Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/22 - 8/28

A bright idea has you spinning with excitement, Aries.  You want this and you want it bad.  Be sure and balance out your obsession with activities that keep your energy in motion, so that you can spring when the time is right.  Get peaceful with a grudge you've been nursing.  Let this one go.  Prepare for a surge of life force energy that will refresh your creative abilities across the board. 

It's time to get out and seek fun, Taurus.  You are in need of rest, relaxation and permission to pamper yourself.  Gather with friends for laughter and connection.  Certain projects are on lock down.  There's nothing you can do to push things now, so redirect energy into what's going to boost you up and get you back in the game.  Get ready for the next chapter in your story.  It's a good one.

A whole new way of looking at things is starting to take root.  You are open to seeing things from a fresh and interesting perspective.  This is exciting, Gemini.  You've been in need of something new and different.  You can feel a whole, new world stretching out in front of you while at the same time, a pile of unfinished work sits waiting for you.  Finish up and go forward.

So many ideas, so little time.  That's how it feels this week, Cancer.  You're not in the mood to wait and let things settle. You're bound and determined to get control of things and make it happen.  That approach is going to make things harder.  Instead, try and relax into what's happening.  A cycle is on the verge of conclusion.  Pay heed and find a way to acknowledge the magnitude of the change.

Fear is potent this week and seems to pop up and take over at every turn.  Instead of resisting and resenting this, try letting the fear take over.  Listen to it, Leo for it can show you your hidden vulnerabilities.  Knowing these brings strength.  You need new spaces to explore.  Stagnation is underway in certain realms of your inner world.  Freshen it up and go on a path of discovery.

You're looking for ways to feel more alive in weary routines.  You can rediscover the joy you once felt, Virgo.  It's just a matter of shaking off some of the negativity you've encountered in your environment of late.  You don't have to take on the group malaise.  Use this energy as motivation and get your ability to make things more functional in gear.  You'll be asked to be the leader this week.  Have fun with it!

It's all about balance this week, Libra.  If you can balance head and heart, you'll move quickly and effortlessly.  The problem is, you're not be in the mood to reign in the mind, which has wandered off into confusion and fuzzy thinking.  It feels good to be out of it after a period of stress and heavy, mental activity.  You can come back anytime and when you do, you'll find things falling together.

You can't hep but see the beauty and magic in the world this week, Scorpio.  It's everywhere you turn and it's so, so lovely.  You are in the midst of major transformation and might be disoriented or unsure about he next step. Soon you'll see the path.  Old pain is coming up to get free.  Let it up and out.  This is a great time to purge and release old thoughts, energies and patterns.  Lighten the load.

A rich opportunity is coming your way this week, Sagittarius.  You won't have time to think about what to do.  Act on instinct and if something you want pops up, grab it.  It will become apparent that you have a strong foundation and many resources on hand.  This is a result of your hard work and focus.  Magical happenings are likely.  Will you let the magic in when it arrives?  

Mounting pressure is difficult to deal with.  Don't do anything drastic just yet, Capricorn.  A break in the energy is coming.  Managing stress is easier when we know it won't last forever.  You're not quite ready to let something go.  This something has provided emotional support and more for a long time.  It's sad to move on but lingering over it hampers the search for the next big thing.  Get going.

The seed of a new project is thriving.  You are excited about the potential here, Aquarius.  A part of you is hesitant to get too excited.  It's scary to want something so much.  You're also in doubt about your abilities to make it happen with your skills or lack thereof.  Though you don't see it right now, you have more than enough skill to make all your ideas reality.  Skills yes, time no.

You're being asked to teach what you know in a very informal and possibly uncomfortable way.  Once you get in there, you'll love what transpires.  Get in there and share your info, Pisces!  It's a tad lonely lately.  It feels like no one gets who you are.  There is truth in this.  On some ways, people don't get who you are.  It's time to stop seeing this as a liability and more as an asset.


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