Monday, August 31, 2009

Fortune Forecast 8/31 - 9/6


Fears are potent this week and it's hard to see what lies ahead. It's easy to entertain the worst-case scenario under these conditions. It's time to tune in to intuitive information and use it a a guide back to the light. Our bodies can tell us what we need to know. Though are feelings are potent and difficult to manage, they contain the answers we need. Stay fluid with the feelings because resistance and control are not helpful and can in fact, be quite damaging. The gift of this week's struggle is that it brings the opportunity to slough off what's not working and find a new focus and a new vision. When all is said and done, we feel differently about our lives by the end of the week. Our burdens are lighter and the light we're moving towards is crystal clear. Birth is a difficult process but the new life that comes makes the struggle pale and fade away.

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Monday 8/31
Something is coming and we can feel it. For some of us there may be feelings of dread, for others a thrill of excitement. We can't get a sense of the opportunities that are forming now. Patience is necessary. It's time to rest in the knowing that divine forces are available and are working to get us where we want to be. Tap into source energy. Ask for guidance and comfort and watch what happens.

Tuesday 9/1
Something we once treasured has waned in importance. We might feel like hanging on in the hopes of reviving it or perhaps we're just too sentimental to let go. Hanging on is taking up valuable energy and resources that can be used for something new. Recognize the ending, grieve it and get going. Fulfillment is easier to find once the space is open and free.

Wednesday 9/2
Though there's pressure to make a big decision today, we need to hold off. We simply don't have all the information we need to make a choice. It's hard to wait but wait we must. There are a million ways to amuse an impatient mind and it's time to indulge in these amusements. Know that the vision will come together naturally and with it, we'll find the energy we need to carry through.

Thursday 9/3
It's easy to get lost in the details today. If we insist on looking at all the little things as opposed to getting clear about the overview, it's going to be tough. If we can climb out of the mental morass for a bit, we'll be comforted to see the expansive landscape. Seeing the potential also helps us let go of fear, anxiety and doubts about our abilities. It's all coming together beautifully.

Friday 9/4
As last, there's movement in areas that feel stuck. It's slow at first but before we know it there will be plenty of momentum to carry us effortlessly into exciting, new spaces. It's hard to figure out what exactly made things move again. Does it matter how it happened? Instead of being impatient to get even further down the road, pause and let gratitude wash over everything.

Saturday 9/5
Be conservative with resources and information today. Keep your cards close to your sleeve, so to speak. Throwing everything out there creates a certain kind of vulnerability. The sacred seeds in our possession need to be guarded and honored. Competitive energies are afoot and waiting to take the shine off a dream. Don't let it be your dream that gets kicked in the gut!

Sunday 9/6
Feelings are powerful, navigation tools. Sometimes we try to make sense of feelings, leading us on winding paths to nowhere. The mind is constantly trying to assert control. Step away from that dynamic today. Get in the flow, let it all wash a way. Water and water imagery help us remember how to stay fluid with feelings and thoughts, neither of which is who we are. We are spirit with mind and heart working for our evolution.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Week Ahead 8/30

Ahh, September! How I love this time of year, the changing of the light, the fading of the leaves and the energy that draws us inward.

As we move into fall, we’re looking for ways to feel more grounded and centered. It’s a great time to get a reading or participate in a soothing Soul Song Meditation.

Friday brings the full moon in Pisces. This is bound to open us up to more intuition and magic. I’ll be available at 12listen for the FULL MOON HAPPY HOUR this Friday from 9:03-12:03 pm, so give me a call and let’s make sense of the hints and clues that are coming through.

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Scheduling a call is easy and the discounts are a great incentive. If you haven’t tried the scheduling option, now’s the time. Carve out some sacred space and get the answers you need.
Please be mindful when scheduling that the system is set up on pacific time.

You can find a link to schedule an appointment on every page of (I don't know if it's blogger or me but getting links on here is HELLISH...sorry!).

I hope this note finds you well and I would love to hear from you!

With love and healing support,
Julia Stonestreet Smith


Monday, August 31st
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life...One, Long, Winding Prayer

Perhaps life is just an endless prayer, a dialogue with source.

In my imagining this prayer doesn't mean an endless, blissed-out song. Like any dialogue and any relationship, there are expressions of sincere appreciation and praise as well as expressions of frustrated disappointment.

What is our picture of prayer? Is it fluid and moving or is it infused with perfectionism and rigidity? Do we offer prayer when we feel good or when we feel desperate? How conscious are we of the prayers we're sending out to the universe?

Perhaps, whether we know it or not, all of life is a prayer and the prayer contains the whole range of our experience...happy, sad, angry, playful, tired, abundant, depleted, restless, aggressive, peaceful, contented, longing and more.

If we saw that endless stream of thought and feeling and experience as a sacred space, perhaps our prayers would be more focused and conscious. Maybe we would enjoy the ride more if we remembered that everything was a sacred space?

I'm a big fan of arguing with God. I know that sounds strange, but I think that's part of what we're here for. We are allowed to question source and the direction we seem to be traveling. We're allowed to ask questions and search for answers. We are co-creating this reality and that's an awesome responsibility. Since we are in some ways on equal footing with God (we are in fact a part of God, after all) in this particular reality, we get to have the breadth of our experience, whatever it happens to be in any given moment.

So many of us sink into guilt when we think of source. We may feel like somehow we're not doing it right, living to our potential, being "spiritual" enough. Being a creator is a heavy burden at times but I guarantee, the heaviness doesn't come from the supreme being. We put the yoke on and most of us seem content to carry it.

The yoke is coming off now. This time period is about liberation, deconstruction and the offer of a new kind of freedom. It can feel positively frightening to be free to create in such a vast, open space. I hear god/goddess/source/supreme being/spirit saying "hey! It's good to see you taking that thing off! Just so you know, I didn't put that put it on yourself because you weren't ready for freedom but now you are...WELCOME!"

The scaffolding we built around ourselves is falling away. It's okay to be confused or angry and to want to talk to God about it. DO IT.

Once I was driving through the desert of Utah. The sky was intensely blue and the rocks were intensely red. There were strange and wonderful towers of stone, completely natural. I remember thinking GOD LIVES HERE. The landscape was so absolutely fantastic. I could feel God in every atom.

What about you? Where do you experience source? Is it in the space of singing, dancing or gardening? Is it in the painting of a painting or the sculpting of a sculpture? Is it in a mindful yoga pose or in the middle of the swimming pool? Is it in the warm embrace and fragrance of a child's hair? Is it in your car on the way from Colorado to California? Where is your sacred space? GO THERE.

Source is becoming more and more visible as the yoke comes off. Still mysterious and unknowable, but present. BE WITH IT. The supreme being is waiting for us to join in.

When we can't feel the connection, we need to find those spaces that offer it effortlessly. Source is waiting for us to connect, listening and responding whether we know it or not.

Let's do it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fortune Forecast 8/24 - 8/30


There's nothing like the radiance of a happy soul, shining through the complications of an earth bound existence. This week, we can let our essence sparkle like a diamond for all to see. Is it scary? Perhaps...but isn't this what we're here for? Whether its for a moment or an hour, may we shimmer with the remembrance of who we are. I once went to see a hands on healer from Brazil and when I was laying there post healing, I saw myself as a bright, distant star in a dark sky. And so it is for each of us in this constellation of spirit. We all have a home that is pure light and we come here to play in the most magnificent game ever created. Remember the game now and play it like an ace. MANY BLESSINGS OF PEACE, ABUNDANCE AND LOVE DEAR FRIENDS.

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Monday 8/24
A leap of faith is impossible to ignore today. Thought the trepidation is fierce, go we must. Trust that a bigger force is working is your favor and fly right off that cliff. Don't worry about your butt hitting the ground because when you need it the most, your wings will spread and the breeze will carry you far. No matter where you land, the journey will add dimension and joy.

Tuesday 8/25
Big goals often seem impossible but when we break things into smaller pieces, it's easy and more fun to get there. Make these steps so tiny that the accomplishment of each one brings delight. Watch the stress melt away as the path opens and the dream takes shape. Let go of the competition that drives the perfectionism. It's not a race. We're all going home, one way or another.

Wednesday 8/26
A tingling feeling that all is not as it seems should not be ignored today. Face value is meaningless and investigation is essential. Can we trust our intuition. YES! There are hidden agendas that are easy to spot for those willing to seek and search. Knowing the true nature of the forces that be, helps us navigate and make the best possible choices. The truth is waiting to be discovered.

Thursday 8/27
Luck isn't something that just happens, it's an energy we generate inside. Today, things have the potential to line up for us. All we have to do is believe in what we're creating and show up to receive it. Endeavor to be kind wherever you go today. Share a smile and a thanks. This will spread the good fortune beyond your space, giving it to others who need it.

Friday 8/28
Open the heart and bask in love. Often, we block the energy of love. We're too busy working on our projects to even think about where the love might be. Relationships need to be a top priority today. Put everything else aside knowing that if the life of the heart is healthy, other areas will benefit as well. Don't be shy and defensive when love arrives. Welcome and celebrate it.

Saturday 8/29
We are being asked to defend something precious today. It might be an idea, an actual project or perhaps a person. All that's called for is steady calm. There's no need to be aggressive. Being grounded is all it takes to shift the opposition and get the flow going again. Patience helps us know how and when to act. The victory we seek comes to us with ease and grace.

Sunday 8/30
Take time today for rest and reflection. There's just no use in trying to push forward or jump into tasks and responsibilities. All of that can wait. What matters today is our spiritual life. It doesn't take much to get body and spirit back in alignment. All it takes is awareness and willingness. Spend time contemplating where you are and where you want to go. Make your space more sacred.

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  • Keep it simple.
  • Moderation brings healing.
  • Keep an eye on the urge to make it complicated. It's not.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Focus, Woman!

Lately, it's been hard to find the focus. The typos and mistakes in my writing are off the charts (quite painful for an English major!) I've got all the balls in the air but it seems they could come crashing down any minute. Lately life seems to be a strange combination of boredom, restlessness, apathy, irritability and weariness.

Naturally, I look to the planets and low and behold! What do I see? Mars in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign and rules ideas, communication and thinking patterns. Gemini is the sign of the twins, the energy of duality in it's most primal form. With Mars (the planet of the warrior) in Gemini, it's no wonder that life feels chaotic and slightly anxious.

Fire signs and air signs are more likely to enjoy this shot in the arm but earth and water types might be a little rattled by all that UP, UP, UP. The energy is taking mental multitasking to the extreme.

Add to that the new moon in Leo this Thursday and we have quite an interesting dynamic. The new moon in Leo dredges up the desire to be validated, to be seen. We may find ourselves irritable about the people around us not acknowledging us and the terrible feeling that no matter how hard we try and show up, they just don't get it.

I can't wait for Mars to move into Cancer on August 26th even though Cancer often turns me into a weepy mess, at least it's about coming back to the feelings (sorry Gemini! I love's just that you drive me a little crazy!).

We can make the most of this time period by journaling and capturing some of the intellectual brilliance coming through. Ideas are plentiful now and they are coming at lightening speed. We won't be able to implement them all, nor do we need to but keeping some sort of record can help us discover the seeds of deeper fulfillment.

In terms of verbal communication, Mars is ratcheting up the aggression. Notice the urge to give an ultimatum or two. There may be a strong drive to tell someone off or draw a permanent line. Because Gemini is a mutable energy, we're likely to change our mind as soon as we take a stand. It's important to stay loose now and not get into commitments just yet. The urge to commit will be there, but the energy is unstable and we're likely to regret whatever it is we agree to in the heat of the moment.

Expect the new moon is Leo to bring out plenty of insecurity and self doubt. We may be struggling with an unquenchable thirst for validation and it seems that no amount of said validation actually brings relief. Leo is here to learn how to value the self so having others' adoration doesn't really feel the void. Leo is learning how to delight and adore from the inside out. The new moon brings these dynamics to the surface in order to heal them. You might not be feeling too good right now and if that's the case, know that you're right on track!

I guess that's about all I have to say today...oh yeah! One last thing...YOU ROCK! Make the most of these healing opportunities by simply being willing. Willingness ought to satisfy Mars in Gemini AND the new moon in Leo. GO WITH IT.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fortune Forecast 8/17 - 8/23


This week it's important to conserve and contain the energy. It's not the best time for impulsive choices and wild risk-taking. That time will come again but for now, silence and being observant will work in our favor. Activities that feel grounding can help. Being mindful of the urge to push and gently saying no is a wonderful spiritual practice now. It's hard!! It's not that we need to be secretive, but we do need to be discriminating about how we share information and who we choose to share with. Finding the right pace is essential and when we find it, we'll be able to see opportunities as they arise. We'll also have the wisdom to know how to make the best of them with the most minimal expenditure of energy. Now that's good stuff!!

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Monday 8/17
We have choices to make today about how we want to show up or if we want to show up at all. The energy of anger and conflict is powerful and it's very easy to be affected by it. Perhaps this is a good day to step back, take a break and disappear for a bit? If withdrawal is not an option, be prepared to deal with some nuttiness. Watch those boundaries and cultivate a sense of humor for best results.

Tuesday 8/18
A strange turn of events that at first seems inconvenient will soon reveal itself as an incredible opportunity. We need to let the dust settle before making any pronouncements today. Something that's been a source of oppression is breaking down and offering us our freedom. Some of us might not be aware of how oppressed we've been until we get free. Expect to feel better as the day goes on.

Wednesday 8/19
There's pressure today to do something that is out of integrity. It might be a seemingly innocuous action but it will have greater consequences than we can imagine. It's hard to resist the pressure to give in to something that's not ultimately good for us, especially when it seems harmless. Do the right thing and the results will be immediate as good fortune lines up in our favor.

Thursday 8/20
It's time to let loose the passion. Be willing to take a close look at the driving forces behind the scenes. Sometimes we repress intense feelings out of fear of encountering disruption to our normal routine, but this week we need to make space for the daydreams and fantasies that are emerging. These dreams possess the root of fulfillment. It's not the dream itself, it's what's under it. Go find it.

Friday 8/21
It's hard to shake off the negativity today. It's powerful and unpleasant. It's okay to hang out with dark thoughts, just remember that it's only one potential avenue. The only time cynical thinking is really a problem is when we let it dominate the whole show. There are other options and viewpoints and knowing that will help us make choices from a space of affirmation as opposed to a space of NO.

Saturday 8/22
When we look back and wish for different outcomes, what we're really saying is: I DON'T TRUST THE PROCESS OF MY LIFE. Today, there are regrets that seem incredibly potent, perhaps even seductive. Doesn't regret give us an escape from pressing problems? It's as if by longing for some other reality, we don't have to face what's happening here. Come back gently and with love for what is.

Sunday 8/23
It's a wonderful day for celebrating and connecting with loved ones. Often we feel disconnected from the love in our lives. It's as if we're in a little boat floating on the ocean of love. All we need to do is jump in and swim. Let's meditate and surround ourselves with the energy of love. Let it seep into the cells and bring the refreshment we need and deserve.

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Silence is an art. It takes discipline to not blurt things out. This week, we'll be served by remaining silent until the message we want to deliver is clear. Watch out for the tendency to be reactive and impulsive. These kinds of drives just aren't helpful now. Being grounded will solve almost ever problem that comes up this week. Cultivate calm and opportunities for magic will be visible and attainable.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waves of Creation

There's a funny space I see people in quite often...I call it "between two worlds." I typically see it as a purple energy and it can be a very, vulnerable space. It's natural that people would gravitate towards a reading when they find themselves in this particular, energy vibration. It's a time when we need reassurance!

Life force energy moves in waves. There are times when the wave is breaking on the shore and there is a lot of activity and even chaos. At other times, the energy is pulling back and regrouping for another wave. The purple energy I'm talking about is the pulling back and regrouping. Often when we're in that part of the creating cycle, we don't see much happening and we tend to get nervous about what's coming. We may even succumb to the fear that nothing is coming and that we are in fact, stuck.

When we see these bigger waves and cycles, we can use this quiet time to take care of ourselves and prepare for the next cycle of activity. This time period can feel lonely. It's as if we can't articulate what's happening and it seems like nothing IS happening. Our intuition is working but we can't get a picture of what the next wave will bring, so naturally we get nervous.

Back when we were tribal and living close to nature, we had more understanding of these cycles, the timing of them and how they work in our favor. Sadly, many of us have become disconnected with the wisdom of nature which can also mean a disconnect with our bodies and the wisdom of our bodies. Our bodies hold the cellular understanding of these patterns and how to work with them.

The split between body and spirit is the greatest tragedy and the greatest opportunity of this realm. I often think that that's what we're learning to line the spirit up with the body. I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but I do see that there are institutions built on and thriving on this split. So much of our present day culture revolves on keeping us out of alignment. It is the greatest game on the planet and it often manifests disease, competition and pain.

What if we were to undertake the healing of this split? What if that was our top priority?

Lately, I see so many people just getting by. The energy is so intense out there that it's often all we can do to just get through a day. Though there are opportunities for healing and rejuvenation at every turn, we seem unable to show up and partake of these opportunities.

As the split between body and spirit becomes more evident (and we're seeing it everyday, all around the world), the pressure to heal the split also grows in intensity. So here's a suggestion...take it or leave it. Make yourself and your body a bigger priority! Stop putting off the activities that create better health and well being. The scrambling we do to get through our list of stuff will not bring fulfillment. It is in pausing and relishing the pause that the answers and the peace will come.

Culturally, we are between two worlds now. The old way is dying. It just doesn't work anymore and yet the new way has not yet been revealed. We are vulnerable now! Looking for relief to come from an external event (a new relationship, more money, a physical move) will not yield the relief we are looking for. Though we have little reassurance from the ego mind, we all know that something magical is unfolding now.

Though the magic is waiting for us, it can't do much for us unless we open to it. Allow that energy in! Believe in your dreams. Take care of yourself. Treat your body like the sacred temple it is. Find and engage in activities that offer refreshment and rejuvenation. We just can't afford to push this stuff aside in order to be "effective" in the world. Be effective in your internal space and the external will shift, magically and without effort.

It's time to wake up to your splendid self!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fortune Forecast 8/10- 8/16


Sometimes we're so focused on the path and the way we think it should unfold that we don't see the other opportunities all around us. This week, the path is blocked. If we refuse to look for alternatives, it's bound to be a very frustrating time period. Banging our heads against that closed door is not going to make it open. Instead, let's look for a window to climb through. The window is waiting to be discovered and the funny thing is, climbing through a window is a lot more thrilling than walking through a doorway. Get ready to jump into a new way of thinking and being. As we integrate all the energetic shifts from the series of eclipses we just experienced, acknowledge that the room looks different. It didn't change but we did. This is great news!

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Monday 8/10
Sometimes we just need to drift. Let go of the mental control, the need to be ordered and focused. It's not helpful and it can actually cause problems today. By allowing the exploration of repressed ideas and dreams, we expand the range of what's possible to create. The stress of staying on the straight and narrow needs to be left behind in order for a new vision to take shape.

Tuesday 8/11
It's one of those days where feelings are raw and easily hurt. It is tempting to wallow in the disappointment but let's avoid it if we can. Healthy distractions can help and need to be sought after. What's causing the sadness isn't exactly real. It seems real when we step into it, but it's not. Be willing to keep moving through the distortion to a space that feels peaceful and refreshing.

Wednesday 8/12
We don't have to find it because it's on the way! Stop looking for the answer and know that it will come. When the information finally shows up, it will be stunning in its simplicity. There's no way to get a feeling for the big picture when pieces of the puzzle are missing. Let it come together naturally. When the flash of insight comes, the energy we need to make it happen will come with it.

Thursday 8/13
A tough day unfolds as we struggle to integrate new information that runs counter to what we want to see and believe. If we open to the lessons as they present themselves, we can come through the difficulty feeling refreshed. If we try and resist what's happening, things could get a little ugly. Surrender is the key and offers the flexibility we need to adjust and shift.

Friday 8/14
There's just no way to deny the desire that's been slowly building in the background. It's time to stop seeing passion as the enemy of the status quo. Passion can infuse everything with freshness and fun. Entertain the idea that you can have what you want even if what you want seems slightly naughty. Lose the judgment and use the energy of desire to heal and elevate.

Saturday 8/15
Step away from work and play, play, play. If there are children in your life, make them a priority. Join them in their innocent exploration of the world's wonders. Notice the abundance and enjoy it. The more we celebrate what we have, the more energy we have to manifest even bigger and better pleasures. Keep it simple and banish the worries for a day. You can have them back if you want them.

Sunday 8/16
A wonderful day to enjoy what is. There is so much to be grateful for and so much to enjoy. Everything feels effortless and expansive now. Optimistic forces make it easier to entertain the possibilities. A big leap of faith is looming. It's starting to feel more possible which is refreshing, inspiring and absolutely delightful. Be generous and watch things flourish even more.

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Be willing to explore everything that happens this week. There are surprises in store that will delight but they come in funny packages. ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blown Out

Are you feeling it peeps? The energy is intense! As we approach the full moon eclipse in Aquarius (24 hours or so from now), you might notice that there is a frantic quality to the energy. It's as if we just can't get grounded, can't find our space in the midst of the intensity.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you're struggling right now. You didn't create it and you can't do much to change it. It's definitely not personal though it feels like it. These are the times when we're reminded that peace is within. We may need to pause and retreat to find the center.

I imagine that whatever your troubles are, they are reaching a fever pitch right about now. The tough thing about Aquarius is that is demands revolution and change at all costs. It is not concerned with how it feels or who might get hurt.

Aquarius is demanding a shift now, whatever the cost. Aquarius asks up to give up the personal in order to heal the whole. Is there something that needs to be sacrificed? Perhaps you're being asked to give up something very dear to your heart. Is it possible that by being willing to give it up, healing and renewal will come?


I'm no bible scholar but I do have a vague recollection of the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. God asked Abraham to make the ultimate sacrifice, his only son. Abraham was will willing to do it, I imagine reluctantly and angrily but he was WILLING. In the end, the fact that he was willing was enough for God and the sacrifice wasn't necessary.


What are you willing to give up for the greater good? What are you willing to give up just because you're being asked by God? Is there a way to play a bigger role in your community or a group that resonates with your values and your vision of a healed earth? Do you have a message whose time has come? How are you going to deliver the message? These are the questions to ponder tonight and tomorrow morning.

In the end, you won't have to give anything up, it's the willingness that matters. Hopefully, this missive brings comfort. I know how hard it is right now for so many and my prayers and healing thoughts are coming your way...ENJOY THE FULL MOON MADNESS!

*I'll be at 12listen tomorrow offering full moon eclipse readings from 5:55-8:55pm. We'll be celebrating the full moon with happy hour pricing, so stop by and get a hello! Don't underestimate the power of even a 15 or 20 minute reading. Your space can shift quickly when these planetary forces amp up. LET'S TALK!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fortune Forecast 8/3 - 8/9


The support we want and need is finally available. Can we trust it and relax a bit? Love requires vulnerability and willingness. This is a great time to reflect on our abilities to be open to the many miracles that want to come to us. As I've mentioned before, this is a time of potent dichotomies. As the space of struggle grows, so does the space of spiritual support. Ask and it is given! Work and career aren't feeling engaging right now, so why dwell there? Go where the growth is and that's in the space of connecting. This includes everything from the connection we have with each other, the connection we have with our community and the connection we have with spirit. In shifting our own energy, we'll find it easier to open to the energy of others.

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Monday 8/3
Fantasies are fun until they start causing pain. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daydreams that we start to lose sight of what we have here and now. We also tend to give certain fantasies power, as if achieving them will bring total happiness. This can be a set up for disappointment. Take a break from the siren call of the dream space today in favor of what's tangible and actionable.

Tuesday 8/4
Soul Song Meditation today at 8:30am...WAKE UP TO YOUR SPLENDID SELF!
There are a million ways to come back home and today favors the exploration of those many pathways. Depletion causes us to feel depressed and discouraged. It's time to bring the energy up. Activities that refresh and rejuvenate need to be our highest priority. If we ignore these needs we might soon find ourselves feeling sick and unable to move gracefully through shifts and changes.

Wednesday 8/5
There's just no way to make things happen today. We have to move at a pace that matches the world's which is a tad slow for most of us. The good news is that when we stop pushing we get a chance to see more magic and beauty in the environment we've been struggling to change. Find healthy distractions until the pace picks us again.

Thursday 8/6
A lurking passion needs to be explored. If this space doesn't get attention, it will start to create a lot of pain. It might seem like this passion will disrupt the delicate balance but repressing this energy will actually cause more imbalance. Open up to the possibilities here. Perhaps the energy of desire has big plans for us? Bigger than what we see when we look at it from here.

Friday 8/7
Life is a little intense today and as much as we want things to go smo0othly, it's just not happening. It might be time to retreat until things calm down. If retreating is not an option, acceptance can help smooth out the rough edges. There's no need to take any of what's happening now as a reflection of our skills and abilities as manifesters. It is what it is, so to speak.

Saturday 8/8
Follow gut feelings today even if they are in conflict with rational thinking. It will be nearly impossible to ignore our intuition. The fleeting impressions and vibes will become more and more uncomfortable unless they are addressed and honored. Slow down and listen. Be willing to consider information that runs counter to what we want to believe. There is power here.

Sunday 8/9
Grab, it, get it, take it and don't apologize. Opportunity is running by and it's time to reach out and claim it. The mental energy that wants to analyze everything to death is a waste of time and resources. Just act when the moment come and there will be nothing to regret. Make the organization a top priority as the pace is about to pick up and move.

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integrate the magic of the full moon eclipse in Aquarius