Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweet Jesus

I like to be optimistic but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that today and tomorrow, there's some intense and challenging, astrological energy. With the full moon lunar eclipse/blue moon in Cancer, emotions are sure to be intensified. Nostalgia is off the charts.

We all want the holidays to be a renewal, but most of our recent, important dates for celebration were and are fraught with tense, difficult energetic patterns. It's not an easy time. First chakra meditations can help. We all need to get grounded in a rapidly changing reality. Think roots, red, release, replenish.

No complaints from me. Life is full of lessons and interesting developments. A joke developed on my trip as I ran into 11 of my cousins (all slightly younger than me). I simply cannot achieve inner peace without wireless internet. It was funny. The internet was frustrating on my trip. It really felt like it was messing with my ability to create a degree of inner peace.

Still, even if the internet had been perfect on my trip, there would have been other troubles I'm sure. That's life. Still, it got me thinking about the other conditions that I might have put on inner peace without realizing it. How many times do we say "I'll be peaceful when..." I get the right relationships, the right job, the right whatever. Are these conditions creating a block?

Perhaps it's time to clean the space of inner peace out. Dust it off, update the notion, the experience and free it from any heavy, needy stuff. Inner peace may be a fleeting thing but it does offer a lot of refreshment when it shows up. Why not clean that space out and prepare for new things to come?

2010 is a numerological 3 (2+0+1+0=3). Three is about expression, bringing things to life, the chaos of creativity, giving birth, fertility, the child and the holy trinity. What will be born this year? I predict a fast pace and lots more change but with the playful quality of the 3. Dynamic indeed...

And that brings me to the other chakra that seems to need balancing en masse; the third chakra. Get some yellow and gold going, place a hand over the solar plexus. Drink plenty of water and let that space settle down. It will help with energy flow, abundance and the facilitation of physical rest.

This holiday season presents us with opportunities to learn more about acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. Good stuff! Something has shifted in the outer reaches of our human family, in a good way. Thank-you Full Moon eclipse in Cancer. Since Cancer is the mother, I think a lot of us are looking or ways to be more tender with the world and ourselves. The last night of 2009 is the mother giving birth to the creative exploration of a 3 year. Let go now of expectations and perfectionist notions that block the experience of what's happening right now. Make space for the life that's forming.

I can't wait to see what happens.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fortune Forecast 12/28 - 1/3


Can you believe it? I can't. Sorry this is a bit of a mess this week, friends. I'm in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. We brought our sickness to my mother's house and none of my relatives wants to come see us! With all the Saturn intensity in the sky, I'm not surprised. This is not a typical Fortune Forecast because 1. the internet is a sketchy thing where I'm at and 2. all this sickness has me reflecting on bodies and how out of control it feels to be a physical being sometimes.

When I was first learning my energy-work techniques (at 22 years old) I thought if I just worked enough energy I would never get sick, experience bad fortune or even die. It wasn't a conscious thought really but now looking back I can see how I believed that being spiritual and meditating would somehow save me from suffering. It seems ridiculous now. As I get older, I see that suffering is inescapable. Sometimes we do all the right things and don't get what we want or expect. 2010 is bound to bring surprises and opportunities. There may be bumbs in the road up ahead but those bumps don't mean that we aren't precious, delightful beings. It's just part of the Earth experience. We try and try to make sense of this place and it remains nonsensical. Perhaps 2010 will push us to continue to work on surrender, acceptance and understanding the right use of will. I wonder...


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Monday 12/28
That's the short of it. See what's great and admire it. Take attention off what is stressful and scary. It really is as simple as that but not easy. It's a practice, a life long practice. Start now and keep coming back to what's wonderful. The good stuff grows under these conditions. And so it is.

Tuesday 12/29
We're dealing with chaos today but it can be a fun and dynamic experience if we want it to be. Chaos is a sign of transition. We're on the bridge to somewhere new. The space of transition is ripe with the opportunity to try new things. Do it. You know you've been waiting for this time to arrive.

Wednesday 12/30
Visualize what you want. Picture it. Add detail is you want and then add the consideration that the universe knows what to bring. Be open to the picture being altered by forces greater than our own. Believe that you can have what you want. It doesn't matter what we create if we don't believe we can have it. Raise the bar now.

Thursday 12/31
Opportunity is here but we have to be open to it. There might be someone in need knocking at the door as well today. Though we might feel low on resources, sharing and working to heal this person will bring abundance and joy. Start saying yes to what comes along even if it looks like something less than stellar.

Friday 1/1
Happy New Year! It's a lovely day to sit back and ponder what's been happening. Perhaps we don't know what we want just yet. Rest now and let the vision take shape. We might feel a desire to pull away and create isolation. Togetherness offers more healing now. Find someone to be close to and connect.

Saturday 1/2
Today is the day for alone time. Even a short bit of a break can help us get oriented to the new year and the shift in energy it brings. Reframe the story. Take out the negativity and see what's golden. It's there. Even the most difficult challenges can be framed as a heroic struggle. Be the hero of your story this year.

Sunday 1/3
Conserve energy and resources today. There's no need for big expenditures. Pause and wait until more information arrives. Keep an eye on impulsive impulses. They are not to be trusted at least for now. See these feelings as information. What are we trying to escape or fix by casting out for something different? Fidn the answer to this question and discover a new source of power.

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Be like the river. Move around obstacles. Don't try and force your will on any space. Trust and let it unfold. Be the magic. You are and always will be!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Happy Holidays! I hope you're feeling good, peeps.

A minor illness has struck our house. It involves vomit, looses stools and lots of laundry. Not really what I had in mind but oh well.

If you've been looking for me for a reading, I apologize. I've been a tad unavailable. I leave with the kids on Christmas day for Santa Fe in my new (used) car. I'm pretty excited to hit the road and visit my dear grandmother. She's been illin' too and I want to see her as often as possible. The trip however makes my availability even more sketchy. I'll be back in action by the last few days of the year and I'll be sending lots of free minutes,, so get ready for those New Year readings.

Some of you have expressed interest in coming to see me in Idaho Springs. Please do come up in the New Year, some morning when the kids are in school. It's lovely. Know that I also have a space in Denver and hope to see some of you locals soon.

Christmas eve and Christmas day both have intense aspects this year. Lots of cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) clashes. That means that there will be power struggles and possible tension. Watch for it and don't take it too personally. Step away from the crazy!

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for what's transpired this year. Though I felt like I was on a sick carnival ride at times, I'm amazed at how much happened and feel hopeful for more. So there it is. In some ways, it feels like the year is ending in a very anti-climactic way. I guess that's why we need rituals. Rituals help us mark the sacredness of things.

Now is an excellent time to create a ritual to mark the scared quality of the season. Even the simple act of lighting a candle and sending a blessing can be extra potent now. Pause and reflect...validate and celebrate.

I hope all is well with you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fortune Forecast 12/21 - 12/27


This week brings the winter solstice and the longest night of the year. It also brings the opportunity to celebrate and connect. Will we play the role of facilitator to healing and the creation of love and joy? Sometimes we long for more love but what we don't realize is that we have love, infinite love at all times. Our bodies are alchemical in nature. These bodies of ours are capable of taking heavy energy in and changing it into something more beautiful. Let's play with that ability this week. Transmute and transform the heavy, negative stuff into something much more It won't happen without effort, but the effort doesn't have to be taxing. Undertake the expansion of love with enthusiasm. It's the best holiday present we have to give.

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Monday 12/21
THE TROUBLE IS AN ILLUSION...happy solstice!
Happy Solstice! This is a very magical day and night. It also has the potential to feel a tad depressing. We have the chance to look back and review the year. How are we choosing to frame the story? Is it a story of hardship overcome or a story of crushing defeat? Let's choose to be the hero. That's right, it's a choice. Rewrite the story now if needed.

Tuesday 12/22
Our psychic abilities are are on today. Dreams offer powerful clues to help us understand the spaces that confound. Pay attention and be willing to respond. Sometimes our intuition pushes us to let go of expectations and plans we're stubbornly hanging on to. Flexibility can serve us well now. Allow for adjustments knowing that letting go IS letting God.

Wednesday 12/23
Delays can be frustrating, especially as we close in on Christmas. The energy is frenetic today, so be careful out there! Stay grounded and just wait. What we want is coming and we don't have to do anything to make it happen. Believe it. It's not that easy to trust but for those brave enough to try, the pay off will be huge. If it's possible, stay out of the fray and hold the space of calm.

Thursday 12/24
Let's free ourselves from the prison of perfection. We all want this time of year to be special. Sometimes our need for special translates into intense control. Blow it up. Blow up the picture of what's wanted and be open to surprises. It seems counter intuitive. We are told to picture what we want and make it happen. Instead, imagine how you want to feel and let the details arrange themselves.

Friday 12/25 Merry Christmas!
A lovely time to get down to the core of what this holiday is about. There is so much beauty visible today. It's everywhere and it can infuse us with vitality. Open up to the magic of giving, connecting and resting in celebration. Yes there's intensity but there's also a ton of sweet moments in store to warm and comfort the soul. Peace on earth!

Saturday 12/26
It's natural to feel deflated in the post-holiday calm. Perhaps it's not calm at all and offers too much stimulation? Either way there's a heaviness in the air today. It can be overcome if it's looked at and dealt with directly. Whatever we think the problem is, is just an illusion. It's just part of the ebb and flow of the energy, so taking it personally would be silly.

Sunday 12/27
As we approach a new year, we have the time and space we need to reflect. As we relax, it becomes clear that it's been a rich year. One of tremendous growth, beguiling and sometimes painful lessons as well as change, some wanted and some not. Who would trade it? It brings hidden depths and strength to the fore.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Wounded Healer

The New Moon in Sagittarius is upon us. New moons can bring out the fears and doubts, so head's up peeps!

Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign. This is optimistic, playful and adventurous energy. The sign of Sagittarius rules travel to distant lands, higher learning and spiritual studies. The new moon might be pushing us to take on a new interest or delve more deeply into an existing passion. Sagittarius is freedom oriented so we might be experiencing a degree of restlessness and dissatisfaction as the new moon energy grows in intensity.

One of the most powerful archetypes of Sagittarius is that of the wounded healer. Archers often have a healing gift to offer the world but find it impossible to apply this gift to their own lives. For example, they can be incredibly compassionate towards the people around them but have a total lack of compassion for themselves.

Sagittarius tends to look carefree. They hide their depression from others. Honestly, there's nothing worse than a depressed Sagittarius (or Gemini, their opposite). A depressed earth or water sign seems more natural but there's something truly awful when fire and air signs get down. We all depend on Sagittarius to bring light to the world, so shine on archers!

So what does it all mean in terms of the new moon? Well, we might have the opportunity now to become more aware of our wounds and how to heal them. We might see more clearly how we offer support to the world but short-change ourselves. We might be confronted with the difference between the idealized version of what we want and what is. We might be bursting with restless energy that needs a healthy outlet. We might be experiencing all of this at the same time!

If there's an area of life that feels stuck or stagnant, now is the time to send out a prayer request or conscious intention for positive change. Sagittarius tends to bite off more than it can chew, so make sure you add to your request that the change you want comes with ease and grace. Spiritual ambition often gets us in hot water as we try to rearrange things too quickly on an energy level. Add ease and grace to your request for change and avoid a healing crisis.

I know many of you are struggling right now and the holidays can amp up the disappointment and anxiety. What can we offer ourselves this season that feels nurturing and validating? Turn that tendency to give to others what is needed at home around now. Give yourself a dose of that magic you so easily and effortlessly give to others.

Let's ask for the most positive qualities of Sagittarius to come to the fore: optimism, idealism, creativity, the quest for meaning, the spirit of adventure, the desire to heal, flexibility, adaptability, joy, celebration, and more.

You can have it no matter what the wound has to say about it...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fortune Forecast 12/14 - 12/20


Whatever we put our attention on grows. That's how powerful we are! So, if you're feeling down and stuck on worries, those worries gain strength. If you look for abundance, it gets bigger as well. What do you want? Start to put some energy behind what's wanted as opposed to what's not. It sounds easy but is it? How often do we spend time imagining what we want and how it feels to have it? Perhaps we imagine what we want and experience a crushing wave of no. Say no to the no this week. It takes strength to keep a dream fed but as we stoke the fires of desire, the flame grows in might.

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Monday 12/14
Sometimes we get so busy, we forget we have physical bodies that need care and attention. Perhaps we can make today a day of celebrating our bodies. When our physical self feels good, it's easier to keep our energy up and easier to manifest some magic. Even a little bit of effort can make a difference. Sleep more, eat better and get out in the sun and the fresh air.

Tuesday 12/15
The end of this particular cycle is bringing out more than a few big challenges. Just when we thought the coast was clear, we suddenly encounter unexpected troubles. It's frustrating because we're tired and ready to move on. Cultivating a calm attitude can help immensely as we use intuition to find solutions and create movement.

Wednesday 12/16
Creativity can be chaotic but that's where we're going to find solutions today. Go ahead and indulge a whim or two. Don't let the desire for order keep the door closed on experimentation. Stop and listen to the urges that have been offering information. Break out of the routine and do something different. A breakthrough is imminent.

Thursday 12/17
We can stick to our responsibilities today or we can choose to take some time off for nurturing activities. All those pressing projects can wait. In fact, we'll be much more able to confront and handle them if we get the boost in energy we need. Go ahead and indulge! It can be simple. It doesn't have to be extravagant but it is important. Go find some fun.

Friday 12/18
This is my old mantra. I used to say it a lot even when things weren't all good. This little phrase, which ultimately became an annoying cliche helped me see the wisdom in the challenge. Now, I offer it to you. That's right, it's yours for the taking. Go ahead and say it a few times. damn if it doesn't lighten up the energy a bit. It IS all good and you can have as much of that sweet goodness as you want.

Saturday 12/19
If you've ever been really hungry than you know how delicious even foods that you hate can be when it's the only stuff around. Perhaps this is a bad metaphor because certainly you're not starving and certainly you have more than the foods you hate on hand but it does make a point. There happens to be lots of deliciousness in your world right now. You just have to taste it and see.

Sunday 12/20
It's time to celebrate a victory. It would be easy to let this moment slide by without acknowledgment or fanfare but that would be a big mistake. When we validate our accomplishments, we get even more great energy for the next project or passion. Go ahead and feel good about you. Relish the victory and bask in it. Create a foundation for bigger success.

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Come back to this moment. Notice what is. As we move into accepting what is happening now, we open to the opportunity to change it. Be with what's lovely in your world. Be with the ugliness. Notice the longing that creeps in, the longing to be someone else, somewhere else, with some other problem. Come back again. Keep coming back because all the good stuff is here and now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Play and the Playwrite

What role have you cast yourself in this week (this lifetime)? Are you a strong, capable protagonist?

Perhaps you're an adventurer, exploring new territory or perhaps you're trapped in a castle with a dragon breathing down your neck. Maybe you're desperately in love with a remote and unavailable beloved, or you're flying solo across the Atlantic. Perhaps you're the CEO of a complicated corporate entity, or a daydreaming artist in a wild, bohemian flat. Maybe you find yourself in a prison of sorts or better, royalty in a prosperous time.

Sometimes we have enough awareness to see the role we've cast ourselves in. The archetypes we play with become apparant in a flash of insight. Those moments are sometimes fun and sometimes painful. If we've been playing a less than savory character, we might have some heavy feelings about it.

What's the play about this week? What role have we cast ourselves in? These are the questions to ponder this week and a step further; can the play and the role be changed if it's found to be lacking?


Monday, December 7, 2009

Fortune Forecast 12/7 - 12/13


Watch out for the desire to act before having all the needed info. Restless urges are intense this week and these urges are pushing us to be reactive and hasty. Slow down! Find distractions if necessary. It's important to be patient and wait for things to come together. They will and when they do the effort and stress will fall away. We can actually use the feelings of effort and stress as a barometer to know that it's still not time to act. The lesson here is that we can push and push and not get the answers we want and need. Sometimes it just takes time for the truth to be revealed. We wouldn't need this lesson if we lived in faith but who wants to do that? Wouldn't it be dull if there were no struggles, no drama? I'll leave that up to you to contemplate.

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Monday 12/7
The energy is a little tough today. It's just not feeling friendly or fun. There is a serious tone to the day and it's almost impossible to avoid. It would be easy to try and figure out why this is happening and what it all means and what needs to change to make things better but in the end, it's just energy and it doesn't have to mean much of anything. This too shall pass.

Tuesday 12/8
Find simple ways to be of service today. Open the heart and express feelings of gratitude and appreciation. This lovely vibe will get amplified and start to take on a life of its own. Think small. Being a good listener or helping to carry someone's bags are great ways to shift energy and create more community. Extravagant is out, so go ahead and put those urges aside for now.

Wednesday 12/9
Magic rests in spaces where we believe it's possible to experience it. If we are closed to the potential, we often miss it when it shows up. Be open today. Let it in. Whatever it is that we are struggling to fix, we can step back and let the healing happen. release the need to steer what's unfolding. Consider that what's wanted is already on the way.

Thursday 12/10
The manifesting potential is huge today. What do we want? Whether it's something big and complex or something simple and satisfying, start putting the list out there! Focus on the most important things on the list and the things that have the most clarity. Start small if you're feeling a lack of confidence. Keep it fun and watch the blessings flow!

Friday 12/11
Passionate feelings cannot be denied or contained today. We might have a judgment on the feelings we're experiencing or a desire to repress these feelings but it's not going to work. If we don't make space for these feelings, they will leak out all over the place and make a big mess. Who needs that? Go ahead and make room to at least consider what the soul is asking for.

Saturday 12/12
The restless feelings grow in intensity today. Nothing seems fresh or exciting. We are confronting an area of our lives that has become a closed system. There's a need to find new energy and inspiration for this part of our lives but where to look? It doesn't really matter where we look, what matters is that we have an intention that creative energy arrives to break up the doldrums.

Sunday 12/13
We have the ability to choose peace in any given moment. Peace is not passive. Peace is an active space, one that requires action on our parts. Sometimes, uncomfortable action. We don't have to choose peace. We can of course choose whatever we want but if we crave peace, it's important for us to remember that it's available and that it's within reach.

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Sometimes we need to distract ourselves from spaces that are stuck and frustrating. It's a challenge to know when to act and when to step back but take it from me...this week, stepping away is a good idea. Look for fun and healthy ways to distract the mind from projects that aren't yielding the desired results. The universe is lining things up and we need to give that process some room to take place. Play hooky with heart.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Leap of Faith Void

It seems that we're all in the leap of faith void these days whether we're experiencing personal turbulence or not (if you're NOT experiencing personal turbulence, I want to know! Write or leave a comment are my new guru).

Remember back to the beginning of the year when I was writing about the energy of dichotomies? Well, we're still grappling with this energy, the energy that seems to split us in two, the energy that makes things seem very black and white.

The last few weeks I've seen more and more of this dynamic in the world and in the people around me. One part of us has complete and total faith while the other half is kicking and screaming about the million and one ways things just aren't going to work out. Most of us are moving through our days and nights with a foot in each space, perhaps sliding back and forth.

As the ego mind becomes less predominant and less necessary it kicks and screams to stay in control. It has a story to tell and that story is one of fear and negative possibilities. This particular time period in our history is (to me) about that part of us losing its dominance. We are shifting into a more intuitive way of being but getting there ain't easy.

You might see one part of your life in complete and total crisis. It's hard not to fixate or obsess about this one area whether it's a job, a relationship, a health issue, family or home. The problem area can seem so troubled at times that it's hard to know what to do. The funny thing is, if you weren't feeling it in one area, you'd be feeling it in another. It's just the nature of the beast these days.

The comforting thing about knowing this is, it helps us all lighten up a bit. We can unhook from the drama when we know that the psychic weather is affecting our perceptions of what's real. If it feels overwhelming or insurmountable, we know we've stumbled into the dichotomy...the split.

Whatever it is that's got you down truly is not as powerful as it might seem.

The leap of faith void is a strange place. It's that zone we end up in when we know we're ready to leave something behind but we have no idea of what is to come.

One reason we may choose to avoid the leap of faith void is that there are just too many possibilities in there. The blank slate is a little too blank, the options too numerous. It's perfect really because that's what I see this time period being about. We're learning to live with uncertainty. We're learning that even when we come up with ironclad plans, they don't always work the way we want and need them to. We're seeing in stark relief that no matter how hard we try and control how change happens in our lives, in the end there's not much more to do than just go with it.

It's in the space of uncertainty that the ego mind turns on and starts humming. In the past, we put on our thinking caps and thought our way through it. The ego mind would show us all the potential problems and we'd respond with a plan that addressed as many of these potentials as possible.

It just don't work no more.

Perhaps we can have a new default when uncertainty arises? Perhaps we can greet it with delight, knowing that this is where the magical surprises come from. Expect miracles not complications. I see divinity asserting its presence more and more here on earth. The way divine energy shows up doesn't look like the picture we have, we don't always recognize it. Sometimes a miracle shows up cloaked in what looks like disaster. We need to investigate it all.

Hope this makes sense. It's freaky cold here this morning. Wow. I'm going to have to get used to this new aspect of reality. The poor rooster down the road is crowing and crowing today. I guess he's saying HELP! IT'S FREAKY COLD OUT HERE!!

I've been noticing some of the flaws of my new reality. Moving is so great! Inevitably, we have perfected ideas about what might happen in our new territory but in the end, it's just exchanging one madness for another. I'm starting to think that's all life madness shifting into another. Where did all the perfectionism come from? Can't we just have fun and let it be what it is?

I'll be getting back to you on that...