Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 9/26 - 10/2

You're more than ready to move on Aries.  In fact, you've been chomping at the bit to get free. It's difficult to get the space you need to get behind an inspired idea.  Practical concerns feel distracting but taking care of the little details will get you the space you need.  Keep on going.

New sights and sounds are beckoning you to break out of your routine, Taurus.  You may be reluctant to rock the boat, so dear is your stability but it's time.  Boredom will become more and more of a problem if you continue to ignore the call of the wild.  Resources are coming your way.

A situation that's been unfair is coming to a head.  The energy in this space is volatile and difficult to mange.  Make sure you step away for rest here and there Gemini, as it all plays out.  An opportunity to magnify your abundance is in the works.  You are ready for new challenges.  Indulge in activities that help relax you.

The week begins with a rather heavy vibe but gets better with each passing day.  Feelings of rejection are difficult to manage and you're taking it all way too personally, Cancer.  Good fortune can be yours is you look away from the mess that's preoccupying you.  Plant a new seed or two and you'll cheer right up.

A new project is gaining momentum.  The effort you've been pouring into this can be directed elsewhere as this space is now standing on it's own.  You're ready for a journey of sorts.  If you can't hit the road, find ways to explore the exotic through books, movies and more.  It'll give you a jump start.

It's time to start figuring out what's wanted and needed Virgo.  You are bursting with brilliant ideas, which is your favorite?  You have the resources you need to make things happen now.  Support is showing up in the strangest ways.  Make the most of this fertile time period and grow your dreams.

You're restless and in need of something new and quick, Libra.  If you don't get some stimulation soon, you might just explode with frustration and boredom.  Even small breaks in your normal routine can help you settle back down and find a new groove.  You are rich in many ways.  Feel it.

You feel like walking away from something that's gotten painful.  If you leave now, you'll miss out on the best part.  Try to hang in there Scorpio and work with the complex feelings you're experiencing.  An opportunity to expand your career and money space has powerful potential.  Investigate further.

A burst of inspiration has you seeing things in a fresh way.  It's exciting and nerve rattling.  It's a challenge finding healthy outlets for all the creativity flowing through you.  You might be tempted to take a short cut but in the long run, what looks like a short cut is actually a huge tangent that ends up taking you further away.  Beware. 

Open your mind Capricorn.  You've been hanging on to a certain way of perceiving things and it's just not allowing for enough magic.  Good things want to happen in your world.  Will you get out of the way and let it in?  You're on the cusp of discovering more about who you are.  this will bring a wave of new power.  Play nice.

Things are starting to move a little more quickly than you want them to.  It's hard to keep up with all the competing demands in your world, Aquarius.  You are in the process of deep change and might feel disoriented by it all.  Don't panic!  let your mind wander into new places.  Open, open, open to more.

Relax into the love that's being offered Pisces.  There's no need to try and figure it out or worry about what's ahead.  Be here now.  A conflict in your environment is making it hard to chill out.  You don't need to take on the responsibility of healing this.  Watch your boundaries and pull back.  It will all settle down soon.


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