Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stonestreet Cafe LIVE!

I'm going LIVE this week in the Stonestreet Cafe at  This means you can call in and get a reading!  DO IT.  Here's the number 218.862.1300 x 124290 (land lines work best.  We've had trouble with cell phones, skype and VOIP, just FYI).  Keep this number handy for Thursday 7/1, or join me in the chat room or just listen in because I will be sharing the number as the show plays at 7pm PST*10pm EST.

We're going to take a look at the outer planets this week in the Cafe.  How are these patterns affecting us as individuals and as a collective?  This show will include the recent shift of Jupiter and Uranus into Aries, the tail end of Saturn in Virgo, Neptune retrograde in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn.

Providing the soundtrack this week, Beck (representing Jupiter and Uranus), Scissor Sisters (representing Saturn), Atlas Sound (representing Neptune) and The Greenhornes (representing Pluto).  If we have time, we're going to top it off with Fugazi in summation.

I've been playing with my astrology software and having a ton of fun.  If you want to get a look at your chart, schedule an appointment with me at We can do astrology via phone, chat or in am email reading.  I'll lower the rate (for scheduled calls) to our happy hour rate and we'll jump into the magic of the planets, what's coming up for you, where you might want to live (if you're contemplating a move) and whatever else you can think of!  Remember that if you want to look at charts, you need date/time and place of birth handy...

Also, coming this Friday (7/2), the Color Magic series launches at with an exploration of the many shades and vibrations of PURPLE.  Class starts at 10am PST * 1pm EST and lasts just a half hour.  We're going to meditate a little and get some healing happening.  Please join me in this sacred space!

I changed out the clip of the week from the Stonestreet Cafe on the left of the blog...this week a morsel from the SOUL MATE show.  My first ten radio shows are now available in the archives at  Have a listen!

Join me on facebook to get more info on the show and other fun bits and pieces of Julia...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surreal Snow

I'm a nature freak. I wish I could say I'm so freaky that I actually own a pair of hiking boots or some skis but no, my freak manifests mostly in gazing out windows, resting on a park bench or relaxing in a beat up lawn chair in the weed meadow I call a back yard.

We just got through that period of time when the Cottonwood trees shed. Yes, it's hell for those with allergies and it's annoying to look down at the bedroom carpet and see the little fluff balls worked into the fiber but I've got to say, for a week or two as those little, white puffs floated through the air, I almost thought I was in heaven. It was so, so surreal, summer snow, drifting, hanging and dancing on the breeze.

Do you think the Earth feels it when we experience pure love for all the natural beauty? I do.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fortune Forecast 6/28 - 7/4


Some things need time to find resolution and try as we might, we just can't force the outcome to come sooner than it will.  This week, we have to confront this uncomfortable truth.  The funny thing is, once we move into acceptance, the stress diminishes.  We get ourselves off the hook, so to speak and from there we have a chance to discover a new rhythm.  Notice the desire to control things and unhook.  It feels good to let nature take its course.

Monday 6/28
Take a closer look at routines to see if adjustments can be made.  Peace and relaxation are available but we need to make space for them.  They aren't going to just drop out of the sky.  Pull energy out of spaces that have too much in order to give more to spaces that don't have enough.

Tuesday 6/29
If we can let go of some of the grudges we carry towards ourselves, our power will expand.  All it takes is internal union.  Finding that space of equilibrium is a challenge and it might come in fits and starts but even a brief visit to that space can help us take the energy up.

Wednesday 6/30
Look around and see the world, teeming with life!  This IS abundance.  Tap into it by slowing down long enough to enjoy the beauty and the bounty that's all around.  Sometimes we feel cut off from the stream of abundance.  Jump back in!  It's there, waiting for you.

Thursday 7/1
Stonestreet Cafe tonight! 7pm PST * 10pm EST at
We're moving into better things but it might not seem like it.  It would be easy to see this time period as one of little movement, little change.  We're not stuck!  We're just deep in the process of transformation.  Trust it.  Know it and soon it will be evident that much has moved.

Friday 7/2
It's hard to shake the heaviness in the air today.  We are vulnerable to seeing everything that has gone wrong and even more vulnerable to feeling responsible for it.  It's ok to linger in this space as long as we know we're choosing to be here and can choose something else in a flash.

Saturday 7/3
Passion is percolating and calling us to action.  Let's go!  Follow the spark and let it lead us where it may.  There is much joy in the works today for those of us who veer off the beaten track.  Feel the wanderlust and respond.  Trying to repress this energy is not advised.

Sunday 7/4
Stonestreet Cafe replays...10am PST * 1pm EST at
It's time to play.  Make it a top priority. Don't get sucked into work and all the little details that want to distract.  Connect with friends and loved ones. Be lazy.  Enjoy the outdoors.  Who cares!  It's time to let it all fall apart a bit, knowing that putting it back together will make something better.

need help with the energy this week?

Swim with it.  Move around it.  Let it dissolve.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 6/27 - 7/3

Big surprises are coming your way, Aries!  This is a magical week but there might be a shock or two along the way.  Something you're heavily invested in is shaky.  You're seeing the cracks in the foundation and it's somewhat unpleasant.  Go with what's happening and you will see new opportunities emerging from the fallout.  When you see something you want, grab it.  Don't think too long or it might run past.  Get off the beaten track and find the hidden treasure.

Your mind is opening to seeing things in a new and exciting way.  It's a period of awakening for you, Taurus.  Things that seemed remote and difficult are suddenly feeling possible.  This is great news and great timing because you are in need of inspiration.  A money opportunity is popping up.  It's a good one, so follow up.  You're able to communicate what you want with clarity and focus.  This is immensely helpful in getting things done.

You're in a playful mood this week, Gemini.  Honor this mood and create some fun.  You need time to explore new things without feeling like you need to make a big commitment.  Be willing to experiment and change directions when you feel like it.  Others might see you as scattered now.  Who cares?  Lose the judgment and wander.  A burst of passionate energy can carry you into fascinating new spaces.  Go, go, go!

Life is a bit stressful this week, Cancer.  There's no way to escape some of the challenging responsibilities on your plate.  Try to relax into it.  Resistance will make it all more difficult.  You are coming to the end of a big cycle.  There are a lot of loose ends to tie up.  Ask for help.  You're in the midst of a lot of confusing feelings about these changes.  It's ok.  Soon you will be well into something new.  Your struggles will be mere memories as fresh happiness takes root.

It's time to create a deeper union within your self.  Heal the rift, Leo.  You often look for healing to come in the form of a relationship or a change in the external world. It's within you!  You're hanging on to a grudge against yourself and it needs to go now.  A victory is shaping up for you.  You can feel it coming and might be nervous about receiving all the energy that comes with it.  Relax and be proud.  You worked hard to achieve this.  Love it and love yourself in it.

A space that once offered tremendous fulfillment has dried up.  You can lament this passage or you can open to something new and exciting.  Mood swings are powerful this week and can help you see where to go next.  You might feel like no one understands what's happening to you right now.  It feels lonely.  It's ok though.  Enjoy your time alone and use it to get clear and calm and ready for the next chapter in your story.

Dig in and defend your agenda.  You don't have to get aggressive, just be very clear about what you want, Libra.  You will encounter resistance this week.  Be prepared.  You are changing and changing quickly.  You might be confused about who you are right now.  Relax!  You won't make any mistakes.  Be patient as your new identity takes root.  You will know soon how to go about creating what you want in a new, updated and powerful way.

Take charge, Scorpio.  You've got the skills and ability to make it right!  You might be reluctant to come out of hiding in order to get this project back on track.  You're wondering if it's worth it.  It is!  There is pressure on you to compromise your vision.  Hold steady.  If you bend too much, you'll resent it later.  A new path is opening up.  It's exciting.  Explore your options here.  There's a lot waiting for you on this road. 

You have a ton of mojo working for you this week, Sagittarius. Things are going your way with seemingly little effort.  Take advantage of the ease of this cycle.  While you stretch into new areas, make sure you're protecting what you've already worked so hard to cultivate.  There are minor threats in the air.  Stay awake and aware.  Friction in your inner world is slowing you down a bit.  Put the conflict away once and for all. You know what to do.

Healing energies are available to you, Capricorn.  Open up and let it in!  You keep putting your needs aside in order to get things done.  This isn't sustainable.  Stop and make yourself more of a priority.  There is support available.  Loved ones are standing by, ready to help.  A new passion is hard to ignore.  You're spending a lot of time thinking about it and dreaming about it.  Taking small steps will you there in no time.  Just be sure and balance action with rest.

This a great week to forge a new path, Aquarius.  You are ready to see and experience new things.  Get out there and do it!  You're bursting with energy and need to find lots of outlets.  If this energy builds up, it will create chaos and frustration.  Stay in motion.  An old regret is coming up and coming up ferociously.  When are you going to let this go?  You can do it now and you should.  This is too heavy to drag into your beautiful future.

Things are falling apart this week, Pisces.  Don't try and hold it together.  Whatever collapses needs to collapse so that you can find a new kind of freedom.  Trust it. A bright, new idea will emerge from the ashes and it's a good one.  Allow it to show you what's possible.  Your are in protection mode.  You've put your energy on lock down.  Open up again.  Good stuff wants to come in.  Ease into it.  You don't need to do anything drastic right now.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


First of all, you might have noticed that I'm adding more content to the blog...little musings about life and all that jazz.  You'll see about two more articles per week if I have my way, possibly more.

Birthing the radio show kind of ate up my head space for a while.  I'm starting to get in the flow over there, at 12radio and that gives me more energy for this space over here.  Always a balancing act!

Speaking of the show, Stonestreet Cafe is coming tomorrow night (Thursday at 7pm PST * 10pm EST) up 12radio.  This week's show is called MIND CONTROL and it has similar elements and themes from the SPACE INVADER show (which you can now find in the archives at 12radio).  I must say, I got on a bit of a rant this week.  Come check it out! 

My first ten shows are now in the archives!  They've been edited down to roughly 30-40 minutes each, so listen at your leisure.

The next show (7/1) will be LIVE, which means you can call in and get a reading.  I plan to do a LIVE show on the first Thursday of the month, so tune in, call in and get some answers.  I'll be sure to update you as we get closer.  I'll send out the call in number next week so that you can be sure and get in.

Are you in the mood to explore some energy?  Give a listen to my new clip at the top of the blog about the Color Magic series of classes, launching Friday, July 2nd and concluding August 6th at 12academy.  These classes are short, fun and are an exploration of different vibrations of energy and how we can work with them more consciously.  You can participate in one or all.  Choose the colors you love, or even better, jump into the colors you resist.  These classes will give you a quick, deep healing and leave you refreshed.

Also coming in July, distance healing sessions via 12academy.  Just register, dial in at the right time and receive a channeled healing.  There won't be a lot of talk during the session, but I will follow up with each participant via email with observations about what happened in your space during the healing.

Check out my new location astrology offerings at 12listen.  That's right, they're ready to go.  These custom reports can help you figure out the dynamics of the region you live in or help you find a great place to move.  I can't wait to play with you in this space!

Other than that, things are quiet up here in this moment.  Just watching the world, listening to 12radio, writing scopes and appreciating what IS.

Come get a reading!!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have a thing about France. It even manifests in dreams...

recurring dream number 1. I find out I can't graduate from high school because I forgot/blew off French. It's always the same scenario. We're two days away from graduation when I suddenly realize that I completely spaced out and/or avoided the class for my whole senior year. I have two reactions in the dream...humiliation and defiance which then ultimately leads to uneasy acceptance.

recurring dream number 2. I'm trying to get to the airport and catch a plane to Paris. I either can't seem to get out of the house, or I forget the plane ticket, or there's a traffic jam, or I'm in a cab and we're lost or I lose my passport or WHATEVER. I always miss the damn plane to Paris.

It's odd.

This is where the notion of past lives is so seductive and convenient. How else to make sense of my semi/subconscious relationship with France?

I'm not the kind of psychic (or person for that matter) who's going to go looking for proof of who I might have been in some other life. In fact, I don't need a lot of proof about anything in this reality. It either resonates with me or it doesn't. When it comes to past lives, I'm not interested in convincing anyone else to see it as valid. It's all just a metaphor and that's how I treat it.

Intuitives tend to troll in the land of metaphor.

There are so many things we just can't understand about our experience here. So much that can't be proven or qualified, analyzed or dissected. Who cares? Why do we need to make it all make sense? This need to make things make sense is about control. We want to believe we understand things here because the idea that we don't is just too terrifying.

This gets me back to my dreams. Both are about being out of control and not being able to create the outcome I want.


It either resonates or it doesn't.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fortune Forecast 6/21 - 6/27


Take it in. It's abundant. It's even in the dark, urban alley. It's time to carve out space for relaxing and noticing the environment. There's beauty in being connected with the world around us and in connecting to each other. Even the relationships we have that are overrun with strife have beauty. There's nothing like pining away...Enjoy the journey. Relish the feelings. Sink into it like a luxurious bath of life. Come back to the now.

Monday 6/21
In our quest to achieve a dream, we may have wandered into pain. The pain comes when we start thinking we'll never have it and in never having it, we can't see what's wonderful right here. Be grateful for the range of feelings. Don't let the quest distort what's magical in this moment.

Tuesday 6/22
A small spark or intuitive voice is bubbling up. Follow it. Don't impose rational thinking on it. Just go. This spark will grow into a raging fire if we give it space to expand. The fire is the fire of life, of creativity. It might seem like a distraction but really, it's an emerging truth and an opportunity for more fulfillment.

Wednesday 6/23
If we don't honor the need to slow down, it will catch up to us in the form of exhaustion, a lack of focus and careless mistakes. Take time off now. Let go of the lists and the thinking that goes behind those lists. Space out! It's important. From the space of nothing, new inspiration emerges.

Thursday 6/24
Imbibe and Revive...Stonestreet Cafe at 12radio, 7pm PST * 10pm EST
It's time to get back in the driver's seat. Our leadership is needed and needed now. We could talk ourselves out of it. We could tell ourselves that it's not really our problem but in doing so we'll miss out on a chance to learn more about who we are and specifically the strengths that we have and don't know about.

Friday 6/25
Some heavy vibrations are coming in, like storm clouds rushing over the sky. Don't take it personally and certainly stay out of needing to fix it. There's no fix but the passing of time. In the decision to not fight it, we find relief. Let it continue to move through. Soon the sun will come out again.

Saturday 6/26
Moderation can bring healing today. It's time to look at areas of our lives that are off kilter. Make corrections now. It start with awareness. Just noticing the spaces that have been abandoned can help us get energy moving again. Small steps yield big results. Dial down the expectations and put away the judgment.

Sunday 6/27
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10am PST * 1pm EST,
It's a challenge to find time to STOP. Do it! It might even take time to get in the space of not doing. Do it! We need rest. We need time to catch up with everything that's unfolding. Grab a book, head to the park, hop in a bath or go back to bed. It is so, so worth it.

need help with the energy this week?

Unhook from the maddening crowd. The pace we've set culturally is not healthy. Slow it down. Say no. Stop. Relax. Breath. Feel. Indulge. Enjoy. Purge. Play. Notice what's happening in the smaller world of you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solstice Musings

It's lovely up here in my mountain town. Now I know some of you have a mental picture of what a small, Colorado mountain town looks like. Yes, it's pretty. At least I think so.

We live in a small valley. Our house is up on one side of the valley, looking down on the town. It's sunny up here and there are great views out to the west (that reminds me, I need to get the windows washed...).

My town is struggling. Like many small towns, there aren't enough jobs and there's definitely a poverty vibe here. Many of the lovely, old Victorians seem about ready to collapse. There are yards filled with rusting junk and trailer parks galore.

This town is one of the only affordable places to live around here. Unlike our neighboring counties, we seem to be lacking in the prosperity that proliferates closer to ski country and on the other side, closer to the wealthy, suburbs of Denver. This is where people who work in the neighboring wealthy counties actually live.

A highway cuts right through the town. There's no escaping the noise and energy of people rushing, rushing, rushing from east to west and back again.

My town is the place you stop on the way to somewhere else.

I've been trying to find a way to get more involved in the town, specifically in how to generate more prosperity here. It's a mixed bag. On the one hand, we need abundance, on the other hand, we need it to remain affordable. After checking out the local political scene, I decided it wasn't the right avenue for me. Too much bickering, not enough action. I also briefly considered the PTA but decided that hanging with the other moms wasn't going to work for me. Now I'm looking into the Chamber of Commerce. We shall see.

We all feel frustrated by events like the Gulf oil spill. It's easy to get angry, depressed and feel helpless about what's happening. One way to ameliorate these feelings is to get more involved on a local level. Bring the healing to the region you dwell in. It won't stop the flow of oil, or clean the beaches but it does create a little more magic for the planet.

Heal where you are.

This concept includes our own bodies. Heal the body, mend the split between spirit and body. As each of us work this space, the energy comes up for all. Come back home.

As we sit on the cusp of the the Summer Solstice and the shift of the sun into Cancer, we'll be pulled back to thoughts of home and family. Who is our family? Where is our home? Bring the healing back to your little patch of grass. It makes a difference for all.

and happy solstice...(Monday, June 21st at 4:30am pacific)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 6/20 - 6/26

You have a lot to look forward to this week, Aries. Things are coming together after a period of strife and struggle. Are you ready to celebrate? It's time to plan something to validate and lift your energy up. Abundance is flowing and there are great new opportunities taking shape. Get ready for the next round of creating. You finally have the time you need to look at areas of your life that have been lacking nurturing. You don't need to make major changes. Just shift a little at a time.

An opportunity to expand your social circle is presenting itself this week, Taurus. You might feel like you don't have the time and energy to explore these fresh options. Do it. These new connections will give back to you many times over. You won't regret investing here. It's time to put the past behind you. You continue to be haunted by situations that you felt you had no control over. You keep asking yourself how you could have acted differently. It's time to move on.

You've got a lot going on Gemini but it's not delivering the satisfaction you want and need. You are ready to explore new territory. Recognize this growing urge and honor it. If you try and repress it, it will make trouble. As you allow yourself to explore new opportunities, you'll rediscover what you love about the life you have right now. There is abundance pouring in from seeds you planted and cultivated diligently, over time. Relish it. It's time to spoil yourself a bit.

You're anxious to move on Cancer. You can see where you want to go but may have a hard time figuring out how to get there. Try not to get ahead of yourself. It's all coming together. You're anxious to resolve a situation that has gotten out of control and painful. You're closer to the end of this cycle than you realize. Hang in there. Try to come back to how you feel in any given moment. Avoiding the discomfort will prolong the pain. Be willing to forgive whatever it is you think went wrong.

It's time to pull back and make time for reflection. You are at a crossroads, Leo and though you have many wonderful things happening in your world, there is a lack of fulfillment. Changing the external won't bring what you're seeking. Go inside yourself and make changes there. A burst of fire is helping you feel energized and ready to take on new challenges. Stay in motion and keep this energy moving or you'll find yourself easily irritated by silly stuff.

Soften up, Virgo. Let the love in and be willing to express the love you feel. It takes courage to be vulnerable. You can do it! You're bursting with amazing and innovative ideas. All you need now is the patience to put some of these ideas into action. The people around you don't understand your vision. Does it matter? Forge ahead knowing that you don't need approval and support. You can do this all on your own. Once you get going, others will show up to help and encourage.

Life feels a bit like a battle this week, Libra. You're under fire for seemingly no real reason. Instead of wondering why this is happening, accept and move through it. This situation is causing you to question things you hold dear. This is a great time to purge and refresh your commitment to what you want. A big decision is waiting up ahead. There's no right and wrong. You simply can't make a mistake, so stop worrying about it. Keep coming back to what you want.

You're in a position of power this week, Scorpio. What are you going to do with it? You can be a tyrant or a benevolent ruler. It's up to you. It will be tempting to throw your weight around but you don't need to do that. The only reason you're tempted to get so heavy is your own doubt underlying this new power. Let it go! You're on the cusp of a whole new approach. Give yourself time to let this new way settle in. Abundance energy is expanding and lying in wait for you to claim it.

Be generous this week, Sagittarius. It might be a challenge because you're feeling taxed and low on resources. As you open up and share what you have, you'll find that your coffers are replenished with seemingly no effort. You're not feeling well and keep hoping to just snap out of it. Perhaps you need a different approach? Take a close look at what's causing discomfort and address it. As you go into this space, you'll find a treasure trove of strength you didn't know you had.

A minor conflict is growing in intensity. It's hard to step away from this Capricorn. You have convinced yourself that something valuable is at stake here. Could it be just a distraction from other areas of life that feel difficult and unmanageable? Look at what you're creating. There's a lot to feel good about. Come back to it and keep working at a pace that feels good. Others will step away from the drama soon, leaving you freer to pursue your passion. Are you ready?

No one is interested in your insight and ideas this week, Aquarius. It's bothering you a lot to not have the receptive audience you want. Come back to your own projects and know that everyone will see the genius soon. Your inner world is riven with frustration. You can cultivate peace here and feel better quickly if you turn and face it. Trying to keep your feelings in check isn't healthy. Get everything off your chest and do it soon. This will help you feel much, much better.

Hanging on to old sources of joy and pleasure is about to get painful. Create something new this week, Pisces. You have ideas about what you want but have been hesitant to go after them. Baby steps are in order. An unfair situation is coming to a head. You can expect the forces of justice to show up soon and work in your favor. Step out of the way and let the chips fall where they may. You will come out on top. Take breaks from work to revive and refresh. You need it.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Bee

Make hay while the sun shines, right?

I'm learning how to use my new, astrology software. It's actually pretty easy. I'm excited to start offering astrology reports. This would include simple, transit reports (what to be aware of over the next 3 months, for example) as well as location astrology (where in the world the energy feels right and good based on your natal chart). Now I just have to write up the blurbs and get them up at 12listen.

The email readings have been a blast! I love the format. It's great to have time to reflect on the questions and craft a long, articulate response. Thanks to all who've decided to explore this space with me.

I also came up with a series of classes starting in July called COLOR MAGIC. We're going to journey through each color, healing our relationship with each vibration. These classes are short and sweet because if you're like me, you're feeling squeezed on time. You can pick your favorite color or try out a color you tend to resist and get a healing. Consider joining me on this journey to the end of the rainbow.

Also in July, I'm launching a series of Distance Energy Healing sessions. These events will come up about every two weeks for 20 minutes. It doesn't take much to move energy when we join together as a community and amp it up. I'll be calling in some big guns (Mother Mary and Kuan Yin to name a few) to help hold the space of divine healing for all participants. You can learn more about this channeled healing space at 12academy.

I'm also plodding along with my new website. I don't know what it is about me and my tech guy but sometimes I just want to KILL him. He's young, chaotic, disorganized and just learning how to be in business. It's kind of fun to offer him unsolicited advice on how to better serve his clients. He's an Aries and I'm pretty sure my insights are unwelcome. Aries tends to want to do things their own way and these days, we have plenty of Aries to go around with Jupiter and Uranus hanging out there.

Perhaps like me, you're bursting with creativity or you're frustrated by the pace of certain projects OR you might be feeling resistant to the feedback others are trying to offer? This is all Aries stuff.

Get comfortable with these feelings because these transits are going to be active for a while.

One of my favorite things about Aries is the sense of having a fresh start. Aries is the first sign on the wheel of life. The zodiac begins on the spring equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries. Aries is primal, birth energy. Now is the time for bringing things to life.

What is percolating in your world? What is ready to come to life? Are there frustrating delays in this space or do you find yourself suddenly surging forward? I hope it's the latter!

Lastly, I hope you'll tune in to Stonestreet Cafe this Thursday (7pm PST/10pm EST). I'm joined this week by Rev Keith Ruback in a show called BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Needless to say, the show stirred up a lot of energy for me as I looked more closely at gender, male/female energy and how our culture defines this space. As always, I felt like I just scratched the surface of this topic.

I picked out some great songs by Fiona Apple, Jane's Addiction, Ani Difranco, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and more. If you want to get a peek at the playlist visit facebook and click on the discussions tab. If you want a reading on an upcoming show, send me an email!

There are three or four shows available in the archives at 12radio and I'm working to get all of them edited and ready. Keep checking back for new shows.

Check out the new clip here on the blog (top left). This week I'm offering a short clip on the importance of spacing out. In these busy times, with so much creative energy flowing, I hope we can all find the time for some quality SPACE OUT time.

As far as the blog, I have some ideas rolling around about how to offer more here. I don't quite have the focus and energy I need to do it the way I want to but know that I'm thinking about it. I am determined to offer fresh, insightful info, hopefully every day at some point. Get ready for the Julia Brainbox Blast!


*if you're getting this by subscription, consider switching over to my new feed. Visit the blog and you'll find the subscription box in the top left corner...UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE COMCAST NIGHTMARE and choose the

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fortune Forecast 6/14 - 6/20


A surge of energy has arrived and it has the potential to move us into new opportunity. Embodying this energy is a challenge. It might feel strange and uncomfortable at first. Let it in. Expect to feel slightly shaken and stirred. It would be easy to see this energy as a problem, as some kind of cloud of anxiety. See it for what it is and embrace it. It's time now to say some of the things we've been repressing. It's time to get all those thoughts and feelings out of our space and onto paper or into a song, or into the garden. Expression can help us move through this wave of power. Find a creative outlet and let loose. Keep the energy moving by staying in motion. The refusal to express and expand will cause this energy to build up and get explosive. Let it all out.

Monday 6/14
Though we are searching for connection and fun, no one seems able or interested. Instead of spending energy trying to get people motivated to join us, perhaps we should put our energy into our own projects and hopefully our own fun. Let's not take it personally that others are distracted and perhaps suffering from heavy, moody energy.

Tuesday 6/15
There's a fertile quality to the energy today. Things grow easily in these conditions. Take advantage of it by planting seeds and cultivating spaces that are new and vulnerable. It's easy to feel optimistic when the world is teeming with life force energy and infusing everything with hope and optimism.

Wednesday 6/16
It's time to confront a situation that has run it's course. There may be a way to revive this space but only if we acknowledge that it's changed first. Perhaps we'll decide not to put any more energy here and start moving on? All that matters is that we stop pretending something is real when it's not.

Thursday 6/17
come play in the Cafe tonight at 12radio...7pm PST/10pm EST
Make time for drifting and dreaming and if possible, a real trip. We don't have to go far in order to experience a fresh perspective and renewed focus. Even a book or a class can help provide a shift in perspective that will show us creative energy we just didn't see before. Break out and get off the beaten track today.

Friday 6/18
We often try to hide and protect the heart, thinking that we'll be more safe but actually, the opposite is true. Being open is protection. When we are relaxed and in the space of "nothing to hide," nothing can threaten us. A space of innocence is a space of divinity. Release the fear that distorts this knowing and open.

Saturday 6/19
Why not? Why do we tend to downplay our successes in an effort to be humble and not appear too prideful? We need to let the good vibes in, the good vibes that come from a job well done. It's not pride, it's not arrogance, it's validation. Quit brushing it off. Stop and let the good energy offer rejuvenation and renewal.

Sunday 6/20
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 12radio...10am PST/1pm EST
We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves today. COME BACK. Whether it's drifting into a dream, or fretting over a problem or worrying about the future, we are best served now by being here now. Focus on the body today. Engage in activities that create grounding. Restore with simple pleasures. COME BACK.

need help with the energy this week?

Big energy can cause big disruption. Especially if we see it as a problem to be fixed. We tend to take everything so personally. It must be me, we say. How can we start to unhook and become more aware of the collective forces that affect us? This is the question to ponder and play with this week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 6/13 - 6/19

There are many temptations to contend with this week, Aries. Some of what's tempting is good for you and some of it's not. Navigating this terrain could be tough. If you have questions about which is which, consult someone impartial. A new idea has you excited and ready for action. Though you feel strongly that you can do this all on your own, now is the time to think about who you would like to assist you. Trust me, you'll be glad later on when you need help.

It's been stressful in your world for quite some time now. Though you've wanted and needed to take breaks for rest and rejuvenation, you keep putting it off thinking that if you just get through it, you'll have the time and space you need. Listen up, Taurus! Step away from the unending pile of responsibility and take care of yourself. Do it now before you crash in a heap of quivering flesh. Even a little bit of care will help. Stop distracting yourself from feeling the pain hiding under getting it all done.

You need to take charge of a space that has run off the rails, Gemini. You'll feel so much better once you get back in the driver's seat. You're working diligently and it's about to pay off in a big way. Get ready for success and for the next leg of the journey. There is more to come here and if you stay steady and focused, you'll be blown away at what you can accomplish. Create a way to connect with friends and loved ones, even though you continue to be very, very busy. Connecting will energize and delight you.

It's very difficult to be patient when you're so close to getting what you want. Slow down just a little Cancer, otherwise you're likely to make careless blunders. Your burdens are heavy now and there are no real shortcuts at hand. Keep going and ask for the emotional support you need. This is a powerful time period and everything happening now is important even though it might not seem like. Look for opportunity disguised as adversity. Here you will find treasure waiting to be discovered.

You are going through major changes Leo and might be feeling disoriented or unsure. Try to let go of the need to control what's happening. Surrender and acceptance will serve you better than control now. Relax and enjoy the abundance in your world. There's no need to hoard or clamp down in order to conserve. Generosity on all levels will bring even more your way. A choice you made a while back is coming back to haunt you. See this as an opportunity to forgive and move forward.

It's tempting to try and play the role of peacemaker this week Virgo but are you sure you want to put yourself in the middle of the conflagration? Is it worth it? No. It's not and it's really just a way to distract yourself from your own projects and goals. Something in your world is getting difficult and you'd rather do anything than take a closer look at this space. It's not going to go away without attention from you. Once you get in there, you'll see that you fears and worries are overblown.

Can you give yourself permission to relax into love this week, Libra? Let's face it, what's happening in your relationship space is the most exciting thing going now. Get into it! An opportunity to travel pops up and though it seems last minute, go if you can. A journey will help awaken you to new opportunities as well as refreshing you deeply. Worries about career and finance are keeping you from enjoying the bounty. Let this stuff slide away. It's all phantoms and shadows anyway.

Let your heart run the show this week, Scorpio. You keep repressing your feelings in favor of being rational. Cut it out! There is power in that heart of yours and it can serve you well. Trust yourself. It's hard to pick from the many opportunities that seem to be falling from the sky. Forget about being practical and go for the dream. There is pressure on you to compromise. Don't do it unless you're prepared to live with a whole host of regrets. I think you know what I'm talking about.

You can't seem to stop beating yourself up over something that in the end, is rather irrelevant. Stop it, Sagittarius! Why are you doing this to yourself? Trying to change a certain behavior via punishment won't work. Could it be that this bad habit really isn't that bad after all and that in fact it's the judgment you carry that's the real problem? Consider it. You can't see the magic in your world. Adjust the way you see things and you'll find there's much to feel good about.

Take charge, Capricorn. You've been stomping around complaining that you don't have the time and space you need to take care of yourself the way you want to. Stop and make the space of self-care your top priority. There will not be a break until you make one. It feels like you have no support right now. It's just not true! Look again and you'll see that there are wonderful offers of help everywhere you turn. Let it in. You don't have to do it all by yourself anymore.

It feels like your heart is breaking but what's bothering you now isn't as important as what this situation reminds you of. In other words, the pain you're feeling now is deeply rooted in the past. You can heal this Aquarius, especially if you see how it relates to your history. Keep cultivating the garden you're growing. You are on the right track and the harvest will be rich. This is not the fun part, so do what you can to stay energized and focused. It will all pay off soon enough.

Your abundance energy keeps going up, Pisces. It feels so good to have what you need and more. Still, fear lurks in the corners of your mind, trying to bring you down. Just say no! A new idea has a lot of exciting energy. What are you going to do? Will you allow yourself to explore this or will you shut it down before you get the chance? Trust in your magic. You can create it and you can tap into it when you see it. You are learning to see your power more clearly. It's awesome!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Space Invader

Are you feeling the energy building?

Yesterday, we had a big event as Jupiter moved into Aries, joining Uranus and creating a potent combination. This is magical stuff, friends. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and Uranus rules revolution and the pioneering of new things. Put those together in Aries and we're bound to see more than a few, big breakthroughs.

Aries makes us impatient and you might be very aware of some dynamics in your world that were once tolerable that now seem completely unacceptable. I KNOW! I've been getting rough with my web designer (he is such an easy target) and feeling like I'm ready to shake up a whole host of relationship agreements.

Thus, the SPACE INVADER show, this Thursday (7pm PST/10pm EST) in the Stonestreet Cafe at 12radio. A space invader is someone who drifts (or marches) into our energetic space and camps out. We all do it to a degree, but I'm really talking about the talented ones.

How do you know you have a space invader? You can tell because you think about them all the time. You have conversations in your head with them. You struggle to unhook from thoughts and feelings about them. This week at 12radio, I'm going to be taking a look at this dynamic and offering easy techniques to clean up the energy. I'll also be doing a series of clairvoyant readings and playing some great music. I hope you'll tune in this Thursday, because this is one of my better shows if I do say so myself.

12radio got a makeover under the electric Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries and it's looking gorgeous. You can now find my first two shows in the archives. I've edited them down so that they are each about 30 minutes. You can download them and listen any time you want. I hope you'll get over there and check it out when you get the chance. Just click on archives and you'll see my name and the shows on the list.

The other exciting thing happening in my world is my recent purchase of cutting edge, astrology software. It's tough to get good stuff for the mac, but I tracked some down and this could really open things up for me.

I recently started offering readings via email through 12listen and it's been a blast. As soon as I get comfortable with the new software, I'm going to launch a whole series of email astrology readings that can be purchased through 12listen, including (and especially) location astrology.

Location astrology can help us identify regions where the planets work in our favor. If we want to prosper, we might move to a Jupiter zone. If we want romance, we might move to a Venus zone. Location astrology (or astrocartography) is a fantastic space to play in and I can't wait to start offering these readings for those of you who want to know more about the energy of your current location, for those of you contemplating a move or for those of you trying to choose a great vacation destination. Stay tuned for updates on the launch of my email astrology services!

Please note that I changed out the clip on the top left of the blog. This week, I'm offering a clip from the LOVE show. Give it a listen! I've also been putting clips on my facebook fan page. This space is another great way to get all the Julia Updates one could want. I'm careful not to over do it because I know and you know that all of this internet stuff can be a tad overwhelming. Please consider joining if you haven't already.

I am so excited about this expansive energy! Sure it's slightly chaotic and it might be harder to repress feelings of irritation but DAMN! Big things are in the works...I can feel it.

I'm sending much love to all of you. Get ready for acceleration and opportunity. Anything that you're ready to let go of is going to slide away now, with a degree of ease.


*As I mentioned last week, I switched over my feed, which affects all of you getting these posts by email. I want to keep you in the loop, so please sign up for the new feed on the blog and cancel the old (comcast) feed. I know it's an extra step and it's a pain, but I would love to have you on the new feed and be able to receive emails from you when you reply to a blog post. I promise, it's worth it!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fortune Forecast 6/7 - 6/13


No need dwelling on things that didn't work out. It's not personal and as soon as we unhook from those heavy feelings, we'll see the opportunities that are coming out of spaces that fell flat. We want to believe we have more control than we do sometimes. Even though the notion of control drives us to feelings of guilt, shame and failure, it's often preferable to the notion that we don't have control and that we are at the mercy of forces greater than us. Step out of the rumination and recrimination and move into the next step. No one is taking this as seriously as we are. It's time to move on.

Monday 6/7
There is so much to be reactive about these days. Being reactive is often a way to distract ourselves from the project at hand. Neutrality can help us see more clearly and find productive ways to manage the energy causing disruption. Take a deep breath and step out of the energetic storm long enough to see the big picture.

Tuesday 6/8
The support we think we need is not available today. It's important that we stop longing for someone to hold our hand through current challenges and just get going. We need to navigate all on our own during this part of the journey. It's part of our spiritual growth to find the answers within.

Wednesday 6/9
Healing energy is available in spades today. All we have to do is have the intention that these energies infuse us with what we want and need. Sometimes healing comes in forms we might not recognize. There is a space of healing crisis. Try not to resist and trust what's unfolding, even if it doesn't look like healing.

Thursday 6/10
tune in to Stonestreet Cafe, tonight at 7pm pst/10pm est!
Enjoy the tail end of a cycle that is clearly waning. We might feel afraid to let go of this space as it once offered tremendous joy and yet we know it's ending. Let's end it on a graceful note by acknowledging what happened here and letting it go. Trying to hang on will quickly get painful. release it into the ether.

Friday 6/11
Slow down and feel what's right in the world. There's a lot of beauty to be enjoyed and relished. We'll find satisfaction in the simple pleasures today. Let's call ourselves back from the space of wanting and enjoy what is. Don't dwell on the shadows and phantoms. Come into the eternal light.

Saturday 6/12
Finish up those last little details and get to completion. It doesn't feel fun but doing so will bring psychic relief. We need to create space now for new things to come in. Getting started is the hardest part. Once we take the first step, we'll find the motivation we've been waiting for.

Sunday 6/13
Stonestreet Cafe, replays today at 10am pst/1pm est!
It's easy to shake off the praise and validation that's coming our way today. We need to let it in. Feel proud! Bask in the warmth of a job well done. Rejecting this moment in order to be humble is not healthy. From the understanding of our success, comes more success.

need help with the energy this week?

Let the feelings roll. Keep moving through them without stopping to try and figure it all out. Some things aren't meant to make sense. See it as part of the healing process and nothing more. There's no need to judge or analyze. Go with the flow.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 6/6 - 6/12

You're feeling boxed in this week Aries. Don't panic! The door may be closed but surely you can squeeze through that open window! Things are quite simply, not as bad as they look. Talk to a trusted confidant to get some perspective. You need the feeling of freedom, now more than ever. Boundaries are important. Watch your back. There's a minor threat building in your world and it needs to be acknowledged before it grows into something potentially damaging.

It looks like something you hold dear is crashing and burning. Step away, Taurus and let it all come apart. Trying to hang on is a losing proposition. Be willing to grieve while also knowing that something wonderful is going to grow in it's place. You are more done with this than you realize. Expect a sudden insight to help you weather life's current storms. This moment of clarity will show you where to put your attention and energy and bring you some much needed relief.

Shake of feelings of failure. See the work you're doing and the success there. The only real problem this week is the unrealistic expectations you've been harboring. Free yourself Gemini and you'll start to have fun again. You are swamped with great ideas. Pick the best ones and focus. Protect what you've worked so hard to cultivate. A storm is coming and it could wreak havoc if you're not paying attention. Batten down the hatches NOW.

A burst of creative energy has you on high this week, Cancer. You can hardly eat, sleep or do anything but obsess about this new project. Pace yourself or face the possibility of burnout. You won't lose anything by taking small steps. You are very prone to seeing problems and blocks. Don't get negative. Do what you can to keep your outlook positive and playful. You may be irritated by distractions. When these feelings pop up, take it as a sign that you need to step away and regroup.

You are on fire this week, Leo. This is an excellent time to work through fears and doubts that once might have prevented you from taking action. Those fears are burning away and leaving you free to move forward and take risks. It's time to make peace with a situation that's been dragging you down. Pride is preventing you from taking the first step. You're only hurting yourself by waiting for someone else to acknowledge this disaster. Take charge and you'll feel much, much better.

Be open to happy surprises this week. They are popping up all over the place, waiting to be discovered. It's important to keep your attention in the moment so that you'll recognize these openings and opportunities. There's a lot of chaos in your environment, Virgo. Most of it has nothing to do with you and yet you find yourself getting involved and getting distracted. Come back to your own space and tap into what you want for yourself. Keep the focus squarely on you.

Trying to take blame for something you had no ability to control is causing pain. Let yourself off the hook. You are desperate to believe you have control but you don't. Give it over to God! A relationship can offer shelter and refreshment. Relax into the love, Libra. Fears about getting too close are emerging and making you wonder if it's safe to be embraced. Notice this heavy energy and gently say no. You are safe and have enough intuition to know how and what to do.

It's time to move out of the comfort zone. Extend yourself this week, Scorpio. The rewards will be rich with even the smallest of a stretch. You've been bored for while and hoping that something would just come along to spice up your life. Go find the spice! You're in the midst of some very profound change that's hard to articulate or understand. You know it, so quit talking yourself out of your experience. Soon you won't recognize your life or yourself, in a good way!

Break your goals into little pieces, Sagittarius. You can get to where you want to be but it will take time and patience. Right now everything is looking a little overwhelming and you might not have all the energy you need to make it happen. Small steps! Things look black and white this week. Notice the tendency to jump to conclusions before you have all the needed information. Slow it down and try to see things from a more neutral perspective. There you will find your freedom.

Your magic is powerful this week, Capricorn. Will you use it for good or ill? It remains to be seen. Fears are driving you to take shortcuts, which in the end, create more complications. Slow down and do things right. Be clear in your communication to avoid silly and frustrating misunderstandings. One space in particular seems to be driving you up a wall. You just can't seem to move things here. Perhaps you need to step back and take an alternative approach. Yes, in fact, you do.

What can you do to feel lighter and more playful this week, Aquarius? Find new ways to play. It might feel frivolous to put your energy and attention into this but the refreshment and rejuvenation you get will help you across the board in terms of productivity. You are in a powerful position but are having a hard time enjoying it. It feels a tad lonely to be in charge. Now is the time to start contemplating your next step. What do you want? Think on it.

A whole new world is unfolding for you Pisces. It's an exciting time period and possibly a tad overwhelming. You're being asked to bring your skills, experience and insight into a bigger arena. You're totally ready for this! There's some competitive energy affecting you. You're hesitant to put yourself out there as an authority and face possible backlash on an energy level. This is an old pattern and it's not serving you well. Be willing to shine bright. We need you!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Leonine Times Will Remain

As you might know, I'm getting a new website built, which is pretty exciting. If you want to get a sneak peek at the new design, you can see it here. At first I thought I would move the blog over there and have everything in one place. I changed my mind. I want to keep this space where it is for now. I'm looking into giving this space a bit of a makeover to match the look of the new website. Someday soon!

One problem I've had for a while is my email subscription service. Many of you get these posts via email and when you try to write me back, it goes to a dead email old comcast account. I've been banging my head against a wall trying to get google to convert the subscription and the feed. I've had no luck in getting this resolved and I thought it would be a moot point once I moved the blog, but the blog ain't moving.

I know it's a pain in the ass for all you beautiful subscribers, but if you could come on over to Leonine Times and RESUBSCRIBE, it would be great. I've switched the subscription service to a current email and changed the code here on the blog. If you still get the old comcast feed, you can unsubscribe.

Seriously, I don't mean to make trouble! There just seems to be no other way to switch over except to start from scratch. APOLOGIES for the trouble.

On another note, Stonestreet Cafe was great last night. I got so many emails and comments via facebook from so many of you. Thanks for coming out to the Cafe! My friend with the alcohol problems called me last night. She said she laughed and cried and journaled through the whole show. She felt lighter after listening and it sounds like she might be getting closer to taking a real look at the out of control drinking. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to know that the Cafe can make a difference in people's lives.

Most of the shows are more playful than the space we explored last night. Bad Habits was the most charged topic I've explored to far in the Cafe. I was nervous about how it would be received but those fears were unwarranted. Thank you all for the amazing support of my little radio show and a special thanks to my special Guest Cristof Guerin who added a lot of dimension to the discussion. If you ever miss the show on Thursday night, know that you can catch the replay on Sunday at 10am PST/1pm EST at Joining my facebook group Stonestreet Cafe with Julia Stonestreet Smith is a great way to get updates and clips of the upcoming show.

Lastly, I hope some of you will consider submitting a question for a reading on an upcoming show. Send me some questions and get a reading! I'll send the reading in an mp3 file for you to have and to keep.

Other than that, I hope all is well in your world. There's a lot to be upset about these days (hello gushing oil in the gulf). Still, we can and need to take care of ourselves as we live in and amongst these troubling times. Consider getting a reading by email. I have three options right now. The quick question reading, the three question reading and the Aura and Chakra clearing. Check it out!


Love to you and thanks for all of the amazing support!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bad Habits

That's the name of my next radio show. We're taking a look at vices, addictions, compulsive behavior, etc. I started out with a playful attitude and there are parts of the show where this comes through but really, addiction is not that funny.

True to form, as I began to get the show together, the theme started playing out in my own world. I got a late night phone call from an old friend this week that was quite disturbing. This friend called to let me know she's an alcoholic. At first, I tried to take the line of "I'm sure it's not as bad as you think," but the more she talked, the more concerned I got.

The thing is, she's very successful. She has a great job, she eats well, exercises, is well groomed and attractive but every evening she starts drinking and doesn't stop. The amount of alcohol she's talking about is stunning. There's no way I could drink that way. Somehow she manages to continue to function. Because she's so successful, no one close to her will call her on the behavior. She thinks they don't know. I'm not sure about that.

When I suggested she seek support and help, she absolutely refused, saying she doesn't want anyone to know and that she just needs to face it on her own...that's the addiction talking, my friends.

I think we can tell we have a problem when we find ourselves desperate to hide it as well as resistant to getting support and help. All I can say is, I hope she will begin to confront this before someone gets hurt.

I'm not a judgmental person. I have lots of friends that drink, smoke, shop too much, distract themselves with TV and the internet and fall in and out of love just to experience the first initial rush. Addiction can show up in the way we think, obsessing about future outcomes or desperately hanging on to events from the past. We can get addicted to "good" stuff as well. Just ask my Dad, who exercised like a madman all his life, but his healthy habit was fueled by a need to escape inner pain. Now having had several back surgeries, a knee replacement and shoulder surgery, he has recently been diagnosed with Gout and Diabetes. There was no joy in his quest to be healthy.

I've had a couple friends who died as a direct result of substance abuse. I've known people who were incarcerated as a result of substance abuse. I get it. I'm a listener, not a judge. Still, I found myself annoyed by this friend when she refused to discuss this with her partner or seek therapy or look into AA, a program that can be very powerful and healing. The stubbornness of her addiction is disturbing.

I myself have some bad habits. I talk about it a bit on the show. My stance has always been WE'RE HERE TO BE HUMAN AND TO EXPERIENCE A WIDE RANGE OF THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND SPACES, (including trance states) but if it's hurting, then it's time to take a closer look at the underlying dynamics. A little bit of naughtiness can be a good thing but some of these bad habits can really take us away from our connection with spirit.

It's ironic because in indigenous cultures, certain substances were used in sacred ceremonies and they actually opened the doors of perception but used indiscriminately and without awareness, they can and do cause harm.

What drives these behaviors? At the core it's a reluctance to be in the moment. It's as if we want to get away to somewhere else. Whether it's overeating, shopping too much, disappearing into the internet or the television, or using substances, there is a need to GET OUT OF HERE. I am certain that if we knew more about how to shift our energy, we wouldn't be so anxious to abandon this ripe, amazing moment.

Let's face it, our world is heating up and there's a lot we want to get away from. Our own, uncomfortable feelings drive us to seek relief. I have a hunch we're going to see a lot more of this kind of behavior and I hope that we'll also see the growth of meditation and other modalities that can help us deal with the anxiety and get more rooted in our bodies.

Recently, I was hanging out in the chat room at 12radio with some of the other radio hosts and we were talking about how we feel more sensitive to certain foods, chocolate, alcohol, etc. It's interesting and I wonder if some of the shift we're experiencing is making certain habits more difficult to manage? I know I've been feeling it and looking at my daily routines in order to boost more health and vitality.

Is there a healthy way to indulge? I'm not sure I have the answer. Doing the show has me questioning my own attitudes and behaviors. Just as I see the addiction talking in my friend, I see it in myself as I stuff an extra piece of cake in, or break out the credit card to buy clothes I don't really need. I've had a few too many drinks more than once and I gotta say, I feel pretty awful in the aftermath.

Am I worried about my friend reading this and being angry? No. She's not really in step with what I'm creating here at Leonine Times but I do plan on encouraging her to listen to the show. I'm sending her a prayer and a hope that she can cut through the fog. If you're out there struggling with a behavior that feels out of control and destructive, please seek support! Don't suffer in isolation. There is help available.

Truly, I can't emphasize this enough. If you're struggling with addiction, please start talking about it and find support. It's time to step out of the shame and into the light.

PLEASE JOIN ME THURSDAY AT 7PM PST * 10PM EST AT THE STONESTREET CAFE. This week, I'm welcoming Cristof Guerin, an old friend and a tremendous healer who specializes in addiction.

ps. Check out the little audio clip in the top left corner of Leonine Times. It's about energy and came from an earlier show. I'm psyched that I figured out how to get this on the blog.