Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fortune Forecast 9/29 - 10/5


Things are ok this week despite the incredible turbulence we see reflected in the world. There is a wonderful, earthy energy available to those who want and need it. We won't naturally get there. In other words, we might need to work on cultivating the grounded, focused energies that are lying in wait. While the world argues and panics about the availability of certain resources, we can relax knowing that we'll have what we need when we need it. This week gives us many opportunities to discover what we're really made of. There are other people depending on us to be strong now. This is not a problem but it does lead to some loneliness. Who will be there for me? is a big question now. The answer is complex. We will be there for ourselves and of course, there is always divine assistance even though we don't always recognize it as such. Spirit is becoming more visible as the games we play crumble around us.

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Monday 9/29
There are too many appealing options today. It's causing us to dither and delay. We need to take action in some form. Affirm a direction. Yes, it's hard to choose, hard to know which is the best, most fruitful path. Go with a gut feeling but go! Even a small gesture will set the wheels in motion and start to generate forward motion. If we don't do something, the energy will dissipate and it will be tougher tomorrow.

Tuesday 9/30
Look for abundance in new ways and in new spaces. Maybe abundance is an abundance of knowledge, or an abundance of friends? Let's start thinking about what we love and how we enjoy spending time. The handful of hobbies and activities we list are where we need to invest more energy and time. That's where the abundance is and those projects and places will help us generate more.

Wednesday 10/1
A conflict is brewing and though it's affecting us, it's really none of our business and not our problem. If we decide to get involved in the hopes of making it better, we'll be sorely disappointed. It's important to conserve energy now. Stay far away from this tempting drama! No relief will be found in the chaos, so create permission to step away no matter how hard the heart strings get tugged.

Thursday 10/2
We often look for relief outside of ourselves. We wish and hope that circumstances will shift so that we can be at peace. The funny thing is, we can be at peace NOW, no matter what's going on. It's not easy and it takes awareness and a degree of loving discipline. We can work on it today or be pushed around by conflict and chaos. As always, the choice is ours to make.

Friday 10/3
Slightly hostile energies are at work today. It's nothing to get worked up about but it is something to be mindful of. How often do we give others the benefit of the doubt to our own detriment? There are petty jealousies and the abrasiveness of competition in the works. Keep an eye on boundaries and make sure agreements are clarified. Keep your cards close because there are some tricksters out and about.

Saturday 10/4
The mind sure knows how to make a ruckus and today is no exception. Know that what you're looking at is distorted and untrue. The worst case scenario that keeps coming up is one of a million possibilities. Keep saying no to it. Find ways to pull the mind into something more interesting and creative. Get the mind to work on solving the problem as opposed to dwelling on it.

Sunday 10/5
We are faced with a difficult decision today. The worst thing about it is the fear of doing the wrong thing. The wrong thing in this case has to do with not taking action and letting the tremendous creative energy that's built up dissipate. Do something, anything to affirm movement, risk and growth. Don't worry about what's right or wrong, just stumble forward knowing that life rewards action.

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We have plenty of lonely moments ahead this week as we struggle to find our own voice and a new truth. The thing is, we're never truly alone. We might have to dig deep to find that quiet strength inside and to trust that no matter what information we're getting from the outside world, our inner world is still our sacred domain. Surrounding ourselves with positive symbols and reminders can help. Expect to be called on this week to help. Go willingly with the knowledge that giving will enrich and expand our ability to handle our own junk. The deconstruction we're facing in the world is intense and sometimes frightening but the new path that's being forged now is setting us free to have more spirit here. YOU'LL SEE!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Need Both/Sweet Dreams

I need more action and more rest. An awkward place to be.

I see I'm not alone. It seems we sometimes find ourselves pouring out energy to places that don't give back any energy and we're so low on resources that we can't get going on the projects that will deliver a boost.


It almost seems like our whole country is in this space. There's plenty of energy but the way it's distributed is awkward and untenable. It feels like we're waking up from a long, debauched party with a splitting headache and shocked by the mess. It wasn't even that great of a party.

What else is there to say except hang in there! Live lean, live fierce.

I stumbled across this artist watching a movie. His name is Roy Buchanan and he died young due to drug/alcohol/depression/fear of success. This song was on the soundtrack to the Departed, a grim film where no one wins?

Roy was a musician's musician, never achieving the fame that many of his students and imitators managed to create. He worked with the Band before it became the Band and helped Robbie Robertson become a guitar master in his own right. He also had a profound influence on bands like the Alman Brothers/The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Anyway, It's a cover of the song Sweet Dreams made famous by Patsy Cline (another favorite). The mournful, lazy yet complex and amazing guitar playing in this song sums up my energy lately...

Hopefully you enjoy a little classic rock now and then?


Monday, September 22, 2008

Fortune Forecast 9/22 - 9/28


It's a great week to make a break from the tried and true and wander into something new and exciting. There will be plenty of energy that tries to stop us. It's our job to go anyway. It's a little dark in the world right now. There is a seeming lack of guidance or reassurance and yet, we're right where we need to be. The problems we're wrestling with are so much more meaningful than we can see at our vantage point. Everything is leading us to a deeper sense of confidence and strength. Knowing this can help us get a handle on fears and insecurities that keep us stuck. Get off the beaten path and be open to discovering a new delight. It's there and it's waiting.

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Monday 9/22
Another repeating theme here at Leonine Times...CELEBRATE NOW. We don't know what tomorrow holds but we do know there will be twists and turns of fate that change and alter our plans. We might as well make time now for joyful exchanges and the sharing of love. Let's put out focus on what we have and watch it grow. gently bring the mind back from the space of longing and lack.

Tuesday 9/23
We are being asked to join a conflict. We might even feel excited about getting involved but this is a situation that will only grow and multiply in complexity. It might be wise to say no and find healthy ways to blow off the steam that's building around these issues. There are other ways to help this conflict find resolution, including meditating and visualizing a peaceful outcome.

Wednesday 9/24
There's not much we can do to make things run more smoothly today. It's beyond our ability to control it. Let the storm pass knowing that the reconfigured landscape will actually create advantage. Retreat is wise at times like this. There are many temptations to try and manipulate the environment. None of this will work and will in fact create more complications. Step away and wait for a better time.

Thursday 9/25
Stay awake today. Pay attention and trust intuitive information if it communicates a threat. Minor feelings of discomfort are a clue that we need to pay attention to what's being said and observe body language. Though the threat is a small one, we would be wise to watch our boundaries and make sure we're not agreeing to something unrealistic in the long run.

Friday 9/26
We might be searching for ways to get away from our aches and pains today. There are healthy ways to manage the need for relief and there are other methods that tend to create incredible complexity on top of the problem. Find loving ways to address the need to get away from it all. Books, movies, meditation and exercise can all be helpful. Look at what's driving and get hold of the steering wheel.

Saturday 9/27
Action is important today even though the urge is to while away the hours in a dream. The time we spend imagining some fascinating, alternate reality the less time we have to make something happen right here. Take a small step to make it real. Even the simple act of capturing and giving it more dimension on paper will help plant the seed for the next cycle to begin.

Sunday 9/28
Life feel more even and smooth today, just in time for the beginning of a new week. Make sure to have a long pause somewhere in the day, a time of rest, reflection and nourishment. The act of affirming ourselves is powerful and can create a stronger, more fertile foundation. Take a deep breath and prepare for another wave. It's out there in the ocean of life, building and getting ready to pounce!

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There may be an intense urge to hide or retreat from the magnitude of what's calling us this week. Our old escapist behaviors are looking really appealing right about now! We can try and put off the inevitable but we need to know, it's not going away. With a deep breath and a prayer we can turn and face it head on free of the need to be graceful or do it right. Under all that heavy gloom and doom, a treasure waits to be discovered. Small steps are a great way to make steady progress. Forgiveness is the balm that heals the aching, regretful heart. Go towards the dark knowing that within it is the light of healing, freedom and abundance.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still Life

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little apathetic these days. It's not like there isn't a ton of work to be done, I just can't seem to face it. I guess I need to start by creating a list so that at least it has a sense of order about it all...


One of my favorite teachers said to me once you know if you're feeling apathetic, you're close to something great. Well, I've thought about that statement a lot over the years since apathy is a space I visit on a regular basis.

Could it be that apathy allows us the time and space we need to let our plans settle into form? Could it be that apathy is a signal that something is off and that there's a lack of consciousness about it which means we need to slow down? Could it be that apathy comes right before a big breakthrough and that the empty space of apathy tells us our lives are about to shift in a major way?

In our culture we are conditioned to look upon apathy as a terrible thing. When we sink into apathy we aren't taking life SERIOUSLY and goodness knows WE NEED TO TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY. We need to stay on task and stay focused will all fall apart? One of the many problems with this kind of thinking is that that there is no honoring of the need to rest and regroup, no recognition of the cycles of life and no acknowledgment that forces greater than our own are at work in our lives.

Many spiritual traditions teach that life is a dream, that we will wake up (when we die) and realize that it was all nothing more than an illusion (or hallucination!). In eastern religions, there is a strong emphasis on transcending desire, moving past the passions that we use to propel ourselves forward. Could it be that apathy is the space of knowing that in some ways none of this matters? The struggles and the triumphs are but tiny grains of sand on the endless beach of immortality? That cultivation of inner peace is far more valuable than getting to the bottom of the list?

This is what I'm pondering today and who knows...maybe I'm just making excuses so that I can put off making my list for just a few hours, a few days longer. I'd like to enjoy the apathy. Use this time of not caring to see the world around me, recognize the other spaces of stillness that have no need to become anything other than what they are right now.

I also know my desire nature and sense of responsibility will come roaring back with a long list of projects and places to be explored and conquered soon enough.

Maybe it's ok to take a break knowing the surge will come again?

I guess I'll find out soon!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fortune Forecast 9/15 - 9/21


It's a wonderful week friends...a great time to rest and reflect and let the magic in. There are still a ton of projects that need attending to but part of the lesson we're working on is the need to make more time for pleasure and love. There is a harvest at hand. We can see it in nature but it can also be seen in our inner world. Validate the hard work, find a way to celebrate it. Release the effort and stress and allow something wonderful to unfold. Abundance can show up in many different forms. Let's take time now to redefine the meaning of the WORD. Whatever it is we think we want is not as fulfilling as what we have right now. Think on that...

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Monday 9/15
We are the kings and queens of our own universes. It doesn't always feel like it! Today is a great day to clean up anything that is causing disharmony. Are there people or situations that are dominating your attention and energy? Get back to the seat of power. It starts by remembering who's in charge and cleaning out the junk that prevents the smooth flow of power.

Tuesday 9/16
Just do it as they say...go for it! Instinct is much more powerful than rational thinking today and when we see an opportunity we need to grab it before we talk ourselves out of it. Part of the challenge is allowing something amazing to happen. Sometimes we get into the no pain no gain mentality and miss out on the ease of creating. It CAN be easy and it will be easy today if we allow it.

Wednesday 9/17
It's easy to focus on what we lack or what we think we want. When we drift into the space of wanting, we often lose track of what we already have that's amazing and beautiful. Familiarity breeds contempt? Let's shake off the contempt we feel when we look around and see the same old faces and places. Look for what's magnificent in mundane spots. It's there and it can heal an aching heart.

Thursday 9/18
There are so many amazing things to choose from that's almost difficult to act. There is a sense of urgency about it all. We want a clear plan to work toward but we'd be better served by allowing a little time to feel out the options before choosing. What's ours will be there even if we take a little time to move into certainty. In other words, nothing important will be lost.

Friday 9/19
The energy today feels a little thick and stagnant, especially after the excitement of yesterday. There is a lot more movement than it seems so try not to panic! The forces of change are working gently and deeply to get us in alignment with new goals and dreams. This kind of change is preferable to the intense, earthshaking chaos that sometimes shows up. Enjoy it.

Saturday 9/20
A much desired opportunity is suddenly available. It's a little unnerving! It can be somewhat anti-climactic to long for something and finally have a shot at getting it. Don't be surprised if ambivalent feelings arise. Pause before making a decision. It's okay to say no and move on to another dream. Or just step on through the door and let life start to take a new shape.

Sunday 9/21
I wrote about willingness for the new moon at the end of August. Willingness is an incredibly potent vibration. Think of it as a form of lust for life. When we're willing, there is nothing that can cause destruction or pain because we are willing to experience it all. Stop hiding from fears and open to them. The fears will lose their power and we'll get free to have more of the stuff that feeds our souls.

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Amazing opportunities for love and abundance, healing and magic pop up everyday but we don't always let them in. This week, we'll have many moments of sheer enchantment, but will we enjoy it? It's time to work on raising our vibration of worthiness. Allow the good stuff in. Let go of old grievances and resentments, especially towards the self. Imagine bringing in forgiveness to wash away those places we've closed to magic. Imagine a big gold sun of healing joy above your head and let it turn to a warm liquid that pours down and fills up the whole body. Put special emphasis on the heart. The heart chakra is the space we use to heal others and the space we have for loving ourselves unconditionally. When we get depleted in the heart, our self esteem suffers. Fill that space with joy! Let the magic in...

wake up to your splendid self!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Want, Want, Want

I want a new pair of shoes...or two or three. I actually bought a new pair recently, but they are too big and I need to send them back. Somehow buying one pair unleashed a NEED for more?

*My husband has been teasing me about women and their desire for shoes. So I decided to put the poll up just to see what's up with the shoe collecting. I myself voted for 10 or less. I probably actively wear four pairs. The truth is I might have more than ten pairs, but some of them are in that dusty donate pile in my closet?

The pair I have my eye on is 20% off if I buy a pair of pants? Well, I could use some new pants! Then I click on the skirt section of the desired website and low and behold there's a great skirt too! I could use some new shirts as well and don't you know it they have a bunch that look perfect and when you buy more than one, the price goes down.

A slippery slope for sure.

The thing is, I'm trying to rein in our spending. Don't you know it, just when I decide to get serious about the budget I also get a compulsive urge to spend, spend, spend. I can come up with a ton of reasons why it would be okay to get a new pair of shoes, pants, skirt, shirts but what I really need (and want) to do is STOP.

It's funny how wanting can get so intense...what I want to want is to live more simply, more frugally.

Still...I could find a million ways to justify buying more stuff.

So the battle rages on. I'm going to keep saying no and work the energy until not spending money feels as good as splurging.

I'll let you know how it goes...

*On that note I have a lovely friend who writes a green living/frugality blog called CHEAP LIKE ME. She's a Virgo and she's inspiring! Also, my friend Elizabeth Pendleton just wrote a great article for this week's addition of Mark's Power Peek that offers excellent tips about saving money/manifesting more abundance. Check them out if you are working on tightening the reins like me!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prayer List Update

It's been amazing to have so many of you in my prayers. I have enjoyed the letters I get about your lives, the challenges and the triumphs. Many of you have moved on to other issues which is a good thing even if it doesn't always seem like it!

Recently it occurred to me that the prayer list needs to be brought in to present time.

So...I'm going to do a special prayer to release everyone from the list and make a fresh start.

If you have a need for prayer, please send me a new request. I will be erasing the prayer list this week and waiting with baited breath for your fresh requests. If you've had a request in the last month or two, I will keep it on the new list.

I'm excited to hear from you and until then...
Love to you lovelies!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fortune Forecast 9/8 - 9/14


The mind is wild this week, going on journeys to the island of nightmares. Sounds dramatic and it is! The mind is determined to take us to places we fear and dread. There are going to be times this week where we just can't help ourselves. We're going to go there. Other times, we'll have a moment of calm when we can see the distortion and know the truth. The truth is...IT'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. Now is the time for activities that bring the energy and the enthusiasm up. For those of us who like to think we're extra intelligent, it's hard to pull away from the power of thinking, even when it's negative and nasty. As my wise younger brother likes to say "Being smart may in fact be a liability." Yes indeed, sometimes it is...

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Monday 9/8
Plans that seemed clear are suddenly cloudy. BUMMER! It's easy to panic when the goals we've invested in are suddenly looking questionable. As we move from one energetic space to another, we enter a space of chaos. This space is important and there's no way to avoid it. Know that it will all settle back in to place soon. A sense of humor can help immensely.

Tuesday 9/9
Some of us enjoy the roller coaster ride the emotional body offers...some of us don't! Whether we like it or not, today offers us a wild ride. We might get stuck on trying to figure it all out. Maybe there is no rhyme or reason? Maybe it's just about FEELING...allowing those feelings space to move around. Expect to change opinions and points of view today. Stay open to change.

Wednesday 9/10
Make time for love and affection. Pick up the phone and tell someone how much they mean to you. Play and be silly and put pressing issues aside. We need refreshment and it's waiting for us. It's our task to let it in. Play hooky today in favor of relationship. Though we may feel like we can't afford it, the truth is, we can't afford not to. Happy surprises await...

Thursday 9/11
It's a great day to prepare for the breakthrough that's coming. When there's no fish, it's time to mend the nets. Preparing and getting organized is not as glamorous as being full on in the race but it will pay off handsomely when the gate opens and the race begins. Address the projects that have been lingering and are causing an energy drain. Once we get started, we'll enjoy working in this space.

Friday 9/12
It's tempting to try and escape the intensity of our responsibilities today. There are a million ways to hide our heads in the sand and it's not really a problem if we are aware of what we're up to. A dream or fantasy is providing a way to avoid what's happening here and now. Know that even if this dream came to pass, it would not solve the problems we're avoiding now. Face it, do a little bit of work and feel better.

Saturday 9/13
Take a moment to feel good! In our ambition to create the life we want, we tend to move to the next thing on the list without feeling good about what we've accomplished. Validation is one of the most potent healing energies on the planet. We need it. When we have it, we can move forward with more energy and zest. Let's give it to the people who have supported us on the journey as well.

Sunday 9/14
We're being asked to hold our ground today against mounting opposition. This dynamic might play out quite subtly or it might be in our faces. There's no need to get defensive, in fact it's more about the space we hold for ourselves and our dreams than it is about talking or action. Ignore the opposition. Don't even engage. The opposition is an endless, exhausting loop that leads to nowhere.

need help with the energy this week?

One of my old co-workers at the 12th house used to do workshops on how to use affirmations to change the way the mind works. She used to talk about how the mind is like an unruly pig and needs to be gently kept on track. This week, the mind is an unruly pig, running wild through the fields and forests of fear and doubt. It will take some concentration to get that naughty pig back on track. There is plenty to worry about and there always will be. It's time to come up with an affirmation to re-train the pig. Affirmations work best when they begin with an I AM statement. Make it positive...for example I AM SAFE NOW or I AM ABUNDANT AND OVERFLOWING WITH CREATIVE ENERGY or I AM LOVED AND LOVING. Don't put a negative in an affirmation such as: I AM NOT AFRAID. No nots...

Try writing the affirmation over and over for 5 or ten minutes a day. Tedious yes, but it works. This same co-worker organized a money group way back when. There were three of us, we were all readers at the store. We gathered once a week to examine our unconscious and conscious beliefs about money, then we came up with appropriate affirmations to heal those beliefs. All of us saw dramatic changes in our money space. It works.


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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've been feeling a bit edgy lately, how about you? I can't wait for the election to be OVER! I got way into reading, talking and thinking about it and it's just too much. The snark back and forth (plus the media nut-ness) is exhausting. In the end, the whole thing starts looking like a spiritually-adolescent mud wrestling match.

Don't get me wrong. I have a candidate that I feel strongly about but at this point I just want it to be over.

It reminds me how much situations like this change the psychic weather and have the potential to affect our moods and feelings and possibly the way we try and manifest. These big events tend to threaten our sense of grounding and shake the focus we have on our own values and truth.

Yes we need to participate in the world! But when it starts feeling desperate, something is off kilter. When I look at the election I feel slightly sick. I feel stressed out and uncertain of the future. Both campaigns (and the media) are so busy stirring up the psychic fear that my feelings for the future have been fluctuating. That's why I put the poll up and I see I'm not alone.

The election energy makes me want to move far away and live alone in a forest.

Whew...I'm glad I got that off my chest!

At the same time, the election has sparked me to want to be a bigger participant in the world. As a psychic, I tend to hide away a bit and feel entitled to put my inner peace above the rest of the world (I'm already deep in the forest). I'm starting to feel like I need to get more involved.

I even volunteered for one of the campaigns!

Here is a brief story about what happened.
*I wrote this a while ago and didn't post it because I'm really not trying to be political, I'm not sure what I'm doing actually...

I was out in the hot summer sun, walking door to door talking about a local political candidate who's in a very tight race. The truth is, I don't know much about the nuts and bolts of this particular candidate's platform. All I know is that my intuition tells me he's the right guy to represent and defend my interests.

Honestly, when I signed up to volunteer a few weeks ago, I found myself praying I would not be called. To say that there was resistance to the work would be an understatement. When I first signed up I pictured myself in the campaign headquarters stuffing envelopes or something? Little did I realize that campaigns have moved on since the last time I participated in the late 80's and early 90's. These days they don't do a lot of envelope stuffing due to the magic of the internet. What they do do is lots of phone calling and door to door stuff.

I grew up in a very politically active family. My father was a public servant for years and we participated in tons of campaigns and fund raisers. You could say it's part of my history. I HATED IT.

Seeing it from the inside as a child left me feeling like the whole thing was a racket. So I was surprised that as 2008 got off the ground, I became gripped by the elections. It felt like I was reclaiming something about myself that I had abandoned long ago. I won't say it felt good, because much of it felt stressful but with the stress came a ton of passion and an intense desire to get involved.

When the campaign finally called, they asked me if I wanted to work the phone bank or canvas. Both options sounded dreadful but I took a deep breath and offered to canvas. I knew I needed to do this whether I wanted to or not. It was time to walk the talk.

They called the next day to make sure I was still coming. (I imagine a lot of people bail out). I reassured them I would be there even though my mind was coming up with a million excuses. The next day I got to the headquarters. Everyone there was about 20 years old. I felt a little like a fish out of water but I just stayed steady.

They got some leaflets for me to hand out and gave me a quick rundown of what to say and the questions to ask. Most of all they wanted me to find out what people felt most concerned about this election cycle. I hopped in a car with three college volunteers. I was nervous. I had no idea how to talk about the issues or exactly what my candidate was all about.

We got to our territory, a suburban neighborhood that has a distinctly conservative feeling. AM I REVEALING TOO MUCH? (seriously, your politics are unimportant to me...this article is not really about a political viewpoint, but rather overcoming the resistance I felt towards getting more involved in something I feel strongly about).

We all hopped out and agreed to meet up in an hour and half. AN HOUR AND A HALF IN THIS HEAT? I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS!! I was nervous but I took a deep breath and walked up to my first house. No one home.

Actually a lot of people weren't home or if they were home they didn't come to the door. In the end, I had contact with five men, each one different and interesting.

1. A man in his early thirties on the opposite end of the political spectrum. God bless him though, he was open to talking and friendly. I didn't have a great answer to his biggest concern and it bugged me.

2. An older, haggard, angry man in alignment with my political point of view. He seemed dissatisfied with everyone but assured me that he would vote for my guy. Then he gave me valuable tips that would have been great with #1.

3. A young man working to get his green card. He was by far the friendliest (non-American man = non-jaded man?). I welcomed him to the US and asked him to register as a * when he finally gained citizenship. He laughingly agreed.

4. An older man who was working in his yard and ignored me, finally scowling and telling me he was too busy to talk.

and finally

5. A big burly guy in his late 20's who was vehemently opposed to (one of my) candidates that I wasn't even officially there to support. He repeated a lot of what I consider to be propaganda and untruths that shocked and confounded me. The fear behind the rage was palpable and for a moment I though he might attack me. I was calm and friendly and genuinely curious about his viewpoint. He got more flustered as I stayed calm.

I did it! I got out there and walked my talk. It was energizing and I felt great afterwards. I felt like I got to look up close at some energies I had been reading about but didn't know in person.

I also see that politics is somewhat of a man's game. I only encountered one woman on my journey. She had a house that looked like a magical, little cottage and she also said she was voting for my guy. The last few days and the primary as well, show me that when women get in the political arena in a big way, they tend to get beat up no matter what they do. I might not agree with some of these ladies' points of view, but I can agree that the way our culture talks about them and criticizes them is pretty disturbing.

but back to today...

please GOD let this be over soon and in a way that creates healing for us, whatever that looks like...


Monday, September 1, 2008

Fortune Forecast 9/1 - 9/7


The energy is a bit choppy this week. There are huge leaps forward followed by stagnant, stuck spaces. As hard as we try to control and direct it, we'd be better served by letting go and going with what happens. This requires more trust and less dominance. That's the lesson this week: knowing that there are delays and frustrations that are simply beyond our understanding and are not the result or a reflection of our abilities as the creators of our own universes. This is the time to recognize our co-creating with God energy. That old saying God works in mysterious ways is very apropos now. There is rhyme and reason to the difficulties and important opportunities will emerge from the struggle. It's our job to be present when the magic arrives.

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Monday 9/1
It's hard to stay positive today. We're stuck in the past and lamenting choices we made long ago. This could be a problem OR NOT. There might be some genuine healing that needs to happen. It's all about coming to peace with where we are now and what's populating our worlds. It can be changed, so lament then forgive and then get ready to move to something better.

Tuesday 9/2
There's just no way to make it happen today. The effort needs to be dropped. It's time to pause whether we want to or not. There's important information on the way that will help everything fall into place and get us rolling again. Knowing this will help us weather the temporary storm of stagnation. Retreat if possible. Use this time to rest up and prepare for the inevitable break in the stormy weather.

Wednesday 9/3
This is a great day to get out and participate in the world. Happy surprises are in store and it's quite sunny out compared to the cloudy uncertainty of yesterday. Something we want badly is starting to take shape right in front of us. It's miraculous and beautiful and worthy of celebration. Do something to give back today. Share the magic in small ways. Pay it forward so to speak.

Thursday 9/4
It's hard to get anything done when we are stuck in conflict with ourselves. It's as if there are two competing forces inside us that are struggling for power but they are so evenly matched that there's no movement at all. It might be time to sit down and have a dialog. Let these two voices speak their piece. Journal it and discover the root. Once there it will be easy to get back on track.

Friday 9/5
Another day of stuck, heavy energy. We might as well relax and get a good look at the obstacles that keep us in place. There's no need to try and change things today but we can use this time as an opportunity to get more familiar with the territory. As soon as we accept the limitations, they will start to shift. Acceptance makes us like the river, able to flow past the impediments with ease.

Saturday 9/6
The body has the wisdom we need today to navigate and make healthy choices. Pay attention to instincts and intuition and get the chatter of the mind out of the way. This is easier said than done, especially when our instinct tells us to take radical action with no guarantee of success. No matter what happens, when we reach for a dream we get closer even when it appears farther away.

Sunday 9/7
It's time to just go. Don't think about it, just do it. After a few days of stagnation we finally get the energy and freedom we need to follow a passion all the way. Sometimes we try and control the energy of desire. We feel afraid to let ourselves run wild. Things work best today when we just let it all go and see where it leads. It's time to break out of the box that keeps us small and dim.

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It's so easy to slip into blame when troubles pop up. We wonder what we did to deserve it and get stuck on the idea that we must have created it. This week, we get to practice the space of not taking it personally. It's just not about us! There are bigger patterns that operate beyond our control. The idea that we can somehow manipulate these forces often leads to suffering. There are many mysterious here on Earth and try as we might we can't understand it all in every moment. Times like this push us to find solace in what is real here and now. Look to relationships and simple pleasures to get you through the myriad of frustrations ahead. Refuse to blame the self for the struggles and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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