Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/1 - 8/7

Go get it, Aries!  You see what you want, so why are you hesitating?  It won't wait for you, so if this is something you want, grab on now.  You're being asked to take on more responsibility this week and may feel ambivalent about it.  There are many rewards ahead if you decide to take it on.  It will put you in a time crunch, so consider this when choosing.  Your ability to make magic is off the charts now.  Use it all up!

You can see the landscape clearly now.  It's easier to figure out where to invest your energy and time.  This feels so good!  Now, if only you weren't so tired.  Can you make time for rest, Taurus?  There's no need to rush now.  You can afford to find a pace that works.  Heavy energies are lifting away.  As these energies come up and out you might feel them.  See this as a purge because that's what it is.  Let it all out.

Your intuition is offering stellar insight this week Gemini.  Get quiet, listen and respond.  Trust what's coming through even if it runs counter to what you want to see and believe.  You are ready to take a step up and be more of an authority.  You are ready for this and for the attention that comes with it.  Enjoy some time with friends and family.  It's time to celebrate and relish your recent victories.  

You are about to get an important piece of information that will help you see more clearly and come up with a new plan.  It's hard to wait for this info since you're ready to leap forward now.  Hang in there, Cancer.  A project needs some finishing touches.  You are so ready to be done with this.  Don't drift away just yet.  Finish up and you'll get a wave of great energy back.  Tension in a partnership is tough to handle.  It will break soon.

You're not sure where to put your attention right now, Leo. There are a lot of things pulling at you but not many of them feel fun or interesting.  Perhaps it's time to clean up old agreements and make space for your passion.  Delays have you wondering if you've done something wrong.  These delays are important.  Try and trust that idea.  A surprise is coming.  You're about to get some much needed validation for work well done.

Inner conflict has you tied up in knots.  You're not sure how to proceed, Virgo.  Perhaps a pause is in order.  Take the pressure off and let yourself have space and time to get the answers you need.  There's just no way to get clear about what's happening any faster than you are.  Good fortune is coming your way.  Open to it.  You don't have to work so hard.  Life can be easier.  Get out of your own way just a bit and you'll see for yourself. 

The pace is picking up and you are ready to launch into something new and bright.  Hopefully everyone is getting out of the way!  You are rich in resources, knowledge and energy.  Get ready to invest it.  Know that what you give will come back many times over.  Plant seeds now.  A new way of looking at yourself is taking root and it feels good.  This new version of you is everything you always wanted to be.  Yay!

Feelings of failure need to be shaken off now!  What are you doing Scorpio?  You can't see the forest for the trees this week.  you're so focused on details that you're missing the big picture. Stop it!  You've been putting altogether too much pressure on yourself.  No one can accomplish what you're asking of yourself.  It's time to step it down and enjoy the work more.  A relationship is getting more intense.  Relax into it.

Your inner world is rich and bursting with complex, deep feelings.  You might not know what to do with it all, Sagittarius.  Do you have to do something?  Just let it be.  Relax into it.  A bright idea has you excited and uncertain.  Give yourself time to come up with a plan to pursue this.  You don't need to hurry.  There's pressure on you to give up something you treasure.  Withstand the pressure.  This is not a sacrifice worth making.

You're not thinking straight this week, Capricorn.  You're seeing all the problems and none of the benefits.  How can you adjust the way you're seeing and interpreting what's happening now so that you don't sink into a negative ball of fuss?  There's a lot of pressure on you.  Don't buy into it.  You can take your time.  Big rewards are up ahead.  This might be part of the problem.  You can see it and you want it and you can't wait to get there.  Simmer down!

There's no other way to say it Aquarius.  This is going to be a tough week.  You have a lot on your plate and not that much support.  You can do this!  Tap into deeper levels of inner resources now.  Hoping to be rescued will leave you in a vulnerable position.  You can do this!  Big changes are hard under the best of circumstances.  Stop expecting perfection and find satisfaction in muddling through.  Once you accept imperfection you'll start to have a ton of fun.

You are wealthy beyond imagining.  You can feel it even if you can't quite see it in your bank account yet.  Hang in there as it all comes your way.  Your emotional body is in need of healing.  You're in the process of releasing a ton of old energy.  It feels uncomfortable as it comes out.  Let it all out!  Take time off to relish all that you're creating.  You deserve to experience everything you've worked so hard to manifest.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stonestreet Cafe TONIGHT!

Not sure what happened to this week.  It went by quick!  Perhaps its because I've been doing tons of email readings.  Yay!  I'm having a blast with these readings, learning so much about so many new people.  The downside is that it's cutting into my time here.  Always a juggling act and lately it feels like the balls are more often hitting the floor.

Speaking of email readings, due to demand and my desire to spend more time and energy on these beauties, I'm going to be raising the prices in August.  If you've been thinking about ordering a reading via email, do it soon (like in the next 3 days or so...).

Tonight in the Stonestree Cafe we're going to be taking a look at IDENTITY.  I'm welcoming an old friend, John Ducker to the Cafe.  He wrote a book of poetry called The Kiss That Caused My Slice  (available at amazon and an excellent gift for golf lovers) and we're going to talk about it and hear one of his poems.

We were friends in highschool.  Our families were friends and there was a lot of crossing over in our relationships.  Back then, everyone called me Lee.  I'll explain more of that whole story tonight in the Cafe at 7pm PST/10pm EST at

I hope you make it and ORDER YOUR EMAIL READING before the price goes up!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Fortune Forecast 7/26 - 8/1


Get out and spread some light.  Our creative energy is radiating out this week, encouraging others to open up as well.  This is the time to mingle and mix.  Relationships are in an expansive phase and we can capitalize on these opportunities to deepen and create new connections.  Though things are far from perfect, life is good and we can see what's working and relish it now.  It's easier to create magic when we're feeling good.  Spread the cheer and allow it to refresh, revive and rejuvenate.

Monday 7/26
We're under attack.  It's not a big attack and it can't really hurt us but being mindful of the minor threat never hurts.  This is our chance to clarify our position, our stance and our boundaries.  We'll find out what's really important today and see ways to grow those spaces into bigger, richer abundance.

Tuesday 7/27
Slow down and enjoy what hard work has yielded.  It's time to celebrate what we've created.  Look around and see that beauty is everywhere.  The world is relaxed and open, like an oyster offering a pearl.  Reach out and take it, then turn around and share it.  

Wednesday 7/28
Inner tension is threatening to derail our plans and ambitions today.  It's hard to find the center point of a heated debate.  All of this is playing out in the deep inner realms of the psyche, which makes it hard to see the truth.  Take a deep breath and decide to put the conflict aside until more information arrives.

Thursday 7/29
Tune in to Stonestreet Cafe at 7pm PST/10pm EST at 12radio
Opportunity comes a knocking today and continues to knock until the darn door falls down!  Even though much of what's coming is exciting and good, we might feel blown out by all the energy.  Finding a second or two to ground can help us figure out which opportunity to grab and which to take a pass on.

Friday 7/30
Color Magic...shades of Orange 10am PST/1pm EST at 12academy
It's getting hot and I'm not talking about the summer weather.  there's something we want and we want it badly.  Will we choose to reach out for it or try and stuff the feelings down?  It's an excellent time for taking risks and leaps of faith.  Go and don't worry about outcomes.

Saturday 7/31
Strike out and try something new.  It's overdue.  We've been holding things steady and it's time to let it all come apart a bit.  Follow the passion and stumble upon a treasure.  Get out of the regular routine and wander off into something wonderful.

Sunday 8/1
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10am PST/1pm EST at 12radio
We have the ability to be very clear today and build a plan around that clarity.  It's all about slowing down enough to see through our own fog.  We can enjoy ease if we choose it.  It's an easy decision now because it's so easy to see what's really going on.

need help with the energy this week?

Just do it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 7/25 - 7/31

You see the path clearly now and have the energy and focus you need to forge ahead.  This is great news, Aries.  Things you thought were true are proving to be shaky at best.  While this might cause a little bit of emotional upset, the freedom of knowing what's real and what's not is worth the discomfort.  You're creating a deeper, more solid bond with your intuition and the power coming from this union will help catapult you into bigger, brighter success.

Hold steady even though the pressure to compromise is getting intense.  You have a lot worth defending Taurus.  You've worked hard and it's time to go into protection mode.  You're getting confusing signals and it's driving you nuts.  You don't know what to do.  Perhaps that feeling of not knowing which way to go is your guidance telling you to just stop and wait until the information you need comes through.  Ponder this while you relax into all the good stuff you're creating.

Mood swings are a challenge this week.  You so want to make sense of the nonsensical, Gemini.  It's not going to work.  Instead of trying to create order, see what's happening as pure experience.  Just live it.  Be cautious with new investments of time, energy and resources.  Something great is just around the corner.  Wait for it and throw yourself headlong into it when the time comes.  You're going to want to have everything on hand when the time comes.

Life feels expansive and fun this week.  Jump into the fun Cancer and put all those work related responsibilities aside for now.  Something you've been very focused on is hitting delay after delay.  Remove your attention and let the energy settle down a bit. There's just no way to assert your will in this space.  It will come together on its own.  People want to be near you now.  You are incredibly attractive and magnetic.  Make the most of it!

Heartbreak is coming your way Leo.  It might seem like what's happening now is causing it but in truth, this is old pain coming to the surface to be healed.  Allow the feelings to come up and out.  Don't push this stuff back down.  Your intuition can help you make sense of what's happening and how it can serve you.  A new opportunity to make money looks great.  It will take time and patience to grow this thing to full abundance.  Do it!

Dig in and secure your place Virgo.  Your skills are wanted and desired but you need to know it to make the most of the opportunities coming your way this week.  A burst of inspiration is making it hard to sleep.  You can't stop thinking about all the possibilities here.  Don't worry.  You're going to do it.  Take time for activities that help you feel good in your body.  Sensuality will bring you home with love.  This will get your ready for the next chapter in your unfolding story.

You've pulled back in order to protect yourself but the walls are getting too high.  How can good stuff come into your sphere if you've closed the door?  Open up, Libra.  Relax a bit and allow more ebb and flow.  You're not going to get hurt.  Slow changes are getting you closer to what you want.  You don't see much happening and might feel frustrated about it.  Trust that you are moving into an easier time period even though you don't see it yet.

It's time to think about what will help create more peace in your life.  It's up to you Scorpio.  It's not going to come from an outside source.  It has a lot to do with forgiving yourself and others who've harmed you.  You are very attractive now.  Get out and let everyone fight to get near you.  You'll enjoy being popular after a period of feeling rather invisible.  Big ideas are lining up in wait.  Pick the best and let the rest go.

You're thinking is skewed this week, Sagittarius.  You just can't see clearly now and it's affecting your decision making and the way you feel about the opportunities in your life.  Shake off the negativity.  Love is all around, waiting for you to jump in.  Fears are potent and make you feel like you can't trust yourself.  This is truly ridiculous when you think about it.  Use your life experience to navigate the dark, shadowy spaces.  You know more than you think you do.

Repressing your passion is becoming a problem.  You're so focused on getting things done that you've forgotten about what feels good.  Correct this now or you might not be able to accomplish your goals as quickly and efficiently as you want to.  Have some fun!  It's tough to focus this week.  You're all over the place.  On top of that, painful feelings from the past are pushing you into working harder.  Have some fun!

A whole new way of doing these is starting to take shape.  Just in time too, Aquarius because you were starting to get worried about your inability to make things happen the way you're used to.  Play and explore now.  Relax your standards.  You've set the bar too high and you will inevitably be disappointed.  Lower the freaking bar!  When cynicism sneaks up on you, know that you're just tired.  Don't make too much of it.  Get some rest.

The pace is picking up and it will challenge you Pisces.  You like to have time and space to contemplate your moves but you just don't have that luxury right now.  You need to act on instinct and jump into what you want.  A new passion is pushing you out of your comfort zone.  Don't even try to control where this passion is taking you.  Let yourself go.  you do best when you release the need for control.  Remember?  Go with it and find delight waiting for you.


Friday, July 23, 2010


They're everywhere!  It took me a while to figure out what that sound was...the sounding of their wings beating furiously.  It's a hum (duh!!).

My landlady gave me a feeder and the recipe to feed them.  Is it 2 parts water/1 part sugar or 2 parts sugar/1 part water?  Hmmmm.

Thanks to all who came out last night for the Cafe.  I had a great time with Elizabeth Pendelton talking astrology and playing hard rock.  I'm going to make this show available in the archives by the end of today, so check it out.

I haven't been including art in the posts lately.  I'm terrified the internet, art police are going to come a knocking.  I wonder if I just credit the artist if that's enough?  If anyone knows, send me a note.

Other than that, I feel grateful to have found a lovely, young Capricorn to watch the kinder here and there.  My almost four year old daughter seems determined to destroy the house this summer.  Create and destroy are energies that go together.  We tend to be better at one or the other.  She's got a handle on the destroy side of the equation for sure.

I could ramble on but I won't.

Blessings to you!  I hope to see you in a couple hours in the Color Magic...shades of YELLOW class at 12academy!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cabin in the Woods

When I was growing up, my father and his sisters owned a piece of land further west, up in the mountains.  It was beautiful and I spent a lot of time there in the summer.

It was a big piece of land and my family agreed to let some friends live there year round as caretakers.  There was a mom and a dad and four children and they lived in a one room cabin by the side of a lake.  There was no bathroom, just an outhouse.  It was pretty primitive and yet I remember thinking how cool it was that they were living in such an alternative way.

They had a shop in the nearby town called the GYPSY WOMAN. They made and sold beautiful leather purses with exquisite beadwork.  Sometimes they would make a little purse for me and I still have these little purses.  Whenever I go out with one, people always comment.

They were totally poverty stricken but I never once got the feeling that it bothered them.  I admired their lifestyle.

My family on the other hand, lived in a gigantic house.  Our neighborhood was cool and competitive.  I never warmed up to the neighbors, never felt at home there.  Our house was gorgeous but not comfortable.  I always felt self conscious about it.  I just couldn't relax in there.  Everyone had space and it created a kind of disconnect.

Now, here I am in a small mountain town, living in a house where we all sleep up in a loft together.  Don't get me wrong, this house is nice and it's been renovated but it's interesting to me that I chose a situation where me and the husband and the kids are all together, all the time.  I chose to be like the GYPSY WOMAN family (a more luxurious version for sure), as opposed to my own family of origin, where space, ambition, and intellect ruled the day.

I've been reflecting a lot on my past over the last few years.  Who am I?  What are my values?  It's been interesting and I finally feel like I'm emerging from a fog.  The way we live now feels right to me.  At some point, it would be nice for the kids to have their own space, their own rooms but I'm not in a hurry.

The human family is getting bigger and in some ways there's less space.  We can't all live in a sprawling home and perhaps many of us don't want to.  Let's face it, the more you own, the more you have to work to take care of what you own.

Some of us are being forced into smaller spaces now.  Lots of people are having to "downgrade" their lifestyles.  It's painful and yet, there's something refreshing about it.  Maybe it's not a downgrade.  Maybe it's more like coming back to a truth around simplicity and what we really need to feel satisfied.  It feels good to let go of all the stuff that won't fit into our ever changing reality.  I'm talking about material things but I'm also talking about ideas and thoughts that don't fit anymore as well.

This is one of the gifts of Pluto in Capricorn.  We have the opportunity to restructure now.  Pluto will force the issue (whatever that is in your life right now) and trying to resist just isn't going to work.  Jupiter and Uranus are putting pressure on Pluto in Cap and now we have Saturn moving into Libra, which puts even more pressure on these planets.

That's what we're going to look at this week in the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm welcoming 12Listen Advisor Elizabeth Pendelton to the Cafe to talk about this T cross pattern, what it feels like and how to work with it.  I hope you'll joining me Thursday at 7pm PST/10pm EST for this conversation at

Check out Elizabeth's article on the Sun's shift into Leo on Mark's Power Peek.  She's an amazingly, gifted Advisor and I'm proud to be her friend and colleague.


Let's get more clear about who we are, what we want and how to create it.

ps.  poor husband!  he's obsessed with soccer and last night he dreamt he was playing in a big, exciting game.  in his dream he went to kick the ball and literally kicked the support beam up in the loft.  his toes are a mess.  the loft has it's drawbacks...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fortune Forecast 7/19 - 7/25


Something difficult is rising to the surface.  We can fight to push it down or let it come up and out.  Letting it come up and out means taking the risk of revisiting the painful feelings trapped deep inside.  As long as we know this is what's happening, it shouldn't be a problem.  We can make space for it and see that the ups and downs we experience this week are colored by the past.  If we don't see the process at work, we might slip into thinking that something terrible is afoot in present time or worse, we might struggle to stuff it all back down.  Let it all out.

Monday 7/19
Distance Energy Healing session today at
The fires of creativity are hot and strong today.  We need to stay in motion to keep this energy flowing.  Work with it and find plenty of healthy outlets.  Notice feelings of irritability and redirect energy and attention into a more positive, uplifting space.  It can be done.

Tuesday 7/20
We might feel hesitant and unsure today about what's happening and how to react to it.  Perhaps a pause is in order.  When anxiety shows up, it's a sign that we don't have all the information we need.  Let's give ourselves a break and wait for the answer.  It will come and when it does, the fear will ease.

Wednesday 7/21
It's time to recognize and honor the end of a cycle.  Something important happened and now it's over.  There's no way to bring it back.  There's only forward movement.  Let's not hesitate to validate what's transpired and move with grace into the next big thing.

Thursday 7/22

Stonestreet Cafe with special guest Elizabeth Pendleton
tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST at

A little bit of time spent organizing will feel really, really good.  It's easy to put it off but putting it off will prolong some problems that can be easily cured with focused attention.  Don't run away from the mess!  Face it, do the work and feel free.  It's so worth it.

Friday 7/23
Color Magic...shades of yellow today at

Similar to yesterday, small action can make a big impact.  Especially when it comes to lofty goals, breaking things into smaller pieces can make the difference between progress and giving up.  Find a small action and take it.  Start to make those dreams real. 

Saturday 7/24
New ideas have the potential to inspire, expand and motivate.  Some of us have been in need of a fresh feeling and outlook and today we get what we've been waiting for.  Allow some time and space for dreaming.  Let the cynical stuff drop off in favor of the bright and beautiful.

Sunday 7/25
Stonestreet Cafe replays at 10am PST/1pm EST
Good fortune is available today.  We don't have to do much more than show up and open to it.  Unguard the heart.  Unfold and let the good energy in.  Take advantage of opportunities that show up because like a wheel, good fortune is sometimes on the upswing, sometimes on the downswing.  Enjoy the up.

need help with the energy this week?

It's time to see the suffering we experience as a path to strength and wisdom.  Let's stop resisting what life is offering.  There's good and bad, yin and yang.  Once we make peace with the pain that's coming to the surface this week, it'll be much easier to move it around and release it.   

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 7/18 - 7/24

It's time to get happy.  Hopefully it won't take too much effort, Aries.  You're in need of play and celebration.  Make it your top priority.  Dreaming about what you don't have (yet) is not so great for your emotional health.  It keeps you from seeing what's so great about now.  Big ideas are coming but you don't know which one to choose.  Give it time to settle in and you'll know.  Let the pieces of the puzzle come together and forget about trying to make it all make sense.

Go after what you want and trust your instincts to guide you.  You're experiencing some uncertainty about your skills and abilities.  Put that aside Taurus and just trust.  Good things are ready to drop into your reality.  Relax and let it in.  An expansive idea has you looking at life from a fresh perspective.  Continue to shake off old beliefs that keep you stuck and small.  This is a powerful time period.  Consider being as opposed to doing.

Your attention is split between many different projects.  It's tough to make progress this way, Gemini.  You might have to sit down and decide what's most important from moment to moment. This will help you work more effectively.  The fire of creativity is burning your toes.  Ouch!  Step away from the fire knowing that it will be there when you need it.  You don't need to burn the candle at both ends in order to capitalize on this energy.  Chill out!

You can't quite get to the truth this week, Cancer and it's driving you nuts.  Your mind keeps mulling things over but there's seemingly no progress.  Take a deep breath and direct your attention into something more rewarding.  You'll get your answers soon.  There is tremendous pressure on you to compromise your vision.  Just say no!  You will regret giving in.  Fleeting feelings can help show you what works and what doesn't.  Make time to tune in.

Delays are frustrating and yet very, very important.  The blocks you keep stumbling upon are giving you the time and space you need to alter your plans.  Being stubborn and trying to force your agenda to work isn't going to work.  Be willing to consider alternatives.  A big decision is causing tension in your inner world.  It's really not a big deal, Leo.  Just choose and go.  You'll love where you end up.  Watch out for the tendency to be too hard on yourself.  Cut it out.

Relax into love Virgo.  You've been stressed out and disconnected from the emotional support you need.  It's right there.  Just open to it.  Your loved ones will be relieved to have you back.  A new direction is opening up to be explored.  Will you go?  Consider it.  There is refreshment and fulfillment on this path.  It might seem like quite a departure.  Go anyway.  It's hard to hear your own guidance.  Get quiet and you'll find it there, waiting to help.

You are determined to pursue a new path come hell or high water.  This determination is great, Libra but open up to your creativity in this space.  You might have decided exactly how this will play out.  Let go of your picture and be open.  You need heart in this endeavor.  Don't let the mind dominate.  Miracles are all around, waiting to come in and assist you.  You don't have to do this all alone.  This is not a test.

Get centered in your heart.  You've been resisting some of the feelings moving through your body.  Allow these feelings to flow and know that there's wisdom, insight and answers coming through.  A conflict in your inner world is escalating.  It's tough to find a solution or a balancing point.  Let yourself wrestle with this a bit longer, Scorpio.  The truth will emerge soon and with it, the peace you need.  Get ready for a wave of creative energy.  It's coming.

A frustrating situation is about to escalate, Sagittarius.  Be prepared.  You'll find resolution this week but it will be an uneasy peace to start.  Trust that what's unfolding is in your highest good even if it doesn't seem so.  Watch your boundaries.  You are vulnerable mostly due to being tired.  Try and find time to rest and reflect.  It will help a ton.  Expect to feel misunderstood.  This feeling of disconnect will pass.  This is an opportunity to come home to you.

It's time to take charge, Capricorn.  You keep hoping your number won't get called but it is being called.  Get in there and do what you do best.  Fun awaits in this space.  You're about to meet some great new people and learn things about your management style.  It's all good.  Your psychic ability is on fire!  Keep a journal as information comes through fast and furious.  Give yourself time to let all this stuff make sense. It will and when it does, you're going to leap forward fast.

It's time to make your life a top priority.  What do you want, Aquarius?  You can have it but you need to make space for it and extract yourself from some of the projects and relationships that no longer interest you.  You've been halfheartedly hanging in there because it's easier than leaving.  This needs to stop.  Bring your head and heart into balance.  It's not going to be easy or quick but it's time to take the next step in this space.

It's time to take a risk.  It really doesn't matter what the outcome is.  What matters is the willingness to reach beyond the safe space.  Be open to happy surprises this week, Pisces.  they are all around and want to pop out and get you!  Big lessons seem to be unfolding everywhere you turn.  tap into your own wisdom to find a way to navigate.  You don't need a teacher.  You are the teacher.  Stand behind all that you know.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Better Today

I was having a fit yesterday.  Wow.

Still, I'm grappling with how to live with all the tragedy here on our planet and still enjoy the ride.  Don't want to dwell on it.  Don't want to ignore it.

Aspen trees have a vast root system.  The trees tend to connect and expand.  If we as humans have a similar root system, a light body/spirit connection then do we not feel it when parts of the world and groups of humans are in terrible pain?

We do and that's why some of us feel bad even when our own lives are going relatively well.  I'm going to discuss this tomorrow (7pm PST/10pm EST) in the Stonestreet Cafe at 12radio.  This show will be LIVE so I hope you'll tune in and call me at 1.218.862.1300 x 124290. COME GET A READING!

A small thing happened yesterday that kind of threw me over the edge.  It's really quite silly but this is the stuff that tends to trip me up.  It seems ridiculous, especially when I know others are in much more troubled circumstances but I'm going to share the story anyway.

I dropped into to a local store here in Idaho Springs.  I've shopped here A LOT.  I've bought gift certificates for friends and I've been a very solid customer since I moved here.  I love the products they make and sell in this store.  LOVE THEM.

So I go in yesterday to buy some things for a dear client of mine.  I've got two restless kids with me.  I quickly pick out the stuff I want and get to the counter.  I whip out my business debit card (they don't take checks).

The clerk is an attractive, young woman that I've never seen before.  The owner is there too.  I hand over the card and the clerk informs me that the back of the card isn't signed.  Then she asks for my driver's license.  Uh oh.  I quickly realize I don't have my ID.  I dig around in my purse for a second and then say, "I don't have it."

I keep waiting for the owner to say something, to intervene on my behalf.  She stood silent. (The truth is, I've never had great chemistry with the owner.  Something about me rubs her the wrong way and vice versa.  It happens.)

Finally I mumble something about being sorry that I wasted their time and leave.  It was upsetting.  Why didn't the owner give me a break?

I've had trouble paying a couple of times in this particular store.  They don't take checks, which I found out the first time I visited.  I get it.  They've been ripped off and are now very cautious BUT WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?  I'm a loyal shopper!  Don't you recognize me?  Can't you give me a break just once?

Since my first visit to this store, I've felt like there was a strange, prohibitive energy on sales.  They're so paranoid about fraud that they're actually losing sales.  It kind of blows my mind because as I've mentioned before, my town is struggling.  Shops go out of business left and right.

I wasn't angry with the new clerk.  She's just doing her job but I felt furious with the owner, so furious, that I'm thinking I might never go back (that won't happen...I really, really love the stuff in there).

If I had been having a more calm kind of day, I might have turned to the owner and asked her directly to make an exception for me.  I might have tried to remind her that I've been a very, very good customer but I didn't trust myself to stay cool.  I could feel the volatility inside and I knew I needed to leave before making the whole situation worse.

I've thought about writing a letter to express my disappointment.  Would it make a difference?

These are the kind of things that tend to set me off.  Silly things.  The belief that I belong only to find out that I don't or something like that.  That feeling of YOU KNOW ME but they don't and they don't care to. 

So that's the space I was in when I sat down to blog yesterday.  I was feeling the sting of rejection, suspicion and whatever else is in there.  I was taking this whole thing altogether too personally (but it WAS personal).  The fact that it was two women who pushed me back might have been a part of it too.  Sometimes I can't stand other women.  Terrible but true.  I'm angry for the collective energy of woman but there are many, many women in the world who BUG THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

So there it is. 

It's all so very complicated.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kali...speaking to me

Last week, I was feeling some pretty heavy vibes.  I was a guest on Audra Garcia's 12family Hour, where we talked about the role and purpose of anger and judgment.  I had also done an interview with 12listen Advisor Michael Sheehan on what it might take to create more balance between male and female energies for last week's installment of Stonestreet Cafe (both shows are now available in the archives at

Both of these shows got me rattled.  True to my nature, I spent a lot of time last week looking at injustice in the world.  If I'm broadcasting, writing or teaching about a particular subject, I tend to experience it very viscerally in my life.

I watched two movies that are very powerful.  I don't recommend watching these films unless you are really in the mood to be challenged and disturbed.

The first film is titled A WOMAN IN BERLIN and is based on the journal of a woman who lived through the battle of Berlin when the Soviet army came in and took control of the city.  The writer details her experience over the course of eight weeks as the Soviets systematically raped any and all women left in the city, regardless of age.  It's a fascinating film as the protagonist decides to forge a sexual relationship with a high ranking officer in order to SURVIVE.  This relationship offers her and those closest to her, protection, food and a degree of safety.

The second film is titled THE STONING OF SORAYA M. and explores the story of a woman in Iran as the Ayatolla Khomeni takes power and old, Islamic laws come back into play.  Soraya is rejected by her abusive husband who wants to marry a younger woman.  He colludes with other men in the village to accuse her of adultery and she is quickly stoned to death with no ability to defend herself.  The women in the village try, but they have no real power to help.

Both of these stories are based on real events.

It would be easy to point fingers and say something like "those evil Soviets," or "those terrible Muslims"  but these things happen all over the world, all the time, regardless of religion, race or politics.  It's not uncommon for rape to be a part of war.  Just take a look at what happened in Bosia or in the Congo and Darfur right now.  It's not uncommon for a woman to be murdered by a husband regardless of what country and religion we're talking about.

Here's the thing.  I tend to defend men a lot.  It's because I want to talk to them.  I want to understand where they're coming from and I desperately want to participate in some form of raising consciousness FOR ALL but the truth is I'm enraged about the state of affairs for women in the world.  I vacillate between feeling really, really angry and a bemused detachment from it all.  The men I know get freaked out when this stuff comes up.  They're as horrified as I am but in some ways I'm not sure they really get it.

There's just no way to understand the vulnerability that women experience in this world, unless you are a woman.  Even here in the free world, as a woman, I keenly experience these feelings of vulnerability ALL THE TIME.  It can be as innocuous as walking into a bar to have a drink and feeling leering stares and unwanted sexual attention (or at this point in my life, the judgment that I'm beyond my best days and ought to be put out to pasture) or it might be more like the primal fear of walking to my car at night knowing that someone could jump out and attack me...simply because I'm a woman.

Get a group of women together and get them relaxed and you'd be shocked at the stories that come pouring out.  The weird cousin who was a little too grabby, the humiliation of being being judged for body parts or the date rape (was it a date rape?).  Or perhaps it was a mother, or a sister or a daughter who suffered.

To say that there's anger in the feminine psyche might be an understatement.  The last thing I want to do is stomp around like a mean, old beehatch but how can I not be angry when women are being beaten, raped, belittled, insulted and hurt EVERYDAY.

In the New Age movement, we talk about thinking positive, projecting positive energy, etc.  This is good stuff but how do we create actual change?  Positive thinking can help.  Action can help.  Speaking about it can help.  Being willing to look at and acknowledge it can help.

The shadow of the New Age movement might come in the form of not wanting to deal with it.  So many intuitives I know don't watch the news and don't expose themselves to these troubles.  I get it.  We'd all be a useless ball of depression if all we did was wallow in the injustice.  We don't have to be in it all the time but avoiding it isn't so great either.

Everyone has a role to play and some of us might need to take on the role of Kali in order to be heard.  Femininity is not about sugar and spice and everything nice.  Femininity can be the force of destruction.

I feel like there's a lot of movement in this space right now.  This issue is UP for review.  Not sure how we're going to heal it but one thing I do know is that trying to pretend it's not happening or pointing fingers at other cultures isn't the answer.

It's ok to be angry.  Perhaps the anger can serve a purpose in the healing of the whole.  Or perhaps (as I sometimes suspect) we will continue here on Earth to experiment with the many ways we can hurt each other.  Perhaps this is the pain planet?

I don't really know.  All I know is that this is what's in front of me right now and it's bugging me A LOT.

What do you think?  How do we create healing in this and the myriad other spaces of pain here on earth?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

ps.  i blame this rant on that blasted new moon in cancer eclipse.  it's really bringing the beehatch out in me.  apologies to the peace lovers among us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fortune Forecast 7/12 - 7-18


Sometimes things are on the upswing, sometimes things are on the downswing.  This week, things are moving up into expansion and enthusiasm.  Go with it, get with it and make something happen.  Know that many opportunities are coming.  Prepare to be discriminating.  We simply can't so it all.  Pick the best and let the rest go.  Don't be hindered by thoughts of what's practical.  Go for the dream...the big one.

Monday 7/12
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Sometimes it's tough at the end.  That's what we face today...a weariness and a lack of enthusiasm.  Still, walking away and leaving loose ends is probably not the best idea.  This stuff will come back to haunt us if we drift away before completion.  It's almost over.

Tuesday 7/13
The message today is carried over from yesterday.  Yes!  Patience pays off!  Having worked diligently yesterday means we can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Slow down even though the urge to rush is powerful.  Pay attention to details knowing that it will help the big picture come into focus. 

Wednesday 7/14
If you don't see hope, look from another angle. There are many ways of perceiving the truth and today we are being tested.  What will we invest in?  What will we see as real?  It can change in a flash.  Be creative and seek a viewpoint that allows for magic, miracles and more.

Thursday 7/15
Stonestreet Cafe at, 7pm PST * 10pm EST
Fun is available today.  Will we indulge?  There are many reasons not to but if this is the spiritual focus for the day, why would we turn it down?  It's easy to see play as something silly and perhaps wasteful.  It's not!  Recharge those run down batteries with a dose of the ridiculous.

Friday 7/16
Color Magic...shades of Green
today at 10am PST * noon EST
The answers will be there when we need them and not a second sooner.  There's no need to fret and fuss or live in a state of stress about the unknowable.  Just when we need a piece of info, it will show up and helps us navigate troubled waters.  You can bank on it.

Saturday 7/17
We turn back to the past to find answers about what we're facing now.  It's not going to work, at least not today.  Instead, let's choose to be in the moment and seek solutions from where we find ourselves now.  In doing so, we'll start to see who we really are with more clarity.

Sunday 7/18
Stonestreet Cafe replays at, 10am PST * 1pm EST 
If we want to get anything of substance accomplished today, we must unite the head and the heart.  Find the place where these two potent forces meet.  They both ultimately want the same thing...fulfillment but they might have vastly different plans about how to accomplish this goal.  Use the best of both.

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It's an excellent time to start something new.  it could be a tiny idea that we make space to entertain, or a big project that just needs a first step.  PLANT A SEED THIS WEEK!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 7/11 - 7/17

Take time out to enjoy a relationship that's growing in depth and intimacy.  You tend to try and squeeze this in between projects.  Stop and make the celebration of love your top priority this week.  Work is frustrating and you may have recently been passed over for a promotion or some other kind of opportunity.  Something better is taking shape, Aries so there's no need to fret.  Be patient and let things come together for you.

You will experience an expansion of consciousness this week Taurus.  It will come in a surprising form and it may take you a while to get the deeper meaning.  Everything happening now is important...not easy but important.  A big idea is overwhelming and you're not sure how to go about making it come to life.  The answers will arrive in dreams and other intuitive flashes.  Be an observer and let it all come together without stress or worry.

You're being recognized as more of an expert in your field and it feels good.  This recognition is also bringing you a degree of stability and that feels great.  New ideas are popping up and it's tough to choose the best ones.  Give yourself a little time to ponder before choosing.  Delays are frustrating and yet they have purpose.  Faith will help you manage the bumps in the road and show you that in the end that it all works out. 

It's a fiery week, Cancer and you'll feel rattled on more than one occasion.  Trying to make things calm won't help.  Accept the intensity and work with it.  Shocking news will have you looking for a place to hide.  Once you get used to the big changes that are unfolding you'll see that there are amazing opportunities to expand and prosper amongst the ruins of former goals.  Direct your energy wisely and effectively.  Don't waste time on drama and fuss.

Your fears are potent this week and every time you turn around it seems like a ghost from the past is jumping out to frighten you.  This dynamic will keep you entertained at the very least, Leo and it could even shake loose new, creative energy.  Be willing to see what's happening now as a big part of your spiritual evolution.  You are being liberated from the shadows that haunt you.  Communication is easier than it's been in a while.  Enjoy the clarity.

Your ambitions are coming into focus and the path is clear.  Now all you need is to harness the power of the heart and the mind to create forward momentum.  Being stubborn and defending what's yours is making you slightly unpopular and yet you need to do it, Virgo.  Dig in and watch your boundaries.  You are on the cusp of a major shift.  You can feel it coming and may be unsure about what's going to happen.  These feelings are natural.  You're exactly where you need to be.

You're tuckered out this week and it's causing you to see the glass as half empty.  You are vulnerable to negativity now, Libra.  What can you do to snap out of it and see what's actually working in your world?  High expectations have led to disappointment.  Stop blaming yourself for being unable to reach the top.  You're getting there though you can't see progress right now.  It's time for rest and rejuvenation.  Make it a top priority.

What a great week, Scorpio!  Your creativity is high, you have the energy you need to follow through and everyone around you is noticing and offering you much-needed validation and praise.  Bask in it!  Things aren't totally perfect.  There are unexpected delays and setbacks challenging you to see other forces at play.  You don't have as much control as you'd like to.  Once you get your head around it, you will have much more fun.

The energy is a bit challenging this week, Sagittarius.  You're trying to get to completion and it's very difficult.  You don't have much energy and your enthusiasm left a long time ago.  Soldier on.  A part of you wants to leave town for a while.  Traveling helps you regain perspective but it's nearly impossible to take off now.  A good book can help you feel like you're in a distant land.  Indulge the urge to wander in ways that don't compromise what you're working on at home.

A new opportunity has a ton of long term potential.  It will take time to see this to the end, Capricorn.  Draw on your innate patience as you step into this space.  You are bursting with ambitious ideas and plans.  There's so much happening that you're tending towards chaos.  Reign it in and know that it's ok to take your time.  It's not a race.  Find your innocence and play.  Time spent outside will lift your spirits and restore your energy.  Connect with the kid in you.

You are rich with information this week. You might have no idea where it's coming from and does it really matter, Aquarius?  Just let the info in.  Impatience is causing trouble.  There's no need to rush.  Slow down and be more meticulous in word and deed.  It will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.  A gathering with friends and loved ones will help you get back in touch with your values and priorities.  Don't hesitate to lighten up and laugh.  Amusement heals. 

You've been patiently working on something you hold dear.  It's scary to let this thing get big and have other people see and look at it but holding back and keeping it secret isn't going to work either.  It's time to come on out and show everyone what you've been creating.  You'll be surprised to discover that the critics are few and far between and the adoration and admiration is huge.  Take it in Pisces.  You're a genius!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rainy Day

Can't seem to get to work today.  I guess I'll honor these feelings and take a chill pill.

Tomorrow in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming Michael Sheehan, a 12listen advisor and musician.  We're talking DIVINE FEMININE.  An interesting discussion for sure!

Check the archives at 12radio.  I've added three more shows.

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Now it's time for this old gal to curl up like a cat and nap.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fortune Forecast 7/5 - 7/11


When looking to make leaps forward, we need a stable platform from which to leap from.  Ambitious energy is intense this week but we simply can't make the most of opportunity when we're out of balance internally.  In other words, the internal world needs a bit of work before we look to the external world for fulfillment.  If there's anxiety, fear or levels of denial, these need to be addressed and treated with compassion.  If we deign to do the work, we'll find ourselves moving quickly and without effort into ever greater spheres of manifestation.

Monday 7/5
Distance Healing Session at, 8:30am pacific
We might be tempted to push past uncomfortable feelings today but in doing so we miss out on something truly valuable; the opportunity to get it all out once and for all.  Why would we stuff this back down?  It's heavy, it's old and it can go now.  Let it all out! 

Tuesday 7/6
It's tough to take action when there's a yes/no, yes/no, yes/no energy prevailing.  The yes/no isn't about what we're trying to create, it's really about our ability to trust that our strength and wisdom will emerge in the exact moment that we need it.  Trust anyway.

Wednesday 7/7
Tune in to my guest spot on the 12Family hour at, 9am pacific/noon eastern
We may be feeling completely paralyzed by an aspect of our lives today.  It's hard to move.  Perhaps there's a reason why we feel so immobilized?  Perhaps holding still is the best course of action?  Fear is information.  Let's give ourselves a break, stop and listen.

Thursday 7/8
Stonestreet Cafe at 7pm pacific/10pm eastern
The trend of feeling overwhelmed by negativity and doubt continues today.  It's hard to see how to muddle through some of the emerging complications.  We don't need to know just yet how everything will find resolution.  Be willing to be in the unknown.  This space is ripe with possibility.  

Friday 7/9
Color Magic...BLUE at, 10am pacific/1pm eastern
Stop resisting the flow of feelings. Trying to control or stay on top of quickly, shifting moods is not helpful.  Open to a wider range and know that in doing so, power takes root.  Intuitive insights are powerful today.  Trust the info coming through even in the face of fierce opposition.

Saturday 7/10
This message can be applied to home, office, body and/or our energetic space.  What's in us that's ready to come up and out?  In healing the internal world, sometimes it helps to have a symbolic way of releasing, like writing letters and burning them or taking a bath and imaging all the frustration going down the drain.  Make it real.

Sunday 7/11
Stonestreet Cafe at replays at 10am Pacific/1pm eastern
Step back and look at things as if you're your own best friend.  Get out of the emotional intensity long enough to see what's really unfolding.  Finding neutrality isn't that tough once we decide that's where we want to go.  Even a short visit can help us gain clarity and the energy we need to shift.

need help with the energy this week?

Dial it back to the simplest of things.  Focus on the body, small pleasures and restful endeavors.  It's stressful out there this week.  Step back, stop the blame and recrimination and move into acceptance.  It will all slide away as soon as we stop fighting it.

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Me and My Landlady

My landlady is a nice lady, a friendly lady, a lonely lady.  She talks a lot.  She goes on and on.  Sometimes I even say, "Ok!  I've got to get back to work," and she continues talking after I shut the door.

I like her.  She tells good stories and I feel her loneliness.  I feel for her but she's tough to handle.  A bit exhausting.  Fortunately, she only comes by every couple of months or so.

We had a little dust up this week.  She came by with the weed whacker to whack the weed meadow that we call a backyard.  I mentioned that I was thinking of doing some improvements and hiring a bit of help to get it done.  Her energy immediately contracted.  While she continued to talk in a chirpy, happy voice, I could feel a ferocious control energy bubbling up in her.  It was strange.

The thing is, my two small kids don't really enjoy playing in the weed meadow.  Instead, they gravitate down the hill to the neighbor's house where the grass is green, trim and watered.  They wander to all the yards that are green, trim and watered and speak longingly of our old yard in Denver (which was green, trim and watered).

I like this house.  Sometimes I even think about buying it (it's not the right time for us to buy...I can feel in my bones that I need to wait) but the yard is pretty inhospitable.  It's not that big.  IT WOULDN'T TAKE MUCH TO TURN IT INTO A MAGICAL FAIRY DELL.

I was a little unnerved by the landlady's resistance.  At first she told me to get the kids some boots so they could happily wander in the weeds (huh?).  Then she said isn't it great that it's all natural (ummm,'s not that great).  Then she started saying "this isn't Denver," over and over and over (? all the other yards around here have grass...what is this Denver stuff?).  Then she mentioned that a little yellow bird has a nest in the bank of weed shrubs on the edge of the yard and that it's so wonderful to hear it sing in the morning (I've never heard a peep from said bird.  Wouldn't the foxes get it if it were on the ground like that?).

I could hardly get a word in edge wise after my initial suggestion and offer.  She nervously forged ahead with all kinds of reasons why it isn't a good idea.  By the end of the exchange I was feeling pretty angry.  In fact, it was hard to shake the energy of the exchange off, so hard that I was forced to sit down and take a closer look.

Here's what's bugging me:

1.  I'm used to being an owner.  The experience of renting has been great in many ways but I miss being able to do whatever I want when I want to in terms of property.  It's tough to deal with someone else's energy in the home space.

2.  Since I'm not the owner, just how much improving should I do?  Is it foolish to make the place a little better?  If the yard were what I want it to be, I could see us staying at least three more years.  We're pretty happy here.

3.  The implication that by asking to make improvements (at my own expense) is somehow related to big city living, as if no one in this town ever makes improvements or even cultivates the desire to make things better...this is Idaho Springs after infuriating.  It's exactly this attitude that keeps parts of this town in a state of decay, neglect and depression.

4.  I'm trying to give myself, my kids, the neighborhood and HER a gift by cleaning up the place and making it a little more beautiful.  Can't she see the good in that?

On the other hand:
-Summer's half over now, at least up here, so perhaps it's not the time to take this on.
-I'm not sure I really want to spend money on this (actually I do but I don't but I do but I don't).
-It IS her property and for whatever reason, she wants the backyard to be an allergenic, chaotic, weed meadow.
-I'm certain she's concerned about an escalating water bill.
-Or she might be worried about who's going to maintain it if and when we leave.
-Or perhaps she just can't handle any kind of change and desperately needs to feel in control.

I don't know.

All I know is that she's great at lighting up MY control issues.  I have a feeling it's mutual.

*Perhaps her opposition IS a blessing in disguise and I should save my energy and cash to buy the kind of house I really want (the yellow one on the block below.  the one owned by the local chocolatier.  I FREAKING LOVE THAT HOUSE.  it's not for sale...YET).

I imagine time will tell and when in doubt, no action is the best action.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 7/4 - 7/10

Ambition is growing in intensity. Unfortunately, you don't have the energy you need to burn the candle at both ends this week, Aries.  You need to be discriminating and use what energy you have to make the biggest impact.  It's a balancing act.  An old wound has you looking at the past.  There's nothing there that can help you make sense of what's happening now.  Can you decide to just move forward with peace and forgiveness?  Do it!

You have a choice this week, Taurus.  You can cut loose and have a great time, or you can push yourself to stay focused on work and responsibilities and sink into misery.  I have a feeling fun will win.  There are just too many opportunities coming your way to resist.  Please give yourself permission to go and go without guilt.  A new project is starting to take off.  You don't need to do much here.  Just get out of the way and let it grow.

Getting organized will bring you much needed relief Gemini.  Part of what's causing frustration is the chaos in your environment.  As you work to alleviate the chaos, you will it much, much easier to manifest more of what you want.  You are bursting with energy and ideas.  Write it all down before it slips away!  Some of what you're working on will take time and diligence.  Small steps will get you there in no time.  Say no to the feeling of overwhelm.

A space that has felt stagnant and stuck is starting to move.  This will bring relief and feelings of freedom, Cancer.  You can move out of effort now and let things happen.  A big payoff is in the works this week.  You're on the receiving end of quite a bit of abundance, abundance you worked hard for.  Indulge a bit.  You've been holding back out of fear and lack.  It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  More good stuff is coming your way.  Get ready to receive.

Your fantasy life often fuels your creativity but this week, the fantasy energy is actually taking away.  It's because you don't really believe you can have what you want.  There's a disconnect in your inner world, Leo.  On top of this, you're power is on high, yet it doesn't seem to be bringing what you want.  Confusing!  Take a few deep breaths and find your center.  Keep it simple and you'll start to see that everything is truly perfect RIGHT NOW.

You are on the cusp of lovely rewards.  It might be hard to take it in, Virgo.  Attention energy is tough for you to manage.  Work on it this week by letting the adoration you earned, come your way.  New ideas are making it hard to sleep at night.  There's so much you want to do and explore.  Notice the feelings of impatience and remind yourself that it's not a race.  You have plenty of time to make it all happen.  It will be so much easier when you get out of your own way.

You must soldier on this week, Libra even though a part of you would like to collapse in a heap.  There's no need to rush, just hold steady and take one step at a time.  You're realizing just how strong you are and it feels good...not easy but good.  The emotional support you'd like isn't available now.  It's supposed to be this way, so lamenting is a waste of energy.  This too shall pass and when it does you'll be grateful to have discovered what you discover.

Rest if you can this week, Scorpio.  Conserve energy and prepare for the next round of activity, expansion and creating.  It's coming.  You may be experiencing a lack of passion but it won't last.  You're about to get a shot in the arm!  A new way of looking at old problems is coming into focus.  This brings relief and forgiveness into what has been a barren and difficult space.  Let your defenses down, especially the ones in your inner world.  There's no need to guard against yourself.

You're struggling with inner conflict this week.  It's hard to make decisions when you're not clear about what you want and how to get there.  Perhaps you need to wait just a bit, Sagittarius.  Clarity will come.  Things are starting to move and there's a tendency towards disarray.  Make time for organizing things and keeping everything tidy.  You are ready to open to new experiences.  Go wander a bit and you'll find that you feel instantly better and more energized.

Things are coming apart at the seams and it's a good thing, Capricorn.  Let it all crumble in order to build something new and better.  Fighting what's happening is a losing proposition.  Be patient and let the dust settle before making any major decisions.  A part of you is wondering if you have what it takes to create more of the life you want.  Your ambitions are big.  You can and you will do it!  It's just a matter of pacing yourself and enjoying the journey.

Something you are heavily invested in is not panning out.  In fact, it's blowing up in your face.  Can you remain calm as this plays out?  There's a gift for you here, Aquarius.  Hang tight and let the good stuff emerge.  Slow changes are getting you in alignment with powerful energies.  It may seem like nothing's happening.  Don't be fooled!  Repressing your feelings is not helping.  Let it all out.  Give yourself space to feel what you feel without judgment and criticism.

It's time to bid a fond farewell to something that's ending.  It's sad to see this go, Pisces but something even more remarkable is waiting in the wings, ready to come to life.  Mood swings are intense and tough to understand.  Surf it!  Enjoy the ride and resist the urge to figure it all out.  This is a great time to dive into a new study.  You are ripe for expansion.  Life is offering you so many options to explore.  The only real challenge is picking your favorite one.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Baked Chicken

I baked a chicken last week!  I know, I're thinking big deal, Julia but for me it WAS a big deal.  For some reason I feel anxiety when it comes to preparing food.  This has been a major stumbling block for me and I find it's now affecting my kids.

These days, it's so easy to NOT cook.  There's food everywhere, it's easy to get and that can be seductive for people like me who either don't make enough time to cook or never seem to have the right ingredients around.  This easy food is not so great for the body.  I feel stupid even saying that!

My mother had terrible anxiety about cooking (actually, she had terrible anxiety about parenting...I GET IT, parenting tends to bring everything to the surface).  It was palpable and as a result, my brothers and I lapsed into repetitive food patterns, cooking easy stuff, getting fast food and eating in front of the TV.

I can't believe I'm seeing these patterns playing out all over again (actually, I can believe it, I just like to be dramatic).

So for awhile now, I've been determined to confront this situation.  I keep telling my husband (who is a great cook but works in the afternoon and evening, so he can't help out during the time in question) that I'm going to master a handful of recipes and move through the anxiety.  He keeps trying to teach me stuff and it just doesn't sink in.

I finally bought a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and I just did it.  I baked that chicken and it was damn good!  When we experience success, we get motivated to try again and perhaps even add a little more complexity.

So here I go...into the land of fish, vegetables, grains and MORE CHICKEN.  I'm taking baby steps and trying to make it fun. It's so easy to fall back into old patterns.  Still, this is a breakthrough for me.  BABY STEPS.

We all have areas that feel stuck and for whatever reason, there's anxiety and fear in there.  Sometimes these spaces are rather innocuous, other times, these spaces feel DIRE.  Let's take some baby steps.  It could be the care of the body, it could be the need to change a relationship or find a new job.  Whatever it is, whatever space seems stuck and filled with stagnation and disappointment, let's heal it now!

Jump in and perhaps you'll discover that there's actually a treasure waiting in there.  Perhaps the dreaded task is actually fun and rewarding and not as tough as we tend to think.  perhaps when we clean out the energy of our history, we find that we don't even have a problem with the perceived problem.

Food for thought...

If you ever get to Idaho Springs, look me up...I might just be able to cook you dinner!
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