Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Greetings from the Dental Office

Here I am friends, with my little gal at the dentist's office.  She's getting some cavities worked on and I'm in the waiting room, writing to you.  Don't you love wifi?

Perhaps it's the back to school thing but now seems the time to get everyone checked out and problems addressed.  Chalk it up to Mercury retrograde in Virgo.  This retrograde shows us what needs fixing in stark relief.

You may have become aware of health challenges during the last week or so of this particular retrograde.  Virgo rules health and whenever we experience strong Virgo transits, we tend to see what's not working and at the same time, discover solutions and new forms of healing.

The superstitious part of me was a little nervous about scheduling this dental appointment during a retrograde but that's just silly.  Life doesn't stop when the planets shift and move.  The work needed to be done and waiting could have complicated the issue.  We can't always schedule our lives around transits and why should we?  We've got to trust ourselves a bit more.

We're always searching for signs and reasons to make sense of things.  Is it possible we lose our own wisdom and knowing when we sink into the search for answers?  This is a theme that comes up a lot in the Stonestreet Cafe.  I'm pretty excited about the next show, speaking of the Cafe.  I'm welcoming my friend and colleague Kristina Walsh to the Cafe to talk about relationships and some energetic patterns we've noticed of late.  Give this lady a call for a reading.  She's truly remarkable.  Tune in tomorrow at 7pm PST/10pm EST.  The show is LIVE, which means you can call in and get a reading or add your thoughts to the discussion.  CALL US!  218.862.1300 x 124290.

Back to my daughter...she's a Virgo, so in some ways it wasn't surprising that her teeth problems became evident during a retrograde in Virgo.  Let me tell you about this gal...she spent the whole summer running wild in our neighborhood.  She was barefoot the whole time and her feet are now tough as leather.  Now that she's back in school, the teachers are having a hard time keeping her shoes on.

She's a wild thing and I can't believe she came here to be with my husband, son and I.  She's teaching me new stuff every day.  I've probably written about the cycle of create/destroy energy before.  Well...I'm proud of my daughter and her crazy "destroy" energy (especially now that she's back in school and not at home destroying everything and anything she can get her hands on).  Though she's not quite four, she's been asking me to teach her how to sew so that she can learn to make her own clothes.  I find myself wishing I had more skill in this area to share with her.  Wouldn't it be amazing if she grew up to be a designer or to work in the design field? That's one of my parallel universe/secret fantasies.  Did she inherit that?  How does that work?

Ok...enough on that delightful subject.

...and come get a reading soon.  We're having tons of sales this month and I'll be there waiting to work with you via phone, chat or email that is, as soon as I get home from the dentist's office!



Tracy said...

Wow, I enjoyed your dental office post. Wifi is amazing!

I have a 16 year old son with that create/destroy energy. Glad to read of someone else with that experience. I have always looked at his creative energy and his destroy energy as separate. I was encouraged to see you write it like "create/destroy"...hmmm, now I can see that his creative enregy is the flip side of the destroy!

I wish I could send him to work on the show Mythbusters or some similar show where the create/destroy energy is fun, supervised and not at home. My son recently had 3 cavities filled and likes to run around the town (well I drive him) to be with his friends. Wish they were in the same neighborhood! He does love shoes though and is a taurus but there are similarites and I can relate!! Thanks for your post!

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...


create/destroy...yes. think of them together.

kids. amazing, little beings.

thanks for writing!