Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/15 - 8/21

The end of a big project has you digging deep for reserve energy.  You are struggling and it would be easy to forget that this is the end.  Keep going, Aries.  You can do it and it's only a few more steps.  You're not quite ready to launch something new.  You need more time to ponder all the options.  Don't let haste get you in a pickle.  Slow it all down.

Regrets are wasting your time.  Get peaceful with current circumstances so that you can see how to move more creatively with what's happening.  There is so much abundance waiting for you.  It's all around you but you can't see it when you're tired and uninspired.  Delays have you frustrated but perhaps these delays are important.  Consider it.

Be open to quickly moving opportunities, Gemini.  The pace is picking up and good things are coming your way.  A heavy vibration is lifting and leaving you freer and lighter.  It feels good to finally shrug this off.  Make time for loved ones.  Open-hearted exchanges will feel good and right and give you even more of the kind of energy you need to thrive.

A lovely week awaits, Cancer.  There are a plethora of opportunities for affection and deepening connections.  Make matters of the heart your top priority.  You're still being hard on yourself about things that happened quite a while ago.  There's no way to go back and correct it but you can change how you relate to these events now.  Create a new peace.

You're moving into a better space and the movement is slow and steady.  There's nothing dramatic in the works.  Get used to a little bit of quiet for now.  Holding back on true passion is getting uncomfortable.  Make space for this energy to show you your gifts.  If you try and resist, you'll miss out on something wonderful.  Let it take you for a ride.

A big change is coming out of nowhere and asking you to make adjustments quickly and without time to think.  This is not your favorite kind of challenge, Virgo but it's here and you need to face it.  It would be easy to think things are worse than they are.  Cultivate a bit of neutrality and you'll see that there are actually amazing opportunities hiding amongst the rubble.

Love is asking you to surrender and release defense systems that don't work.  Your attempt to protect yourself is actually a big problem this week, Libra.  You're blocking the love energy.   It's difficult to trust that what's happening is actually a good thing.  Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and relish the magic.  You'll feel foolish later if you don't.

Big lessons are helping to shape your understanding of the world and what's ahead for you.  You might even be asked to take on the role of teacher this week, Scorpio which brings even more dimension to what you see and understand.  You are ready for a new adventure.  So ready that what's around you right now seems lackluster.  More excitement is waiting up ahead.

Dig in and protect what's yours. The threat is minor but it won't be if you ignore it.  Just stand behind what you've created Sagittarius.   Your intuitive abilities will help you know what to do and when to do it.  As you get aligned with even more of what you want to manifest you'll see your world get bigger and better.  This is a magical time.  Relish it.

You're being asked to change your plans in order to accommodate someone else.  Be careful Capricorn.  You might not like your end of the bargain.  It's important to say no when you need to even if it means risking short term popularity.  Being impatient is a problem as well.  Slow down and do things the right way.  You've got tons of mojo working.  Get it to flow.

It's a time of expansion Aquarius.  You have much to look forward to.  Internal stife is making it difficult to see what's happening.  Let go of the fight inside and free yourself to enjoy all that's yours.  A big decision has you tied up in knots, that is, until you decide to just let it all play out.  Let everything fall into place for you.  You'll love what happens.

Things are getting a little chaotic, Pisces.  You might not like the pace but if you get into it, you'll love the opportunitiy coming at you in ths space.  An old wound has resurfaced and is calling on you to be stronger and more focused than you believe you can be.  Find ways to balance out all the activity with quiet, focused meditation.  It will help you navigate.


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