Thursday, November 27, 2008



Don't you love Thanksgiving, especially when you throw in a new moon in Sagittarius? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and sometimes excess. Expect to eat plenty of yummies under the influence of this energy.

There may be a bit of sadness in the air today. First of all, the new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle. We can't see the light of the moon when it's new. It's as if the light disappears. Psychic, emotional fears tend to rise to the surface when the moon is new. The unease is difficult to name since the moon rules the unconscious.

Be mindful of this energy and don't let it take away from the gratitude and abundance of the holiday.

Yesterday, Pluto re-entered Capricorn where it will stay for the next 16 years! The turbulence we see in the financial markets and in government reflect the enormous shift of Pluto going from Sagittarius to Capricorn. For the last 12-13 years, as Pluto moved through Sagittarius, our culture celebrated excess, optimism, expansion and idealism. As we transition, the energy naturally contracts from the fiery expansiveness of Sagittarius to the earthy conservativeness of Capricorn.

The new moon may have us longing for the good old days of Sagittarius in Pluto, when jobs and credit were (seemingly) abundant and we all felt like we could reach and attain bigger and better things. We may have a sense of fear about what's up ahead. Our value system is in the process of change. The new cool will have a lot to do with conservation, frugality and living more simply. This process will take time to get used to. Pluto rules death and we are in the midst of a death. It's ok to grieve and natural to be nervous...

As Pluto progresses through Capricorn, we can look forward to business and government becoming more streamlined and efficient. As a nation, we may find ourselves pulling back from global conflict in order to heal our own wounds. Workers and how they are treated will become bigger and bigger issues. We can expect to see a lot of attention and energy being directed to older folks as Capricorn reveres and respects the wisdom of the ancients. Nursing home reform and how we approach retirement will be hot topics.

Capricorn rules the bones of a body. We'll see a lot of energy going into repairing roads, bridges and buildings. Schools and education will get more attention since Capricorn is extremely competitive and likes to think in terms of long range goals. We'll see our nation start to fight to be more competitive in the world with technology and business which naturally requires excellent and affordable education.

There is a sense of sacrifice in the air that makes it all seem less than fun. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the disciplinarian. This is a shock to the carefree, live for today Sagittarian energy we've grow accustomed to. Still, there are elements of this change that feel refreshing. It's as if we are getting back to the roots and healing those roots so that they can produce greater abundance in the future.

In the end, I think we have much to look forward to as we lay the foundation (Capricorn) for a new kind of prosperity. It may be awkward at first, but as the transit gains speed, we are going to see some remarkable shifting and growth that helps us all feel more stable and safe. Family will become more important as we pull together to get through the changes which brings me back to today.


Enjoy this less than perfect time period. We are on the cusp of amazing change. Get together with loved ones and connect. If sad feelings pop up, let them move through you and find release. Notice that regret has a strong pull now. Say no to it! Capricorn isn't heartless though it may seem so. It's the father stepping in and making corrections so that our human family can live in harmony with nature in an updated, more workable way.

LOVE IT PEEPS! It's going to be a wild ride for a bit...but we're on to better things.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/24 - 11/30


How we love to daydream! Sometimes our dream space takes over and makes it difficult to enjoy what's real. We also tend to retreat into longing when things are tough. Hiding out this week could become a problem though, because it keeps us from recognizing opportunity to create healing, love and abundance. It's our task to keep pulling our attention back to the moment. It might help to know that even if our dream came true, it wouldn't magically solve all the problems. Notice the drifting to the past and the future and gently come back. Pay attention to the body and respond lovingly to physical needs. New dreams will take shape as we release old ones that are as mutable as the clouds floating by in the sky.

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Monday 11/24
There are situations beyond our control today that give us the opportunity to choose peace. If we try and go straight to the heart of the problem to solve it, we might get more frustrated. Retreat is called for. It's hard to step away and trust that no action is more helpful than action. Be the first to say "let's all take a deep breath and get a better look at this before we act in haste."

Tuesday 11/25
Our inner world is rife with intensity and we see it manifesting in the outer world. Pushing ourselves with effort will create exhaustion. Can we bring a loving attitude to the forefront? It starts with how we feel about ourselves and ripples out from there. Compassion can smooth over the roughness and get us back in the flow of abundance and creativity.

Wednesday 11/26
Little things are big triggers today. We might have a tendency to misunderstand and misinterpret the actions of our loved ones. It's not personal. When we get lit up, we have a chance to take a closer look at old wounds. Let these wounds become more conscious. Work with them as opposed to against them. Bring in some amusement to help lighten the energetic pain.

Thursday 11/27
Don't you love Thanksgiving? It's such a great holiday when we strip away the expectations we build around it. Because this is also a new moon day, we might find ourselves a little more moody than normal. Use this emotional energy to create depth in important relationships. Let go of fear for one day and sink into gratitude. Be childlike and open to happy surprises.

Friday 11/28
It's as if the blinders have been removed from our eyes and we can see everything clearly again. It's easy to make plans that work now. The simplicity of what we see is astonishing and refreshing. It's time to move forward and willing release our list of wrongs. Share the inspiration and watch plans develop even more depth. Brainstorming with a trusted friend pays off big today.

Saturday 11/29
Sounds easy but it's not! We're so conditioned to use effort to get what we want that we forget to get out of our own way sometimes. The universe is lining up to get us where we want to go. We've earned what's coming, so let's open up and let it in. This is a great day to look around and validate what works. The more we see the magic, the more magic there will be.

Sunday 11/30
Our mind is all over the place today. It's difficult to find the core of any particular issue. Let's stop and ask ourselves where the passion is. Put attention there. Let some of those minor details rest for now in order to dream a bigger dream. It takes discipline to keep the mind from running amok. Gentle discipline works best. Get some rest even though responsibilities are looming.

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It's all right here, right now. Moving meditation can help us bring our attention and energy back to the moment. Creative projects help as well. It's easy to drift away but our energy gets scattered when we do. Those daydreams can give us important clues about our purpose here on earth but they can also cause a lot of pain when they are used as a way to escape the work we need to do now. Imagine your spirit as a ball of light. If it helps, pick a color to represent your spirit. Imagine this color all around your body. Do this as often as you think of it and see what happens. This experiment will delight you with results and ease of use. Bring your spirit home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Follow the Sparkle

Intuition is a fuzzy, nebulous space sometimes. We want to hear that voice but struggle as we are bombarded with energy and opinion on all fronts. We expect our psychic information to show up dramatically and clearly, but often it is subtle and hushed.

What are we to do?

Follow the sparkle!

If you're flipping through a newspaper or a magazine and something pops out, investigate. If you're driving home and you get a sudden urge to take a different route, investigate. If you have a conversation and something sparks you're interest, investigate.

Listening and responding to intuition is often like a treasure hunt. We move from one clue to the next, unsure of where it's going to take us. The route may seem circuitous and chaotic but if we give ourselves permission to go, we often end up somewhere amazing and totally unexpected.

In order to create stability and predictability, we often create a picture of where we want to be and then take steps to get there. Sometimes that picture gets so rigid that we can't see all the roads leading to the destination.

Our world is so uncertain at times. We crave order which limits our ability to trust and follow the sparkle. We dread the idea of wasting time or involving ourselves in spaces that will be unproductive and unfruitful. We often discard our intuitive information because it doesn't make sense and seems to be a detour away from the attainment of our goals. We are afraid to trust our spirit and its (seemingly) crazy, haphazard plans.

The trick to using more intuitive information is to look and respond to the clues. The mind chatters on like a backseat driver as we wander off to investigate. Expecting the mind to get quiet is probably unrealistic. We think that if we hit upon the right thing, our brain will immediately agree and settle down.

I don't know about you, but my brain NEVER SETTLES DOWN. It's always chattering away, giving me opinions and ideas that may or may not be helpful. This is why meditation exists! We know we need to get quiet in order to hear the whisper of spirit.

Our bodies also give clues. Anxiety is a clue, as is joy. Anxiety may be telling us to step back for a bit while joy tells us to go forward. The body is an exquisitely refined psychic barometer. As such, the body can become a completely overwhelming space of psychic noise and feedback.

Keep it simple.
Stay open, stay fluid.
Blow up the picture of what it needs to look like.
Be willing to wander.
Let go of the notion of wasting time or going in the wrong direction.
Open to the magic.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/17 - 11/23


This is a great week to reflect on all the amazing spaces and relationships that have been created of late. Is it possible to pause now and just let it all sink in? It's tough to do when there's always more to strive for. It's difficult to create more if we don't validate where we are right now. Create time to celebrate. It can be simple but make it a priority. If we try and push ahead now, we will be working against the energy that's trying to bring rest and rejuvenation. Let's work to create a new understanding of abundance. Look and see what resources are on hand. It's important that we take stock before the pace picks up again and we get busy, busy, busy.

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Monday 11/17
There is a tremendous urge to make a decision before we have all the information we need. It's hard to resist the desire to pick something on impulse and a whim. Sometimes spontaneity works, but not today. We can move out of the restless impatience when we know that waiting will help us find the space of certainty we need to choose the best and most fruitful path.

Tuesday 11/18
Old wounds are close to the surface today and its almost impossible not to get triggered. Minor upsets have the potential to blow up and get intense. We may have the sense that it doesn't make sense. Let's be willing to step away and reflect if and when we need to. Confront those old patterns and work towards peace. This will require forgiving ourselves as well as those who've done harm to us.

Wednesday 11/19
Though we may not have everything we want and there are many things to worry over, it's time to cultivate gratitude. We can start small and expand. Can we be grateful for the struggle and all the wisdom it offers? Now is the time to try. When the energy lifts and we feel better, our feelings of abundance will help us capitalize on the myriad of opportunities coming our way.

Thursday 11/20
There are so many excellent possibilities worth consideration today. Some of them seem far fetched. Those are the best and deserve the most attention. Be willing to make the dream bigger. Important clues are popping up and giving us the insight we need to progress and prosper. Call someone and brainstorm. Conversation will help add depth and dimension.

Friday 11/21
A meeting of the minds can yield incredible results today. Call a friend or meet with a mentor. Sharing ideas can help us figure out how to order our plans and get closer to making a dream real. There might be issues that need to be aired for healing and release. Make space for this process. Flashes of insight are guaranteed. All parties involved will benefit from sharing.

Saturday 11/22
Moods are up and down and all over the place today. There's really no rhyme or reason. It helps to relax into it. Fighting it will create frustration and pain. We're not going to like all of the spaces we visit but there is value in going along for the ride. Surrender to the opening that's in progress. Spiritual range is intimately connected with emotional range. Say no to resistance.

Sunday 11/23
Don't you love Sunday? Whether or not you have the time to rest, it's easy to use this day as a time of preparation for the next week. Even ten minutes can help set the stage for manifesting more abundance and love. Let's be grateful from what we have. Longing is exquisite pain. Put is aside for a bit knowing it will return soon enough. Now is the time for rejuvenation in all forms.

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The inner critic is powerful. It doesn't want us to feel to good about ourselves. Notice it and gently say no. Do not let this voice get control. Meditation can help. Choose a color that represents love and imagine it all around your body. Do it as often as you think of it. Change colors if and when you feel like it. Give that critic some love! Watch what happens. If you adopt this as a practice, you'll see results and positive shifts. Color is the language of spirit. Start creating the energy you want in your life now.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover)

so pretty!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/10 - 11/16


Intuition is potent this week and can help us navigate a myriad choices. Sometimes intuition shows up in very physical, sensory ways. It's important to stop and pay attention to these feelings and impressions. We might find ourselves resisting certain moods as if they are bad or wrong when really, these feeling states are trying to help us discover a truth. There will be times this week when we don't really enjoy some of the information coming through. We might be asked to make adjustments or let go of ideas and goals we've made a heavy investment in. Can we be graceful and fluid when those flashes of insight show up? It will require the relinquishment of control and a willingness to let something new and unknown be born.

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Monday 11/10
Old wounds are a pain in the yin yang! They seem to pop up for review at the most inconvenient times. Today we can't get past the thoughts and feelings that keep us from enjoying what we have in abundance. There is a perceived sense of lack that's not rooted in the present, though it might seem like it. Do what it takes to stop reacting to this old energy. Freedom is at hand.

Tuesday 11/11
Lurking around every corner is the potential for an amazing gift. Today can be a treasure hunt in whatever area of life needs healing. It all depends on our attitude. Let go of the weariness and cynicism. Look at the world with innocence and wonder and the world will respond with plenty of magic. It's hard to believe that happiness is available all the time and in every circumstance.

Wednesday 11/12
It's tough to pick a plan of action or know how to move forward when mixed messages are so prevalent. There is a shifting, mutable quality to the energy today. Someone important is acting completely unreliable. Let's not make too much of it. It's just one of those days. Take a break from the spaces that confuse and confound. Clarity will return soon. It would be a shame to make decisions without enough information.

Thursday 11/13
There's a sense that something big is starting to happen. We don't really know where we're going and there may be some nervousness about it. There is also a sense that hard work is ahead but it's the kind of hard work that feels great, so there's no need to worry. Tie up loose ends and get ready because the pace is about to pick up and it will pay off to be organized when it does.

Friday 11/14
There are many appealing options to choose from today. Each one has its charms and it's challenges. Trying to figure out which one is the best is a waste of time. It all comes down to scenery. One road is coastal and one is mountainous. Which drive do we want to go on? Both roads end up in the same place, so pick one and get going. Debating the merits of each road is a form of procrastination.

Saturday 11/15
Out of seemingly nowhere, intense emotions are erupting. This will cause surprise and possible displeasure. There's healing in the air today and part of that healing requires that we allow old stuff to come up and out. Find healthy spaces to channel all the energy. What we think the problem is, is not really the problem. Keep an eye on the urge to behave in needlessly destructive ways.

Sunday 11/16
After a week of emotional highs and lows, we're finally settling back into a space of calm. We can maximize the feelings of peace and well being by slowing down and relishing the moment. Simple pleasures can help refresh and overcome any feelings of weariness. Take a look around. The shape of the world has changed and the opportunities feel bigger and more profound now.

need help with the energy this week?

There are many moods to float through this week and while it's not necessary to understand them all, it's helpful to have time and space to rest. Stepping away from the intensity of the world will make room for revelations and important insights to arrive. It feels good when the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place without struggle, without effort. This week can help us get in alignment with forces greater than our own, especially as we allow ourselves to surrender into the healing at hand. Trust is required. Make adjustments to allow a new, updated version of faith.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebration Time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fortune Forecast 11/3 - 11/9


It's tempting to stick to the same old routine this week, but the same old routine is becoming rather stifling. It won't feel natural to break out of our patterns but that's exactly what needs to happen. It's time to wander and drift and look for new stimulation. If we insist on sticking to what we know, we'll rapidly get frustrated and irritable. We can't enjoy what we have if we have nothing to compare it to. We can't get creative if there's nothing to inspire us. We can't envision a new dream if we're busy sticking to the straight and narrow. If there's a class or an event that's been calling, now is the time for exploration. Stop putting off responding to the quiet messages spirit has been sending. Freshen up!

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Monday 11/3
It's easy to get obsessive today about a situation that needs time to work itself out. There's really nothing more to be done here so why waste time stressing out about it? It will require discipline to stop feeding this situation with valuable, life force energy. Find a healthy distraction if necessary but shift the focus into a more positive, productive space. The problem will be resolved soon.

Tuesday 11/4
Freedom can mean different things to different people. Are there situations and involvements that feel oppressive and repressive? Now is our chance to get clear about where we want to put our energy and attention. Make a play for freedom. It doesn't have to be extreme. Even an affirmation can help get the wheels of positive change in motion.

Wednesday 11/5
There's luck in the air today and all we have to do is make sure we get out and about to bump into it. Expect happy coincidences and magical moments because the stars are lined up and ready to deliver. Be willing to offer energy and time to someone who needs it. The more willing we are to share the bounty, the bigger the harvest will be. Relax and go with the flow.

Thursday 11/6
Something wonderful is about to run by. Don't hesitate to reach out and grab it. They say good fortune is like a woman with long hair in the front and bald in the back. If you don't grab her when she's coming at you, you'll miss out (you can't grab her once she passes by). In order to make the most of the good luck, we need to be watching out for opportunity today. When we see it, we must not hesitate.

Friday 11/7
It's time to make a choice and get behind it. There's been a debate over which is the best/most productive/most fun/most practical path. This debate has caused all movement to stop. It doesn't matter what we choose but it does matter that we make a choice. Picking something will get things moving again and help us develop plans from a new and evolving point of view. Just do it.

Saturday 11/8
Although there is always work to be done, the best thing we can do for ourselves today is take a break and relish the abundance and love that's available. It's time for some rest and play. Disconnect from frantic, perfectionist energies that get in the way of being here now. Call a friend, connect with family and let that list of things to do fade away for a bit.

Sunday 11/9
Psychic information is powerful today. Pay attention to dreams and impressions. It might not make sense at first. Sit with it and let it all sink in. One of the challenges we face is that our intuition may be telling us something we don't want to hear. We may be blocking important information with our own resistance. Be willing to consider a reality that's out of step with expectations.

need help with the energy this week?

As we allow ourselves to open to new experiences, we might discover that we are desperate for change. Like a person coming our of the desert, dying of thirst we might get impatient and pushy for transformation. Pacing is important now. We don't need to overthrow our whole routine to find relief. Small changes can create a tremendous impact. Take a different route to the grocery store, go to sleep at a different time. The smallest shifts will create the feeling of liberation we crave.

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