Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 8/29 - 9/4

It's time to make peace and move on, Aries.  The background noise in your head is a distraction and it's not helpful.  You've extracted what you can from recent lessons.  Give yourself permission to go now.  You are exploding with ideas and insights.  It's tough to know which one to choose. The best one will rise to the top.  Trust in that.

The forces of chaos are growing in intensity, Taurus.  It's tough to know where to put your energy and attention when there are so many fires to put out.  What you want is more available than you think.  Don't let your mind talk you out of making magic this week.  You have everything you need to launch a new project successfully. 

It's choice time, Gemini.  There's just no way to continue on without deciding with purpose, which road to travel.  You won't make a mistake here.  ou are attractive now and people want to be close to you.  You might have mxed feelings about what this creates for you.  A big change is unfolding and you're being asked to embrace it.  Do it!

It's time to look more at the big picture.  The details have kept you distracted and adrift.  Come back Cancer and start to see where you're at.  Mixed messages are making things more difficult.  It's hard to figure out what's going on.  The answers will come soon and when they do it will be easy to take a leap of faith and land in someplace new.

You have a desire to get somewhere and the energy is very powerful.  Still, things are not flowing Leo.  You're having to fight yourself to get anything done.  You're energy is tied up in self-examination that's not productive.  You can end the cycle anytime you want to.  Let the energy move through you and take you where you want to go.  

You might feel unsure of what to do this week, Virgo.  Fear is potent and life isn't feeling as safe as you would like.  You have the resources you need to weather this temporary storm.  Get behind who you are and what you have to offer.  A new connection is pushing you to open your heart and show more of what's unfolding in your inner world.  It feels good.

Being in a hurry isn't helpful, Libra.  You're not going to make things move faster.  You might as well adjust your own pace so that you don't end up in a frustrated heap.  Mood swings are adding to your troubles.  You keep changing your mind based on how you feel in any given moment.  Let the feelings flow.  Magic is afoot and waiting for you.

Expansion is yours for the taking this week, Scorpio.  What do you want?  Put some energy into it and watch what happens.  Good things are popping up everywhere just waiting to be plucked.  You can expect what happens now to change the shape and scope of how you feel about and experience your life in a very positive way.  Nice!

You're about to be recognized for your skills and gifts.  This will help you to see what you have with more clarity and dimension.  Walls that have prevented you from feeling free are about to come down.  Big ideas are coming in and you have the intuitive information you need to make it all happen.  This is an exciting week, Sagittarius.  Make the most of it.

Trying to keep everything in balance might be a distraction this week, Capricorn.  Instead, think about unhooking form projects and connections that are no longer of use.  This will serve you well when the pace picks up and you get busier.  Being hard on yourself for being less than perfect is another distraction.  Cut it out, silly goat!

Regrets are wreaking havoc.  Recognize that you're at the end of a cycle and drop the critical thinking.  You need more time and space to look back and reflect on what really just transpired.  You're exploding with great energy and need to keep it in motion, Aquarius.  if you don't get enough stimulation now, you might spontaneously combust.

Trying to keep unwanted energy out is becoming a problem.  You are inadvertantly keeping the good stuff out too. relax Pisces and trust that the boundaries you're setting will work, even if they're a bit more relaxed.  Get ready for new chalenges, passions and projects.  There are many opportunities coming your way soon and fast.



Celine said...

You have no idea how much better your Good Fortune Scopes made me feel. I'm Gemini with Leo rising and so many things are happening. In June I quit my 7year somewhat secure job with a total leap of Faith, decided to go freelance and start my own company. Now i'm leaving 14 years behind and moving across country next week, again on a total leap of Faith/gut feeling. The moving /packing has been stressful, and not knowing when money will come in next added to that, as well as unforeseen car repairs, etc...but i'm going.
Tonight though i felt very depressed, even wondering if i was making a mistake to want to start over at 35. I had a huge knot in my stomach and had to let it out and cry for a good 30min asking God for a sign...i think he directed me to your page :)
I feel i got my green light to proceed with my move and total life makeover.
Thank you so much for that!

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

thanks so much for the shout out though i'm embarrassed by the typing mistakes.

Fly girl, fly!!