Monday, November 30, 2009

Fortune Forecast 11/30 - 12/6


Often, we go about our day just reacting and throwing energy around like there's a limitless supply. In some ways, there is a limitless supply but that's not the point. The point is, with a little awareness and a lot of grounding, we can be more discriminating about the energy we expend. When contemplating a desire, be especially mindful of the energy that's going out. If we can just be a little more purposeful this week, we'll see big gains with minimal effort. Take charge by deciding what you want to experience. How does it feel? We can create the desired vibration of energy right here and now. No more hesitation and no more excuses. It's time to play.

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Monday 11/30
Sometimes we shy away from opportunity because we can't stand the attention that comes with putting ourselves out there. If attention energy is difficult to handle, it often stops us from going after our dreams. It can also cause us to hide away, never truly letting our gifts and abilities come to light. Neutrality is the key. When we become neutral to the energy, it no longer has sway.

Tuesday 12/1
The clarity we've been craving is at hand. There's just a little bit of fog left that needs to clear. The funny thing is, we're about to discover that our gut instincts were right all along and that even though we had no proof, we've had the answer for a while. Take in the validation that intuition is always working for us and let go of the annoyance of having not listened completely.

Wednesday 12/2
We have to actively work today to ward off the negative point of view that so desperately wants to take root. Everything looks and feel worse when we retreat into the shadows. It's not a bad place to visit just don't mistake it for a real version of reality. It's time to notice how loved ones either encourage or discourage this space. Both groups help reinforce the dynamic. Clean everyone out and start fresh.

Thursday 12/3
It's time to wander. The spirit is demanding to see new territory and if we try and resist we might get a little roughed up. Go, and work past all the childhood conditioning that says sticking to commitments is the only way to be. It's time to break out, break free and experience something new and different. Exploration now will pay off in a multitude of ways over the next few weeks and months.

Friday 12/4
It's time to move on. There's no way to stop time or preserve a space that was once dearly loved. We can keep the memories which are precious indeed but trying to keep the whole kit and caboodle is just not a good idea. This thing is starting to stink and it's also taking up space where something new wants to take root. Don't hesitate to move forward now.

Saturday 12/5
Trying to make things happen the same old way isn't working. Being stubborn and continuing to apply pressure to spaces that don't want to shift is a sure way to get intensely frustrated. Small adjustments can be very, very powerful today. Wing it. Make it up. Get free of the prescribed way of doing things. Creativity wants to infuse everything with possibility. Don't miss it by being myopic.

Sunday 12/6
Now is the time to purge and release old, emotional energies. If you need to, rent a movie, one that makes you cry, feel angry, etc. Get it all out. There's no need to try and make sense of it all, just give yourself permission to be free.

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Slowing down is always a good idea. You can see how unconscious people are by the degree to which they rush. When we're conscious, we know there's no need to rush. That everything is happening for a reason, including the traffic jam or the missed appointment. If you want to bring more awareness to your daily life, just slow down. Start taking some of the extraneous stuff off the schedule in order to create more time for reflection and rest. It's not lazy, it's essential.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Small Town Living

So, I'm here in my new home. I got a lovely package of Japanese incense in the mail from the 12th House. Thank goodness because this house is in need of some aromatherapy.

The house is over 100 years old. I've always made fun of pink houses (my apologies if you live in one by choice). I always thought is was a little silly. Well guess what? My new house is pink! A dusty, salmon pink to be exact. I guess we get what we resist.

The lady who owns it bought it to renovate with her Scottish husband. I guess he was an excellent electrician because the electricity in this old house is impressive. They did a lot of work on it and I think it must have been fun at times. Unfortunately, the Scottsman had a drinking problem and things went awry. I imagine she was happy to find someone like me to take care of her investment for her. I've met her twice now. She's lonely.

There's a rooster up the road who crows all day. It's far enough away to be charming. The other night I stepped out on this little balcony off the kitchen and watched a big horn sheep munch away at what looked and sounded like dead leaves. who doesn't love animals?

Moving is strange and I hadn't done it for while, and I certainly haven't gone this far from Denver in a long time. We've had to open new bank accounts, get the kids settled in school and look for the kinds of businesses we need. These are tasks I don't really excel at.

There's no recycling here, we have to drive it to a facility about 20 minutes via highway. There are lots of little things like that, where I suddenly realize what it really means to live in a small town. I feel like I've had to drive into the Denver metro area too many times. I'm looking forward to getting more rooted here.

I admit, I've been allowing myself to blow things off with the excuse of moving. Perhaps I needed a little time to regroup? Still, I think about the people I know who maintain whatever their responsibilities come hell or high water. I guess I can't count myself as one of them BUT I'm getting ready to come back. I'll be back on 12listen a lot this week in the morning and at night, so give me a call!

If you already have an account, I'll be sending out five free minutes tomorrow which will be good for seven days. If you haven't yet called, you'll get three free minutes when you open a new account. Schedule an appointment with me and I will offer you the reduced rate of $4/minute. That's 33% off! Let's talk soon.

I hope blessings of all variety are landing in your lap right now!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fortune Forecast 11/23 - 11/29


Take me for instance. This week I'm choosing to slack off a little with the Fortune Forecast in order to have more time to settle into our new home. Choices mean freedom. Choices also push us to face difficult varieties of emotional energy. Let's say something happens that you don't want to happen. How do you choose to respond? With openness and a fresh perspective or is it tempting to drag resentment and disappoint forward? Life constantly presents the opportunity to choose. Use it wisely this week.

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Monday 11/23

Tuesday 11/24

Wednesday 11/25

Thursday 11/26

Friday 11/27

Saturday 11/28

Sunday 11/29

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm sitting here late at night. The children are sleeping in the big bed with their dad and it's just me and the cat. Come sit with me in my living room here in Denver for a bit and let me tell you a story.

We've been packing up for days but by the time you read this, I should be unpacking at my new, little house up in Idaho Springs.

I feel as if I put myself in one of those medieval catapults and cut the rope. Holy cow!

It's been an interesting journey, this whole "sell the house and move" thing. It really put me through a process that I knew would happen but didn't know exactly how it would feel. I'm saying goodbye to a lovely home and hello to the unknown. I could tell you a million stories about why I wanted to move. Depending on my mood, the stories might be uplifting or slightly depressing. I don't really know why we're moving. All I know is that I wanted to and sometimes wanting is enough.

When my house got a contract in three days, I spun out for a week or two. I experienced regret and hesitation, which quickly became panic because we had no idea where we were going. I'd had some vague ideas but once we got the contract, some of my ideas were quickly revealed to be untenable (it turns out that for me, living in a remote cabin in the windy mountains of Colorado has too much potential to become the shining. I kid, sort of...).

We looked all over the place and landed in Idaho Springs. Part of it is practical. About three months ago, my dear husband got a job up in Gilpin County. He's been through a lot of job turbulence over the last four years and this is a great job for him. The commute from Denver was tough and we knew it would be tougher still once winter set in. I was worried about him and how exhausting it is to drive up the canyon roads and then back again, late at night.

We also have talked for years about leaving Denver (where we both were born and raised). We've always wanted to live in a smaller town, with lots of natural beauty. I looked in Golden, Evergreen and up in Gilpin County but nothing seemed to fall into place. Idaho Springs gave my husband the easiest commute and still offered amenities, like a good school, a real community and the old west flavor I so love.

Idaho Springs is a funny place and I had hesitation about choosing it. It never seems to prosper. The highway slices through it and it often seemed to me just a stop on the way to somewhere else. Still, we had spent a lot of time here visiting the Indian Hot Springs resort. I say resort loosely because it's kind of run down. In fact, every time we go, I start dreaming about the many ways I would improve it if I were the owner. Fortunately, I'm not the owner and when we visit all I have to do is float in the big pool and let the troubles melt away!

The people we've met up here have been incredibly friendly. Just yesterday, we drove up to drop off some fragile items. It was cloudy and the pine trees on the hills were dusted with snow. It was unbelievably beautiful. Everything had been sprinkled with silver-white perfection. I was chatting with a man at the storage place (we have too much stuff for our new house but I'm not quite ready to let it all go) and I said "I just love days like today. It's so beautiful." and he said "Yes it is! I just love it up here," with so much enthusiasm that I felt really connected to this stranger for a second.

It seems that the people who gravitate here aren't really upwardly mobile like their neighbors to the southeast in Evergreen. I get the feeling they're here because they love the outdoors, or they're seeking simplicity. If I'm right, I know it will be refreshing for us. I've struggled with Capricorn ambition at times, the materialism and the desire for more. I wonder what it will be like to be in a community that doesn't necessarily reward or value this kind of ambition?

The house I'm saying goodbye to is so freaking beautiful! I put a lot of energy and resources into making it a Neptunian oasis for me and my family. The problem is, it started to become a bit of a gilded cage. Though it's a lovely home, I have this terrible neighbor and no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't heal the relationship. On top of that, the urban noise is intense and there's a frenetic quality to the block that grates on me. The neighborhood school is troubled and though my son had an amazing teacher (a Yale University grad! Don't you love those idealistic, young teachers? Thank goodness they're out there!) I still felt that it wasn't the right space for him.

I'm not one who believes in geographical cures. I've moved around enough to know that wherever you go, there you are. I don't imagine this move will magically change the things I struggle with. If you've been hanging out here and reading for awhile, you may have observed that I'm not about happiness exactly. Happiness is a bit of fickle friend. Give me experience, expansion, experimentation and permission, all of which can be uncomfortable at times. I'm about being human with all the glory and gore that comes with it. I wanted to grow and this is one way to do it. Certainly there are multiple options when it comes to growth and I imagine that staying would have offered a different kind of growth. Perhaps one of acceptance and commitment? Those two are challenging indeed!

As far as the quick sale, I kept saying over and over "wouldn't it be great if the first person who came to see this house bought it?" Everyone looked at me like I was nuts, but the first person who came DID buy it. Now that's pretty freaking cool! As it unfolded, I was a little annoyed at how much I had been seduced by the bad economy/slow real estate message. I hadn't trusted my ability to manifest with ease.

Strangely, I met the buyer the day the house went on the market. I was out in the front yard, noticing the increasing attention energy with the sign in the yard and was just about to dash inside when this lovely woman came running up. She looked like my kind of person. I could tell she wanted to talk. I did not. (My kind of person or not, I'm a bit reclusive and I wasn't in the mood to chat up the house. Call my agent for heaven's sake!).

I reluctantly went down to the gate. We chatted about the area and she said straight up I WANT THIS HOUSE. I was like "yeah..whatever," because I've bought and sold a few houses in my time and the whole thing is so darn slippery but she was insistent and damn if she didn't make it happen!

I'm happy that this house has someone new to love it. A family in fact with two kids. I know they'll enjoy it here because it's a great house in a neighborhood that just keeps getting better. I've had more than a moment of grief at the thought of leaving an area that so many want to be in. In my darkest moments I found myself wondering why I didn't appreciate it more and why I was so quick to cast it off. The full moon in Taurus the day after Halloween popped that bubble, thank goodness.

Like I said earlier, I'm not really sure what just happened and I'm not sure we'll live the rest of our lives in Idaho Springs. Perhaps we too are just on our way to somewhere else? Still, it feels amazing to be going through this. After talking about it for years, we're finally taking action. This process has pushed me to purge, not just the stuff that's been collecting around here but also aspects of my identity and my values. Who am I? What do I want? I imagine I'll be pondering these questions for the rest of my life. It's occurred to me lately that taking life too seriously is a silly thing to do. I don't want to be afraid to change the shape of things or live with hesitation. I want to be a leap into the void kind of gal and maybe I am after all.

Thanks for hanging out with me as I stumble through this. I only tell you this story because so many have asked. I hope the fresh, mountain air and my visits to Indian Hot Springs will refresh me and give me more material to write about. I have so loved this space of Leonine Times and the many wonderful connections that have come to me because of it! Your letters and comments of support mean a lot to me. I'm also certain that my psychic reading/teaching space will get a shot in the arm as I relax into a more quiet kind of life. I can't wait to see what unfolds.

You can be sure I'll let you know what happens!


ps. Idaho Springs is about 30 miles from Denver but it feels further because it's really the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. If you're one of my local clients, you can still contact me for a reading in person by email. I have use of a lovely space near Cheeseman Park and will be coming down for readings and to visit my Denver peeps quite often. You can also find me at for phone readings. I'll be expanding my hours there after we get settled. Remember that when you schedule an appointment, I have the ability to offer you a deep discount!

pps. Are you trying to sell a property? Call me because I'm starting to think I have more real estate mojo than I originally thought!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fortune Forecast 11/16 - 11/22


It's good luck time. Are you going to make yourself available for it? I hope so, peeps! The wheel of fortune is always spinning. Sometimes things go our way and everything falls into place and sometimes it all falls apart even though we may have done everything "right". Most of us are constantly trying to create the outcome we want and if it doesn't go well, we tend to slip into self-recrimination. The wheel of fortune reminds us that there are forces and patterns greater than our own will. Sometimes it comes down to luck and good timing. If you've been needing a shot in the arm, you just might get it this week. It's a great time to take a risk and reach out for what's wanted and desired. The wheel of fortune is ruled by Jupiter (the planet of expansive optimism). Make the most of this energetic trend knowing that the wheel will inevitably turn again, taking us into more complex and difficult territory.

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Monday 11/16
We get to see manifestation in action today but the funny things is, we can't quite remember what we did to make it all happen. That's because doing is not the answer. Doing things and doing them in the right order is not where the power to make it happen resides. There's an effortless quality to the energy today. Just go with it and see where it takes you.

Tuesday 11/17
Although there are a million things tugging on us, we need to stop and play. even a short burst of silliness will help us move through difficult and dense energies. No more excuses! Get silly and enjoy the feeling of pushing all those pressing responsibilities aside. They'll still be there after our play date but we will be different and fresher in our approach to them. A change in perspective is always a good thing.

Wednesday 11/18
Our desire to get somewhere is growing in intensity. We might find ourselves anticipating potential problems and how we're going to respond. We need the wisdom of head and heart to get where we want to go. Limit distractions and ponder the pure feeling of being there. What does it feel like to attain this desire? Meditate on that and the bumps in the road will smooth right out.

Thursday 11/19
There is a lovely sense of discovery today. Life feels fresh and open. We might discover new pleasure by investigating our creativity or through a new, vital connection to someone interesting. Perhaps good news is coming, or we have more time to just relax and enjoy. Focus on the body today and what it takes to get that body feeling good. Problems lose their power when we feel good.

Friday 11/20
Intuitive insights are potent today and can offer us many valuable hints. Sometimes it's tough to decipher what our intuitive mind is telling us with it's communication style of fleeting feelings and water-color impressions. Pay attention to the feelings. We don't have to make sense of it. Keep it simple but if anxiety pops up, take it as a no and if joy pops up, take it as a yes. The rest of the information will come together in time.

Saturday 11/21
Sometimes we just have to push ourselves out of a heavy space. Make a deal with yourself that you will mope, whine, lament for 20 minutes and then do your best to move on. Whatever is the cause of the dark mood, is truly not that bad. It's only intense because it reminds us of other experiences where the outcome was not what we wanted. History doesn't have to repeat itself. Perhaps this is the mantra for the day.

Sunday 11/22
It's so easy to drift into the future or slide back into the past. We are especially prone to this if we aren't satisfied with what's unfolding right now. The funny thing is, if we aren't here, we can't really change what we don't like about this moment and we certainly can't capitalize on the myriad of opportunities labeled NOW. Come home and be with it and if it's something unwanted, watch it shift.

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The wheel of fortune counsels us to stay loose. Go with it, even if it's unexpected and unwanted. Opportunity often hides in adversity. The spaces in our lives that feel the most off kilter often have the most potential to help us get closer to what we want. It's time to step away from control and go for a ride on the ever turning wheel.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Planetary Cat Fight Alert

Exciting developments this week astrologically, peeps. We're coming into a Pluto/Saturn square. Yum.

The imagery I get is of a mac truck slowly climbing a hill (Pluto in Capricorn). Here comes Saturn (in Libra) in a shiny, new hummer...going too fast I think and WHAM! The hummer runs straight into the mac truck. A t-bone if you will. No one is hurt but tempers flare. Pluto climbs down from the mac truck and Saturn hops out of the Hummer and a big argument commences. Both think they have the right of way and neither one is willing to back down.

Pluto will win this battle but not without a fight. Perhaps the police will arrive and mediate? Oh were going so fast in your new Hummer, listening to your favorite music and you just didn't see the stop sign. Now your fancy car is wrecked and you'll be late for all your other appointments and damn, you're mad.

Both planets are asking us to change, grow, transform (often through hardship). Both planets are in cardinal signs, which means they are each focused on their goals and having the outcome look a certain way (to the point of not caring about anyone else's agenda).

What does this mean for us? It means that our carefully laid plans are being challenged. The more stubbornly we cling to wanting things to go our way, the more roughed up we'll get. Expect to encounter power struggles and a level of intensity that seems out of character based on the events taking place.

Stay loose peeps!! Be willing to consider an alternative route. Notice the desire to control what's happening and gently step out of it. This cycle is going to play out over the next six months or so with varying intensity, so prepare. Whatever issues you're dealing with that feel overwhelming might not see resolution for a while. What are you going to do as things get rearranged and the road opens again?

I've been aware of this energy building. We've seen a few violent outbursts in the news of late and I've also done more than a few readings where the level of despair was truly stunning. With the new moon in Scorpio coming this Monday, expect your feelings to be heightened and possibly negative.

The planets continue to urge us to deconstruct the things that just don't work anymore. Sometimes we want to hang on just because it's too uncomfortable to let go. Speaking as someone who just jumped into the leap of faith void, I KNOW how scary and disturbing it can be to not have a real picture of what's coming on the heels of what's ending. Go anyway!!

Some of you might be feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there. It's going to be all right. Call in some support. Lay low if you can for the next few days. Step away from the crazy!

These are exciting times and your soul signed up for this. You might be kicking yourself now (ha ha) but you're here and you're ready for what's unfolding. Amp up on the self care and find someone to hug. Birth ain't easy but the new life that's emerging is so, so worth the effort and pain.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Fortune Forecast 11/9 - 11/15


Everything is in how we choose to perceive it this week. We can see things as working or see everything in the midst of being dismantled. It's our choice. There are fragile signs of new life that need care and protection. Patience is important now and can help us work diligently to cultivate abundance, love and healing. At first, it might seem as if nothing is really happening, but faith can help us through these dark moments to a grand harvest. Dissatisfaction is tempting and most of us will succumb to it for a bit but it's important not to rest there too long. Dissatisfaction blinds us to the shimmering potential that each moment presents. Come back home, to the moment. Embrace it even in its lack of perfection. The magic is waiting there, waiting to expand and multiply.

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Monday 11/9
Don't look back or in other words, pull energy and attention out of the past. There's nothing to be done about what has transpired so start looking at what's happening now. What story has been constructed to make sense of the past? It's time to cast off the old tales and cultivate a fresh and open approach.

Tuesday 11/10
We can't see or feel the progress today. It's as if we're staring out over a barren landscape, which is frustrating at best. Still, we can rest assured that growth and change are happening, gently and at a pace that causes no harm. This is not the most exciting time but there is a new foundation being laid and it's strong enough to support a dream or two.

Wednesday 11/11
We need space to dream big now. Push out past all the urge to be practical. Stop the voice that says no and just dream. The time for action is coming but it's not here yet. If we're holding on to a narrow idea of how to get somewhere, we're missing out on the magic. Let it be big, let it be bold and dare to believe in a miracle or two.

Thursday 11/12
It's always there, waiting to connect. Source energy, that is. Don't expect to see it unfold in dramatic fashion. The divine will be discovered in the simplest of spaces today. It's the loving glace, the warm sun, the delicious aroma of a well prepared meal. Slow down and relish the little joys that stream along. Be comforted and embraced by the pleasures of the senses.

Friday 11/13
A sudden shift in perception helps us see things more clearly and gives us the power to choose. Choice brings freedom and alleviates fear. It's as if all the clouds are scurrying away and all that's left is clear, blue sky. Enjoy the new view and get ready for solutions to appear where there were none before. It's easier now, as well it should be.

Saturday 11/14
A wonderful opportunity is in the works but it's the kind of thing that won't last. We need to grab it as soon as we see it, without hesitation or doubt. Our bodies can tell us how and when to act. Instinct is powerful now. Trust the feelings of excitement and enthusiasm and go after it. Be like the hunter, stealthy and quiet. Joy follows timely action today.

Sunday 11/15
Boredom is a problem today. We might find ourselves looking for distractions but a better use of time and energy would be to clean up and prepare for the next cycle of activity. It's coming, so prepare now. Get organized and purge. Make space for new delights. Even mindful rest is better than pacing around like a restless, caged animal.

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Easier said than done! We might not be able to see the signs that we're on the right track. Radical trust is called for. Affirmations can help with the fear. Write them and say them until the energy shifts. All is love.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Got Miracles?

I feel like I've been neglecting this space. No, let me be more accurate. I HAVE been neglecting this space.

The last few weeks have been so intense, not just in my world but in our world. Saturn has moved into a square with Pluto and let's face it, that's tough energy. Imagine the planet that rules discipline and learning through sacrifice and hardship clashing with the planet that rules the underworld and radical transformation. Not pretty.

There's tension in the air and I'm sure you're feeling it (certainly, I hope you're not but I'm not sure it can be avoided).

I've been experiencing this tension via the sale of my house and through the search for another home.

When my house got a contract after only three days, I was taken aback. I hadn't really figured out where we were going. Then we had a little blizzard here and the two feet of snow reminded me that winter was on the way and I had little time to investigate. There's nothing like challenging weather to make a person feel like nesting and the thought of leaving our nest felt scary and uncomfortable. I started experiencing this terrible grief about letting go. I was questioning my decision (I say my decision because I'm married to a mutable guy and he'll go wherever, whenever. He also seems to stay a lot more relaxed about these things). I felt this deep uncertainty, which was pretty darn awful.

It was as if I couldn't remember why I wanted to make the change. My house suddenly seemed more precious than ever, probably because someone else suddenly wanted it very badly. Everything that's wonderful about it seemed to eclipse the things I never liked about it. It was weird.

Then the full moon in Taurus came along and snapped me out of it. I still felt achy but I started to look ahead again. I put my head down and went nuts looking for the next great space. I finally zeroed in on a specific area and dammed if things didn't start to fall into place. My dear friend Mark Husson over at the 12th House urged me to put the word out to everyone that I was looking and the support that came through helped so much. Normally, I just try to muddle through this stuff on my own. I don't really like asking for help but once I opened myself up, it seemed to shift some stuck energy.

Not only did I ask my friends for support, I started to get much more active about seeking what I want. There's been a part of me that as I moved through this process, felt like I would just have to take what I could get. That energy culminated today when I saw a couple rentals that would be okay but weren't really what I want to create (mind you, I'm running out of time. I have about 2 weeks max to get this worked out). Part of me was tempted to just say yes. Weary of looking and doubting my ability to find something magical, I was ready to just go somewhere, anywhere.

This evening, things took a strange turn of events. Some people who have a lovely home in the area I want to live, found me and while it's not a done deal, I feel like there's some magic happening in the space between me and these virtual strangers. Even if this particular option doesn't work out, it's as if I was reminded that YES I can manifest something great. I mean hell's bells...I manifested a full price offer on my house in three days (with help from a wonderful agent, an amazing carpenter, a house healer friend and a hardworking house cleaner as well as many, many friends and supporters).

So there it is. I'm giving you the short version here but the point I'm trying to make is this: YOU CAN DO IT...whatever it is you want. The energy is so tough lately. It just wants to squeeze us into a corner and make us believe that we should take the scraps off the table instead of indulging in the feast. I was shocked at the process that got unleashed by the sale of my house. My faith is more easily shaken than I want to admit and yet that miracle energy I've been writing about, it's still available and it's getting bigger.

We'll see peeps. Things are moving very quickly in my reality, perhaps in yours as well? I don't expect perfection. I wanted things to look different and I'm getting what I wanted. It will be interesting to see where everything ends up and you can bet I'll keep you updated.

At this point I am so grateful to have tossed myself into the leap of faith void. What a great place to learn more about ourselves!! In some ways, it doesn't even matter where I end up. What matters is that I'm having an incredibly expansive experience. As my dear friend Mark said earlier in the unfolding "at least you're not bored." AMEN BROTHER.

Love to you!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fortune Forecast 11/2 - 11/8


This week we get the opportunity to learn more about our own internal dynamics and how those dynamics create tension in the reflected reality we dwell in. The strife we encounter this week is rooted in the way we perceive and respond. Look to see what glasses are on now. Are they glasses that make the world seem like a lovely, loving place or are they glasses that make the world seem bleak and uncaring? It's important to take responsibility for whatever it is we're projecting. We don't have to change it as much as we need to become aware of it. With awareness comes the power to shift into something more fulfilling. Our struggles can show us where energies have collected to keep us frustrated and stuck. Let's be loving towards ourselves when we find these tricky spots. Anything less won't bring about the change we seek.

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Monday 11/2
...but it's not here yet. Patience is called for today. While we might feel ready to move into new arenas, it's not quite time yet. That's why the clarity and certainty we're looking for isn't here yet. What do we do to entertain ourselves while we wait for things to line up? That's the space to ponder now. Don't try and push through it. It will move on its own soon enough.

Tuesday 11/3
It's time to take charge and get everything tidy and organized. This includes our physical space as well as our mental, emotional and psychic space. Sounds like a lot of work but once we delve into it, it starts to get fun. Dial down on the expectations. Even a little bit of effort here will make an impact and help us clear some space for new delights to appear.

Wednesday 11/4
Connections are important and have the potential to help shift our energy either positively or negatively. Be discriminating about whom to spend time with today. Reach out and find those folks who help support and nurture dreams. Be willing to offer the same in return. Friendship can be a healing balm but like everything else, it needs attention and care to flourish.

Thursday 11/5
The mind and the heart are pulling us in opposite directions today and it's challenging to figure out which one should lead. These two, potent forces seem to be in conflict but when we look closer we see that they both want the same thing. If we can get to the root of the matter, we can use both forces to create something amazing.

Friday 11/6
There are a million ways to ground. Any activity that brings joy helps us release the energies we don't need anymore. Today is a great day to play in this space. Be mindful throughout the day of whether or not you're grounded. Just deciding to become more aware of this dynamic will kick-start a healing process. Let go and replenish with something luscious...your own life force energy!

Saturday 11/7
It's hard not to rush headlong into the unknown today but we'll be better off if we wait just a little longer. There's an important piece of information that is ready to drop in. When this missing piece shows up, things are going to come together with less effort and stress. It's hard to trust in this notion when struggle is so popular. Just wait...

Sunday 11/8
I admit it. I got this from my little brother. Whenever he feels anxious he just imagines a flock of doves flying out of his chest. Free the doves! When the energy gets intense and the anxiety is building just imagine those birds flapping their wings and flying up to the sky. It feels good and it's a great way to visualize releasing from the heart chakra. Let it all out.

need help with the energy this week?

Remember who you are. You're not the long list of problems you're working on or a compendium of faults. You're not the story you tell yourself or the experiences you've had. You're a magnificent, shining, bright being and when that part comes forward, everything else melts away. No need to wake up. You're already awake...just remember.