Monday, June 29, 2009

Fortune Forecast 6/29 - 7/5


The seeds we planted are popping up all over. Some of the new shoots are fragile and in need of care. Other seeds have become mature plants that are flowering and offering abundance. In our speeded up world, we may have lost touch with what it takes to hang in there through the growing cycle. The patience of the farmer is a lost art for most of us. This week, there are minor threats to the garden that must be addressed. In addition to continuing to cultivate the fertile earth, we need to pause occasionally and validate all that we have created. Be here now and enjoy what's taking root. Thinking about three months from now or three years from now leaves us vulnerable to the storms that naturally occur. Love what's happening in the world, despite the storms and annoyances that make diligence seem un-fun. The harvest is just around the corner. Let's make it BIG one.

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Monday 6/29
There may be pressure today to make commitments and choices that bind us. We may feel anxious to decide just so that we can move on. Wait for answers! The missing pieces to the puzzle are coming, so hang in there until the information arrives. Once those answers show up, we will have the certainty needed to move forward with confidence. Trust in this.

Tuesday 6/30
Be clear and deliberate today when taking action. There's no need to apologize for wanting what's wanted. Go for it. This could especially apply to communication. Don't hesitate to share observations and directions. It's time to own the power and truth needed to move things forward. It's scary to be as big as we can be. Put the fear aside and shine.

Wednesday 7/1
Too often we achieve a goal and immediately move to the next thing on the list. If we do this habitually, we never get the satisfaction of fulfillment from the effort we put forth. Spend the day reflecting on accomplishments, big and small. The validation will fuel the next chapter in the story and lay the foundation for even more success. Don't confuse pride with confidence.

Thursday 7/2
This is a great day for getting everything off our chests. Bring in some permission to purge and vent. We tend to hold stuff in because we don't have time and we prefer not to get out of control. When this stuff builds up, it creates heaviness and density in our energy field which slows us down and makes us even more vulnerable to negativity. Unleash it and enjoy the freedom that comes with a good release.

Friday 7/3
That's right! What are Fridays for anyway? Get freaky today and let go of the energy that keeps everything together. It's best to consciously work with the need to cut loose. If we try and repress it, it bleeds out all over the place, creating chaos and disruption where we need it the least. Reach out and find your friends. They are waiting for you to take the lead and make some fun.

Saturday 7/4
Today is an excellent day for spacing out and daydreaming. Let the dreams expand and grow. don't hesitate to be outrageous with a new vision. Downtime is important. Drifting is important. Our spirit is getting a healing when we allow this drift to happen. Stop forcing the focus and get fuzzy. Movies and books can help us leave the comfort zone in favor of exotic territory.

Sunday 7/5
We are being asked to dig in a little bit and defend what we love. The pressure to compromise is uncomfortable but not overwhelming. Why is it hard to say no to what others want and yes to what we want? There's healing available in this space today. Basic self care can help us shore up the strength we need to stay focused on our own desires. Protect the garden!

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It's all about slowing down this week and being present with what's happening. Pull back from the future and all the possible outcomes. Just be here now. It's hard and easy at the same time. Breathing and noticing the details of the environment can bring us right back to this moment, WHERE THE MAGIC IS. Stop trying to escape uncomfortable feelings. Instead, dive in. Swim with whatever is bothering you and soon you'll see that the resistance is much more draining than just moving with it.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Expansion in the Time of Contraction

Slow down!

I've been getting this message a lot over the last few weeks. Maybe it's just me but the world seems to be moving faster and faster. It is so easy to match the frantic pace of the world. We have to WORK to slow down it seems.

Even a moment or two of pausing to take a deep breath can help us regain our grounding and protection. Stop here and there and take stock of the surroundings. Notice the beauty. I talk about this a lot, don't I? It's because it's becoming more and more essential to our well being and our ability to handle the intensity of the energy.

It's not just that things seem to be speeding up...the energy also feels HOT to me lately. It's a little volatile out there! Conflicts seem to be growing in intensity and I sincerely hope that your life is devoid of this kind of energy. We see it in the world as fights break out and issues that have been simmering under the surface rise up for healing.

Again...S L O W D O W N. As each of us steps out of the group morass of harassment, peace starts to ground onto the earth.

I know I go in and out of peace.

I have this next door neighbor...she is my spiritual practice for the summer (and she's a tough one). I honestly can't stand her. The thoughts and feelings I experience when I think of her are disturbing. I have to correct myself every time I think of her...bless you crystal (yeah! her name is crystal!)...may healing come to you in all forms...forgive my negative energy!!

There's a part of me that feels justified in disliking this person. She has behaved in beastly ways ever since we moved here. Still, I know it's in my best interest to work on forgiveness, not only for her but for myself.

In the past, I relished the anger that comes so easily to me, after all I have Mars in Scorpio! I justified my temper by saying "God made me this way...I'm supposed to be raging about stuff." As I've gotten a little older and wiser, I've started to see that Mars in Scorpio is helping me learn how to use anger appropriately. In my case, staying focused on how much I don't like this lady is just not helpful. She's struggling. She's stuck and angry and unconscious AND SO AM I. I'm not mad at myself for being mad at her. I actually enjoy it which is why it's so hard to stop. However, she's not the enemy...she's just a woman struggling to get by.

It's time to be more neighborly.

Every moment is ripe with the potential of consciousness. It's there for us in every minute with it's promise of choice. The anger I feel is often reactive and impulsive. That's where slowing down and getting centered can be such a gift.

I'm ready to move into a new relationship with my anger which has always been the opposite of's fast and crazy and mean. Crystal is a great place to practice. I feel like making her a cake and going over there and saying, "Let's have a fresh start! We both just want to feel free in our own homes and yards, right?" Honestly, Crystal would probably be checking that cake for poison. I'm not sure she could receive a gesture of peace from me.* On top of that, I'm a crappy baker, so maybe I'll just add her to my prayer list and hope she gets the spiritual peace offering instead?

It's seductive to stay mad, or sad or defeated. Just say no!

On this note, I'm excited about Soul Song Meditation!! I feel like it's going to be an excellent way to get that little bit of peace during the week that so many of us seem to have such a hard time creating. I adjusted the price to make it more accessible. I know these are hard times for so many. I want everyone to feel like they can participate. 30 minutes of guided meditation each week can change your life. It sounds too easy but I've seen it over and over. Take that time out to give yourself the energy you need to create more peace and healing.

Check it and see!

*just to clarify...i've never done anything overtly crazy to my neighbor. i think i yelled at her once after she yelled at me and i called her something like a 'rage machine'...HELLO!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fortune Forecast 6/22 - 6/28


Thoughts have power and this week is no exception. Picture what you want, imagine how it feels to have it and feel those feelings now. Powerful energies can work in our favor when we align with them. Alignment is as simple as daring to think positively and dwell on what's working as opposed to what's not. Sometimes, the negativity is so subtle and so familiar, we don't even realize we're doing it. Make it a practice to hear how you're talking to yourself in your own mind. If it's critical and pushy to be different, stop. Use affirmations to retrain those old tape loops. Draw pictures or create a collage of what is desired. Place it somewhere visible so that these images are reinforced many times a day. Believe in the dream and say no to the junk that tries to put a stop on it. We are what we think.

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Monday 6/22
We're all dragging a bunch of mental baggage around. We have lists of what we're good at and lists of our flaws. We have lists of what needs to get done so that we can feel better. Feel better now! Be in the moment where the power to decide resides. Be willing to let go of all that junk in order to be born again to what can happen NOW. Purging in all forms is a great place to put attention today.

Tuesday 6/23
Victories happen every day. Some are small and some are gigantic. The small ones are easy to overlook but they are important and acknowledging them has the potential to strengthen the foundation of future success. Validation is refreshment for the spirit. Give it to yourself even if the victories seem innocuous and rather unimportant. Maybe no one else notices. What matters is our ability to give to ourselves.

Wednesday 6/24
Relationships take on more depth and meaning today. Make connection and affection a top priority. Everything feels inspiring when we're in love with life. Have you ever noticed how love can take the sting out of the most difficult challenges? That's what we're being offered today. Let it in! Find someone to play with and enjoy the miracles that seem to be popping out of the woodwork.

Thursday 6/25
A tense situation is escalating and we're finally on the cusp of resolution. Unfortunately, things might get a little ugly before they settle back down again. Prepare for this by meditating and breathing deep. Though we may have done everything in our power to avoid this moment, now that it's here it feels kind of good. It's wonderful to be free of this particular brand of stress.

Friday 6/26
Intuitive impulses are directing us to look more closely at a situation that looks fine on the surface. We may be reluctant to look because we want to believe it's all okay but the longer we ignore it, the more trouble takes root. The truth can set us free but we need willingness to see it. The brave ones among us will feel lighter with the new information and fresh perspective that's coming.

Saturday 6/27
Laughter can get us through a tough spot today. When we can laugh about it, it loses power over us. Break up tension in relationships with a little warmhearted joking. The amusement is infectious, bubbly and it will lift even the heaviest problems out of the morass of despair. Once out of the mud pit, problems tend to be much more fixable.

Sunday 6/28
Distractions are causing us to lose the focus and feel scattered today. There is a center point and that's where the power is. All of these competing demands have one root and when we find the root, things tend to start to feel manageable again. What are we really trying to accomplish? If we get clear on that, it's easier to work efficiently. Cut loose the dead weight.

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So easy to say, so hard to do! Negativity tends to build when we're tired and not taking care of ourselves, so look at that space first. Small adjustments can have a big impact so don't get overwhelmed by the idea that self-care requires a major, lifestyle overhaul. Spend as much time as possible this week slowing down and just being. Picture what you want...dwell on it. Notice the negativity and gently say no. You weren't born thinking these thoughts about yourself. It was learned and it can be unlearned. Thought are powerful. Be wise and be loving!


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spider Bite

I've been teaching a class called ASTRAL HEALING and it's totally amped up my dreams. The other night I dreamt that I was bitten by a black widow. Luckily there seemed to be a few healers around who went to work. While they were looking for an antidote I started shaking and experienced a very, weird high. As the fear in me subsided, I realized that it was all going to be okay and I actually started to enjoy it. The experience took on a whole new dimension and it felt like some kind of sacred act that that little spider had bitten me.

In Native American lore, the spider represents female creativity. Women tend to build webs, webs of people, webs of projects. The spider may be reminding me to tap into that creative energy, build new webs and strengthen existing webs. The spider reminds us that we are all connected and that we must work together as a community.

Of course the black widow may have also been urging me to be kinder and more accepting of the male energy in my life, which creates in a different way. I tend to get impatient with my partner and my son when I see that they just don't have the ability to multitask quite like I do. They also don't seem to be bothered when reality gets complicated and demanding. Perhaps in their maleness they don't even see the complications that I tend to see and experience? They've certainly tried to tell me this more than a few times!

Dreams are amazing! There are a million ways to apply what we experience in dreams to our waking life.

When we go to sleep and slip into a dream, we go to the astral plane. The way I see it, the astral is just as real and valid as our waking reality except the rules and the physics are completely different. On the astral, our bodies can morph and change, we can jump over mountains, fly like birds and get tangled up with monsters that only exist in the imagination of the waking mind.

Sometimes we have profound conversations with people on the astral but in waking life the bonds are strained and communication is nil. These exchanges are real on a spiritual level. We have our physical relationships and our spiritual relationships. Sometimes these two relationships match up and sometimes they bear no resemblance to each other. Astral experiences can often bring comfort when we feel invalidated by the waking relationship and conversely, astral experiences can awaken us to dynamics that are hard to qualify consciously.

There are different layers of the astral plane. There are places that are rejuvenating and healing and places where pain collects. When we wake up exhausted, it's likely that we spent the night roaming some of the denser areas of the astral, possibly to offer healing, or possibly because we're disoriented and unable to find our healing places.

Everyone has a favorite place to travel to to get a healing. It's your soul's home on the astral. You can discover the qualities of that place by asking yourself what you love about earth. Are you a desert kind of person? A high mountain meadow or a lush, tropical rain forest? A sandy beach or a fiery volcano? Use nature imagery to tap into the qualities of energy that resonate with your spirit. Then ask to travel there when your body goes to sleep. Be open to what happens! The more you practice this stuff the more powerful it becomes so be willing to experiment.

If your astral space feels less than stellar there are some simple steps you can take to make your dream space more rich and rewarding. This is probably preaching to the choir but oh well...

  • Try to relax before going to sleep. A bath can help as well as soothing know the drill!
  • Take a few minutes to release the day and say a prayer.
  • Imagine a big bubble of energy around your house with healing energy and protection in it. This will help you feel more safe and relaxed in your environment.
  • Create a bubble of energy around your body by picking a color that feels soothing and infused with peaceful energy.
  • Imagine this color surrounding you and gently helping you release the days frustrations and challenges. Let this healing color give you a healing!
  • Put out the intention of getting a (gentle and refreshing) healing on the astral. Ask to visit your soul's home on the astral.

I know, I all sounds so simple (ummm, I intentionally kept it simple...the astral warrants a book really...maybe someday?). It's hard to believe that we can get a healing just by intending it, but we can and we do. If you're like me and you tend to make things complicated, come back to simplicity.

My astral experience with the black window turned out to be a big healing disguised in (dream) crisis. I think that little black widow was telling me to be careful and keep the female creative energy engaged productively. So often the webs I weave are complicated and dramatic and certainly amusing but not so much when they get in the way of simple rest and rejuvenation. Maybe it's just me, but my creative energy can get so wild that it interferes with my ability to sleep!

This post seems to have elements of spider energy in it's meandering around...but hey, that's where it's at for me these days. Learning to love the chaos and the creativity, learning to connect and create, learning when to push forward and when to stop and ultimately finding my way back to that soulful oasis on the astral. We need healing in all forms during this period of transformation.


ps. I'd love to hear some of your astral experiences in the comments section. Share if you feel like it and I will share my observations of your astral space if you are interested...

pps. This post is dedicated to Gisela Kirberg, a Jungian therapist and dream group facilitator in New Orleans who recently passed away. I learned a lot from you Gisela!! Rest in peace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fortune Forecast 6/15 - 6/21


Something is ending and unlike some transitions, there's a subtlety to this one. There are no dramatic moments or big sacrifices to be made...we're just gently moving into a new space and leaving the old behind. It's hard to figure out just what's happening, the movement is so slight. Still, deep in our bones there's a sense of having gained mastery over a situation or pattern that once caused problems. There is much to be grateful for and reason to celebrate. It would be easy to miss the opportunity to validate the changes that are happening now. They just don't seem big enough to write home about.
Take time this week to pause and reflect on where life is leading you. Enjoy a moment or two or earthy sensuality before moving into the next cycle. Wisdom awaits those who slow down and feel.

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Monday 6/15
Endings often bring chaos with them and today is no exception. It's difficult to articulate important directions and information and this has the potential to create trouble at work and at home. Be mindful about being understood and be willing to repeat back what you've heard. This can save a lot of energy and trouble. The glitches in communication are pretty funny so prepare to be amused.

Tuesday 6/16
Sometimes we're afraid to take on something new because we just don't believe in ourselves. Often we have skills and abilities that are dormant and only need to be recognized in order to bring them to life. It might take re-framing certain stories we tell ourselves to see that what we once considered liabilities might actually be the seeds of hidden gifts, talents and wisdom.

Wednesday 6/17
When you get that little feeling that tells you to be cautious LISTEN! It might pop up in a conversation...that moment where you wonder "should I be sharing this information?" Look for those cues and watch the boundaries. The emphasis is on containment, caution and keeping your cards close to your heart. It won't last. Freedom will come again but today requires careful consideration.

Thursday 6/18
There's a sudden awareness today that things have indeed shifted when we weren't paying attention. Though many of the changes are welcome and exciting, there's still a sense of needing to catch up with it all. Life feels overwhelming at the moment and the demands are intense. Fortunately, this will pass quickly and leave in its wake a lovely sense of freedom and possibility.

Friday 6/19
Everything is sacred when we are fully present in it. Make this the intention for the day: to see, feel, smell and touch the sacred in everything. Miracles are abundant in this space and it's so much simpler that we allow it to be. It's always there for us, no matter what we've done in the past or whether we believe we are worthy or not. It just is. Be willing to slough off the complex in favor of simplicity and the beauty that goes with it.

Saturday 6/20
We need permission to wander and explore today. We need permission to follow a whim, no matter how small or strange it might be. There is magic on the road to whimsy. It's quite challenging to push this to the top of the list of things that need to get done but honestly, whimsy is a need. Things are becoming a little too rote and predictable and a shake up is absolutely necessary.

Sunday 6/21
Ask for what is wanted and needed. Sometimes we feel like we've put the request out there. It seems crystal clear on our end but the receiving end is a blurry, fuzzy mess. This is one of those days when being direct pays off. Put it out there with clarity and confidence. It's amazing how quickly the universe will line up in response. Success today will give us more confidence for tomorrow.

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If you're in the mood to ground and find your center, this is your kind of week. Think tribal and get in touch with the body. Movement and song can help us tap into energies and skills we need now. Just like the seasons shift, our cycles are shifting as well. We might not have the control we'd like to have over certain circumstances. This time period is about learning to surrender, staying fluid and trusting. Be like your ancestors and find harmony with the natural world. Put attention on the earth...relax into it. Look for messages and clues in the sun, wind and (my favorite) the trees!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm feeling inspired of late. Energized and up! I hope you too, are feeling a shift in the energy.

I was thinking this morning about how enlightenment comes in flashes. So often we want to get to a place of peace and stay there. Maybe peace, like other spaces is mutable and fluid? Enjoy being there but lose the expectation of staying there. Be fluid with the experience.

Stay loose!

After many months of resisting twitter, I finally gave in. It's actually pretty cool and I'm going to use this space to send out inspirational messages and observations about energy. Please join me.

I've got a lot of great plans and ideas in the works...we'll see. I usually get these ideas and it takes a while to bring them fully into reality. I'm hoping I can surf the waves of enthusiasm and purpose that seem to be washing over me of late to make some of this stuff real.

One idea that came to me in a flash is Soul Song Mediation. I'll be launching this in July and already, it feels so good! Soul Song Meditation will be offered at several different times during the week so that everyone can have a chance to participate. The idea behind it is the discovery of who we are as spirit. So often in readings, I see the split between the body and the spirit and how painful that can be. Soul Song Meditation is a ceremony of sorts and a way back home. I hope you'll join me in this sacred space.

I'm also excited to announce that I'm launching a new column this weekend called the WEATHER REPORT. It's going to be a short summation of the energetic patterns for the week and how to work with them. It will be a part of the weekly newsletter, Mark's Power Peek. Come check it out this Sunday!

I get a ton of emails about the Fortune Forecast and the Good Fortune Scopes. The word 'uncanny' often shows up in these letters. I can't really take credit for these writings, this stuff just comes through me but I'm happy, happy, happy that so many of you find these missives helpful. I'm hoping the WEATHER REPORT and the tweets will provide insight to a new audience as well as you lovely peeps if and when you need it.

I feel so blessed lately! The circumstances of my life haven't changed that much but my relationship to them has. I credit meditation and the cultivation of gratitude for the shift. We'll see! I tend to slide in and out of these spaces so I'm relishing it while it lasts.

This spring was tough! I really felt lost and confused for a while there and found myself questioning everything. I feel like I'm emerging from a powerful fog and it feels so good. I imagine that fog will return...that's life, right?

Thanks so much for sticking with me for the totality of the journey. I appreciate you so very much and I'm sending blessings your way, peeps.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Fortune Forecast 6/8 - 6/14


What is regret? Isn't it just a lack of faith? We wouldn't have regrets if we were truly grounded in the knowledge that there is meaning and purpose in every event and that our choices were always the right ones. We can heal the wounds and pains of the past by cultivating more faith now. Maybe we'll never know why we are in the space we're in or why certain challenges arise. The mind loves a wild goose chase! There is another knowing, an intuitive knowing that rests below the chatter of the mind and in that space we have the wisdom to see that everything is as it should be. What area of your life needs the healing balm of faith? How can a deeper relationship with spirit be facilitated? These are the questions of the week and in the pursuit of answers, miracles emerge.

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Monday 6/8
Old pain is close to the surface which makes every experience that comes along today feel ten times more intense. We are sensitive and may mistake gentle ribbing for a full blown assault. It's important that we stay awake to how potent the feelings of vulnerability are and how easily we can misunderstand the people around us. Self awareness will keep us from taking it too personally.

Tuesday 6/9
A lovely day filled with optimism and inspiration. This is an exciting time to start something new. Somehow everything feels more possible now. Patterns that we might have felt desperate to change are falling away with ease and it's much easier to implement new patterns that support health and well being. Get out and make yourself available to the magic. It's everywhere.

Wednesday 6/10
It's an excellent time to take a risk. Of course, the mind will always come up with a million reasons not to. Don't let it stop the flow of creativity and the willingness to try. There's something so appealing about jumping off the cliff today, we can hardly contain the desire to GO. With faith, all things are possible and this truism is so very evident today. Fly free, peeps.

Thursday 6/11
Sometimes we don't want to see what's really going on. We make up stories to make sense of things and these stories bring comfort and a feeling of being in control. It's hard to let go and see what's really going on but that's what's called for today. Be willing to make way for a new vision, a new story and a new truth. Once settled in, the gifts that come with it will become evident.

Friday 6/12
Seeds planted awhile back are now proliferating in abundance. Even things we were about to give up suddenly seem to have taken on new life and new dimension. This is a wonderful day to enjoy all that has been set in motion and the joy of having it grow without so much effort. Enjoy and validate the abundance. It's contagious and will spread to other spaces that need healing.

Saturday 6/13
We are impatient and ready to move into new spaces. Before we launch, it would be wise to tie up loose ends and make room for this new energy to take root. Tackle that pile of stuff on the desk, clean out a closet or do anything really, to get organized and in position for the next cycle. It won't take much effort once started and it will be incredibly liberating.

Sunday 6/14
Slow down! It's hard when there's so much enthusiasm and excitement in the air but patience is important now. Certain projects and relationships are going to take time, diligence and focus to see to fruition. The journey can be delightful when we take our attention off the desired outcome. Make goals smaller and easier to accomplish. Love the pacing and what it allows.

need help with the energy this week?

Do you remember when your life started? Do you have a sense of when it will end? Doesn't it seem as if you've been alive forever? Time is strange and our desire to make sense of the passage of time can really wreak havoc on our ability to just be in it; it being the flow of life. When we're really ground in the moment, whatever feels challenging or difficult starts to lose it's power over us. The anxiety of anticipation is often much more difficult to deal with than just doing it. Bring your attention gently back to your breath and your body for this is where that magic and the miracles are.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Circular Journeys

Most of us like to go from point A to point B. We like to feel like we're getting somewhere, don't we? But some journeys are circular and it is what it is.

I've been looping around over the past few months. I applied to graduate school, got in and decided not to go. I prepared my house for sale and decided not to sell it after all. The part of me that wants to get somewhere is a bit chagrined about all this looping around and yet, these circles have been important. They've helped me clarify what I want and that my friends, is essential. Each circle brings us closer to the core.

These circles have helped me come to terms with something pretty simple...I AM WHAT I AM. In some ways, this statement is troublesome. It means that certain patterns and habits might be with me for a long time to come. In other ways, this statement is refreshing and liberating. Maybe I can stop trying to make myself into something that I'll never be?

As psychic, sensitive people, we get beat up by the expectations and demands that come our way. We're constantly being judged and told that we're not right. How much energy to we put into trying to be something we're not or get somewhere so that we can feel differently about ourselves and our lives? Circular journeys have the potential to bring us home.

I'm excited to announce that I will be returning to 12listen, the psychic hotline that I helped staff when it first launched in the fall of '06! I left last summer to explore some personal goals and find myself ready to return with a new perspective about the opportunity to serve. I met so many lovely souls as an advisor there. Some of my most amazing clients found me there and I can't wait to meet some new beauties.

I hope you'll visit me and share in the joy. One of the best things about 12listen is that if I'm not there, you can find many, talented advisors to help guide and support your journey. The level of talent is truly astounding. It's also nice for me to belong to a community of like minded people. The support and validation for me as an intuitive is much-needed in these times of incredible transformation.

I'll also be joining the team at 12academy (the site has not officially launched yet) and offering teleclasses and meditations to a larger audience. Teaching is my passion and the thought of offering what I know to a larger audience makes me feel like dancing around the room like a fool. I will be sure and keep you updated about upcoming classes and events.

So many of you have supported me as I traveled this particular circle. I can't express the depth of my gratitude. I hope I can continue to be of service in this next chapter of the unfolding story. Come see me on the happy hour!

*due to my husband's new working schedule (yah! he got a good job with excellent benefits!!) and the need to be present for my tots, my schedule is a little wonky right now...feel free to schedule an appointment if you need a reading and we will work out times, etc. (Just visit, click on my picture and you'll see a schedule an appointment link). I hope to show up for as many happy hours as I can so that working with me is affordable.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Fortune Forecast 6/1 - 6/7


The mind is a difficult space to navigate this week. At every turn, the mind is making a case for why things won't work. It's seductively easy to believe the negative rant. When the mind runs amok, relief can be found by shifting down into the body. Noticing feelings and sensations can help break the spell. Moving meditation is a powerful way to get to a different layer of truth. This shift from mind to body requires discipline and practice. It's not that easy but well worth the effort. Take deep breaths as anxiety builds in intensity. Go for a walk or sit under a big tree. Let's do what we can to change the space we're in and escape the trap of a fearful intellect.

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Monday 6/1
Mood swings are intense today and have seemingly no rhyme or reason. The more we struggle to understand, the more confused we get. Imagine being at an amusement park and riding the rollercoaster. Go with it. See these shifting moods as a process and a healing. Energy is being released, so welcome it with gratitude despite the discomfort. New space is being created and that's worth the short term nausea.

Tuesday 6/2
Relationships with loved ones provide needed relief today. We might be unable to focus on work-related tasks and that's okay. Stop fighting the psychic weather and do what's counter intuitive: play. Expect the mind to kick up some dust as permission is granted to step away from those unending lists of tasks and projects. No relationship or time spent cultivating love is a waste of time.

Wednesday 6/3
"Bad karma hides in dusty corners." This is a piece of sage wisdom a lovely witch once gave me. Today, the dusty corners reside in the mind. The clean up requires physical movement and the release of endorphins. Kill two birds with one stone and spend some time cleaning and organizing your home or work space. It will bring relief and a renewed sense of hope.

Thursday 6/4
Miracles come in all sizes. It's easy to miss out on the small ones since they tend to be less than dramatic and difficult to recognize. The funny thing about miracles is that once we start to see and validate them, they get bigger and more powerful. If there's an area of your life that needs a miracle ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. Be open to how these miracles show up. It's not always what we think it should be.

Friday 6/5
A big opportunity is about to come running on by. Reach out and take hold of it before it disappears down the road. Our mind could cause problems today as it wants to analyze this thing to death, which stalls out ability to act in a timely fashion. Listen to intuition and instinct and act from the body. Trust that the knowledge and wisdom to make the most of this is waiting quietly inside.

Saturday 6/6
So often we put on our game face and act tough to avoid embarrassment. Today, that defensive facade is a repellent and will drive away the support we need. Go ahead and open up. Share those fears and doubts and watch as relationships take on new dimension and depth. This is a great time to plant new seeds when it comes to love. Be willing to risk your heart and reap the rewards that follow.

Sunday 6/7
The week ends with a burst of opportunity. It's exciting and the groundwork for success has been laid. The biggest opportunity we have now is the chance to enjoy our lives no matter what's happening. Sunday is a great day for reflecting and prayer. See the potential that's showing up as the answer to past prayers and be grateful that the magnificent creator in you is still sharp as a tack.

need help with the energy this week?

When the mind starts down that slippery slope to the underworld, take a deep breath and replace the negative thought with a positive affirmation that you have what you want and need. Affirmations work best when they start with I AM. You can add whatever you need to finish the sentence. Choose adjectives that resonate with you (abundant, loving, creative, beautiful, safe, at peace, energized, inspired, etc.). Over time, affirmations start to feel more natural and less forced and you can literally feel your mind and body relax as you say them out loud (or in your head). For those ambitious types out there, writing affirmations for 5 or 10 minutes a day can completely shift the landscape of your life. It's a discipline well worth exploring. What's 5 or 10 minutes in relationship to living the life you want? You do the math!


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