to keep our blood pressure down when little irritations threaten to throw us into rage. Conflicts will resolve on their own. Refocus in the meantime.

Wednesday 4/23
There are a ton of opportunities showing up. The expansive energy can be somewhat discombobulating. The pace is picking up and we need to get ready for a breakthrough. Physical activity as well as meditation can help us stay grounded so that we can make the most of all the magic. Step away when necessarry to create healthy boundaries and to stay focused.

Thursday 4/24
There is a slow quality to life today and if we resist it, we'll miss an incredible opportunity to rest and prepare. This is a great time to escape into a book or spend time wrapped up in a daydream. There's nothing that has to be done right now. In face, taking a break allows us to come back refreshed and with a new, more creative point of view.

Friday 4/25
The situation that has held us captive is starting to crumble. As things fall apart, the freedom and permission to move is rewarding and inspiring. Our intuition is being validated now as we knew all along there was something untenable at work. Let the dust settle before taking decisive action. The landscape is changing quickly and we might as well wait until a clear path is visible.

Saturday 4/26
Happy surprises are in order today. Whether it's good news or some form of advancement in a specific area, there are amazing things falling from the sky. We might wonder what we've done to deserve such a bountiful harvest. Does it matter? Maybe we should just focus on enjoying it. Celebrating is always a good idea. When we express gratitude for what works, we make space for more.

Sunday 4/27
This week has had quite a few ups and downs to deal with. Today is a great day to relax and let all the changes sink in. If you feel like you need time alone, get it. For others, reaching out and connecting might be more gratifying. Simple pleasures can bring peace of mind and a sense that it's all good. Go ahead and indulge the sense in something wonderful from soothing music to a candle lit bath.

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We often think that if our thoughts and feelings are painful or negative then we must be going in the wrong direction. While there's some truth to this (our intuition can be telling us to WATCH OUT), there is also truth in the notion that we have to move through some tough energy to get clear enough to create what we want. When we feel terrible, we might want to validate ourselves for being willing to deconstruct the energies that are no longer serving us. These energies aren't going to feel that great as they come to consciousness to be released. This is the point in the healing process when we find ourselves wondering why on earth we keep re-visiting the same old wounds.

There is a tremendous amount of vulnerability in the deconstruction phase. It seems we'll never get free of the pain that pops up over and over. We will hit layers of the same old stuff as we work to get to the core. Refuse to slip into invalidation and see the opportunity instead. We're not really going from point A to point B. We're actually spiraling toward the core, moving through layers and layers of conditioning that keep us from being our authentic selves. There is beauty in this!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Head and Heart

The head and the heart are both important as we navigate our lives. They are like two horses pulling us forward toward our dreams. Sometimes we let one of these lead while the other fades into the background. If we let this go on too long, we create an imbalance and progress becomes very difficult.

When we're afraid and uncertain the head and the heart battle each other for supremacy. When this happens, our inner world devolves into tension and self-recrimination. We need both of these forces if we are to get anywhere.

Some of us feel more powerful when we're thinking our way through life and some of us feel more powerful feeling our way through it. If the choices we make when we're thinking don't work out the heart screams I TOLD YOU SO. Same with the choices we make with our feelings. If it doesn't work out, the head can get mean.

Where is the middle ground? The middle ground is our spirit. The spirit has the head and the heart to navigate, but the spirit is neither one of these things. If we identify with our thoughts and feeling too much, we forget the wise, calm part of us that resides in the middle of all the chatter.

How do we know we're out of balance? The answer is very, very simple. Our inner world becomes a battle zone, a wasteland of pain and self-doubt. As awful as these moments are, they serve a great purpose. These moments of discord tell us that we have lost our balance and that the head and heart are in conflict. We can use these moments to gently come back home, to the core of our being.

The mistake we make in these moments is believing that what we see is real. If we start reacting to the distortion in our inner world we go spinning off into a barren land where manifesting what we want is nearly impossible.

Instead, if we pause and take a few deep breaths, we have the chance to check in with the head and heart, listen to their grievances and resolve the conflict. Gentle discipline is essential. These two horses need direction from the eternal, wise consciousness that is always there. When we start to work on this relationship, we can take the best of what the head has to say and the best of what the heart has to say and make choices that come from a foundation of love, healing and abundance.

If we look closely at what the head and the heart are saying, we find the common root. The truth is that even though these two seem to fight a lot, they are both trying to create what we want. There is always a common denominator under all the hubbub. Once we discover that truth, we can come up with a plan that works and that will get us moving again.

The conflict between head and heart might have so much pain in it that healing takes time. To facilitate healing, sit down with a piece of paper and create a dialogue between the two. Write down what the head has to say and then give the heart a chance. Let them have a conversation. They might have a lot of venting to do. This exercise can teach us a lot about what's driving us and enlighten us to some of the destructive patterns that keep us stuck. We might need more than one piece of paper!

The more we get to know the voices and the quality of energy of these two potent forces, the more easily we can work creatively with them.

Wholeness is worth striving for and (in my humble opinion) may be the ultimate purpose here on Earth. Achieving inner harmony even for minutes at a time allows us to bring the magic of our spirits here. When this happens, the whole world heals.

So there it is, no need to join the peace core...HEAL THYSELF and all else will fall into place.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fortune Forecast 4/14 - 4/20


This week we have the opportunity to wake up and see beyond some of the illusions we co-create to keep ourselves safe. The new awareness brings an incredible sense of freedom and permission to grow, change and move. Some of what we're seeing may be a bit of a shock at first. We're being confronted with our own fairy tales and fantasies gone awry. We might not like everything we see in front of us, but at least with truth comes the power to change. After the initial discomfort abates, inspiration will take root and help us transition into a better, more productive space. It's important that we express our thoughts and feelings without fear of recrimination. If we know that our communication offers healing for all, it will be easier to get everything out in the open.

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Monday 4/14
Finally, we are getting the information we need to move forward with confidence. It's as if the veil has been lifted. With the new awareness comes responsibility. We need to take action. Some of what we're seeing is unpleasant. The stories we've been telling ourselves to make sense of our lives are flawed. We'll have to take ownership for choosing illusion over reality, but with the truth comes power.

Tuesday 4/15
It's time to let go of something that was once fulfilling and special. We might be reluctant to release it, mostly for sentimental reasons. There's also the fear that nothing better will come to take it's place. Sacrifice and sacred are the same thing. When we are asked to sacrifice, we're really being asked to make life more sacred. This understanding can take the sting away.

Wednesday 4/16
As we move into willingness to let go, we create the space for something new and fresh to arrive. Hoarding and hanging on chokes the flow of abundance and love. Spring cleaning on all levels is called for today. It would be a tragedy to manifest opportunity and have no place to put it. A leap of faith will be rewarded handsomely now. This requires faith and confidence in the universe's never ending giving.

Thursday 4/17
When we see what we want (and we will today) we need to take action immediately. our bodies will tell us what to do. The trick is to respond to the cues in stead of thinking about what it all means. The mind is the enemy, as it tries to figure out the best approach. By the time the mind comes up with a plan, the opportunity will be long gone. Don't wait when fortune smiles. Grab it!

Friday 4/18
Life is relatively calm today and it's the perfect time to get organized. Tackle the mess and work on beautifying the environment. It would be easy to get carried away with meaningless tasks and get nothing accomplished. Finish up the spring cleaning. This includes taking stock of resources and coming up with a new plan. It's also a great time to reflect on current values. This helps us create what we want with ease.

Saturday 4/19
Is the glass half empty or half full? If it's half empty, look again. Notice what works and be grateful. We might not have everything we want but we have a lot. It's easier to create when we're in a space of satisfaction. Survival energy is not very creative and pushes us to make choices that do not support abundance. Take a few steps up, from getting by to prosperity. it all starts inside.

Sunday 4/20
This is a great day to play and celebrate. Continuing on yesterday's theme, look for the spaces of joy and revel in them. Make an effort to create a warm gathering so that loved ones have a place to rest and rejuvenate. If everyone is scattered, pick up the phone and share some funny stories. Miracles and magic will emerge from heart felt connections. Be open to something amazing today.

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Waking up can be tough. Think of the tingles we feel when our foot goes to sleep and then WAKES UP. It's easy to get jaded as we gain more life experience. The innocence and play that was once second nature starts to dry up like a stream in a drought. We need to take action against this hardening of the heart by engaging in activities that get us laughing. Reach out and make contact with old friends. Get outside and move! Put on a favorite tune and dance like a maniac!

Life is short and there's so much joy and celebration to be had, even in the midst of crisis, laughter wants to bubble up and offer healing. Imagine shades of yellow and gold around your body and let the warmth lift you into love. If you have children in your life get down on the floor with them and let them show you how to play again. Notice how easily thoughts and attention drifts from this moment and gently come back home. Refuse to take it all so seriously and stay fluid. Ahhh...Fluidity, MY FAVORITE THING.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cycles Are The Greatest Teachers

Linear thinking is limiting, don't you think? Yet we cling to it because we want to feel safe. We feel that if we just make a logical plan and stick to it, then all will be well. Often, our plans don't work the way we think they should. Unexpected events come along and throw us off balance. We spend most of our time reacting to what's happening as opposed to being in a creative, flowing space.

If we open up to our creativity, then somehow we'll be opening up to chaos and the many ups and downs that come with it and yet, the freedom and fluidity that happens when we relax into our creativity has the power to carry us through the challenges in a graceful way. If we don't open up to the chaos, we get rigid and miss out on all the amazing opportunities and experiences that exist on the periphery.

If we look at the world now, we see that changes are happening whether we want them or not. Our carefully laid plans are being challenged. There is a tremendous amount of deconstruction happening. We might as well go with it willingly!

As an intuitive consultant, I am blessed to see how energy works every time someone sits across from me. I get reminded every day to go with the flow. I am so thankful that the school of life is open to me in this way. It's open to all of us. We have learning opportunities all the time though some of the lessons show up with a dose of pain. How many of us would be willing to change if life was great all the time?

I see so many people "white knuckling it" these days, grabbing on to anything that promises some sense of order and stability and yet hanging on is not the answer. We need to let go and allow ourselves to float in the churning waters of life. The more fluid we become, the more we manage to maneuver around the boulders and blocks in our way.

Have you ever stubbed your toe? It hurts! The density of our bodies coming into contact with the density of the world is tough. Imagine if our bodies were pure energy, moving and flowing. We'd never stub our toes. We'd simply merge with the hard surface without pain.

Our spirits know this and as we bring more awareness of our spirits into the density of our bodies, we can start to move more effortlessly around the problems and rigidity that keep us in pain.

I'm excited to let you know that I'll be offering teleclasses in May to help move us from rigidity to fluidity. These classes will include guided meditations and the exploration of the concept and experience of fluidity. Please consider joining me on this journey.

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The classes cost $100 and will be limited to 10 participants. Join me for an hour each week to explore your own magic, intuition and healing abilities! Expect a miracle or two because they are always available, especially when we open to the tremendous flow of energy around us.

Send me an e-mail if interested...

Love to you and I hope this article finds you relaxing into the great wave of life.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fortune Forecast 4/7 - 4/13


Though we prefer to be happy, sometimes old wounds resurface in order for healing. This week, a minor catalyst throws us into a primal pain. This pain isn't about what's happening now, so reacting to the circumstances that tapped us into it won't help. Instead, we can use this as an opportunity to go deeper into our inner world to bring light and comfort. The mind is racing, so activities that help sooth and calm us are a good idea. The wound goes all the way back to the beginning of our lives and has to do with the split between body and spirit. When we brush against it, we become aware of the disconnect we experience between this world and the spirit world. How many things are we involved in that perpetuate the split? This is a great time to work on creating more harmony and less conflict.

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Monday 4/7
When pain emerges, the best balm is love. Sometimes it's hard to tap into the ocean of love that surrounds us and pours forth from us. It's as if we're in a tiny boat on the water of love saying I DON'T FEEL LOVED. Get out of the boat and take a swim! When confronted with conflict, respond with kindness. This is a great day to take the high road, even though the temptation to be nasty is potent.

Tuesday 4/8
Antagonizing energies are seductive. It would be easy to succumb to the conflict and say or do things we'll later regret. Peace will not come from being angry or blaming others for our discomfort. Retreat may be the best option today. Whatever we think is causing our current pain needs a second look. Detaching from it will help us see the deeper roots and address them accordingly.

Wednesday 4/9
Trying to hide from the pain won't make it go away. When we find ourselves tempted to hide in a compulsive behavior, we need to be wise enough to stop. Can we sit quietly in the storm? This is a worthy endeavor and will bring rewards for those brave enough to attempt it. There is a powerful truth to be found underneath the stress, strain and vulnerability. Knowing this can help us find it.

Thursday 4/10
A goal that seemed remote is coming into focus. The wounded energy that's on the surface this week needs to be cleared is we are to make progress. This is why it's so important to be present with the pain as opposed to hiding from it. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a relief! Now is the time to make plans and take small steps. Things are looking up!

Friday 4/11
Today is a great day to work on relaxing into whatever life offers be it positive or negative. there's absolutely no reason to get attached to what's happening or try to make sense of it. the goal is to keep moving through it. Stay fluid! Water can help remind us of what our spirit is trying to achieve. Baths, drinking water or being near a body of water can smooth the rough edges as we emerge from the pain.

Saturday 4/12
Something new is taking shape. It's being born out of the emerging awareness we have about ourselves and our past. There is a sense that something big is happening which can bring feelings of delight and anxiety at the same time. It's ok to be uncomfortable now knowing that all births require surrender and sacrifice. Spend some time dreaming today and planting seeds for the future.

Sunday 4/13
There is so much going on right now that it's hard to figure out where to put the focus. We might as well forget about it and instead, go the opposite way into fuzzy, unthinking spaces. The mind is working hard to understand things that just don't make sense yet. This is stressful and ultimately fruitless. More information is coming and when it arrives, the pieces will fall into place. Wait on it.

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When we feel challenged, we drop the very things that make us feel better and offer healing. We start making lists of things that need to happen before we'll allow ourselves a break and some refreshment. Let's decide to do something different this week. If we focus on what we love and feeling better, we'll be more able to handle the endless list of responsibilities that trails us. All it takes is permission to do so. A short trip to a beautiful place can lift spirits and change our view of the world. Bringing more beauty into our environment can remind us that healing is simple and often sensual. Like a kind parent soothing a child, give the wounded part reassurance and rest. After all, if we had had this reassurance and rest as children, we probably wouldn't have the wounds we're facing now. Be the force of love for yourself and watch the magic unfold.


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Women's Healing Sanctuary

I used to have a healing center here in Denver called the WISH Center. My business partner and I had a dream of working with women, teaching them more about their intuition and healing abilities. It was a lot of fun and we met so many wonderful women. I can't tell you how much I learned as I was teaching these amazing beings.

Our Center was born out of an event called the WOMEN'S HEALING SANCTUARY which we hosted once a month in a church owned by a friend of ours. It started small and grew and grew. Each month we had the pleasure of seeing a lot of radiant women pass through the Sanctuary. The energy of these gathering was so high and beautiful that we were inspired to create the Center.

These healing sanctuaries started off humble. We offered 20 minute clairvoyant readings and 20 minute Mary healings. A Mary healing is a channeled healing where the recipient lies down and the healer channels Mary energy through the recipient's body.

I was always amazed by the miracles and magic that took place at these events. When we started, the ladies had to lie down on the floor! No one seemed to mind. Eventually we invested in some massage tables which was a vast improvement. We had lovely music playing in the healing room and essential oils to anoint the feet of our participants. We experimented at times with other kinds of goddess energy. Our favorite next to Mary was the amazing and loving Quan Yin.

The women who showed up to offer readings and healings were such a wonderful group! They all gave their time and attention to this space of women healing women. We worked as a group to offer spiritual communication and healing and the magic we experienced made us look forward to the next one.

Mary energy is so loving and pure! As women, we carry so much for the world, our hopes, dreams, love and our pain for the collective. Mary energy has the magical ability to move it all away and make space for our own spirits to come in more fully.

Why am I telling you all this? Because the WOMEN'S HEALING SANCTUARY is coming back! We're going to launch in early May at the Metaphysical Research Society. My WISH Center partner moved on, but I'm fortunate to be co-hosting with a dear friend named Sandra, the director of the Inner Insight Institute...a psychic school here in Denver.

I wish that all of you lovely readers could come to the Sanctuary and GET YOUR GODDESS ON! The world needs goddess energy like a thirsty plant needs water.

Some of you can attend. If you live in the Denver Metro area and are interested in more information, please send me an e-mail at I'm so excited to share this with you.

For those of you who can't attend, try working with Mary. Ask her for blessings and healings whenever it occurs to you. She is all-giving! I'd love to hear from those of you who give it a whirl. Please write and tell me about your Mary experiences.

Love to you beautiful readers!


this will be an ongoing event on the first Sunday of every month...

join me!