Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strange Weather

The weather here in Denver has been strange this summer. It's rainy and cold today and yesterday, which is truly bizarre. Usually in July, we're getting roasted in the hot, dry sun. The psychic weather has been strange too and by strange I mean, changes are happening that we could never have anticipated.

I'm used to seeing the psychic space we all share get more and more intense with each passing year, but what I see lately is truly amazing. It's as if we're morphing spiritually and physically into a new shape and form, quickly and not without effort.

One thing I see a lot these days in readings and classes is that the way we're used to doing things isn't working so well and there's a lack of certainty about where it's all going to land. Interesting stuff! and it can mean a lot more vulnerability as we struggle to get peaceful with why things are not as easy to manipulate.

Most of us didn't even know that we had our creative process so grounded until it moved into transition. Wonderful, huh?

I often see that negative thoughts and feelings are just a symptom of having lost our center. That stuff isn't real, that cynical, interior voice is just the sound of a soul that's fallen out of alignment with its body. The times when we become overwhelmed with the negativity are important times, times ripe with the potential for movement and growth.

Sometimes I like to think about what kind of world we would enjoy if everyone learned about their psychic gifts and how to use them. It would be very difficult to get away with a lie. Large institutions would have to change the way they do business and stop creating the energy of need that seems to take our seniority away. Conflicts would be resolved much more quickly. There would be more equality because everyone could bring their gifts to bare.

I'm not saying it would be perfect, but it would be different for sure. The unconsciousness we carry, with its many, many layers of pain would have to be shed in a reality where everyone was working with the ability to see clearly (clairvoyance) and hear clearly (clairaudience).

Maybe you have a sense that you are being called to wake up and use more of your gifts? Waking up often comes through pain and the dawning awareness that there are talents and gifts lying in wait to be discovered. Now is the time to seek guidance if the waking up is confusing. Books, classes and readings are a great way to get a hello and find your space in relationship to all the changes and the strange weather.

Keep giving energy to yourself and trusting the process that's unfolding even if it is unfamiliar and seemingly chaotic. We're getting there by being here now.

Blessings of peace and healing to you beauties on this cold and rainy, Colorado summer day!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fortune Forecast 7/27 - 8/2


The pace is picking up and projects are moving forward after a frustrating period of delay and setbacks. Get ready to move! As the week rolls by, so do the wheels of progress, gaining momentum and bringing ease. Soon and without realizing it, we'll find ourselves in new, unfamiliar territory. Some of what's happening feels surprising and some of it is predictable and easy but by the end of the week we might find ourselves surprised at how quickly things moved and changed. It's important that we take time to rest and reflect when we have the chance. We're entering a cycle of incredible activity and it won't be much fun if we're moving through it exhausted and depleted. Let's use the energy of the new moon in Cancer (Tuesday, 7:35pm pacific) to bring in more love and the activities that help support the growth of love. DO IT!

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Monday 7/27
The clouds of self-criticism are floating in the air today just waiting to rain down on the dreams and goals we've so carefully cultivated. What we see when we're in these clouds is not real, so do your best not to take it too seriously. The week promises to bring more ease. Let go of the effort and the control and let it all unfold. This requires radical trust...always a great space to play in!

Tuesday 7/28...join me for Soul Song Meditation, 8:30-9am pacific!
The new moon in Cancer pushes us to open up to love in new and different ways. It could show up in a new friendship or the pursuit of a hobby that boosts self-esteem and creativity. Be willing to actively look for new outlets and pathways to fulfillment. There are a more than a few happy surprises in store for us with willingness to open the door and receive them.

Wednesday 7/29
Life feels a bit lonely today as we come down from the new moon. Everyone is immersed in their own projects and problems and no one wants to play. There is a perception amongst friends and loved ones that we don't need help and that we're in a great position. It's true! We are in a great position, so let's be patient and focus on taking care of ourselves until the drama dies down and our loved ones return.

Thursday 7/30
There's a lot of misinformation coming our way today. We'll know it's not the truth by how we feel when we hear it or read it. Boundaries need to be stronger now. Can we believe in our vision even under intense opposition? We're about to find out! Don't give up. Stay quiet and steady and let the fracturing energy pass over like a thundercloud on its way to distant lands.

Friday 7/31
The mind can't possibly give us the information we need to navigate today. The heart is where its at. To access this wisdom we have to be willing to feel all the feelings coursing through our bodies. We don't have to fix anything, rather just listen. It's as if the soul is singing a song and that song will light the way. Sounds mysterious and it is! Go with it to the end of the rainbow.

Saturday 8/1
Go ahead and succumb to a space the promises delight and pleasure. There may be reluctance to surrender to this experience. It might seem like a distraction or a tangent that we don't have time to explore. The truth is, we can't afford not to explore it. It offers tremendous refreshment for body, mind and spirit. Go ahead and indulge knowing that the healing that happens makes us more effective down the road.

Sunday 8/2
There's just no point in banging our heads against the proverbial wall today. It won't change the fact the we are being forced to pause whether we want to or not. As soon as we give up the fight, we'll find ourselves moving again. Funny how that happens! There is something greater at work in our lives and we often forget to look for it. Today it becomes abundantly clear that the source is with us.

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Resisting what's happening just doesn't help. It's hard to let go of the idea that we have control over what's happening. Work with the energy, not against it even if the energy is difficult. Deep breathing, walks, baths and movement can help us work through some of the inevitable frustration that comes up this week. Surrender opens us to miracles. Don't be afraid to put aside the defensive energy and trust that what takes shape now is the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

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perhaps all you need are better boundaries on an energy level!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Letter To My Body

Dear Body,

I just want to take some time to let you know how much I appreciate you. I know I don't tell you often enough and you get down about that. Please accept my apologies.

Today as we were walking in that lovely park, I could just feel your enthusiasm for the sky and the sun, the big old trees and the joy of movement itself. We need to do that more often! One thing that amazes me about you is how simple it is to make you happy. All you want is a good night's rest, good food, lots of water, hugs, beautiful music, a bubble bath or a swim and something pleasant to sniff. You love a nice walk in the park.

I can't believe how complicated I make our relationship sometimes!

You've been incredibly tolerant of all my energetic/psychic experimentation. You've put up with so much over the years. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to go where I want to take you, even if at times, it causes you discomfort and pain. You're a trooper!

I think we both know that the root of the problem in our relationship has to do with trancemediumship...the ability to bring in energies that don't belong to us. So often I have fun in this space as I take on other people's stuff. It's truly fascinating for me but I know it's a challenge for you. My curiosity about other people's energy often becomes your problem as you feel and experience these energies. At times I have blamed you for not feeling well when it was me who opened the door to discomfort. I can see now that when I feel irritated by what I perceive as your flaws, it's really just trancemediumship. You are not and have never been the problem.

I couldn't have asked for a better body. You are truly my greatest creation this lifetime. Healthy and strong, you have a lovely warmth about you. You're approachable and friendly. You've produced two, lovely children and are full of willingness to be the perfect vehicle for me to fulfill my purpose. Within you are all the gifts and abilities I need this lifetime as well as the vulnerabilities that are perfect for my growth. Truly, you are a wonder.

I know I need to tell you this stuff more often. You get neglected at times and feel abandoned here and there. I know that sometimes I get so busy looking at all that energy that I forget to give you what you need to feel your best. Please know that I'm making a new commitment to take better care of and appreciate you. Just because your needs are simple doesn't mean I always deliver. I want you to know that I'm making your care a bigger priority.

I can't say this is altogether unselfish of me because the truth is, when you feel good, so do I. When you're happy it's so much easier to create and play and manifest. When you're happy it's fun to be here and I can see all the magic that this earth has to offer. Isn't that the point of having a body? I came here to be with you, so that in our togetherness we could really experience being human in all its glory and sorrow. I'm excited to see what we can do together in this next chapter of the story.

Thanks for all you do!!
(I promise, we'll go for walks more often in that lovely park.)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Fortune Forecast 7/20 - 7/26


Shift into the body and into feeling this week. It's so easy to live a life of the mind, thinking, thinking, thinking. With all of our technological advances, it's easy to lost touch with our five senses and the immense information these senses provide. The body needs care and attention now. A little can go a long way towards creating well being. When the body feels good, things tend to flow better. So many of us have valid worries and fears these days and yet, putting off taking care of the body in favor of working these problems out just doesn't work! Instead, make self-are a bigger priority knowing that as our physical energy comes up, so does our ability to manifest what we want. Coming back to the body means being willing to acknowledge the energies that don't feel good. Undertake this project with joy.

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Monday 7/20
Stuff is happening! Opportuities are arriving and the wheels are turning. We can expect this cycle to continue to expand. It's just starting. What needs to be done to prepare for the onslaught of activity? Get organized now and make time for meditative activities. Any effort put towards this will pay off handsomely when the momentum builds and we find ourselves rushing headlong into new challenges.

Tuesday 7/21...Soul Song Meditation today at 8:30am pacific! COME PLAY.
That little voice is always there, waiting to pop out with some deflating comment. How often have we held ourselves back from the growth and expansion our spirit has laid out for us just because the ego mind turns on with some snarky commentary? A LOT. Make it a project to notice this little voice and the triggers that fire it. Replace the negativity with an affirming, loving mantra.

Wednesday 7/22
Being social is the most spiritual thing we can do today. Make time for it. Perhaps some of our friends are scattered far and wide? Reach out and make contact. Resist the urge to be isolated and find someone to play with. The energy and enthusiasm we stand to gain from these interactions is well worth the effort it takes to make it happen. Get out and mix it up.

Thursday 7/23
Our bodies are alchemical in nature, meaning they have the wisdom to take energy in and transform it. Our sense play an integral role in this process so amp up the sensuality and with it, the ability to manifest magic. Even a small treat can act as a healing balm to a body whose needs have been overlooked in the struggle to accomplish. Stop and smell the roses, feel the sun and hear the chirping birds.

Friday 7/24
Ambitions are growing in intensity. We have the energy we need to pursue these ambitions but something is off kilter. When the head and the heart disagree about how to get somewhere, everything stops. We can heal the rift today by listening to both opinions and coming up with a compromise. They both want the same thing and once we see that it's easy to surge ahead.

Saturday 7/25
Gifts want to drop in today but we won't even see them if we're not in a receptive space. We're powerful creatures and in our power we often forget that receiving requires the willingness to be vulnerable. Let someone spoil you! It feels so good to give so why would you ever take that away from someone who's trying to give to you? Receiving is a form of's about giving someone else the joy of giving.

Sunday 7/26
Though it may seem like there's no time to slow down and reflect today, we need to do just that. Opportunities that are meant to be will wait as we gather our thoughts and our wits. Being rushed means being sloppy. There are choices to be made and they are not all equal. Sift through and find the best ones and cast the rest aside. This can only work from a calm, centered space.

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Moving meditation can be anything we enjoy doing. This form of meditation can help us move through the energies that build up and cause density around our bodies. It's no wonder we tend to drift away sometimes! Who wants to feel trapped in a body that feels like a brick box? When it comes to opening to more sensuality and more feeling, movement can help us come home to ourselves in a way that feels easier and more pleasant. Find an enjoyable activity and do it. Don't put it off any longer. Get to it and feel good...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lately, I've been incredibly attracted to Native American traditions, sounds and lore. It makes sense that being a westerner, I would have affinity with the legacy of the land I live on. I was meditating recently and saw/experienced a past life with my children. I was their mother (again) and we were living in a tribe out on the plains. It was a happy life of simplicity and alignment with natural cycles. Needless to say, it ended badly when our village was attacked by vindictive soldiers. Though my children and I tried to become the wind, we couldn't escape the attack and its aftermath.

This leads me to an interesting question. If an amazing experience ends badly, how do we claim what was wonderful and make peace with the pain? When it comes to past lives (and the life we're living now), it seems we tend to cast off the whole experience if it ends tragically. We have difficulty extracting the wisdom and beauty if it's layered in trauma.

One of the qualities that struck me about my Native American life was STEALTH. I want to reclaim that quality and apply it to the life I'm living now.

Stealth...I love that word! Stealth is graceful and grounded and connected to guidance. Stealth is strategic and calculated and wonderful. Stealth to me means strength, planning and grace. Stealth means going after what's desired calmly, confidently and with focus.

When I was a little girl, my brothers and I used to play cowboys and Indians in the dark of our house. One of us would be the cowboy (whose role was to chase down the Indians). At the time, we lived in a large house with many, great hiding places. I remember how quietly I would move around, constantly on the go, aware of the person trying to find me. I was able to be absolutely silent, patient and always a step ahead of the bumbling cowboy. I remember how much pleasure I derived from being so stealthy. The game usually ended in forfeiture because my brothers could never catch me. I was a stealthy girl!

Lately, we all seem to be prone to overwhelm and chaos. Transitions bring upheaval and unexpected events. So often these days, we find ourselves simply reacting to what's happening, sticking our finger in the dam, trying to keep the flood at bay. How can we create more stealth?

Stealth is born out of quiet.

Back to the question at hand. How do we extract the magic from traumatic events?

Peace is born out of quiet.

Hmmm, there seems to be a theme here and it's called QUIET. I'm not even referring to literal quiet as in eliminate all the noise in our environment. Rather I'm talking about quiet in the internal world. Our bodies are noisy with feelings, demands and needs. We also tend to absorb energy from people we love. This can make for a lot of noise in the internal world. For those of us seeking a deeper experience of peace, we need to get quiet. For those of us looking for answers and solutions, we need to get quiet. For those of us looking for miracles, we need to get quiet.

Make it a priority...put it at the top of the list. Even a moment or two of quiet throughout the day can totally shift us into deeper awareness and more power. Take a deep breath and notice what's around you right here and now. This moment is the seed of quiet.

Think back on difficult time periods. What was wonderful about those experiences? Is there some quality that was developed that got left behind because of a difficult ending? Perhaps it was trust or innocence or wisdom? Perhaps it was patience or faith or love? Perhaps it was abundance or confidence or accomplishment? Let's be stealthy in our pursuit of quiet for in the still calm of awareness, all things are possible and miracles abound.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fortune Forecast 7/13 - 7/19


Each one of us is an alchemist and a magician. Often we forget how powerful we are as we get sucked into the challenges of living in a material world. Now is the time to wake up to the brilliance and the magic that's waiting, dormant. If there's an unfolding situation that's less than ideal, change it! Perhaps part of the problem is the terrible idea that we can't change it, that we're trapped and unable to move. That's got to be one of the most soul crushing energies on the planet. The energy of NO CHOICE will have your spirit flying off to warmer climes. The key to capitalizing on our alchemical potential lies in the experience of our bodies. Come back to that lovely body with love. When the body feels rested and cared for, the miracles start to manifest. What simple adjustments can be made in our routines this week that boost our spirits and get us back in the game? Do it and watch the iron turn to gold.

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Monday 7/13
We don't always have control over how a healing plays out. Today, we might be surprised at some of the intensity that manifests. It's all part of our soul's healing plan. See the challenges that arise today as an answer to a prayer hidden in a box of junk. Don't resist revisiting painful, old dynamics. This healing has layers but as each layer falls away, we get closer to the core and closer to freedom.

Tuesday 7/14
There's no way around it. Today is a day of chaos and craziness. If we know this, we can stop taking it personally or trying to fix it. A sense of humor can work wonders when it all starts to fall apart. A conflict that has been brewing in the background is coming to the fore. Don't step away. Go into it and do what it takes to create resolution. It will feel good to move on from this particular tension.

Wednesday 7/15
Something lovely wants to drop in today. All we have to do is let it. Happy surprises tend to show up in disguises, so check everything twice before saying no. How often do we inadvertently miss out on the magic because we are focused on the mundane? Do what it takes to raise the ability to receive. Cast off the mantle of having to handle everything alone. This stance tends to block the spiritual magic.

Thursday 7/16
Go ahead! You know you want to. Follow a whim today. It's time to take a risk, even if the outcome is sketchy and uncertain. What matters here is the act of faith, not what happens afterward. Ironically, when we let go of the picture we carry of what we want and need to create, we often end up creating it. Funny how that works. Take a playful approach and let the chips fall where they may.

Friday 7/17
Those tiny cracks are about to become big fissures. Action is called for. This action might include getting everything out in the open as well as expressing appreciation and care. It's easy to live in relationship disharmony. Say no to that! It won't take much to get things back on track and back to a space that feels right. Don't overlook loved ones today in favor of dreams that seem more fulfilling.

Saturday 7/18
There's not much that can be done to stem the tide of fear today. It's in the air and like an infectious illness, it's spreading quickly. This is a great day to step back and retreat if possible. The spiritual warrior knows when to step back and when to go forward. No amount of pushing will get us through this swamp. Some days are just a mess despite our best efforts.

Sunday 7/19
Make it sacred. Spend the day being mindful of what energy is broadcasting from the body. Is it light and joyful? Is it heavy and depressed? Once we figure out what we're expressing on an energy level, we can shift into something more comfortable and ultimately more abundant. Whatever it is that's dragging us down has the potential to become absolutely sacred.

need help with the energy this week?

That's about all there is to say. Believe in magic because when we stop believing the magic tends to stop as well. This is a very difficult time period for so many of us. The challenges are intense and seemingly unrelenting and yet the space of magic and miracles is also growing and expanding. Can you see that energy, right there, shimmering all around you? Ask it to come into your body. Imagine it in your bath or shower. Sprinkle it on your breakfast. Hardship makes it harder to see this shimmery promise, but it's there just waiting for you to open up to it. Be brave in your willingness to believe even if all the evidence says NO.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Love Her Voice

Doesn't this song make you want to MOVE? I love her!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pour Down Like Silver

Did you notice the power of the full moon eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday? WOW! That was some potent energy. You might have experienced mood swings and such. If you did, you're right where you need to be. Hopefully you felt a pop in the energy and discovered an answer or two as the dust settled.

Tuesday also happened to be the two year anniversary of Leonine Times. It's hard to believe I've been here for two years, writing my little notes to the universe (and you). Strangely it was also the launch date of Soul Song Meditation. That was unconscious on my part but delightful nonetheless. We had fun in that sacred space, working on the mother/father dichotomy in honor of the Cancer/Capricorn opposition. Thanks so much for joining me and I hope to see you next week as we work the space of ABUNDANCE.

Later on in the afternoon, I had the pleasure and privilege to work with some of you during the happy hour at 12listen. It's been so great to get back to that space and reconnect with so many wonderful folks, from my fellow advisors to the many lovely clients that find their way to me. I hope this note finds you rested and well. There are many more happy hours ahead and I plan on being there, so please come see me!

Thank you so much for spending time with me here, there and everywhere!

As many of you know, I love to work with color (my first article here at Leonine Times was a missive on yellow). It's the language of energy, ie. the language of spirit. One of my favorite vibrations lately is silver...delicious, silver sparkles of lunar love. As we come down from the full moon eclipse in Capricorn, why not add a little moon magic to whatever it is you're cooking up?

Silver is elegant, graceful, ethereal and calm. Silver is mysterious and hints at the world beyond the veil, the place of intuition and clairvoyance. Silver is miracles and magic and more.

I don't know why it took me so long to discover the joy of silver. Over the years, in readings, I've become familiar with gray, smokey energy (depression, confusion and sickness) and stainless steel (medical procedures and doctor energy), but the silver sparkles feel new to my lexicon of energy awareness.

Perhaps it's a lingering result of my psychic training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute where silver was considered ungrounded and a vibration that takes us out of our bodies? Since the psychic training was focused on getting back in the body, I left silver behind as if it presented a danger or a problem. Now, older and wiser and (mostly) grounded, I'm rethinking the silver and realizing that it can be pretty delightful in small doses.

It's easy to add a dash of silver to whatever you might be playing with. Imagine a sprinkling of silver infusing everything you're creating. It will bring the goddess to bare. Silver will amp up intuition and the dream space and instill your manifesting space with miracles.

One thing that's been abundantly clear lately is the energy of miracles. As the space of struggle and turmoil grows, so does the space of miracles. Most of us can't even see the miracle energy available to us as we toil away trying to fix what's not working. We are indoctrinated in the idea that we have the power to create our lives through sheer will. While there is truth to the notion that we're creating our lives, there is also power in the knowledge that we have spiritual assistance at all times. We co-create with divinity. When we get too locked in to the idea that we're doing it ourselves, we close the door to spiritual assistance. Silver is a great way to open up to miracles.

Yes, silver can be ungrounded. It can take us far away from where we are. Still, sometimes we need to wander. It's kind of like the SPIDER BITE article from last month. Silver has the potential to remind us of our soul's home. It's a path back to the place we go as spirit for a healing and the remembrance of who we are. Isn't that part of what we're here find ways to express the magic of where we come from as spirit? Everyone has a unique point of view to share, a soul song to sing and when we discover ways to communicate this uniqueness, we naturally feel more fulfilled.

So go ahead and play! Add some silver to your day and see what happens. I imagine those little bursts of miracles will get bigger and better.

Thanks again peeps, for the validation and support here at Leonine Times, Soul Song Meditation and at 12listen. I appreciate you so very, very much.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Fortune Forecast 7/6 - 7/12


It's an inspirational week with lots of opportunity to grow and expand. Ideas seem to be coming out of nowhere. The universal/spiritual energy supports our desire to take risks and follow a whim. What has been on the back burner that is now ready to come forward and get attention? What passions have been simmering quietly that are now at fever pitch and in need of exploration? There's no way to ignore what's happening in favor of preserving the status quo. An excellent week for movement and travel. The potential for irritability is great. Little things we normally tolerate are suddenly unbearable. Use the energy of frustration to redefine agreements and find new freedom. Go with it, not against it.

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Monday 7/6
Certain issues that have been confusing and difficult are suddenly clear. We can see the landscape far and wide and with this clarity comes the power to make plans. It feels good to have so much range, but it can also be intimidating. It's ok to pause before jumping into anything. Now is the time to feel deeply what is truly desired and to hole steady for the vision to manifest into matter.

Tuesday 7/7
We are faced with an unexpected loss today. Grief is inevitable, so mourn if needed. See this shift as a sacred event because it is. There is no failure here, only freedom and change. Every activity and interaction has the potential to bring us closer to who we are. Sometimes loss is the only way to come home to what's really valuable. See the struggle as spiritual in nature because it is.

Wednesday 7/8
Intuitive information is potent today and can lead us into a deeper awareness of some of the energy that holds us back. A breakthrough is imminent and easily achieved with a willing heart. Though some of what's coming through doesn't really make sense, act on it. Go with the gut and ignore the protestations of the ego mind. Fleeting impressions contain the seeds of rebirth and rejuvenation.

Thursday 7/9
Stop and recognize that an important cycle has come to a close. There's no way to hold onto it or stop the energy of progress. We can move on gracefully, simply by honoring where we are. Though the new has not yet taken shape, be willing to open to it in all its mysterious splendor. Whatever was beautiful about this experience remains a piece of us and our never ending story. Go forward with gratitude.

Friday 7/10
If you've ever climbed a mountain, you know that closing in on the summit can be a point of complete and total exhaustion. We can see the end point, but we can't quite reach it. Every hill that seems to bring us closer, reveals another valley to be traversed. Pacing is important today. It's not a race. We're all going to get there whether we run or crawl. Bring in permission to go slowly if necessary.

Saturday 7/11
A day of giddy dreaming awaits. Limitations seem to be melting away, leaving us free to roam in bigger and brighter spaces. It feels good to have so much space! It's a wonderful time to lighten up and play. Enjoy what is. Allow the dreamer within to dream a gigantic dream. Will it come true? Maybe, maybe not but what matters is the ability to expand past the cycnicism that holds us down.

Sunday 7/12
Paint it, write it or sing it. Spend some time today visualizing what is wanted and feel how it feels to have it. Our minds are powerful and we need to be careful what we wish for. Replace limited thinking with miracle energy. Slough off the no and cultivate the yes. Notice the group agreements that restrict the flow and step out of them. Be bright, be mighty.

need help with the energy this week?

Fire-y inspiration is fun when it's in motion but when it gets dammed up, it becomes volatile and explosive. We need to work to keep the fire of inspiration grounded this week. Feel your body, feel the earth, feel the sky. Activities that help us stay centered are essential. An afternoon in the park or by a lake can help us bring the fire of creativity into our bodies in a way that feels harmonious and refreshing. It's a practice and some days are better than others. Let go of perfectionism and relax into the mess that is the human experience. This is the school of life. Be open to new ways of embodying inspiration.

join me

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Age Loveliness

I just got back from doing readings at INATS (International New Age Trade Show). I was there to support the New Age Retailer, the magazine that gave me my first shot at being a published author (for which I am forever grateful). Thank-you Kathy and the rest of the team!

It was so wonderful to be there in service to the many New Age store owners and vendors from around the country and the world for that matter. What a lovely space to dwell in. After my readings, I wandered around looking at all the crystals and candles, the sacred statuary, the beautiful clothing, art, books, music and jewelry. It was great to be amidst all that loveliness.

For a split second I thought MAYBE I SHOULD OPEN A STORE. That thought quickly passed, after all it would just be an excuse to shop and surround myself with all this wonderful stuff. Plus, I would have to show up every day to mind the store which I imagine is not my forte. Still, I can't help but admire the folks who are out there making this all available.

There seemed to be an overriding theme to the readings...turn down the creative energy and let go of effort. Easier said than done! Everyone seems to have their creative energy amped up in order to manifest more...more healing, more love, more abundance, MORE LIGHT. It seemed to me that we all need to let the creative energy flow more gently and trust that in the gentle flow, it will all unfold.

I had a long conversation with a woman from Seattle, Kristin Ford who makes the most exquisite jewelry. She had a lovely energy going in her booth. She was very relaxed and calm and had absolute certainty in her work. She wasn't trying to sell. She just knew her wares would.

Anyway, I introduced myself as I admired the beauty of her work. I told her I was a clairvoyant reader and a writer. Then it got interesting...

I started to tell her that my writing life is expanding...that I just launched a new column called the Weather Report and that I was on the cusp of launching another weekly called Beauty in the Chaos (first column should be up on the 3rd of July or so). Thank-you Jeanie, Hancel, Ashleigh and everyone at Hearing Voices, Leaving Trails for believing in me and the WORD!!

I was expressing my concern that the writer in me was in conflict with the clairvoyant reader in me. The writer in me needs to be honest about the ups and downs of life, but the clairvoyant reader in me needs to put all my stuff aside to be totally one hundred percent about the person receiving the reading. It's not that I can't do it, I just wonder sometimes if the writing puts off someone who might want a reading? Do we need our spiritual advisors to be without problems? To hold the space of light absolutely and without hesitation?

I wonder...

In the sacred space of my readings, I step aside to let the information come through. Whatever spiritual doubts I might struggle with personally are completely absent from the sacred space I create for YOU. This has always been a marvel for me personally. I've often wondered just how it happens.

I bumped into a few people at the show who seemed to have a little superiority energy, other writers who've accomplished more and have more visibility. It was funny to see that power energy in action. That's just not me...I've always considered myself a woman of the people. As I writer, I never want to sound preachy, or like I know more than you do. I just want to share in the human experience with all it's messiness and madness.

Seeing all the variations of ego and power at the show reminded me of a certain myth...I don't even know the name of it but it goes like this: an old woman comes to the village and asks for a cup of water but everyone ignores her not understanding that she's truly a goddess in disguise. That's how we all are...gods and goddesses disguised as tattered peasants. We go through our day feeling like no one can see the real us. Some of us might posture more to be seen and respected. Others of us hide but in that space of divinity, we are all equally powerful and magnificent.

In every encounter there is the possibility of recognizing the divinity in front of us as opposed to the cloak of problems and pain.

Doesn't that sort of sum up the human experience? Aren't we here to learn to see the divinity? That's what I strive to do as a clairvoyant reader...I look to the magic, past the heaviness, the disguise, the cloak of problems and pain. I'm still learning how to see the divinity in myself when I'm not in that sacred clairvoyant space. Thank goodness for that! Life would be dull indeed if there were no waves of unconsciousness to surf. Can you imagine being an awakened avatar in this time period? Wouldn't it be lonely and perhaps, dull?

My lovely dialogue with Kristin helped me find the common root. When it comes down to it, in both the writing and the space of clairvoyant readings it's all about the exploration the divinity; the eternal, fantastic, magical beingness that is the only real truth here on earth. It's just two different roads to the same place after all.