Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Over It

Don't you hate it when someone tells you to "get over it." What does that mean exactly? Is IT something we can just jump or climb over? How do we move on from spaces that are absolutely riveting in the level of pain they seem to generate? If we don't move on what does that say about us? If we can't move on, are we gluttons for punishment or sick in some way?

I've never been the kind of person to "get over it." Often times, IT becomes a part of the narrative, a defining element of the ongoing story of me. Sometimes I just have to let time do it's work to move me past IT.

I see this as part of being a woman.

The poetry of woman is....
fresh, crisp, magical, dark, fantastic, fecund, abundant, sensual, destructive, conductive, gorgeous and most of all...mystical.

We are complex creatures living in a culture and a time period that has no understanding or validation of our natural gifts. As women, we don't "get over it." If you ask me that's a masculine concept/picture/idea.

It creates a lot of invalidation when we hear that phrase "get over it" from someone close to us or even worse, in our own head. Is that idea really helpful or even achievable?

At the same time, how do we live and function when the pain/fear/struggle gets so intense that it almost feels unbearable?

Go lie down in the grass and let the sun warm your skin.
Find a way to quiet that mind and COME BACK TO THAT BODY.

Staying fluid with the emotional energy and intensity that comes with our female body is essential. As women, we can't ignore the waves of feeling. They are part of what make us so magical.

It's time to stop apologizing for our greatest gifts.

I want to send a shout out to all my peeps who are struggling with relationships and the complex feelings that come with them. We are beautiful in this struggle! We were born for this struggle. LOVE IT PEEPS. It's the stuff of magic.

**by relaxing into a degree of acceptance about the pain and the struggle and letting go of the "get over it" nonsense, I guarantee you will feel better soon...meanwhile enjoy the exquisite pain. That's the stuff masterpieces are made of.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fortune Forecast 2/23 - 3/1


It's time to take a risk and go in a new direction. There will always be a consensus and a right way to be. This vibration of conformity is very powerful of late. Resist the temptation to succumb to the game this week. Opportunity awaits on the periphery and for those willing to challenge the energy of group-think, there will be big rewards. It's hard to leave! There is tremendous pressure and resistance to originality. Be brave and go anyway. Once the initial break is made, progress will be easy and the rewards tangible.

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Monday 2/23
Sometimes we tell ourselves stories to make sense of the darker, more complicated urges that drive us. This game create darker, more complicated problems. Why not be honest? What's wrong with taking a closer look at greed, jealousy and revenge? Be opening up and being honest about these drives, we have a chance to experience a new kind of freedom.

Tuesday 2/24
Where do we turn when the turbulence of the world becomes overwhelming? So many of us are searching for that space of peace and having a hard time finding it. It's inside us. It might be a small oasis of calm but as we visit it, the space gets bigger and more powerful. The spark of the divine is within us and can be found once we step out of the chatter, noise and fear of the external world.

Wednesday 2/25
There is a threat in the works today. It's not that big but it can catch us off guard and cause us to make silly mistakes if we are unconscious or asleep at the wheel. Sometimes, an event like this comes along to wake up up to what really matters. We need to defend with dignity today. There's no need to match the energy of the threat. That would be giving it way too much power.

Thursday 2/26
Lighten up! It's time to find something to laugh about. Look for the magic and the mystery because it's always there, enticing us to join. Everywhere we go today there are opportunities to create beauty and joy. Radiate some love. Cultivate the energies of celebration, silliness and whimsy. Everything is easier when we come from such a light vibration.

Friday 2/27
We find ourselves caught between two powerful forces today. It's difficult because we can see the validity in both sides of the argument and there is loyalty to both sides. It's tempting to step in and try to mediate. The best thing for everyone concerned is a step back. Step away from the mess and absolve all feelings of responsibility. There's no way to win by being involved in this. It will work out eventually.

Saturday 2/28
Do it! Jump! It's terrifying but amazing at the same time. That old comfort zone has been feeling suffocating of late and while it's tempting to keep investing in the tried and true, why not take a chance and gamble on something new? There really is nothing to lose here except self respect. Those who chicken out are going to have a hard time getting peaceful with passing on big opportunity.

Sunday 3/1
It's one of those days. Nothing adds up, nothing makes sense. The more we try and figure it out, the more confusing it becomes. It's time to step away from the quandary and find something else to occupy our time and attention. A great book comes in handy today. Permission to take a break is a good idea. Rest and get ready. When the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, we need to be ready to take action.

need help with the energy this week?

Why do we stay involved in spaces that aren't rewarding? Why do we hold back on our ability to be creative and magical? Often it's because we don't want to threaten our loved ones. We purposely hold back in order to make sure everyone else stays comfortable. Unfortunately, the longer we play this game, the more resentful we become and the very relationships we're working to preserve start to feel like a form of imprisonment. We have the opportunity to challenge this pattern this week. It's not easy but it is well worth the effort. peel away one layer at a time. Freedom awaits.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I don't know about you, but I've been all over the place lately. Talk about movement! I've been up and down, side to side and back again. Every dream, every goal is under scrutiny...what do I want?

Earlier this week*, I was struck by the energy of PANIC. There was an epic quality to every issue, every challenge. It was all very LIFE AND DEATH.

I was relieved to discover that others were feeling this way as well. It's not that I wish panic on anyone, but I take comfort in knowing that I'm experiencing something from the collective as opposed to some private hell of my own making.

It seemed like everyone who crossed my path was experiencing a degree of urgency in some area of their lives. The ferocity of the feelings being expressed was impressive! For some it was about a relationship, for others a job, for others a health issue. So many of my friends as well as clients seemed to be in the midst of a personal armageddon.

It's easy to get reactive when that feeling of panic comes upon us and lately this panic energy seems to come in waves. Just when we move through a layer of it, it comes right back again.

How do we move through the panic?
Come back to the body:
reach out and connect...

Though the panic feels real, it's just another energetic storm passing by. We need to be mindful of the urge to make rash decisions and try and wait for the storm to pass before taking action. It's tough! Hang in there until the calm returns. It will and when it does, creativity, abundance and love will help us make choices that are more fruitful and nourishing. It's not that there's no creativity, abundance and love when the panic hits...we just can't feel it.

*Things seem more calm today (Thursday) than they were at the beginning of the week. I hope that the panic energy has abated in your world.

If not...visit the list above.

** my husband told me i needed to add sex to the list which i originally considered but didn't want to seem weird...he's right though, it does move energy...GET SOME LOVIN'

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fortune Forecast 2/16 - 2/22


Sometimes it feels like we can't get the love we want and need. It seems like it's outside of us, dependent on a certain person or the achievement of a goal. Like little boats we float on the sea of love, under the spell and illusion that we are all alone. All we have to do is jump out of the boat and there we are, swimming in the sea of love. It sounds so simple and yet it's a tremendous struggle. At every turn this week, we have the opportunity to choose love (or not). Whenever a lesson presents itself, we know we will be challenged to rise to the occasion. This week we have moments where the temptation to explode or be unforgiving is HUGE. Can we choose love in the face of such overwhelming seduction? Don't let perfectionism get in the way of experimentation.

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Monday 2/16
It seems like the next step is becoming abundantly clear which brings relief to those of us who've been desperately trying to figure it out. There's something wonderfully organic about what's happening now. The fluidity and ease are refreshing after a period of struggle and effort. Even if we're not excited about upcoming tasks, at least we know where we are and where we're going.

Tuesday 2/17
There's a mystery in the air and it's hard not to drop everything in the pursuit of an answer. There's no point trying to fight the urge. Indulge the obsession for an hour or a day. Something important is at work here even though a part of us is saying "why are you wasting time on this?" If we give ourselves permission to go, we'll discover a treasure so rich that it will change the shape and understanding of reality that's been dominant.

Wednesday 2/18
Life can get serious quickly. We have the power to approach struggles and responsibilities with whatever energy we want. Whimsy is a good one! Why not welcome innocence back for a visit? We can add whimsy to the day by choosing clothing that's a little more creative and quirky than what we usually wear. Invite others to play. Notice how much more capable we are when we're in the vibration of amusement.

Thursday 2/19
Sometimes we get so anxious to find answers that we search and search, asking everyone we know for an opinion or a point of view. All this chatter brings little comfort. Sometimes life gets quiet and there's no one left to talk to. That's when we have the potential to bump into our own wisdom. Don't be afraid to unhook the phone and be alone for a while. Go into the silence, the answer is waiting there.

Friday 2/20
Passion can move us forward and help us release old energies that create stagnation and heaviness. Sometimes passion can turn into irritability and anger. The potential for anger is big today. Anger helps clean out old junk and makes space for life force energy to flow unimpeded. Try not to get in the way of the process. Though it may be unpleasant in the short-term, the healing is well worth it.

Saturday 2/21
It's not a great day to make commitments or undertake new projects. There is pressure to jump into something without all the information and preparation needed for success. Slow down. Step out of the fear that says if action is not taken soon, it will all fall apart. Creating under these circumstances can get us into trouble. Wait patiently for more pieces to the puzzle. They are on the way.

Sunday 2/22
The law of attraction is powerful today and can be used for good or ill. Think positive and be willing to make the dream bigger, brighter and more beautiful. Sometimes we get lost in the drama and forget who we are and what we're capable of. Today is a day for remembering and for playing. Be willing to put it out there full force. Dreams and desires so carefully hidden need space to become real.

need help with the energy this week?

Lose the effort. Stop working so hard and just be. So often we are pushing, pushing, pushing, so much that we don't even realize it. It becomes a way of being for most of us. We are constantly looking for ways to build and expand when all we really need to do to find satisfaction is stop and relax into it. We might be reluctant to relax into our lives the way they are in this moment because we want to improve or change what we don't like. The quickest way to change what we don't like is to relax into it, to accept it, to surrender and make peace with it. Once the resistance is gone, it all starts to move again. Sometimes it's infuriatingly simple and infuriatingly hard to do. RELAX INTO IT.

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i did this late at night like so many of the projects i undertake...
i hope it all makes sense.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's a lovely song for Valentine's Day.

I love how young these guys look here...the outfits and hair...HOT!

Don't you love to see male energy in adoration of female energy? That's the way it's supposed to be...

Let it in ladies...let it in.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ambivalence: having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about someone or something

Have you ever noticed how many world religions encourage people to disconnect from their bodies, feelings and desires? It's as if we are indoctrinated into this idea that wanting and striving is bad and detachment and transcendence is good.

Like everything, this is a complex space to explore. Worshiping our bodies and the pleasures of the material world can blind us to the truth of our spirits. But denying our bodies in order to be more holy is just as dangerous.

The competition between body and spirit is one of the most destructive forces we deal with. It's as if these two can never meet or live in harmony. So many of us get stuck in this game for a minute or a month or a decade. It's either the body OR the spirit but never both. Unfortunately, most of us are completely unconscious to this dynamic.

I call this space ambivalence. The body/spirit competition at it's core is ambivalence about being alive, about being caught in the illusion of the dichotomy of body versus spirit. When this space is out of balance, manifesting what we want is very difficult. We can't seem to move forward with anything and have no idea why.

I've known many people on different spiritual paths over the years. There are some who stay detached through meditation and diet. There are some who say "this is just a dream...don't take it too seriously." There are some who stand behind their belief in past lives as a way to buffer against the exquisite pain of the life they're living right now.

I've also known many people who seem completely occupied with the material aspects of life; how they look, what car to drive and where to live. Some of these people scoff at the idea of a higher power and search for meaning in the attainment of things and the fulfillment of physical pleasure.

I imagine most of us are somewhere in between these two poles in any given moment. In the end though, almost everyone I know wants to live and to live with passion. That's why ambivalence is such a tough energy to deal with. It's like a sand dune that you climb and climb and never end up moving. It leaves us open to terrible self-criticism and pain. JUST DO IT, you loser...

Do you suffer from ambivalence? Have you been searching for that elusive passion everyone's always talking about? If so, consider that the relationship between body and spirit may be in need of healing. The next obvious question is, how?

I like to imagine the spirit as a light. Sometimes I even pick a color and then I surround my body with that light. I imagine the light of my spirit infusing my body with love and appreciation. I do this as often as it occurs to me because I know that the relationship between body and spirit is under perpetual assault. I'm someone who is very familiar with the energy of ambivalence!

It can also be helpful to sit down and write out a dialogue between the two. Surprising information can come out of this exercise. You may discover that the body has angry feelings towards the spirit, feelings of abandonment or distrust. Like all energetic dynamics, awareness is the key to healing. Waking up to the unconscious junk hiding in there is the beginning of a new kind of freedom.

Above all, keep it simple and PLAY. Part of the potency of the body/spirit split is how serious is gets. Being a spirit in a body here on earth can be a celebratory, playful experience, albeit with a dash of suffering mixed in. Ours is a world of dichotomies and that's probably not going to end anytime soon.

Life gets really interesting when we start to participate more consciously in these nebulous yet potent energetic patterns. Recognize the polarity and work with it. Don't let that amazing mind of yours make it complicated and difficult and unattainable because it's not. Let those moments of ambivalence be the signal that lets you know that healing needs to happen, nothing more, nothing less.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Fortune Forecast 2/9 - 2/15


Conflict can be infectious and this week there seems to be plenty of opportunity to fight. There's nothing wrong with a good tussle now and again but it's nice to have a choice. It will take effort to step away from the conflict energy that's proliferating. People are inviting us at every turn to join the battle. Even when it's not a full blown fight, there is a chaotic, volatile quality to the energy. Now is the time to rent some movies and stay in. Unplug the phone and disconnect from the internet (impossible, I know!). The news of late is designed to scare. Relief can be found in the quiet inner world, a place we often forget about in the rush to accomplish. Take a vacation of sorts and step away from the stormy forces at work. It will feel good to return to the world once the dust settles and the sun comes out again (and it will, soon enough!).

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Monday 2/9
Imagine your heart as as space of pure, healing energy. Now let that energy flow from your heart, down your arms and right out the palms of your hands. You can place your hands on parts of your body that need extra care and attention. Know that when too much is flowing out, you're self esteem will tank. That's your cue to run the energy through your own space first and foremost.

Tuesday 2/10
Someone in your world has been offering amazing comfort and support. This person is the quiet type and it's easy to overlook his or her contribution. It's time to offer thanks and validation. This person deserves a promotion and a party. Get creative and find a way to express appreciation for someone who has really held the space for your healing, prosperity and love.

Wednesday 2/11
Though the current cycle feels crazy and unending, it will end and when it does we need to be ready to jump to something new. Let that new thing be a dream as opposed to the next fire that needs to be put out. What do you want? Start opening up to the answers to that question. Transitional time periods like the one we're in, often seem to take the dream away. Don't hesitate to bring it back bigger and better than ever.

Thursday 2/12
Riches come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the riches that populate our world have been around so long that they've lost their luster but not their value. Polish up the old stuff, sift through it and start to put the best front and center. A shift in attention needs to happen today if we are to capitalize on the magic in the air. See what's beautiful, even in the midst of the mess and miracles will pour forth.

Friday 2/13
How often do we ignore the cries for help in and around our world? We might think our help isn't enough or that the people in need should tough it out. We might be concerned that we just don't have enough to go around giving it all away. A little bit of conscious generosity will create a ton of abundance in it's wake today. It could be time, care or literal resources that are shared. Be willing to explore this space.

Saturday 2/14
Sometimes, we just don't know where we're going or what might happen but we go anyway. Sometimes we go feeling excitement and enthusiasm and sometimes we go feeling dread. We're being called to take a leap of faith today and it's quite frightening. Though the fear is potent, there is plenty of reason to break into a jig. Life is expanding and that's worth celebrating.

Sunday 2/15
Though we might be mired in doubt and nervousness, we have everything we need to get to our destination. Under all the mental prattle, there's a quiet voice with excellent guidance. It's so easy that it's hard to believe. Our bodies can help us find that quiet calm. If the body is the key, then ask yourself what physical activities help calm and sooth the body so that the key can unlock the door? Make those activities a top priority.

need help with the energy this week?

Part of the art of being a spiritual warrior is knowing how to choose battles wisely as well as knowing when to retreat. We get a chance to hone these skills this week. Some of the invitations to fight are pretty appealing. We might feel like we have a chance to make things better and to make a difference in the world. If we listen to the quiet inside, we will have the intuitive knowing that these present time battles are truly useless, a waste of energy and resources. The opportunity for change is up ahead, so retreat and recharge because when the real battle begins, we need to be ready.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Claude Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

My paternal grandmother has been gone for a while now. She had Alzheimer's for years so she really wasn't the lady I remember as a child and young adult. Back then she was athletic and sassy and funny and social. She had an incredibly, celebratory quality as a spirit. She never complained and always made the best of whatever came her way. Everyone loved her.

She used to take me to concerts in the summer when I visited her. This was one of her favorite pieces of music.

For about a year after she died, I would start weeping whenever I heard it, and strangely it was everywhere. She was saying hello to me.

I got accepted to graduate school!!

Honestly, I feel a little somber. It's going to be hard work, a big adjustment for me and my family and some pretty hefty loans. There's no guarantee of anything here.

Going through the whole process has shown me how much I love the work I do (why do I want to go back to school again??). I'm afraid of losing what I've created over the years, of losing the people I care about and have worked with and that have supported me in this space. The work has felt incredibly sacred the last few weeks...since the beginning of the year really. I've fallen in love with it again for the millionth time. As the new space opens, I find a level of grief washing over me that has taken me a bit by surprise.

Still, I feel a quiet certainty that, while not giddy and celebratory, feels right. The quiet certainty continues to remind me that whatever the next step brings is an enhancement and an evolution.

We'll see peeps...

Wish I could share this with my grandmother. Maybe she'll get the message each time one of you plays this lovely song?

You are dear to me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fortune Forecast 2/2 - 2/8


Even the best laid plans will meet with difficulty this week. For those of us who like to be prepared and organized, no amount of planning can counteract the natural forces of chaos so prevalent now. The adventure loving among us are also faced with disappointment as plans to hit the road crumble in the dust. This could be very painful, or we could see it as an opportunity to practice acceptance. Fires need to be put out and our normal routine demands full attention. This is not a week of inspired action but the foundation is being created for creativity and movement. Settle back into the routine for just a little longer and continue to stoke the fire of desire. Opportunity is on the way.

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Monday 2/2
It's time to reach out and grab something. It may be small in stature but this realization of this desire has the potential to make life much more comfortable. The risk entails communicating clearly and without self-consciousness. There is nothing to be self-conscious about. If we don't speak up, someone else will end up with the prize and watching them enjoy it from afar is going to suck...big time.

Tuesday 2/3
Freedom has little to do with the environment we dwell in or the details of our lives. Freedom is an energy and it's available to everyone at all times. The collective energy this week feels stifling but we can choose expansive space over the illusion of stagnation. Find creative ways to escape through art, music and cinema. Don't dwell on what's lacking, focus on what works.

Wednesday 2/4
It's a great day for quiet reflection. In other words, there's nothing interesting going on. When down times come around, we need to capitalize on them. There is another wave of change building and those waves can be pretty exhausting. Get rest now and get back in touch with the wise voice inside. Being able to hear and respond to this voice is all that's needed to surf with grace.

Thursday 2/5
Though we ask for expansion and growth, sometimes when it shows up we feel a little nervous about letting it in. There's an awkward period of adjustment as we integrate new ways of being and doing. It's important that we acknowledge our growth and allow some fumbling as we get comfortable with the new parameters. Why not today? Like yesterday, we can afford the inner work with the world so quiet.

Friday 2/6
The energy of opposition is blowing like a gusty wind today. It may come in the form of a cynical comment or two or it may show up more strongly as a bona fide NO. There's no need to push against the negativity. Just hold steady and watch the opposition blow on by. There's no need to take it personally. Moments like this test our resolve and our ability to stand behind our principles. It's fun!

Saturday 2/7
It takes strength to have an open heart, especially when the energy out and about is abrasive and self-protective. We often think we need to keep the heart guarded but in truth, protection is granted to those who stay open and risk exposure. Today is one of those days when caring and slowing down to help someone in need will not only feel good, it will bring abundant rewards.

Sunday 2/8
Stop putting off that unappealing list of tasks. It's eating up valuable head space. Once we actually decide to confront the mess, the work goes quickly and the freedom and relief is positively intoxicating. We might get inspired enough to take on even bigger projects that aren't quite as pressing but still looming. Contemplate this law of physics...a body in motion stays in motion.

need help with the energy this week?

Though it may seem like a week of thankless tasks and complete boredom, this is the quiet before the storm of creativity that's building deep in the collective ocean. Now is the time for rest, reflection and clarity. Prepare for the battle ahead...the battle to work gracefully with intense and transforming energies. Implement healing and self-care into daily practices. Clean up the old junk that's been taking up space and not producing results. Get ready because amazing things are coming soon. The wise among us will be prepared to capitalize on the rush of opportunity.