Thursday, July 31, 2008

Between the Worlds

New Moons are interesting. There is a sense of the light disappearing briefly. Depression is common right around the new moon. Are you feeling it?

The Leo moon gives us a chance to create seeds that will yield projects and relationships that boost our sense of self and bring more love and fulfillment. Use this evening to ponder what would help you feel more in love with your life. Start putting the intention out!

So many people seem to be between two worlds now. There are a lot of endings and beginnings. I've seen a ton of job changes and relationship shifts with friends and clients. I've been experiencing it in my own world as well.

That space between the worlds is so very, very vulnerable! We're leaving the familiar for the unknown without any reassurance that things will be ok. We might have a sense of relief to be moving away from things that weren't working anymore, or we might have a ton of grief about being forced to let go of something we love. We might have a complex mix of both experiences.

Some of the people I know and work with have a terrible sense of no closure. The space they're exiting is messy and there was no validation of their gifts and participation. It's hard not to drag that pain into the new space that's being created. If this speaks to you, know that the new moon is helping you. It may bring the pain briefly to the surface in order to heal it. Let it happen. Do what you need to do to mourn and move forward with grace.

This is a great time to relax and reflect. I myself have been going through a lot of changes and have found myself trying to push forward. What I realized this week (as a terrible exhaustion descended on me) is that I need to take time in this in between space. I've got to stop trying to rush into something new and allow a little energetic detox. None of us enjoy this part of the process but it is essential.

Our fears and doubts are potent as the light of the moon disappears. The worst fears are the ones that tell us we'll never get what we want...that we don't have the skills, abilities, education or whatever to create a life that feels great and reflects our unique magic. Leo will bring out all these insecurities.

I'm going to sit with mine for a bit. When I make space for them, I start to see how silly most of them are and unfortunately, how some of them have dictated past choices in an unfruitful way.

Let's use the energy of this moon to bring in some forgiveness and a wave of fresh creativity.

Thanks again for all the validation and support so many of you have offered! I am so blessed to have the miracle of YOU in my life.

The new weekly scopes will be up this Sunday at It will be fun to get back in there knowing how many of you are enjoying the scopes.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need a reading! Though I am between the worlds, I love reading for you and find readings energizing and amazing. That's why I'm still here, lovelies. My work keeps me clear, so keep 'em coming!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fortune Forecast 7/28 - 8/3


Big energies conspire to push us into new, unfamiliar territory this week. We can go with an attitude of openness or we can kick, scream and try to resist. We don't have to like everything that's unfolding now but we can trust that it's taking us closer to our own authenticity as spirit. Why is the journey home to ourselves so fraught with difficulty? Shouldn't it be a joy? The journey to purpose, fulfillment and authenticity is painful because we often invest in energies and ideas that aren't true. There are certain things we want to believe about ourselves, the people we love and the projects we care about. We sometimes pretend things are better and healthier than they really are. We spend a lot of time defending what we are invested in instead of being open to new approaches and paths. It's not working this week, so resolve to find a new way and cultivate a good attitude about it.

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I'm in the process of moving the scopes to my new site.

Next Sunday (august 3rd) will be the debut of the GOOD FORTUNE SCOPES.
After all, who would I be without scopes to write?

Monday 7/28
Good fortune will come quickly today and pass by just as quickly. We don't have the luxury of thinking things over. We need to pay attention to instinct and react quickly and decisively. Our bodies can give us powerful cues about what to do and when to do it. Let's do what we can to tune in to these cues as they may be hard to sense under the noisy chatter of the ego mind.

Tuesday 7/29
It's important to know when to let go and move on. Sometimes we hang on to things out of sentiment or fear of change. The truth is, we've outgrown something and even though it once provided great pleasure, it's time to let it go. It's ok to grieve. This outgrown thing played a tremendous role in our lives. Honor it and make space for the conflicting emotions to be released.

Wednesday 7/30
Guidance comes through our feelings today. We can navigate by asking ourselves how we feel in any given moment. If it doesn't feel good, move on (at least for today). So often we try and override difficult feelings by forcing ourselves to stick with things and make it work. Feelings and intuition are directing us to invest in new projects. A risk well worth the discomfort it creates.

Thursday 7/31
Pause and reflect. Hasty actions will not yield the desired result. There is a tremendous urge to charge ahead, blindly and with no plan. This might create more problems than it solves. It will take a lot of strength to control the impulses and drives that are pushing us toward chaos. If worse comes to worse, find a healthy distraction until the energy settles down again.

Friday 8/1
Healings don't always look or feel pleasant. Today we might find ourselves confronting old wounds in the form of doubts and fears. It might be frustrating to be facing the same old junk after years of working on it. Let's not invalidate the process of peeling the onion. We encounter shades of similarity as we get closer to the core. Recognize the power that's becoming available here.

Saturday 8/2
This is an excellent day for meditation, reflection and rest. Ambitious energies are building in strength. We can capitalize on these energies by resolving some of the inner tension that keeps us tired and distracted. New projects are taking shape and we'll want to go forward feeling refreshed and ready to go. The mind and the heart want the same thing. Open a dialogue.

Sunday 8/3
Racing thoughts are causing stress and pain. We are vulnerable to obsessive thinking and ruminating over decisions that are long past. It takes gentle discipline to step in and quiet the storm. It might even take a book, a movie or a phone call to a dear friend to quiet the crazy, self-critical chatter. It's important that we refuse to indulge the mental stress, even if it requires extraordinary effort to stop.

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A river knows how to move gracefully around obstacles. There is no tension in water. We need to cultivate the awareness and properties of the river. When we stay loose and open to what's happening, we have the ability to use our intuition and instincts to make choices. If we get tense and try to stubbornly cling to certain things out of a need for safety or just plain unwillingness, we often get hurt. The energy in our world is very intense lately and to stay in sync with all the changes we have to let go of the need to be in control. It's tough! Notice that what you need sometimes shows up at the last minute but it shows up nonetheless. Being in a state of stress and tension while we anxiously await what we need isn't helpful. More and more we need to BE HERE NOW enjoying what is and knowing that we will have our needs met, often in mysterious and miraculous ways.

Maybe all this current craziness is really a way to bring more miracles and make the miracles more visible? Maybe God is talking to us louder than ever through the cracks in our ideas, dreams and plans? It's worth contemplating...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks & Weekly Success Scopes?

Thanks to everyone who has written is support of recent changes...more on that below the picture.

The weekly scopes are currently homeless...

Honestly, writing both scopes and the fortune forecast is getting intense, so I'm thinking about dropping one of them. I want you to have a voice in this decision!!

Go to the poll on the left side of the blog and vote. I will make a decision soon. If it turns out that scopes win, I will start posting them on my new site...probably on Sundays (and they might be a tad shorter in length).

If the Fortune Forecast wins, nothing will change.


I truly appreciate all the encouraging letters and comments about the changes here in Julia Land. I feel wild and wooly. I suddenly feel free to create more magic now that I've listened and responded to some of my counter intuitive information.

I hope you are getting insights, healings and magic as well from your counter intuitive-ness.

Stay tuned for more excitement.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Counter Intuitive

Counter Intuitive...contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation (but often nevertheless true).

I've been thinking a lot about the definition of the word counter intuitive. What role does counter intuitive information play in an intuitive's life?

I sometimes get messages that seem to go against the plans and visions I'm trying to create. (I bet you do too!) In the past, I often dismissed these hits as random and coming from someone or somewhere else. Lately when this happens, I slow down and take a closer look, especially if the idea keeps emerging over and over. At this point, the information needs consideration and a closer look even if it looks like it's working in opposition to what I want.

The challenge is this: when counter intuitive information shows up, we often pass it by because it either doesn't make sense or it seems to direct us in the opposite direction we're trying to get to. How often do we stubbornly cling to our vision as the Universe tries to redirect us to a route that would ultimately create more fulfillment?

What if these counter intuitive messages contain important clues about how to navigate our lives and get closer to the dream?

Sometimes we get so invested in what we want to create and the path to getting there, that we can't see other options that might be more effective.

I ask you lovely readers, to take a closer look at the counter intuitive information coming through now. Consider acting on it. Drop the resistance and the defensiveness and EXPLORE.

Along these lines, I want to let you know that the shape and structure of my healing practice is changing. Phone consultations can now be purchased at This will allow me to manage my time more effectively. It will be slightly inconvenient for those of you who are used to reaching me instantly through the system. I regret the trouble this may present!

This is an important step for me as I venture out on my own...

You see dear readers, I recently realized that I had lost sight of a core belief. I was stubbornly pursuing something that just wasn't bringing the results I wanted and expected. It is complicated and not that interesting but the gist of it is this: I don't want to be ambitious in THIS SPACE. I want to work from a place of love and peace. I don't need everyone in the world to read these messages or show up for readings. I JUST WANT TO WORK WITH MY PEOPLE. I know that my people will find me and benefit from the blog, or a class, the sanctuary or a reading. I want to be available, but in a way that feels good. It's time to create more balance in my life and that might mean working with a smaller group of people BUT OH WHAT AN AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE I HAVE!!


Focusing on a smaller group of people will help me deliver a higher level of service to my people.

I hope this news is good news and know that I will do whatever I can to be available to you if and when you need me.


Tune in to the counter intuitive messages and respond accordingly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Julia

Well only took me about ten years of thinking about a site to actually get one built. I'm pretty proud of it and hope you will enjoy it too. Check out the services I provide and know that nothing would please me more than being of service to YOU!

let me help you shine!

Fortune Forecast 7/21 - 7/ 27


There are pressures this week that cause us to doubt the viability of our goals and dreams. Many a temptation will arise, offering a short cut or an easier route, or even worse a complete distraction. We need to stay steady and true even under adverse conditions. There's no need to get tense or defensive, in fact staying relaxed is essential to success. It's time to be more creative and open up to new ideas about how to get where we want to go. If we find ourselves defending our position and tuning out feedback, we need to stop and allow fresh ideas in. There is a way to stay steady and true to the vision without being stubborn and hard headed. That's the lesson we're working on now, so don't expect perfection. Be mindful and opening to expansion through experience, positive or negative.

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Monday 7/21
This too shall pass so there's no need to panic. Resources tend to ebb and flow like waves in the ocean even though we often wish there was a sense of linear and predictable growth. The real problem today is the tendency to freak out about it or draw premature conclusions. It can all turn around in an instant and it will when we step out of our own way and let the magic happen.

Tuesday 7/22
It's tempting to get involved in someone else's dream today. There might even be a promise of easy prosperity and success. Underneath the seduction there is an uncomfortable feeling that this might be a distraction from our true purpose and goals. It's hard to say no and risk disappointing someone we care about. It's also hard to say not to something that might be prosperous, but we need to do just that.

Wednesday 7/23
Take a class, read a book, go out and explore. this will help enliven and get us into a more creative space. There are a millions reasons and excuses to keep us from our passions. Put all that junk aside and go on a quest. The excitement and enthusiasm that begins today will spill over into other more established parts of our world infusing them with a fresh and wonderful sense of possibility.

Thursday 7/24
Notice how easy it is to slip into that dream killing space. It's always there, waiting to emerge and keep us from venturing into new areas. It's time to become more mindful of this voice and gently say no. It might require a bit of gentle discipline to create a new pattern. Getting rid of that critical voice might not be possible, but learning a new response to it is.

Friday 7/25
Sometimes we get so focused on the mundane details of our lives, we forget to see all the miracles and magic that are happening all around. Even a small miracle needs to be noticed and validated. In fact, when we start to validate and experience gratitude for all the small miracles, we start to manifest bigger ones. There's magic in the air today. Don't miss it!

Saturday 7/26
We are alchemists of the highest order, but we also tend to forget this every day and in every second. We are looking at a situation that seems heavy and stuck. It's hard to figure out how to shift it. Step away and get a bigger picture. Where do we want to be in relationship to this beheamouth? Imagine how it feels to be there and infuse your inner world with the energy of that vision. Shift happens.

Sunday 7/27
So...we don't have everything we want, but we surely have most of what we need. It's time to contemplate want versus need. The truth is, most of us have our basic needs met and this fact needs to be honored and appreciated. When we fail to see this we tend to panic and get stuck in survival which is not the most creative, abundant place to be. Enjoy the simple pleasures and know that all is well in this moment.

need help with the energy this week?

Again, how do we hold steady without being stubborn and defensive? Sometimes we are so desperate to create our vision that we won't listen to anyone else and we narrow the focus to the point of not being able to see creative approaches. If the people in your life have been telling you the same thing about yourself and your plans, it might be time to listen. Consider the feedback being offered and the source. At the same time, there is opposition to our plans sometimes int he form of misunderstandings and a lack of support. At these times, we have to stay true to ourselves but LOOSE. Be firm while wandering in the wilderness of creation. Imagine how you want to feel but be open to how the details fall into place. Be in charge without being controlling. It's hard and easy at the same time. Such is life on Earth...

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Friday, July 18, 2008


It's time to seek shelter.

When it rains and storms, we know to go inside. Well, friends, the psychic weather is STORMY. It's time to seek shelter spiritually. This doesn't mean hiding out in wait. For some of us it might mean coming forward and offering our healing in new ways.

It certainly means that self care is essential as well as a willingness to strip away the junk and become lean, mean, bright and shiny beings!

With Pluto flirting on the edge of Capricorn, there is a sense that being conservative might not be a bad idea (not talking politics here...). I'm talking about the energy of deconstruction that so many of us are dealing with.

Have you been wondering why it's difficult to create what you want? Have you been struggling with feelings of self-criticism about not doing it right? Sometimes the group agreement is stronger than our individual abilities. There is a movement happening now in the world and if we fight against it, we might get hurt.

Maybe this conservative energy shows up in your job? Maybe you don't like your job but know instinctively that it's important to hang on to it. Maybe it shows up in your home? You want to move but know that the market isn't too strong right now. Maybe it's showing up in a relationship that you would like to leave but may need the support and stability it brings.

Hanging on to stuff that's less than perfect just to preserve some balance might not be a bad idea right now. Only you know the truth of what needs changing and what's possible in these conditions. Holding steady might be the place to focus...

A leap of faith is a wonderful thing, but with the energy the way it is, these leaps of faith need to come from a deep place of certainty. If we don't have that certainty, we might need to hold steady for a little longer until we feel the rightness of our changes deep in our cells. It's hard to be patient and trust that that time will come.

In the meantime, we can seek shelter by stripping away the nonsense and getting in touch with our core values. What is truly important? Create more of it! It might be heart connections, or pursuing a hobby that feels passionate. It might come in the form of seeking counsel through a good book or class. It might come from a short trip to a beautiful place where rest and refreshment are favored.

Get rid of the extras, the junk that buffers against feelings of unfulfillment. Though we may all feel a desire to avoid the pain that this process is bringing up, avoidance will only prolong it. This is the gift of the struggles we face now. We are being forced to confront our version of the underworld whether we want to or not. Willingness and adaptability is an amazing space to be in.

It's ok to be conservative with resources and energy now. It's not a sign of being weak or unwilling to push the envelope. It just makes sense! Times like this push us to discover a deeper truth about ourselves and our lives.

I'm in it for sure...looking at where I want to put my energy and how much I have to give. I'm questioning how and where I want to offer my gifts to the world. I've peeled away a lot of junk that was between me and a core sense of myself in the world. It has not been pleasant at times and the answers I've gotten feel hard to act on for they push me to leave the comfort zone I've carefully constructed.

I'm moving towards a conservatism that I once laughed at but under the chatter of the ego there is relief in finally being able to embrace ideas that I once shrugged off as unworkable for me. Don't be afraid to consider possibilities that seem counter-intuitive to where you are and the point of view you have now. Though I said earlier that risk isn't favored now, it IS if you have a deep sense of clarity, that feeling in your cells. Get rid of the idea that is has to be easy. It might be easy, but it might not.

Take some time to ponder what shelter is for you and what you might be called on to give up or cultivate to make that shelter work. This too shall pass and when it does, everything that was built under duress will serve a future of growth and prosperity.

Confused? Welcome to earth! I've always felt strongly that we are not here to be perfect or achieve peace. We're here to revel in the MESS of the human experience. I imagine this is why in Buddhism the emphasis is on detachment. It's painful here, there's no getting around it and when the world gets stormy, take your most important valuables and find a spot to ride it out.

Sorry if this sounds extreme...must be that full moon in Capricorn! It makes a psychic SERIOUS.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fortune Forecast 7/14 - 7/20


There's some excellent energy in the air this week for getting projects off the ground and creating victories right and left. Goals and dreams that have been percolating in the background are coming to the fore with a lot of power behind them. We suddenly feel free to explore and push the envelope. It's not scary anymore and feels natural to take risks and go after it. The only downside to this is the irritability and impatience that sometimes comes along with the drive to succeed. We are more sensitive to the distractions and petty nonsense that takes us away from our passionate focus. Loved ones could get caught in the cross hairs. We need to be mindful that even though we might be on a tear, the people around us are just living life and needing us like they always have.

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Monday 7/14
Don't you love that word, AMOK? I have to use it as often as possible! In truth, the mind is exploding with ideas and possibilities that once looked difficult and unworkable. We need time to let all these ideas settle into place. One or two will emerge as the winners and from there, it will be easy to create steps to success. The others will have to fall by the wayside for a while.

Tuesday 7/15
As our ambition grows in intensity, we are forced to confront our own insecurities and the droning of the internal critic. In the past, we might have succumbed to all that chatter but we have the opportunity to say no now. It might be interesting to find out what's really behind all the nonsense. It's fear...fear of failure AND fear of success. In other words, fear of change.

Wednesday 7/16
It's time to air out grievances and get everything on the table. It isn't helpful to repress observations that have the potential to create healing. We also need to be willing to confront the half-truths we tell ourselves to get ourselves off the hook. It's time to grab the bull by the horns and admit that we've allowed certain things to distract us from our dreams. Now that we see it, we can change it.

Thursday 7/17
See the project at hand like a shiny diamond with many facets. If the current approach is not yielding the desired results, look at from a different angel. We need to get an objective picture of the challenge today. If it helps to talk it over with someone more neutral, do it. There are many openings to capitalize on and we need to look more creatively for those openings.

Friday 7/18
It's time to take a break from all the work and ambition of the week. It's hard to stop or pull away when everything feels so important and immediate but a break will help immensely. After all, why are we working so hard to make a dream come true? Surely it's so that we will have more time, abundance and other resources to share and enjoy with our loved ones!

Saturday 7/19
There are a million reasons to not feel good today. We often tell ourselves that we'll feel good when we get there. Why not feel good along the way even when things are less than perfect? If we can cultivate the ability to feel good wherever we are and whatever our circumstances are, we will enjoy our successes so much more and free ourselves of the endless drive for perfection and more.

Sunday 7/20
An obstacle that has long hampered progress is finally falling away. As exciting as this is, it's a little frightening too. What are we going to do with all the freedom and the new, more expansive space? Old excuses won't work anymore. New challenges are about to pop up, but before we get going again, let's just take a moment to celebrate and validate the major shift that just took place.

need help with the energy this week?

It's easy to get a little obsessed when there's so much ambition and intensity driving our dreams. We might find ourselves irritable and impatient when loved ones approach us for connection and rest. Balancing the different and sometimes competing areas of our lives is essential to happiness and success. We might have to force ourselves to stop working, slow down and pay attention to the people in our lives. Notice the resentment that pops up and move into a different kind of space. After all, success would be pretty hollow if there were no one around to share it with. Make time for rest and reflection even though it seems counter-intuitive. It will pay off and help us have the energy we need to take these dreams all the way.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lighten Up

Yeah, that's me talking to me. I've been getting a little too heavy lately in my own inner world as well as here at Leonine Times. I mean, how many articles can I write about the CRAZY?

It's so easy for me to look at the chaos and crazy and pain. I'm fascinated by it and find myself listening to the droning of the pain station even when I know it's not good for me personally. On top of that, I'm a grumpy, old Capricorn so it's pretty easy for me to get CYNICAL. Thank goodness I have a Leo Moon to help remind me to play.

So...I've been thinking about what I could post this week that would feel a little lighter and more fun?


?????????? about a pretty (playful) picture?


Now that I got that out of the way, I'd like to move on to something heavier. Sorry, I just can't help it. IT'S COMPULSIVE.

I recently saw a movie that was a manifestation of my own personal nightmare. No need to go into too many details, let's just say it involved death, suffering and children left motherless. As horrifying as it was to watch a version of my own worst-case scenario, it brought a strange sense of relief as well, maybe because in the end, everyone was dead and there was no more suffering? Maybe it was because I actually had a chance to sit with the horror instead of trying to pretend it doesn't exist.

My point is this:
We all have nightmares...this is not a problem but how much of our energy goes into keeping the nightmare hidden? How much energy do we spend fighting the fear of something that hasn't even happened?

I shared my experience with my FLUIDITY class and created a healing meditation to help us all reclaim our energy from our own personal nightmares. We then created the energy of our dreams and brought that energy into our bodies.

I was shocked to discover that most of us have more permission to have the nightmare than the dream!! I was also shocked by how much unconsciousness we put around our nightmares because they are just too horrible to acknowledge.

Nightmares change as the circumstances of our lives change. Our childhood nightmares might be quite different from our adult nightmares. We also tend to judge and compare our nightmares to others. One person's nightmare might be gaining weight or losing their hair. That person might feel like their nightmare is shallow compared to starvation or disease.


Getting rid of the nightmare might not be possible, but getting to know the nightmare IS possible and I highly recommend it.

Here's why: if we actually take some time to sit with it and experience the terror, we have a chance to reclaim A TON of energy. Let's lose the judgment about whether or not our nightmare really is a doesn't matter.

Visit the nightmare, imagine it's real, make friends with it, be sad about it, cry about it, poke fun at it and get your energy back. Call back all the energy you put into pushing it away, denying its existence and fighting it. Then, once you've spent some time with it, create the energy of your dream. Imagine it as a color if you don't have the details. Bring that color into your body. Do it ten times in a day and see what happens.

Please let me know what you discover! I love stories...all kinds of stories...even the dark ones.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fortune Forecast 7/7 - 7/13


We have to be stubborn this week if we want to get anything accomplished. This means limiting distractions, clarifying agreements and holding steady with our personal goals and ambitions. In other words, it's not going to be easy! We all have dreams that we push to the side in order to finish everything on the to do list. It's time to get those dreams front and center. Excuses are going to create pain and whether we ant to admit it or not, we've been full of excuses that keep us from the hard works that success demands. Be prepared to confront the seductions that keep us from our power. They are strong now and we can use this time period to identify our own weaknesses and failings. We can also make this discovery one of discovery and play. It's all about attitude.

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Monday 7/7
Worry doesn't help. When we try an motivate ourselves with fear, we're not going to get very far. It's time to find something else to propel our goals and ambitions. Have you noticed how lately you get the support you need at the last minute? With the energy of manifestation showing up so unpredictably, the best we can do is relax even when it looks like we don't have what we need.

Tuesday 7/8
There are things we just don't have control over. Pretending that if we work harder or push more will get us what we want is dangerous. We need to invite divinity into our world today. We need to be willing to ask for help and let it show up in ways we can't imagine. It's hard to give it over to God when we live in a world that reinforces out autonomy. Do it anyway.

Wednesday 7/9
It's time to focus even though there are a million little things in the way. These little things are going to continue to crop up no matter how hard we try to solve them. At some point we just have to regain our focus despite the million little fires that need to be put out. Anything less will cause pain and resentment as we realize we are drifting further from our heart's desire.

Thursday 7/10
Ask for help. Call a friend or mentor and get perspective. We're not going to win prizes for doing everything ourselves. Put pride aside and admit to the blind spots that are wreaking havoc. A conversation with an objective person can be the key to getting important insight and information that can propel us forward with minimal effort. If not a live person, open a book randomly and get a healing message.

Friday 7/11
Be willing to let go of carefully laid plans. Open up to a more creative possibility. This requires us to move past our own pride in favor of a bigger, more powerful message. We know we're on the wrong track when we find ourselves stubbornly trying to defend our position instead of being open to valuable and sometimes uncomfortable feedback.

Saturday 7/12
Wounds are close to the surface today. We have a tendency to misunderstand what's being offered. The distortion is powerful and we need to be mindful of it. We might feel insulted when there is no insult coming at us. Let's choose to be responsible for ourselves in this space. Blaming others will not bring peace. We have an opportunity to heal and feel more free. Let's do it!

Sunday 7/13
Sounds so easy, but is it? Some of us might secretly think that faith is for the weak, the unprepared and the foolish. That's the ego talking and if we let that ego run the show, we're not going to get very far. Whatever faith means, it's time to update it and start to rely on it. God wants us to have what we want and will support us in that quest. Any other thought or belief needs to be abolished now.

need help with the energy this week?

It just doesn't help to ruminate about how we might have done things differently or better. In fact, self critical thinking is a sign that we are depleted and don't have enough of our own healing energy flowing in our bodies. Before succumbing to the terrible space of never being enough, try surrounding the body with a color that feels uplifting and healing. Color is the language of spirit, so choose the energy you want and move away from the endless list of self improvement. This list is the biggest lie in the universe and it keeps us all from becoming who we are...MAGNIFICENT, MAGICAL BEINGS IN A WORLD OF FORGETTING.

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Leonine Times turns one today!! I published my first post a year ago today and what an incredible journey it's been. I can't believe how much this space has given to me and helped enrich my work.

To all of you who've written to me, called for readings, attended a teleclass, or come to the Sanctuary, I want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! This project has energized me like nothing else and I am so grateful for the amazing folks I've bumped into because of it.


Send me an e-mail about your favorite article or idea and I will enter you into a drawing for a secret and wonderful prize...

I can't wait to hear from you lovely readers!

Love to YOU and thanks for making Leonine Times such a wonderful place to play and explore.

(if that ain't leonine, I don't know what is...)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I witnessed some serious CRAZY at my neighborhood park yesterday. This is not unusual. My park seems to be a magnet for CRAZY. I live in a transitional old, historic district, close to downtown. There is a struggle going on between older residents and the new, prosperous folks moving in. Though there has been a lot of renovating going on, there remains a sprinkle of half way houses and section eight apartments.

I was out in the hot afternoon with my tots. It was either that or let them tear the house apart with frantic energy (H to the NO!!). We were lazing around in the shade when a fight broke out across the street. Luckily, it never came to blows. It was a verbal smack down and I couldn't help but be slightly amused by the energetics of the whole thing.

The owner of the depressing apartment building across from the park was putting fliers on all the doors. He seemed tired and beyond deflated. All of a sudden, a burly guy came rushing out of his apartment screaming. I was too far away to catch all of the exchange but here are some key words:


From what I could tell, the burly guy was the manager of sorts. He felt wronged for having put a lot of work in the building and not getting paid enough. I'm sure the bedbug issue was pretty upsetting as well.

My read is that his work probably wasn't that great and he probably left a lot of things unfinished.

The owner of the building was screaming back which was surprising because he looked like a peaceful sort of spirit. He is definitely a bit of a slum lord. All you need to do is look at the building and you can see the poverty and evidence of decay. On the other hand, he looked like he was trying to do his best (in his own mind) and was sinking into self pity for ever thinking that investing in apartment buildings was a good idea.

I could tell that at some point in the past these two men probably liked each other.

None of this is what I found interesting though.

Let me explain...

It was as if these two frustrated and weary beings decided to unleash all the pent up fury they were carrying around ON EACH OTHER. It just seemed like the level of rage was out of proportion with what was really going on.

Unfortunately, neither one of them seemed able to enjoy releasing all that fury. They were both totally ungrounded and desperately looking for a way to arc off all the intensity. The way they chose wasn't working.

I was sitting in the sand a few feet from a lovely boy of about 11. We were the only people who seemed to be watching the CRAZY unfold. I think he lives in those apartments. Though he never said a word we made eye contact at one point. It was as if I heard him saying with his own weary gaze this is the stuff I have to put up with all the time. In that moment, the fight wasn't funny anymore.


Notice how easy it is to throw energy into spaces and relationships that have very little to do with what's actually causing the pain. Why is that? Maybe there's a sense that we can't control the stuff that's causing us pain so we'll just dump wherever we can.

Indiscriminate dumping doesn't bring relief and it affects the people around us in a negative way.

It's more and more essential that we find ways to ground, get centered and calm down. Working on our inner world will bring us closer to the relief we're so desperate to discover. Each one of us can make a difference as we choose to hold the space of peace despite the CRAZY all around. If we are not actively working on our own space we will be affected by the volatility of the energy in our environments and then what good are we?

So many people are desperate to find relief. The energy in our world is very, very intense and has a terribly uncertain quality, but when we know ourselves as spirit, we can remember the eternal nature of our beings and the CRAZY doesn't affect us as much. In the case of that sweet boy, I found myself hoping he could weather the struggles of childhood (including financial hardship and minority status) as well as the lack of validation for his sensitivity and healing ability. Only a healer would have noticed and been deflated by the madness across the street.


It's no accident he's where he is. That apartment building NEEDS his healing energy. I just hope he gets the care he needs to grow his gifts into something magnificent.

Same goes for you dear friends!!