Thursday, May 29, 2008


Have you ever been obsessed by a person or a situation? It's like you just can't stop thinking about it. Everywhere you turn, you are reminded again of this perplexing and vexing situation. This can feel so out of control and have us questioning our mental health. We can see ourselves from a distance, immersed in intensity and unable to get free. We might think about or do things that we feel ashamed of.

To me, obsession is a psychic space.

Could it be that the things we obsess over are sitting in our energy field, impossible to ignore? The person or situation we obsess about takes over and gets control of how we run our energy through our bodies. It's easy to feel victimized by the "takeover." We feel helpless and stuck in thoughts and feelings we don't want. The truth is, we let the pattern take over because we are fascinated by it, fascinated by our response to it, fascinated by the feelings that come with it.Life is funny sometimes. We get things we didn't think we wanted. We might even have certain patterns that repeat even though we feel over it. When this happens, we're likely to beat ourselves up or wonder what the hell is wrong with us that we keep creating the same difficulties over and over.

If we start to see the fascination, we can make new choices. One choice might be to let the obsession run its course. GO WITH IT! It's leading us somewhere important, to a piece of information we need to grow and evolve. It is the resistance that gets painful. When we have permission to go with it, we can relax and move through the difficulty quickly and easily.

Another choice we have is to get quiet and ask ourselves whose energy and agenda is running through us. Just ask for a name or a face to pop up and when it's clear, send the energy back to the person it came from. It might take more than one try to get the energy in question to move. It also helps to have psychic/healing "tools."

When we can't break free of a certain pattern, there are energies other than our own playing a role. One thing I know for sure is that when we feel good, it's our energy we're experiencing. When we feel bad, there are outside energies creeping in, throwing us out of our space. The thoughts we have when we feel bad are a distortion. If we shift out energy we have the opportunity to respond differently and more creatively to the "problem."

I've been teaching psychic/healing tools for a long time. These tools help us access our intuition and healing abilities so that we can move from a reactive stance to a creative stance. I just wrapped up my first round of 4 week teleclasses and what a delight it was! I had a group of bright, beautiful spirits to work with and the notes they sent as the classes progressed were so validating and exciting for me as a teacher.

If you are out there struggling to break free of energies and patterns that dis-empower and perplex, please consider sighing up for my upcoming June teleclasses:

Wednesday evenings: FLUIDITY...moving through change with grace

Both classes are designed to bring more awareness and healing into spaces that might be frustrating and difficult. Stop trying to do it all by yourself and join with others in the pursuit of deeper awareness.


and that's my PSYCHIC HELLO for today!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fortune Forecast 5/26 - 6/1


Look and see what's rich in the world. Though we may be lacking in certain areas, other areas are exploding with growth and fertility. The energy on the planet is asking us to re-frame our idea of wealth. When we see the abundance around us, we can start to vibe with the energy of abundance and embody it. If we are busy fretting over resources that are dwindling and ebbing away, we naturally feel panic. Pluto moved into Capricorn at the beginning of the year and it's pushing all of us to clarify our value systems. When we know, without a shadow of a doubt what is truly important, it is much easier to manifest what we need to support our dreams and visions. No doubt, it's rough out there and it's very tempting to sink into fear and doubt. Recognize the restructuring that's happening while building a deeper sense of faith.

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Monday 5/26
It's easy to get focused and forceful today. We know what we want and how to get it. As we push towards accomplishment, it's easy to lose sight of the issues that populate the peripheral. Stay open and aware of what's going on outside the intensity and personal drive. It feels good to have a vision to pursue. Let's keep the chase fun and enthusiastic and refuse to take it too seriously.

Tuesday 5/27
We find ourselves face to face with a brick wall today. It's as if everything has stopped and there's a helplessness that is tempting us to play the victim. If we can keep ourselves calm, we'll see the openings in what looks like a brick box. A conversation or a phone call might be all it takes to get the show back on the road. In other words, get an objective opinion.

Wednesday 5/28
We often avoid feelings of vulnerability and openness. it just doesn't feel safe to have our hearts open in an abrasive world. Vulnerability takes incredible strength! It's not a weakness. If we allow a little innocence and give other the benefit of the doubt today, we'll find that the support and resources we need for success are abundantly on hand. Don't be afraid to care.

Thursday 5/29
Desire is a potent force. Sometimes we resit what we desire because we might have a judgment on wanting it. Sometimes fighting a desire is a good thing, but today we need to unleash all that passion and just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe we won't get what we want after all, but we will be wiser and stronger for trying. On the other hand, we might end up capturing a dream.

Friday 5/30
We might have to defend and protect what's ours today. there are some minor threats in the air and while there's no need to be afraid, being mindful and reacting appropriately to the threat will help us preserve the foundation we've worked so hard to build. There may be projects and responsibilities that are less than fun demanding our attention. Let's focus on these tasks so that we have more time for play later.

Saturday 5/31
Something wonderful is in the works. All we have to do is be open to receiving it. This wish might show up in a package we don't recognize at first. It's our job to explore and embody the energy of willingness. Make sure and get out today in order to amp up the ability to bump into the magic. Don't reject anything until giving it a chance. Something that looks less than stellar could be hiding the sun.

Sunday 6/1
It's a great time for spring cleaning. This might mean literally cleaning our homes and workplaces and giving away stuff we don't want or need anymore. Or it might apply more to our inner world. Cleaning up the inner world is a little more fuzzy. Activities that facilitate a meditative space internally can really help us release old stuff that has been weighing us down.

need help with the energy this week?

When we can't get our mind off the problems, we might have to literally reprogram our brain. A great affirmation should be simple and positive. It might feel funny at first to be saying over and over I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED or I AM INCREDIBLY ABUNDANT IN ALL WAYS but if we keep repeating it, it start to become true and our experience reflects it. Affirmations require a bit of discipline but when we're stuck in a morass of worries, we have nothing to lose.

Another form of affirmation requires action. Let's say we want to go on a trip but can't afford it. BUY A SUITCASE. This lets the universe know that we're serious in our intent and that we're not off on a trip about proving that we can't have what we want. If you're interested in learning more about how to use affirmations, check out any books by the lovely Florence Scovel Shinn. It will change your perspective!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spirited Away...

Guess what? I figured out how to upload youtube videos on the blog. It only took three months of thinking about it and ten minutes of work...

This could get interesting!

Here is a clip of a movie called SPIRITED AWAY that I was charmed by recently. It's about a young girl who accidentally enters the spirit world. She has many adventures as she finds her way through this new and confusing (and fantastically magical) reality.

She manages to get a job at a bath house where the spirits come for rest and rejuvenation. Humans are scorned in this realm, yet she manages to make friends and enlist the support of many along the journey. She also participates in quite a few amazing healings. In the end, it is the power of love that sets her and those who come into contact with her free.

Being a healer isn't easy! In this clip, our young heroine is asked to take on a difficult client. This particular client is absolutely filthy, stinky and disturbing (upon first glance). No one else is willing to help. The grouchy and greedy witch who runs the bath house foists this difficult client on the young girl as a way to punish her and remind her of her lowly place. In the end, the young girl is triumphant and richly rewarded.

There are so many layers of meaning in this movie, so if you get a chance to see it, DO SO.

1. Willingness is the ultimate healing tool

2. The resources we need will be there when we need them

3. Fears emerge...proceed anyway

4. Resisting the pain and toxicity of the healee is natural but must be overcome

5. An open heart and generosity of spirit always pay off

6. Support shows up in strange ways

7. Don't judge a book by it's cover

8. Rewards take many shapes and forms

9. God hides in strange places

and much, much more...

The grateful, transformed spirit gives her a gift of medicine that plays an important role later in the other healings she performs.

I'm not a fan of animation, but this film is packed with wisdom, beauty, mystery and charm. Check it out some time when in need of an uplifting and layered message.

Personally, I can relate to both the little girl and the spirit getting the healing. It's hard to be a healer sometimes, the task can be daunting and we might doubt our ability to make a difference. The problems might look a lot bigger than we are. We don't always know what we're in for when a healing begins, nor do we have control over the outcome. Trust is essential and this little gal is trusting!

I can also relate to the spirit who has somehow become loaded up with garbage, so much so that his natural shape is completely lost. No one recognizes the power and beauty hiding under all the layers of junk. We all need a good cleansing now and again as well as a compassionate healer to help facilitate it. I am blessed to have many amazing healers in my world.



Monday, May 19, 2008

Fortune Forecast 5/19 - 5/25


There's no time like the present to celebrate and enjoy our lives. There will always be pressing problems and challenges, but sometimes we need to put it all aside in favor of fun. When we validate all that we have, it's easier to create more. In the end, what will we remember? The warmth and affection we gave and received. Let's not put it off another second! Others want to join in our celebration of life but might need us to gently take the lead. Be the organizer, the hub of the wheel. The energy of contraction currently on the planet pushes us to clarify our true values. Simplicity can offer deep pleasure. Let's strip away the falsity that sometimes collects around us and get back to the basics.

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Monday 5/19
Having fun can feel like work sometimes. We might have to push ourselves to get out and connect when life's demands get intense. Today, the most spiritual thing we can do is PLAY. Put responsibility aside and find ways to have fun. The refreshment and rejuvenation that come from this will help infuse other projects and responsibilities with levity and light.

Tuesday 5/20
The mind needs to step aside for a bit. There's too much thinking and not enough action. At some point a leap of faith might be necessary just to get things moving again. There is no such thing as right and wrong, there's just more experience. When we look at it this way, it's easier to give ourselves permission to experiment. Find ways to quiet the empty and anxious chatter of a restless mind.

Wednesday 5/21
It's a great day to go back and look over old goals and wishes that were cast aside. The time is ripe for updating and reclaiming an old dream. We were reluctant to let it go and might be reluctant to revisit it. There's some distortion that needs to be addressed here. It's as if by revisiting the dream we are admitting that things are not the way we want them to be. A clean slate, at least in attitude is called for.

Thursday 5/22
It really doesn't matter what we do today as long as we do something. The endless debate about which way to go is causing stagnation and we are missing out on opportunity. A small risk can pay off handsomely. If there are areas of life we've been avoiding, it's time to face the music. Imagine our delight when we discover that there's really nothing to fear in the dusty, little corners of reality.

Friday 5/23
Purging makes space for new things to come in. It's time to get all that old stuff together and get it out. The old stuff might include things we own as well as outdated ideas, goals and relationship agreements. We know where we need to focus by checking in with our feelings. If we don't feel good about something, we know to put some attention and care there.

Saturday 5/24
Sometimes we can sense a deeper truth trying to emerge but we can't quite grasp it. Our intuition whispers to us and we have a hard time hearing it. Today we might have a sense that we're not getting the whole story or all the information we need to move forward. If we can't get answers from other people, we need to go deeper inside ourselves and listen. The truth we discover will get our dreams back on track.

Sunday 5/25
It's a great day to take risks and explore alternatives. It's suddenly easy to see avenues of opportunity opening up where there were none before. Find a way to capture some of the amazing ideas and inspiration coming through. A journal could come in handy today. Expression is important as well. Write it, paint it, sing it...share the magic of the inner world. Fulfillment will result.

need help with the energy this week?

We can worry our lives away with questions and concerns about the future and the past but in the end, the real magic is right here, right now. When we recognize that everything is about energy, we can work on cultivating more of what we want. It all starts with the power of permission. Permission softens everything and relaxes us into our current experience. Permission allows us to have our emotional experience without the toxicity of judgment and resistance. If it helps, try to picture permission as a color and imagine that color around your body. Every time tension creeps up, come back to the vibration of permission. Like a river winding its way around the rocks, permission helps us get back in the flow with our true essence and that brings healing, abundance and love to ourselves and the whole world.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Magic


It's everywhere...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Julia's World

A couple of announcements...

My schedule at is changing...I'm moving to Monday * FRIDAY * Saturday from 10-2pm mountain time. I'm also going to make an effort to show up for phone readings at night, so if you're a night owl and feel like exploring some issues and energy, please look for me between 9 and 11 pm.

New teleclasses are coming in June! I've been having a blast with my two classes...CREATE AND DESTROY and GET YOUR GODDESS ON. I'm always struck by the power of the people who show up to work with me. Thanks to all of you who have shown up and added your magic to the mix.

Are you interested in a teleclass? The convenience is amazing. Dial in from home and relax into a healing space. Spend an hour a week for four weeks reclaiming your energy and getting your focus back. I'll be launching a Tuesday daytime class (MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE) and a Wednesday evening class (FLUIDITY) in June. I hope to see you there.

The Women's Healing Sanctuary got off to a great start at the beginning of the month. If you missed it, you'll have an opportunity to attend on the first Sunday of June from 10:30-12:30. The Sanctuary is a lovely space to receive communication, energetic healing, and total validation of the power of female creative energy. Stop by and say hi!

Other than that, this week has brought many gifts. I continue to keep an eye on the media and the psychic weather. There is plenty of intensity to go around these days. Self-care is essential as we move through changes great and small. I hope that wherever you are and whatever the issues in your life are, that you remember that we always have choice. Choice is freedom!

Well, I'm off now to enjoy my new day off...THURSDAY. I have a feeling it's going to take a bit of adjusting to get used to. OR NOT.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fortune Forecast 5/12 - 5/18


This week, things are not as bad as they look. We tend to see threats where there are none. We are tempted to sink into negativity at every turn. It will take quiet time and meditative activities to keep our energies up and our perspective open. There may be stories we are telling ourselves to make sense of our troubles. This week we get a chance to wake up a bit and change the story. Perspective can be all we need to change direction and start to travel a more fruitful path. In the moments when negativity is overwhelming, we must exercise choice as well. We can choose to wallow in it but remember that it's not real. It's just a place we visit now and then. The decisions we make when we're in this space tend to lack love and prosperity. Remember this if and when deciding to visit.

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Monday 5/12
Sometimes things don't fall into place the way we hope. Sometimes they don't fall into place at all. Today is rife with frustrations great and small. Dreams we hold dear seem to be fading on the horizon. Step away from the situations that are fruitless. Take a break and allow creative energy to do it's work. Poking at things we're trying to create keeps those things from arriving in a timely manner.

Tuesday 5/13
Still feeling frustrated? It's important that those feelings find expression. Movement of all kind is a great way to get back in the flow of our healing energy. Take on a challenge and channel all the intensity into some healthy competition. Write, paint, sing and dance the truth that is coursing through, breaking old assumptions and expectations apart. The message needs to be delivered.

Wednesday 5/14
It doesn't really matter what gets chosen, what matters is that there's some sense of moving forward. The choice is all about scenery, for in the end, we always get where we need to go. Let's pick a path, a road to travel and go gladly. The grass is not greener on the other side of the hill so let's be excited about the road we're on even if there are some elements that are less than pleasant.

Thursday 5/15
Self-critical thoughts are seductive today. At every turn we have an opportunity to pick a negative point of view and indulgence in the endless list of flaws. Negative thinking is a sign that we have drifted from the flow of our own natural energy. If we see it as a symptom of spiritual disconnection and use it to come back home, it can be the greatest gift in the world.

Friday 5/16
After a tough few days, the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Opportunities are popping up all over and all we need to do is decide which ones are our favorites and proceed. The excitement and expansion coming our way makes it easy to forget the frustrations and stagnation we've had our attention on. It's time for a break from spaces that look impossible.

Saturday 5/17
We have a lot of power today to make things happen. This power can be both positive and negative. If we're still dwelling on perceived problems, we'll see those problems grow and expand. If instead, we can shift our thought and energy into dreams and aspirations, we should see movement on both fronts. It's all about perspective today, so get some! Then watch the magic unfold.

Sunday 5/18
Keep everything moving today, including the body. This is a time of big changes and we need to be willing to let go of things and situations that no longer serve a purpose. We should be more discriminating than we want to be when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes. The willingness to walk away from anything at any time in order to respond to a higher calling is a great skill to cultivate.

need help with the energy this week?

What's better than a good laugh? When life gets heavy, serious and problems loom, a laugh can move a ton of energy. Let's make light of all the idiotic struggles. Call up old friends, especially the funny ones. Tell a story and see the ridiculousness. After a good giggle, everything will look better. Everything in the universe is energy. When we find ourselves immersed in heavy, challenging energies, all we need to do is get the energy moving and we'll feel like we're back in the game again. Prosperity, love and healing are light vibrations and they tend to hang out with enthusiasm and amusement. It might take effort to find the humor, but once found, the floodgates will open and laughter will carry our prayers to the sky.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rest in Peace

I just found out this morning that a dear old friend has left this world for the spirit world. His name was William Moss and we met about a decade ago when I lived in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

He owned a bike shop which I frequented. He tolerated me trying to flirt my way into a discount or two. He was too savvy for that! He was smart, witty, strong, sarcastic and had a very big heart. We spent a lot of time riding bikes around the city that care forgot. He was wonderfully fun and very, very good to me.

Billy Ding as he was known, had an attraction to those less fortunate and helped out wherever he went. A tremendous healer, he took in a Katrina survivor or two when there was nowhere else to go. He was always out and about taking care of folks. After he closed his shop, he focused on music and playing the piano with his band Billy Ding and the Hot Wings.

I was fortunate to have spent more than a couple of afternoons drinking beer with Bill. He was an excellent dancer and companion. We once met up in Las Vegas for a bike show as well as climbing to the top of Mt. Falcon here in Colorado. He was always up for an adventure and had a way of motivating me to take a risk or two.

When I finally moved away from New Orleans, he threw me the best going away party a girl could want.


I'm sad that I won't be seeing you again in your wonderful body here on Earth. Save a seat for me in that big bar in the sky...I'm going to be thirsty by the time I get there!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fortune Forecast 5/5 - 5/11


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can't make things different. This week we are being confronted with plenty of intensity. We can fight (and in the process risk hurting ourselves) or we can relax and work with what shows up. It's true that we are creating our realities, but does that mean we have to fight to make it what we want? When we find ourselves in warrior mode, we might want to slow down and see if small adjustments can get us to a better place. Giving up a relationship or project we hold dear can be liberating! If we're not ready for such radical action, we can at least spend some time entertaining the IDEA of it. The greatest gift we have is the gift of choice. At the very least, we can be mindful that there is always something else to choose if we don't like where we are now.

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Monday 5/5
Anger is a wonderful energy! It can clean out old agreements and other energies that are stuck. We often resist anger because it feels out of control and uncomfortable but if we let it move through us when it wants to, we can use it for healing and purging. Today we are being forced to confront what isn't working. Let the resulting anger do it's work and move us into a fresh perspective.

Tuesday 5/6
It's time to take a leap of faith. It doesn't really matter what we choose to do as long as we choose something. Hanging around, debating the right and wrong is creating stagnation. Any sort of movement will be more refreshing than the endless debate. Put the fear aside and reach out for more. A door will open when we say yes to movement and no to figuring it all out.

Wednesday 5/7
Today is a great day to slow down and take stock. Sharing ideas and thoughts with trusted confidantes can help us get the clarity we need to fine tune our goals and plans. Even a small adjustment in attitude and perspective can help us feel more free and more prosperous. If there's something consuming attention, put it on the back burner for a bit and focus on spaces that have more immediate potential.

Thursday 5/8
It's time to get back to the activities and projects that help us relax. Bodies need validation to perform to their best abilities. Baths, walks, time in nature and artistic pursuits can help us get back in alignment with our spiritual energies. Taking breaks can help us come back to the demands of life with more energy and focus. Notice the environment and the natural beauty that's waiting for you to play.

Friday 5/9
Exciting opportunities are starting to look more real. Dreams that seemed unobtainable are starting to blossom and materialize. We're still in the seed stage, so care and diligence are needed, but the enthusiasm we feel is worthy of celebration. Random encounters can open doors today so make sure and get out. Pick up the phone and make contact. Happy surprises are waiting to be claimed.

Saturday 5/10
It's another great day for dreaming and relaxing. Go ahead and play hooky and do it with a glad heart. There's no room for guilt in a world based on love. Relationships can offer healing and affection. Make time for family and friends. Be willing to listen and share. Exchanges made now will bear fruit for a long time to come. If you have the chance to take a short trip...DO IT.

Sunday 5/11
Sunday is a wonderful day to reflect and let go of the pressing issues that seem to follow us everywhere. If it's hard to relax, rent a movie or delve into a good book. We need complete and total space from our lists of problems today. Healthy distractions are in order. Spiritual practices can take on deeper meanings as we move into an exciting new space of manifesting.

need help with the energy this week?

We are definitely being pushed to go past what's comfortable these days. More and more we are confronted with the unknown and what we've counted on for stability is suddenly shaky. It's time to make more space for our spirits to anchor into our bodies. That means letting go of things that don't fit.

Are you still holding on to your favorite sweater even though you never wear it? Giving it up could feel like a sacrifice and yet when we remember that to sacrifice means to make sacred, it's easier to move on. Whatever we are being asked to let go of now is paving the way for more magic and more miracles. We might not see the results of our sacrifice for quite some time but if we know what we're doing on a spiritual level, the bumps in the road are easier to handle. Be sure and give lots of love to that excellent body of yours! It is serving you well in these times of TREMENDOUS change.


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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gather Together

Spiritual work can be lonely business! When the psychic weather gets intense, we have the urge to retreat. It is precisely during these times that we need to band together and take the energy UP!

Women (especially) can create so many miracles when gathered together. We can support each other in our growth and make space for our creative energies to run high. We can relax into a deeper level of amusement and get the stuck places in our lives moving again.

I've written before about the importance of coming forward as opposed to retreating. We are here to learn more about ourselves as spiritual beings in a material reality. Each one of us has an energy to express and a thread in the grand tapestry of life...we need to show up and contribute our gifts.

Reflecting with other women and seeing how each one of us creates, can help us learn more about our own abilities. Sometimes we have to fight the urge to hide when our psychic abilities are fine tuned and the energy around is potent and sometimes toxic. It is during these times that we need to open to more as opposed to contracting and shutting down. Isn't it funny how when we're struggling the most, we stop doing the things that nurture and feed our souls?

Say yes to yourself and your growth any way you can this week.

Here's a moment of female power I'd like to share...I had a profound healing this week in my backyard. Usually I resist spending time there because...

1. it's a mess of (crappy) toys
2. it's not as perfect as I want it to be (I want more plants, more fairies...NOW)
3. my neighbors are all around watching

My best friend visited with her son for a week and one of the many gifts she gave me was the motivation and inspiration to work on the yard. We cleaned up the toys and got the kids to help, we talked about simple improvements that could make the place more magical and my friend acknowledged (she's very psychic) that there was an issue with the lack of privacy that could be resolved with a little creative placement of tiki fencing.

After she and her son went home and I was unwinding and trying to get my groove back, I had about ten minutes alone in the yard...clean and tidy...weeded and watered. I suddenly saw and felt the incredible abundance that I've created (thank you god!) for myself and my family. I let go of all the longing for MORE, MORE, MORE and just relaxed into the magic of what exists. I could see the fairies spreading out and making homes in new places. I could see that the plants that live there already are about to burst into color and the crappy toys looked kind of cool in the piles we made.

I had a moment of awareness (don't you love those?) where I recognized how far I tend to drift from what's here right now and by drifting I miss out on the incredible abundance and beauty that's sitting right in front of me.

Thank-goodness my friend came to see me! She showed me many things I have to be grateful for and she reminded me of who I am. She gently poked at the quiet fire of creativity inside that is always there, waiting to explode into life.

I hope you have many wonderful women in your life to point out the fire and shift your perspective!!

If you're needing a little woman power, perspective and healing GET IT. Stop putting it off and make it a top priority. Throw a tea party, dust off the costumes, do whatever you can to get the sparkle on. We can contribute to each other's healing as well as the healing of the world.

BY THE WAY! If you're out there craving more community and a safe place to explore your spiritual abilities and have fun, please consider signing up for a teleclass. They start next week and you can register right here at LEONINE TIMES (on the left...).

We're going to gather together and take the energy UP!