Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 9/19 - 9/25

You can feel the pull of ancient awareness, Aries.  You know things but have no idea why.  Who cares?  Enjoy powerful insights and put them to work.  Things are moving faster and it's taking a lot more attention to keep things orderly.  Let it all fall apart so that you can put it back together even better than before.

You can make as much magic as you want, Taurus.  It's totally available for anything and everything you need.  Keep from spiraling into criticism and negativity.  As your heart and your head have equal opportunity to share what they know, you can expect a big leap forward into something delightful.  

Creative energy is making it easier to accomplish things, great and small.   You are charismatic now and can easily attract the connections you need to further your plans.  Happiness is pouring out of you and you don't know why.  Things are far from perfect and yet you're exploding with hope.  It feels so, so good.

Slow moving changes are getting you in a better, more fruitful position.  Be patient and l things come together for you, Cancer.  Be cautious with resources now.  You need to conserve and have an idea of what's on hand.  When a new passion takes root, you'll e ready to jump in with fervor and everything you need to make it real.

You're climbing out of clouds of confusion and seeing the terrain more clearly.  It will be easier to travel with your new found clarity, Leo.  When something you want appears, reach out and grab it before it runs past.  Fortune is bald in the back, or so they say.   Balance is essential and not easy!  Energize dormant spaces.

It's time to surrender to the unknown.  No amount of thinking and planning will prepare you for what's coming, Virgo.  It's wonderful and scary at the same time.  You feel alone and unsupported but the greatest support of all is  Find alternatives routes to the desired destination.  Walk around the obstacles.

Balance the intensity inside you, Libra.  You're tied up in internal conflict and it's time to lay down the swords.  It may come down to finding healthy distractions and just walking away from it for a bit.  Love and support is available but you're having a hard time taking it in.  Stop the self-deprecating vibe from taking over. 

Your heart is bursting open and there's nothing you can do to stop it.  It feels good and bad at the same time.   You are bringing more of who you are into play now.  It's powerful and effortless and somewhat shocking.  Have fun with it.  A clear plan will help you get where you want to go with no trouble and in no time.

It's time to get with friends and loved ones and shore up those bonds.  Know your community of support, Sagittarius and take some time to consider what you're willing to give to the group.  Fears are potent this week and you might not like every feeling that comes over you.  New ideas will help you navigate your path with grace and aplomb.

Confusion is a problem this week.  You're generating the crazy, Capricorn.  It's ok as long as you stay awake to what you're up to.  If you start trying to find blame for your troubles, take a deep breath and tune in to the quiet voice inside.  This voice will give you the guidance you need to leave boredom and stress behind in favor of success.

You are in a great position to capitalize on opportunity when it pops up, Aquarius.  Everything is in place for you to succeed.  Delays and troubles have been vexing for a while now and you might be exhausted as a result.  Buck up!  A project needs the finishing touch.  Give time and attention to completion before skipping away into the future.

You see things so clearly now, Pisces.  Everything is shockingly simple.  It's much easier to decide what and when to go when you see so far in the distance.  Others might be put off by your vision this week.  Oh well.  New ideas are powerful and have you excited.  A whole new world is abut to unfold.  You can feel it in your bones.


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