Monday, March 30, 2009

Fortune Forecast 3/30 - 4/5


Get ready because liberation is at hand. Liberation is interesting. There are so many things we want to be free of but when the time comes we might find ourselves reluctant to go with it. There is a chaos that comes with freedom as we transition from a stuck space to one of greater potential. Sometimes we get free from something we didn't realize was limiting. These surprises and shocks can be difficult to understand. It's important that we know that whatever happens now is the result of the machinations of our spirit. Though we don't always see and understand the mystery of spirit, there is wisdom behind the curtain.

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Monday 3/30
We are caught in the middle of two people we care about and it's getting difficult. Our own divided loyalty and ability to understand both points of view ought to be a great mediation tool but the more involved we become the clearer it is that we ought to get out and get out now. There's no way to create a positive shift here and the sooner we recognize it the better.

Tuesday 3/31
There's an important piece of information that's been missing and if we are patient a little longer it will show up and help us make sense of the challenges we face. It's hard to trust and wait. We seem to feel pressure to figure it out through sheer force of will. This approach is getting painful and it's incredibly fruitless. Say no to the powerfully seductive idea of control.

Wednesday 4/1
Like yesterday, there is a sense that we just can't control what's unfolding right now. There are unexpected developments causing what looks like unfortunate delay. Really though, these little bumps in the road are important. We might never know the full story of what's transpiring behind the scenes. Trust even though everything is pushing you NOT to trust.

Thursday 4/2
Now is the time to get ready for a new cycle. Get some rest before things get crazy and chaotic. If there's a project that needs a few final touches, take a break as opposed to soldiering on to the end. Mistakes are likely and with something that's taken so much time and investment, why not make is as perfect as possible? If you could see what's coming , you would gladly ease up for a bit.

Friday 4/3
What more is there to say? We all know how good it feels when everything is tidy and organized. Today is a great day to clean up and perhaps do some purging. Get rid of the clutter. Be hardcore about it. If you haven't used it in the last six months, dump it. How about the last three months? It will feel so good to free up space for new things to arrive. Lighten the load.

Saturday 4/4
There is a crack in the story. You see it and sense it but may be unsure of how to proceed. Instinct can play a vital role today in helping to get closer to an important truth. The thing is, this particular truth is showing you that someone you care about has behaved in a manipulative, selfish way. It hurts but once you understand why it will be easier to have compassion and create healing.

Sunday 4/5
Go wander for a bit. It's good for the soul, especially when life starts to feel routine and suffocating. Many of us have been hangin on for dear life to whatever feels stable. As we grab on to people/things/spaces we start to choke the flow of energy we need for expansion and growth. Break it up today. There is so much out there waiting to be a source of refreshment and inspiration.

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It's okay that we lose our center. That might be the biggest common denominator we all share...our ability to get lost and come back home. There's no shame in it. It just is. We know we're centered when we have a sense of calm despite the turbulence around us. We know we've lost our center when we start to get eaten alive with self-criticism and doubt. Keep coming back...keep coming back...keep coming back. Identify the activities that help you come home and amp up on those activities. Even a little will go a long way towards restoring that cool, calm, magnificent core of YOU. It's time to shed the idea that you need to hold the center all the time and that when you fail to do so, something is terribly wrong with you. There is nothing wrong, it just is.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Venus, I Offer You Oum Kalthoum

My offering to the goddess in exchange for kindness and understanding during this marvelous retrograde. This song is long and luscious and a lovely reflection of the power of WOMAN.

Oum (what an amazing name!) was known as the Star of the East and was beloved throughout the middle east and the world. She would typically perform for three hours but only sing two or three songs..they would go on and on and on...


Oum Kalthoum: Amal Hayaty Part 1

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Venus bitch

That's how I feel about this particular planetary conundrum...VENUS RETROGRADE...YOU BITCH.

Venus rules self-esteem, relationships, what we value and what brings us pleasure. I have to say, the well has run dry of late over here. Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling good about some of the changes that are being catalyzed, but my energy is a tad low.

Not only are we contending with this grinding, pleasure-less retrograde that makes our self esteem dive off a cliff, we get the added punch of the new moon in Aries tomorrow!

Working on the New Moon News for this month was a great reminder that I'm right where I need to be, feeling the planetary dance down in my cells. I know some of you will be getting a copy of the newsletter but I thought I would double post it just in case (and also because of my low energy situation).

It's comforting to be reminded that the issues that feel like they've become monstrously big, will start to reach resolution in mid April and by mid May these same troubles should be wrapped up freeing us for the next phase...OH JOY!

At least it's greening up outside. Hopefully this article will help make sense of the nonsensical.

The new moon in Aries is a little complex this spring as it conjuncts Venus which is currently retrograde (Venus appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point on Earth).

The Venus retrograde will continue until April 17th with Venus stopping in the latest degrees of Pisces. By mid-May, the current cycle will be wrapping up and the issues so pressing now will find resolution.

Look to the challenges that were beginning at the end of January and the beginning of February to get a better understanding of how the Venus retrograde is affecting your life. The new moon has the potential to bring these problems and challenges to a head. We are experiencing a healing crisis of sorts.

Venus rules relationships, self-esteem and what we value, so these are the spheres of life undergoing change. Notice that our personal and collective value systems are undergoing massive transformation now. You might also notice that self-care has fallen by the wayside as pressing responsibilities have come to the fore of our attention.

Use the energy of the Aries new moon to make a fresh start. Find your warrior energy, the primal life force energy of spring and let that source of vitality help you weather whatever personal storm you find yourself in. Recognize that a new cycle is starting and get in alignment with it. Attitude is everything. Cast aside the victim energy and the grief and get going.

Aries is pure fire and can stir up restlessness and irritability. Stay in motion to keep the energy moving and productive. Exercise can be helpful as well as forms of moving meditation. It might be hard to sit still over the next few days. Don't fight it, capitalize on it!

There's something delightfully raw about Aries. It's as if social niceties and politically correct rigidity fall away for a moment and we can see a deeper truth. These moments of truth help us make needed adjustments to our plans and goals. We are less likely to take it personally and more likely to take corrective action.

Remember that the difficulties that are so potent in present time will find resolution in the next two months naturally as Venus completes the retrograde cycle. In the meantime, a sense of humor can work wonders!

so there it spin on a trippy bitch...i can't wait to see what happens when the dust settles after this particular transit. i have a feeling things are going to look, feel, smell and taste very different. we shall see...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fortune Forecast 3/23 - 3/29


We are always striving, striving, striving to be more, do more and create more. This week we need to bring the focus back to where we are right now and embrace all of it; the stuff we love and the stuff we hate. BE HERE NOW. When we get our focus back to the here and now, we actually have the ability to heal what's not working. Part of how we heal is by celebrating what IS working. Our spiritual lives need attention. It's time to praise not only ourselves and our brave efforts but to also praise the supreme being who in mysterious and sometimes perplexing ways, co-creates lives of complexity and increduality with us. Find a way to rejoice even in the midst of the pain and the struggle. As spirits we came to earth...that place of war and strife and heartbreakingly, beautiful happiness, remember? Free will = duality = struggle...or not.

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Monday 3/23
It takes strength to be vulnerable and it's brave to be honest, especially when the truth runs counter to what everyone around want to see or believe. Today we are challenged to take up for the under dog even though it's not a popular position. Be willing to care even as others are ready to cast aspersions and worse. Blessed are the meek...the meek need your help now.

Tuesday 3/24
Polarity is a difficult dynamic to navigate. We go from one extreme to the other. There's polarity of thought and opinion as well as polarity in feelings and emotions. If we want healing, we need to become comfortable with both sides. I keep the house, I sell the house...I keep the job, I lose the job...I keep the relationship, I leave the relationship. When we get peaceful with both scenarios, freedom is the result.

Wednesday 3/25
It's time to take a journey of sorts. Crossing the water means facing our fears and responding to the inner urge to move and explore something new. There's no way to know what waits for us on the other side of the river. Still, we must go. The space we've been clinging to is rapidly deteriorating. Go without assurance but with the knowledge that divine protection is here.

Thursday 3/26
Sometimes when we feel afraid, we clamp down on the expenditure of resources and energy. The thing is, when we clamp down we are dropping out of the energy of abundance. It's as if we are declaring our lack of trust and belief that we will always have what we need. Look for that miserly energy and have a little chuckle. The stuff we try to hoard loses it's juice and ends up being worth less anyway.

Friday 3/27
An exciting day with insights and inspiration in abundance. Conversations spark the seeds of big plans. It's important to let the dreams be big and crazy. Don't let the rational mind come in and take away the potential or the magic. The plans that have the most potential will take on more shape and dimension with research and time. No need to cut away prematurely.

Saturday 3/28
It's time to review the spaces we've invested in and clarify the role we want to play. It's way too easy to just drift along halfheartedly. When we take the time to renew a commitment we are infusing that project or relationship with new energy. This adds a fresh quality to the things and people we love and that's always a good thing. Reinvesting now facilitates more stability.

Sunday 3/29
What more is there to say? Something is pushing to find expression and we keep pushing it back. What would happen if we let it all out? Seriously, what's the worst that could happen? Entertain the horrifying phantom of what might happen until it's not scary anymore and then unleash the passion. If it doesn't get free soon, it will become a force of chaos and destruction internally.

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If you can't find anything to celebrate, look harder. Find one small thing and let that space expand. You might need paper and a pencil for this exercise. Start making a list of everything that's lovely and wonderful in your life. Keep going even if it seems like the tiniest, most innocuous detail. Pretty soon you'll have a long list and your mood will be much improved. Come back to the list and add more when new wonders pop up. You can also revisit the list when moods start to sag and fear sneaks into the room. A sense of humor always helps.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Can't Afford It

I was lucky to be on the receiving end of some very profound messages last week. Some came through letters I received from you, some showed up in conversations with friends and family, and some came from newsletters, books and other sites. Everywhere I went I was reminded of what I know.

One thing has become very clear over the last week or so: I can't afford to indulge in my dramatic, panic flip-outs.

I'm all about experimentation and losing my space and coming back again but I really can't afford to let myself go all the way anymore. It's time to apply a little gentle discipline and here's why: the energy in our world is very challenging these days. The psychic weather is as stormy as it can be. Every healer out there is being called to action, being asked to bring his or her gifts forward. It's time to put away childish things...

Here are a couple of paragraphs that really sum up what I've been seeing for myself and the world at large...from one of my favorite teachers, Michael Tamura.

Fully embodying our inner truth is our inescapable destiny. We can ignore it, avoid it and deny it for a time, yet, truth is never-changing and, as such, never lets up. The destiny of each and every soul is its freedom. We are freely offered the fulfillment of our destiny every moment of our lives. Yet, we often misuse our God-given freewill to reject this loving gift of freedom - because we can. The real meaning of free will is that we are truly free in every choice that we make and the ultimate choice we make in life each and every moment is not one of choosing one thing over another but that of choosing to welcome truth or deny it.


The time is now for the miracle. We cannot wait for others to do something first. We each must bring forth the miracle in our own lives for it to become manifest in the world. No matter what it feels like, no matter how difficult it appears, no matter what the obstacles may look like, no matter what naysayers try to tell us, we cannot let any of that matter in the least, for it is time to persist in our certainty that the limitless is actually the limitless, that the eternal is truly forever, that the ever-present is everywhere, and that the all-loving does, indeed, love us all the same. It will take a miracle to bring heaven upon this earth - but, it is precisely in our knowing and trusting of the miracle that heaven will make herself known in this world.

For the last six months or so, I've had a recurring image in readings and in my own meditation space. It's something like a scene out of Braveheart, where the small, outnumbered army is ready to be attacked by the big, expansive army. The enemy begins to rush at the small band of warriors as they huddle in their line with their shields up, their leader yelling "HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!" until the enemy gets close enough to attack effectively.

Imagine the intensity those soldiers must be feeling in their bodies as the massive army rushes towards them. Imagine the sounds and the smells and the sheer adrenaline. Imagine the fear pulsating through their bodies with the knowledge that they are outmatched in terms of resources, weapons and manpower. Imagine waiting until the last second for the right moment to respond. Imagine the the desire to have a dramatic, panic flip-out.

I've had a sense of this dynamic in the people I've read and in myself. It's as if we've been waiting, watching this incredible tsunami of energy building into a crushing wave. Here we wait as that wave grows in intensity and fierceness knowing that we have to crouch, huddle and pause for the right moment to act.

Our lives are changing dramatically and quickly these days. Ideas that have been percolating are now coming to a full boil. I suddenly have the energy I need to take action, in some ways, radical, faith-based action. It's a very exciting time and I feel alive and engaged in it. The moment has arrived. It's time to confront the tsunami, the breaking wave of change.

I've been experimenting here at Leonine Times. There's been an urge to share more of my personal weakness but I realize now that that's not what I want this space to be. I want this to be a place of rest and reassurance. A place to get motivated for the fight. A confirmation of what you and I know. A small oasis of hope. I'm also seeing that it extends beyond the's about being stronger for myself, my children, my friends and everyone I come into contact with. I have a duty to do what I can to hold the space for others. I say that with complete humility and with the knowledge that I am absolutely and amazingly flawed.

I'm sure there will be more dramatic panic flip-outs but I hope to be more mindful about the choice I'm making to indulge because it is a choice and there are consequences.

Hope this post isn't too militant...I always fancied myself a bit of a soldier...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fortune Forecast 3/16 - 3/22


Gentle, gentle, gentle...that's the approach we need this week. We've been getting roughed up by the energy of our changing world. Some of us are so anxious to move and change and grow that we keep asking for more. Let's decide to take a short break from ambitious, spiritual growth and try to focus on replenishing our bodies and souls with healing, love and abundance. It's so easy to shed layers of stuff we don't like and in the process forget to fill up with something good. If we don't call back some energy to replace what leaves, all the healing work we do to get rid of stuff will NOT leave us in a better space. Make this a week of addressing the body with love and care. Simple pleasures will go a long way now.

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Monday 3/16
It's time to take a look around and notice everything that's working. Whatever we put our attention on gets bigger and richer. Pull the mind away from all the intriguing problems that need to be solved and just be. The world is exploding with beauty. Can you see it? Come back to this moment and feel what's great about it. Even the struggles have an element and the option of grace.

Tuesday 3/17
Today is one of those days where it's just about impossible to get away from the dark forces of fear. It's very potent so if you're feeling it, know that you're just in the midst of the collective, mind-meld, meltdown. We have a couple of options when the fear gets intense and overwhelming. We can make it real, we can pretend it's not there, or we can just be with it, like a loving adult with a frightened child.

Wednesday 3/18
We keep pushing and pushing to the point of depletion. At some point we need to stop and get some rest. Why not today? It's hard to create the permission to just stop everything but that's exactly what needs to happen now. If we don't do it soon, we are liable to create complications and possibly physical illness that forces us to stop. I don't know about you, but that sounds kind of sucky.

Thursday 3/19
Finally, we get to the end of a long cycle. We've been excited about getting here and moving into the next phase but now that we're here, it's slightly anti-climactic. it would be easy to rush ahead without taking time to validate everything that's happened. There needs to be a celebration of sorts if we are to move forward with focus and energy. Celebration will help us find satisfaction and the freedom to move.

Friday 3/20
It's hard to speak the truth if it threatens someone we love. But are we really doing ourselves and that person justice by repressing important observations that have the potential to heal and shift us into better spaces? There are ways to make the truth playful and fun. Get rid of the guilt, anxiety or resentment before speaking. In other words, come to a space of non-judgmental neutrality. It is what it is.

Saturday 3/21
We've been invested in seeing the world a certain way and in telling a story to make sense of it. It's abundantly clear today that there is distortion in the story and it's about to come crashing down. Instead of trying to defend our point, we might as well open up to the shift that's taking place. It's okay to let go now. Something bigger and brighter is taking shape.

Sunday 3/22
Today needs to be put aside for connecting and the cultivation of gratitude. It's easy to let life slip by, especially when it's stressful and every day feels like a battle. We can step out anytime and we NEED to step out. What can help create laughter and play? Those activities need to be a top priority. If being physically close to loved ones is difficult, pick up the phone. Let the love flow.

need help with the energy this week?

Stop the struggle. Let go of the need to control. Surrender to what is. If there's a dynamic in your life that you are desperate to shift, know that the resistance, effort and desperation are not helping. Sometimes we have to dive into it and go to the deepest, darkest part of it to move through it. Go ahead and indulge the worst case scenario. Let it get bigger and badder. Sit with it, cry about it, kick at it and then come back to the quiet calm of spirit. Things move whether we make them move or not. Can you trust it? Is there any other option?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bouncing Back

I'm feeling better after a couple days of self-pity and such. I really went to my crazy place of why me? and that kind of thing. Everything felt so hopeless. I imagined losing the house and everything in it, wandering the streets with the kids looking for a food bank and a shelter (not quite but kind of). It was a trip.

When I get in that space (and it happens more often than I'd like it to) I feel like everything I'm writing about here is total crap. I abandon my own ideas/understanding/wisdom. I can't believe how easy it is to cast it all aside when things go awry. Physician heal thyself OR we teach what we need to learn I guess.

Thank goodness for ice cream and netflix and other people's blogs...

Now that the dust is settling, it's all starting to feel like liberation and freedom which is something I meditate on/pray about/contemplate a lot. I'm getting ready to take some big steps, things I've been debating and going back and forth on. It feels good to have a new plan of action (one that might not work, but why not try?)

I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment and send letters. I got some amazing letters! Thanks so much. Some of you might have gotten a bizarre reply from me as I reached out in the depths of despair. Thanks for being willing to receive some straight up Julia crazy/dark.

One thing that was oddly helpful was stumbling across a post on a design blog...the girl was so not having the economic meltdown. There were people in the comments section freaking out on her but also lots of readers supporting her. I could see both sides but I ultimately found her eff it attitude refreshing (if somewhat naive and perhaps unfeeling).

check it out here if you're interested.

Then I found an advice blog so irreverent and hilarious that I cheered up even more. Please don't go here if bad language and sexual content freak you out.

The news about the market going up helped too, as did some of the news reports about consumer spending. DAMN YOU MEDIA. I also applied for a job which I'm not sure I will get but it felt good to move some energy.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said "A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until she's in hot water." AMEN SISTER.

ps. If you were my friend on facebook, please don't take it personally but I deleted my account. It was starting to feel like a portal to crazy. Sure, most of my "friends" are wonderful people and I loved making contact for a few months. I got to find out what all those long lost people are up to but as the days went by, I started feeling anxious and weird...too many people that I vaguely knew in the past wanting to connect, a rejection from someone I once loved and way too much information about a couple people I'm not that interested in. I tried messing around with the settings but nothing helped. I couldn't take it anymore. I prefer a bit of mystery.


I might start a new facebook page once I debut my internet radio show! That's right peeps, I'm taking it to the radio soon. I just need to get over the remnants of my perfectionism and get a good mic. Then it's me on the air, taking calls and sharing the WORD. I'll be sure and let you know the details as they become available.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dark Side

Sorry peeps. I've been drifting over to the dark side a bit lately. When this week's Fortune Forecast popped up with the title 'Disappointment Stings and Lingers' I was a little shocked. I wrote it a week or two ago but I was surprised that I would create a title so heavy.

After my Anger Management post and before this week's Fortune Forecast, I did experience a disappointment of my own. My husband lost his job.

Now before you go into full-on healing mode, know that:

1. Your healing energy blocks the flow of our healing energy.
2. It was time for him to leave.
3. We are okay.
4. He's very capable and will have another job soon.
5. This shift is causing us to think about making radical changes that we've been hemming and hawing about. We are finally ready to GO FOR IT. I'm not sure what that means exactly but I'm open to finding out.

Moments like these are challenging. We wonder if we are being punished, or wonder if we haven't been thinking the right thoughts. Maybe I wasn't grateful enough, maybe I'm a terrible creator, maybe I'm being punished for misdeeds in a past life...As I wrote last week, I'm ready to leave that all behind.

Here is my opportunity to find a deeper kind of truth, one I've been writing about all along. God loves us no matter what. We don't always feel or experience this love because of the pictures and filters we build around us that distort and dim the energy of this love. In certain moments, those pictures and filters fall away and we KNOW. It's okay that we come in and out of this awareness. Who says we're supposed to be there all the time?

So here I am, working the energy. Noticing all the feelings...the stinging disappointment because there are elements of my process that are stinging. I know that many, many people are experiencing similar and sometimes much, more difficult challenges in this time period. I understand your struggle!


Onward and upwards as they say. I send a prayer out to you my friends that whatever hardships exist in your world dissolve easily and quickly and I thank you for being out there to receive these messages.


ps. why am i telling you this?

do i want sympathy? do i want you to know that i'm struggling too? am i using my own experience to make a point? I'M NOT SURE WHAT MY MOTIVATION IS. all i know is that more and more i feel that i have to share the difficulties along with the rest.

there's been a split developing in me. there's the professional/counselor/inspirational writer julia and then there's the chaotic, rebellious wild julia who's starting to feel caged up and antsy. i started this blog as a way to lure people into calling me for readings and signing up for teleclasses. little did i know that the writing would soon feel more pressing than the readings and the teaching.

i'm starting to realize that i prefer the writing above all and that if i was no longer worried about seducing people into calling me for readings and such, i would get much more CRAZY here.

more and more the message i've been getting is to stop controlling the message and trust what's coming through whether it's upbeat or not/peaceful or not/controversial or not. i've got to trust that the people who "get it" aren't going anywhere. they know i'm a big mess of human and can still see the value in the work.

this was part of the lure of graduate school (which is now looking like a pipe dream...INSANE LOANS/NO GUARANTEES/TOO RISKY). i thought that if i could somehow legitimize the work i've been doing and create a job with stability and benefits i could afford to share the message that's really trying to come through without fear of losing or compromising my business.

now i think i should just go balls to the walls and see what happens.

would it be any different from what i'm already doing?
i really don't know.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Fortune Forecast 3/9 - 3/15


A minor disappointment packs a punch this week and taps us into all the other disappointments we've ever experienced. It sounds dramatic and it is. It's not a problem, either. The problem lies in how we choose to respond to the pain. Are we going to be kind and gentle to the little child inside who's hurt or are we going to start yelling at ourselves internally to "get over it"? Underneath the epic drama is weariness. That's all it really is. A soul weariness that needs to be addressed. Look for simple ways to shift energy. Give those spirits a lift. Honor the experience of disappointment. Feeling it isn't a problem, but repressing it for another time is. Let it all out and peel away another layer of repressive energy. It feels so good!

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Monday 3/9
It's been busy lately. There are a million little details that need to be addressed and dealt with. Our loved ones are getting lost in the shuffle and if we don't take corrective action soon, it might all blow up. Someone needs attention and care and they've been asking and asking. It's easy to see this as an annoying distraction as opposed to an opportunity to love. Choose love!

Tuesday 3/10
As exciting as change is, it's also a bit scary. Though we've been asking for and meditating on having more freedom and space to create, now that's it's here, it's a little daunting. Despite the uncertainty, it's important to make a gesture and affirm our commitment to growth. Know that it takes time to get comfortable with new parameters. The nervousness is not a statement on capability.

Wednesday 3/11
It's one of those days when we're attractive and powerful in our ability to get people to do our bidding. This could feel great and at turns annoying. What do we do with the people we don't really want? Be graceful. Get out and allow the universe to conspire and create new, powerful contacts that help build dreams and advance an agenda. This too shall pass so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Thursday 3/12
Passionate energies are powerful today and we feel tempted to do and say things we would normally not allow. Self censorship isn't helpful or effective. Consider the possibility that passion and creativity become destructive when it can't find expression. This is a great day to be reminded that nothing is personal. Don't worry about how others are responding. It really isn't important.

Friday 3/13
A sudden and unexpected development is forcing us to change direction quickly. Our freedom is at hand and we are about to discover that the comfort zone that felt so oppressive actually had positive elements. In other words, be prepared to grieve as the opportunity to live a new life becomes more and more real. The complexity of feeling is a sign that spiritual forces are at work. Knowing this can bring comfort.

Saturday 3/14
We can always spend time in the space of wanting more. Longing can be pretty seductive! We also have the option of snapping out of the lack long enough to see that there is plenty. Know what's available and how to put it to it's best use. Opportunities are on the way and some of them require a quick, confident response. It's easier to achieve this when we know what we have to bring to the table.

Sunday 3/15
The pace is picking up and there is much to do. Some of what needs to be done feels fun and exciting while some of it is mundane and uninspiring. All of it is important. Don't ignore the unpleasant stuff. We need to get a handle on those spaces if we want to capitalize fully on the new projects being offered to us. It's also important to take advantage of the down time we have today because there won't be any more for while.

need help with the energy this week?

When we exhaust every option and still can't get the pain to move, we might as well get into it, relish it, become it for an hour or a day. Relax into it fully. So often we get trapped in tricky and painful energies precisely because we resist going there. When we allow ourselves to experience the horror, we often find that it moves quickly, leaving us about 100 pounds lighter and more mentally free. It's not a crime to feel the feelings, even the unpleasant ones. It's time to stop the self-censorship. Though it might seem like a bottomless pit, it's not, so go ahead and jump in.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Magic Planet Compendium

Sunday is for for staying in bed all day... in pajamas, with the laptop, building an Amazon store.

That's right peeps! I built a little store over at Amazon called The Magic Planet Compendium with Julia Stonestreet Smith (of course). It's a collection of books, music, bath products and lots of things that I love.

check it out!

I've noticed lately is that a lot of us are holding back on giving to ourselves as the energy of abundance appears to contract. DON'T STOP TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF!!

If you need a treat or two, get thee to the compendium and have some fun.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anger Management

I've been a little edgy lately. Ok, more than a little. All this energy of change is starting to feel like a nauseating, carnival ride. I know it's all good but I find myself pining for simpler times (when was that anyway?).

Last week's musings on the GET OVER IT space is a continuing theme this week. I'm immersed in the process of looking at what I need to let go of. Some of it feels ripe and ready to move and some of it feels forced. I keep working to stay LOOSE and FLUID so that I can move through it with some degree of grace. My dreams have been intense and slightly dark and when I'm awake I find myself stomping around a lot.

Hmmm...what's a new age girl to do?
I guess I should qualify that by saying a rebellious, new age girl.

I understand the Law of Attraction and I've seen it in action in all its magnificence but lately, come hell or high water, I have been unable to maintain any semblance of gratitude, abundance or whatever I'm supposed to have if I want to get what I want.

This part of new age thought really, really bugs me. This idea that we need to stay up OR ELSE has got to go. There has to be some acknowledgment of suffering and some acknowledgment that keeping our thoughts pure and clean is only one component to creating. This up or else idea is rigid and if you ask me, unrealistic. Even the people I know who've mastered this kind of thinking much more than I, still struggle. HELLO. IT'S KIND OF HARD HERE SOMETIMES.

I think as this time period continues, with it's multi-dimensional shifting we're going to see deeper and more complex facets of new age thought emerge. WE HAVE TO. There is just not enough acknowledgment or validation or celebration of the struggle.

Anyway. Since I don't have much inspiration to share this week besides LET'S GO BURN SOME STUFF!! I thought I would share a couple of interesting links to people I've stumbled across recently (and thanks for helping me find know who you are).

Check out the interview with psychic and healer Echo Bodine in this month's New Age Retailer. The simplicity she brings to the interview as well as her willingness to be human is great and she has actual suggestions that are helpful. I feel like I "get" her in a way I don't always get some of the other big new age folks. (You can read it online, just search for Echo Bodine on the main page of NAR).

Also, go get a look at Karen Bishop over at Emerging Earth Angels. She has a really interesting perspective. She's a little more radical than me in the way she sees things, but I can appreciate a little stellar stuff now and again. The front page of her site will give you a big hello and hopefully some comfort.

As for this little rebel, all I can say is that my focus lately is totally about getting enough sleep, eating right, gentle exercise, meditation, affirmations and permission to be PISSED. Let's hope I don't get struck down by a lightning bolt for being so angry!!

*no worries...husband has been instructed on how to update blog in case of spontaneous combustion...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fortune Forecast 3/2 - 3/8


The human body is the ultimate, alchemical experience. We have the ability to take on difficult energy and transmute it, putting out positive energy in exchange. We also have the ability to absorb positive energy and express negativity. This week, it's important that we ask ourselves where we are on the spectrum. Are we radiating positive healing energy or are we putting off dark, angry stuff? It matters. If we discover that we're broadcasting vibrations that aren't helpful to ourselves and the rest of the world, we can shift. The shift starts with love, including and most importantly loving kindness to ourselves. The negativity is coming from depletion, exhaustion and a lack of love. Knowing that makes it easier to move.

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Monday 3/2
Sometimes we get excited or anxious and that leads to sloppiness. We need to slow down today even though every cell in our body is urging us to rush ahead. It's hard to temper the impatience but it's essential if we want to do good work. The world just isn't moving as fast as the energy inside us wants it to. There's no blame here, just the need for consciousness and the ability and willingness to adjust the pace.

Tuesday 3/3
Stay loose, stay fluid. These days, we often don't know what's coming or where we are going. We are literally being prompted over and over to BE HERE NOW. Plans are shifting and changing before we even get started. Keep moving forward. Stay open to every possibility and relax. A river can't be controlled and neither can the process we find ourselves in today.

Wednesday 3/4
A plan or dream we forgot about is suddenly looking alive and viable. This is exciting and worthy of celebration. There is a long road ahead to take this little sapling to a full blown, flowering tree but it's the kind of process that is rewarding every step of the way. Not exactly easy but rewarding. The inspiration and creativity coming in is infusing all areas of our lives with hope and optimism.

Thursday 3/5
We can worry all we want. The more we worry, the more real the problem becomes. We can also decide to stop. Reality is like a multi-faceted jewel. We can look at any situation from many different angles. Some angles help us see the inherent gifts and some angles show us the potential for disaster. The important thing is to know that there is choice in how to see things and this ability to choose is power.

Friday 3/6
It's time to end the debate and choose something. It really doesn't matter what we choose because both options lead to the same place. Let go of the anxiety that causes doubt and delay. It's time to get moving. It will feel good even though there's a lack of certainty. See it as the ultimate adventure. There are unknowns but at least there's a path out of stagnation.

Saturday 3/7
It's hard to see what's really going on today. The energy that distorts is powerful. Put off making big decisions until clarity returns. In fact, taking a break is a good idea. Find a healthy distraction and gently pull away from the perplexing puzzle. Answers will appear soon but they won't come through effort on your part. Don't take what you see too literally today or you'll freak out for no good reason.

Sunday 3/8
The world is bigger and better today. The opportunities are pouring in. It's possible that this might bring up fear and anxiety. Any time our space expands, we need time to adjust and find a new footing. It's okay to have mixed feelings about the changes that are taking place but know that what's coming is fantastic and beautiful and overflowing with abundance. WOO HOO!

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That's right...PLAY. Sometimes we get way too serious as we work to manifest what we want. We start to worry about doing it right and it starts to feel less than fun. Amusement and enthusiasm keep the creative energy high and in motion. As serious as certain elements of our lives feel right now, we need to play, play, play. The word power tends to have a lot of charge on it. Is it time to re-frame it for yourself? Can power include warmth, openness and vulnerability? It can when we have the golden innocence of the child to protect us from harm. Be willing to leave the effort and seriousness behind in the quest to create more.

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