Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hidden Treasure

Here's an idea to contemplate:
Wherever you feel the most messed-up is where your greatest gifts and talents lie dormant.
In other words; those who say "I'm a terrible communicator," are actually gifted communicators. Those who say "I can't seem to create love," are profoundly good at loving. Those who say "I suck at manifesting money," actually have a tremendous capacity to create abundance.

It's ironic, huh? Our greatest gifts are often buried under layers of painful and invalidating comments, thoughts and emotions. The energy that sits on top of our greatest gifts is so difficult that we don't even want to look and we can't see what we have. When we go to reclaim those gifts, a wave of junk flies in our faces. It reminds me of Pandora, opening the box and all the pestilence flying out except in this case, after all the junk flies off the top, we find a treasure trove of riches.

Why is it so?

We're in a reality that fosters competition. Perhaps someone back in the past saw your gifts and felt threatened and perhaps this person threw some energy at you that was invalidating, critical and full of judgment. Perhaps, being as psychic and sensitive as you are, you took this energy on and took it to mean that your gift was actually a problem or a liability. Perhaps others added to the negativity to keep you from being as amazingly beautiful and creative as you are capable of being.

I often recommend that my clients and students start to re-frame the way they talk and think about themselves. Instead of reinforcing the invalidation, think of your weaknesses as the mask or the layer of junk on top of a hidden treasure. Start to think differently about those chronic issues and problems. Perhaps your power is waiting, dormant under that pile of junk?

Let's take *T for example. She has a tremendous ability to be neutral and detached when others succumb to intense emotional energy. This is a gift for her and can be helpful when everyone falls into a panic. She is the voice of reason. Neutrality is a wonderful space to be in. From neutrality we can see the truth and be psychic without feeling everything or reacting to it emotionally.

So *T has this wonderful ability to be neutral but all her life people have criticized her for being detached and unemotional and for not caring enough. This has made it very difficult for her to appreciate and use this space of neutrality. In fact, she tends to think of it as a liability and a problem. She's spent years feeling ashamed that she doesn't care enough and wondering what's wrong with her. She has analyzed her childhood and looked for clues about why she's so disassociated. It's an ongoing, painful state of mind...this idea that she is messed up and flawed and yet if you get close to her, you'll see the gentleness of her love; the quiet, calming presence she offers.

Where are you stuck in invalidation? Is it possible that you are beating yourself up over some perceived character flaw and underneath that pain and invalidation there is a hidden treasure?

Meditate on it peeps and the next time you find yourself thinking or saying something critical about yourself, stop and re-frame it ie., replace "I am lazy and unfocused," with "I have a spirit that loves to play and enjoy the moment," or "I can't seem to commit to anything" with "I am adventurous, experimental and here to follow my own path."

I could go on and on but I think you get the gist...
When we see ourselves through the lens of love and acceptance, all things are possible.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fortune Forecast 5/25 - 5/31


That's right peeps, the sun keeps shining despite our trials and tribulations. This week, we need to practice the art of disconnecting from the negative thoughts and PLAY. It's the most spiritual thing we can do to change energy and get in a better space. In the Tarot, the sun represents the innocence of children and the power of being in the moment. We need to be like children this week in order to see the magic and the miracles that are shimmering all around. Get out and enjoy the loveliness of our luscious planet. Cast off the mantle of cynicism in order to be reborn to this moment, so loaded with possibility. Find what's worth celebrating and do it. The energy of gratitude and amusement bring tremendous gifts for those brave enough to hold the space.

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Monday 5/25
What else is there to say? Some of us may have forgotten how to play. It's time to remember. Have you ever noticed that when things get stressful we tend to naturally drop the activities that help us cope? Reclaim that space, the space of enjoyment and pleasure. It's easy to brush it aside in favor of more serious pursuits. That ain't right.

Tuesday 5/26
Be here now! That's where it's at. Innocence is openness. Innocence is magic and strangely enough, innocence is protection. When we're innocent, we don't anticipate bad things happening and if they do happen, we have the ability to approach the situation with a fresh and creative point of view. What does it take to get to innocence? Forgiveness helps.

Wednesday 5/27
Ambitious energy is available today but it can't get us where we want to go if we don't work with it consciously. Today we find ourselves conflicted about how to achieve a dream. The thinking is getting in the way of action and that's no good. Take a step, even a small step, otherwise this ambition will turn to criticism quickly and make our inner world a dark domain of insecurity and despair.

Thursday 5/28
Like a snake shedding a layer of skin, we find ourselves peeling away old goals and ambitions in order to make space for something fresh and even better. This new vision of what's possible is exciting and slightly intimidating. We have no idea just yet of how we are to implement this vision but the details are truly irrelevant. What's important is that we expand past the space we've been confined to.

Friday 5/29
Intensity is building and needs to find an outlet. This energy will grow and grow until there's no way to ignore it. It feels disruptive to our normal routine. We might think we can push it aside but that won't work forever. Write it, paint it, sing it or dance it but do something to honor the amazing flow of life force energy that's trying to come through. This stuff has the potential to change lives.

Saturday 5/30
Sometimes the seeds we plant take a long time to root and grow. Diligence is necessary to see things through and this is definitely the case today. Abundance energy has cycles and like waves hitting the shore, sometimes it's on and sometimes it's not. Know that things will turn soon and in the meantime, continue to build the foundation necessary to receive it. Affirmations work.

Sunday 5/31
It's time for something new and exciting. Unfortunately this new excitement needs to be sought out. It will not just drop from the sky (for most of us anyway!). Go out and seek the new and the untested. It will require bravery and willingness. For those who choose to ignore the impulse to explore, beware. Your spirit will create crazy drama if it can't get it's needs met.

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That's a tough one! As the amazing, alchemical beings we are, we sometimes tend to create complications just to flex our manifesting muscles. This week, let's bring it back to the basics. Be mindful of the control energy that's so ready to jump into the fight. What happens when we let go? Make time this week for restful activities that get you feeling up. It's when we're exhausted and/or bored that we tend to make the biggest (self-created) ruckus.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dichotomy, Duality and Paradox

Don't you love those words and even better, the complexity they hint at? I've been thinking a lot about these three words because they seem to be animated in my life of late. Maybe they have been active for you as well? I'm especially interested in how these dynamics show up as we play to create the lives we want.

Here's an example: Let's say you want to create more love in your life. On the one hand you might imagine yourself in a warm embrace. On the other hand, you might picture yourself alone in your cozy bed reading a book. Both of these images convey a form of love but one includes people and the other doesn't. There's duality and a paradox here.

So you go and ask the universe for more love and the universe responds by offering both. Inevitably, you're able to receive one more than the other. One side of the dichotomy is you with people and one is you alone. If there are energies and issues preventing you from being with people, you'll find it easier to create the alone/love. If there are energies and issues preventing you from being alone, you'll find it easier to create the embrace/love. Either way, it feels like something is missing, which then leads you to feel like you're not very good at creating what you want.

Another way I see this dynamic showing up in the manifestation realm is when we try to create something as a way to escape something worse. So on one end of the dichotomy you have intense feelings of loneliness that drive you to want to create more connection but the energy being used to create more connection is coming from resistance to being alone. In my humble experience, creating from a space of resistance does not yield the best results. Maybe you create more connection but it's not the kind of connection that feels fulfilling. On the other side of the dichotomy, you desperately try to create alone time but when you get it you can't enjoy it because it was created by force, by a rejection of the alternative (people).

So what are we to do?

It all starts with awareness. We need to become more aware of what we're asking for. When we ask for love, what kind of love do we have in mind?

The second part is getting peaceful with where we are. Get peaceful with the circus of people and get peaceful with being alone. From that space of non-resistance, things start to move again.

A dichotomy is like a teeter totter. On one side we have something we desperately want and on the other is something we are desperate to escape. In the center, there is the root of a truth (love in this case) that if we find and expand upon can become the space that sets us free. It's our own duality that keeps these dichotomies active. The part of us that feels so alone but in some ways feels comfortable and doesn't want to do the work it would take to create deeper relationships is alive and well and working to preserve it's comfort zone just as the part of us that is overwhelmed with the demands of other people and just wants to go off to an island and be alone is working to preserve it's experience.

Is there a way to move into acceptance of both?

This is one of the keys, my friends and an answer to that perplexing paradox (riddle) of why we can so easily create some things and not others.

Maybe in honor of the upcoming new moon in Gemini (the sign of duality) we can spend time contemplating the many dueling messages we send out to the universe and how these messages tend to crash together leaving us with little evidence of our ability as creators? It's time to wake up to the dichotomies that are active in our worlds. Look for the center point. What is that drives the two sides of this dance. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

If you're like me this question tends to slide around and morph a lot. As the new moon approaches, think on it. Notice the complexity of what you're asking for. Don't get discouraged! Put your desire out there with confidence and focus. Consider all the facets of what you're asking for. If you're caught in a dichotomy, look for the center...what is the purest distillation of what you want? Recognize the duality that's operating here. Stay awake. This is an exciting time and the manifesting potential is HUGE.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fortune Forecast 5/18 - 5/24


Important information is coming through this week. It's a good time to show up, pay attention and look for clues. These clues are scattered and shimmering everywhere like glitter on a sidewalk. Some of these clues, we'll experience in our bodies and through our senses. There are moments of tremendous confusion but tremendous clarity as well. Be willing to let things be chaotic. Don't fight the natural flow. There's a springtime vitality in the air that's pushing movement and gentle change. Big emotional decisions will find resolution now, which is a welcome relief and just in time for a new batch of riddles and challenges to arrive.

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Monday 5/18
Bummer! Today we get an opportunity for healing but the catalyst is quite stinging. A casual comment from someone whose opinion we value is likely to cause a misunderstanding and a period of confusion and hurt. It's easy enough to clear up once the pain subsides but while we're in it WHOA. As always, times like these help us find and sooth those sore spots that tend to kick up a fuss when we least expect it.

Tuesday 5/19
Everything feels good today. Our senses are capable of giving us the most delightful feedback. That's the joy of having a body. Simplicity brings many joys now as we continually bump into things that feel good. Noticing the beauty of the world will expand your awareness of beauty in general which is always a good thing. Make this a time of slowing down and deepening connections.

Wednesday 5/20
A twist in the plot will rock the boat today. At first it's hard not to see this as a terrible inconvenience but as more information becomes available, it's clear that something profound is unfolding. Expect to shift opinions and tactics as the day goes on. By evening, new plans are skeletal but solid. This whole turn of events is quite enlivening!

Thursday 5/21
The heart needs room to express the magic and miracles that are dormant and contained within. There may be a layer of swampy, emotional energy on top waiting to be set free. Don't keep the door closed out of nervousness over this swamp-stuff. Let it go. Once that layer of muck flies off, there will be a wonderful sense of expansive peace. Now that's worth a slog, isn't it?

Friday 5/22
Who doesn't love a magical seed or two? A lovely, fragile beginning is ours to be had and enjoyed today. With patience, this is the kind of thing that will grow and develop and bear a lot of wonderful and delicious fruit. We might have a feeling of wanting to push down our enthusiasm. It's as if we don't want to get too excited. This caution is a buzz kill and so unnecessary.

Saturday 5/23
So often we try and hide from the things that frighten us. We pretend they're not there, we avoid bumping into them and we spend a tremendous amount of energy in denial. What happens when we go face to face with these shadows and phantoms? They lose their juice. They dissipate and seem much less threatening. Be willing to spend time with them today. Give yourself this gift.

Sunday 5/24
Sunday, a lovely day to slow down and find some loved ones to snuggle with. Whoever your family is, reach out today and strengthen those connections. Make the phone calls, return the emails. Make an effort to create more depth and trust. Our communities need strengthening and it starts with the inner circle. There is peace in making contact.

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This week there are moments of complete and total vulnerabilty. This is exciting AND terrifying. There is a ton of potential now, to break down old walls and old energy patterns. Relish feelings of awkwardness in these vulnerable spaces. Those awkward feelings signal a sacred spot of innocence that needs protection and nourishment. Feeling uncomfortable, awkward, and nervous are all good signs of growth. Be willing to be less than perfect as the heart opens and stretches its wings. The more emotional range we experience, the more spiritual range we experience. This is where it gets good.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunny Road

LORDY! It's so freaking beautiful here today! I hope you're somewhere beautiful too peeps.

I'm tuckered out and behind schedule. I wish I has some amazing insights to share. Soon! I've been working on an article about the energy of dichotomies and how to work with them more consciously but it ain't quite ready yet.

House projects are going well though I'm almost out of gas. Strangely, it looks like we might be staying and this is where the impetus of my dichotomy article is coming from. I had to go all the way with the idea of selling AND the idea of staying. It was/is a rollercoaster and here I am manifesting new options. CRAZY. I gotta get back to the scopes for next week and some other articles with deadlines. I can't wait to get back to the old blog and pour out some food for thought. Soon...

In the meantime...check out this out...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fortune Forecast 5/11 - 5/17


This week offers plenty of opportunity to feel passionate about anything and everything. The intensity of the energy is difficult to control. There need to be plenty of outlets and avenues of expression if this energy is to be productive. If the flow gets blocked, expect irritability and feelings of frustration to proliferate. Now is the time to tie up loose ends and prepare for a big leap forward. Use some of the ambitious energy to focus on those projects that have been languishing. It will feel so good to have a clean slate and the ability to say yes to something new and exciting.

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Monday 5/11
There are potent forces at work today and these forces will mirror the tone and quality of thoughts. For those who feel like everything is possible, so it will be. For those who see only limitations, so it will be. Apply gentle discipline in order to bring the mind back from the edge of the cliff of doom. Keep working to see something amazing and fulfilling coming into being.

Tuesday 5/12
What is our purpose here? That's a big question and one that likely has different meanings at different times. Today there is a sense that we are getting closer to a profound truth. Isn't purpose as simple as embodying our true essence fully and without apology? So often we get stuck on the details of purpose as opposed to the beingness of it. Be it!

Wednesday 5/13
It's as if an idea just flew out of the clouds and landed in our hands. It's very, very exciting mostly because the potential for this idea to become something magnificent is so clear. it will take time to get this thing planted and growing. Watch out for competition and jealousy. Being aware of these kinds of energies offers protection. Strong boundaries are amazingly helpful.

Thursday 5/14
Just go get it. Whatever it is that's's available now. Maybe you're not the sort to be assertive but it's time to learn. The banquet of life is overflowing with a bountiful spread. If you're hungry, get in there! It's a great day to expand on the permission to have more on all levels. It's waiting to be taken. Enjoy.

Friday 5/15
It might seem like nothing is moving today. Everything feels stagnant and slow. Still, there are major shifts in the energy at work. We sense the movement but have no evidence of said movement. Trust the process and find interesting and productive distractions. Validate the progress that's been made and strive to enjoy the journey whatever the destination.

Saturday 5/16
The facade can become rigid and prison-like. It's time for adjustments. Check in with the public persona and see if it's still reflecting a degree of truth. If not, take it apart, bring in some soft energy and let that public persona attract more affection. Sometimes in our effort to be strong and independent, we unknowingly reject offers of help and love. Stop saying no.

Sunday 5/17
It's a great day to reflect on a recent gains and relax into feelings of fulfillment. Are there people around who might want to join in the low key celebration? Get them involved! It's a great time to start dreaming of the next step. For those who feel fuzzy on future goals, brig in the feelings of having what you want. Imagine that energy all around and get ready for the manifesting to begin.

need help with the energy this week?

Passionate energy can be a handful. We need to stay in motion this week for the energy to work in our favor. Sitting around and contemplating is difficult. Action is favored. Risks of all kind will be rewarded even the ones that seem completely irrational and crazy. That's just how the game works now. Let go of caution and go for it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Fairy Ring

There's fairy ring in my front yard, a big circle of clover with grass in the middle. I've always felt the fairies here, especially in the little corner of the backyard under the rose bush. Now it seems, they've spread to the front yard as well.

Those fairies brought me here. Four years ago, I was browsing through pictures of real estate online and came across this house. It was the yard that caught my attention. It looked hobbit-y. There were vines everywhere and little groups of flowers...there was something distinctly magical hiding out there.

I got in touch with an agent and went to see it. There was something mournful about the house itself. It felt neglected, like a jewel that hadn't been polished or appreciated in a long, long time.

I had to have it and I got it. I've poured a lot of time, energy and resources into polishing this jewel and it's starting to shine.

Just in time!
I'm getting ready to put the house up for sale.

As the deadline to have everything cleaned and polished, repaired and revamped draws near, I find myself questioning the decision. It's so damn beautiful around here! Fearful thoughts pour in like; "what if I can never afford to buy another house?" or "what if I can't find a rental I like and want?" or "what if the economy bounces back and this house is suddenly worth double (haha!)?" These thoughts and questions are endless but one thing remains; my intuition has been telling me to sell my house. Yeah, the timing sucks but when is it a good time to make a big change?

Attachment is a funny thing. It's something I struggle with a lot, whether it's a thing, a person, an idea or a feeling. I like to hang on to stuff way too long. There is much to learn about attachment this lifetime when gathering stuff has never been easier. In some ways, selling the house feels like an exercise in not only letting go but trusting as well. What does God have planned for my family and I? Do we need to be more mobile in order to line up with the next step in our unfolding purpose? I don't know.

I do know that owning this house has become heavy. It's stressful and at times feels terribly untenable. It may be that I just don't want it enough...Still, once it's gone I hope I can refrain from looking back with longing (which is another area ripe for growth). Oh, often you stop by to visit!

So I keep stepping forward and working though the intensity of the energy. My friends are mourning for me even though I haven't asked for sorrow. My family is scandalized that I would even consider letting go of the house. All of a sudden, my neighbors and I are experiencing a deepening of our relationship (right when I'm getting ready to leave?).

So there it is...this is the reason I've been a bit distracted of late. I have deadlines to meet and big life changes to work through. It's possible the house won't sell...that no one will want it. I doubt it. I'm fortunate to live in one of the few neighborhoods in my area that actually appreciated last year. Still, going though the process of getting it ready has been invaluable. I've had a chance to purge and cull, clean and restore. I am much more clear about what I want. I've also enjoyed the work of painting, repairing and cleaning. Who knew caulking could be such an excellent meditation?

Maybe when it's all done, I'll post some pics. OR NOT. I imagine this is one of those things that's just not that interesting.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fortune Forecast 5/4 - 5/10


Deep sea diving is the theme this week. It's a great time to go deeper and penetrate a mystery or two. This especially applies in all areas of self-awareness. Our willingness to examine issues from all angles, calmly and without judgment is deepening this week. It's a time of forgiveness and healing. The burden of all the regrets and pains we drag around has the potential to diminish. The most painful secrets are emerging into the light for healing. We can go willingly or not but we can't get around what's happening. There is liberation here, for those willing to completely give over to the mystery of it all. Surrender is a concept worthy of contemplation, especially now with the intense feelings of vulnerability in the air. There's no getting around it.

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Monday 5/4
It's time to confront a degree of stagnation that has been slowing wreaking havoc. The boredoom and sense of repetitive action is a set up for trouble unless it's consciously dealt with. Acknowledge the need for expansion and act on it. It's time to get out and challenge the patterns that keep us from the opportunity all around. Small breakthroughs are favored so get ready to capitalize.

Tuesday 5/5
Our energy is out of step with the rest of the world. There's a disjointedness that's difficult to navigate. The desire to push an agenda is overwhelming but the environment we find ourselves in is resistant and hard. There's nothing we can do to advance even though the energy of ambition and intelligence is at an all time high. This is obviously frustrating, complex and for the moment, unsolvable.

Wednesday 5/6
It's as if we're teetering on the edge right now. There's a sense of easily tipping into something new and different but still unknown and even suspect. The details just aren't in place yet which leads to moments of fear about what might be. Things are lining up, ad good times are on the way.

Thursday 5/7
The enemy is within, sad but true (at least for today). Self-recrimination is seductive and there's plenty to fuel the fire. It's as if by being overcome with criticism from within, we intend to shock ourselves into self-initiated change. It might work but it might not. It's a gamble. Nothing feels solid. It seems that outcomes have become completely unpredictable and it's just a roll of the dice. Tough stuff.

Friday 5/8
We can feel ourselves completely shifting our point of view this week into a more relaxed, expansive space. Areas of our lives that seemed loaded with difficulty now feel lighter and are moving again. Walls are crumbling and bridges are being built. There's deconstruction and construction all in the same day. It's exciting. The electricity of freedom is in the air.

Saturday 5/9
A good idea is good for many reasons but one of the finest reasons has to be the raising of the energy and the enthusiasm across the board. A good idea is amazing in it's transforming potential. Today an idea arrives, so smoothly and easy and infectiousness. The desire to create grows and grows in intensity until action must be taken. Seeds planted now will prosper.

Sunday 5/10
Everything is shimmering with possibility. It's lovely and magical and most of all, hopeful. It's a perfect time to slow down and connect with loved ones. Get out and enjoy the beauty of the world. This deepens the alignment with the supreme being, the source and provider of all things. There is tremendous potential for mystical and simple awakenings in the most mundane of spaces today.

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Everything is swimming...think on that!