Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windy Day

It's windy up here in the mountains. All last night and today, the wind bears down on my little mining town. Wow!

The weather we see and experience outside is a great reflection of the psychic weather we feel and experience inside.


This is a time of unexpected turns of events and unforeseen upheaval. It's easy to get frustrated and impatient as well as experiencing apathy and a lack of energy. I hope you've got a cozy little nest out there to curl up in! We all need to retreat now and then and find refreshment.

I'm going on a short retreat this weekend, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love the Land of Enchantment and look forward to a change of scenery and some time to rejuvenate. If you need a reading this weekend KNOW that there are many wonderful Advisors at 12listen, all of them amazing and dedicated to serving you. It's great to get a fresh perspective here and there. Give someone new a try!

I'll be back at 12listen on Monday 5/3. I'd love to hear from you and explore what these winds are blowing into your life. Now is the time to set the stage for big leaps of growth. Come visit me next week for readings via phone or our new chat feature. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

I'm getting ready to offer distance, channeled healing sessions at 12academy. I'll be bringing in some high powered beings like Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and more. This Sanctuary is a great space for healing and replenishing with our own vital, life force energy. I can't wait to get this space up and going because I know so many are in need. Stay tuned for info.

A great place to keep up with all the changes and developments happening in my practice is the Stonestreet Cafe with Julia Stonestreet Smith page on facebook. Click on "like" and you'll get updates on energy forecasts, horoscopes, reading specials as well as info on upcoming radio shows. Come check it out. Find the link to my facebook page on the top left of Leonine Times.

As for this week's radio show, join me tomorrow (Thursday 4/29 at 7pm PST * 10pm EST) for Stonestreet Cafe at The message this week is about our relationship to time is in the midst of changing How do we work with all these changes and shifts in energy that are affecting us right now? Tune in to Stonestreet Cafe and listen to readings, explore energy and get a dose of some cool 60's music.

The playlist this week is:

*Mambo Sun / T. Rex
*Gone and Passes By / The Chocolate Watch Band
*A Faded Picture / The Seeds
*In Time / Jefferson Airplane
*Who Knows Where the Time Goes / Fairport Convention
*In My Own Dream / Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Let's connect soon!
Sending good vibes your way!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fortune Forecast 4/26 - 5/2


It would be easy to be reactive this week. There is a lot of intense energy out and about. It's our challenge to step back and take a deep breath in the face of all this intensity. Can we just hold still for a bit and let the storm pass? Dig deep into the inner realms to find the calm. It's there and it's waiting like a healing oasis. Looking for answers and relief outside of ourselves is folly. It's not there. Some of us will discover this by getting what we want but not feeling satisfied. Come back to the now and deal with the anxiety and fear. Just breath into it. Feel it and let it be okay.

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Monday 4/26
It's tough to see what's great today but if we take the time to look, we'll see a lot and what we see will help us feel more up, light and excited. Once we get out attention fixed on the good stuff, we'll see and feel even more good stuff! The energy will go up and up until there's no room for cynicism and heaviness.

Tuesday 4/27
We can continue the good work we did yesterday, today. Look for what works. Find a small bit of lusciousness and relax into it. Focus on the body for when the body feels safe and well cared for, all else flows. Abundance can be amplified and it all starts inside us. Come back and expand the energy of wealth in the internal world.

Wednesday 4/28
Someone is making a promise that is absolutely too good to be true. As much as we want to believe that this amazing (looking) opportunity will come to fruition, there are smoke and mirrors at play here. It's tough to say no, especially when other people are convinced of the validity of this thing but there's nothing good at the end of this road.

Thursday 4/29
Something lovely is in the works today. We might find ourselves wondering what we did to win such wonder. Who cares? Love it! Relish and make the most of it. This has been a long time coming and it feels so very good. Allow the good feelings to heal spaces that have been troubled and dark.

Friday 4/30
It's easy to attract what we don't want. We do it all the time by tying up our energy in fighting and resisting the experiences we think will be difficult and painful. Neutrality can bring us the peace we need to move through our challenges without judgment and without the tendency to amplify what we don't like.

Saturday 5/1
Things are off the wall today! There's just no way to control what's unfolding, so why even try? We need to make space for things to rearrange themselves. Let it all come down and then put it back together again. The new shape will be so much more workable and wonderful. Trust it.

Sunday 5/2
Our energy is up today and we have the ability to get what we want. It won't come to us passively and without a bit of extension. Reach out and grab it. What is wanted and needed? Focus and go. Don't think too much or nerves will interfere. Follow instinct and intuition to the end of the proverbial rainbow.

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Come back to the senses. This helps anchor us in the moment. Find avenues for pleasure and feeling. Anxiety pushes us out of the moment. COME BACK NOW.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 4/25 - 5/1

You know you're heading in to some very big changes and might be unsure as to what it all means. It's okay to be disoriented and unsure Aries. Something wonderful is unfolding for you and you just have to trust in that for now. Do what you can to stay focused. It's going to be tough because you have a lot on your plate.

You're being hard on yourself, Taurus. How much more do you expect you can do? It's time to relax your standards a bit. I know it's hard but you've got to ease up for your own sanity. You have all the resources you need to make it through this time period and make it through successfully. Now all you need is to be on your own team.

Life is a little stressful this week. You need to step away from the stuff that's bothering you but it's tough because you're determined to stick with the work and get it done. Take a break and find refreshment. You're repressing some primal urges that make you feel out of control. Face these urges and make peace with them. They won't go away until you do.

It's time to open up and create a new relationship or two. You're in need of fresh persepective and new blood, so to speak. Powerful forces are helping you on your journey now, Cancer. Can you trust what's taking place and get into it? It's time to heal the inner rift that keeps you in doubt and fear. It's only real if you make it real.

Shake off the stagnant energy, Leo. You've been wallowing in some heaviness and you can move out of it now. A new passion will help you get some fresh energy happening. Social events are important and need to be a top priority. Connecting to others will also get you thinking in a new way. Get ready for life to get more exciting. It's coming!

A dream that once fueled you is now causing pain. It looks like you'll never be able to make it real and it hurts. Don't give up yet, Virgo. It's too soon to throw in the towel but on the other hand the frustration you feel means it's time to broaden your horizons. Get ready to expand. new opportunities are in the works.

A battle is waging around you and it's hard to know what to do. Step back, Libra. This is a no-win situation and even though it's affecting you, there's no way to assert your energy and create peace. Focus on yourself this week. You're tired and it's causing you to see things through a negative lens. Take off those glasses ASAP.

Your soul is asking to be hear this week, Scorpio. It may start as a whisper but if you don't listen and respond, you will start to experience a roar. It's lonely out there. No one seems to understand what's happening with you. Does it matter? Come back to your own process and make it the top priority.

Big ideas are popping up all over the place. It's hard to know which one to pursue, they all look so great. Give yourself time to settle down and feel your way through them, Sagittarius. This is a confusing time and there's just no need to buy into the idea that you need to make big decisions before you reach clarity.

It's time to direct all that pulsating passion, Capricorn. You are short on patience and bursting at the seams to start something new. Go for goodness sake! Relax more deeply into an important connection. Love is calling you to surrender the defenses you've built up over the years. You know what to do.

It's time to open up to new ideas and break up stale routines. You are bored Aquarius and a bored Aquarius can be dangerous. Fresh ideas want to anchor in but you are resisting seeing anything beyond what you've decided is right and true. Let go now or be forced to let go later when it's much more inconvenient.

You're mired in conflict this week, much of it not of your own making. It's difficult not to feel the effects of all this tension, Pisces. You need to give yourself permission to step away. Just move back and unhook from the feelings of responsibility. As soon as you pull away, you'll stumble upon a success that gets you energized and excited again.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Readings for the Show

Send them to me! I know some of you want to get a reading. COME ON! Now is your chance to send me some questions! If for some reason, you can't actually listen to the show, I will send you a link so that you can listen at your leisure.


The show moves to Thursday night next week and it's now called STONESTREET CAFE. I've edited the other shows and gotten them ready to be archived. My tech guy tells me he's going to create a your tube channel just for me!! Love him.

Of course, these things take time and it is a retrograde, so I'm ready for delays.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello Retrograde!

Thanks right friends. We're in the early stages of a Mercury retrograde in Taurus. What does it mean? It means we'll be visiting issues related to the body, our values, our possessions and possibly our money. Taurus is earthy and sensual and STUBBORN.

The retrograde is our opportunity to revisit spaces that we might have thought were all wrapped up. We get to go back and review and make changes if we want and need to. Like all energetic trends, if we resist what's happening, things might get nuts. A retrograde can bring things to the surface that we don't feel like dealing with. Face it, play with it and use this time period to create order in the realm of Taurus (body, values, possessions, money).

For me, the retrograde means a complete overhaul of my website, how I want to name things, the radio show and my BRAND (how I've come to hate that concept...).

I've got a team of people working on the site and it looks so freaking beautiful. It's a big change in terms of the vibe but I'm ready. I can't wait till it's done and I can share it with you. I'm going to be moving the blog to my new site so that everything is in one place. It's going to be cool and simplified, which is one of the gifts of Taurus.

The retrograde has pushed me to change the name of the radio show to STONESTREET CAFE. The show is after all a gathering place for healers, teachers and seekers. That's YOU my friends! I am proud of you and the high vibration energy each of you are wanting to bring to our little, magic planet. I hope STONESTREET CAFE can help support your journey to the true you.

I've also decided to change the day and time the show plays. I'm toying with Thursday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST. I feel like STONESTREET CAFE is an evening space. A place to visit before going to bed to get relaxed and inspired for amazing astral travel.

Everything is going to change, including the look and feel of the newsletter and the fortune postcard. I can hardly wait!!

As for this week, my final LEO NINE TIMES LIVE radio show will play tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am PST/2pm EST. Please give it a listen if you can. This week's show is called INTENSITY and I had a ton of fun putting it together. Thanks to everyone who sent in email questions for the show. KEEP SENDING THEM and I will give you a reading on the show.

Next week will be the debut of STONESTREET CAFE on Thursday nights. I'm tentatively calling the next show TIME TRAP which is just another way of saying BE HERE NOW. If you have any questions about events from the past that feel unresolved or worries about the future that keep you from being in this moment, send them my way.

I'll also be the featured guest on the 12Family Hour with Audra Garcia tomorrow (Wednesday 4/21). Tune in at 9am PST/noon EST to learn more about little me.


Use this retrograde to get back in touch with that lovely body of yours. Change up your routine. Add some more pleasure. Get out and take in the beauty of the natural world. Slow down and feel more. There may be some bumps in the road over the next few weeks. See these bumps as healing opportunities, because that's exactly what they are.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Fortune Forecast 4/19 - 4/25


It's time to let go, dear friends. Let go of the stories that keep us contained, defined and controlled. We choose these stories and we have the ability to rewrite them. Was there abuse in your childhood? Can those experiences be re-framed and seen as experiences that built strength and wisdom? Yes they can! It's time to be in the moment and free ourselves of all this junk we collect around ourselves to make sense of the world. Is it easy to let go? No it isn't, but it's worth the struggle. Dream up a new persona. Take off the old mask and find freedom. Stop drifting back to figure out what's happening now. There's nothing in the past but ghosts and shadows. BE HERE NOW.

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Monday 4/19
Relax and open up. Be willing to feel a wide range of feeling. We need to take bigger risks. Be willing to feel the pain in order to feel the love. Openness is not a bad thing. Openness is a form of protection, believe it or not. Divinity is here for us. It's with us. Open to it.

Tuesday 4/20
It's seductive, isn't it? So easy to be negative when that's the psychic soup of late. What can we do to unhook from it? Simple things can help us come back out and find our own truth. Find a small pleasure to indulge in. Make time to connect with a funny friend. Snap out of it! It's only real if you make it real.

Wednesday 4/21
Boredom sucks! When things lose their luster, it's time to wander. Get out and seek something new and exciting. Even a small effort can help us shift energy and open to new, refreshing vibrations of energy. The pioneer in us needs to be fed. If we refuse to do it, that very same pioneer will kick up some dust and create drama.

Thursday 4/22
The energy is a little intense today. There's no way to stop the flow, we've got to go with it. A lot can be accomplished if we just allow things to unfold. It's a great time to take a risk and assert ourselves in spaces that we've felt marginalized by. Expand, open and go for it. Trust the creative impulses pulsing so strongly now.

Friday 4/23
There's a wall around what we want and we can break it down with a little bit of strategic thought. If we're looking for a door we might not find it. A window will do. Find that opening and get in there! The walls will crumble in the face of our willingness to confront the energy of NO.

Saturday 4/24
It's time for some good stuff. Hard work and sustained effort is paying off and we're starting to get a glimpse of what we've been toiling for. It's time to create a party or a gathering to celebrate the spoils. Make connection a top priority. Success is rather empty with no one to share it with.

Sunday 4/25
Our bodies need care and attention today. We will be well served by slowing down and getting the nurturing we need. It doesn't need to be extravagant to be fulfilling. A bowl of fresh strawberries can bring exquisite joy to a weary body. Find new ways to bring love to the body that works so hard to be what we want.

need help with the energy this week?

Keep coming back, keep coming back to this rich, ripe moment. Notice how fear and anxiety push us out into the future and back to the past. Keep coming back...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 4/18 - 4/24

Negative thinking is a problem this week. You've got to adjust the way you're looking at things Aries. If you make decisions based on the negativity that's so prevalent in your world right now, things are going to get tougher. Though work is demanding, you need to take breaks to get some energy happening. Get out and have fun. It will make you more productive. You've been hanging out with the same, old people and they're great. It would be greater still to add someone new to the mix. Fresh is the word to contemplate.

Things are not as bad as they look, Taurus. You're being hard on yourself about something you have very little control over. Can you let it play out and trust that everything will be alright? The Universe is trying to take you somewhere. Stop fighting the process and GO. A fantasy is starting to cause pain. It seems like you'll never be able to create a version of what you want here. It's not true. Your intuition is trying to show you how to get there. Relax into the information that's coming through even though it runs counter to how you want things to be.

You are standing on firm ground this week and it's an excellent time for expansion. What do you want, Gemini? As you get closer to figuring it out, you'll start to see amazing things happening in your world with seemingly no effort on your part. A battle is growing in intensity inside you. Perhaps it would be easier to just admit what you want and assert yourself? Trying to repress the feeling of desire is not a good idea. You'll know the internal strife is getting out of control if you start to experience exhaustion. Just stop.

Open to a wider range of feeling Cancer. You might think that doing so will distract you from projects that require focus. On the contrary. Opening to more feeling will bring a ton of creative energy into your world. Be cautious with resources now. You need to protect what you've worked so hard to cultivate. Everyone is grabbing at what you have. Be discriminating about what to share and who to share with. It's tough to keep all the balls in the air. You might have to gently say no to agreements that are no longer in present time.

A relationship is getting more intense and you might find yourself brushing up against some very potent fear. Keep going Leo. Love is asking you to surrender. You can do it! An excellent plan is starting to take shape. Keep taking little steps to create success. Soon you will be where you want to be. Boundaries need updating. It's time to express how you feel with confidence. You won't lose anything worth keeping. Get everything off your chest so that it's not weighing you down and putting a damper on your enthusiasm and natural optimism.

Patience is tough when you feel like you've been patient for a long time. Where are the rewards? They're on the way, Virgo. Hang in there just a little longer and continue to put forth your best effort. It's time to make a decision. You keep debating the merits of this or that and you're not getting anywhere. Just pick a path and go. There are no mistakes, so get that idea out of your mind. An unexpected crisis will shake you and get you thinking and seeing in a new way. When the dust settles, you'll enjoy the view.

Why are you taking responsibility for something you didn't create Libra? Don't answer that question, just redirect your energy into something more fruitful. There's nothing left to learn in the space you're dwelling on. You are on the verge of major success. Notice how easy it is to get distracted and thus, downplay what's about to happen in your world. Your eyes are opening and the world is starting to look different and more hopeful. Let your spirits come up. It's safe so shake off the cynicism and say yes to life!

You're being torn by two opposing forces. Which side are you on, Scorpio? Can you be neutral to the battle being waged around you this week? There's no way to create peace in this space. Step away for your own health and well being. It's time to speak your truth. You've been holding back out of fear but your thoughts and feelings are important and can create deep healing for everyone. Choose to get behind your own dreams and stop waiting for the right time. Everything will start to move forward quickly once you align with your own needs.

It's time to dig in your heels a bit and protect what you've been working so hard to create. You don't have to be aggressive, Sagittarius, just strong and focused. Your body needs care this week. Can you amp up on the stuff that makes you feel good? Be careful with words. An offhand remark might come back to haunt you. Speak with integrity. You can have as much magic as you want. It all depends on whether or not you believe in magic. Open to a miracle or two. They're waiting for you right now.

You are popular this week, Capricorn and will find it easy to bend people to your will. Be gentle with this power. It's easy to take risks now and you're experiencing a degree of freedom you once longed for. Get out and meet some new people. You're ready to expand. There are so many great opportunities coming your way that it's difficult to find the focus. Pick the best, most passionate ones and leave the rest behind. A healing is unfolding. You might not like every aspect of it but when it's done you'll be happy, happy, happy.

Big lessons are in the works this week, Aquarius. Try not to resist what's happening in your world even though some of it is less than pleasant. It's time to move into new challenges and passions. Your comfort zone is getting uncomfortable. It's time to stretch into something new. A party or gathering has a happy surprise for you. Go even though you might not feel like it. Racing thoughts are making it hard to rest. Meditation can help. Invest in a spiritual practice that fits who you are now. It'll help you navigate new terrain.

Big magic awaits you this week, Pisces. Keep picturing what you want. Let it take shape and come to you. Something that has fed you for a long time has now run dry. It's sad to say goodbye but it's time. Move forward knowing that something exciting will take the place of this once beloved space. You've been arguing internally about something that's actually rather irrelevant. Is this a way to avoid feeling what's happening now? If so, gently urge yourself to let go of the distraction and continue onward. You won't regret it.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Radio Show Info

Just a quick note about my radio show...LEO NINE TIMES LIVE!

First of all, thanks to everyone who's been listening! I so appreciate the support and encouragement I've gotten so far. Many blessings to all of you!

Here's the deal...the format of the show is me talking about whatever energy I see up for the world and then some music. Some of you have written me saying "I tuned in but just heard music." Hang in there and keep listening because I do talk between songs.

At some point I'm going to start using royalty free music, which will allow me to archive the shows on the new website I'm having built RIGHT NOW. That's right. There's going to be a new and I'll be moving the blog to that space when it's ready. I'll be sure and keep you updated as these changes unfold.

I have a tremendous love of music from the 60's and those seem to be the only CD's that made it to my new house. My vast collection of other tunes is at the bottom of an over-stuffed storage unit that I just can't bear to confront just yet. It's irrelevant really because as I transition to royalty free music, I'll be able to archive the shows on my new site so that they can be downloaded and listened to any time. This will liberate us all from having to show up at a certain time, which is untenable for many.

Until then, I'm rocking out with my favorite bands. I know some of you will find my musical selections strange. Even if the music is not to your taste, I know you'll enjoy the messages coming through. I've been choosing certain songs to further the narrative, so to speak. If you enjoy the blog, you'll love the show because the stuff in between songs is the same stuff I write about here.

I'm seeing the radio show as sort of a relaxation/examination of energy space. I've been incorporating readings that I've gotten via email. Send me some questions! The next show is about INTENSITY so if there's an area of your life that feels out of control, send me an email for the show coming up on Wednesday 4/21.

I know many of you get these articles by subscription through feedburner and when you try to reply by email you get an error message. Feedburner got bought by google a while back and I couldn't get in there during that transition to claim the feed. Then I changed my email address and that seemed to compound the problem. It sucks and I'm sorry, but I'm waiting for my new site to launch to switch everything over. I'm concerned that if I try to do it now, I'll lose everyone who's currently on the subscription list. What this means is that if you want to send me an email, you need to come to the blog and use the email link on the left.

Hope this makes sense. Send me some questions for the next show and if you can't make it on Wednesdays, you can catch a repeat of the show on Sundays at 10am PST/1pm EST.

Love to you my friends and fellow spiritual warriors! Onward and upward as they say...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spoiling For A Fight

That's me, friends. I've had the most intense energy moving through my body the past few weeks. I blame Aries. The New Moon in Aries is tomorrow at 5:29am PST. Notice the intensity building as we get closer to that moment of New Moon pop. WOW! Are you feeling it too?

I attended a Clear Creek County meeting last week to check out the local politics. HOLY COW. It almost came to blows in that little room as a big, bearded miner started screaming at one of the county commissioners to SHUT UP. The commissioner responded by threatening to call the sheriff?

These are people who grew up together and live in a small community and have tons of friends in common. There was a lot of intensity in the room! Then, my neighbor who kindly took me to the meeting got in a spat with a lady from our neighboring town about whose ideas for future development were "smarter." (By the way, I LOVE my neighbor. She's a high energy Gemini and must have some strong Aries in her chart because she's a tough cookie. I do not want to get on the wrong side of this lady...I would definitely lose. She's funny and energized and great).

It was fascinating to sit in on this meeting and learn more about my new environment. One thing that struck me is how complicated the issues are. Everyone wants to protect their own interests which tends to create sort of a lock down, or an inability to act. We see that on a large scale as well.

Idaho Springs is where the gold rush began in Colorado. Mining is still essential here and provides something like 66% of the funds we need for schools and other services. As a Capricorn, I find it interesting to be in a place where digging up the Earth's treasures is what supports the local economy. Very interesting.

It's a great metaphor for this time period. We need to come back to ourselves. Dig deeper into our own selves to find the treasure...the support, love and wisdom we need to navigate this tricky terrain. It's not out there. It's not in someone else or in a book or a class or any kind of external change. It's in US.

Drill baby drill!!

Aries can make us quick to anger these days, quick to feel threatened or attacked and things can escalate quickly. Please be careful out there friends!

For myself, I've decided that I need physical movement and lots of it during this time period. I need endorphins as well as a space to let all the intensity move through me. I've been having fun huffing and puffing away at the local rec center. It feels good to walk off the WARRIOR energy.

I've also been using all this energy to forge ahead with my radio show LEO NINE TIMES LIVE. I love the medium and I'm loving the messages coming through. Thanks to everyone who sent me questions for the show this week. We're going to explore LOVE tomorrow (Wednesday at 11am PST/2pm EST). I've been using the radio show as a tool to mellow people out. It's reflected in the music I choose and the message I convey. Come take a chill pill with me at

I'm looking to the next show already (4/21). I'm tentatively calling it INTENSITY. If you have questions about an area of your life that feels overwhelming, out of control and INTENSE, send them to me for the next show! I'll be doing readings and giving food for thought. If I end up choosing your question, I'll be sure to let you know so you can tune in.

The show will also replay on Sundays at 11am PST/1pm EST in case you miss it.

Come play!

Enjoy the New Moon in Aries. Get out there and kick some ass!!

Sending good vibes,

ps. Last week I wrote that sometimes I feel like my family gets in the way of my life. Didn't mean that to sound so harsh. I'm a loner by nature and I struggle to be present with the needs and demands of home and hearth but I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Those little beings and my dear husband teach me everyday how to be less selfish and more loving. Thank you family and yes, I'm stashing some cash for future therapy for the kids. One can never be too careful...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fortune Forecast 4/12 - 4/18


It's time to stop and drop some of the baggage. Each day, we have the ability to choose the story we invest in. Re-write the story, leaving the wounds and the victimization behind. The sad story, the story of how we've been abused, used and discarded isn't serving us NOW. It's time to be liberated. If we refuse to let go and decide to keep this pain as our comfort zone, we'll soon find it impossibly uncomfortable. The Universe is giving us a chance to go with grace. Resisting will end up painful. Stop, drop and GO.

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Monday 4/12

It plays again today at 4pm PST/7pm EST right here
It's time. We keep putting it off, hoping that something will change and we won't have to take action. Languishing in this space of non-action is not helping. It's time to let go and make space for something new and exciting. Let's say our goodbyes today and get on with it! As soon as we release this, we'll experience instant shift.

Tuesday 4/13
Seemingly out of nowhere, the answers we need are there for us. It's time to take the effort out of trying to understand, anticipate and control our realities. Come back into a space of fluidity, trust and faith. In the moment, everything we need is available. It's only when we insist on abandoning the now that we run into trouble. Think on that!

Wednesday 4/14
LEO NINE TIMES LIVE!(#2)...the LOVE show
today at 11am PST/2pm EST
click here
Don't worry, it's just temporary. It looks worse than it is. It would be easy to over-react and make choices from fear and panic. Don't do it! Stay cool and know that this is distortion in action. It's hard to unhook from the illusion of trouble and the feeling of lack. Do it by hook or by crook. Just do it.

Thursday 4/15
I told you so!! Things look better today, don't they? Suddenly opportunity and optimism have returned and it's oh so refreshing. We have a chance to enjoy the simpler pleasures that life offers in abundance. Indulging our senses opens us to even more expansion. Let the good stuff IN.

Friday 4/16
We might find ourselves slipping into thoughts of the past today. Something is beckoning us and it's hard to resist. We might as well go there, spend some time gathering and gleaning information from a time period that was ripe with experience and information. This voyage can help us come back to the now with fresh perspective.

Saturday 4/17
There is much to consider. The options are simply overwhelming. We might not be able to figure out which path to take but one thing is certain, considering all of them and sliding around in potential, future realities will show us the way. Dare to drift and play in the fun house of the mind today.

Sunday 4/18
Fantasy can provide relief from the doldrums. It can also provide clues about our next step but it can also become a source of suffering and stress. If fantasy land is generating pain, it's time to come out of there! This space gets painful when we can no longer feel and appreciate what we have right now. Come back.

need help with the energy this week?

It's time to cast ourselves in a new role...HERO. Whatever trials and tribulations we find ourselves in the midst of, we all have a hero inside waiting to come out, brandishing the sword of truth. The truth might push us to relinquish parts of our story that smack of dishonesty. It's the little lies we tell ourselves that tend to wreak havoc in our realities. Let's take a close look at where we're at, through the lens of love. The truth is far richer than the little prisons we create.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 4/11 - 4/17

You can expect to get a lot accomplished this week, Aries. You have tons of energy and it's flowing well, so get ready and go. People are attracted to you now. Others feel good around you. It's as if your enthusiasm is infusing them with enthusiasm. Someone close to you needs deep counsel. You might not be the right person for the job. Can you steer this person to the appropriate help? Intuitive information can help you know what to do and when to do it. Follow through is essential.

Everyone is waiting for you, Taurus. The ball is in your court. What are you going to do? It's time to stop thinking about it and take action. Put pride aside. No one expects perfection, they just want YOU. You might feel like you don't know enough to do what you want. It's not true. Once you jump in, the information will be there. Relax and let the wisdom emerge from within you. Other worries are pressing in. Gently push them aside. Don't let them run the show!

Stand up for yourself. You are being challenged and though you might be telling yourself to give in in order to create peace, you will regret giving up. You can be graceful as you say no, Gemini. A painful memory is close to the surface and it's causing you to doubt yourself. You might even feel like you don't know which direction to go. Stand still and be steady as you wait for the feelings to subside. When you see what you want, reach for it. Your instincts will guide you to success.

A bright idea has you fired up. It's so pure and perfect, it's hard not to talk about it everywhere you go. Do what you can to keep it to yourself, Cancer. The more you talk about it, the more energy builds up around it. Your enthusiasm could easily be crushed by other people's negativity and doubt. Don't give up before you give it a real go. Your emotions are all over the place. What are you hiding from? Is there something you're determined not to feel? Face it and feel it.

Big changes are pushing you back into alignment with your higher self. It might not feel like it, Leo. It might feel like you're being forced away from something you hold dear. Not so. Trust what's unfolding even if it has no resemblance to what you think you want. Play and connection can help you weather the temporary storm. Get out and enjoy yourself. You're magnetic and have the potential to attract some great new people. Be generous with the love energy streaming through you.

You've reached a pinnacle of sorts and have much to feel proud of. Pause and take in the validation and success, Virgo. You're not quite ready to launch into something new but perhaps you feel that space percolating? Give it a little more time to take shape and conserve energy until the time is right. Your natural wisdom will be richly rewarded this week. Shake off the false modesty and stand tall. What you're learning about yourself now will serve you well for a long time to come.

A burst of fire-y creativity is pushing you into new territory. If you think about it too much, you'll get psyched out, so quit thinking! It's important to find the balance between new passions and older obligations. You can avoid a lot of trouble if you just take care of the loose ends in the less passionate areas of life. A situation that has you backed into a corner seems to be getting worse. Hold still and resist the urge to do something reactive. This will pass without effort on your part.

This is an excellent time period for you Scorpio. Wish big and watch it happen! You can make gold from iron, so take a closer look at the things that are bothering you and undertake to transform these spaces. A part of you is feeling pent up and nuts. Explore creative ways to get back in the flow. You can find ways to work with this energy and use it to your advantage. An idea for making more money has tons of potential. See it through and enjoy the spoils.

A wish is about to come true, Sagittarius. Be on the watch for it because it will show up in ways that surprise and delight you. Now is the time to get off the beaten track and shake up your normal routine. A mentor has valuable counsel this week. Be a good listener and have a wllingness to consider what this person is offering even if it doesn't seem to apply. Try to take the focus off what you don't have and look at what you do have. There's a lot to be grateful for.

It feels like an attack is forming. The thing is, Capricorn, you are giving this situation way too much power. It's really not a big deal. Why are you making a mountain out of a molehill? Is this a distraction from other projects that have you feeling insecure and doubtful? Make time for reflection this week. You need time to step back and see the big picture. As you come to a space of clarity, you'll start to see that this time period is ripe and so rich. You are ready to take on a place of power. Go now.

A sudden insight is so powerful that it has the potential to help you change directions and get in a better position without fuss or trouble. Not only do you have personal clarity, you also have the uncanny ability to help others see themselves more clearly as well. Some of your friends will enjoy what's coming out of you and some will not. Be prepared. You are playing with power now. Play is the operative word. Don't be afraid to experiment and change your mind. You're forging a new path.

Whoa! You're being way too hard on yourself about something you had very little control over, Pisces. Stop the negativity. It's exhausting you and causing your confidence to plummet. There's a battle you're determined to win but winning will cost you in ways you can't imagine. Is this really where you want to put your energy? Look for areas that feel fruitful and fulfilling. Go there and invest more of your energy into these spaces. Step away from the conflict and go towards peace.


Thursday, April 8, 2010


So sorry to neglect the blog this week. I took on an extra writing project, the Week Ahead column in Mark's Power Peek. It will be published on Sunday morning and has a long article about the upcoming Mercury retrograde as well as a daily breakdown of astrological trends. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you'll go check it out if you're not already on the mailing list.

I also had my radio show debut on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who listened in! I got some amazing notes from so many of you and it has really been encouraging and uplifting to be on the receiving end of such warmth. It was fun and nerve racking to be there in the moment with it after working so hard on it. I can't wait to see what develops.

I addition to all of that, my dear daughter has a stomach bug. This week was the start back after spring break and I was so looking forward to having my quiet mornings to myself. It was not to be. Both kids have been plagued with illnesses this winter and now spring. I'm at my wit's end to be honest. Everything that you don't want vomit on has now been vomited on. At least I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Also, my dear husband put a dent in my beloved car. I know it's a dumb thing to get upset about but for some reason, it really got me. I think it's about feeling like I don't have anything of my own anymore, that nothing is just "mine." I've always taken excellent care of whatever car I have, keeping it clean, etc. but my husband has been slowly taking over my car and treating it badly. He's feeling contrite now because he KNEW when it got dented that I would be in a tizzy. Poor guy. Just not feeling that forgiving as of this writing.

It's funny because the next LEO NINE TIMES LIVE! is about love and the many shades of love we experience. I've been thinking a lot about basic kindness and acceptance. That's going to be a big part of the next show and here I am stewing and hot. I want to be more unconditionally loving with my family but dang it! Sometimes my family feels like it's getting in the way of the rest of my life. Forgive me if that sounds nuts.

I'm having to walk my talk because a part of me resents the kids being ill and resents my partner's chaotic ways. I'm being pushed to be more accepting and kind when a part of me wants to SCREAM!!

If this is the worst of my problems, I count myself fortunate.

Blessings to you. I hope your love space is not riddled with streaks of resentment the way mine has been over the past few days!!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Fortune Forecast 4/5 - 4/11


As we bask in the post Easter energy, i just have one question. Did you celebrate? If not, get it on the schedule right now!! It's important that we take time out to connect and create good vibes. It doesn't matter what spiritual persuasion you ascribe to. What's important is that there is a coming together now. Coming together for spring. Coming together for healing. Coming together to relish what life is. Enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. IT'S ALL GOOD!

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Monday 4/5
It's all in there, waiting to be discovered. Get quiet and feel it. It might not come out as a paragraph in a book but it's there. Tap into it. Limit the distractions and get what you need.

Tuesday 4/6
We're feeling everything going on around us today. It's hard not to feel it. Don't try and resist what's happening. Just counter it with self-care and the coming back to the body with love.

Wednesday 4/7
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Hang in there. The good stuff is on the way. There are no quick results today. It's more about our willingness to stay in there for the long haul. Let's do it and love what we're doing.

Thursday 4/8
Things are looking up! The wheel is going up and we can enjoy the bounty the Universe is offering today. Relish the opportunities that are lining up now. take advantage of the upswing.

Friday 4/9
'nuff said.

Saturday 4/10
We can finally see the big picture which helps us makes plans and goals. Confusion has lifted, leaving us with more space to look, dream and create. It's a great day for decisive action. Do it!

Sunday 4/11
The Universe is constantly offering us more of what we want. It comes in the form of experience. What's showing up now? Dig into it. A dream's hiding in there, waiting to be discovered.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 4/4 - 4/10


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Something you once got a lot of pleasure out of has dried up and turned dusty. You can revive this space with some concentrated energy or you can move on. It's up to you Aries. What do you want? A situation at work has become very difficult. It appears there's no way to win. Try not to let the negativity get the best of you. You will forge a new path and find success. Hang in there while new ideas arrive. You are ready to expand past old limitations. This is a great week to explore and experiment. Communication is powerful and you're likely to meet some important contacts now. Get out and mix it up!

Stop worrying about finances, Taurus! You're better off than you realize. You've been drifting out to the future and getting totally freaked out about stuff that hasn't even happened yet. Come back. There's no doubt that you are going through some very big and challenging changes. These changes are helping you get in alignment with your creative energy. Trust what's happening. Passionate feelings easily become angry feelings. Find a healthy way to blow off steam and free yourself of old gripes. You are being reborn and you can be fresh and new right here and now. Do it!

Things are speeding up, which is very exciting. A multitude of opportunity is coming your way. The downside is chaos. You have a tendency to lose important information in your hurry to capitalize on opportunity, Gemini. Implement systems to help you stay on task. Just don't make those systems too complex! As you stand on the cusp of more visibility, you might find yourself feeling afraid and nervous. Don't back away from those feelings. There are important and answers are coming to you from inside the fog. Make peace with an old problem. It's not going to get resolved just yet. Learn to love it!

Expect the unexpected this week. You're not going to like some of what pops up and you certainly won't be prepared but under the drama and chaos is a golden nugget of truth, truth that can help you adjust your path and get you on track. Be cautious with resources. You're going to need what you have, so this is not a good time for frivolous or wasteful spending. Don't worry if you feel like you don't get what's happening. You don't need to get it yet, Cancer. Just let the pieces of the puzzle come together for you. Mental stress is your other option and not a good one.

Watch out Leo! You are vulnerable to self-criticism this week and it has the potential to shut you down. Be willing to experiment and perhaps fail in your quest to expand. The only one judging you is you. If you stop, others will find it much more difficult to control you via your fears and doubts. There is a part of your life that is absolutely stuck right now. There's nothing you can do to change it. Pause and hold still. The movement you want will happen when you stop trying to make it happen. Your creative energy is high so indulge in your favorite hobbies. You might just come up with a masterpiece or two or three!

It's hard to be patient when you feel like you've been patient for so long. Where are the rewards? You'll probably find yourself asking that many times this week. Though you can't see it, you're on the verge of a breakthrough. A new idea is ripe with potential. Follow up and try not to let discouragement take you over. It's time for spring cleaning and getting organized. Though this is not your favorite task, undertake it knowing it will help you make space for success. You are being called upon to step into more leadership. Do it, Virgo! You are ready for this undertaking.

Loved ones are asking for more. You might have mixed feelings about putting more energy into relationships that feel out of balance and like they're pulling you away from your own dreams. Be discriminating Libra. Pick and choose and leave guilt behind. You deserve to be in spaces that give back as much as you offer in return. A big opportunity is coming out of nowhere. It will take you by surprise and have you scrambling to catch up. Don't worry about being perfect, just have fun. You're starting to wake up to levels of your own power that you never realized you possessed. Exciting!

There's a dark cloud over your life this week, Scorpio. Part of it is real and part of it is imagined. It doesn't really matter. You're feeling down and it's ok. Let yourself have those feelings. Let them move through you. This is part of the healing that's happening in your world now. Stop fighting with yourself about what you want. Just get behind it. There will be a wave of relief washing over you as soon as you stop the fight. Get everything off your chest. It will help immensely in terms of shifting your energy and getting you into a better space. If you can't say it directly, write it down. Release it and find your freedom.

Good things want to come to you. Let it in, Sagittarius! You've been in a cycle of hard work. It's hard to snap out of that singular focus long enough to see that there's magic all around and you don't have to earn it. It's already yours. You're being awfully hard on yourself about a project that hasn't turned out the way you want it to. Can you see what's great here and drop the criticism? It seems that no one really understand you right now. It would be easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. Perhaps this time of feeling disconnected has a purpose? Consider it. Now is the time to feel your own strength.

Take the negative glasses off. You're doing better than you think. That's the problem, thinking isn't helping. Perhaps it's time to shift into feeling. What are you trying to avoid, Capricorn? Is it really that awful? No, it isn't. As soon as you find your way back to your body, you'll find that you have the energy and the perspective you need to navigate some difficult terrain. You're in transition. It's not about perfection, it's about getting more real. Take away the self-imposed rigidity you use to try and look right. You need to let things come apart now. This will loosen you up and bring more opportunity.

Balance is essential this week and it's not easy. There are all kinds of things pulling at your attention and it's causing chaos. Before you start slipping into resentment over not being able to focus on your own projects, be willing to take responsibility for your part. Perhaps you want to be distracted, Aquarius? It's worth consideration. Under the anxiety you're experiencing is a treasure trove of wisdom and other resources that you need now. Tap back into it. It might require you to make time for quiet reflection. Can you step away from the chaos and sink into the feelings? Yes you can!

Let it go, Pisces. Trying to hang on is getting really painful and it's also showing that you don't really trust what's unfolding. This is not like you! Where's that famous faith of yours? It's right there. You can have it back whenever you decide to let go of the panic. Open up to the wonderful magic that wants to come into your life. Remember. You know how to do this. Instead of working to make things happen, let it come to you. Connecting with friends can help you snap out of the doldrums. reach out and ask for the support and comfort you need. You'll be on to new things soon and these troubles will be but a memory.