Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't Exacerbate It

That's what I said to my husband as he trudged off to hike the hills around us.  He has a slight injury and it would be unpleasant if that injury were to grow.

Oh well.

I've been exacerbating things too in my own way.   How about you?

I took a trip to New Mexico last week.  It's been tough to come back from that and go right into the back to school reality.  Wow.  It kind of knocked me out of work mode.  Hmmm

So on that note, I'm replaying an early show tonight at 12radio.  We're revisiting Cafe #5...SOUL MATES.  Tune in tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST and revisit the soul mate space with me.

Hoping you're finding time for rest and retreat,


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