Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have the pleasure of working with lots of wonderful people. It's one of the many blessings my professional life affords. Sometimes though, no matter how hard I try to show someone who they really are, they prefer to hang on to the energy, emotions and thoughts that create problems. I understand! I love my problems too!

Other people surprise me with their willingness to let go.

In honor of the Virgo New Moon I'm going to keep it short and sweet...

Let's use the energy of this moon to look at willingness...

willingness to change
willingness to stay stuck
willingness to have more
willingness to be bigger
willingness to love
willingness to be less than perfect
willingness to be angry
willingness to help
willingness to say no
willingness to try something new
willingness to defend what's important

Willingness is a space, a state of being. It's the same as fluidity with a dash of focus mixed in. Willingness requires a certain degree of innocence. We'd never be willing if we thought we couldn't create change or accomplish a goal. To be willing means to cease the critical thinking that stops us from trying.

Critical thinking is a Virgo strength (oh dear!). Virgo is also the sign of service. Virgo is willing to sacrifice in order to create healing for the collective. Where Virgo tends to stumble is in being willing to invest in the self and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Where do you fall on the willingness spectrum? Where does your willingness flourish? Is it for you or for others? Take a look and see if there's a way to balance the focus if it's off kilter.

I'm willing to bet you'll find some good information in the contemplation of willingness.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fortune Forecast 8/25 - 8/31


There are always tons of reasons to worry and fret. Sometimes we have to put it all aside and have fun anyway. That's the lesson and the goal this week. Can we create levity even when surrounded by heaviness? There are wonderful and refreshing forces at work this week and all we have to do is be open to them. It's almost too easy. Make relationships a top priority. Find some folks who've drifted away. The connections we cultivate now will provide support and strength when we need it later on. Practice expressing optimism and warmth, even in the face of anger. Let's decide to be the force of light this week come what may.

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Monday 8/25
We can afford to take a risk today. There is a stable platform from which to leap. It's important that we take a close look and know what resources we have on hand before making the leap. Be grounded when considering the opportunities at hand. Come from a space of strength and lose the nervousness and/or desperation. Creating from a reactive place does not yield abundance.

Tuesday 8/26
It's like being in a candy store today! There are so many dazzling treats in front of us. The biggest challenge is picking out the best and most delicious ones. We might want to sample everything but that will only lead to a big stomach ache. Let intuition be the guide. Don't be afraid to go after the best ones and refuse to settle for second best. If it sparkles, grab it.

Wednesday 8/27
Information is coming through and it's offering peace and healing. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and it's giving us the strength and fortitude we need to press on. The issues and concerns that have been creating unpleasant background noise now have the potential to see resolution. This will help up move forward feeling fresh and optimistic and full of forgiveness.

Thursday 8/28
It's time to consider dropping our role in a conflict. This might mean reaching out to communicate or it might mean doing some work to let go in our own inner world. The biggest challenge is deciding to choose peace over what's causing friction. Sometimes we hold on to strife because it's interesting to us on some level. We can give it up now if we want to.

Friday 8/29
That's right! It's jackpot day. Dreams are funny things because sometimes when we get them, we don't feel much different. Dreams can be anticlimactic at times. If that's the case today, start dreaming a new dream while taking time to relish the recent gain. The dream that's on the way will show up in a surprising way, so be open and receptive to what shows up. Don't miss it by failing to recognize it.

Saturday 8/30
A minor disappointment is causing major disenchantment. We may wonder why such a little event is wreaking such incredible havoc. The events of today are a catalyst and a path to a deeper, core wound. We have an opportunity here to become more aware of the energy in our space and the triggers that push us into darkness. Use this as a way to heal. The first step is kindness toward ourselves and whatever reaction we have.

Sunday 8/31
A vision is starting to come into focus. We might be surprised to discover that our interests and values are pulling us into new, unchartered territory. We might have the urge to abandon projects that once felt compelling but suddenly seem quite lifeless. Let's give ourselves permission to try on a new future. Even if we don't end up traveling this path, considering it will bring important insight.

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There are practical issues that must be attended to this week while we're out being free and merry. As we pursue our dreams and wishes we still need to keep our feet on the ground. The danger here is the urge to go to extremes. We either get so practical that we cast aside our passions or we are so blinded by desire that we let our daily routine fall into disarray. It's a tough balancing act. Being pragmatic AND cultivating magic. In the end, we might have to travel back and forth between these two places. They do meet up sometimes, but more often than not it's a balancing act. Be mindful of where you are on the spectrum and make time and space for the other side.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pretty Things

Female, creative energy is such an amazing thing! It's the energy in a woman's body that can make a baby. That's power...

But what do we do when we're not making babies? How do we make the most of this potent force?

Lately, in my readings, I've noticed a lot of women amping the creative energy up, going into effort to try and manifest what they want. The delays and frustrations between us and our dreams cause us to doubt our abilities and we start to turn the volume up on the creative energy. We seem to think that if we just try harder, use more energy that we'll be able to MAKE it happen.

What I see in my readings tells a different story. Instead of speeding things along, turning up the creative energy causes stress and more frustration. Our bodies can't relax with all that intensity going on. The more energy we put out, the more exhausted we become and still no results.

What works?
Getting that amazing energy flowing smoothly through our space.
Having that energy set at a nourishing, healing vibration.
Being in an open, receptive space.

So many of us have wounds around our female, creative energy. We turn it on and can't handle the response we get from others. A woman with strong creative energy will attract attention and some of it will be less than pleasant. There might be a catty response from other women (women who don't have permission to have their own magnificence) and men might respond with inappropriate sexual attention (after all, it's this amazing creative energy that makes us so beautiful).

As we grow from girl to woman, we are bombarded with STOP energy. Our parents might want us to tone it down so that we stay safe. Our teachers might want us to tone it down so that we are easier to control. Our friends and lovers might want us to tone it down out of fear that we might just up and leave them for something better. It's hard to be a powerful woman!

Yes, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about being a woman. I've created many experiences where my gender was an issue. My chores as a child were based on gender. In school I tried to be daring and felt stymied while boys who did the same thing were lauded. I resent the fact that I have to think about walking around in the dark by myself, that just having this body makes me vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks. It is what it is...I'm definitely a woman so I have to take the bad with the good and the good is the fantastic flow of female, creative energy!

How can we tell that our creative energy is not flowing the way we want and need it to? The symptoms are easy to recognize.

1. perfectionism

Female, creative energy is driven by perfection. It has to be in order to create the perfect baby...ten fingers...ten toes. When the creative energy isn't flowing smoothly, we often sink into self criticism and the endless drive to fix it, perfect it, COMPLICATE it.

2. guilt
If you've ever been pregnant you might recall that it's one of the few times in life that we don't feel guilty. We allow ourselves to eat what we want, rest when we feel like it and and let other people to give to us. When the creative energy isn't flowing smoothly, we often feel guilty about not doing enough for others.

3. hysteria
Mood swings and emotional intensity are another sign that the energy isn't flowing smoothly. Hell, most of the art produced by men is an expression of their confusion over the hysteria of the women in their lives. We look crazy to them most of the time!!

Here's a little meditation to try if you sense that your creative energy is not flowing smoothly. Imagine a ball of energy in front of your belly. Pick a color that feels soothing and nourishing. Picture yourself pregnant with this energy, then start moving it up the front of your body to the top of your head and let it come flowing down your back. Imagine that this ball of color turns into a stream of energy flowing up the front and down your back. Let it circulate around and around going to parts of your body that need extra healing. If the color you pick doesn't feel right, try something else.

Do this everyday for ten minutes and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Then report back to me...I want to know...expect pretty things to show up, most importantly YOU.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fortune Forecast 8/18 - 8/24


We are being asked to keep on going despite obstacles and distractions. We'll need to be firm this week while also maintaining the flexibility to adapt to shifting circumstances. It's tough to hang in there when there is very little to suggest we're on the right track. Expect that there will be moments of doubt and there might even be negative feedback that feels discouraging and makes us question our plans. Our intuition is more powerful than the messages we're getting from the external world. Do we have the fortitude to believe in our dreams? I guess we're about to find out! Don't hesitate to take breaks and indulge in fun. These breaks helps us gather energy for the next step.

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Monday 8/18
The right people can help us make progress and show us opportunity we might be overlooking. Snap out of the mindset that says YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF. This idea keeps us from seeing the multitude of help and assistance that's waiting for us. Go ahead and reach out to people from the past. Reconnect and hold the intention of drawing in some new people as well.

Tuesday 8/19
It's tempting to get off track today and why not? Go ahead and be a little bad! There may be activities we love that we try and stay away from thinking it will distract or cause harm. A little naughtiness can be a great thing and help break us out of the rigidity of judgment. Let's get rid of the idea that we might damage ourselves and move into the idea that sometimes we just need to be free to do whatever.

Wednesday 8/20
It's easy to talk ourselves out of doing what we want. There are a million responsibilities that need to be attended to and a long list of tasks that need to be completed before we move into a space of giving ourselves our passion. It's not going to work today to say no to our heart's desire. The more we deny ourselves, the more the tension builds. Just do it, as they say.

Thursday 8/21
We've been experiencing labor pains for a while and it's finally time for delivery. We might not feel ready even though we've anxiously been awaiting our new arrival. Birth can be painful but the life that emerges tends to make us forget the intensity. Something big is coming. We know it and we're pretty sure it's going to be great. Now we just need to trance out and let it come on through.

Friday 8/22
There's just no point in trying to control what's unfolding today. We might as well decide up front that we're just going to go for a ride and see where we end up. Maybe the universe is trying to take us somewhere magical and we keep getting in our own way? Let go and be open to moving into a new space and a new consciousness. Expect to be refreshed by compelling discoveries.

Saturday 8/23
Joy is a funny thing. It gets bigger when we put our attention on it. It might take effort to see a spark of the good stuff today but once we see it and start to focus on it, it will expand and take over the space. Find that innocent part of the heart that just wants to rejoice in the beauty of the world. It's there and it's waiting to be invited out to play. Go ahead and indulge in it.

Sunday 8/24
A space, project or relationship that has felt frustratingly stuck is starting to move at last. We might not even realize just how much effort we've been putting into making this thing move until we don't have to anymore. What a relief. It's as if the train is leaving the station and the momentum is building. Soon we won't have to do much except direct this thing in the direction we want to go.

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It's very easy to get discouraged when we can't see progress. Some of us have a sense that something big is coming but we can't quite see it which makes us vulnerable to doubts and confusion. It seems like we'll never get there but we're closer than we think. This is an excellent time to sit down and picture how we'll feel when we get what we want. Forget the details, just imagine the feeling. If it helps to picture it as a color DO IT. Color is the language of spirit and we can use it to change the energetics in our bodies. If your dream is exciting and energized, think gold/yellow/orange. If the realization of your dream is calming and peaceful try working with green/blue/purple. Try playing with different combinations and see what happens. Start playing with energy while waiting for the inevitable harvest. The play will help move it along.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Genetic Inheritance

Do you ever wonder why you have the body you have? Why did your spirit pick that family, that gender, that ethnicity? These questions are interesting, especially if there are things in your genetic history that are disturbing.

In my family, there's a lot of depression, alcoholism, and issues with obesity. Fun huh? We're low on cancer but high on heart attacks and there's a ton of psychic ability. There are also plenty of illusions of grandeur. I'm a descendant of Captain Morgan the famous pirate and maker of rum? weird...

One of my favorite teachers suggested to me once that I picked the perfect body for me this lifetime. He asked me to meditate and contemplate why I chose this particular body and all it's genetic challenges.

Let's see...

-The depression energy helps me gauge the energy in my space. When the heavy takes over, I know it's time to SHIFT some energy through meditation, movement and creative pursuits.

-The alcoholism? I've had a few flirtations with excessive drinking but fortunately never got damaged. My brother on the other hand??? (being psychic and having issues with drugs and alcohol go hand in hand. How often do we deal with our sensitivity by numbing it?)

-When my weight starts to creep up, I get a chance to look at where I don't feel safe and how my body puts on extra weight as a protection. I've also had the opportunity to work through a lot of perfection energy about how I want to look versus how I do look. I'm at peace at last!

-Illusions of grandeur? I still pretend sometimes that I'm going to grow up and be a rock star! Silly because I don't even play an instrument...

-The pirate energy shows up too sometimes. I have moments of ruthlessness, though age has tempered this quality. I've done some pillage and plunder in my time (and I'm not sorry by the way. IT WAS AWESOME).

I could look at my teacher's question and see it from the perspective of bad karma, that somehow in my past life naughtiness, I ended up deserving a body with troubles. That's what I don't like about the notion of karma as most of us understand it. We seem to see it as a form of punishment for deeds we don't even remember.

It's hard to see the body we have as the ultimate gift. The ultimate manifestation of our dreams and desires. The perfect vehicle to bring our spirit more fully here BUT IT IS.

What's wonderful about that body!
Maybe it's strong and resistant to illness?
Maybe it can handle tons of energy?
Maybe it's sensitive to energy in a way that can benefit you and others?
Maybe it's beautiful?
Maybe it makes wonderful babies?
Maybe it contains creative information to help you produce amazing works of art?
Maybe it's warm and social and loving?
Maybe it contains vast amounts of alchemical, magical miracles!!

When we start to look at our genetic inheritance as a gift, we can start to enjoy our physical manifestation. We can make peace with the "troubles" that come with it.


So maybe next time you find yourself struggling with that body, sit down and ask yourself what's wonderful about it. What makes it special and how does it help you bring more of the true spirit of you into form?

Even the troubles can be gifts when seen in a different light.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fortune Forecast 8/11 - 8/17


Boundaries are shaky this week. This may not be our favorite place to focus but the work we do this week to clean up and redefine agreements will set the stage for prosperity, love and more. Sometimes we don't know we have boundary issues until someone or something tramples right over them! Expect to feel irritable at times as weak spots are identified and addressed. Amusement can help us roll with the punches as the universe delivers an unpleasant surprise or two. The biggest surprise might be the awareness that we have a lot less control than we like to think. This could actually bring relief and healing as we redirect our energy and attention to the health and healing of the inner world. Get ready for a wild ride!

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Monday 8/11
Sometimes all we need is awareness. So often we find ourselves in a fog of confusion. Unconsciousness is a bitch! If we can't see the dynamics at play, we can't make decisions that produce prosperity, love and more. Fortunately, today is one of those days when everything becomes clear and we suddenly know what to do to make it all better. It's incredibly simple and deeply relieving.

Tuesday 8/12
There is chaos in the air today so get ready. Opportunities are coming our of nowhere and it's difficult to choose just one. We might as well make peace with the intensity and give ourselves a chance to let everything settle back down before committing. It's easy to get frantic. Take short breaks and deep breaths and know this too shall pass. It's not personal and there's no need to try and "fix" it.

Wednesday 8/13
It's time to take a closer look at our own motivations. We might be telling ourselves a couple of little, white lies to make everything make sense. How do we know? That unsettled/anxious feeling inside. It's time to get to a deeper truth. When we get there, it will be easy to create a path to our dreams. Forgiveness can help us accept our own darkness (life would be so dull without it).

Thursday 8/14
We can push as hard as we want today, but it's not going to get us far. There are obstacles and distractions popping up all over. What's the solution? Cultivate a sense of humor. Without amusement, things are going to get rough. It's time to stop wondering how we created these obstacles and find pleasure despite them. That's the quickest way to get back to easy street.

Friday 8/15
No one wants to sit around and feel sorry for themselves, but in our desire to be strong, we often stuff the pain and disappointment we experience. It's time to let it all out. Bring the light of healing and awareness into the dark corners of the heart. These hurts become limitations that block our ability to enjoy the flow of magic and miracles. Validate and honor the pain. It has wisdom to offer.

Saturday 8/16
What else is there to say? An amazing opportunity is available, but it won't be around long. Grab it! Don't worry too much about what you're going to do with it once you get it. Just grab it knowing you'll have time to contemplate later. It's a leap of faith, so don't expect to feel totally confident. Let's stop talking ourselves out of our ability to create and have what we want.

Sunday 8/17
The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom, right? We're better served by keeping the intensity of our desires in check today. We need a chance to pause and reflect. There are internal forces driving us to get out of control. Be productive with the passion. Physical movement will help take the edge off. Love that body and keep the energy fluid and flowing.

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There are a lot of ups and downs on an energy level this week. It's tempting to take it personally and sink into self-recrimination or worse. Sometimes it's just crazy, no matter what we do. When the psychic weather gets stormy, we have to get more creative and amp up on the self care.

What gives you joy?
Reading? Listening to music? Swimming? Gardening? Dancing? Yoga? Connecting with loved ones? Bubble baths? The beauty of nature? you get the idea...

It's time to indulge in these refreshing activities even though it seems like the universe is conspiring to keep us from it. That's right. It sometimes feels like the universe is working in opposition to us. You're not imagining it and it's ok to get upset. Being upset with God doesn't mean you're going to get punished. Like any relationship, we have our ups and downs with the divine. Give yourself room to have the range of your experience, no matter what it is. It's the judgment and resistance that get us in trouble.
Be free to be the totality of YOU.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Something Cool

I came across something really cool and wanted to share it with you. It's an organization called It started small with a guy who didn't have a great income but he wanted to help others who were struggling. He started a site and encouraged people to apply for small donations to help them through tough times. He donated what he could and the organization grew into something magnificent!

The people applying for help are usually having a hard time because of unforeseen medical bills, temporary unemployment, exiting an abusive relationship, etc. Donors can choose who they want their funds to go to or modest needs will choose for you.

All applicants are screened to make sure they're on the up and up. Even ten dollars can make a big difference for someone in a temporary bind! Visit the site and read more about it. What a great way to make a difference in someone's life.

I also put a link on the upper left...CHECK IT OUT!

Organizations like this make my heart happy!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stuck on a Picture

I was in a pretty big funk yesterday. I struggled against it, meditated, tried some escapism through books and movies and I just couldn't seem to shake it off. I gave up trying to resist or change it and instead decided to GO THERE.

Sometimes we just have to go...let ourselves sink down into the pain and WALLOW. So that's what I did...I wallowed (and ate chocolate!). I felt sorry for myself and fretted and imagined all sorts of difficult potential futures.

I am very aware of a particular archetype or idea that seems to define my life in times when I'm not feeling my best. I get stuck on a picture so to speak and this particular picture is more than a little POOR ME. I can see how this picture effects me, I can see that when I'm in it, I tend to look at everything from a distorted point of view. I was so stuck in the picture, I could not get out of it. On the positive I KNEW I WAS STUCK ON A PICTURE and I knew intimately what the picture was about. My picture is something along the lines of I'm all alone, the responsibility is all up to me, no one is coming to help, no one cares, blah, blah, blah.

When I'm in this picture, it doesn't matter if an army of people show up to help. I won't see it or be able to accept it. The picture has so much power, it keeps me from seeing beyond it.

Do you have a picture that limits and defines how you see yourself and what you're capable of? Are there difficult archetypes that resonate with you?

I have a friend who suffered a terrible loss a long time ago. Her fiance died in a terrible accident RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Part of the archetypal theme of her life is the loss of perfect romantic love. If her fiance had lived and they had gotten married, surely there would have been struggle and times of hardship. As it is though, she'll always have a perfected idea of him which makes it difficult for her to form new relationships since no one will ever compare with the perfection of her lost prince.

She's pretty aware of the picture/archetype of the tragic romantic but that doesn't mean it doesn't pop up and take her over sometimes.

Some of us get stuck on a picture that we will never be loved, or we'll never be able to manifest the abundance we want, or that we'll never feel free, or that we'll never find happiness. We're not in the picture all the time, but when we fall into it, it's as if we can't see anything else. There's no reason, there's no gratitude or faith, it can be a very barren space. We fight these pictures. No one wants to fall into their core fear!! But we do.

These pictures and archetypes cut us off from the divine. When I'm in my picture that I have to do it all myself, I'm cutting God out of the equation as well. The pictures we fall into are really (the illusion of) the absence of God in our lives.

So what's the answer? I'm not sure (?) but I do think it's valuable to get to know these archetypes and pictures. We need to know our own vulnerabilities. It's ok to get stuck in a picture when we know that's what's happening. The danger is going unconscious to the picture and thinking it's REAL.

I've always been a big believer in vacationing on the island of personal tragedy. What I mean by this is go ahead and visit these spaces. Get familiar with them. Hang out for a while. Just don't forget where you are! You're on the island of tragedy and self pity. IT'S NOT REAL. Wake up and go somewhere else if you've been there too long and it's all you know.

Notice when these pictures get activated and start to take over. Go ahead and wallow if you want (be sure and bring some sweets...). Don't forget how much choice we have to decide where we want to be and most of all, remember...NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, GOD IS WITH YOU.

In fact, when you don't feel God in your life you know YOU'RE STUCK ON A PICTURE.

Blessings friends! Have a good time in the fun house of crazy pictures we call LIFE. Even when it's not fun it is, if you know what I mean...

PS. had to laugh when I checked out yesterday's fortune was apropos for me...DAMN I'M GOOD!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fortune Forecast 8/4 - 8/10


The mind and the heart are in a battle for supremacy this week and it looks like the mind is winning. Unfortunately, the mind is on a negative rant and this has the potential to rob of us seeing and sensing opportunity. It will be tough to keep the mental chatter from wreaking havoc. Meditation and activities that sooth and calm are no longer a luxury. They are essential and need to be invested in. If it helps to take a class or listen to a mediation CD, do it! Let's not put off the health and well being of our inner worlds anymore. When the external world appears threatening, the only recourse is to go within and find the eye of the storm. From that place, we'll get the guidance we need to act quickly and assertively when the magic moment arrives.

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Monday 8/4
Written and verbal communication needs to be clear today. Otherwise we risk complications and misunderstandings. Mindless chatter could get us in trouble, so take a deep breath and make sure what's going out is coming from a place of clarity. It might be helpful to journal or find a space to explore the mental chaos safely. When in doubt, keep quiet.

Tuesday 8/5
Unexpected gains make for a delightful day. We may have forgotten some of our investments until they come due in spades. It's easier to stay committed to projects with a boost of success and validation. Be open to receiving the praise and other rewards in the works. We need to take it in and bask in it to gather energy for the next chapter in the unfolding story.

Wednesday 8/6
A fantasy is keeping us from seeing what's great about our lives right now. There is a tendency towards escapism today that will keep us from seeing opportunities to feel more fulfilled. Even if this fantasy were to become real, it would not fix everything, in fact it would bring new challenges and opportunities for growth. Keep on dreaming but let's love what we have here in the moment.

Thursday 8/7
Our senses can tell us when and how to act when opportunity comes running by. If we let our mind get involved, progress will halt and we'll be left with regrets and recrimination. Who wants that? It's a great day for leaps of faith and risks of all kind. Let the body be in charge and utilize feelings to navigate and investigate. This will require faith in ourselves and our abilities to KNOW.

Friday 8/8
Passion is potent and we sometimes try and repress it. It's as if we're afraid of being unbalanced by it. The passion we feel today is demanding attention. It won't go away, so we might as well work with it. There may be an element of what we want that we have a judgment about. Let's take a closer look and see what's driving the fervency of our desires. There's good stuff in there.

Saturday 8/9
It's a little intense today. The forces of change are at work in our lives whether we are ready or not. It's a good idea to maintain fluidity and be open to what shows up. Cultivate a flexible attitude and know that what comes along brings a myriad of gifts with it. It's time to say good bye to something that was once very important. It's ok to grieve but rest assured that something even more special is forming.

Sunday 8/10
There's no way to control or understand the range of emotion happening today. Feelings shift quickly and unpredictably. See this as power emerging. There is excellent and important information coming through. The more we allow ourselves to experience these feelings, the more spiritual dimension we bring to our lives and our understanding of ourselves.

need help with the energy?

Mediation is different for different people. A walk in the park can be a great way to move stagnant and difficult energies out of our space. For some, a creative pursuit can bring relief. Cooking, gardening, listening to music and baths are all great ways to find the path home. When we feel good, despite the challenges in our lives, we know that our energy is flowing smoothly. When we don't feel good, we know that something is off and we need to get back to our core. Strangely, we often put off the activities that help us regain our center when we need them the most. Don't make that mistake this week. Put aside the stress and distractions long enough to breath into life. Once our energy changes, our perception of the problems will change as well.

LOVE TO YOU LOVELIES...hold steady...