Monday, August 2, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/2 - 8/8


Sometimes, all we need to do is relax and let it in.  That's the case this week, relax and let it in.  We often make thing more difficult than they need to be.  Chalk it up to that big brain of ours.  The power of the mind is the power to make things complex.  Let's stop that nonsense and enjoy what is. 

Monday 8/2
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It's time for an adventure.  We need to get out and wander and stumble into something new and exciting.  That same old routine has gotten dull.  There's no inspiration to be found on the same old road.  Meander or approach directly but whatever you do, go somewhere new.  

Tuesday 8/3
Are alchemical abilities are on high today.  We can make magic happen without much effort but first we have to believe in magic.  Be open to ease, wonder and play.  Shake off the negative self-talk and let a miracle or two drop from the sky.  

Wednesday 8/4
A relationship is getting more and more tense.   Though we might have been hoping this would just stop, it's not going to stop quite yet.  A pop in the energy is coming and with it, an opportunity to make a compromise to satisfy everyone.  Be the initiator of said compromise.  It's worth it.

Thursday 8/5
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We're in need of space and quiet time today.  It's not that easy to make it happen.  There are a million and one distractions.  It's time to step away from that junk and get back in touch with the inner peace that's waiting inside.   We'll get important answers as soon as we make space for them.

Friday 8/6
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We're being recognized today for our efforts and work.  It's tempting to brush it off and act humble but that's not what's called for here.  We should feel pride and we need to.  It's ok to bask in the glow of triumph.  Doing so sets that stage for even bigger victories down the road.

Saturday 8/7
It's tricky to balance all the competing needs and demands going on in our lives but in striving to do so, we'll discover something powerful.   This something powerful can help us now and further down the road.  Trust that whatever happens today, whether it's a mess or some perfected heaven, it's all important.

Sunday 8/8
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Negativity is infectious and seductive today.   Everywhere we go, it calls to us and asks us to join.  We might find ourselves slipping in and out of it.  The important thing is to see it when it shows up.  This gives us more power to decide what we want to do about it.  Choice is everything.

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Find the things that help sooth and relax.  Do them.  Then do more.

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