Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 9/5 - 9/11

Your intuition is trying to show you were to go, Aries.  Will you listen and respond?  It's going to get louder and louder until you do.  Worrying about what seem like a lack of resource as a wasteful use of time and energy.  You have everything you need, readily available.  Balance the thinking and the feeling and you'll go far, fast.

An opportunity to grab what you want is coming your way.  You won't have a lot of time to consider all the implications.  you either want it or you don't Taurus.  Go with instinct today.  You're being asked to share what you know.  This will help you see your expertise in action, which will boost your energy and get you back in the abundance game.

That amazing mind of yours is a problem sometimes, Gemini.  You're all over the place and are tired to boot.  This is making you vulnerable to seeing the worst case scenario.  Calm down!  You're being way too hard on yourself for conditions you don't have a lot of control over.  You'll see new places to put your energy this week ad it will get you in a much better head space.

This is an exciting time of awakening, Cancer.  Everything feels so intense and amazing, even though it's challenging and uncertain at the same time.  You'll soon get a break in the energy and have a chance to rest.  A new interest has you totally fired up.  Enjoy the feeling of being in love.  This new passion will carry you far and expand your reality in amazing ways.

Being in love feels good.  Give into it Leo.  Surrender into the flow of that divine, healing energy.  An internal conflict is posing a challenge.  You're being hard on yourself and struggling to repress a desire.  Why?  There are many opportunities afoot for you this week.  Enjoy seeking them and jumping in without hesitation or self-consciousness.

The wheels are turning and everything's moving.  You were on the verge of despair about some of the stagnation in your life but worry no more Virgo!  Powerful energy is infusing you with the strength you need to conquer and succeed.  Grab the tiger by the tail and use the added charisma you have now to forge powerful, new connections.

Healing is coming for you, Libra.  The events of this week will surprise, delight and freak you out.  Get ready for a bigger arena to play in.  You're being recognized and recruited.  Be discriminating and choose what will be the most engaging.  You have a lot worth preserving and protecting.  Go forward knowing your worth.

It's time to consider all the options.  Open up and let it all float around for a bit.  You don't have to decide, though you'll feel pressure to do so.  Slow down and just let it be.  You're completing a cycle and need time to adjust to the changes.  An adventure will provide the emotional inspiration you need.  See, taste, touch, smell and hear new things this week.

Dig in and defend what's important.  Most of this will take place in your own head, Sagittarius.  Figure out what you have that's worth investing in and what's worth letting go.  Your mind is racing ahead, figuring out how to travel the path.  This can create chaos.  Bring your attention back so that you can see what needs to be done here in order to get over there.

Decision time is here.  If you pick now, you'll get a shot of energy to help you make it happen.  If you delay, stagnation sinks in.  Go now and don't look back.  There's no way to make a mistake no matter what you choose.  It's a challenge to balance patience with passion.  You'll get lots of practice this week, Capricorn.  Have fun with it.

You've got a ton of mojo this week, Aquarius.  You can make things turn to gold, or sink into problems.  It just depends on what you invest your energy in.  Old wounds are close to the surface and are causing feelings of paralysis.  No worries!  You can get through this and you will with a great deal of aplomb.  Break the steps into smaller pieces and you'll travel far.

Watch your boundaries and if you don't have any, create them now.  If you don't watch what's going on around you, you're liable to a loss of some kind, Pisces.  Stay awake!  High standards are preventing you from enjoying what you already have.  Shake it off.  A deeper sense of self is emerging and the strength there is amazing.  Lucky breaks are coming.


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