Monday, September 28, 2009

Fortune Forecast 9/28 - 10/4


Bummer, huh? We're sensitive this week and even an off-hand comment has the potential to put us in a tail spin. Old pains are on the surface, which offers us a tremendous opportunity to forgive, purge and heal. Unfortunately, it might not feel like it. We're thin skinned and raw and it's important that we take steps to protect ourselves and honor the process we're in. It would be easy to mistake this time period as one of trouble and breakdown when it's actually a time of profound healing. Let it all out. Find ways to express and free the buried pain. Isn't this what drives the creation of great art? As we allow this stuff to come up and out, we find a new peace and a delightful sense of freedom for the next step on the long and winding road.

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Monday 9/28
It's a little intense today and the shifts in feeling are confusing at best. While there's no way to figure out why we're experiencing such wild extremes, there's value in what's happening. Perhaps we won't really know what it's all about until further down the road but resisting or judging our reactions is missing the point. Open to a wider range of experience and in doing so, give the spirit room to grow.

Tuesday 9/29
Sometimes we want to create something but it stays in the dream space and doesn't come down. Maybe we don't believe it can really happen or that it's too good to be true. Dust that fantasy energy off and ground into the feeling of having it. Picture it and be in it. We limit ourselves and we can stop anytime we want to. Be willing to make what seems unlikely possible.

Wednesday 9/30
Source energy wants to come into us today. it might feel disruptive and strange, especially if we have an attachment to how it should look and feel. The more open we are to the surprises the universe offers, the better. Healing shakes things up. Sometimes it brings chaos with it as it makes space to operate in our lives. Let's welcome the chaos that comes along, no matter what form it takes.

Thursday 10/1
It's hard to stop looking back today and wondering how things might have been. The longing we feel for some other experience can help us create something new and fulfilling. Look to the root of regret to find the key to making magic now. Hanging out in the space of recrimination is painful at best and totally invalidating at worst. As exquisite as the pain is, it won't change things in and of itself.

Friday 10/2
Such a simple statement and yet a challenging this to actualize. Sometimes we get narrow. We just don't recognize the assistance that's available to us. The tiny miracles that make life easier and more beautiful are available today. Let it in! Even overt offers of help and support need to be considered, especially if they bring up feelings of discomfort. Stop saying no because it's easier.

Saturday 10/3
A wonderful day of expansive opportunity awaits. Ironically, opportunity can often come at seemingly the wrong time. In other words, the expansion can feel overwhelming and difficult to manage. We don't have to say yes to everything, in fact discrimination is essential now. Use this day to dream and consider all the options. There's no need to rush into anything until the path is more clearly visible.

Sunday 10/4
It's a great day to let the heart rule. Thoughts come in and want to talk us out of creating and experiencing our lives in a rich, fulfilling way. It's time to put that brain in the backseat and let the heart take over. What can we do to facilitate the process? That's worth exploring now. Meditation, creativity and slowing down can help us hear the wisdom and get us on a path that feels right.

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Pain shows us where to put attention. Trying to escape it or repress it won't make it go away. How often do we stuff it down or judge it? See the pain as a gift and a way to discover more about your life. Confronting and working with the pain can lead to the insights we need to find a new, more fulfilling path. Breathe into it and as you breathe out, imagine the pain is transmuted and turned into golden sparkles. Breathe in to the darkness and exhale the light. Our bodies are alchemical in nature and can transmute and heal the energy with conscious intent. Even 5 minutes of this type of breath work will change your perspective and get you feeling fresh again. Blessings to you dear peeps!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hiding in the Time of Awakening

If you're psychically sensitive (and you ARE) then you know that other people impact your energy. Perhaps you have dreams and goals that are difficult to go after because the people you love have opinions and ideas that affect your ability to create it? Perhaps you retreat when the energy gets too intense?

Sensitive people tend to go through time periods when we pull away and hide from the world. It gets overwhelming and when it gets overwhelming we lose our space, our seniority.

How often do we agree to get involved in things because we feel pressured? It's easier to go along with it than say no.

How often do we make changes to our plans because holding the space for what we want is just too tough? Unfortunately, when we compromise, we often end up unfulfilled with what takes place.

How often do we avoid the spaces and places that can heal us simply because the energy that comes with it is just too much? In this case we lose out on the experience our spirit wants to have, which can lead to pain.

The opportunity for psychic development is so huge these days. People are waking up, some with grace and some with a kick and a scream. It's hard to not want to retreat in the face of all the noise, chaos and panic.

I recently started working out at a local gym. While this fact in and of itself is not that interesting, what's interesting is how distracted I get reading the other people in the gym. I find myself looking around and seeing all kinds of things about the people around me. I can see their motivation for coming to the gym. I can see the energy they're releasing through physical movement. I can see whether they are motivated by perfection, pleasure or pain. I can tell what's happening in their relationships and at work by observing them working out. It's incredibly interesting and totally DISTRACTING. It makes me realize two things about myself.

1. I don't go out much because I just don't want to spend time looking at and feeling the psychic stew.

2. I often distract myself from my own projects by looking at what other people are up to. It's more fun to look at them (like watching TV) then to look at what I might be doing or not doing.

Sensitive people tend to be incredibly impressionable. We easily get lost in the vast, psychic flotsam and jetsam around us. We may have a dream that when shared with others starts to change shape and become less beautiful. We often get thrown off our own intuition about how to create what we want. The more sensitive we are, the more impressionable we tend to be.

When we have a sacred seed, we need to protect it and sometimes that means not talking about it until it has a chance to grow. It's tough to keep things to ourselves, especially when we're bursting with enthusiasm or in need of support but sometimes, that's what's called for. Feelings of self-doubt, shame and insecurity are all signs that other people's energy is affecting us. At the same time, we can't let our sensitivity become so overwhelming that we start saying no to opportunity just to avoid discomfort.

For instance, back at the gym...there's a lot of comparing and contrasting of bodies. if I'm on the treadmill next to a svelte, fit body, I can FEEL the energy of comparison. Is it me? Is it the other person? Is it both of us? I usually have a chuckle inside when this happens because I know I'm not going to win. It's okay. I'm not there to win the best body contest. I'm there to move energy and feel better. Still, if I were less conscious it would be difficult to go and give my body the healing it needs in the face of such fiercely, competitive energy.

If there's a space you're avoiding because the energy's tough, look for other ways to create what you want. Is there another, more gentle way to find fulfillment?

If there's a dream that feels stuck or untenable, perhaps it's time to clean everyone out of the space. All it takes to reclaim a space is intention and willingness. Notice the heavy feelings and see them as foreign energy. This heavy energy doesn't come from us, it is not created from source energy. It's psychic pollution and it's only real if we make it real.

Again, a rambling post that as I come to a close I wonder if it even makes sense. Such is life this Thursday as we shift into Autumn.

PEACE OUT PEEPS. Get out and enjoy this lovely day despite and in honor of the sensitivity. Sensitivity can be a burden but it also makes the world oh so luscious. It's a wonderful gift to have when well cared for.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fortune Forecast 9/21 - 9/27


We have a lot of alchemical potential this week. Divine forces want to help us create what we want. We can turn lemons into lemonade or the sweet lemonade we've created might sour and become unpalatable before our eyes. Our thoughts have extra power now. It's important to dwell on what feels good, what works and what we want more of. When we slip into longing or frustration, these energies will amplify. There are temptations this week to use our power in devious ways. Integrity is important. Short cuts look appealing but probably won't get us there faster. Take the long road and enjoy the scenery! If something is starting to spin out of control, it's not too late to stop and re-frame the thinking and shift the energy. Whatever happens, we're bound to learn a lot about our abilities as spiritual beings in a material reality. Fun stuff!

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Monday 9/21
Everything is a little fuzzy today. It's difficult to tell what belongs to us and what is coming from the environment. This is the ultimate, ongoing challenge for the psychically gifted person. How do we distinguish between our own energy and the energy coming into our space from other sources? If it feels good, it's us. The other stuff is just junk so let it go.

Tuesday 9/22
Finding the balance is important now. There are situations throwing us off kilter today and it's a fight t0 keep all the balls in the air. There's no need to try and do everything perfectly. WHat's more important is the awareness of what we do when assaulted by difficult energies. See challenges as learning opportunities and don't hesitate to experiment to find new ways of achieving harmony.
8:30-9am pacific

Wednesday 9/23
Look around and notice the abundance. It's everywhere, waiting to be acknowledged. Let's make an effort to see what works and dwell in that space. Fretting about what could and should be different isn't helpful and yet it's hard to resist. Keep coming back to gratitude. Actively look for the good stuff and that space will grow and multiply. As fleeting joy passes by, jump into it and get a healing.
10-11am pacific

Thursday 9/24
There's a threat in the environment. It's not exactly a big one but it can cause damage if we are unconscious and just getting by today. It's important to be alert and responsive. Our intuition will let us know what's happening if we tune in and take action when necessary. No need to worry, we can breeze by the trouble simply by invoking an intention of protection and awareness.

Friday 9/25
A problem is threatening to consume the day. There may be another way to perceive the trouble that will offer more freedom and creativity. Neutrality can help. Drop the emotion and just look at it as if the problem belonged to someone else. What counsel would you offer? Be like the buddha and set aside desire even for a moment in order to see the bigger picture. It will help.

Saturday 9/26
Something that has been a container and comfort zone is cracking apart. It's kind of frightening even though this is something we've asked for in various forms of prayer. Now that it's here, it's kind of a shock to live through. It feels strange to be in a bigger, more expansive space after hanging out in this box for a while. As the dust settles, the excitement starts to settle in and POW. It's on.

Sunday 9/27
In other words, it's time for an adventure. Leave the known behind in order to explore new territory. How can we change the circumstance we're in if we have no vision of where to go? Make exploration the biggest priority today and just go. Wander with no real purpose but to see the world. Pressing responsibilities need to take a backseat to the dream.

need help with the energy this week?

If negative energies are taking over STOP. Pause and take a few breaths. Say an affirmation or two. Do what you can to shift into a positive space. It might not be that easy but don't let the lack of ease be a stopping point. Everything is possible and anything that disagrees is the energy of a lie.

Friday, September 18, 2009

News You Need


I'm sending a copy of the letter I wrote to my clients on 12listen, so if you already got this...MY BAD. I managed to get a newsletter out though it was riddled with typos. Dang it. It's enough to drive the Virgo in me nuts. Oh well.

We have some exciting, new projects happening at the 12 and I wanted to let you all know. Now that the new moon in Virgo is on the wane, I hope we can relax a bit and let go of the perfectionism.

One can hope anyway...

You may be in need of an energy adjustment and that's where I come in. The energy of late has been a little relentless in its push for growth. Most of us are leaving the comfort zone for the unknown and that’s where a reading can help. I’d love to assist you with any and all questions about areas of your life that feel fuzzy.

Even 20 minutes can change your perspective and give you more energy to face ongoing challenges. If you aren’t in the space to get a reading, consider joining me on Tuesday for Soul Song Meditation from 8:30-9am pacific. It’s a lovely space to find peace and release the stress and struggle you may be immersed in.

Also, the Body Magic teleclass on Wednesday at 10 am pacific promises to bring rejuvenation and more balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Come join me!

Here at the 12family, we realize how important it is that you can find your Advisor when you need them. With that in mind, we created a new feature called I’LL BE THERE with regular posted hours that are rock solid. If you don’t find me during these times, you’ll get 5 free minutes towards your next reading.

My I’LL BE THERE times are Monday from 8-11am pacific, Tuesday from 9-11am pacific and Thursday from 8-11am pacific. I’ll be there!

You can also find me at night from 8:00-10:30 pacific most nights if you’re a bit of a night owl.

Remember too that we have a scheduled call promotion!

Now when you schedule a call with me, you will know in advance what discount you can receive. To schedule a call you can click my picture and look for the "make appointment" link. More information can be found in our Help section.

  • 15 minute scheduled—$5.49 per minute
  • 30 minute scheduled—$5.29 per minute
  • 45 minute scheduled—$4.99 per minute plus 3 free minutes
  • 60 minute scheduled—$4.49 per minute plus 5 free minutes
The equinox is coming right up and we're going to celebrate the transit of the Sun in Libra by offering you rewards for referring friends and family. If your friend calls for 12 minutes or more you will receive 12 minutes as a gift. This is our way of celebrating relationships in true Libra style.

If you haven't yet tried the service at 12listen, now's the time. You'll earn three free minutes on your first call and the convenience can't be beat. I always send detailed follow up emails about what we looked at in the reading and you always have the option of taking advantage of the scheduling feature to earn a discount. Once you've called me, you'll be eligible for all kinds of promotions. I love to send out free minutes!

I hope you'll give me a call soon. I'd love to hear from you. Know that if I'm not available, there are many gifted Advisors to choose from. I am proud to be in such excellent company.

Don't let the waning energy of Virgo talk you out of taking care of yourself. Caring for ourselves is ever more essential as we head into deeper layers of transformation. I appreciate you and your presence in my world!

Blessings and more,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Low, Energy Lady

That's me alright and it kind of sucks. We just don't seem to live in a reality that allows time to dream, rest and relax. It doesn't seem to matter if we are in a low energy time period, life marches on and things need to get done.

With the new moon in Virgo approaching (tomorrow), we may be prone to self-criticism over our abilities to meet all the demands. The new moon also brings the opportunity to adjust and heal around the issue of having enough energy and how to use our energy.

Since Pisces is the opposite of Virgo and Pisces loves to daydream and rest, we might feel the polarity particularly strongly this week...the struggle between getting it all done and taking time for rest and reflection. How does this show up for you? Are you feeling it too?

I identify with Pisces a lot. There seem to be waves of energy that come. These are the oceanic waves of life force energy that Pisces seems to understand so well. Sometimes, it's just not there and we can try and override the low energy or we can surrender. That's where Virgo comes in because Virgo pushes us to keep going even at great, personal sacrifice. Virgo wants us to keep going whether we have the energy to carry on or not. Both signs are service oriented and both signs want to offer the world healing it's just that one is practical and action oriented while the other is trancey and psychically/energetically oriented.

As the new moon approaches we may find ourselves wondering which approach to take. Perhaps we need both and a balance needs to be struck?

So, like the turtle, I've been moving along slowly. Getting what needs to get done in the order it needs to happen but I am not taking on anything new just yet. I'm waiting for the well to fill up again. I'm half hoping the new moon in Virgo will shift the balance and get the energy going again.

We shall see...

How are you?

On another note, I changed my email address from comcast to gmail. I'd been putting it off for a long time, too much trouble. Over the years, I'd managed to create six different accounts?!? I've closed down two and hope to close down two more soon. I haven't twittered in awhile. Twitter is such a fast paced reality. Not sure I can keep up with it? These kinds of issues also seem appropriate as we close in on the new up the chaos is something a Virgo strives for but is not always successful at.

Not sure I'll be sending out the New Moon News this month. It would be the first time in over two years that I skipped a month. I almost want to do it just to see how it feels. So naughty...

Onward and upward as they say (?).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fortune Forecast 9/14 - 9/20


We're reaching the end of a cycle this week and though the end is in sight, it's seemingly hard to get there. It's as if the last few steps are exceedingly difficult in part because we're tried and anxious to move to something else. We need to hold steady and finish. It's tempting to just leave a bunch of loose strings but those silly, little strings will come back to haunt us later. Pacing is essential now. trying to use effort and will to push through won't get us where we want to go. We almost need to relax, which seems counter-intuitive. Are there small treats that help bring relief and refreshment? We need those treats now! Whatever has been pushed aside to be enjoyed when we're finished should be moved into present time and enjoyed now. All it takes is permission to do so. Let's give it to ourselves in abundance.

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Monday 9/14
Sometimes we have to be proactive to create harmony. Though we might not feel like being the one to initiate peace, if not us, then who? If someone has wronged you, take steps to heal it today. This will alleviate the background noise of tension and stress we don't even realize is affecting us. Step away from situations that promote conflict and competition. It feels really good!

Tuesday 9/15
Conserve energy and resources today. Pay attention to boundaries and watch out for the little slings and arrows of misfortune. Those jabs won't harm us if we stay awake and take defensive action when we need to. Opportunity is coming and preparation is called for. Rest up and resist big expenditures of all kind.

Wednesday 9/16
Something feels off and we can find the information we need with a little more diligence. Don't be seduced by immediate answers. Search for the truth underneath. Intuition will help us get to the root of whatever challenge we happen to be looking at. Conversations need to be taken with a grain of salt. everything is shifting but under the shifts, something solid is waiting to be discovered.

Thursday 9/17
Finally, it's time for action and big steps forward. Don't let the mental chatter become a stopping point when opportunity arrives. How often do we hesitate thinking we're being savvy when really we're just afraid? The path is clear today. All we need to do is follow it. Don't expect the anxiety to just disappear. It won't be it doesn't have to stop us.

Friday 9/18
Dreams and visions have powerful significance now. Our bodies are telling us through feelings what is solid and what's just illusion. Honor the information even if it threatens beliefs that are dear. Liberation is not for the faint of heart. For those who are ready to experience more space, today can bring the answers we need to take big steps.

Saturday 9/19
Things are magical today. Magic is a funny thing. It can work positively and negatively. If we meditate on a miracle or two we';re bound to experience it. If we are stuck on fears and doubts we'll get a chance to meet them face to face. Perhaps we'll experience a little of both? This is a great day to focus on what we want to create more of. For maximum enjoyment, keep the focus on creating the good stuff.

Sunday 9/20
This is an excellent time to contemplate ways to bring more balance and harmony into our daily routines. Subtle shifts in our normal patterns can help restore peace. Are there relationships or projects that aren't getting enough attention? Put some energy there. Are you getting enough time for rest and reflection? Put some energy there. It's time to smooth out some of the rough edges.

need help with the energy this week?

Keep on going. It's not a race, so there's no need to hurry. Just keep on going.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alan Watts: A Conversation with Myself - Part 1

I've noticed an Alan Watts resurgence of late. Interesting guy. I'm going to let him do the talking this week...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Fortune Forecast 9/7 - 9/13


It's time to let loose and let it all out. Repressed emotions, thoughts and passions are pushing for expression. We need to get out of the way as the pressure continues to build. There may be things we don't want to acknowledge, things we're hoping will just go away. It's possible we can't control certain outcomes but we do have control over how we manage what's happening in our own bodies. As we make space for some unpleasant energy to be free, we also have the potential to discover a treasure hidden under this layer of yuck. There are clues to help us create a deeper level of fulfillment but we won't find the information anywhere but inside. Seeking comfort from the external world is foolhardy this week. It just isn't there. Go within.

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Monday 9/7
The divisions that keep us in conflict need a healing. It's all about the inner world today. The strife that keeps us from going after our dreams can be put to rest once we recognize that under all the chatter, there is one root, one goal. Be kind and heal the split. Regrets and recriminations need to be released now. It's time for a clean slate.

Tuesday 9/8
As we approach the end of a cycle, the intensity is growing and multiplying. Though we can see the end of this project, getting there looks tough. It's time to take a deep breath and find a pace that works. There's no need to rush. See what's happening here, the difficulty and the struggle as a sacred space because it is. Keep going. The end is nigh.

Wednesday 9/9
It's time to strengthen and perhaps redefine existing boundaries. There are energies afoot that want to push and test the limits. It's not a problem, just a minor annoyance. Taking stock of how we manage and protect ourselves from difficult energies now can prepare us for future challenges. Stand up for what's right and for what is desired.

Thursday 9/10
Similar to yesterday, we need to stand firm and be willing to get behind our beliefs and values. They are being challenged today and it's really not a problem. Don't hesitate to speak up if you notice injustice. There are rewards for the brave among us. Pay attention to gut feelings even if they run against what the evidence says.

Friday 9/11
Notice the abundance that exists right here, right now. There is plenty and it needs to be acknowledged and enjoyed. Slow down and notice how lovely the world is. Appreciate and relish it. This helps us tap into even more abundance energy. Shift the focus from what's lacking to what is.

Saturday 9/12
perfectionism is a problem today. How can we feel good about our accomplishments when the bar has been set absolutely too high? There's just no way to reach goals that discount our human-ness. Allow for experimentation and mutability. Being able to shift and change is important now. Rigid standards cause pain and trouble under current, energetic conditions.

Sunday 9/13
A lovely day to relax and take in a miracle or two. There's nothing more important now that noticing the divine in everything. It's shimmering in the cells and atoms of even the most immovable object and once we recognize it, new vistas seem to open up and welcome us to explore. Share what's on hand and more will manifest.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On

such a pretty lady, such a pretty song.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Strange times, friends.

I got my five year old settled into kindergarten. I don't know why but it really stirred me up. I don't feel like I'm the kind of mom who's regretting the fact that the kids are growing but in those few days of getting him off to the big kid's school I just felt sad. My little guy is getting bigger. I can't just grab him like I used to and it's only going to go further in that direction.

Fortunately he loves his new school. Whew!

It makes me think of other transitions and how rife they are with complicated, mixed feelings. Those rites of passage that come, first romance, first job, marriage, children, death of parents...that kind of stuff. These transitions tend to show us things about ourselves we might not expect to see. In that way, they're a gift. Sometimes an uncomfortable gift.

All this energy of change has me feeling pretty tuckered out. I've been thinking a lot about what brings me rejuvenation and even that space feels like it's in transition. Oh well. New pleasures take shape as old ones pass away.

I'm sending you all a big, spiritual hug tonight. I imagine that you too are enduring a transition or two. Friday brings the full moon in Pisces. This is daydreamy, sentimental energy. People from the past tend to show up and the psychic space gets amped up. This is a great time to keep a dream journal or capture some of those fleeting impressions and inspiration. It's the harvest moon. What has come to fruition in your life? It's time to celebrate it!

I wish I had more to say. I'm behind on a pile of work, so I'm off to write some more stuff for other places and spaces.

Peace out and I look forward to seeing what happens this full moon Friday. I will be reporting back next week.

Have fun with the fishes!