Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 9/12 - 9/18

It's time to take charge, Aries.  Waiting for the ideal time just isn't going to work.  Go now.  You'll have to battle some minor chaos but it's nothing compared to what you bring to the space in need of confrontation.  A new opportunity comes out of the mess.

Find a way to ground the intense energy moving through your space.  It's important to blow off steam, Taurus.  You're bursting with creative energy that needs to be in motion.  You can feel things are starting to move and it feels so good!   Get ready for a big step up.

Your heart is overflowing with care and concern.  You are spreading good cheer everywhere, Gemini and it's lovely.  It's time to choose a path.  Both are great, no need to worry.  Just go where you want to.  It's easy to see through nonsense from others.

Dig and and hold steady for a bit of a storm.  You have everything you need to come to the other side without harm, Cancer.  Try not to overreact.  Racing thoughts make it difficult to find rest.  So much to look at and think about.  Be open to alternative points of view.  See from a new angle.

You're fed up, Leo so go ahead and move on.  Hanging on and hoping things will get better is not the best idea.  It's time to discover something new.  Healing energies are potent and they are asking you to surrender.  When you see something you want, grab it as it runs by.

You're not sure where to invest your energy and attention this week, Virgo.  You have more than a couple of great opportunities.  Give yourself a little more time to contemplate before choosing.  Mood swings are difficult to deal with.  Don't try and control how the feelings unfold.

Worrying won't make it better.  Your world has a heavy vibe this week, Libra but there's support available.  Reach out and you'll see many gifts coming your way.  Listen to the heart when navigating.  Don't let logic keep you from discovering something new and shiny.

Confusion and doubt is lifting from your space.  It's as if you can suddenly see much further and with total clarity.  What a relief!  Passionate feelings are looking for expression.  This energy needs an outlet.  Make peace with some of the background noise in your head.  This will quiet it.

You're not getting the whole story but what to do, Sagittarius?  You don't even know the right questions to ask to get to the bottom of the mystery.  Give it time and everything will be revealed.  Get out and make contact.  You're in a lucky space.  Enjoy it.

Being in a hurry isn't helpful.   You simply can't push whatever it is that's driving you nuts, Capricorn.  Make space for it to play out.  It's time to break into new territory and discover fresh terrain.  Regrets and ruminations about the past keep everything stuck.  Move on now.

Relax into someone's care.  Let there be an exchange of love and affection.  It's the right way to go this week, Aquarius.  The spaces you want to move on are temporarily off limits.  Take this time to enjoy what's happening in the moment.  Be here now.

Go after what you want Pisces.  You keep waiting for the right time but it's here.  A part of you is terribly bored and unwilling to make changes.  Change is coming for you.  There's no need to look for it.  Tie up loose ends and get ready to launch into something new and fantastic.


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