Monday, August 23, 2010

Fortune Forecast 8/23 - 8/29


A lovely week awaits.  Good things are popping up all over the place.  We'll recognize these amazing moments if we stay with what's happening instead of sliding into daydreams or escapist behaviors.  Come out of the reverie and see what's happening now.  Some wishes are small and some are big and all have a way of shifting us back into enthusiasm.  Shake off the stoic attitude long enough to bask in a pool of magic. 

Monday 8/23
It's a great time to seek new paths to explore.  We're restless and bored and if we don't address this soon, we might go out and do something crazy.  A toe in the water should satisfy the need for excitement for some, while others won't feel right until they jump all the way in.

Tuesday 8/24
It's time to take a step up in terms of responsibility.  Our skills are needed now.  A part of us is hesitant.  We're reluctant to let go of one more slice of anonymity but it's time.  Take charge and watch as everything starts to come to order.  It's good and right.

Wednesday 8/25
Break away from the pack and do things in a unique, fresh way.  We're grappling with feelings of insecurity about our abilities to navigate new turf.  Let's go anyway.  There isn't a lot of support for us these days.  It's a bit barren and everyone is wrapped up in their own concerns.  Don't let it bring you down. 

Thursday 8/26
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Little cracks in the relationship we have with ourselves is becoming problem.  These little cracks are causing us unnecessary delays and moments of doubt and panic.  Let's seal these cracks up with humor, love and permission to be human.  Celebrate all of it today.

Friday 8/27
It's time to set something new in motion.  We're busy finishing up projects and tying up looses ends as the end of summer looms but we must not forget to plant a seed or two to keep us busy in the coming months.  The hope of something fresh will bring satisfaction in a big way.

Saturday 8/28
The mind has run amok.  It's tough to know what's real and what's imagined.  The mind is running all over the place, determined to look at every possible worst case scenario.  This can be fun if we're aware that we're in our own fun house but it's not fun if we think it's real and that's highly likely today.

Sunday 8/29
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It's a great day for slowing down and taking in some beauty.   Bask in it.  If there are people around, get them together for an informal gathering.  Look away from whatever it is that's dragging you down.  Give yourself permission to wander away from it for a bit.  It'll look different later.

need help with the energy this week?

It's not easy to let good things in.  For a multitude of reasons, we resist letting it be easy.  Let's shake it off this week.  Practice receiving at every opportunity.  Alllow little help and big help.  Know that receiving is allowing someone else to give.  Giving feels good.  Don't take that pleasure away from someone else.  In the end, receiving is a form of giving.  Let's facilitate more flow in this space.

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