Monday, August 30, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/30 - 9/5


Prepare now, for the change of seasons that's on the way.  Purge, release, clean and polish.  Get everything not needed out of the way.  Big things are coming and we need space.  Though preparation might not be our favorite kind of work, it pays off.  With Mercury currently retrograde in Virgo, our organizational abilities might just make or break some of us now.  Health issues are also coming to the surface under this retrograde.  What could be more soothing to the soul than a cozy, tidy retreat?  Do it and experience the benefits immediately.

Monday 8/30
Abrasive energies make us want to pull away from trouble but today we are better served going into it with total openness.  There are gifts lurking in the spaces we avoid.  We can have these gifts just by being willing to go into the place we tend to dread.  Think of it as an early Halloween and go get scared.  Let fear blast away the false defenses that keep us repressed.

Tuesday 8/31
We are bursting with great ideas but need more time to let the best, most viable ones rise to the surface.  It's tough because we want to have it all now.  Our enthusiasm is high and we're not really in the mood to wait but acting now will actually cause complications.  Slow down and make time to just ponder it all.  Action will rise of its own accord.

Wednesday 9/1
We're getting a reprieve from difficult energy, which is a welcome development.  We can see now that there was nothing needed here but time to make things right  That space of nagging self-doubt and self examination seems silly in retrospect.  Why do we do that to ourselves when things go awry? Why are we so quick to take the blame?  This is the question of the day...

Thursday 9/2
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We need to take in the good vibes coming our way whether we feel like we deserve it or not.  No one is counting, so why are we?  The spotlight swings around and today is our day.  Let's enjoy it and use the boost in energy to plot a new plot and plan a new plan.  A celebration is in order.  Take charge and make it a memorable one.

Friday 9/3
We're in it today.  An old wound has flared up and it's causing us to feel afraid and limited in areas we normally feel pretty confidant about.  Knowledge is power and when we know that our actions and ideas are being tinged with the vapors of old pain, we can have more fun muddling through a day filled with the illusion of  potent and deadly minefields.

Saturday 9/4
We need to push out today and find new spaces to play in.  It's overdue and the boredom is stifling.  We're stressed out keeping up with things and at the same time, terribly, terribly bored with it all.  It's a strange combination and one that can be resolved with a little bit of something new and shiny.  Go forth and seek new fortune.  It's waiting to be uncovered/discovered.

Sunday 9/5
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Sometimes we just need to slow down and honor some of the challenging feelings happening in our space.  Today is one of those days.  Stop resisting the feelings and just let them move.  Rent a sad movie and sob.  Get it all out.  Grieve those old hurts and set yourself free.  Trying to choke down the tears isn't helpful.  

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Getting organized isn't fun if it's the only thing to look forward to.  This week we have many opportunities to play, expand, celebrate and enjoy life.  These opportunities balance out some of the tedium we experience when tying up loose ends.  Know that work done now will pay off handsomely, especially in terms of creating more time to LOVE LIFE.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/29 - 9/4

It's time to make peace and move on, Aries.  The background noise in your head is a distraction and it's not helpful.  You've extracted what you can from recent lessons.  Give yourself permission to go now.  You are exploding with ideas and insights.  It's tough to know which one to choose. The best one will rise to the top.  Trust in that.

The forces of chaos are growing in intensity, Taurus.  It's tough to know where to put your energy and attention when there are so many fires to put out.  What you want is more available than you think.  Don't let your mind talk you out of making magic this week.  You have everything you need to launch a new project successfully. 

It's choice time, Gemini.  There's just no way to continue on without deciding with purpose, which road to travel.  You won't make a mistake here.  ou are attractive now and people want to be close to you.  You might have mxed feelings about what this creates for you.  A big change is unfolding and you're being asked to embrace it.  Do it!

It's time to look more at the big picture.  The details have kept you distracted and adrift.  Come back Cancer and start to see where you're at.  Mixed messages are making things more difficult.  It's hard to figure out what's going on.  The answers will come soon and when they do it will be easy to take a leap of faith and land in someplace new.

You have a desire to get somewhere and the energy is very powerful.  Still, things are not flowing Leo.  You're having to fight yourself to get anything done.  You're energy is tied up in self-examination that's not productive.  You can end the cycle anytime you want to.  Let the energy move through you and take you where you want to go.  

You might feel unsure of what to do this week, Virgo.  Fear is potent and life isn't feeling as safe as you would like.  You have the resources you need to weather this temporary storm.  Get behind who you are and what you have to offer.  A new connection is pushing you to open your heart and show more of what's unfolding in your inner world.  It feels good.

Being in a hurry isn't helpful, Libra.  You're not going to make things move faster.  You might as well adjust your own pace so that you don't end up in a frustrated heap.  Mood swings are adding to your troubles.  You keep changing your mind based on how you feel in any given moment.  Let the feelings flow.  Magic is afoot and waiting for you.

Expansion is yours for the taking this week, Scorpio.  What do you want?  Put some energy into it and watch what happens.  Good things are popping up everywhere just waiting to be plucked.  You can expect what happens now to change the shape and scope of how you feel about and experience your life in a very positive way.  Nice!

You're about to be recognized for your skills and gifts.  This will help you to see what you have with more clarity and dimension.  Walls that have prevented you from feeling free are about to come down.  Big ideas are coming in and you have the intuitive information you need to make it all happen.  This is an exciting week, Sagittarius.  Make the most of it.

Trying to keep everything in balance might be a distraction this week, Capricorn.  Instead, think about unhooking form projects and connections that are no longer of use.  This will serve you well when the pace picks up and you get busier.  Being hard on yourself for being less than perfect is another distraction.  Cut it out, silly goat!

Regrets are wreaking havoc.  Recognize that you're at the end of a cycle and drop the critical thinking.  You need more time and space to look back and reflect on what really just transpired.  You're exploding with great energy and need to keep it in motion, Aquarius.  if you don't get enough stimulation now, you might spontaneously combust.

Trying to keep unwanted energy out is becoming a problem.  You are inadvertantly keeping the good stuff out too. relax Pisces and trust that the boundaries you're setting will work, even if they're a bit more relaxed.  Get ready for new chalenges, passions and projects.  There are many opportunities coming your way soon and fast.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Perpetual Mess

That's what it feels like lately at my house.  Things are pretty messy.  I keep cleaning it up and it gets messy again.  I often think that cleaning the house is the same as maintaning a spiritual never ends! 

I spent a few days last week going through each room and getting rid of stuff.  Wow.  It felt good as we appraoach the winter months, to carve out and enhance extra interior space.

Interior space.  We need more of that in mind/body/spirit!

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming 12Angel Advisor and the host of the radio show, Mt. Shasta Moments to ruminate with me about communication, language, words, energy and psychic abilities.  This is show #20...WORD and it's a fun one.  Soundtrack provided by T Rex, Derek and the Dominos, Traffic, The Band, Neil Young, The Hollies, The Byrds and Three Dog Night.  It's an interesting conversation and I hope you'll join me at Thursday at 7pm PST/10pm EST.

Speaking of the Cafe, I just archived show's #18 and #19, so we're all caught up.  Go give a listen to these shorter, edited shows.

I'm back in action for readings. Call, chat or get a reading by email!  Give a gift to yourself and get some communication.  I'll be around today, tomorrow and Friday from 8:30-1:30pm PST and be sure to stop by the happy hour this Sunday from 1-4pm PST to connect.

I love this time of year as summer slips into fall.  SO lovely here and I hope where you are too.  GET RID OF SOME STUFF and make more interior space. 

I'm here for you...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/23 - 8/29


A lovely week awaits.  Good things are popping up all over the place.  We'll recognize these amazing moments if we stay with what's happening instead of sliding into daydreams or escapist behaviors.  Come out of the reverie and see what's happening now.  Some wishes are small and some are big and all have a way of shifting us back into enthusiasm.  Shake off the stoic attitude long enough to bask in a pool of magic. 

Monday 8/23
It's a great time to seek new paths to explore.  We're restless and bored and if we don't address this soon, we might go out and do something crazy.  A toe in the water should satisfy the need for excitement for some, while others won't feel right until they jump all the way in.

Tuesday 8/24
It's time to take a step up in terms of responsibility.  Our skills are needed now.  A part of us is hesitant.  We're reluctant to let go of one more slice of anonymity but it's time.  Take charge and watch as everything starts to come to order.  It's good and right.

Wednesday 8/25
Break away from the pack and do things in a unique, fresh way.  We're grappling with feelings of insecurity about our abilities to navigate new turf.  Let's go anyway.  There isn't a lot of support for us these days.  It's a bit barren and everyone is wrapped up in their own concerns.  Don't let it bring you down. 

Thursday 8/26
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Little cracks in the relationship we have with ourselves is becoming problem.  These little cracks are causing us unnecessary delays and moments of doubt and panic.  Let's seal these cracks up with humor, love and permission to be human.  Celebrate all of it today.

Friday 8/27
It's time to set something new in motion.  We're busy finishing up projects and tying up looses ends as the end of summer looms but we must not forget to plant a seed or two to keep us busy in the coming months.  The hope of something fresh will bring satisfaction in a big way.

Saturday 8/28
The mind has run amok.  It's tough to know what's real and what's imagined.  The mind is running all over the place, determined to look at every possible worst case scenario.  This can be fun if we're aware that we're in our own fun house but it's not fun if we think it's real and that's highly likely today.

Sunday 8/29
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It's a great day for slowing down and taking in some beauty.   Bask in it.  If there are people around, get them together for an informal gathering.  Look away from whatever it is that's dragging you down.  Give yourself permission to wander away from it for a bit.  It'll look different later.

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It's not easy to let good things in.  For a multitude of reasons, we resist letting it be easy.  Let's shake it off this week.  Practice receiving at every opportunity.  Alllow little help and big help.  Know that receiving is allowing someone else to give.  Giving feels good.  Don't take that pleasure away from someone else.  In the end, receiving is a form of giving.  Let's facilitate more flow in this space.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/22 - 8/28

A bright idea has you spinning with excitement, Aries.  You want this and you want it bad.  Be sure and balance out your obsession with activities that keep your energy in motion, so that you can spring when the time is right.  Get peaceful with a grudge you've been nursing.  Let this one go.  Prepare for a surge of life force energy that will refresh your creative abilities across the board. 

It's time to get out and seek fun, Taurus.  You are in need of rest, relaxation and permission to pamper yourself.  Gather with friends for laughter and connection.  Certain projects are on lock down.  There's nothing you can do to push things now, so redirect energy into what's going to boost you up and get you back in the game.  Get ready for the next chapter in your story.  It's a good one.

A whole new way of looking at things is starting to take root.  You are open to seeing things from a fresh and interesting perspective.  This is exciting, Gemini.  You've been in need of something new and different.  You can feel a whole, new world stretching out in front of you while at the same time, a pile of unfinished work sits waiting for you.  Finish up and go forward.

So many ideas, so little time.  That's how it feels this week, Cancer.  You're not in the mood to wait and let things settle. You're bound and determined to get control of things and make it happen.  That approach is going to make things harder.  Instead, try and relax into what's happening.  A cycle is on the verge of conclusion.  Pay heed and find a way to acknowledge the magnitude of the change.

Fear is potent this week and seems to pop up and take over at every turn.  Instead of resisting and resenting this, try letting the fear take over.  Listen to it, Leo for it can show you your hidden vulnerabilities.  Knowing these brings strength.  You need new spaces to explore.  Stagnation is underway in certain realms of your inner world.  Freshen it up and go on a path of discovery.

You're looking for ways to feel more alive in weary routines.  You can rediscover the joy you once felt, Virgo.  It's just a matter of shaking off some of the negativity you've encountered in your environment of late.  You don't have to take on the group malaise.  Use this energy as motivation and get your ability to make things more functional in gear.  You'll be asked to be the leader this week.  Have fun with it!

It's all about balance this week, Libra.  If you can balance head and heart, you'll move quickly and effortlessly.  The problem is, you're not be in the mood to reign in the mind, which has wandered off into confusion and fuzzy thinking.  It feels good to be out of it after a period of stress and heavy, mental activity.  You can come back anytime and when you do, you'll find things falling together.

You can't hep but see the beauty and magic in the world this week, Scorpio.  It's everywhere you turn and it's so, so lovely.  You are in the midst of major transformation and might be disoriented or unsure about he next step. Soon you'll see the path.  Old pain is coming up to get free.  Let it up and out.  This is a great time to purge and release old thoughts, energies and patterns.  Lighten the load.

A rich opportunity is coming your way this week, Sagittarius.  You won't have time to think about what to do.  Act on instinct and if something you want pops up, grab it.  It will become apparent that you have a strong foundation and many resources on hand.  This is a result of your hard work and focus.  Magical happenings are likely.  Will you let the magic in when it arrives?  

Mounting pressure is difficult to deal with.  Don't do anything drastic just yet, Capricorn.  A break in the energy is coming.  Managing stress is easier when we know it won't last forever.  You're not quite ready to let something go.  This something has provided emotional support and more for a long time.  It's sad to move on but lingering over it hampers the search for the next big thing.  Get going.

The seed of a new project is thriving.  You are excited about the potential here, Aquarius.  A part of you is hesitant to get too excited.  It's scary to want something so much.  You're also in doubt about your abilities to make it happen with your skills or lack thereof.  Though you don't see it right now, you have more than enough skill to make all your ideas reality.  Skills yes, time no.

You're being asked to teach what you know in a very informal and possibly uncomfortable way.  Once you get in there, you'll love what transpires.  Get in there and share your info, Pisces!  It's a tad lonely lately.  It feels like no one gets who you are.  There is truth in this.  On some ways, people don't get who you are.  It's time to stop seeing this as a liability and more as an asset.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't Exacerbate It

That's what I said to my husband as he trudged off to hike the hills around us.  He has a slight injury and it would be unpleasant if that injury were to grow.

Oh well.

I've been exacerbating things too in my own way.   How about you?

I took a trip to New Mexico last week.  It's been tough to come back from that and go right into the back to school reality.  Wow.  It kind of knocked me out of work mode.  Hmmm

So on that note, I'm replaying an early show tonight at 12radio.  We're revisiting Cafe #5...SOUL MATES.  Tune in tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST and revisit the soul mate space with me.

Hoping you're finding time for rest and retreat,


Monday, August 16, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/16 - 8/22


Things are starting to move.  Are you ready?  Hopefully there's been enough time and energy on preparation and here we go!  Get ready for opportunities of all shapes and sizes to come popping up and out.  From relationships, to work to health, we are getting a lot of what we've been asking for.  Integrating new information and knowing when and how to take action is becoming of primary concern.  We need moments of pause in order to see the fullness of what's being offered.  Some of what pops up might not feel like opportunity at first.  Turn it around and around and around.

Monday 8/16
There's so need to sink into despair today.  All we've done is trapped ourselves in a shadowy corner.  Once we move from that space, things look infinitely bigger and more expansive.  It's all about angles.  From which angle do you choose to look from?  Make adjustments now.

Tuesday 8/17
Big feelings are moving through us and asking us to surrender.  We might try and fight it but we won't win.  It's time to make space for these feelings and find a way to utilize them as propulsion.  Leap forward in a burst of passion.  Feel it, do it and see what happens.

Wednesday 8/18
There's no need for big leaps today.  We can make a ton of progress by taking small steps.  Let's be mindful and notice all the beauty and magic in the world.  Slow it all down and be as meticulous as a mouse.  Each gesture can be loaded with meaning, purpose and energy.  Let's do it.

Thursday 8/19
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Shake off the shackles and see/feel/hear/touch something new.  There's a big, wide world waiting to be discovered.  Find a way out of the routine, the doldrums.  Invest in a new pursuit, knowing that satisfaction here will bring satisfaction in other areas.  Let it ripple out.

Friday 8/20
We're almost there.  The confusion that has plagued us is lifting and leaving us with the ability to see much bigger terrain ahead.  This is exciting and perhaps slightly unsettling.  Perhaps we'd been hoping for a short break.  Oh well.  What's coming is exciting.  Wait for it to take shape.

Saturday 8/21
Loveliness is happening.  We're experiencing happy surprises as things we forgot about wanting pop up to be claimed.   It may be overdue and some of what comes along today will feel out of present time ; still it's always exciting when something we want or have a wanted in the past shows up.  It reminds us of our ability to manifest.

Sunday 8/22
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We're on the cusp of recognition, praise and attention.  It's right there...our job well done.  We might find ourselves struggling with discomfort over the thought of having to take it all in and for some of us, in a very public way.  This energy is important and creates change.  Get ready to bask.

need help with the energy this week?

With all the unfolding excitement, we need to time to chill.  Work it into the schedule somehow.  Do what's neccessarry to have moments of quiet, moments of rest.  There's just no need to be in a hurry.  We're all going to get there.  It's not a race.  What's yours will wait for you.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/15 - 8/21

The end of a big project has you digging deep for reserve energy.  You are struggling and it would be easy to forget that this is the end.  Keep going, Aries.  You can do it and it's only a few more steps.  You're not quite ready to launch something new.  You need more time to ponder all the options.  Don't let haste get you in a pickle.  Slow it all down.

Regrets are wasting your time.  Get peaceful with current circumstances so that you can see how to move more creatively with what's happening.  There is so much abundance waiting for you.  It's all around you but you can't see it when you're tired and uninspired.  Delays have you frustrated but perhaps these delays are important.  Consider it.

Be open to quickly moving opportunities, Gemini.  The pace is picking up and good things are coming your way.  A heavy vibration is lifting and leaving you freer and lighter.  It feels good to finally shrug this off.  Make time for loved ones.  Open-hearted exchanges will feel good and right and give you even more of the kind of energy you need to thrive.

A lovely week awaits, Cancer.  There are a plethora of opportunities for affection and deepening connections.  Make matters of the heart your top priority.  You're still being hard on yourself about things that happened quite a while ago.  There's no way to go back and correct it but you can change how you relate to these events now.  Create a new peace.

You're moving into a better space and the movement is slow and steady.  There's nothing dramatic in the works.  Get used to a little bit of quiet for now.  Holding back on true passion is getting uncomfortable.  Make space for this energy to show you your gifts.  If you try and resist, you'll miss out on something wonderful.  Let it take you for a ride.

A big change is coming out of nowhere and asking you to make adjustments quickly and without time to think.  This is not your favorite kind of challenge, Virgo but it's here and you need to face it.  It would be easy to think things are worse than they are.  Cultivate a bit of neutrality and you'll see that there are actually amazing opportunities hiding amongst the rubble.

Love is asking you to surrender and release defense systems that don't work.  Your attempt to protect yourself is actually a big problem this week, Libra.  You're blocking the love energy.   It's difficult to trust that what's happening is actually a good thing.  Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and relish the magic.  You'll feel foolish later if you don't.

Big lessons are helping to shape your understanding of the world and what's ahead for you.  You might even be asked to take on the role of teacher this week, Scorpio which brings even more dimension to what you see and understand.  You are ready for a new adventure.  So ready that what's around you right now seems lackluster.  More excitement is waiting up ahead.

Dig in and protect what's yours. The threat is minor but it won't be if you ignore it.  Just stand behind what you've created Sagittarius.   Your intuitive abilities will help you know what to do and when to do it.  As you get aligned with even more of what you want to manifest you'll see your world get bigger and better.  This is a magical time.  Relish it.

You're being asked to change your plans in order to accommodate someone else.  Be careful Capricorn.  You might not like your end of the bargain.  It's important to say no when you need to even if it means risking short term popularity.  Being impatient is a problem as well.  Slow down and do things the right way.  You've got tons of mojo working.  Get it to flow.

It's a time of expansion Aquarius.  You have much to look forward to.  Internal stife is making it difficult to see what's happening.  Let go of the fight inside and free yourself to enjoy all that's yours.  A big decision has you tied up in knots, that is, until you decide to just let it all play out.  Let everything fall into place for you.  You'll love what happens.

Things are getting a little chaotic, Pisces.  You might not like the pace but if you get into it, you'll love the opportunitiy coming at you in ths space.  An old wound has resurfaced and is calling on you to be stronger and more focused than you believe you can be.  Find ways to balance out all the activity with quiet, focused meditation.  It will help you navigate.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/9 - 8/15


It's a great time to take stock of what's available.  Get organized.  It might not be the best and most fun project at hand but it's important.  When we know what's available, we can bring it to the table when we need it.  Part of knowing our resources is an internal process of knowing what our strengths are.  Are we loyal and devoted?  Are we kind and forgiving?  Are we infused with fortitude and determination?  Are we willing to experiment?  Are we steady and calm?  Creative and tolerant of mild chaos?  What skills have we honed so far this lifetime and perhaps from lifetimes beyond the here and now?  Know what you have in abundance and more will come.

Monday 8/9
It's time to start thinking and dreaming the next space.  We have much to feel good about.  Today's energy bring the stability and calm we need to come up with a fresh vision.  We know it's time because satisfaction in all the good stuff we have is illusive.  Instead of struggling with guilt about our lack of gratitude, we should invest in the development of the next step.

Tuesday 8/10
We're almost at the end of a big project or cycle and it's hard.  There are lots of unexpected challenges to address and we might feel weary on top of it all.  Obviously we need to keep going but there may be a way to adjust the pace so that this finish is not so exhausting.  Step way now and again.

Wednesday 8/11
Intuitive information is powerful today.  Will we let it guide us into easier and more prosperous circumstances or will we continue to insist on being in control, thereby making things much more difficult?  We'll feel it in our bodies.  Intuition will speak through feelings, pictures and fleeting impressions  Slow down long enough to tap in and flow.

Thursday 8/12
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Heavy vibes are shifting and lifting.  We're coming to an opening; in the energy, in our perspective, and in our feelings about where we are.  All of this combined starts to move us onto a new path.  Get ready to put creative energy into action.  It's all about to move.  Let the shroud of old, heaving energy slide off and away.  No need to figure it out.

Friday 8/13
We might feel like rushing through our work and responsibilities today.  It's not a good idea.  Situations causing stress can be overcome when we slow down and look.  Some things we're reluctant to take on and yet they eat away at us, draining life force energy.  Turn and address those shadows.  Confront and in doing so, heal them.

Saturday 8/14
It's time to connect and strengthen the bonds of community.  Our community ultimately, is a community of one.  How much harmony do we experience in the inner world?  If there are cracks and fissures in this sacred ground, today is the day to patch them up.  Reaching out to others will also feel really, really good.

Sunday 8/15
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It's a great time for stepping away from work and just relaxing.  Let it all go.  Our bodies want to be outside in the fresh air.  Get out there!  Be willing to wander without a plan.  Happy surprises and refreshment will come to those who break away and play.  It's he spiritual order of the day.

need help with the energy this week?

Embrace the impossible dream  There's energy in the dream and this energy can infuse the mundance with wonder.  It's time to get inspired, enthused and excited about the ENERGY.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/8 - 8/14

Your burdens are heavy this week, Aries and it's hard to find relief.  You're coming to the end of a cycle and there's just a little bit more to go.  You can do it!  Your heart is opening you this will help you get more support.  You don't need to do this all alone.  Inspired ideas are coming fast and furious.  Let these ideas settle into a form and shape that you can work with before you dive in.

You're in search of something but you don't know exactly what it is.  It's time for new interests, studies, pleasures and fun.  The pace is quickening and you're bound to stumble into something great real soon, Taurus.  Allow some time for meandering.  Rewards are in the works.  Be prepared to receive with grace.  You don't have to work so hard.  You can let the good stuff come to you.

You are on fire, Gemini!  You've got so much energy, you're bursting at the seams.  Stay in motion and let this powerful energy continue to move through you, providing inspiration.  At the same time, you need to slow down and pay attention to the details.  It's tough because you're not really in the mood.  A big decision is looming.  Don't get bogged down in picking the right one.  Just choose and go.

You feel like being stubborn when it comes to defending your position. It's important to have a degree of flexibility this week, Cancer even though a part of you is saying no.  Relax.  You're in a strong position.  It's a great time to launch a new project.  You are ready for this despite misgivings.  An old dream has emerged to be looked at again.  It doesn't feel fresh.  Blow it up and create a new one.

A big disappointment is eating you up.  Is this where you want to dwell, Leo?  You don't have to.  You can unhook and see this situation from a different and more uplifting angle.  Life is chaotic this week.  there's not much you can do to make tings calm down.  Go with it.  Friendships can provide you with a place to reflect, rest and feel connected.  Make time to be with those you love.

You're so done with something you once loved dearly.  You keep hanging on hoping you can revive it. Perhaps it's time to just let go.  You have a ton of magic in you Virgo and you can use it now.  Just start playing and see what happens.  Communication is important this week.  Get it all of your chest. It will help you hook up with the magic.  Abundance is coming your way.  Enjoy it!

You're being way too hard on yourself over something you have little control over.  Ease up Libra.  Healing will come out of the troubles you're facing.  It's not all bad.  A part of you is bored and casting around for a new goal, a new sense of purpose.  It's coming so don't freak out.  You have so much to be grateful for but the boredom is taking away the joy.  Snap out of it here and there and see what's wonderful. 

Dig in and grow new roots.  It's time to find a new way to ground into your life.  The stability you want is available but it's coming from a new source...something that's not connected to what you do but more about who you are.  You're attractive this week and can make magic happen by getting out and connecting.  Shine on Scorpio!  Go out and get what you want without hesitation or self-consciousness.

It's choice time, Sagittarius.  You just can't do it all.  It's time to figure out what's most passionate and put the focus there.  Good fortune is working in your favor and you have the uncanny ability t make things come together.  Use it wisely and stay positive.  A new person is coming into your life.  This person is very seductive.  Listen to your intuition and take everything with a grain of salt.  Trust needs to be earned.

It's hard to repress your passions this week, Capricorn.  For some reason you seem determined to keep this energy from breaking through.  Why?  What are you afraid of? Find an outlet because this energy will not abate on its own.  You're fighting yourself, in other words.  Tension in an important relationship is growing.  You are in no mood to compromise to find peace but someone needs to step down.  It's up to you to take the first step or continue to live with the uncomfortable energy.

Racing thoughts are keeping you up all night.  Some of what's coming through is really great and some is just mental garbage.  This is tough stuff to work through Aquarius but you can do it!  You may feel shut out of something you want to belong to.  It would be easy to take it personally.  Don't do that to yourself.  This is not a club you would enjoy.  Money will flow better soon.  Relax.

Clear thinking is helping you make workable plans and goals.  A new seed is in your grasp and it has the potential to yield a ton of abundance.  This is not the fastest growing seed.  It will take time and focus to get to the harvest but you will enjoy the work so go, go, go.  Continue to get organized and prepare for even more new things to present themselves to you. It's about to get really exciting.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Minor Disaster

I wrecked my laptop the other day.

It was an accident.  I LOVED that little machine.  I practically took it everywhere.  Oh well.  It's fried as far as I can tell and I can only hope that my data is still recoverable.  If not, I'm getting pretty close to acceptance.  (Fortunately, I have my dear husband's laptop to help me get through the next few days before my new computer gets here and gets set up.  His laptop has none of my special programs and none of my files but it'll do in a pinch). 

I moved through a lot of stages as this whole process unfolded.  I started with sheer horror and disbelief, which then morphed into self-recrimination and rage.  Then I moved into a sort of hysterical humor and from there a depressive acceptance until a strange relief descended.  The relief comes in having experienced the disaster I so dreaded.  It's happened now, so I no longer have that fear in the back of my head.  I had a feeling it was coming.  I could feel it and yet I put off taking action that would have protected all my data.  FRACK! 


We so want to make sense of this reality and all the events in it, don't we?  And we have the ability to do so.  Humans are nothing short of magnificent in terms of being able to make up stories to make it all make sense.

For those of you who've been tuning into the Stonestreet Cafe on, you'll recognize this is a recurrent theme on the show.  We want to extract value from the events in our lives.  We need it to make sense.  It can't just be a careless moment, one that has big consequences.  We can't just suffer for no reason. has to have a bigger, more profound meaning otherwise...what?  What happens when we lose the story?

I'm in no way implying that these stories aren't helpful.  They are but sometimes they're not.  Sometimes it just is.

Strangely, since the computer disaster my brain has been flooded with new ideas.  Weird.  Maybe it's because I can't spend as much time on the computer and thus, my brain has more space?  Perhaps I needed a clean slate? (see...there I go again!)  Whatever!  I've been experiencing these flashes of insight...these fresh ideas that make it hard to sleep at night, so much is happening in my little brain.

One idea is exactly what I'm talking about here.  This need to have a lesson to reassure ourselves that nothing's wasted.  NOTHING IS WASTED and yet I wonder why we need the stories?  Do the stories help or do they box us in in a way?

I'm not going to get an answer to this quandry just yet.  There may be no real answer.  Being human mean being able to tell stories.  It's an important ability and yet, it can run amok.  We make things complicated.  We resist simple truths.  When that guy we like doesn't call back we want to create a narrative to stave off the pain.  Does it work?  You tell me.

Truth is mutable.  What's true for you may not be true for me.  The stories you choose might look totally different from the stories I would tell in the same situation.  It's as if our reality if getting more and more bendable.

I'm going to be talking about this in the Stonestreet Cafe this Thursday (7pm pacific/10pm eastern).  The show is called HAPPY ENDINGS and it's about our need to put a positive spin on things.  We are determined to defend against pain and suffering.  This is especially true in the United States where our movies and TV shows need to be funny, uplifting and have a redemptive message.  Just take the movie Pretty Woman.  In the original ending, the business man leaves the girl behind but test audiences were so disappointed that they re-shot the end with Richard Gere climbing up the fire escape with a bouquet of flowers to save Julia Roberts.  The movie was a huge success because of the happy ending.

We won't watch if it doesn't end well.  Are we missing out on something important as a result?  This is the question.

I hope you'll tune in this Thursday and give a listen.  The show will be LIVE and I'll be taking calls from folks who want to share their thoughts and feelings on the topic.  I'll send out the number tomorrow or Thursday morning in case you want to call in and chat with me.

Until then, I'm going to muddle through with what I've got (which is a lot...very grateful to have a way to connect with you).  I'm still hoping all my data can be saved but if not, it'll be okay.  The clean slate idea is getting more and more appealing.  It's just own data, that is.  It's not like I can't rewrite all of it and in doing so get a fresher vibe happening. 

Perhaps I'll sit down and start writing that book in the back of my head.  Perhaps this minor disaster will spur me on.  We shall see.

Forgive me if you don't hear from me as much over the next week or so as I regroup.  I'll still be writing Scopes and the Fortune Forecast.  I'm still here (and cutting back on my water consumption).


Monday, August 2, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/2 - 8/8


Sometimes, all we need to do is relax and let it in.  That's the case this week, relax and let it in.  We often make thing more difficult than they need to be.  Chalk it up to that big brain of ours.  The power of the mind is the power to make things complex.  Let's stop that nonsense and enjoy what is. 

Monday 8/2
Distance Energy Healing Session...8:30am PST/11:30am EST at 12academy
It's time for an adventure.  We need to get out and wander and stumble into something new and exciting.  That same old routine has gotten dull.  There's no inspiration to be found on the same old road.  Meander or approach directly but whatever you do, go somewhere new.  

Tuesday 8/3
Are alchemical abilities are on high today.  We can make magic happen without much effort but first we have to believe in magic.  Be open to ease, wonder and play.  Shake off the negative self-talk and let a miracle or two drop from the sky.  

Wednesday 8/4
A relationship is getting more and more tense.   Though we might have been hoping this would just stop, it's not going to stop quite yet.  A pop in the energy is coming and with it, an opportunity to make a compromise to satisfy everyone.  Be the initiator of said compromise.  It's worth it.

Thursday 8/5
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe LIVE at 7pm PST/10pm EST at 12radio
We're in need of space and quiet time today.  It's not that easy to make it happen.  There are a million and one distractions.  It's time to step away from that junk and get back in touch with the inner peace that's waiting inside.   We'll get important answers as soon as we make space for them.

Friday 8/6
COLOR MAGIC...shades of RED today at 10am PST/1pm EST at 12academy
We're being recognized today for our efforts and work.  It's tempting to brush it off and act humble but that's not what's called for here.  We should feel pride and we need to.  It's ok to bask in the glow of triumph.  Doing so sets that stage for even bigger victories down the road.

Saturday 8/7
It's tricky to balance all the competing needs and demands going on in our lives but in striving to do so, we'll discover something powerful.   This something powerful can help us now and further down the road.  Trust that whatever happens today, whether it's a mess or some perfected heaven, it's all important.

Sunday 8/8
Stonestreet Cafe replays today at 10am PST/1pm EST at 12radio
Negativity is infectious and seductive today.   Everywhere we go, it calls to us and asks us to join.  We might find ourselves slipping in and out of it.  The important thing is to see it when it shows up.  This gives us more power to decide what we want to do about it.  Choice is everything.

need help with the energy this week?


Find the things that help sooth and relax.  Do them.  Then do more.