Monday, June 30, 2008

Fortune Forecast 6/30 - 7/6


A flood of fresh ideas is helping us see past the blocks and frustrations of late. It's amazing how free we feel with a slightly different perspective. Old goals that were tossed aside in favor of projects that looked easier and more viable are coming back to life. It's time to reclaim and reflect on what we truly want. Conversations with people we admire are important this week. Seek more information through books and classes. It's as if the floodgates are opening and movement is possible. We need to be patient as we lay the foundation for bigger success. One step at a time!

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Monday 6/30
It's easy to take risks when passions are pushing us past fear. The creative energy is high and we know what we want. It's easy to put aside the projects that aren't feeling fulfilling in favor of something bigger. Small steps might be all we take today, but those small steps are getting us lined up for more success down the road. The downside is irritability and impatience. Blow off steam productively.

Tuesday 7/1
We're still feeling the intensity of desire and the surging energy that comes with it. This is the time to clarify relationship agreements and tell the truth. We need to put aside the fear of being too intense or wanting too much. Have you ever noticed that we have more permission to have the nightmare as opposed to the dream? Make the dream space bigger and keep an eye on the urge to apologize for it.

Wednesday 7/2
It's time for an objective opinion. Sometimes we get so immersed in our own process that we can't see the obvious. It's ok to get help or find someone to reflect on. Sharing ideas with someone more experienced can bring more shape and dimension to plans and help us discover the blind spots. Know that the person you choose to connect with will enjoy being of assistance.

Thursday 7/3
Fears get triggered today and have us seeing all the worst case scenarios. Our minds are hopped up on what we are lacking as opposed to what we have at our disposal. The negativity is seductive and we need to be mindful of it. It's fine to succumb to the fear...visit it like an island in the sea...just don't start taking it seriously or think that's where you live. It's just a place we visit sometimes.

Friday 7/4
So often we get involved in projects that are less than exciting because they seem more practical and viable. Our dreams are viable as well but they languish when we choose something less. It's time to start clearing out the thoughts and beliefs that tell us we can't have what we want. It's not true! Maybe we hold back because we're afraid to shine and risk all the attention that results?

Saturday 7/5
We will be challenged today to hold the space of peace for ourselves and the world. Old grudges and resentments are close to the surface and need to be healed. Take a step towards healing a relationship. We might feel like it's not our responsibility because we were the wronged party. This attitude is not helpful and robs us of the power to bring more light and awareness to our own lives.

Sunday 7/6
Something magical is within grasp. It will take time and patience to grow this into something amazing. We need to protect and be mindful of the vulnerability of this idea. It's tempting to talk about it everywhere we go. This is a bad idea as it allows other people's energy, emotion and opinion to affect the plan. Keep quiet until this seed has time to blossom into something bigger.

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It's easy to feel rushed with all the incredibly creative energy coming through. Opportunities that look like they need to be acted on quickly get us rattled and ungrounded. What's ours will be there waiting for us no matter if we rush or take our time. To discover more about our purpose we need only to reflect on what has been consistently interesting to us over time. The love of nature? The love of children? Politics? Alternative healing? Art and beauty? Whatever you find yourself studying is a clue to your soul's purpose. Once we see where our interest lies, the next step is to investigate it. Seek out more information and let the pieces of the puzzle fall together. It sounds easy but it it's actually very challenging. This process requires radical trust (a valuable commodity in these times of uncertainty). Time and space is also valuable and is a gift worth giving as we seek to live more richly.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relationship Rescue


What does Relationship Rescue mean? I've had time to ponder this over the last couple of weeks after deciding to offer a teleclass in July called Relationship Rescue. It's not about being rescued from a bad or unhealthy relationship. It's not about offering solace to those who are having a a hard time finding love. It's not about salvaging a connection that has lost its spark.

It's actually about all of that and more. It's about being able to release the emotions, energies, thoughts and patterns that keep us from having the love and connection we want. It's about healing the relationship between our bodies and our spirits so that we feel more in touch with the truth of who we are. It's about healing our relationship to the world which includes just about everything.

One thing that is so delightful about the teleclasses is that each student seems to get exactly what they need. We're not all learning to do things the same way, we're each getting a chance to explore our uniqueness and manifest more of what we need as individuals. It is delightful to see people discover their own truth!
Relationship Rescue is about looking in the mirror, not to find all the flaws but to see our real selves. It's not about fixing all the things that are wrong, it's about learning how to be where we are, which ultimately creates the space we need to make changes. It's about taking ownership of what we've created, admiring it even if it is challenging, unpleasant and unfulfilling.

Relationship Rescue is about bringing in more validation. It's about getting to know the complexity and majesty of being a spirit in human form.

Recently, I've found myself reflecting on something (an Aquarian) teacher once said to me...I'M NOT SURE EARTH IS ABOUT PEACE. I JUST DON'T THINK THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING HERE.

Can I tell you how much relief this brought to me? You mean I don't have to watch my P's and Q's and meditate on world peace every day? I don't have to devote my life to those less fortunate and give up on whatever slim happiness I might want to create for myself? You mean I can be my messy, experimental self and not get in trouble for being less than perfect? Can I really let go of this idea/dream that we will all get along and live in harmony some day? (which incidentally keeps me from enjoying the NOW in favor of some idealized future).

Relationship Rescue is about learning to relish what IS and move out of all the shoulds/shouldnts/control/perfection/improvement NONSENSE. Strangely enough, the byproduct of this kind of healing is PEACE.

Weird huh?
If this article is "lighting you up" consider joining me on the journey!

ps. speaking of relationships...

  • I have decided to develop relationships in my particular with folks who have children of a similar age. I want to gather together and create more community and support. This is not an easy goal since I tend to stick to myself most of the time.
  • so...tonight, I come home from teaching the last FLUIDITY CLASS ( blow me away!!) and there's my lovely neighbor C with his daughter K who is a couple months older than my son.
  • Long story short: the kids go wild playing, I learn more about C (fascinating life including a childhood on a sheep farm, 15 years in the army, gulf war vet, social studies teacher and now an entrepreneur...WHO KNEW?).
  • The happiest surprise is that I could have spent a good two hours more just learning about C, his wife lovely wife D (the corporate shark turned dairy farmer?) and the incredible vastness of his experience which delighted me with it's complexity.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fortune Forecast 6/23 - 6/29


We are trained (especially in America) to believe we can make things happen if we just apply enough effort. That is not the case this week. In fact, all the carefully laid plans we've made are under fire. There are unexpected developments that need to be addressed. This can create a lot of frustration and impatience. We might feel pressured to keep pushing and fighting the forces at work. Being in a rush to get it all done has the potential to make a mess even bigger. Now is the time to find healthy distractions and cultivate some humor. It may seem like the sky is falling, but this too shall pass. Notice the feelings of helplessness and have a chuckle. Trust that whatever isn't working isn't working for a reason. Move past the controlling energy of the ego into the fluidity of the spirit. It ain't easy but it is something worth striving for.

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Monday 6/23
Escape from the pressures and demands of work. Get your favorite people together and play! It's tough to give ourselves permission to let go of the intensity of effort but those who do will be rewarded and refreshed. Take a break from the problems. They'll still be there when we return, but our perspective will be different which will allow more a more creative, productive approach.

Tuesday 6/24
Continuing with yesterday's theme of play, we are called to go searching for new and exciting spaces to play in. If there's something that's been calling out, go research it. We are in need of new stimulation and excitement. It's time to break the monotony and rediscover passion and wonder. If it's not feasible to travel, read a book or watch a movie about the exotic and mystical.

Wednesday 6/25
Intuition is potent today, including the dreams we wake up with this morning. Do what you can to capture some of the fleeting images and interactions on paper. These notes will come in handy at a later date. Sometimes intuition is tough to decipher. Let's sit with some of the information before making rash decisions. Time is working for us, not against us.

Thursday 6/26
There's just no way to bring order to what's happening today. We might as well give up trying and do something else. Walk away from frustrations and complications. Notice that the people in your world are acting crazy. Be mindful of the urge to heal it and decide to just ride it out instead. This will require us to not take anything personally. This is always a worthy goal.

Friday 6/27
Before we cast off an opportunity, we might want to take a closer look. There is magic here, hiding under a facade that is less than impressive. Treasure hides deep in the earth and so it is today. The ordinary masks the amazing. We have the ability to see past the facades and false fronts. Don't be afraid to take in a truth even if it comes with a bit of initial unpleasantness.

Saturday 6/28
We find ourselves with one foot in the future and one foot in the past today. This is a precarious space to be in and insecurity is natural. All we know is that our old way of doing things isn't working and yet we're not exactly clear about the new way. The solution is FAITH; faith even though our minds might be screaming that there's danger ahead. In fact, what's ahead is all kinds of fantastic.

Sunday 6/29
Be open to everyone you encounter today. It may require extraordinary efforts to be kind to folks who are behaving badly. See it as a spiritual exercise. What happens when love comes not spaces of pain and lack? Is there safety in the space of love? These are the questions of the day and nothing is more important than the exploration of these questions. Be open even if it seems dangerous. Miracles will manifest!

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S. L. O. W. D. O. W. N. That's right! It really is that simple. Ever notice how we tend to get hurt when we're in a hurry? The car accident, the stubbed toe, the injuries and misunderstandings? We can avoid that by simply slowing down. This might be a good time to step away from all the technological devices and take a break. (NOT SURE I CAN FOLLOW THROUGH ON MY OWN ADVICE. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT LAPTOP?) Notice the natural beauty of the world around you. Make time for walks and connecting with trees/flowers/birds/squirrels/etc. Say no to the guilt and pressure that tries to creep in and ruin the party. Mindful breathing and affirmations can help. Let's be human in all our glory this week. come back to the body and indulge in a simple pleasure or two...strawberries with whipped cream? The little things can create big healing so go ahead and INDULGE.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Climbing the Mountain

I grew up in Colorado with a father who loved being outdoors and loved to push himself to his limit athletically. He often dragged my brothers and I along with him. We whined and complained and dragged our heels, but somehow he always got us organized and in the car. He wasn't above using threats and intimidation...something I understand more now that I'm a parent myself :)

He would get us out there in the early morning and take off running up the mountain, leaving us trailing behind with our trusty dog. My brothers might try and follow or plop down on the side of the trail depending on their moods. I would plod along slowly, resentful with secret enjoyment.

I loved the smell of the mountain air, piney and sweet with moisture. I loved being out in the trees away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This was back in the 70's and early '80's when Colorado was still a wide open space so running into other people didn't happen much. I liked to push myself and I wanted to gain my father's respect so I always did my best to get as far as I could before he came running back down the trail in a hurry to get home.

Sometimes on my way up a mountain, when the beauty of nature simply wasn't enough to compensate for the physical strain, I would find myself thinking things like:


Then I would imagine myself back at home, wrapped in a blanket, satisfied that I had done my best and grateful to be DONE.

Why Am I telling you this?

Lately it feels like it's one mountain after another. It's hard to find that back at home, wrapped in a blanket satisfaction. Life is a little relentless. The forces of change keep pushing us to grow. The challenges seem to get bigger and more overwhelming and just when we think we can see the peak, another long stretch unfolds in front of us.

I guess we have to go back to looking at the beautiful scenery and appreciating the smells and sensual magic of the journey. Pacing becomes more important. Running faster to get there and get it done isn't going to work anymore. We have to rest along the way.

There's no going back to the simplicity we once knew. Can we create simplicity in the midst of the struggles and obstacles? Can we enjoy the rugged terrain? Can we relish the intensity of the challenge? Can we validate the fact that we're doing it, weak one moment and strong the next?

One foot in front of the other...that's another thing I used to chant in my head as I trudged up those mountains. Just keep going and take a moment here and there to notice the distance traveled. We're getting somewhere even though we can't always see the progress or the purpose.

Best of all, we're never alone. We're all living our version of the mountain climb. Give a nod as you pass a fellow hiker. Stop and share a snack. It's amazing how a little break and a good look at the fantastic environment can lift the spirit to even greater heights. Rest will come but not in the shape and form we're used to.

It's ok! We're tough and we were born for this. It's time to start remembering who we are...amazing, creative beings in a world of forgetting.

Blessings to you lovely reader! Enjoy the climb...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fortune Forecast 6/16 - 6/22


It's time to create celebrations and gatherings. Let's make time to validate all the hard work and the continuing struggle. If we put off celebrating until all the work is done, we'll never get there. everything we want and need is right here! It may not seem like it when we look at bank statements and unsatisfying jobs and relationships. If we get peaceful with where we are right now, it will be easier to make changes and move the energy that keeps us from having more. It's hard to find gratitude sometimes. We might have to work at finding one little thing to be happy about. Once we find that little thing, we crack the wall of YUCK and start to allow more YES into our lives. A party is in order. Be the one to make it happen.

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Monday 6/16
So all you have are lemons? Make lemonade! Look at what you have on hand and get creative. There are potent forces at work today and we can make the most of them by being willing to look at the situations that confound us from a new angle and a new perspective. If something is frustrating you, take a break and look for the levity and light in the world. It's waiting for you.

Tuesday 6/17
It's not a great day to make hasty decisions. We need time to mull over all the possibilities. If we can give ourselves a little time, we'll find the missing piece of the puzzle and the movement we want to create will start to happen without effort or force. It might help to get an objective opinion. Call a friend or mentor and do some brainstorming. The solution is stunning in its simplicity.

Wednesday 6/18
We always have the option of choosing peace. We might have to come back to it every passing minute, especially when life and the people around us are trying to provoke a reaction. There is conflict all around today. It's seductive and easy to get pulled into some intensity. Keep stepping back even if it causes tension. Be the voice of reason amidst all the madness.

Thursday 6/19
It's hard to see what's really going on. We might have a sense of being manipulated with no real proof. Let's trust our intuition and hold back on taking action. The truth is unpleasant as it challenges a perfect picture we have of what's really going on. It's time to let go of the picture and mourn it if necessary. Hanging on to it is starting to create a bit of a self-made prison.

Friday 6/20
It's time to start thinking about what abundance really means. Words get charged up with ideas and pictures. Whose picture of abundance are you operating from? Reclaim the word and the energy for yourself. It start inside and ripples out into the physical world. Are you looking for it in the wrong place? Find it in your heart and you'll start to see it reflected in the rest of your world.

Saturday 6/21
Don't you love that word, AMOK? Passions run wild in a good way today. The intensity might have us feeling slightly out of control but the good news is: we're getting a chance to create a bigger, richer space to grow and flourish in. Let those desires rise up and find expression. Take the judgment out of the picture for now and just go. Freedom tends to make a ruckus when it calls us.

Sunday 6/22
We're always on the right track. There's no such thing as going in the wrong direction. While it's true that some actions take us closer to a dream and some actions take us further away, the wandering is important. There's just no need for regrets and recriminations when everything is ultimately getting us where we need to be. Things are falling into place today. Have fun with it!

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Is the glass half empty or half full? The way we see things is not really the problem as much as how stubborn we get in defending our point of view. The glass is both half full and half empty. It's important to stay awake to how we are choosing to perceive ourselves and our struggles. When we go unconscious we become victims to the energy and lose our ability to manage the forces that bluster and blow us about. Be an observer this week. Take note of the stories you tell yourself to make sense of the world. Is it time to re-frame certain narratives to allow more magic and prosperity? We can re-write our story anytime!! This is a great time to start...

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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wheel of Life

The poppies in my yard have lost their petals. They're already waning. Watching the plants come and go is a great way to remind ourselves that we're part of larger cycles. Everything is constantly moving and changing even when we can't see the changes.

I've been explaining cycles to my four year old son. I'm trying (in the most simplistic way) to show him that the Sun is closer to the Earth now and it brings on the green. He asked me if the poppies were dead and I told him they were sleeping and waiting for the next spring to come.

The energy in our lives ebbs and flows as well. We have periods of prosperity followed by periods of struggle, then prosperity again. Trying to keep everything linear and predictable causes pain. If we know that everything is moving, then we can roll with it, stay relaxed as the waves roll in and roll out.

As a psychic, I know how much people want answers and reassurance. They want to know when they'll fall in love and with who, they want to know when their house will sell and how much they can expect. They want to know what job to look for and how long it will take to get it.

Though I've been known to throw out a prediction here and there...a date, a name a detail...I prefer not to. It goes against my basic understanding of the world we're in. I don't believe that anything is set in stone. I KNOW that everything can shift and change in an instant and either bring us closer to what we want or further away.

Predictions can cause pain when they don't come to pass. It's my job to get people back in the flow of their spiritual energy, the life force and wisdom that can create what they want. When we find ourselves desperate for answers, we need to slow down and find that quiet place inside. Details might not be available, but who needs details when they have the faith that comes from being united spiritually and physically?

It's easy to feel insecure these days. They are a lot of changes happening, most of which we seem to have little control over. We always have control over how we respond to the challenges in our lives. Even in the middle of a psychic storm, we have the option of choosing (inner) peace.

No one promised that it would be easy!! It's easy and hard at the same time. It's simple and complex at the same time. We are in a world of dichotomies. Peace is the center point of the dichotomy. The place where we can have both sides of the spectrum. Can we embrace the simplicity and the complexity?

Get peaceful with whatever it is you dread. It will take you closer to the inner peace that will help you slide on by the difficulties and hard places. If your greatest fear is that you will always be alone, get truly peaceful with it. Then you'll have the happy surprise of discovering that there are many wonderful relationship options out there for you. If you dread failing in your career, get peaceful with it. Then watch yourself excel as that fear of failure no longer controls and colors your actions.

Go ahead and entertain the worst case scenario. Have fun imagining yourself bankrupt, alone and destitute. It's not going to happen and if it did, you would go on. You might even be stronger and wiser for having lost everything you value. Just remember, the wheel keeps turning and whatever loss you're facing is temporary.

This too shall pass.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fortune Forecast 6/9 - 6/15


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can't change things. We push, fight, try to control to no avail. This week we have a chance to recognize our own limitations. The key to making things move is to stop trying. There are important forces at work and we'll see the wisdom in the delays that frustrate us when it's all said and done. There's just no point in struggling against forces that are bigger and more powerful than our will. It's a great time to find healthy distractions. Go ahead and take attention off the spaces that refuse to move. There will be relief but it will come about unexpectedly and in ways that also appear to be outside of expectations. Relaxation techniques and mantras could come in handy as we get out of our own way and let God direct the action.

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Monday 6/9
Find someone to talk to. Social connections are important now and can help us make sense of the riddles that perplex and frustrate. Friends can also help us find the humor. Amusement is a great healer. It gets us out of the heaviness and brings in the levity we need to see past the blocks and challenges. Stop putting off those phone calls and reach out.

Tuesday 6/10
An unexpected and slightly traumatic event may have us scrambling to come up with a new plan. We're not going to like it at first but soon we'll discover the gifts that are waiting behind the upheaval. The structures we've built to make ourselves safe are crumbling. The security we crave will emerge from a deep place inside. Once this strength is discovered, the rest will look flimsy and we'll be grateful to be rid of it.

Wednesday 6/11
Though life is tough right now, there is value in everything we're experiencing. There's no such thing as wasting time or being invested in the wrong relationship or situation. Look for meaning even if it requires sifting through unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Be willing to go deeper in search of the treasure that lies hidden under what looks like a disaster.

Thursday 6/12
Often, we long for times gone by and the happiness we used to have. There's no way to go back, so clinging to what has passed is futile. We can however create new versions of things we love. When we find ourselves clinging to what once was, we need to gently pull ourselves back to the moment at hand. The magic we seek is here, now. Open up to it and be willing to let it look and feel different.

Friday 6/13
We're starting to see more action. Our dreams and goals are getting a shot in the arm after a few days of tough challenges. There will be more and more momentum, which at some point will allow us to let og of the effort and stress. Trust it and know that now is the time to catch up on rest and organizational work that will help everything run smoothly.

Saturday 6/14
Mood swings are intense and can be confusing today. Our intuition is talking to us through feelings. Instead of resisting the feelings, we might as well go with them. Create space for the experience and journey that is unfolding from the emotional body. There's just no need to judge it or feel bad about what is emerging. It's just information and important information at that.

Sunday 6/15
This is a wonderful day to rest, reflect and party! Even a small celebration will help lift spirits and get us ready for the work ahead. Those of us who can't find a reason to celebrate need it the most. Do your loved ones a favor and be willing to set the stage for a gathering of love. Hard times need to be recognized and appreciated. Doing so makes the sweet times sweeter.

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Relax. This too shall pass. Good fortune comes and goes. Everything is fluid. There's no need to take the hard times to heart or assume that that's all there is. There will be an upswing in the energy soon and we want to be ready to meet it when it happens. It would be a shame to be totally stressed out and exhausted when that time comes.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Playground of the Mind

Our minds are powerful. We can create incredible complexity regarding just about anything and everything. We can think ourselves into a corner and back out again.

I have a little brother who's a bit of a natural sage. About a year ago, as he was emerging from some very difficult challenges, he said to me "I'm not sure being smart is a good thing. It could be that being smart is a liability." We laughed and laughed at this idea and how easily both of us create complications that don't really exist. The mind can talk us (very persuasively) out of taking chances. The mind can keep us from wandering and learning. The mind sometimes dictates that we stay on the straight and narrow. The mind has strong opinion about how to be in the world, ideas that sometimes threaten to choke the life out of us.

The straight and narrow isn't very fulfilling in my experience. I'm not a fan of rigidity and doing the "right" thing, though my mind chats on and on about it ceaselessly. I've certainly made many choices in direct opposition of what would be considered "right." A lot of those choices led to a lack of fulfillment as well. Rebelling means being captive to the original dictate of the mind.

I think about what my brother said a lot. Being smart can bring on a whole lot of trouble. I've started seeing my mind as a fun house of sorts, with lots of mirrors that distort and manipulate. Getting out of the incessant chatter of the mind is imperative for me and I imagine for you as well. I don't pretend to be able to stop the chatter, but I do work towards being able to observe it from a neutral place. I also cultivate amusement and patience. I know I get in trouble when I let the chatter of the mind become the authority.

There is an intuitive part of the brain. It is more quiet than the intellect. It talks too, but may communicate through a combination of imagery, feeling and knowing. The intuitive part of the brain doesn't get a lot of cultural validation. We aren't rewarded for drifting and dreaming. People who lead with intuition often get invalidated and insulted. Women naturally have more permission to be intuitive. I feel compassion for all the psychic men out there, especially the ones who don't know how psychic they are.

Take my little brother for example. He's sensitive, wise, generous and very, very psychic. He didn't know how to cope with his spiritual abilities and found ways to turn it off. It was destructive for him to do so but he didn't have any guidance about how to use his abilities in a positive way for himself and the world.

Psychic people often grow up feeling different or slightly crazy. Other people can't see what we see. Or maybe they don't want to see it. So many of us invest in these incredible constructs from the intellect, that seeing past it is terrifying and much too vulnerable.

What's my point?

-We need the intellect. It has a place but it probably shouldn't be running the show all the time.
-We need to discover more about the mystery of intuition, how it works for us and how to respond to it.
-When we can't or don't listen we often end up feeling uninspired even when we do all the "right" things.

So what's the answer?

-Slow down, come back to your body and start to see who you really are...

You can wake up now if you want to...(wink, wink)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fortune Forecast 6/2 - 6/8


We get a chance this week to work through old, painful stuff. A catalyst shows up early in the week and pushes into the darker recesses of our psyches. We can go willingly, knowing that there is treasure hiding in there, or we can kick and scream and look for ways to distract ourselves from the process. One thing is certain, there's no need to try and make sense of it or judge our response. The way to deep healing requires that we stop taking every sling and arrow so personally. We can even be grateful that a person or event has triggered old fears so that we can consciously confront patterns that keep us from manifesting what we are capable of. Cultivate neutrality. Watch what happens without forming an opinion and there will be lots of new insight to empower and inspire.

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Monday 6/2
It's easy to let our minds take charge when we feel uncertain or afraid. Though the heart may not be in an optimistic space today, it has valuable insight that can help us navigate difficult terrain. Give the emotional body room to stretch even if there's unpleasantness. The head and the heart are striving for the same outcome and when they work together, miracles happen.

Tuesday 6/3
Sometimes all we need is a slightly different approach, or a new point of view to create change and movement. It may be time to re-frame an old story...especially if the story is one of victim-hood and wrong doing. If something just won't change, it may be time to step back and take a short break. Stop pushing if pushing isn't creating results. Pause and let new ideas settle in.

Wednesday 6/4
We need to watch out today for people and situations that threaten to chip away at our sense of self and certainty. Sometimes we don't even know what we have until it's gone. Take a look at resources on hand. Know what's available and how it can be used effectively. It might be that we have a lot more than we thought. This will help us protect our valuables and grow them into prosperity.

Thursday 6/5
It takes strength to be vulnerable. In an abrasive world where competition and aggression are often rewarded, can we be open and loving? This is the question of the day. For those brave enough to continue caring when it would be easier to shut down, there will be amazing rewards. Innocence can protect us and keep us in synch with divine forces.

Friday 6/6
Peace starts in the inner world and moves out from there. A conflict that's been brewing in our own minds and hearts is dragging us down. We can choose peace over this! It may require us to choose over and over as circumstances push us toward conflict. It may be time to retreat and regroup if the environment is a trigger. Stay loose and stay cool and slip on through the tension.

Saturday 6/7
A golden opportunity is at hand. It doesn't look like much but our intuition tells us that something big is hiding here. This is an opportunity that will take a lot of time and patience to see through. There won't be immediate results so dial down the expectations. See this as an exciting journey as opposed to a desired outcome. There is much to be enjoyed for those who take it on.

Sunday 6/8
A lovely day for connecting and affectionate exchanges. Stop working and look for pleasure. There is beauty to be enjoyed and laughter to lift spirits. Let's give ourselves permission to stop. Make an effort to reach out to loved ones. Help them make space for healing contact and conversations. Don't hesitate to take the lead. Refreshment and rejuvenation need to be the top priority.

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The trouble with unconsciousness is that we don't know when we're unconscious! There are a few clues that can help guide and direct us. Feelings of being out of control are a clue. Being reactive is a clue. Saying or doing things with no understanding of our motivation is a clue too. Awareness can change everything. If we see it, we can make new choices. Sometimes just deciding to be more aware without the pressure of having to make changes can bring tremendous healing. It's important that we familiarize ourselves with energies and dynamics that keep us from being as big and bright as we truly are. Be an observer this week. Watch yourself as you go through the ups and downs without pressure to make it different. There is so much to be gleaned from just showing up and being present even if we're behaving in ways we don't like or understand. The truth will come as we open to the full spectrum of our experience.
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