Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Virgo Blues

Here we are basking in the waning of the New Moon in Virgo.  Virgo is a sign that seems misunderstood to me.  There are mysteries to Virgo that we can hardly imagine.

Thursday night in the Stonestreet Cafe (12radio, 7pm PST/10pm EST), I'll be offering a show called GOD LESS with an old friend joining me to talk about his experience of atheism.  It's pretty interesting and it got me thinking about my own feelings and experiences of God energy.

Virgo is so deeply capable of devotion.  It's the part of us actively seeking places to invest our healing energy.  Healing energy invested in one person or one project can get out of balance.  Virgo reminds us to look for something bigger to devote ourselves to and that leads to God and other stuff.

Virgo wants to perfect things that need perfecting, so perhaps that's where the perfection aspect of God energy comes in.  I don't know.  All I know is that this is a complex reality rife with opportunities for bliss and on the flip side, opportunities to suffer.  We don't seem to have much control over how things play out and the good/bad stuff that comes our way.

I didn't always feel this way.  I used to be much more fervent in my feelings about spirituality and the way I saw the world unfolding.  I felt certain that we are creating this reality and that there was a degree of control to be had.  Not so sure anymore.  Call it life experience, call it this time period but there's so much suffering going around, that I've found myself questioning and wrestling with my notion and understanding of God.

I can see how so many people would have a bitter feeling towards any notion of God.  How could God set this up for us?  This reality of dichotomies?  All I can say is, we must be some kick ass beings to be able to handle the little, blue marble.

And that leads me back to God.  We ARE creating this reality but we have no understanding of how it really works.  That's what I see.  And God's off somewhere having a chuckle with the kick ass being part of us as we fumble around down here in our bodies.  For the body, for the part of us that makes this real, it's not so amusing.

Virgo shows us all of this and more.  Virgo can be the sweetest innocence or the most bitter shade of jaded.  Thank you lovely Virgo New Moon for bringing awareness to our bodies and our world while at the same time reminding us that something much more vast is taking place is spaces we just can't see yet.  Help us connect with the innocent and wonder filled side of you!

If you're in it today, you're right where you need to be.

*this article is dedicated to KM, Capricorn sister and friend.

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