Monday, May 31, 2010

Fortune Forecast 5/31 - 6/6


Something new and exciting is coming to life. This new thing was once just a dream that has now started to become more and more real. Strangely, we might have mixed feelings about this development. As wonderful as it is to see a dream come true, we're also faced with the potential of disappointment as a cherished fantasy becomes tangible. A range of feeling is to be expected as things develop and a space that once provided relief from daily struggles starts to offer its own challenges. Amusement can help us settle into the newness of it all.

Monday 5/31
It's a great day to slow down and relax. There are a million distractions and a million little things that want to carry us away from the moment. Keep coming back! Refreshment awaits with those nearest and dearest. If these connections bear the shadows of resentment and disconnection, clean them up now.

Tuesday 6/1
Old, familiar spaces seem to have run out of juice. Returning again and again and looking for something that isn't there will lead to frustration. Instead, it's time to forge ahead and find something fresh. Even a small adjustment in our normal routine can bring in a wave of inspiration and the energy to pursue it.

Wednesday 6/2
Seek the spaces that offer comfort today. There are plenty of other places to drift to, places and spaces that offer a dose of anxiety and insecurity. Just say no. Look to what's wonderful and rich. Keep attention on what's working. Send a prayer and a blessing out to people and places in need. Hold the light.

Thursday 6/3
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If dissatisfaction's at your door step, go on a treasure hunt. A new perspective, idea or insight can be all it takes to shift our outlook and bring relief. Break out and find something new and delightful. Enchantment awaits those brave enough to seek it. Seek it in simplicity. That's where it's hiding.

Friday 6/4
A big shift is coming and it's time to prepare. Perhaps you can feel the anticipation but have no idea what's ahead. Preparation can be as simple as spending a few minutes getting centered and calm. Some of us may have a more developed sense of the next step. Now is the time for research and contemplation.

Saturday 6/5
The word and concept of manipulation has gotten a bad rap. Reclaim the word today. It simply means to control and direct. Focus your energy today. Focus on what's wanted and desired. Keep the mental chatter to a minimum and concentrate on the prize. Meditation can help.

Sunday 6/6
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Relax into the beauty of life today. Even suffering can offer moments of profound beauty. Stop fighting what is and take in what's being offered. As we move out of resistance, we gain the ability to move through the heavier, unpleasant stuff we tend to dislike. Stop fighting and let it be.

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Finding the calm center is as simple as taking deep breaths and coming back to what's happening right here, right now.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 5/30 - 6/5

Make a choice this week Aries. You can relax and let good things come to you, or you can struggle with the desire to make things happen and end up frustrated. It's really just a choice. Feel the stress and step out of it. It's important to take breaks to restore your energy and enthusiasm. You're coming to a crossroad. It's just a choice of scenery in the end. You will get to where you want to go on either path.

It's a great time to delve into a new study. Make time and space for it, Taurus. It might feel like you don't have the time or resources to indulge in this. Honestly, you can't afford not to. You will get back a ton of energy by investing in yourself now. Mood swings are hard to decipher. Find some friends to connect with and it will help you see your struggles from a fresh perspective. Laughter is the best medicine.

It's not as bad as it looks, Gemini. Could it be that you're just tuckered out? Exhaustion will make everything look harder than it is. A wonderful opportunity is coming your way this week. Grab it when it runs by. It's moving fast and you won't have the luxury of thinking about it. Open your heart and let the love flow. Protection doesn't mean shutting down. In openness you will discover the safety you crave.

Come together with yourself Cancer. Put aside the conflict you feel internally and focus your energy. You are capable of manifesting big things this week but only if you unhook from the inner turmoil. It feels a little lonely now. There is a lack of support for your dreams. Who cares? If you believe, then wishes will come true for you. Look for happy surprises. They are popping up all over the place, just waiting to be discovered.

A sudden insight has the power to help you change direction and move into something much more fulfilling. It's hard to trust your instincts this week, Leo. You are stuck in a loop of thinking that's not getting you anywhere. Break out. Get back in that body and feel your way through it. A conflict in your environment is affecting you. You may be feeling called to get more deeply involved. Just say no.

Life can be truly magical this week, Virgo. Let the good stuff in! Your intuition is powerful now and can help you navigate difficult terrain. Pay attention to body language and listen carefully. You'll know what to do and when to do it if you keep your attention in this moment. It's suddenly clear that someone you counted on for support is riddled with jealousy and competition. Make needed adjustments now.

You're in a cloud of heavy energy this week, Libra and may have a hard time shaking it off. Don't try to fight it. Relax into the feelings and let them wash away. Surrendering to this takes strength and faith. This too shall pass. You have so much to feel good about and on top of it all, you're being recognized for your hard work and expertise. Bask in the praise and rewards coming your way. This will get your spirits back up.

A big, life lesson is pushing you to discover resources you didn't know you had, Scorpio. Part of what needs to shift here is the inner dialogue. It's way too mean! Stop being so hard on yourself. You are about to move in a new direction and what's coming is very exciting. It's natural to feel nervous and uncertain as you move closer to this expansive space. Be willing to break out and try new approaches to old problems.

Life couldn't get more interesting, Sagittarius. You are growing on so many levels. It's hard to figure out where you are in all of it. Good fortune is coming your way. Get ready for big opportunities. A repressed passion is pushing for expression. Make space for this or it will create a ruckus in your inner and ultimately your external world. What nurtures you? It's time to invest more energy in spaces that offer rejuvenation.

Tough energy awaits you this week Capricorn. You're feeling overworked and under-supported. You get to decide what to do with all this responsibility. It's ok to let yourself off the hook! Money worries are inflated and overblown. Take a close look at resources and validate all that you've created. Allow for more ebb and flow in that space. A relationship is offering you much needed respite. Bask in the healing power of love.

Tension is growing in you, Aquarius. It's hard to feel good about the decisions you're making when you're under the illusion that you're going to lose something in the process. What's yours will remain so. Free yourself from the thinking that you're going to make the wrong move. The people around you want to draw you into a conflict. It's tempting because it distracts you from your own process but know that there's nothing of substance in this space. Step aside.

Worries about safety are overblown this week, Pisces. You have all that you need. Stop letting anxiety get the best of you. See it as a lack of faith and come back to yourself with love. It's time to explore, wander and drift. You are in need of new pleasures. Go find them! A big choice is weighing on you. You can't do it wrong so get rid of that idea right now. Just jump in and see where you end up. You can always make adjustments if and when you need to.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blast Off

Not only do we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow, we also find Uranus moving into Aries. That's a TON of fire. Perhaps you can feel the anticipation of a big shift?

I know some of you out there are feeling frustrated. It's like a combination of feeling stuck and overwhelmed at the same time. Many of you are acutely aware of what you don't have and it's feeling kind of painful. Notice the potent cloud of fear that says you're not going to get what you want...EVER. Say no to that ridiculousness!

To get a feeling for what this shift will bring, look back to the New Moon in Aries in mid-April. What was going on then? These issues have reared up again in order to be healed. When I think back about 6 weeks and look at the themes that came through in readings, there was a lot of anxiety about relationships. There was also anxiety, frustration and fear about not being able to make *it* happen.

I've seen that theme again this week, as clients contact me feeling depressed, discouraged and totally uncertain about their ability to have more fulfilling connections. Some relationships are showing us their weak spots. Some relationships have completely tanked and others are seemingly being revived long after we gave up.

Uranus is going to give us a healing in this space. Uranus brings unexpected and quickly shifting circumstances. We might get news that takes us by surprise and challenges our ability to make adjustments quickly. We might see people behaving in ways that surprise us, showing us the shadow and the light that was previously hidden. All of us will feel the tug to free ourselves from agreements that no longer feel uplifting and rewarding.

Aries is a cardinal sign. That means leadership. It's the energy of the warrior, the pioneer and the individual. Imagine the planet (Uranus) of revolution moving into the sign of the warrior! Things we once tolerated are about to get intolerable. Spaces in our lives that need change are about to get it in spades. Feelings of irritability and restlessness are escalating and leading to breakthroughs.

It's important that we know when to step back, step out of the fray. Meditation, psychic protection and grounding techniques are essential now. You're in luck on that front, because tomorrow we're having a gigantic sale (Thursday 5/27) at Lots of amazing classes will be on sale for $10, including my teleclass COLOR...THE LANGUAGE OF SPIRIT. Get over there and find a class to help sooth those sore, spiritual muscles!

Also tomorrow, Stonestreet Cafe airs at 7pm PST * 10pm EST with my special guest psychedelic poster artist and 12listen psychic Carolyn Ferris. We're going to explore creativity, gender and more. Here's a lovely image from Carolyn Ferris called CAGED CUPID. Apropos, if you ask me!

You can find more of her amazing work at and of course you can get a reading with her at She's quick, accurate and has a unique way of seeing what's going on. CALL HER.

Lastly, my new website is getting worked on. This space feels totally chaotic and I sometimes wonder how it will all come together. Oh well. If that's all I have to be concerned about, I count myself fortunate. One thing about the new site that I'm very, very excited about is the Oracle. My team and I are coming up with an oracle that you can click on and get an answer from. I can't wait to see it active and live!

Another new development is the option of getting a reading via email. You'll be able to submit a question or two or three and get a written response from yours truly in 24 hours. I love writing, so it will be fun to play with this new option. These readings will be more affordable for many of you and I love being able to make contact with you any which way that I can. Stay tuned for more info on the email readings.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fortune Forecast 5/24 - 5/30


It's time to dig deep into a space that's been perplexing and possibly overwhelming. The reason we haven't been able to figure this space out is because we're invested in a particular outcome. If we can let this expectation go, we'll get to the bottom of it and have the power and energy we need to shift it. It might be uncomfortable to see the truth here. There's an element of manipulation and a degree of unconsciousness that's difficult to confront. Still, facing what's really happening will help us get our bearings and create fresh new boundaries that WORK.

Monday 5/24
It's easy to slip into negativity today. Everywhere we look, there's bad news and trouble. Still, if we look in other directions, we'll see plenty to feel good about. Notice the group agreement to be angry, upset and inconsolable. Step out of the agreement and tap into inner peace. It's always available.

Tuesday 5/25
We might be acutely aware of what we don't have today. Like yesterday, we can shift the way we see things and discover a treasure trove of abundance. When we validate what we have and what we're good at, it's easier to manifest more. Stop resisting and resenting those who have what we want. This will free up some creativity.

Wednesday 5/26
No one else seems willing to grab the bull by the horns and make corrections in a space that's gone awry. Though we feel hesitant to take on more responsibility, there are many gifts awaiting us in the space of leadership. Be willing to delegate and move through this chaos. It will feel good to make it right again.

Thursday 5/27
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The same old stuff is getting rather boring. We can sit around and wait for something exciting to happen, or we can set out to explore new things. Be active in the pursuit of joy today. We can create a major shift in our energy and our attitude by opening to the call of the wild. Let's stop seeking passion in places that have dried up.

Friday 5/28
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Check everything twice before saying no. Happy surprises are popping up all over but some of them might not look that appealing upon first glance. Look again! An old friend shows up with important news. Be a good listener and watch the desire to react before taking all the information in.

Saturday 5/29
Something we've been working diligently towards is starting to blossom. Just in the nick of time too. Some of us were on the cusp of giving up. Get ready for a big harvest. It's bigger and better than we thought possible. This victory will help shore up our energy reserves and get us ready for more.

Sunday 5/30
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10am PST * 11am MST * noon CST * 1pm EST
A wave of creative energy is about to come crashing through. Get ready to embody this energy and put it into action. It'll feel chaotic and hard to handle at first. Head's up! Stay in motion and notice the feelings of irritability that emerge. This is a symptom of a big shift in energy. Relax into it.

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It's okay to change gears. Hanging on to something, hoping it will change isn't serving us now. Be willing to see and walk in the shadows this week. There is a ton of life force energy to be reclaimed in an honest, objective assessment of what's not working. There's absolutely no need for blame of shame. This is freedom.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 5/23 - 5/29

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A big idea has you up all night...thinking, thinking, thinking. You'll experience more than a handful of ups and downs this week as you try and figure out how to make this big idea come to life. Certain moments will feel so open and free, while other moments bring forth tremendous fear and doubt. You're on the roller coaster this week, Aries. Ride it! What you want will take shape whether you stress about it or not. This ride is an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Enjoy!

Relax a little and let your guard down, Taurus. You've worked hard and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A new relationship is moving quickly and challenging you to relax into a deeper kind of support than you've experienced in a while. As you surrender into this space, you'll encounter old, negative junk coming to the surface about your worthiness and ability to receive. Confront this old stuff and just say no! Don't let it run the show. Be like the snake and shed your old skin.

You're a bit overwhelmed this week Gemini. You've taken on too much and you're starting to feel it. It's hard to get everything done and done well with this much on your plate. Is there any way to let some of it go? Give yourself permission to unhook from the stuff that's not very interesting. Do it! It's a great time to delve into a new field of interest. There is so much information out there that can help you craft a new vision for your future. The pursuit of this info might create temporary chaos. Jump in!

Big delays will cause major frustration this week. You can ameliorate the tension by letting yourself off the hook a bit. In other words, stop trying to control what's happening. Things will smooth out faster once you get out of the way. It's hard to figure out where to put the focus. You have a lot to attend to. Figuring out your priorities is essential. A big opportunity is about to run past you. Grab it when you see it. You won't have time to sit around and think about it. Just reach out and make it yours.

Mood swings might be uncomfortable this week but they're serving a purpose. There's a ton of information coming through your emotional body, Leo. Try not to resist what's unfolding. You're being asked to look at an important investment from a different angle. Take a look! A part of you is trying to ignore the storm clouds building in this space. You're hoping it will all just get better. It will get better but probably not in the way you think it should. Feelings of irritability are par for the course as you shift gears.

Things seem to be falling apart at the seams this week. It's frustrating to say the least. It's time to stop taking it so personally. Perhaps the things that are falling apart were holding you back? Consider it. A betrayal from the past is being replayed in the present and you're in no mood to revisit these painful feelings. There's no way to step around it. Look this junk in the face and set yourself free once and for all. Forgiveness is the key. Forgive yourself for whatever you think you did wrong. There's nothing there!

It's hard to see the good stuff this week, Libra. You're altogether too tuned into what you don't like and where you feel helpless to change it. This space of constriction is only a fraction of what's available to you right now. Don't let it take over the whole show. Delays are causing a ton of angst. Could it be that these delays are serving a purpose? Be willing to consider this idea. It will help you relax into a pace that works. A sweet surprise is waiting for you just up ahead. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

It's too soon to make predictions about how a certain project is going to turn out and yet you keep drifting into the future, trying to get a look at it. Get back here, Scorpio. You need to be with this unfolding space as it unfolds. It's taking longer than you thought it would to accomplish this goal. Be grateful for the slow steady pace. The anxiety you feel about needing to get there now is really a lack of faith in yourself. Once you really see that, you'll have a much easier time managing the energy along the way.

This is a very expansive time for you Sagittarius. Are you ready for your life to get bigger and more exciting? Take advantage of down time and rest up as much as you can. It's important. Things are about to get chaotic. Do what you can to meditate and stay grounded. An unexpected crisis will test you but if you stay steady, you'll find that some wonderful opportunities emerge from this once the dust settles. Let the old stuff fall apart in order to create something fresh and exciting.

A new way of perceiving your life is taking shape. You're going to love the simplicity that's being offered. It's time to become aware of your ability to make things more complicated and problematic than they need to be. You're great at solving problems. Use that gift wisely, Capricorn. This time period has so much magical energy. Let the magic in! An old pain has emerged to be healed. Though the timing seems inconvenient, be grateful for the opportunity to shed light in this dark space.

A bright idea has you completely fired up. It's hard to see how to put this into action. Give yourself time to ponder it all, Aquarius. A path will emerge and when it does, there will be an effortless quality to it all. You're anxious to clean up something from the past. Perhaps you don't need to do as much as you think to make it right? Communication is important this week. Be clear and be a good listener in response. This will help you avoid some weirdness. Be gracious with those who support your dreams.

You're feeling stuck this week, Pisces. Stop struggling to free yourself. You'll experience liberation as soon as you stop fighting to get free. It's time to seek new sources of pleasure and delight. Get out and try new things. You're vulnerable psychically now. You're feeling everything in your environment and it's bringing your vibration down. Now is the time to explore new forms of protection on an energy level. Fears are potent and yet when you turn and really look at them, you'll see they're just shadows and phantoms.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stonestreet Cafe!

I'm rocking out in the Stonestreet Cafe and I hope you'll join me there! This week, we're taking a look at NEUTRALITY. Neutrality helps us step out of all the energy in our space that causes us to feel disoriented, confused and overwhelmed. I've got three wise women contributing their thoughts this week; Kelly, Morgan and Katt from Please stop by tomorrow night at 7pm PST/10pm EST for a refreshing ride.

I'll be hanging out live in the chat room at as the show airs and it's pretty hilarious in there. Come join me!

Life is funny. Whenever I teach a class or prepare a show, I find myself grappling with the upcoming theme. This week, we got a call from a friend of ours from jail. I was not neutral to his need for us to bail him out. Granted, he's struggling with bi-polar disorder and can hardly be blamed for some of what he does in his manic states but...COME ON! Just a month ago, he lit a bonfire in his backyard, which caused quite a ruckus. I get it. He's freaking out. The energy these days is very challenging and some of us are popping off and doing things we normally wouldn't consider. Let's stay out of jail and put down the matches.

Perhaps you've witnessed a breakdown or two recently. Perhaps you feel NUTS. This is where neutrality can be so refreshing. Come play in the Cafe tomorrow and get some ideas about what neutrality is and how it can serve you on your journey. If you miss the show, know that it replays every Sunday at 10am PST/1pm EST.

A reading can help as well. get over to 12listen and let's make contact! I've been working with some really magical people and I'm feeling blessed to be of service to so many Avatars in the making. Remember that if you schedule a call, I'll offer the happy hour rate. Just go to 12listen...look me up in the list of advisors and you'll find the link to schedule. Don't hesitate to invest in your well being during these trying times.

I've also got a class coming up on May 28th, 10 am PST/1pm EST at 12academy. We're going to explore COLOR...the language of spirit. Learn more about how to work with energy, what certain colors signify, and much more. It's going to be a blast.

Thanks to everyone who joined my facebook page Stonestreet Cafe with Julia Stonestreet Smith. I love seeing the numbers go up and having the opportunity to share clips of the shows and more.

Other than that, I'm preparing for school to be out and for tots to be unleashed. Oh boy...

Hoping this note finds you well!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fortune Forecast 5/17 - 5/23


So many great ideas are flooding in this week and we feel pressure to pick something and make it happen. In actuality, we need to hold off for a bit and wait for the best of the best to rise to the surface. It's going to get interesting as more and more opportunity emerges. Meetings and conversations add even more dimension to some of these amazing ideas. Feel free to share and watch the expansion. As imaptience grows in intensity, it's important to find healthy ways to blow off steam and find relief from the temptation to just jump into something on impulse. Keep moving and letting the inspiration move through you.

Monday 5/17
Action is called for today. We can't keep putting off a decision that needed to be made about a week ago. It doesn't matter what gets chosen, what's important is movement. We are vulnerable to longing and wishing for what we don't have now. Notice it but don't let it run the show.

Tuesday 5/18
Just give in today. Give over to what's happening without blame or recrimination. Even the most troubling circumstances are easier to deal with when we roll. Something amazing is hiding at the bottom of a quagmire that's absolutely unavoidable. Why not jump in and find it.

Wednesday 5/19
An unexpected dose of crazy seems to have caused a temporary, patch of chaos and volatile, emotional energy. Let's do our best not to be reactive and crazy in response. If we can find a small spot of calm and expand on it, we'll end up sitting pretty by the end of the day in more ways than one.

Thursday 5/20
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Though the pace is a bit sluggish, change is happening. We are slowly moving into positions that offer more levity and play. There's nothing exciting in the works today. It's time to take a deep breath and get ready for the next phase of creating. This is an excellent time for healing and balancing.

Friday 5/21
There are many temptations today to say or do things that are slightly out of the bounds of our belief systems. It's okay to experiment and to pioneer new pathways but being inflammatory for no real reason could backfire. Watch the words and be prepared for what gets said to come back.

Saturday 5/22
There's no point in resisting it or trying to control it, just let it run its course. Those among us who enjoy everything neat and tidy are in for some pain today. It is what it is. See everything falling apart as an opportunity to build a stronger foundation. That's the positive spin.

Sunday 5/23
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An achy day filled with longing for things long gone and lamentation over missed opportunities. We can give ourselves to indulge these feelings and perhaps we should. Trying to hide from them certainly isn't helpful or healthy. Have a good cry and relish the space that gets created after such a potent release.

need help with the energy this week?

Relax the perfection driven rigidity that makes life less than fun. Open to the unknown. Get comfortable NOT knowing.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 5/16 - 5/22

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It's hard to concentrate when you're spirit is drifting into new areas of exploration. Don't be too hard on the part of you that wants to drift and dream. A fresh approach is taking shape, Aries. Communication can help your ideas gain depth and dimension. Talk it out. A relationship needs attention. How does it fit into the rest of your world? Make more space for it or you might find it slipping away.

Healing energies are yours for the asking this week, Taurus. What would you like to see transformed in your life? Now is the time to ask and then let the magic in. Chaotic forces are making it easier to see where you want to invest and where it's time to pull up stakes. Be open to a happy surprise. It's taking shape and will be delivered by the end of the week. Find a way to share this success with a wider audience.

You're worried about things that are slightly beyond your control, Gemini. Everything will work out and sooner if you get out of the way. Let the chips fall where they may and then come up with a strategy. Your heart is open and it feels delicious and scary at the same time. Let your love light shine! You have everything you need so why do you feel so depleted? Time to rest up before the next big wave arrives.

A big week awaits you, Cancer. A lot of hard work is about to come to fruition. What are you going to do with yourself in the midst of all this good stuff? You might actually have to let go of the niggling fears and doubts that keep you form enjoying life as it is. It feels a little lonely as others seem too tired and too depressed to share in the spoils with you. Get ready for a big shift. It's coming and it will change the shape of things.

Your stockpile of resources might be looking a little thin right now. That's because you forgot about some of what you have. Don't panic Leo until you really figure out what's available. It's confusing out there. Someone is giving you mixed messages and it's very difficult to figure out what the truth is. Pay attention to intuitive impulses and stop trying to make it make sense. Imagine what you want to happen and watch it unfold.

You're not feeling your best this week, Virgo. You are vulnerable to old wounds and the pain still stored in them. Every time you turn around, someone seems to be sticking their finger in something sensitive. It will be tough to resist being tremendously defensive. Notice this and have a sense of humor about your urges to protect yourself. An oppressive situation is close to completion. Hang in there.

Indulge in beauty and pleasure this week, Libra. You've been strict when it comes to giving to yourself and this restrictive trend is causing problems. It's time to relax and let some joy in! Something you want is coming your way. Reach out and grab it when it shows up. Don't hesitate, just do it. Love is asking you to open up. Express the feelings inside and don't be surprised when a relationship gets a lot more interesting.

Guard against negativity this week, Scorpio. You are very vulnerable to seeing everything that's not working. While this could be useful in terms of showing you where to focus, it could also become completely overwhelming, making life much more overwhelming and dark. What can you do to create more play? Find some friends and connect. Once you're surrounded with people who love and appreciate you, you'll shake off the blues.

You are opening to new ways of seeing things and it's helping you see opportunities where there once were none. It's time to change your focus, Sagittarius. Look to the future and to upcoming opportunities to prosper. Stop fussing over something that isn't about to change. You can find your freedom in relationship to this situation by deciding you're ready. Move on now. A minor disappointment helps you discover what really matters.

Passionate energies are pushing to get to the surface. What do you want to do, Capricorn? Put your attention on what you want instead of what you don't want. Big lessons seem to be lurking around every corner. Some of these lessons are exhilarating and some are annoying but all are important. Cultivate a sense of humor. Impatience could get you into trouble. Slow down and make sure you are doing things with awareness and purpose.

This is an incredible time of expansion. Opportunities are coming at you from every direction. It's a tad overwhelming, Aquarius. Which direction should you travel? Though it feels like you need to know exactly what to do, give yourself more time before making up your mind. You simply don't have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Allow the universe to move you into a position from which to capitalize on.

Your energy is tied up in internal conflicts. You can't seem to make progress with all this flotsam and jetsam floating around. If you want to snap out of it, take a deep breath and imagine all the good stuff in your world, past, present and future. Just tap into a better feeling and you'll start to feel it for real. Relax into the loving support that surrounds you. Let your loved ones give you the energy you need to pull through this mini dark night of the soul.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Last Time?

I'm looking out my window at the soft, spring powder clinging to the trees. I can't help hoping that this is it for winter. I guess I didn't think much about the length of winter when I moved up to a small, mountain town!

It feels like a period of waiting, waiting for summer, waiting for a shift in the energy, waiting for? At the end of the month, Uranus moves into Aries after traveling through Pisces for the last 7 years. We'll have a retrograde that brings Uranus back into Pisces briefly but by this time next year, we'll be firmly rooted in the Uranus in Aries transit.

Whatever revolutionary energies that have been building in your life are about to break out and find expression. Are you ready? If something's bothering you or if you've been contemplating some kind of big change, get ready...the time to take action is coming.

Some of us might find that we get moved into new things without really trying and without anticipating it as this transit settles in. Very exciting and perhaps volatile energy.

I'll be talking about this energy briefly at the end of the next STONESTREET CAFE (Thursdays at 7pm PST * 10pm EST at We're taking a look at freedom this week on the show. YES!

As always, it feels like this is a topic that could be talked about endlessly. What does it mean to be free? What in our lives do we perceive as limiting in terms of freedom? Is it possible that freedom is simply an energetic state of being as opposed to a set of conditions that need to be met in order to experience it?

Freedom might look different based on when we look at it. The circumstances of our lives change and what we experience as repressive changes. What happens when we change our energy and bring in more freedom? Do we find the strength we need to confront what's not working?


It looks like I'm inching closer to the completion of my new website. I'll be moving the blog over when the time comes. At this point, my tech guy is getting on my nerves. DO YOU REALLY NEED TO EMAIL ME 10 TIMES A DAY? Learn to ground, dude.

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playlist for tomorrow's show:

-Are You Experienced/Jimi Hendrix
-While You Wait for the Others/Grizzly Bear
-Midnight Rider/Allman Brothers Band
-Powerman/The Kinks
-Thursday/Country Joe and the Fish
-World on a String/Neil Young

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fortune Forecast 5/10 - 5/16


A profound shift is in the works this week. We're about to see our lives differently. This expansion might be uncomfortable at first because it forces us to leave behind certain plans and goals that aren't viable. We get invested in this stuff and it's hard to let it go but that's exactly what's called for now. Be willing to walk away from spaces that aren't working. We're hesitant to leave our "investment" behind. Do it knowing that bigger, better and amazing things are ready to drop in and take root.

Monday 5/10
We're feeling it all today. All the energy around us is in our space and it feels pretty yucky. It's time to move some energy and create stronger boundaries! Awareness helps a ton. Just knowing that most of this came from some other source can help us shake it off. Imagine electric blue on the edge of the aura. It'll do the trick.

Tuesday 5/11
Our thoughts are potent and today especially, we need to be focused on what's working and what's great. If we let ourselves slip into negativity, we'll soon see those dark spaces getting darker. Pull back and regroup. Take a break if needed in order to see the beauty that's all around, waiting to be enjoyed.

Wednesday 5/12
It's time to step it up in terms of what we want to manifest. Put it our there with determination and focus. Get behind those dreams and fantasies without apology. How can the Universe deliver what we want if we're unwilling to really ask for it? A spell is as simple as a statement of intention. Do it.

Thursday 5/13
A great idea has been rolling around without a home or a space to grow. Plant the seed! Let this idea take root and grow. No more thinking. It's time for action now. Though there's a sense that it will take time to see this to fruition and some of us have our doubts about being able to go all the way, LET'S DO IT and see where we get to.

Friday 5/14
It's time to stop and smell the roses! Take a break from pressing demands and celebrate all the good stuff. When we stop to validate what's great, more good stuff comes. It's easy to experience gratitude when we slow down and really look at what's happening. Watch the abundance expand as we jump into it.

Saturday 5/15
It would be easy to slip into heaviness today and forget to see what's wonderful in the world. The troubles we see and feel aren't that real. Work to find space from the negativity. Don't let it get too real. Satisfaction is not as illusive as it seems. Come back to this moment and feel the magic.

Sunday 5/16
Hold off on big decisions until things settle down a bit. There are frustrating delays and strange developments today that test out patience and faith. Resist the urge to go into full on problem-solving mode. Things will work themselves out quickly is we get out of the way. That's right. Get out of the way.

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Start to let go NOW.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 5/9 - 5/15

A big project is taking over your life, Aries. It's hard not to wonder if it's worth all the effort. The short answer is yes. It's worth it but it will take more time to get where you ultimately want to be. Prepare for the long haul. In the little time you have left over, work to find a balance. You have needs that must be met and ignoring them is not a good idea. Internally, you are waging battle against yourself. How can you come to a peaceful conclusion? This is worthy of contemplation.

Some tough energy awaits you this week, Taurus. Everything feel glitchy and difficult. Even the simplest tasks seem riddled with unexpected and unwelcome surprises. Stagnant forces are starting to lift, allowing you more levity and freedom. It feels a little strange to have more space to move in. Worries about safety and security will pass quickly, especially if you refuse to take the dire warnings to heart. Find a way to cheer up while the storm passes.

It's time to discover new sources of passion and inspiration. You've done an amazing job of seeing a project from finish to end. Now what Gemini? You've proved that you can stick to it. Perhaps it's time to have more flexibility? Give yourself time to feel out what you want to invest in next. Tie up loose ends in order to make space of the next wave of creating. Let it be easy. Start to release some of the effort you've been using to drive yourself. It's not needed.

A lovely week awaits you, Cancer. Many rewards are coming your way. It'll surprise you how easily magic comes into your life now. You are bursting with ideas and creative energy. Keep everything moving to avoid feelings of impatience and irritability. Your head and your heart are in disagreement about how to manifest more success. They both have valid points. Can you take the best from both of them? Find the point of consensus and go with it.

You're sinking into some very challenging energy, Leo. It's the kind of thing you can shake off if and when you want to. You're beating yourself up about stuff that's water under the bridge at this point. How does this behavior serve you? Does it keep you safe in some way? This old pattern needs to be looked at more closely. Be open to a happy surprise or two. it willo be hard for the magic to reach you if you're immersed in some kind of "I suck" space.

Life is about to expand for you Virgo. Are you ready for bigger and better opportunities? There might be a little bit of preparation that needs to happen this week. Dig in and protect what you've worked so hard to create. At the same time, be willing to extend yourself and stretch into new spaces. An old wound is close to the surface and may cause you to misinterpret what's happening around you. Stay calm if you can.

It's hard to figure out what's happening today and why. The why is not really important and in some ways, asking why just brings more trouble. Shift your attention to other spaces that feel easier and more validating. The trouble will pass and when it does you'll have fresh perspective and a better attitude. Go ahead and entertain a lot of new ideas now. The more you open to what's possible, the more easily you'll manifest your dream. Let it be big, Libra.

Wow, Scorpio. You have some amazing opportunities coming your way. You probably can feel that something big is about to happen. You're not imagining it. Get ready for a wild ride as some of what you want arrives in packages that are confusing at best. Keep an eye on the tendency to be reactive. You need to give yourself the gift of time to settle into everything that's being offered to you now. The playing field is quickly getting bigger.

It's time to take a leap of faith that you've been debating and making no progress with. Just go now! It will feel so good to move into a new challenge, Sagittarius. Your attention is fixed on a partnership and what the future may hold. The issues that bother you have a lot to do with your perception of things. Heal the inner wound and you'll find deeper peace. Start to imagine how you want to feel in this relationship. keep it simple and let the energy come up.

Think big Capricorn! Dare to dream and watch everything fall into place. You're powerful this week and there will be many distractions, so be prepared. An old wound is surfacing and it has do with rejection. It's time to unhook from wondering and caring what other people think. Some folks will never give you the praise and validation you deserve. Move on now! As you start to unhook from this old pattern, you might get a tad angry. Use this energy to push your agenda.

You're feeling boxed up this week and it's troublesome. If you don't find an outlet for all this pent up energy, you're going to blow your stack. A big idea has you completely captivated but you don't have the time and space to pursue it. It's very frustrating. Try to redirect the passion you feel into projects that are almost complete. As you clear the slate you'll start to feel more and more inspired and more able to chase the dream.

Expect delays. There are definitely a few curve balls coming your way. You won't see it at first but if you give yourself enough time to adjust to all the shifting you'll see that there are many opportunities hidden in the mess. Financial worry is potent but exaggerated. You have everything you want and need and more is on the way. Make that your mantra when fear creeps in. Mood swings are intense. Go with it and see where you land.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soul Mates?!?

I've been working on my upcoming radio show. I don't know what possessed me but I decided to explore the idea of the Soul Mate relationship. It's kind of a tough one!

Be warned, I'm not terribly romantic when it comes to the notion of the Soul Mate relationship. When I think back on some of the people who passed through my life to wake me up and show me more of who I am, I...!!!

My theory is that anyone who comes into our lives and offers us the opportunity to see ourselves and our lives differently is a soul mate. We tend to equate it with romance but it's much, much more than that.

I know so many of you out there want to create fulfilling relationships. You want to find that person to travel with and for those of us in partnerships, we want to find ways to make these relationships feel richer and more loving as well.

It's not always easy to accept the gifts our loved ones offer us. In this time period of acceleration and growth, people seem to spin together and sometimes apart very quickly. It's tough to find the time and focus to really dig deeply into each other.

I invited my friend and colleague Kristi Walsh to join me for a chat in the cafe for a segment of the show and after we finished recording, we started talking about the upcoming shift of Uranus into Aries and how that might impact our relationships. Aries is the opposite of Libra (the sign of partnership). Uranus makes us want to feel free so what do we get when we put the planet of freedom into the sign of the individual? A lot of relationship shake up!

I'm excited to see what comes. Aries makes us want things RIGHT NOW so we're probably going to experience a degree of impatience around the forming and sustaining of relationships.

Come give a listen to Stonestreet Cafe this week (Thursdays at 7pm PST/10pm EST at I'm having so much fun putting these shows together! Join my facebook group Stonestreet Cafe and get a preview of tomorrow's show in the form of a 2-3minute clip.

Play list this week in the Cafe:

-Mambo Sun/T Rex
-Bell Bottom Blues/Derek and the Dominos

-Can't Find My Way Home/Blind Faith

-Lean Woman Blues/T Rex

-Gypsy Eyes/Jimi Hendrix

-I Understand (Just How You Feel)/The Ink Spots

Let's shore up our soul family connections in the Stonestreet Cafe!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fortune Forecast 5/3 - 5/9


The forces of big change are gaining momentum. We need to go with it. Hoping things will settle down is not where it's at. Go willingly into the craziness and see what's in there for you. There is opportunity for deep cleansing now and the letting go of lots of old junk. Undertake it knowing that prosperity will fill up the empty spaces. If you're not using it, let it go. Don't try to fight the forces of change. Go with them even if it seems like it's trying to take you somewhere sketchy.

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Monday 5/3
We need adventure and we need it now. It's time to find fresh ways to express, engage and experience our lives. Trying to squeeze satisfaction from the familiar is futile today. Finding new fun is the ticket. Get out, mix it up and stumble into something wonderful.

Tuesday 5/4
The energy today is trending towards oppressive. A project that looked close to completion needs more work. It's a little deflating to have more to do in spaces we are ready to move on from. Do it and get it done so that there will be no need to revisit again.

Wednesday 5/5
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Our life force is tied up in part, in a conflict that has no resolution in the immediate future. If we know that, we can redirect our attention and relieve some pressure. Relief won't come from outside. We need to come back home to find it. The answers are within.

Thursday 5/6
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We have the remarkable ability to change energies, turn iron into gold. The trick is, we need all of our energy and focus and we need to be united in purpose internally. At least for a bit. What is wanted and longed for? If we find it and then get behind it, it will come.

Friday 5/7
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It's time to seek something new and refreshing. Let's go looking for it. Wander and discover. Trying to repress this urge is a bad idea. if we don't address it, it will create trouble. We need to trust the impulses and intuitive information coming through. Walk somewhere new.

Saturday 5/8
Being genuine and vulnerable today will deepen important bonds. Say and express what's happening inside. Share it and don't be afraid. We can see through the fog and haze, right to the core of the interactions taking place. It's slightly unnerving.

Sunday 5/9
Step out of taking responsibility for problems someone else created. It's not healthy and it's not working. It's time to unhook from this turbulent energy and find a space that's more peaceful. We can't leave it behind unless we see our part in it, which is little to none.

need help with the energy this week

Whatever feels frightening, overwhelming and unnerving, must now be confronted. The funny thing is, once we visit these spots, we'll see there's nothing to be worried about. It's all going to be okay!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 5/2 - 5/8

Money worries are a waste of energy. You might be going through a temporary squeeze. It won't last, so try and relax. It's time to acknowledge that something you once loved has lost it's juice. Put it to rest with respect and honor. Getting organized now will pay off handsomely when a new wave of creating comes crashing in. Do everything you can to clean the slate. Be open to what shows up as you launch into a new space.

Uncomfortable energies have temporarily taken you over. You are bursting with creative ideas but figuring out how to follow through is a challenge. There are a million and one distractions pulling you away from the passion. You're also having a hard time getting all the information you need, when you need it. Though it's difficult to temper the high powered energy surging through you, you have to try Taurus. Pacing is the issue this week.

Which way are you going to go, Gemini? This crossroad is a tough one. It might be helpful to ponder the idea that there are no mistakes, just more experience. You are digging in to defend something you value. Hold on or let go. It's all good! One thing is certain. You will feel changed as the week unfolds. A new way of looking at things is starting to take root and it's showing you a whole new way of being. Exciting!

Mood swings are potent and though you might not be in the mood to feel these overwhelming feelings, important information is coming through. Your emotional body is letting you know that it's time to quest for new experiences. You're ready to be refreshed and explore new things. Make this a top priority. Go! You're in the midst of building a better platform for success. Be patient as you finish up. Big things are coming soon.

An important collaboration needs care now. You can't control what's happening in the other person's space but you can come back to yourself and make things right inside. You are being asked to slow down now. Slow down Leo! Keep track of the brilliant ideas coming through. You are inspired and ready to leap into new ideas, classes and studies. Find the rifts in your inner world and do some healing. Unite.

You can make swift progress this week, Virgo. Things are moving fast and it's exciting. Watch out for a tendency to be disorganized and ungrounded. Come back and dig in to what's happening. Trying to hold back on powerful feelings is causing tension in you. Find a healthy way to release pent up stuff. Your space is feeling intense so it's essential that you have a lot of room to roam and pursue new things and old passions. Your creativity is high and you have the time and space you need to pursue it.

Connect with friends and loved ones, Libra. Make it your top priority even if it conflicts with work projects. Your bad mood will lift as soon as you let yourself off the hook over a recent disappointment. You didn't have as much control over this as you thought. It's okay. Move forward and start to refocus your efforts on new things. A conflict in your environment is escalating and there's not much you can do to fix it. Keep stepping back.

You don't have the energy to continue the debate, Scorpio. Just pick a path and go. Everything that's yours will come to you. You know more than you want to in some ways. It's hard to wake up and face what's happening. As you adjust to the truths that are emerging, you'll find ways to implement changes that have previously been illusive and difficult. Go wander for a while and let the shape of your life take shape for you. Lose the effort and let it show itself to you.

You have much to be proud of Sagittarius. Relax into the energy of victory. Stay a while and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There's no need to rush ahead. The next chapter is about to launch and it's a good one. A new seed has the potential to grow into a big, flowering tree. Be patient and careful as the seed takes root. Clear thinking is aiding you. It's easier to see the path ahead and know how to respond in a way that makes the most of opportunity.

Your intuition is potent this week, Capricorn. Can you find a way to connect more with what's coming through? It's time to take a step up on an energy level. What can assist you in doing so? Amp up on those activities in order to help yourself transition more smoothly. An important hope is starting to fade away. It's tough to let go but letting go will make space for something much, much better. Shake of the negativity. It doesn't suit you.

This is a big week, Aquarius and you may have a sense that something profound is in the works. Get ready to roll. Staying loose and relaxed is important now. Be willing to adjust to what's happening. You can do it and it's all so amazing. Be outside. Get fresh air and sunshine. Prepare for spaces that once felt stable and unyielding to start to slide and move. Don't even think about trying to figure it out. It isn't supposed to make sense.

A burst of excitement is helping you rearrange things in a way that works for you. A lot of old junk is burning off now. Release it, Pisces. There's nothing worth hanging onto in this mess. An old wound has you feeling vulnerable and extra sensitive. Consider new ways to create psychic protection. You don't have all the pieces to the puzzle but intuition can be a powerful tool in terms of navigating uncertain terrain. You can do it!