Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live Lean, Live True

Last week, my darling husband (I call him that because he is a darling even though he gets on my nerves at least once a day...poor guy) forced me to sit down and come up with a list of things I'd like to create. Forced is a strong word, but I really wasn't in the mood. Even though I know it's a valuable thing to do, I didn't feel like it. I was in the mood to stomp around in my grump space. Fortunately, he intervened.

Once I sat down and started to let it pour out, I was surprised at how good it felt to get it all out of my head. It was even more interesting when I ran out of stuff. I really have to push myself when the question of what I want comes up. I can think of plenty for my kids and for the family, but what about little, old me?

I decided to paint the colors of the energy I want to create. Seeing the colors often helps me create it. The little details are too much to keep track of and I know that if I just keep acknowledging how I want to feel, it will start to come together. In the end, I'm more interested in feeling a certain way that I am in the details.

The painting turned into a swirling, chaos of jewel tones. Not quite what I was seeing in my mind's eye but good enough. I was grateful that darling husband got me to sit down and spend some time on that space of creating.

Just as I was finishing up, a slogan/mantra popped into my mind...LIVE LEAN, LIVE TRUE. I've had some time to think about what it means. I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean eating low fat food!! That just ain't in the cards for this lady...

It's about the desire to get to a space of simplicity, to streamline, cull and purge. No more hoarding, no more clinging. Moving through energy like the blade of a sharp knife. Austerity and purity. HONESTY with self and others. Aligning with the energy of change and riding the waves like a seasoned surfer which is just not possible when weighted down with junk...mental, physical and emotional.

Here are some other ideas that seem to come with the LIVE LEAN, LIVE TRUE philosophy.

  • Treat the body with respect and love.
  • Develop strength of mind and body.
  • Simplify routines.
  • Weed out the junk.
  • Cultivate friendship and connection.
  • Delve more deeply into the mystery.
  • Relish the small pleasures.
  • Only buy things that will be loved forever.
  • Invest in quality over quantity.
  • Live in harmony with the environment.
  • Create and strengthen community.
  • Get clear on important values.
  • Take time to notice the natural beauty of the world.
  • Be generous.
  • Honesty about motivations and drives.
I realize these are pretty lofty least for a flawed creature like me and don't misunderstand...I'm all about embracing the flaws but I'm going to implement some of this stuff slowly and surely, leaving plenty of wiggle room. So much of what bothers me about my own life is the clutter...clutter on all levels. That clutter is the opposite of LIVE LEAN, LIVE TRUE.

We'll see peeps. As always, it's a work in progress, an experiment, an adventure. Though there may be elements of gentle discipline implied in LIVE LEAN, LIVE TRUE, the rigidity of having to do it right needs to be purged along with the rest of the junk.


I'd love to know...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fortune Forecast 1/26 - 2/1


We might find ourselves on the defense this week. A minor threat has the potential to get scary but only if we forget who we are. Unconsciousness is a b*tch! You know, that foggy space of insecurity and doubt? That space where intuition is often cast aside and paranoid urges grow in intensity? As long as we stay grounded and awake to the reality of the threat (it's minor, it's silly, it's nothing) everything will be fine. The best defense is calm and graceful. There's no need to apologize because we've done nothing wrong. Remember that when the opposition mounts it's pithy attack. As to the question of why...ask why not? Being in the defensive position often reminds us of how much we know, what's important and what we want to continue to invest in. This too shall pass and when it does, our postion will be stronger and that makes the struggle worthy.

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Monday 1/26
Sometimes we need permission to drift. This is one of those days. If we try to force our attention back to mundane matters, we're likely to make silly mistakes that are strangely hard to clean up. The drift is good and healing as it allows us to process stressful energies that are ready to move. Play hooky if you can because it will be difficult to accomplish anything concrete today.

Tuesday 1/27
The end of a cycle often presents the greatest challenge. By the time the climax comes, we are sick of the whole thing and in an uninspired space. Today is one of those days where we wonder if we'll ever get to completion and if and when we do, will there be commensurate rewards? It can be lonely in that last struggle to reach the summit. Keep going. The bounty that awaits is stunning.

Wednesday 1/28
Areas that have felt difficult and sluggish are starting to get a boost. This is exciting and somewhat surprising because some of the stuck spaces are on the verge of being abandoned. There is momentum building which means much of the effort we've been using to push forward is unecessary now. Like a train leaving the station, once these things start moving, there will be no stopping.

Thursday 1/29
We just can't get the information we need to make sense of our experience. Actually, that's not exactly true. We know what's going on but for some reason we keep talking ourselves out of that knowingness. It's fun to play in the fun house of mental distortion if we know that's where we are. It's the unconsciousness that gets scary (see opening paragraph). Honor the intuitive information coming through.

Friday 1/30
Sometimes a vision arrives and with it a sense of hope, possibility and freedom. It's coming! We're about to get a chance to see our lives from a fresh perspective which helps us find solutions to old problems. The revellation might be so powerful that it pushes us to go in a whole new direction. Don't you love it when that happens? Be prepared to change direction. It will be undertaken joyfully.

Saturday 1/31
It might not always seem like it but peace is a choice. It's tempting to see the conflict in our world as something that's happening to us as opposed to something we're contributing energy to. Sometimes it feels good to fight! If however, the conflict is starting to feel out of control, cultivate peace. Act on that peace even if it means taking steps to heal something that looks like someone else's responsibility. Stay awake.

Sunday 2/1
Adventure is essential today. Do what's possible to get off the beaten track and experience something new. Even books and movies can give us the change in scenery we need to come back to our lives with a more creative outlook. Be willing to take risks in love. Share your feelings and put aside the censorship. Love is never wrong so let go of all the judgmental chatter that keeps this healing force locked up.

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It may take effort these days to create rest. It's just not coming naturally for so many of us. The energy in our world is very, very shaken (not stirred!). Be willing to step away from that grinding, mental list of projects. It's so easy when things get intense (and the first chakra gets so lit up that we believe our very survival is at stake) to put aside the very activities that help us care for our bodies, minds and souls. What have you been shuffling to the bottom of the list under the guise of it being too self-indulgent? Is there another way to get the same energy from some other activity or space? These are questions worth contemplating. Take the self-care up a notch and quit wating for the right time and circumstance. It could be a while before the "right time" returns. Don't put off giving yourself what you need right now.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Retrograde...let me count the ways

You know it's a retrograde when you labor over the newsletter, dithering about which time zone to pick and realize after you send it that by switching time zones you messed up the date.

You know it's a retrograde when a couple pieces of important mail show up on Sunday which leaves you wondering how much other potentially important mail was delivered to your neighbors and if so, will you ever see it?

You know it's a retrograde when the paperwork piles up and there's that one document you can't find that holds up four projects.

You know it's a retrograde when your mind is racing while you lie in bed thinking I really need to get some rest tonight.

Oh...and for all of you who visited the article at 5280 that I contributed to (find the link on this page)...the astrological analysis of Denver? I worked hard on that only to be painted (slightly) as some weirdo working in a dark closet doing highly questionable work.
* astrologist (???)
** "intuitive consultant" (???) no caps and quotes as if it's some kind of MADE UP CRAZY?
*** for the record, I would never shake my head sadly over the chart of Denver, Colorado. That's just not how I roll.
As Perez says, all publicity is good publicity but come on...

How is your retrograde unfolding?

I hope the new moon in Aquarius delivers you the opportunity to plant seeds that grow into tangible dreams. Ready or not, the revolution is gaining momentum. Rest up peeps!

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my friends are telling me that i'm overreacting to the article. ok. i'll take your word for it. i always have to be mindful of my leo moon and remember that it tends to make a ruckus ALL THE TIME.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Song, Weird Video

I LOVE this song...very pretty...All Is Full of Love...Bjork.

I admit, the video freaks me out because I think it's dangerous any time we see the body as machine-like. Though there is an element of beauty, I find myself cringing watching those machines put robot Bjork together. The vulnerability is immense.

Turn away if you need to and just listen. Or contemplate the strange machine/love imagery. Robot Bjork makes out with robot Bjork!!

All this energy of change has me pretty tired, peeps. This is the best I can do today.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Fortune Forecast 1/19 - 1/25


For every positive development, we might see an equal challenge rising to meet it. It seems that we are not going to get a free pass, no matter how badly we feel we need it. In truth, we probably don't need it, we just want it. These are times of complexity and challenge. Being prepared to meet those challenges is half the battle. This week every event has a wonderfully, layered flavor. Nothing is black or white, instead there are many shades of gray. We have the ability now to see everything from many different angels which allows us to be more creative and more compassionate. Trying to see things as right or wrong just won't work.

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Monday 1/19
It's so easy to tell ourselves stories that just aren't true. We do this so that we can continue to believe what we want and avoid making hard adjustments. Over time, these little lies can create a big mess when the true story asserts itself and we find ourselves in a pile of rubble. Today is a day of red flags. Respond to these warnings with forgiveness for participating in a fanciful farce.

Tuesday 1/20
Tie up loose ends before the next wave of business arrives. It's coming and it's exciting. Get ready by cleaning and organizing and implementing routines that boost health and vitality. Recognize that the end is here. A new cycle is launching and though we've been waiting anxiously for the fresh start, there's a part of us that is reluctant to move on. It's okay to feel mixed emotions.

Wednesday 1/21
A burst of creative energy has the potential to manifest as enthusiasm and play or anger and frustration. We might experience a bit of both today. It's hard to channel all the energy coming through. Physical activities help as well as all forms of creative expression. Stay fluid and let the fire move on through. It's a cleansing fire so get ready to release some old, heavy junk.

Thursday 1/22
Things look bleak today. Look is the operative word. It's really not that bad and it will pass quickly. Watch out for the urge to sink into panic or depression. When we're in it we forget what it's like to be out of it. If worse comes to worse; go home early, rent a movie and get the ice cream out. It will be better tomorrow and the nightmare will seem kind of funny in retrospect.

Friday 1/23
Opportunities are starting to pop up. There is a tremendous feeling of expansive potential that's helping us get our attention off the issues that create stagnation and frustration. We can see the good stuff up ahead which makes getting there more fun. Sit with some of the offers that show up. Time will help with the process of discernment. Let's hold out for our heart's desire because it's on the way.

Saturday 1/24
It's a little scary when a dream starts to look viable. Suddenly, there is work to be done and excuses fall away. There's also the energy and excitement that comes when we feel passionate. Today offer a healthy does of the passion and the fear. Let's not mistake the hesitation as a sign that things won't work. Notice it and keep going. Fulfillment is beckoning.

Sunday 1/25
Sunday is such a great day to pause, even for ten minutes and offer a prayer of thanks and experience a moment or two of reflection. There is a lovely, peaceful vibe available today for anyone who wants to open up and receive it. Some of us will fight it because we are attached to our struggles. Remember there is always choice. Knowing that is the key to having more.

need help with the energy this week?

The truth is mutable. It changes depending on mood and memory. Like a beautiful diamond with many facets, we can see different things depending on the angle we take. The truth can be bent and manipulated which is part of the magic and the pain of being human. This week we can see things from as many angles as we want to. This means there are no victims and no perpetrators. With the ability to see all the angles comes the awareness that there are no easy answers. This might be troubling for those of us who rely on judgment to navigate. There's an incredible opportunity here to become freer. It can be incredibly liberating not having to take sides or judge ourselves and others as being in the right or the wrong. Play with it and see what happens.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House of Worship

I love my house but sometimes I can't stand it. Maybe you can relate to this.

My house has many wonderful qualities. It's not too big, not too small. It's old and charming and graceful. The windows are large and sparkly (when clean) and the houses around me are western in the best way; evocative of a time of early prosperity. It fits all the lovely things I've collected over the years. It's pretty in here...a messy kind of pretty.


It's too close to the neighbors on either side. I feel squeezed. The fire station is a block away and the parade of sirens gets old. The street in front is busy at the rush hour and there are areas of the house that need healing/repair/care that I'm not in the mood to give. Sometimes I feel trapped in here with whatever negativity is striking in the moment.

I long sometimes to leave the city and live in an area with more natural beauty. A place with peace and quiet and a more relaxed way of life but this dream has drawbacks...Are there good schools? Would we get bored? Could we stand having only four restaurants to choose from? Would there be opportunities to prosper? How would we say goodbye to all our friends? MOVING IS EXHAUSTING!!

It's so easy to long for what we don't have. So, so easy.

When I used to work at the 12th House bookstore in Denver I had a practice of picking up a random book and opening it to a random page and reading. I was always struck by the wise ideas I came across. One such day (it must have been ten years ago at least, long before I got married or had children...long before I lived in this house) I grabbed a book, opened it and read something along the lines of this: Our growth here is accelerating. Things are getting intense. They will continue to get intense. You may have the urge to move somewhere thinking you'll find peace but it will be intense wherever you go. You can't escape the growth experience. It is everywhere.

Obviously I still remember the message and find myself reflecting on it every time I start thinking about moving. The idea that maybe we could move somewhere and achieve a more perfect existence is incredibly seductive. I can spend hours on this fantasy and I have but maybe (for me at least) the real growth comes from staying the course...committing to make what IS more beautiful, more peaceful and more abundant.

When my house starts feeling like a trap, a repository of my family's fleeting clouds of unhappiness and I feel the urge to flee, I remind myself that it's just energy and that energy can be changed. I imagine a big gold bubble around the house and start to bring in love, abundance, peace, protection, joy, creativity, magic, miracles, fun, etc, etc, etc. I do this almost every night as I drift off to sleep. It's incredibly comforting.

I want my home to feel like a house of worship. In fact, I want whatever space I'm in to feel like a house of worship. That means my body, my house, my city, my country, my world. A house of worship cannot base it's existence on what's happening around it. If the space of worship depended on world peace, we'd have no where to go. WE are the house of worship and WE manifest/create/cultivate/recognize/appreciate the sacredness wherever we go...OR NOT (some days are better than others, my friends!!).

I'm not saying I won't move someday but for now it seems that we are meant to be here, tucked into the urban cacophony. Our friends are here. We have jobs and work and connections here. There are schools and museums and tons of great restaurants here. We have a lovely home. WE BELONG HERE!!

In these times of intensity, growth and upheaval the house of worship becomes ever more essential. What's that old saying? WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE. You won't find sacred space by seeking it somewhere other than where you are right now. It's not out there.

Come home! Come back to the sacred space that IS. Cultivate it, create it and enjoy it. It's waiting to be discovered RIGHT NOW. The pain and struggle we're immersed in is part of it. We need that pain to get HERE. See the adversity in life as the doorway to the sacred space.

If you're like me, you'll still find yourself daydreaming of some other perfect reality, you'll continue to brush up against the urge to escape and that's okay. Just remember to come home and make that home homey. Let yourself belong.

What's that other old saying? HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (and that heart is us).

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fortune Forecast 1/12 - 1/18


The week begins with intensity and a sense of uncertainty. There's no blame here. It's just the nature of the energy. When we try and personalize it or solve it, we end up making it much more complicated. Is it possible to just ride it out knowing that better times are on the way? By the middle of the week we find ourselves feeling more grounded and much more certain. By the end of the week, life is positively magical. It's hard to believe that in the span of a few days we can go from the dark to the light in such spectacular fashion. Alchemical forces are potent now. Be careful about the energy and intention being expressed. Everything is magnified positively and negatively. Stay on the side of love and watch the blessings flow.

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Monday 1/12
Everything freezes up today. While it would be easy to see this as a problem and to try and fight it tooth and nail, there's a gift here. When we don't know what to do, we should stop doing and wait. The healing demands that movement stops. Of course, as pain comes to consciousness we want to do anything besides be with it. Notice the urge to run away and stay instead. It will move.

Tuesday 1/13
Things are a bit nuts today. It's really beyond our ability to control, so why fight it? Stay loose and let the craziness fly on by. The more we try and engage it, the more difficult it becomes. Try not to take it personally. Sometimes the psychic weather is stormy despite all our efforts to cultivate peace. Get out the rain gear and find a comfortable spot to ride out the storm.

Wednesday 1/14
Life returns to a space of calm today. It might be eerily calm for some who are still in a hyper vigilant space after two days of tension. Let's not waste time waiting for the other shoe to drop. Take some time to relax into the quiet. Let go of the stress that's been building up for the last few days/weeks/months. Look at life with freshness and see what's lovely in the world. This will shift even more.

Thursday 1/15
A seed seems to have floated down from the sky and landed in our possession. It's magical and fragile and fantastic. We need to take care of this sweet, little opportunity. The excitement we feel as we hold it in our hands is incredible and slightly frightening. Let the space expand. Consider all possibilities. Allow the dream to get bigger and bigger and bigger until it takes over the whole landscape.

Friday 1/16
There's no holding back now. The passions that have been growing quietly inside are bursting to get out and find expression. It might feel a little messy to let it all out but what choice do we have? Trying to keep it locked up is not going to work anymore. This time period favors assertive action and calculated risks. Watch as the mind tries to talk us out of the dream. Don't let that chatter stop the flow.

Saturday 1/17
A plan is taking shape and what's even better; the plan is brilliant and easy to follow. Talking with friends can bring even more dimension to the plan. It's an exciting time and the passion that bubbled to the surface yesterday has a clear space to flow and flourish. Misunderstandings that have caused stagnation are getting a healing and movement is assured.

Sunday 1/18
Put energy and attention on what is wanted and desired as opposed to what's lacking. We are powerful today and would be wise to use that power with wisdom and care. Our thoughts are creating reality whether we want them to or not. Let's focus on the positive, what fills our hearts with gratitude and what makes us love life here on Earth. Now watch how more arrives, taking the sting of longing away.

need help with the energy this week?

Whatever troubles you have, know that everything is fluid and changing. If something is unbearable, realize that it won't always be so. Often, we feel stuck, trapped and unable to move. It's really just an illusion. Movement will come again so all we need to do is hang in there until the space opens again. See it as the thin part of the hour glass...sometimes we get squeezed on our way from one space to the next but that's just part of the journey. The spaces in life that feel troubling and unfulfilling will experience healing soon. Just wait and see.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resistance...friend or foe?

Resistance is a funny energy. It makes things sticky and difficult. When we get into resistance, we tend to create more of what it is we don't want.

Imagine for a minute a part of your life that you just don't enjoy. You don't like it, the details, the feeling of it. Imagine how much life force energy goes into resisting it, fighting it, wanting it to change and tolerating it.

Then imagine what it would feel like to move into acceptance, to embrace it, to claim it, to relax into it.

We often see acceptance as an admission of failure. We're terrified that if we accept something, we're settling for less than what we think we want and yet it is in the space of acceptance that we free up enough energy to make the changes we want!

Resistance can get so painful that we give up in despair. That's not the same as acceptance.

It's easy to mis-read resistance. When I was younger, if something got really difficult, I often found myself saying, "I must be going the wrong way...maybe the universe has something better in store for me." I would abandon whatever space had resistance in it thinking that the resistance was a sign of being on the wrong track.

Maybe you've done that too...mistaken the energy of resistance as a psychic sign that you're on the wrong track?

Resistance can be a tremendous gift. It shows us where there is work to be done. Not the heavy discipline, get your butt in gear kind of work, but rather the work of loving kindness, forgiveness and the melting away of rigidity. Could it be that resistance sometimes gathers in the spaces that offer the most growth?

I notice lately that the spaces in my life that have resistance are getting more and more charged up. I could easily walk away from these things or give up in despair but what I see is the opportunity to stretch into more love. It's not easy and certainly not my forte. That's the gift in it all...I'm being pushed to bring more love and care into the space. What I see for myself and the world is that if we don't bring the softness of forgiveness in, life is going to get much more difficult.

Is there a space in your life that could use the soft acceptance of forgiveness? Can you imagine the energy of forgiveness and infuse that issue, that problem, that project, that relationship with loving kindness?

I've got a few picked out for myself and even in a few short days of working on it consciously, I notice those spaces are starting to feel easier, more playful, MORE POSSIBLE. I literally imagine the energy of acceptance surrounding my body and relaxing/washing the resistance away. Try it. Don't be afraid to feel like you don't know what you're doing. Keep it simple and PLAY. I like to pick a color to represent forgiveness/acceptance/healing love. That helps me picture the energy around my body. What's your color?

May the healing forces of acceptance, fluidity and forgiveness move us from battle to magic...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fortune Forecast 1/5 - 1/11


Ambitions are starting to take shape and the feeling of being able to make it happen is taking root. This is an exciting time. Care needs to be taken to listen to the head and the heart in equal measure. It's as if we have two horses pulling the chariot of our dreams forward. If one horse is pulling too hard or trying to dominate, we won't get far and travel will be difficult. It's time to create more balance between these two potent forces. We may naturally trust one more than the other. This needs to be corrected and healed now. If necessary, sit down with pen and paper and have a dialogue with both. At first it may seem that they have diametrically opposed ideas but if keep going. A workable compromise will soon appear. Sucess is a guarantee with the head and heart working in unison.

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Monday 1/5
There's something lovely about a little restraint. Not only does it give a feeling of being in control, it mixes the satisfaction of having with the satisfaction of longing for more. Notice that moderation is easy to apply to some areas and very difficult to apply to others. Certain areas of our lives often feel out of control and painful. Even these spaces get a healing today.

Tuesday 1/6
It's very tempting to get involved in a conflict today. The seduction could be the notion that we have the ability to help, or the seduction could be the opportunity to blow off some steam. Getting mixed up in this is not the most productive thing to do and no matter how innocuous the whole thing looks, it is fraught with secret difficulty. Just say no!

Wednesday 1/7
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Self-awareness is an amazing thing. It changes everything we're involved in and gives us the strength to make choices that are much more powerful. Even knowing our weaknesses and vulnerabilities is a powerful space to play in. We need to know what's motivating our actions today and forgive ourselves if we discover something less than pure. Humans aren't meant to be perfect anyway.

Thursday 1/8
Passion is an energy that can run amok. It can keep us up at night and make it very difficult to rest or focus. With experience and confidence we learn how to direct our passions effectively. The passion we feel as the new year gets underway needs to be tempered with wisdom. We can have what we want but getting there will require diligence, intelligence, focus and passion.

Friday 1/9
Planting a seed is not always exciting. Most of us get impatient waiting for a seed to come to fruition. We have a golden opportunity in our hand but we probably don't realize the potential. Let's plant the seed anyway. It could be an idea, a dream a wish or a hope. It doesn't have to be "real". Today's is auspicious for new beginnings. Take advantage of it and plant away.

Saturday 1/10
There are a million things to be bothered by today and everyday for that matter. We don't have control over the energy that bombards us day in and day out but we do have control over how to respond. One possibility is peace, no matter what. This is not the easiest choice. It's easier to be reactive and even volatile. Play with peace today. What does your version of peace look like? Get to know it in present time.

Sunday 1/11
We're going to get something today that we've asked for for a long time. The thing is, it's not coming in a shape or form we recognize. How many times a day do we ask for certain dynamics to end without asking for what we want instead? When we manifest this way, we often end up with a void to deal with which can be confusing and strange. Ask for what's wanted and remove attention from what's isn't.

need help with the energy this week?

Our body is a fine instrument. It gives us all the information we need to make choices that help bring more fulfillment. Sometimes we get information that totally overwhelm us and throw us out. Other times, the messages are subtle and can only be picked up through quiet contemplation. Our body can help us decipher the mystery of the head and the heart and the incredibly complex dance between the two. Make the relationship with the self a top priority this year. Know that the more you give to yourself in terms of rest and nurturance, the better life will flow. It's not selfish, it's essential in these times of stormy psychic weather. Let the body show the way.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 = 11 = 2

Goodbye 2008...Welcome 2009!

Let's take a quick look back at 2008 for a minute.
2008 was a 1 year.
2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

One is the beginning. One can be volatile as it represents the seed of creativity taking shape. Imagine all that intense energy contained in the seed? It looks harmless enough, but in it is all the information and energy needed to grow an amazing, flowering, flourishing tree.

We don't really know what kind of tree will grow from the seed...everything is still nebulous potential at this point. One is associated with strong will, taking action and risks. It's chaotic by nature. The energy can be difficult to contain, unpredictable and ultimately liberating.

When we look back at 2008, we see that we've entered uncharted territory. There were many changes to work through last year, some of them unexpected and shocking, some of them lovely and welcome. There's a sense that we've left something that we've outgrown behind, though most of us weren't even conscious of the need to move on.

2009 is a 2 year
2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 11
1 + 1 = 2

What's interesting about 2009 is that it's not just a two year, it's also an eleven. Eleven is a powerful number...

First, let's talk about two.

Two represents balance, relationships and harmony but two also implies duality. The duality aspect is interesting. Experiences this year as individuals and on a large scale are complex and difficult to categorize. We may be tempted to be judgmental only to discover that the opposing side has validity as well. What looks black and white will fade to many shades of gray the deeper we look beyond the surface.

Two emphasizes justice and equality and these will be big themes this year. There will be battles over what is fair and just. We might also see more corruption exposed and corrected. A strong drive to create balance and harmony will be evident in the world and in our personal lives.

Two tends to be kind and generous (but don't forget that sneaky duality!). Two is love and connection and unity. Partnerships and marriages get a boost of healing energy in 2009. For those who want to create a loving relationship, the energy of the two will work in your favor.

There is a sense that we are still at the very beginning of a new era and uncertainty is to be expected. The stability of the two should help temper the intensity we've been experiencing of late. Stability will feel more real after the shake up of 2008.

Now on the the eleven...

Eleven is considered a power number as is twenty-two, thirty-three, and so on. Eleven pushes us to look at areas of our lives that are out of balance. Eleven helps us achieve more balance by showing us where we need correction. Purification is important now.

Eleven is spiritual in nature and helps us delve more deeply into inner work. Psychic phenomena is part of the realm of eleven as are mystical experiences. It's important to act with integrity under the influence of this energy for anything underhanded will backfire and wreak havoc. There are no short cuts and taking time for contemplation is essential now. Eleven is sensitive and sensitivity can be a problem if the environment becomes over-stimulating or energetically toxic. Rest and refection help us make the most of the intuitive information coming through.

Eleven reminds us that we are never alone. There are two equal and balanced energies inherent in the Eleven...made up of two ones, with all the will, creative potential and chaos that those ones bring. The two ones of the eleven (yowza!) reminds us that we must co-create if we are to be successful. The self focus of the one now gives way to consciousness of others and their needs. We are suddenly more interested in others, what they think, feel and need.

The ability to manifest is potent and will become even more potent in 2010. It's important to be mindful of the energy we hang out in. This year, it's not so much what we choose but the state of mind we're in when we're choosing.


Blessings and here's to an auspicious beginning! This is getting really interesting...