Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 2/28 - 3/6


A relationship is getting deeper and more loving. Your beloved wants to give to you, Aries. Be receptive to these gifts. You deserve to be adored, so let it in. As you open up to more love, you might have moments of fear and insecurity. Don’t let your anxiety stop you. Be willing to let down your guard. It’s all about relationships this week, so go ahead and let your attention linger on who is in your life and whom you’d like to add to the mix. Dreams and impressions are powerful now and can help you come up with a new plan of action. Keep pushing against what you think is possible. Open to the miracle energy that wants to infuse your life with hope and possibility. Shake off the cynicism and if you’re having trouble, be willing to actively seek healing and support. It’s there for the taking.


It’s time to weed out some of the ideas you’ve been mulling over that just aren’t going to work. There are amazing opportunities to prosper right in front of you Taurus, but you might miss out if you’re distracted by remote possibilities. A wish can come true. Be ready to receive it, which means opening up. You never know what kind of package your present will arrive in so be willing to investigate everything. A part of you is trying to conserve energy and resources. Be careful not to clamp down too hard because it will choke the flow of abundance energy. Remember that there is always plenty to be had. Communication is an issue this week. Make sure you are understood or problems will arise. Slow down because rushing will create misunderstandings and delays.


An opportunity to expand professionally is coming your way. You have a sense that this opportunity could be really big with time. It’s a little daunting, Gemini but well worth exploring and investigating. A mentor can help provide you with the clarity and focus you need to move forward. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to take advantage of this opportunity once you are reminded of what you know. Friendships are worth cultivating this week. Reach out to those people that have been on your mind. A happy surprise awaits you. Laughter is the best medicine and once you get going, you’ll have a hard time stopping. Amusement can help move you out of fear and doubt and get you ready to take a risk or two. Be willing to explore and meander into new fun.


You’re still looking back at a decision that didn’t create the results you wanted and needed. It’s valuable to reflect but know when to move on, Cancer. Hanging on to this and trying to integrate it into your identity is a terrible idea. You’re not a failure. You’re a pioneer. Pioneers often have experiments that don’t work. Keep moving forward. As you allow yourself to move on, you’ll see that you have a wealth of information to bring to the table of your next project. This will help you feel confident and focused. This new project is exciting and it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone. It will take diligent effort on your part to make the most of it but it won’t feel like effort. Your passion will make it seem like a fun and exciting journey. Get going!


Face that pile of unfinished work, Leo. Your spring fever is out of control and difficult to deal with but if you don’t do the work, it will be very difficult to play. Even if you decide to push it all aside and take a break, the break won’t feel right. It will be impossible to shake off the guilt. The work won’t take long and it will feel so good to get it out of your space. Do it! Passionate feelings are building in intensity. You may not be able to apply that passion to the spaces you most want to change. Find healthy ways to blow off steam while the universe lines up the opportunities you’re looking for. Watch out for cynicism. It brings you down and it’s not really necessary. You are on the way to what you want. See it and believe it. Let go of the need to be in control. It’s not helping.


You’re gong through a lot of changes and it’s starting to get exhausting, Virgo. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, which makes it more difficult to bear. If only you knew that something wonderful awaits you up ahead. You would feel so much better if you knew that things were going work out well. Small pleasures have the potential to get your energy flowing more smoothly and lift your spirits. Make time for taking care of you! An extra 20 minutes of sleep has the potential to completely change the way your feel about your life. Your instincts are powerful this week and can guide you into a more prosperous place. Listen to your body and follow up on hunches. A big opportunity will require quick thinking and a quick commitment. Don’t let your mind cause delays.


Slow deep changes are shifting you into a better place. The problem is, you can’t tell if anything is moving which is causing you to feel impatient and irritable. Chill out Libra! You’re getting there and soon you will see that a long distance was traveled with little to no effort. You’re climbing out of a situation that has caused a lot of confusion and self-doubt. You still don’t have the answers you want but you will soon. Try not to push too hard while you piece together all the clues. Clarity and focus are coming soon. If a door is closed, look for a window. You might be hitting a glass ceiling of sorts. Before you get really, really angry about the injustice of it all, consider that it’s time to move in a new direction. This stopping point might be the biggest gift you’ve ever gotten.


You feel shut out of spaces that you desperately want to belong to this week Scorpio and it’s causing a lot of pain and self-doubt. What if you are being gently restrained by spirit? Is it possible that these illusive spaces are not what you think and that participating in them would be a drain and a distraction? Know that something bigger is working for you even if you can’t see or understand the logic. Though you feel alone there’s no need to be lonely. This too shall pass. This is an excellent time to focus on your own needs and make small adjustments that boost health and wellness. Get rest while you can because you are about to be launched into something fantastic. You might even have an intuitive sense that something big is coming. You’re not imagining it. Prepare now.


You’re worn out Sagittarius and with your energy so low, it’s hard to see what’s great about your life. Remind yourself not to take things too seriously this week. It’s as if you’re wearing a pair of glasses that distort your vision and make everything look terrible. You’re struggling with the urge to isolate yourself as well as experiencing complex feelings about being alone and lonely. It’s difficult to know what to do or how to express your needs. Don’t underestimate the power of rest. It can help a lot! As your energy starts to come back up you’ll feel restless and ready to expand. Though you have many wonderful people in your life, you are ready to meet some new, like-minded folks to play with. They’re out there waiting for you. Breaking up your normal routine will help you find them.


It’s an expansive time in your life Capricorn but with opportunity comes many a challenge. You’re being pushed to dig deeper and find strength and wisdom you didn’t know you had. Your struggles are valuable so hang in there and know that this time period is the foundation for bigger and better things. Your money energy is starting to feel better. Being conservative with resources is paying off now. It’s delightful to discover that you have what you need to make an important investment. If you have time, take a break. Go on a short journey. You will be inspired by a change of scenery. A boost in your creative energy will help you come up with new plans and goals. It will also help you infuse more passion into existing projects, which is always a good thing.


A bright idea is helping you feel excited about your life and your future. This idea has so much passion in it that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to make it real, you have tons of energy to bring to the plate. This new idea is arriving just in time. You’ve been tying up loose ends and making space for something new. This work is paying off. You feel like celebrating and you should. The only thing holding you back is the awareness that there are people close to you struggling. It’s as if you don’t want to be too happy when you’re around them, as if your happiness will offend them. Maybe a more productive approach is to go ahead and create some fun and invite them to participate. Help them find a way out of the doldrums instead of helping them stay stuck. Everyone will benefit.


You are extra sensitive this week, Pisces and may misunderstand someone’s clumsy attempt at a joke. You are easily offended and seem to believe that others are making fun of you when they really aren’t. It’s time to stop taking it all so personally and look inside to find the vulnerable spots that are still sore. There are many unknowns in your world and it’s kind of frightening. Even though you’re not sure where you are, you probably have a sense that you are right where you need to be. You can feel that important things are taking place just beyond your ability to comprehend. Hang in there for the pop and the moment of enlightenment. A little bit of organization will serve you well. You will feel so much better if your external environment feels calm and de-cluttered.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mars Retrograde and The Price is Right

Tech problems suck. I don't quite know what happened to my website but the darn thing has completely stopped cooperating. I do have someone I can call for help but I don't feel like it. What I feel like doing is having the whole thing revamped and building some new, fun stuff like an oracle. My inspiration is Reverend Keith Ruback's Mala Oracle. That thing is cool!

This desire to revamp is very Mars retrograde in Leo. It's as if what once felt satisfying is looking a bit tarnished. Because the retrograde is in the sign of Leo, we might be more conscious of the image we project and changes we want to make in this realm. In my case, the tech problems are only reinforcing a feeling of dissatisfaction (with the site) that's been percolating in the background for awhile. We shall see...

In the meantime, I'll keep posting the scopes here. Look for them on Saturday afternoon.

The energy continues to be intense and as I wrote my 12listen clients last week, relief can be found by coming home to the body and this moment. That article was titled "It's within, not without," and I was pretty pleased with the ideas and information that came through. You too can be on the receiving end of my 12newsletter, all you need to do is get a reading via phone or our new chat service! Once we've connected, you're on my list and are eligible for free minutes and other promotions. Schedule a call and get a discount. Even ten minutes can help shift your energy, attitude and feelings. Give it a wing!

Wow. That little blurb felt like a promo on the Price is Right.

But seriously, what is the right price for health, freedom and peace of mind? I hope you're not using "I can't afford it," as one of your mantras. I tried that one for a while and all it got me was a tight, sick feeling in my gut. Money has energy. Dust off the money space and start allowing more giving to yourself and others. I'm not talking about spending what you don't have, I'm talking about empowering what you DO have by using it to care and love yourself.

Invest in you. Indulge in some pleasure and joy. The retrograde probably has you wanting a new hair style, or new clothes and shoes (Leo...image/beauty/HAIR). Perhaps you've been wanting to take a class or a trip but the energy is so set at "I can't afford it," that you can't push through. Notice the constriction and how it shrivels up the abundance energy. H to the No on that!

We're all longing for spring right about now (the return of the Sun and warmth...Leo). This winter has been one of tough weather and viruses galore (at least in my neck of the woods). It will feel good when things warm up and green shoots start popping up again. I think we can all agree that we're ready for the renewal, innocence and hope that spring brings.

Interestingly, the Mars retrograde winds up mid-March. This long and difficult retrograde has reinforced this year's winter doldrums. When Mars is retrograde it's difficult to find the passion. Since Mars is retrograde in Leo, it's even more difficult to find the passion. Leo is ruled by the Sun so it's no wonder we're all ready for some sunshine. Hang in there! Just about two more weeks to go, at least astrologically.

These days it's ever more essential that we take good care of our bodies. We can't control the difficult energy around us but we can help ourselves manage it with love and self-care. Along those lines, I want to recommend a wonderful site, created by an old friend, Alison Anton. Some of you might remember Alison as the co-director of the WISH Center (this was a healing center started by Alison and me in 2001. Though it was lovely and amazing, I think we both realized that running a healing center was not what we really wanted to do).

Alison has since branched into health and nutrition. Her newsletter and website are packed full of amazing information, so if you're looking to make changes in your relationship to your body, check it out! You can find her at Anton Health and Nutrition. If food is challenging for you, get on her mailing list and visit the site for lots of healing info. I'm so glad Alison found her passion and is out there sharing the info. You rock, girl!

I'm slowly developing my radio show. There's definitely resistance happening on my end. The desire to make it perfect is something I need to overcome (along with some more tech stumbling blocks). Perhaps the Mars retrograde in Leo is fanning the flames of nervousness a bit?

When I write, I often pretend that I'm just writing a letter to one person. This helps me relax and let go of self-consciousness. I realized last night that if I'm ever going to get my radio show together, I'll have to pretend I'm just talking to one person. Hopefully pretending like this will help me get going. It's a conundrum. I want to be seen, I don't want to be seen. I want to be heard, I don't want to be heard. It's a Leo moon thing I guess, (or perhaps it's a HUMAN thing).

I could ramble on and on (SERIOUSLY) but I won't because I know time is precious and you could be out doing something fun and rejuvenating right now. I'll save it for next week.

Until we meet again...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fortune Forecast 2/22 - 2/28


That's right. Moods are information. Confusing at times but information nonetheless. The more range we have with our emotions, the more range we have with our spiritual gifts. This week, the challenge is not to resist the feelings. Let them have space to be. The days of stuffing things down are over. It's not helpful and it doesn't serve our growth. At the same time, we need to find healthy ways to express and release the energy. Exploding on a co-worker or partner can make unnecessary trouble. Feeling irritable is a sign that boundaries need revisiting. Feeling happy and excited is a sign that we should pursue the space we feel excited about. Go towards what feels good and back away from what feels bad. I'm simplifying here a bit but I think you get the gist.

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*The scopes are website is being uncooperative...

Monday 2/22
It's tempting to leap into something before we have the information we need. Impatience is a problem today. When experiencing uncertainty, it's important to slow down and take time to consider the options. We'll have clarity soon. Waiting is worth it.

Tuesday 2/23
It's time for action. Unlike yesterday, it's safe to take a leap of faith today. We're bursting with creativity now. Go after what's wanted even if it seems far fetched and fanciful. As we align with the fire of creativity, others will want to join us in manifesting our vision. Allow the support and be willing to direct others in the creation of it.

Wednesday 2/24
Movement is easier when we relinquish the inner conflict. Most of us live with internal tension. We're so accustomed to it that we think it's natural. It's not and it's a condition that can be changed with consciousness. Today we get a chance to see the rift clearly. This clarity can help us heal.

Thursday 2/25
Something we've been desperately trying to hold together is unraveling quickly. It's time to let is fall apart. Yes, it's scary to allow deconstruction in spaces we value but the fear is unwarranted. Something amazing is percolating and it needs space to be born. Let's allow the process to unfold despite nagging fears.

Friday 2/26
The mental chatter is off the charts today. If we listen to every comment and judgement, we'll find ourselves unable to move and grow. Physical movement and gentle meditation can help us get quiet. Intuition is where it's at now. Trust the gut and go. This is our playground. Let's start playing.

Saturday 2/27
Something that once provided tremendous fulfillment has run its course. It's over and we know it but there's reluctance to let it go. Savor the last drop knowing that new pleasures are being seeded. If we refuse to let go, what was once so delightful will soon taste bitter and empty. The choice is ours.

Sunday 2/28
Yes, yes it will! Sometimes, time is the only answer. Whatever's bothering us today will find resolution whether we stress about it or not. Take a break from the worry and stress. Escape in a good book or movie. Step away from the desire to fix it. This too shall pass. It might be hard to believe from where we stand. Just wait and see.

need help with the energy this week?

Make space for the feelings. Stop the judgment about what's appropriate and what's not. Just feel. Imagine it like water washing over the body. Let the waves come and go. there's just no need to try and figure it out. Experience it. With a little bit of time and quiet, it will all make sense. Count on it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes

I'm moving the scopes to the blog temporarily (or not). Something's wacky on my website and it might take me a bit to figure it out, so look here for the scopes in the meantime!!
*you can still find the scopes on my's just a mess.

February 21st - February 27th


Love is in the air this week, Aries. You’re feeling good and it shows. People want to be close to you. It’s easy to create new bonds and deepen existing ones. An opportunity to make more money is coming your way. A part of you is suspicious because it seems too easy. Put aside your cynicism long enough to give this a real, close look. A situation that’s been unfair for a long time is about to get a healing. Though you’ve learned to grudgingly live with this thing, it will feel oh so good to see a shift into something that’s more egalitarian for all involved. Though the energy this week is pushing you to develop relationships, another part of you would prefer to be left alone. Is there a way to honor the need to connect with the need to retreat? Seek to discover the balance.


You’ve been ignoring your health and trying to finish a big project. You can’t afford to put off taking care of yourself anymore Taurus. You’ll be better able to handle all your responsibilities if you make sure you get rest and the care you need. Don’t let something little escalate and become a big problem. You’re doing your best to avoid looking at a painful issue. The thing is, it’s not going to go away until you take action and address it. If you can just get yourself to look at it, you’ll realize that it’s not actually that scary. There is a depth of wisdom in you waiting to come forward. Sometimes we have to experience pain to have all that magic show up. See your struggles as the gateway to a more authentic and fulfilling reality. Boundaries are important now. Pay attention.


A stranger appears this week offering you something fantastic and magical. You know it’s too good to be true but you can’t help but be seduced. Something important is at work here, Gemini. A dream is getting revived and this is great news. Just make sure to see that you don’t really need anyone else’s help or expertise to do this. See the magical person as a harbinger of what you’re capable of as opposed to someone who will do it for you. Stagnant energies are starting to lift and move which helps you feel freer. Spaces that felt sluggish are getting a lift with no effort on your part. It’s time to sit down and map out the next step. It’s daunting. Can you give yourself permission to go as far as you want to? That is the big question now. The only thing limiting you is you.


A sudden insight has you ready to cast off old ideas and ways of doing things. It’s a very exciting time Cancer and you finally feel like you have the freedom to create something new. You’re not feeling very patient now, but patience is important. Some of the changes you’re making will take time to implement and see to fruition. There will also be surprising roadblocks and delays that challenge your ability to stay steady and get behind what you really want. It’s important to create balance in your life. Though your ambition is intense and occupies the majority of your time and energy, success in one area won’t create the fulfillment you’re looking for. Your personal life needs attention too. Don’t use career ambitions as an excuse to hide from love and the fears that come up when you think about it.


Be prepared to soften up either willingly or unwillingly. Your heart strings will be tugged a lot this week and there’s no way to avoid it. Your emotional body is ready to stretch and expand and in fact, this expansion is way overdue. There will be unexpected and intense shifts of feeling ahead. Someone you love is ready to share a truth and it will take adjusting to on your part. You just aren’t prepared to hear what’s coming but once you have time to get comfortable with it, you’ll see that this is actually a great development. Passionate feelings are building in intensity and you aren’t sure what to do to relieve the pressure. It could easily become irritability, which is not something you’re in the mood for. Stay in motion Leo and let this energy take root.


Mood swings are making it hard to be productive this week Virgo. Maybe the real problem is your need to be productive and whatever you think that means. Ease up on the pressure you’re putting on yourself. It’s not helping. You need space to release old emotional energy. Stop trying to hold it in. You’re trying to avoid the anger that’s been bubbling under the surface for a while now. You can’t hide from it and it can be productive if aired. Find a way to express the disappointment and hurt that fuels the rage. As you allow all this junk to come up and out you’ll be able to raise your ability to create and receive more abundance. This will bring a flood of magic and miracles into your space and reassure you that you’re just great exactly the way you are.


You’ve got a ton going on but what you really need is a break and some quiet time to carve out your next step. Dealing with chaos is taking up the majority of your time and energy, Libra. It’s kind of fun and you’re getting lots of validation for being so clever, energized and resourceful but it’s starting to feel less than satisfying. A new goal is beginning to take shape in your semi-conscious mind. You can feel it growing but have no idea what it is. Hang in there and start to make space for this new project to spring to life. If you have the time and the resources, take a short trip. A change in scenery will help you see something that while obvious, has been hidden from you. Feed the need for freedom or things will get uncomfortable soon.


Tension is growing in an important relationship but even more interesting is the tension growing in you. You seem unable to figure out what position you want to take on important issues. It’s driving you crazy that you can’t stay steady with what you think and believe. The temptation to lash out is powerful this week, so be careful Scorpio. If you give yourself permission to be conflicted, the conflict will dissipate. Move out of the warrior energy. It’s not helping and it’s not really necessary. The unknown is looming and you’re starting to get nervous. Many of the changes you want are unfolding but still, you’re afraid. It’s ok! Welcome to the human race. You need time to adjust before you can settle back into calm certainty. In the meantime, don’t be so hard on yourself.


You are in charge this week Sagittarius and everyone is depending on you for direction and organization. It’s tough and your standards are high, not only for yourself but for everyone else involved. The pressure you’re putting on yourself is intense. Try to lighten up a bit. Once you start having fun with it everything will feel better and more possible. In your effort to do everything well, you might have a hard time delegating. Don’t make this mistake or you will get into a heap of trouble. Your life can be easy this week if you let things progress naturally and organically. A happy surprise is in the works and all you have to do is show up to receive it. Raise your self-esteem higher in order to let the blessings in. It’s a fertile time so start planting the seeds of future dreams.


This is a great week to take a deep breath and get a clear picture of where you are and where you’d like to be. You’ve been working hard, Capricorn and it’s paying off. You are in a wonderful position to advance. Allow yourself a bit of a pause before you get too immersed in the desire to ‘make it happen.’ Your heart is brimming over with love and affection for your family and friends. You are in the mood to tell them all how much you care. This might surprise some of the people in your world who are used to you being a little more stoic. Enjoy their surprised responses. There is a lot of opportunity now to pamper and spoil yourself. Do it. See it as preparation for the next cycle. You want to go into the new space feeling refreshed and upbeat. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Dig in and be willing to defend your ideas and your territory. You won’t like being put in this position, Aquarius but hoping it will all go away won’t fix it. You don’t need to take an aggressive stance to feel powerful again. All you need to do is get very, very grounded. You are not imagining that there is opposition. Good fortune is knocking at your door this week. Opportunities are popping up all over the place.. Don’t make any decisions until you’ve had time to contemplate them all. You might grab something thinking nothing better will come and end up committed to less than what you really want. Expect a happy surprise. It’s on the way though it’s disguised as something less than ideal. Investigate everything before making a judgment.


A wish can come true this week and it will, if you get out of the way. Stop making it so hard, Pisces. You are rich in resources and would be wise to take stock of what you have available. It’s easy to slip into a mindset of not having enough. Be sure you’re familiar with what you do have and the many ways it can be put to use. Healing energies are flooding in. This means that certain issues you’ve been avoiding are unavoidable now. Instead of seeing this as a reflection of what you’re not doing right, see it as an opportunity to free yourself from energies, thoughts and emotions that keep you immersed in heaviness. Meditate on the power of water and let yourself slip through the troubles.


(and may I figure out my tech problems!!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Human

A couple of years ago I was feeling pretty tired. At the time I was taking care of a baby and a toddler and my husband was experiencing intense, professional struggles. For some reason, I didn't equate being tired with what was happening. I immediately thought that something must be wrong with me physically. Why wasn't I more energized? Was it a thyroid issue? Hormones? Adrenal fatigue? It had to be.

I went and had all these tests done and everything looked fine. Better than fine, actually. To tell you the truth, it was deflating.* I really wanted to find a reason for feeling the way I was feeling. I wanted to have a medical reason with a pill or something to make it better. Nope. It really came down to something pretty simple. Get more rest, eat better, drink more water, take a walk here and there and meditate when possible.

How unromantic!

Well, the tired feeling is back and once again, I immediately go to some worst case scenario space about my body. There must be something terribly wrong because I feel tired...

LISTEN WOMAN. You just sold your house and moved your family up to a new community where you're just starting to get to know people and just starting to understand the lay of the land.

On top of that, we're all swimming in a psychic soup of natural disaster, economic crisis, political squabbling, wars and uncertainty about the future. OF COURSE YOU'RE TIRED!!

Life can make a person feel tired! It's hard work being human. Not all the time but sometimes for sure. With the crazy psychic weather we're living with I'm surprised we're not MORE tired.
We've been programmed to think we're supposed to be high energy all the time, meeting life's demands effortlessly and with ease and looking great while doing it. This kind of programming is great for certain businesses (businesses that sell products with the promise of boundless energy and happiness) and crap for us and our bodies.

This is just one flavor of programming we deal with. We might have other levels of programming in addition and contradictory to this. For example, we might have programming that says, "Life's a bitch and then you die," or, "No pain, no gain," or, "You can have it all, if you work hard enough," or, "Taking care of others is more noble than caring for yourself." It goes on and on. Each of us has our own personal cocktail of programming that colors the way we perceive and respond to the energy around us.

In the end, all this programming prevents us from being able to just be...just be a body.

Being tired is the body's way of saying, "Hey there spirit, I'm trying to keep up with you but you're a little too far down the road. Can you come back here and give me a hand as I work through all the energy between me and what you're trying to manifest?"

Tired isn't a problem. Tired is communication. It's the body's way of talking.

It's time to let go of the perfectionism and the expectations that comes from all the programming. That stuff is toxic. Bodies need space to be bodies. Being in physical form means dealing with density and time. It takes time to get from one spot to another and sometimes we have to move through difficult energy to get there. If we really had a concept about how this worked and a way to honor the process I imagine we would all be a lot less tired.

I've been writing a lot lately about deconstruction and the need to find new sources of energy upon which to draw from. It's as if we need a whole new way of perceiving our bodies, the earth and each other. What are we doing here? Are we here to be happy? Are we here to accumulate stuff? Are we here to grow and struggle? Are we here just to be here?

I don't know yet but I do know that this space is in flux.

So the next time you feel tired and start searching for reasons why, slow down and just be. Listen to the body and give it what it needs. Once this sacred space of ours starts to feel better, the rest of reality will shift. This is my promise to you from one who's been there.

Now get some rest!!


*I'm exaggerating a bit here. I was also tremendously relieved to discover there were no physical problems...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Foretune Forecast 2/15 - 2/21


If you've ever climbed a mountain you know how tough those last few steps can be. You see the peak and it looks so close but you're damn tired! Well, that's the kind of energy we face this week. There's just a few more steps to completion but getting enough energy together to get to the top is TOUGH. Don't see it as a race. Pacing is important now and we all need a break here and there for refreshment. The pressure feels intense but the intensity is an illusion. Nothing will be lost by taking time to get there. Remember this and the scenery will start to look and feel better. Enjoy the journey.

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Monday 2/15
A big shift is causing us to rethink our plans and goals. At first it might seem like disaster has struck but if we let the dust settle, we'll see that there are actually some amazing opportunities available now. Be willing to adjust while honoring the inevitable disappointment the arises.

Tuesday 2/16
We can't see it yet but the delays that pop up now are important and helpful. Though many of us are impatient to move ahead, we actually need to slow down today. Being mindful will help us avoid needless mistakes. Just say no to the pressure to move forward. It's not a race. We're all going to get there!

Wednesday 2/17
It's so tempting to get into defending an idea or plan today. The more attached we are, the harder we fight to preserve our vision. The thing is, fighting about it isn't going to accomplish anything. Another day will bring more opportunity, so why struggle for nothing?

Thursday 2/18
There's just no use in trying to force things to be a certain way today. It just ain't happening. It's time to step back, take a deep breath and regroup. There will be frustration no matter what. Expect and anticipate it so that when it shows up, healthy choices can be made.

Friday 2/19
We're confronting the ghosts of our own making today. These ghosts are so sneaky and strange! They distort every interaction, making things seem much more intense than reality warrants. Get to know these ghosts. Stop trying to hide and befriend them. They'll blow away like a puff of smoke as soon as we embrace them.

Saturday 2/20
Something sacred is happening. It's a fragile space but it has the potential to grow in to something lush and amazing. The seed needs protection until it can grow into something stronger and more viable. Protection might include not talking about it and keepiong the attention energy minimal.

Sunday 2/21
It's difficult to tell what's ours and what's not. Everything looks and feels fuzzy. Often, when we have psychic contact with other people's thoughts and feelings, there's a tiny piece of us with the same kind of energy. We can clean out old junk by letting others light up the matching energy and so it is today.

need help with the energy this week?

Get out and play. find something funny and laugh. Amusement works wonders!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fits And Starts

The energy is a bit choppy these days. Thanks to the ongoing Saturn/Pluto square, our carefully, ordered plans might not be coming together quite the way we hoped. I know I've been droning on and on about it but it is one of the biggest spaces of growth and challenge these days.

  • Saturn...father, conservation, responsibility, endurance, authority, structure, ambition, construction, teeth and bones.
  • Pluto...grandmothers, the underworld, transformation, truth, secrets, sex and death, mysteries, unconsciousness, reproductive organs.

These two are heavy as individuals, so when they get into out. I've worked with some very powerful people over the years, so when I get an email from one of them that feels panicky and nervous, I know something's afoot. I've had more than a few "freaking out" emails from people who normally feel steady and confident. There's definitely a crisis vibe in the air.

The nature of current energy is going to make everything feel amplified, positive and negative. There are power struggles erupting that are difficult to resolve and I've seem more than a handful of job situations where the authority figures are bearing down on the staff, making life miserable. If you're not feeling it at work, you might be feeling it in a partnership or in your family. Fun has temporarily taken flight, leaving us with responsibility and a dearth of validation.

What are we to do?


Slow down
Get a little more sleep
Find time to meditate
Snuggle and hug
Listen to beautiful music
Walk, dance, move
Eat well
Drink more water
Read, study and reflect
Languish in the bath
Call an old friend
Host a small gathering
Write about it
Paint a room
Find ways to give
Offer compassion knowing that others are struggling too and may be less conscious of what's happening to them...waking up can be painful

We're still in a lovely garden, it's just stormy out. Can you see the beauty around you? Can you feel it in the ache of not having everything you want? If so, then you're right on track.

We're giving birth to a new way now and the labor is a long and painful one. Whatever you're feeling about your life right now is ok. Make space for those feelings. Getting squeezed through a birth canal is intense. You're not imagining it. Turn back to yourself with kindness and care. Extend it out to the degree that you can. Step away when feeling drained. So simple and yet hard to do.

the revolution is underway...

ps. i'm working on a radio show and would love to do readings on air. i'm going to start by taking questions via email. send me a letter with a question!

pps. the template for the good fortune scopes is toast so i'm going to build a new page. sorry in advance if there's any trouble finding them during the transition. just remember juliastonestreetsmith and you should be fine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fortune Forecast 2/8 - 2/14


It's important to update occasionally. We can tell our boundaries are worn out when irritability and resentment descend. Blow us the old ones and start over. It's okay to have a new plan. The times we're in are awakening us to how we exchange energy with each other. As our awareness of this dynamic deepens, we have the opportunity to create space around our bodies that helps us manage all the intensity. Creating this space can be as simple as imagine a bubble around our bodies. Pick a color that feels rejuvenating and bring it in. It can be as simple as pie or as complicated as the inner workings of a watch. Choose simplicity and feel better now.

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Monday 2/8
It's easy to find a space of neutrality today regarding something that has been troubling and difficult. The relief that comes with this neutrality is refreshing and liberating. It's easier to see ways to move around obstacles and blocks. It's also easier to communicate about thoughts and feelings that have a heavy charge. Enjoy it.

Tuesday 2/9
While not the most exciting space to play in, working to create order will pay off handsomely today. Restlessness is getting in the way of preparing for the next, big wave of creative energy. If we knew what was coming, we'd tackle that pile of loose ends with vigor. Take it from me. Tackle that pile of loose ends NOW.

Wednesday 2/10
Raise the bar, so to speak. Some of us have modified out hopes and wishes...shrunken them so that disappointment can be avoided. Today we can expand past these self-imposed limitations. Entertain a dream or tow that seems unlikely. Play with it like a cat toying with a mouse. Remember whose bigger.

Thursday 2/11
Don't get lost in the details today. It would be easy to get distracted with so many projects needing attention. If we can just get a glimpse of the big picture, the energy needed to accomplish our goals will be there and we'll also have the uncanny ability to know which step to take and in which order.

Friday 2/12
It's suddenly easier to know what's wanted and needed. Everything has become very clear. We also have the energy we need to make things move. Everything in moderation today, friends. There's no need to rush. Trust that it's happening even if there seems to be a lack of effort about it all.

Saturday 2/13
It's happening. Are you ready? We're finally getting the relief we've been wanting and needing. Hold on to your hat! It's intense to push through a space that has felt stagnant and unyielding for quite some time. Freedom is intoxicating so take steps to stay grounded.

Sunday 2/14
Take a step back from worry and doubt. Worry is just another word for invalidation. Don't indulge in it. It's time to pull precious life force energy out of the dark spaces we play in. Find the quiet whisper of spirit. It knows that all challenges can be overcome, perhaps imperfectly, perhaps with struggle. Freedom is nigh.

need help with the energy this week?

Don't hesitate to change the shape of things. If something isn't working, it's time to move on. The desire to make it work, the desire to keep it together will cause pain. Stop being stubborn and let it go. It starts in the mind. It's a choice. Are you going to let yourself dream a new dream or will you continue to cling to something that's on it's way out? Move on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

If this doesn't sum up the Saturn/Pluto square we're living with, what does?

I've got life. Yes. Sometimes, when everything else gets stripped away (Pluto) we can see what's really real. Is it painful? YES. Is it powerful? YES.

Strip it down...down to the bear bones.

Nina can say it better than me. Have a listen.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Fortune Forecast 2/1 - 2/7


Creative energy can be incredibly chaotic. Sometimes we start to turn this amazing energy down, thinking it's not good and that it's too hard to handle. This week, let's work with the energy. Notice the urge to shut it down and keep on going. Equilibrium is possible now. Look to the areas of life that have felt out of control and unbalanced. Focus on order and stability. Perhaps it's time to purge and release? Let go of the junk that's clouding up the view and make space for a new fire of inspiration to blaze up into the sky.

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Monday 2/1
Hang in there! The information we need to make sense of a confounding puzzle is on the way. In the meantime, we might as well put energy into some other spaces and places. Stressing out because things haven't quite come together is a waste of precious, life-force energy. Just stop!

Tuesday 2/2
Everyone is waiting for someone to step up. Why not you? It could be a small gesture or a big gamble, but there's a project, relationship or space that is dying for leadership. That's right it's DYING for leadership. Lend a hand even if there's anxiety to work through. The rewards are many and marvelous.

Wednesday 2/3
This is a big theme here at Leonine Times...relish what IS. It's not that easy. In fact, for some of us it might be a lifelong, spiritual practice. Get into the gratitude, get into the goodness...great and small. The more we look for it and see it, the more of it will manifest. Again, not that easy but why not try?

Thursday 2/4
It's time. In fact it's past time. It's easy to feel manipulated today. These feelings of resentment and irritability are telling us that we need to take a look at our boundaries and update them so that they work in present time. Once we see the gaps, we can take steps to close them and regain inner balance.

Friday 2/5
Get rid of limits and expand. The censorship we apply to thoughts and feelings needs to be lifted today. Even spacing out can help us stumble upon new ways of approaching stubborn problems. As the mind travels through unfamiliar territory, get ready for a revelation or two. Reality is about to change shape.

Saturday 2/6
Be the belle of the ball today. Why not? Let validation and appreciation in. It creates healing and helps us prepare for the next, big manifestation. Don't be too quick to brush off praise. It's well deserved. This is also an excellent day to deepen, intimate connections. Make time for socializing and enjoy what's being offered.

Sunday 2/7
It's hard to move forward with a battle waging inside. Creative energy can do that. The chaos that comes with creativity can devolve into internal strife quickly. We seem unable to follow through on plans because there are conflicting ideas and feelings about what to do. This too shall pass. We might have to write off today.

need help with the energy this week?

Pick your favorite relaxation technique and INDULGE. Make it a healthy one! Imagine surfing the waves of creativity...moments of bumpy, moments of smooth and lots of excitement.