Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Carpe Diem

First off, apologies to everyone who might have tried to catch my guest spot last Tuesday on 12radio. CA Brooks has an amazing show and I was so grateful to be a part of it. The thing is, I should have double checked the time with her. I was two hours off and I just didn't have the heart to send another email.

The schedule on the actual 12radio website so confounding and so frustrating that I had a mini conniption fit and wrote the higher ups a slightly snarky letter about it. I felt a little better after that but still embarrassed about my part in publishing the chaos. That was Monday, Full Moon day and there were some tough aspects astrologically. Oh well.

I've been working like a madwoman on the first radio show. I seriously can't focus on anything else. It has completely taken over my life. I managed to get my husband and children out of the house for a few days so that I could obsess in private. It's been amazing!

After a day of working to learn the technological aspects, I was left with the reality of figuring out content. It's going to take me some time to figure out what this can be but for now I just need to get the first show completed. My goal is to launch on Wednesday, April 7th.

In some ways I feel like this is harder than giving birth to a nine pound baby with no drugs. Yes. I've done that, so I know what it feels like. Unlike giving birth to a baby, this space seems to stretch out endlessly, confounding and delighting me at the same time.

So I'm keeping it short this week because I am OBSESSED with finishing the first show.

The first show is in the can and it will debut on Wednesday, April 7th at 8am pacific, 11am eastern!! I'm going to be hanging out in the chat room at 12radio that morning, so come on over and hang out with me while we listen to the show.

I want to do a Dear Julia type column, where I respond to questions about your life. I figure I can do 3 or so per week. WRITE ME!! Email me some of your questions and I will pick a few and do readings on the show. This feature of the show will debut on April 14th, so if it's time sensitive HEAD'S UP. I will notify you by email that your question has been chosen so you'll be sure to tune in.

I changed my radio show time to 11am pacific for all the late risers...feels better than 8am.

Okay. That's about it for now. I put so much time and energy into the show that I'm a little behind on some of my other projects.

Holy Carpe Diem!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fortune Forecast 3/29 - 4/4


Love is like an ocean and we are the fish swimming in it. Everything we need is available. Sometimes though we get scared and climb into little boats. Then we find ourselves asking "where is the love?" JUMP OUT OF THE BOAT BACK INTO THE WATER. It's just an illusion that we are separated from love and everything we need to survive and thrive...a complete and total illusion. Perhaps we've forgotten how to be fish. Perhaps we've been so interested in making our reality complex that we can't remember how to swim, how to dive down deep, still breathing and float through the magical underwater realms. Let the love in. Be the love. Bask in the love. It's there waiting. Just go.

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Monday 3/29
We'll go around and around and around today ending us exactly nowhere. There's nothing wrong with hanging out in the playground of the mind unless we forget that it's not real. That's when things get painful and scary. Come out of there with physical movement and breath work. It's not real.

Tuesday 3/30
I'm her guest this week and it's going to be GREAT!
3pm eastern * 2pm central * 1 pm mountain * noon pacific
We need to stop today and just be still. It's a lot harder than it used to be. There are a million and one distractions and some of them are darn seductive! Hold still. Important things are happening and we need to be present and paying attention in order to capitalize. Quiet brings a miracle or two.

Wednesday 3/31
Conflict is all around and we may be tempted to jump in in order to create healing. Adding our energy won't help. In fact, stepping away is the best course of action. It's tough to give ourselves permission to not be involved. We might also worry about missing out on something important. There's nothing here but stress and drama. Step away.

Thursday 4/1
The confusion is lifting and giving us a chance to see more clearly. Just in time too because the pressure to choose a direction to travel is getting more intense. It's easy now to see the path ahead and to make quick progress. Communication is easier and things feel lighter. Enjoy the blue skies!

Friday 4/2
It's time to work on peace and healing. The conflict might be internal or it might be something that's affecting our loved ones. We can take the first step and start the process. the only things holding us back is reluctance to be responsible and fear of fireworks. Come back to equilibrium. It's worth a bit of struggle.

Saturday 4/3
Our intuition is powerful today. Don't resist what's showing up. Trying to deny or hide from emerging truths will rapidly get painful. Be willing to entertain the information coming through. The astral plane is a real reality, just as real as our waking reality. Take dreams literally and go from there.

Sunday 4/4
We are vulnerable to self-criticism today and tempted to judge others. It's not helping! Where is the love energy? The energy we need to temper our view of ourselves and the world? It takes bravery to hold the space of love. It's easy to be mean! Be brave and bring in the love. Swim in it, relish it, LOVE IT.

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Keep it simple. Indulge the senses. Work to find peace. Step away from the crazy. Dive back in to the eternal ocean of love.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 3/28 - 4/3

You are being urged to slow down this week Aries. This urging from the Universe is coming through unforeseen delays and glitches. You'll be tempted to try and push through the heavy energy but it won't work. Step away and don't feel bad about it. It's the right course of action at this point. Boundaries need to be strengthened. Protect what you are building. This will require you to see that what you have is indeed valuable even if it's not exactly where you want it to be just yet. Keep an eye on your temper. It will flare, so be prepared with healthy ways to release.

Hold steady this week Taurus. There's no need to step into anything new just yet. You need time to set things up. Proceed at a pace that is comfortable and workable. You've been feeling pushed into things before you're ready. This trend has rattled your foundation and caused upsetting feelings. You can take a break now. A lot of magic is available to you. Open to it. Allow the universe to bring gifts and blessings your way. Be receptive and ready for happy surprises because there are many in the works. You're getting the pay off from seeds planted awhile back. Seeds you almost forgot. Enjoy!

You have so much to feel good about Gemini and yet you find yourself longing for something more, something you can't even define. Is it connection you need? More acknowledgment? It's very difficult to figure out what's missing. Underlying this angst is the need to explore new things. It's as simple as that. You're bored and that can get dangerous. Seek new projects, passions and pleasures. A debate raging in your mind needs to stop. You have the power to put a period at the end of this sentence. Do it and free up head space for things that are more fun and fulfilling.

You've got a lot going on and it's hard to know where to put the focus, Cancer. It's a little chaotic and you may even be feeling out of control. Don't fight the energy that's happening around you. You won't win. Be willing to retreat if you need to, to get your bearings. Financial fears are bringing you down. You're better situated than you think. Step out of the worry. There are invitations to play coming in. Please make time for this! You might feel like you need to keep your nose to the grindstone but you'll actually be more productive if you get out and have some fun here and there. Go play!

Something begins and something ends this week. It's pretty intense Leo and you need to make sure you're nurturing yourself through these big shifts and changes. Though there's immense excitement over the new opportunities coming into your universe, there's also the grief of letting go of something you once held dear. It will be tempting to try and think your way through it. This is a defensive manouver and a way to avoid feeling the feelings. You'll only find more stress in the mind, so do what you can to come back to your body and the emotions that want and need to be released.

You're in the midst of powerful changes and it's hard to figure out just exactly where you're going. You don't need to know yet, Virgo. Just keep going. Work through the fears and doubts that are popping up and have faith that something better is on the horizon. Reach out and ask for support. You need it and your loved ones want to help. You don't have to do this all by yourself. You're about to be recognized for your hard work and dedication. This victory will help you recoup much needed life force energy and have you ready to take on new challenges. Bask int he glow of the praise coming your way.

You're driving yourself crazy Libra! You don't have the degree of control over you life that you want this week. What are you going to do? Spend all your time struggling and lamenting or are you going to just go with it? A project you hold dear has hit the wall. No amount of pushing will get it moving again. Though it seems counter-intuitive, you need to step back, take a deep breath and get a fresh perspective on it. Listen to your heart. The answers are in there. Your mind is not helping. There's a lot of distortion, making it impossible to get creative or maintain a shred of optimism. This too shall pass.

It's hard to move forward when you're in a space of non-forgiveness. You're holding tight to a wrong and it's rapidly becoming a problem. You might think you have valid reasons to hold tight to this, Scorpio but it's becoming toxic and it's keeping you from moving ahead. It's time to find a healthy way to vent the pent up feelings you're experiencing. It's okay to let this go now. A sudden vision is showing you a new path. It's exciting and frightening at the same time. Give yourself time to get your head around what's starting to unfold. It's stunning and you're ready.

Fears are potent this week, Sagittarius. You're seeing shadows and phantoms everywhere and it's enough to make you want to crawl back to bed and hide. Most of what you're seeing is not real but what does that matter when it feels very real? It's hard to know what to do or where to go now. Perhaps the best move is to do nothing? Opportunity is coming your way. Wait for it. You don't need to make any big decisions just yet. Hold still. Trust intuitive impulses even if they run counter to what you want to see and believe. Be willing to entertain new ways of looking at the same old problems.

A big change has you wondering which way is up and which way is down. You had a sense that this was coming Capricorn but now that it's here, it's disorienting and the feelings are a tad overwhelming. Don't fight what's unfolding. Magic awaits you! You've built an amazing foundation and can rest on that foundation as the change plays out. Don't worry about doing, just be. It's a challenge! You've built a life on getting things done and making it happen. That's not going to work right now. Unlearn it. The more flexibility you cultivate now, the better.

Staying in control of your feelings is something you're good at, Aquarius but that doesn't mean it's always a good thing. Cut loose this week. Forget about what you look like and just be. Can you relax into the passion that's pushing you out of your comfort zone? You keep trying to join a group that doesn't want you. You wouldn't want to be a part of this if you knew what it was really about. Let it go. Open to something more fitting. It's time to start channeling your energy into areas that are really beneficial for YOU. Again, forget about what it looks like. Pride is a problem you don't need.

Mood swings can help you find more freedom if you stay out of resistance and make room to experience them. You are on the verge of discovering something wonderful. Are you ready Pisces? Healing energies are washing over you and opening old wounds. You are vulnerable now and might misinterpret or misunderstand your loved ones. Be prepared and stay centered! It's an excellent time to take a class or take up a new study. You are ripe for learning and will make quick progress. You might also be called upon to teach what you know to others. This will help you see your own wisdom, which is always a good thing.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leonine Times Live!

That's the NEW name for my upcoming, ever emerging radio show. I know, I know...I keep talking about it and have yet to deliver. It's coming soon...I can feel it.

Something is happening to me, my friends. Something wonderful.

First of all, the energy around the show has been shifting and getting a lot more fun. I'm starting to tap into my creativity and let go of the effort and that dreaded perfection. For a while there, I felt like I was staring into a void. I just couldn't see it or get a sense of it and it did not feel fun. Now it's starting to come together. I've even been dreaming about it at night.

I'm slowly figuring out some of the technology and I also made a new friend, the lovely Kristi Walsh of SURFING THE PSYCHIC WAVES. Her show is on Fridays at 8 am pacific, at I started listening to her show before I met her and it was one of those moments when things just popped. I love the whole vibe of the show...the music, the playfulness and the information coming through. Listening to Kristi has helped me see the possibilities, the creativity and the freedom.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she emailed me and asked me if I wanted to contribute a segment to her show called the Weekend Surf Report . Not only was I honored that she thought of me, it seemed pretty cosmic since I was resonating with her radio vibe so much.

It's been an amazing and fortuitous connection so far. We meet via Skype every week to record the segment and chat. It's so great to have a new, psychic friend to talk energy with. It turns out we're both graduates of the Berkeley Psychic Institute so we speak the same language, which is awesome. She's become a radio mentor, offering lots of encouragement and helping me get more clear about what I'm crafting over here. GOD BLESS YOU KRISTI! I love it when the Universe sends the kind of help we need when we need it.

Then yesterday, the amazing C.A. Brooks wrote and asked if I'd like to be her guest next week, Tuesday 3/30 at 11 am pacific on her show Simple Tales. Huh? When did I become such a desirable radio guest/contributor? Some of you might be familiar with CA because she writes the fantastic Week Ahead column in Mark's Power Peek. She's a damn good Astrologer (puts me to shame) and a great writer and I can't wait to see where our interview goes. I'll be reminding you to check it out next week.

One of the unexpected benefits of this particular journey is that I have begun to tap back into my love of music. I don't know when I stopped listening, but somewhere back there, I fell off the music wagon. Perhaps it was when the CD player broke and I just didn't feel like getting a new one. Or perhaps I just got busy and left my favorite tunes behind. I'm not sure and it really doesn't matter. Working on the radio show has me looking at music and the energy behind it. Music can really move us into different spaces and I'm excited to have a chance to play in this realm. YAY!

Thank goodness the Sun moved into Aries. I credit this shift with giving me a shot in the arm. Are you feeling it? Is your creative energy starting to spike? Are you feeling more ready and willing to take risks? JUST DO IT.

Come listen to Kristi this Friday and check out the Weekend Surf Report. We are having so much fun.

And hopefully soon, I will be debuting LEONINE TIMES LIVE, continuing the exploration of the same kinds of ideas and themes we play with here on the blog. My spot is Wednesday at 8 am pacific, so stay tuned.

I'm snowed in with the kids today as I put the final touches on this article. Wishing I could climb back into bed and dream the day away but the little ones don't seem to understand that concept just yet...BUMMER!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fortune Forecast 3/22 - 3/29


You know which one I'm talking about! Do something small to make it more real. When fantasies languish too long, they start to create pain. They shift from offering a lovely escape to being a reminder of what we don't have. There is a seed in that fantasy space, a seed that can lead to greater fulfillment. When planted, the seed might grow into a tree that looks nothing like the original dream. Who cares if it feels good? And it will! Start researching or make a phone call or two. Take action to make the dream come down. There will be nothing to regret by taking action. The only regret will come from doing nothing and continuing to keep this cloud at bay.

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Monday 3/22
Oopsy daisies!!
Seeds are growing and taking root and popping up through fertile ground. We might not have everything we want just yet but we're starting to see progress and it's enough to lift our spirits and inspire us to keep on. Let the effort drop off and replace it with inspiration. Get ready for a surge of growth, abundance and expansion.

Tuesday 3/24
Our thoughts have power today. If we expect disaster, disaster will come. If we expect goodness, goodness will come. It might take a dash of discipline to keep our thoughts on the positive end of the spectrum. Don't worry about sliding, just keep coming back to the vision of what's wanted and desired.

Wednesday 3/25
It's time to let loose. Let it all out. Something heavy has been pressing down on our hearts and it needs to come up and out now. There's no reason to get out of control or behave in an unruly manner. Challenging thoughts and feelings can be released with grace.

Thursday 3/26
It's just not the right time to make big decisions. We don't have the information we need. It's frustrating but if we can settle into the confusion and just let it be, everything will be all right. That feeling of impatience is the bigger problem now. We won't miss anything by waiting for clarity.

Friday 3/27
We are generally mindful or what's in front of us but what about behind? Something is sneaking up and it's hard to get a sense of it. It will especially difficult if we are spacing out. Wake up and see what's happening today. A slow drain on our life force energy is a big problem. See and correct it now.

Saturday 3/28
Everything looks rather dull and uninspiring today. We can look from another angle if we want to. Happiness is for the brave. It takes work to find fulfillment. We can get there if we simply adjust the way we're looking at the challenges in front of us. Replace the idea of problem with opportunity.

Sunday 3/29
It's time to lay down the sword. We've been fighting a battle internally that just can't be won. It's tearing us up and it's time to stop. Could it just be boredom that creates this terrible dynamic? Our creative energy wants something to tackle. Let's take ourselves out from under the scalpel now.

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Dreams and fantasies have themes. If something keeps coming up, no matter how outlandish it is, know that seeds and clues are hiding there. Look for overarching themes and decide to explore those recurring ideas, even just with small and innocuous movements. Sometimes radical action isn't necessary. All we need to do is add one little joy and everything else balances out. It's more simple than we allow it to be.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 3/21 - 3/27

Follow the passion even when it threatens to careen you right off a cliff, Aries. This week, you energy is so intense and so high that you will feel out of control. There's no doubt about it. Don't even think about trying to repress it. There's nothing you can do but go with it and trust that it is taking you somewhere magical. Tie up looses ends when you have the chance. You'll be grateful later on where there is no time for such things. Mood swings are powerful and you're not sure what it all means. Stop trying to figure it out and just be in it.

Sudden clarity is helping you make peace with recent difficulties. You're starting to see the gift in what's been happening lately, even the uncomfortable stuff. You're still in the midst of grieving a situation or a relationship that didn't work out the way you'd hoped. There may even be a part of you still hanging on. It's okay Taurus. Let yourself have more time to work through it. Patience is your best friend now. The more space you give yourself to be where you're at, the more quickly you'll find yourself somewhere brighter. One step at a time...

Pace yourself. There's just no way to make things move faster and trying is going to get painful quickly. You absolutely need to trust the process, Gemini even when it looks like things are going awry. Healing energies want to come into your body and wash away old pain. Make time and indulge in activities that facilitate the healing. Some of what's unfolding might not look like what you want. Go with it. Soon you will see a spurt of growth in all the projects and relationships you've been carefully cultivating. It's coming soon and it will wash away all the lingering doubts and fears.

A recent disappointment is affecting you more deeply than you think it should. It's not so much what's happening now, Cancer. You are tapped into a very old wound and that's what makes this situation seem so intense. Feeling of failure are hard to shake off. You simply can't see what's amazing about you and your life right now. A power struggle between you and someone you count on for support has you feeling lonely and misunderstood. This is a good time to step away and regroup if you can. Make rest a top priority. You'll feel instantly better if you just hit the pause button for a bit.

It's time for some soul searching, Leo. Review and renew the agreements that are important to you. There may be one or two that you can't escape. Do some healing on these important bonds so that they are more tolerable until freedom arrives. You have more power than you realize. focus on your abundance and the beauty in your world. Small improvements serve to remind your spirit that you are royalty! A whole new world of opportunity is starting to open up. Get ready for bigger challenges and bigger rewards. It's natural to feel nervous when on the cusp of greatness.

A big shake-up has you worried. Things look a little crazy right now but soon everything will settle into a shape and form that is ripe with new opportunity. The thing you might not see is that you are rich with abundance and magic this week. You don't have to work so hard Virgo. What you want is on the way! It's very difficult to see this when there is major drama happening around you. A burst of creativity will help you slither and slide through the trouble to a place of victory. Let good things come to you. Be a magnet and draw it in.

You've got a lot to be grateful for, Libra but what good is all the abundance without someone special to share it with? Feeling of isolation and loneliness are a problem this week. Get out and mix it up. You have charm and charisma on your side. It won't take much to forge new and fulfilling connections. It starts with willingness. As your heart opens you'll see your precious stockpile of resources growing and expanding even more. Be prepared to step up and take a leadership role when called upon. Though you're slightly reluctant to take it on, it'll be incredibly rewarding.

Heavy feelings have you unsure of what to do. Perhaps you need a little more time to sit with everything that's happening, Scorpio? There's no need to be reactive or decide things in haste. Give yourself the gift of time. An old wound has come to the surface. It feels disappointing to have to revisit something you thought was resolved. Just because this is popping up doesn't mean you haven't done tremendous and valuable work on it. See this as an opportunity to validate your healing abilities as opposed to seeing it as a failure. A quest will take you far and open you to new joy. Go!

A whole new world is starting to unfold, Sagittarius. You have a sense that big things are in the works though you're not sure what exactly. You might even be slightly nervous about it all. This is a good sign that you are on to new and brighter challenges. Make sure you get out and take advantege of every social opportunity. There are important connection to be made now. Things are a bit chaotic. Do your best to stay grounded and in motion. Let all that energy flow through you and stay smooth with it. Mundane details need to be addressed before they snowball into major problems. You can do it.

Slow down, Capricorn. You are verging on total chaos. If you just stop and take a few deep breaths and make a list or two, you'll be able to create a new routine, one that helps you get more done with less effort. Relationships are more interesting than work right now. Don't make it a problem. You've been lonely for quite a long time and now that your social life is getting interesting, you should and need to indulge. Express appreciation generously. Validating others is enrichment for the world. It's time to wear your heart on your sleeve. It takes strength to be vulnerable.

A sudden revelation is so simple and profound that you can't believe you didn't see it before. This insight can help you rearrange things and achieve simplicity and efficiency. What a relief after a period of struggling with complexities and conflicts. You passion for life is so powerful now that it's inspiring others to take chances and go after secret dreams. Watch out for a little bit of backlash coming from that bright mind of yours, Aquarius. Perfectionism is not your friend and ally. If anything, it prevents you from being creative and trying new things just for the heck of it.

You are on fire this week Pisces, which is a good thing and a bad thing. You can accomplish a lot with all the energy running through you but you're also prone to fits of anger and frustration. Do what you can to cultivate a sense of calm and amusement. It will be tempting to burn a bridge or two. Make sure you're fighting a battle worth fighting. You're in the midst of a huge change and may have no idea where you are in the process. It's disorienting and perhaps frightening. Nothing less than freedom is at stake. It's not about the circumstances of your life. It's about how you perceive those circumstances.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Star - Thirteen 1972

rest in peace alex chilton. you were part of my life '90.
rock on influential rocker.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fortune Forecast 3/15 - 3/21


Power struggles are likely this week, along with feelings of rejection and extra sensitivity to criticism. You might be wondering what's good about these kinds of conditions. is our chance to change the agreements we have with others that allow certain kinds of bad behavior to flourish. We are getting more conscious of how things work, the subtle permission we give to others to either treat us with respect or not. Part of what we're seeing now are the many ways we also manipulate others or refuse to give them the credit and support they deserve. It's a two way street and we can start by taking care of our side first. Nothing major needs to happen just yet. Waking up to what's happening is big enough for now.

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Monday 3/15
We have to get more in touch with our feelings if we want to experience success today. No amount of thinking will get us where we want to be and thinking too much can in fact, increase anxiety and fear. Step away from whatever it is that's causing the mental stress to build. Step away.

Tuesday 3/16
If there's an area of life that is getting most of our attention while other projects and relationships languish, now is our chance to create healing. It's time to redistribute our energy and attention. There's a problem brewing in the background and if we take time now to work on it we'll avoid bigger troubles down the road.

Wednesday 3/17
There's a lot going on and it's hard to figure out what to do and in what order. Tap into what is wanted and desired and go from there. Let the innocuous stuff go for now. We can make a lot happen today if we focus. It will take a certain amount of discipline to allow ourselves to let go of what's not wanted. It's totally worth the effort.

Thursday 3/18
Dreams, impressions and gut feelings are very important today. Be open to the messages coming through. Sometimes we resist these messages because they run counter to what we want to believe. It's our job to be open to what's true. Be willing to relinquish an agenda that's not working or a story that just doesn't make sense.

Friday 3/19
A wave of creativity is upon us. This energy can feel disruptive at first. It's hard to know what to do with it. Staying in motion can help us integrate this energy in a positive way. If we aren't careful, we could easily end up feeling frustrated and angry. As always, the choice is ours.

Saturday 3/20
Though it might look like nothing is really moving or changing, there is tremendous growth happening under the surface. We need to trust in this and let go of impatience and the pressure to do more to push things along. The seeds have been planted. Continue to cultivate with care and watch the abundance grow.

Sunday 3/21
It's time to start setting a new cycle in motion. We're back to the eternal question..."what do you want?" Take some time over the next few days to daydream, fantasize and sort through possible scenarios. Take the limitations away and push out. Push out and let the dream expand. Let's not impede what's possible.

need help with the energy this week?

This is what my little brother says to my kids when they are about to burst with unhappy emotion. Let it all out. Don't try to hold it in. There are valid reasons to be disappointed this week. As we struggle in certain relationships, we might feel like trying to hide our feelings, or pretend that we don't care. These old choices just don't work anymore. We need to make more space for the range of feelings moving through us. Do it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 3/14 - 3/20

You are being forced to surrender, Aries and it's extremely uncomfortable. Just the idea of having to give in is driving you nuts. Could it be that giving in will actually bring you closer to victory? Ponder this idea. You are restless and in need of new spaces to explore. Make time for this or you risk creating trouble where there need be none. You are rich in resources and support. Let the knowledge of this bring comfort. Don't hesitate to ask for help if and when you need it. A collaboration is about to get under way and the fun you experience in the midst of it will give you a big healing.

This is not the easiest time period, Taurus. Powerful forces are lining up in your favor and pushing you to make changes that are overdue. You've been hanging on to something thinking it would bring satisfaction. It hasn't up to this point and that's not going to change. Can you let go and allow something new to take shape? Do it! It feels like you're all alone these days but there is a ton of spiritual support. Let divine energy in. You've earned the respect of many and are now being called upon to share what you know. Teaching and being a guide will boost your spirits and remind you how powerful you are.

Fears are potent this week and slightly distorted. You have a sense that you're making a mountain out of a molehill but it's hard to stop. What is driving the darkness? Look for the little lie in your space and clean it out. This lie is telling you something about you that just isn't true. Get rid of it! A partner is offering comfort and solace. Relax and rest in the space of love. The people around you are trying to recognize your efforts. Can you let the validation in? A new chapter is beginning and it's an exciting one. Shore up your self-confidence so that you can get off to a great start.

It's a little intense this week, Cancer. You can't seem to stop thinking about a situation you have little to no control over. The more you think about it, the more anxious you feel. Find a way to meditate and clean out the fear. If you can step out of the distortion, you'll find that there are many solutions to the problem that you just didn't see before. A person you love dearly is behaving badly. It's not personal though it feels like it. It's time to shore up your boundaries and do what you can to step back. There's just no way to make things better except by taking care of yourself.

You're bursting at the seams with life force energy and creative passion. What are you going to do with all this energy, Leo? Find outlets or you might devolve into irritability and impatience. This is an excellent time to take up something new and exciting whether it's a job, a relationship or a hobby. Capitalize on the desire to experiment and the lack of fear in trying. You're coming to a crossroads and might be feeling unsettled about which direction to go. You don't need to choose just yet. Let more information come your way. It won't be hard to choose if you give yourself time to get there.

Something has you spooked this week, Virgo. Your fears are potent and difficult to snap out of. Part of the problem is that you're just plain tired. Work has been difficult and there hasn't been a lot of encouragement or validation. It's coming, so hang in there. Stop being hard on yourself for whatever you think you did wrong. The energy of forgiveness can help you shift out of the self-critical thinking that is bringing you down. Your abundance energy is about to come up. You can prepare for this by giving more to yourself. extra rest and some simple pleasures can help a lot.

There's a moment coming this week that is so rich and potent, it will change your course and your outlook. Get ready, Libra. You're about to see how truly blessed you are. It's time to tackle a project that has been causing fear and doubt. You have the skills you need to make it work. Part of the challenges is learning how to delegate. You simply can't do it all on your own. As you take steps into this new challenge, you'll find the clarity you need to take the next step. It's time to clear your space and change a few relationship agreements that have held you back to long.

It's hard not to get angry this week, Scorpio. You've been putting up with an unhealthy dynamic for so long, that you've just run out of patience and the hope that things would change on their own. The anger can help you clean out old vibrations of energy that don't work. Get out of your own way. You may feel like you're being shut out of something you desperately want to belong to. It's partly just illusion and partly a reality. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes you would not want to be a part of this. Have faith that your spirit is protecting you from something unpleasant here.

You keep flitting from one space to the next, never really digging in. It's hard to find any depth while you're in this particular phase, Sagittarius but it is a great time to discover new, potential passions. If you want to experience more peace, you need to take steps to make it happen. If there's something you need to get off your chest, if the air needs to be cleared, do it now. Mood swings are potent and they're trying to show you a new path. Will you listen and respond? If it feels good, go forward. If it feels bad, step away. Keep it simple and stop trying to make sense of it all. You're going to make it.

Make time for contemplation this week, Capricorn. You're operating off old information and need to come into present time. Certain projects have been difficult to confront and move forward. If you step back and try to gain a fresh perspective about why you're involved in this and what you really want to get out of it, you'll find a way to things moving again. Be patient even though you feel like you've been patient enough already. You're on the verge of an important breakthrough though you don't know it yet. Find healthy outlets for feelings of frustration to keep drama from exploding.

A relationship feels like a distraction. Go ahead and be distracted, Aquarius! You're loathe to let feelings and other such much keep you from everything you want to accomplish. This perception needs to change so that you can freely experience the expansion of love in your life. There's pressure on you to compromise at work in a way that you know is not good for the long term health of an important project. Do what you can to resist the temptation to agree to something so ridiculous. The pace is picking up and you need to stay centered in order to make the best use of your time, resources and energy. You can do it!

A big idea has you excited and inspired. It might take time to get this new thing going but the good news is, you'll enjoy every minute of time you spend on it, Pisces. You've been waiting for something new to show up. Well it has and it's here. Other areas of your life are confusing and riddled with trivial troubles. Before you confront what's not working, let a little more time pass. Time will help you see the most effective way to take action. Your abundance energy is coming up and you can expect a few unexpected and joyful money surprises this week. Be generous and more will come.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fell On My Own Sword (sort of)

Remember last week, I wrote an article about male energy and the changes that are happening in that space? I referenced one of my favorite new shows...Spartacus, Blood and Sand?

Well things got nuts when it comes to me, my inner gladiator and TV. As the Mars retrograde wound up (it ends today in less than an hour!! To celebrate we're having a sale on readings at 12listen. Come see me!!), I found myself experiencing big surges of energy. These waves of energy felt primal and warrior-like. I needed an outlet and I found one.

When I moved up here, I got a new TV service provider. When I signed up, I was promised all kinds of discounts and rebates. After taking a close look at the bill three months into the service, I realized there were no discounts on the bill. Granted, it took me three months to get around to addressing this problem...MY BAD.

I call up to have a chat about what can be done. I'm thinking in this day and age, customer retention is a priority, even for a big behemoth like this particular company. What happened next was truly spectacular. I got the angriest customer service rep possible. I knew immediately that this lady was not going to yield to my demands. She was totally rigid. She informed me that I never jumped through an internet hoop so that there was no discount for me. Time had run out and I was stuck paying the higher bill. The service provider/customer service rep was acting like me, the customer, was an enemy to be defended against. Huh? What happened to negotiating? What happened to trying to work problems out? It was as if in that moment, this service provider went into defense mode, the walls came down and there was only the energy of NO.

It totally blew me away and combined with my need to find a battle to fight, things deteriorated quickly. I started to ask for a supervisor. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and then hung up on me. Now I was FREAKING. I called back and got a really nice guy but it was too late. I ranted and raved and even though he offered to try and make things better I had already decided to leave.

In haste, I called the competition and signed up for new service. No way was I going to spend another penny on a company that was treating me this way. I was feeling pretty smug about the whole thing until I called the first company to officially cancel service. Here's the kicker...I was under contract with the first company and termination meant paying a fee for every month of the unfulfilled contract. WHOA. I vaguely remembered this whole contract thing now that I was being reminded of it. Reluctantly, I realized that I would be giving the first company more money, that somehow in the midst of this tussle, I fell on my own sword.

Things got even crazier on an energy level when I started googling this company and reading horror story after horror story about people trying to get out of their contracts and money being taken out of bank accounts and refunds never appearing. I got into such a tizzy over this whole thing that it affected my mood for a day and a half. I just couldn't shake the anger. I finally had to sit down and do a meditation on the energy between me and this company. That snapped me out of it and helped me find my amusement again.

By the time I was calm again, the first company called and started offering me all kinds of discounts and incentives to stay. HUH? Why didn't you guys try to negotiate with me before all the crazy escalated? I told the very nice lady that it truly was too late now and that I was probably in a new contract with my new service provider and that leaving would probably be more of the same. I let her know that even with the cancellation fees from her company, I would still be paying less for the new service. I acknowledged that I had lost my cool and that perhaps things would have been different if I had been able to stay calm and if I had gotten a different customer service rep. It was a perfect storm. I took responsibility for my part and let it go.

There are two points I'd like to make here:

1. Our energy can influence an outcome. If I had been able to hold my space, I might have been able to negotiate a deal before things went off the rails...I say MIGHT because...

2. Big companies ARE being more rigid these days. This company treated me and hundreds of others (that I found via the internet) like naughty children that need to be schooled. Even if I had been able to stay cool, I'm not sure they would have worked with me until it got to the point where I was literally walking away. There's a total lack of heart energy these days in the way big corporations operate. I imagine it's a Pluto in Capricorn thing...Capricorn is the tough Dad, Cancer (the opposite) being the loving mother.

I wonder if the recent shift of Saturn into Libra will help bring a sense of fairness back as well as the drive to be more customer oriented? Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) in Libra pushes us to look at how to meet the needs of those closest to us. Relationships become more important during this transit and a savvy company would see this trend and get on board.

We shall see.

* The only real tragedy here is that there's no more Spartacus, Blood and Sand. It's not part of my new package and I'm not going to order it. So, Spartacus...I just want you to know that I'm going to miss you. You've shown me that sometimes even fighting the good fight ends up a mess. You've been truly entertaining and thought provoking. I'll be waiting for you on Netflix.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fortune Forecast 3/8 - 3/14


There's a lot going on behind the scenes this week. Our minds have no ability to understand the riddles and mysteries we're encountering. It's time to trust the gut. We might have a tendency to see problems and complications where there are none. Stepping away and taking a deep breath can help. Whatever looks bad isn't really worthy of attention. If we insist on dwelling on it, we'll miss out on moments of ripe happiness. Every moment offers us choice. When we remember this we experience freedom. When we forget, we end up between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Choose what's wanted and pull energy out of what's not.

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*below this post...

Monday 3/8
Try to put off big decisions and commitments until clarity arrives. We feel flustered and pressured to choose something but we don't have the information we need to make an informed decision. Step out of impatience and wait. The answers are on the way.

Tuesday 3/9
A surge of energy and action is beginning to take shape. We can feel a degree of intensity building inside us. This intensity needs to find healthy expression or it might make trouble. Feeling irritable and looking for a battle to engage in are signs that a wave of manifesting is about to roll by. Surf it!

Wednesday 3/10
A plan we've been stubbornly defending is about to get cracked apart, leaving us free to explore many other possibilities. It might not feel that great when it's happening. It's important that we cultivate willingness to change direction. It's funny how we get in our own way sometimes. I'm laughing, are you?

Thursday 3/11
We are not being left out when it comes to wealth. It might feel like it sometimes but we're all wealthy. We're all capable of manifesting what we need. We all have profound gifts to offer the world. This is true wealth. When feeling cut off from the endless stream of abundance, jump back in the ocean.

Friday 3/12
Try not to resist the feelings today. They are powerful and seemingly nonsensical but when we give them space to just be, answers and insight come with them. Part of what we're seeing now is something we've been hesitant to acknowledge. The truth will set us free. Go ahead and look into the abyss.

Saturday 3/13
It's important that we celebrate our victories. We don't nee to do anything nuts but we do need to pause and let the good vibes in. If we push past these opportunities, we miss out on a chance to rev our engines up for the next leg of the journey. Stop resisting validation. It's essential to the well rounded spirit.

Sunday 3/14
There's no way to push down the intensity that's building internally. Trying is not only foolhardy, it could be harmful. The passionate energies that are building up inside need to find expression. This stuff isn't going to go away. It's also not going to cause any harm if we choose to honor it.

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We don't need to be graceful as much as we need to be willing. It's ok to stumble down the road. Allow for experimentation, awkwardness and feelings of vulnerability. This is how we charm others and forge alliances. Perfection is not a friend this week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 3/7 - 3/13

It's time to get grounded, Aries. You're reluctant to let your energy get too heavy, but you could use a good dose of earth energy right about now. The alternative is chaos. The levity that you think is creativity is actually dissociation. Come back! Watch your back this week. Someone is angling to get something you have and this person is very subtle in their manipulation. You'll recognize the impending threat if you're centered and rooted in your body. Know that stagnant energies are lifting out of spaces that are important to you. You're about to experience a period of acceleration, so get ready for a wild ride. Stay loose and go.

You've been waiting for things to change, Taurus but what you want is not coming together. You need to take a bigger role in creating what you want. Affirmations and intentions are great, now you need action. Don't hesitate to get more involved and engaged in life. An old wound has you feeling vulnerable and exposed. Don't let these feelings prevent you from asserting yourself. You can use these uncomfortable feelings as motivation. Ask for what you want! Insights and ideas are coming fast and furious. You're starting to see that there are many paths to fulfillment which feels refreshing after a period of feelings stuck. It's time to celebrate!

Relationships are important Gemini. You're not in this all alone! Make time to connect even though there are pressing responsibilities. The refreshment you find in community will help inspire and motivate you to even greater action. You are bursting at the seams with creative ideas. It's hard to focus with all this energy coursing through you. Physical activity will help you get into the flow. Stay in motion. Big opportunities are starting to take shape. Hold out for what you really want. It's time to take more ownership of your destiny and how it unfolds. You can have what you want...the real question is, how long can you stay interested once you get it?

Success is yours this week, Cancer. Somehow when it arrives, it feels very anticlimactic. It's up to you to find a way to celebrate your victory and it's really important that you do so. It will prepare you for the next leg of the journey by getting your energy up and ready for the challenge that awaits. You might be feeling cut off from loved ones. You can change this dynamic quickly and easily. Waiting for them to do something won't get you what you want. Be proactive. Repressing desires, passions and intense feelings isn't helpful now. The intensity inside you has purpose. Give it space to find its expression. Its bringing something important to life.

Watch your back this week, Leo. Jealousy and competition are problems that need to be addressed. Someone close to you covets what you have and what you're creating. This person is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Your gut feelings are telling you something's fishy. Pay attention. You're feeling vulnerable across the board and it's doesn't help that you are low on energy and resources. Step away if you need to, to recharge, rest and reflect. You won't miss out on anything by taking a break. A new friend can help lift your spirits and get you laughing again. go on an adventure with this new friend. A change of scenery creates many miracles.

It's going to be a powerful week, Virgo. Get ready. Spiritual forces are lining up to help you get closer to what you want. This might not necessarily feel good. You are being asked to believe in yourself and your dreams in a way that you've never done before. This means letting go of old energies that limit and confine your creativity. Intuition is powerful now and can help you muddle through some of the challenges you're facing. Trust and follow your instincts even when your mind is presenting a different plan. You might feel like you're being pushed into change before you're ready. Know that what's unfolding now is for your greater good.

Passionate feelings are pushing for expression. The pressure is getting intense Libra. You're got to look for healthy outlets for all this energy. There's no way to repress or control it. Let it flow through you. Others are asking for your leadership and guidance. Take charge! You have an uncanny ability to come up with clear instructions and plans for yourself and others. Take advantage of this time period by articulating your vision and the steps needed to get there. Boundaries are important. You simply can't work with groups of people without having strong boundaries. You'll know you need to work on them as soon as you feel shades of anger, resentment and exhaustion.

Take stock of all the resources you have in abundance, Scorpio. It's been a little too easy to see what's lacking as opposed to what you do have. You can turn this around quickly and easily by noticing the abundance in your world. There is more support available than you realize. A recent rejection has you feeling alone. It's not true. You're not alone so ask for assistance if and when you need it. Part of the problem is your lack of willingness to be vulnerable. It's time to relax and trust the universe to a greater degree than you've ever allowed before. It's time to indulge in the activities that lift your spirits. A little will go a long way. Get started now!

You're determined to hang on to something dear to you. Your efforts to clamp down are actually stifling the flow of abundance. Loosen up, Sagittarius. Bring some trust and faith into your space. You're not going to loose anything. Think in terms of energy flow. Allow more flow! It's time to celebrate the people you are about. Get everyone together for connection and healing. Laughter is the best medicine and lets face it, you're pretty funny. New pleasures want to take shape for you but you need to be willing to let some old stuff go. Again, loosen your grip and allow ebb and flow. Nothing precious can be taken from you. It's only an illusion.

Big ideas have you ready to take action. You're very focused now, Capricorn. Capitalize on it. You're in no mood for jokes and silliness. Warn loved ones that you're a bit edgy now and need space to go after dreams and ambitions without distraction. Communication can help you avoid trouble. You may be dealing with the consequences of careless actions from long ago. Please forgive yourself now for whatever transgressions may have occurred. It's time to lighten your load and put an end to this chapter in the story. It's tempting to avoid uncomfortable feelings by focusing on what someone else is or isn't doing. This is an old pattern and one that doesn't serve you. Bring your focus back to you.

Healing energies are available, Aquarius. Can you let them in? It might not feel peaceful exactly. The energies coming in want to wash away old heaviness. That means you might experience those heavier vibrations as they come up and out for healing. Get out of your own way and let the process begin. You've been working hard on something that seems to offer little to no reward. The harvest you want will come but there are delays ahead. Don't hesitate to step away when you need to for rest and refreshment. Someone close to you is offering unwavering support. Validate this person and show appreciation. It will bring the love energy up even more.

You're facing some tough stuff this week, Pisces. It's difficult to know what to do to find relief. The worst thing is that you are being so critical and hard on yourself that you can barely move. You're got to stop the self-abuse. There's just no way around it. As soon as you decide you're done with the criticism, you'll start to see a lot of good stuff in your world. There is a lot to feel good about and enjoy. Shake off the blues! Friends and loved ones are gathering to offer support. Allow them to love you back to health. A wonderful bit of good news has you ready to throw a party. This development is the kick you need to let the depression from the beginning of the week go.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Man in the Midst of Shift

I mentioned back in January that I felt like men were heading more forcefully into a period of transformation and change. I've been keeping an eye on it, trying to get a feeling for what it means. Perhaps the Mars retrograde has pushed this process along a bit, since Mars is primal warrior, masculine energy. Interestingly, I've even seen in readings, a few women working to heal and balance their masculine energy as well.

It's as if what we once identified with as "male" is swiftly being challenged and changed. Conquering the world and professional success don't seem to bring the same level of fulfillment that they once did. Not only are these spaces less fulfilling, for some men they may feel completely unattainable at this point.

The recession has been hard on men. From what I've read, 20% of men that can, should and want to be working are unemployed. Traditionally male industries are under fire and some have completely disappeared. I can't even imagine the how horrifying it would be to build a life of skills only to have the opportunity to use those skills vanish.

This is straining marriages, families and communities and it's NO DOUBT causing men to reflect on their role in the world and what it looks like. There is opportunity here. Opportunity couched as loss, but opportunity nonetheless.

If 20% of men are out of work, that means some of them are home more with children and families. Some of these men are getting to know their loved ones in ways they never were able to before. Many men are taking on more care of home and family. Many men now have the time and space they need to reflect.

On the flip side, some men are sinking into depression and perhaps escapism. I imagine the pain of losing a job, an identity and a place in the world is difficult to bear. This is naturally going to spill out and affect everyone else in myriad ways. Can we all help hold the space for the Men's revolution and if so, how?

One show that has recently captured my attention is a Showtime series called Spartacus, Blood and Sand. Though this show is really violent (I have to turn away sometimes) it's fascinating to see that most of the strong, male characters are motivated by relationships, family and love. Spartacus is a slave. He's capable of tremendous physical feats and violence. He is callous and disconnected from everything save the romantic love he shares with his wife. His love for her is so potent that it keeps him alive and fighting. Even more fascinating, no one teases him about this or calls him "whipped" or weak. He is not portrayed as being emasculated by loving a woman so dearly. Love is seen as noble in this show.

The men in Spartacus, Blood and Sand aren't that motivated by competition with other men or riches or glory. Even the wealthy Roman who owns all the gladiator slaves is just trying to survive and keep his home together. There's only one character (a loan shark) who is motivated purely by gain and personal power and he is the one you tend to hate the most. It's striking really, that this show would so heavily emphasize love as a motivating factor and reject other kinds of glory as false, ugly and unsatisfying.

There are lots of other layers of meaning in the show. These are big strong guys but they're slaves (are men in present time feeling enslaved by the rigidity of our definition of maleness?). There are many scenes of them naked (vulnerable despite their physical strength). They're powerful but they're at the mercy of circumstance beyond their control. They are forced to fight whether they want to or not and sometimes forced to have sex against their will (challenging the notion that all men really want is sex and anyone will do). They are cruel to each other and yet it becomes more and more clear that they need to unite if they're to overcome their difficulties. They are rewarded for being brutal and vicious and yet, most of them are staying alive on dreams of being reunited with loved ones.

There is a lot here and I know I'm not articulating it that well. I'm not recommending you watch the show, it might not be to your taste. I'm just using it as an example of the confusion our men are facing these days regarding their roles, their strength and purpose and the sources of energy they draw from.

I'm suggesting to the women out there reading this that we ease up on our expectations of the men in our lives. I know many of us are struggling with partners, fathers, brothers and sons. We need to have compassion for the process they're in. It's a tough one! They're hurting and need love and compassion now. Let's help them get free of these false and fading definitions of masculinity by liberating ourselves.


And to the men out there, know that this too shall pass. It will move more quickly if you actively look at the programming you have about what it means to be a man. Clean this space out and start over. Get together with other men in support and community. Relax into more vulnerability. Find new sources of energy and satisfaction.


*Please forgive me, male readers if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about. Clearly, I'm not a man and I can only speculate about what you're facing these days. If what I'm saying sounds simplistic, I apologize. I would love to hear from you in the comments section if you feel like sharing!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fortune Forecast 3/1 - 3/7


We don't need to be in a hurry this week, we can stretch into all the changes coming at us. Picture a cat waking up from a nap. Stretch into the new reality. There are moments of discomfort as we adjust to new ways of being and new sources of energy. Who said it had to be painful? Some of us might be experiencing pressure to adjust and grow. The pressure might seem like it's coming from outside sources. Once we change our relationship to those outside sources, we are back in the driver's seat again and in charge of the pace and the story we want to write for ourselves. Find ways to unhook from the stress. Just do it. Make it a number one priority and watch everything else start to fall into place.

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*posted below the forecast...

Monday 3/1
We might have the urge to pull away today out of fear or in defense. Though this is a natural urge, it won't bring relief. Face the problem and seek support in doing so. Connection is very important today and many miracles will emerge from making contact. Do it even though it feels counter to our first urge.

Tuesday 3/2
Old spaces that once provided joy and rejuvenation are temporarily out of order. Instead of trying to squeeze a few more drop of satisfaction out of these spaces, we need to cultivate willingness to move on. Find a fresh source of satisfaction. This pursuit will freshen up the old spaces too, making them sweet to return to.

Wednesday 3/4
A big wave of energy is coming. Are you ready? If you've ever been swimming in the ocean, you probably know what it feels like to get stuck under a wave. We have the chance to surf today. It's either surf or get pounded. Only you know what it will take to get yourself positioned for this wave. Take care.

Thursday 3/5
Our minds are off the rails today with fears and paranoid urgings. It's not a great time for making decisions or bu pronouncements. Things will look completely differently tomorrow. Wait! Don't take the chatter of the mind to heart. It's just ranting and raving and it will pass.

Friday 3/6
Creative energies are building inside us. We need to find outlets for all this energy. If we don't actively work with the energy we'll degenerate into irritability and depression. Write it, sing it, dance it, release it. A breakthrough is coming. Go with it, not against it.

Saturday 3/7
What looks like a big problem is actually disguising a big opportunity. We need to be patient today and resist the urge to make snap judgments. Let the chips fall where they may and don't be too surprised to discover that something amazing is emerging from the ruins. The phoenix is about to rise from the ashes.

Sunday 3/8
We are ready to step into a bigger arena. We've earned it and it's waiting. We might be surprised by feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Though we're getting something we've wanted for a long time, it feels weird at first. Take baby steps if necessary but GO.

need help with the energy this week?

Instead of trying to make it work, let go. Sometimes the only way to find new treasure is to stop sifting through the old one, hoping to find just one more pearl. Don't hesitate entertain the idea of making radical changes now. If there's something you keep thinking about, you need to investigate no matter how outlandish these ideas and urges seem. Willingness will be handsomely rewarded now. YOU CAN DO IT!