Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/31 - 11/6


You're in charge this week, Aries and you'll enjoy the bounty that comes your way.  Find time to wander alone just a little bit in order to tap into inspiration and inner guidance.  The heart is seeking a deeper experience of love.

You've extracted every last drop of good stuff from a difficult situation.  Now it's time to move on.  It's exciting to feel free to go in new directions, Taurus.  Put away the inner turmoil that's bubbled over and affected you of late.  Move on now.

You can win the battle this week, but it'll cost you, Gemini.  You'll find that winning leaves you feeling alone and unsupported.  Perhaps winning needs to take on new meaning?  Cooperation will serve you better than pride.  Remember.

A burst of inspiration has you ready to take some big risks.  There's no need to hurry here, Cancer.  You can move along at a mellow pace and still accomplish a ton.  Enjoy your hard work with a reward or two.  You're in the mood, might as well indulge.

Success is knocking on your door, Leo.  Let it in!  You may be feeling a little disconnected from what's unfolding around you.  Your inner world has been much more interesting than regular reality.  Balance out a little so that you can enjoy recent victories.

It's easy to succumb to paranoid thinking this week, Virgo.  do your best to resist. You're capable of totally freaking yourself out and it's not helpful.  Look for affirmations of what's right in the world.  As you pull out of a negative daze, you'll see that all things are possible.

It's a powerful time for you Libra and you're ready to leap into new spaces without fear and hesitation.  Your inner voice can provide everything you need to find your way.  Know that protective energies are working in your favor and relax into them.

You're in the mood to celebrate even though things aren't as perfect as you want.  Who cares?  You're in the spirit of the season and it's fun, fun, fun.  People want to be near you.  You are a magnetic presence and can attract important contacts by simply getting out and about.

It's time for a trip and what's better, one of your favorite people wants to go with you.   No doubt this will be a big learning experience as you get to know each other better in unfamiliar territories.  This is the stuff your dreams are made of, Sagittarius.

You're being help back by your own lack of creativity, Capricorn.  You can push through the opposition any time you want.  Know it.  A dream you think will solve your troubles is really not helpful at all.  You'll discover this first hand when you get what you want.

It feels oppressive in your world this week, Aquarius.  You can't see the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.  Whether you see it or not, it's there.  You're almost at the end of a tough journey.  Keep moving through it, even though it's tempting to collapse in a heap.

You've had about enough of a certain kind of fun.  There's just nowhere left to go with it.  It's definitely time to seek new pleasures before you run out of patience with old standbys.  Life has many surprises to show you. Pisces.  Open to them all.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


That's the name of the show this week, though in the end, I'm not sure my guest, Mo Abdelbaki and I even talked that much about her.  We did touch on Venus from both Vedic and western astrological perspectives.  Interesting...

It's the witching season, for sure.

I hope you get a chance to tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST at  It's going to be a hoot.  Starting in November, I'm toying with the idea of moving the Cafe up an hour across time zones.  It would work better for me as a parent.  Will it work better for you, listeners? (6pm PST/9pm EST).

All my other shows are available for download in the archives at  Give a listen.

Other than that, things are quiet here.  I'm enjoying it.  Hope you are too!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Fortune Forecast 10/25 - 10/31

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We feel betrayed this week by someone we count on for support and loyalty.  The betrayal is not as bad as it feels but what does it matter?  We are in it now and it feels very, very real.  What's at the bottom of this drama?  The short of it is shame.  We feel exposed in a way that is uncomfortable and brings up shame.  Once we see that the wound isn't about trust, it's about fear of being exposed, we'll have what we need to heal it.  In other words, we need to turn this back to ourselves.  It's not about what someone else is doing.  It's about what we do to ourselves in our own inner world.  Let's stop the abuse there first.

Monday 10/25
Good things are waiting in the wings.  Can we let them in?  It's hard to even see what's good today as we find ourselves immersed in old problems and troubles.  Take breaks from spaces that feel like a trial in order to enjoy the simple joys all around.  It helps.

Tuesday 10/26
We're feeling defensive today and may have an overwhelming urge to explain, justify and defend our position.  It won't work.  Instead, we're better off doing hat we can to unhook from the attack energy.  A sense of humor can help us get to the other side of these temporary troubles.

Wednesday 10/27
The door is closed today and no amount of pushing on it will open it. Instead, look for a window to climb through.  It might take some creative maneuvering to squeeze through, but freedom awaits.  Watch out for the tendency to sink into stagnation and mope.  The window is open!  

Thursday 10/28
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It's hard to see what's working today.  Everywhere we see the energy of failure, in ourselves and in those closest to us.  It's a mind set and a tough one...tough but not impossible.  Find a new angle from which to look at the problems.  It's not as bad as it feels, that's for sure.

Friday 10/29
We just can't get to the bottom of a mystery today, no matter how hard we try.  It's getting stressful, trying to put the puzzle together.  Perhaps we're better served by looking for other places to invest and play in.  The information we want and need is coming.  Trust and wait.

Saturday 10/30
Intense feelings are emerging and looking for expression.  If we don't find enough outlets, the intensity will start to feel unmanageable and unpleasant.  For those of us who've been waiting for an opening and an opportunity, today will bring the opportunity to leap froward quickly.

Sunday 10/31
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Things are coming together today and it feels so good.  It helps when we get behind the abundance that's available to us.  Allow life to flow, believe in ease and soon the heaviness so prevalent of late will lift, leaving us free to explore and enjoy the beauty of out world.

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Look from a new angle.  Get out of the house of mirrors and pick a position that promotes self-worth and a sense of personal value.  When we find and cultiavate this space, life gets easier.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/24 - 10/30

Someone close to you wants to drag you into a conflict that has nothing to do with you.  Be careful here Aries.  it would be a shame to waster your energy in a space that will yield nothing.   You have excess energy and that's part of why getting involved is so tempting.  Just say no and find creative outlets that will benefit and expand your own personal success.

Make time to celebrate.  It feels a little counter intuitive but it's exactly what you need this week.  Celebrate the perceived failures right along with the successes.  Perhaps you'll start to see that what you consider to be failure is actually an opening to new opportunity.  Powerful healing energy wants to come through you now, Taurus.  Open to it.

A bright burst of insight has you excited, nervous and anxious to jump in.  It may take time to get the ball rolling here, Gemini.  Prepare and cultivate patience.  An old nightmare has reemerged with new strength.  Seek support and assistance to work through the feelings.  You may find yourself feeling defensive this week.  Notice it and don't take it too seriously.  You are safe.

Blessings are coming fast and furious this week, Cancer.  It's mind boggling and you may feel challenged to take it all in.  Notice the part of you that shies away from the good stuff.  Shake off the gloom and bask in the magic.  There's more work ahead.  Find refreshment now so that you can carry on with grace and aplomb.

The pressure is getting intense Leo.  It might seem like it's coming from external sources but it's your response to the stress that matters.  You can find shelter when you need to.  It's IN you.  Tension between you and someone you love has you feeling disconnected.  Unhook from the intensity if you want to.  You just might find that you are a willing participant and that's ok. 

A wish is coming true this week and the timing couldn't be better.  You are in need of refreshment and more importantly, renewed faith in what you're working to create.  Repressed passions are pushing for expression.  Find a way to let it all out before it explodes.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other Virgo.  You're getting there.

Your mind is speeding into new territory and the feeling of freedom is so, so good.   Keep one foot on the Earth this week, Libra or you just might fly away.  Passion is helping you take risks you would normally talk yourself out of.  This is good news and you'll find the more you're willing to risk, the more magic happens in your world.  

Healing energies are inviting you to surrender and let go of effort.  It's a challenge!  Balance the head and the heart when it comes to tackling a goal.  You need the wisdom from both of these pieces to make it work.  You are rich in hidden resources.  Break out the pick ax and dig it up!  Get ready for a big break.  It's almost here.

It's time to seek new pleasures, Sagittarius.  You are bored and this can get dangerous.  If you try and force yourself to focus and maintain your normal routine, you're going to end up in a rebellious fit.  A new relationship is the perfect distraction.  Bask in the joy of discovery.

Your intuition is uncanny this week.  You are right on the money but might not know it until after the fact.  Trust what's coming through on a psychic level, even if it seems nuts.  A confusing situation will resolve soon.  Try not to worry about it too much in the meantime.  Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and observations.  You are in demand.

It's magic time, Aquarius!  Get ready for good things to come your way.  You're bored and in need of something new to sink your teeth into. Unfortunately, you don't know what you want just yet.  Hang in there because the answers will come.  In the meantime, amp up on simple pleasures to keep you energy up and open.  It's ok to play while you wait.

Tensions are growing in an important relationship.  The more you actively try to heal it, the more difficult the space gets.  Consider stepping away and letting time do the healing for you.  Come back to your own body and what's happening in you, Pisces.  Attention paid to your inner world now will set you up for renewed happiness down the road.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get Yer Witch On!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sacred Space and the Venus Retrograde

Wow.  Venus retrograde...what can I say?  This retrograde is bringing out the ugly all over the place.  The gift is that when unpleasant dynamics come to the surface, we have an opportunity to make much needed adjustments.  The truth shall set us fee and Scorpio is all about the truth.

I know many of you feel panicked by some of what's taking place now.  This too shall pass!  I remember the last Venus retrograde I wrote about was a retrograde in Pisces and the article was called Venus Retrograde...You Bitch.  I know some of you were probably offended by the title of that piece but HELLO.

Venus retrogrades don't get as much attention as our dear friend, Mercury and yet I'm starting to think Venus has a lot of unexplored mojo, especially for women.  One of the gifts of this retrograde for me is that is has me thinking more deeply about astrology for women.  I'm going to be exploring this space more over the next few weeks and in readings.  Let's put the focus back on the feminine by looking at the Moon, Venus and Pluto.  The divine feminine is irritated now and for good reason.  How do we work more consciously with the aspects of ourselves that have been invalidated, put down and oppressed?

Perhaps some anger is coming up and out of your space.  Good job!  Get it all out.  Some of us aren't going to feel right over the next few weeks.  Chalk it up to the energy and don't take it to heart.  As I wrote to an old friend this week, it's a good time to retreat if possible.

Self care is ever more important and Venus can help us here.  What feels good?  Find time to do it, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal...kidding (sort of...).  We're going to be very aware right now of the many ways we aren't taking care of ourselves.  Make corrections now.

My email reading sale was so fun that I've decided to offer another sale.  This one is specifically for my email reading titled THE GIFTS IN YOUR BIRTH CHART.  Normally, this reading costs $145 but I'm lowering the price through the end of October to $105.  If you've never had your chart done or it's been awhile, or you just want a fresh perspective, take advantage of this special.  Let's take a look at the feminine power in your chart!  I put a lot of love and energy into these readings and with so much crazy, astrological stuff going on, these readings can help you figure out how to navigate.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, I'm welcoming an old friend, David Stevens to share his experience as a house healer.  How do we create more sacred space?  Learn simple techniques and start to change the space in your body, in your home and at work.  House healing is great if you're buying and selling real estate as well as for those of us who just want a retreat and an oasis outside of all the crazy in the world.  Tune in Thursday 10/21 at 7pm PST/10pm EST at

That's about all I have to report today.  I'm sending you lots of love energy.  TAKE IT IN!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Fortune Forecast 10/18 - 10/24


It might be tough to find a space of balance this week.  We're being pulled into crazy drama at every turn.  We can unhook from it when and if we want to.  We don't have to be in it if we don't want to!  Who doesn't love a little drama now and then?  Let's just check in with ourselves here and there to make sure we're still having fun with it.  If not, we can adjust and shift into quiet.  The peace of our heart is always there, waiting for us when we need it the most.  If you can't find it, dig a little deeper.  It's in there.  Activities that promote calm can help.  SO CAN A READING!!

Monday 10/18
It's hard to let go of a space that feels unfulfilled but perhaps in letting go, the same dream can transform and become new again?  One thing is certain, we're not getting anywhere with our current outlook and the behaviors that supports it.  Be willing to release and allow something even better to come in its place.

Tuesday 10/19
We have the opportunity to relax into some very, potent healing energy today.  Will we let ourselves sink into it or will we fight it tooth and nail?  It might not look like healing energy when we first encounter it but if it's overwhelming (whatever IT is) go into it with a sense of discovery.  We'll not be disappointed.

Wednesday 10/20
It's time to cut loose and wander.  We might wander mentally or find ourselves literally on the road to somewhere new.  Be willing to abandon the known for the unknown and in doing so, stumble into spaces that refresh, revive and rejuvenate.  Sticking to the same, dull routine won't do it.  Go now.

Thursday 10/21
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Power can be splendid or it can be horrific.  It just depends on what we do with it.  We'll have a chance to flex our muscles today and use them to be of service to someone in need.  It'll feel so good to make a difference in someone's life!  The other option is to turn away.  This won't feel nearly as good as engaging in it.

Friday 10/22
We are under the impression that there's just not enough to go around today. This makes us want to clamp down on resources and energy expenditure. While hoarding might bring temporary relief to the part of us experiencing anxiety, over the long haul, it will also block the flow of abundance.  Chill!

Saturday 10/23
Choose battles wisely.  We're tempted today to jump into the fray without really considering whether or not we can make an impact.  Don't waste precious energy on spaces that aren't ready to shift.  Be wise, use intuition and apply pressure to areas that have the potential to transform now.  We'll know it when we see it.

Sunday 10/24
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We need to step off the crazy train and splash around in self-indulgence.  It's the most powerful thing we can do to counteract some of the difficult circumstances we face now.  Surround the body with beauty.  Relax into the magic that's available.  The more we open to it, the more we find waiting for us.  Enjoy! 

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Be willing to get off the beaten track this week.  Wonders await us. Hanging out in the familiar will not bring satisfaction.  Go, go, go...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/17 - 10/23

The pace is about to go into high gear.  Are you ready to rock and roll?  You're going to love what's coming for you this week, Aries.  The only problem will be deciding how much to take on.  Shake off the energy of poverty, wherever it's been hiding in you.  You're close to gold.

Good fortune is yours this week, Taurus.  Opportunities are coming toward you in a furious pace.  You have time to reflect on all the options.  There's no need to grab something, thinking if you don't it will slip away.  You're struggling with a recent rejection.  Be grateful to be rid of this.

You are suddenly tapping into a deeper level of awareness and understanding.  Things that were previously hidden from you are crystal clear now.  You are being guided into new, exciting spaces.  Stay grounded, Gemini because it's a lot to take in.  Keep following the sparkle.

A big decision needs to be made and soon.  You keep going back and forth Cancer.  Jump in there soon and pick a path.  You'll feel better as you move from thought to action.  An opportunity to make more money is worth examination.  You're ready to take on bigger and better challenges.

It's time to look out across the landscape and decide where you want to travel to next.  It can be a time of celebration and play if you want it to, Leo.  The skills you're crafting are taking on more dimension.  This is a rich time period in terms of recognizing your gifts and how best to apply them. 

It's all about creating more balance this week, Virgo.  It's time to put some of your worries aside and attend to your immediate needs.  You can control some of the stormy weather around you.  Exercise and experiment with power.  You're building something and doing a fine job.  Keep going.

Powerful energies are working in your favor this week, Libra.  It might not feel like it when circumstances seem to conspire against you but the obstacles popping up are important and disguise buried treasure.  A dream that seem unattainable is causing a lot of suffering.  Cut it loose.

You are quick to rush to judgment this week Scorpio.  Life feels slightly out of control.  In your attempt to feel safer and more protected, you're actually closing down pathways to abundance.  Seek comfort for your body and mind.  Rest can be all it takes to bring in a fresh perspective and a new plan of attack.

Your abundance energy is going up, Sagittarius.  It's exciting and seemingly effortless.  Love what's coming your way this week.  It's a great time to strike out on a quest.  Go seeking.  You're being awfully hard on yourself for something you had little control over.  Perhaps it's time to let it go. 

Protect your ideas but don't hide away.  You're ready to launch a new project.  Stop trying to perfect it and just get going.  Hard work is paying off, Capricorn.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The world is just waiting to embrace you.  Shake off the stress you use to drive yourself.  It's not needed.

Fiery feelings are driving you to rash and irrational behavior.  You're a stranger in a strange land this week, Aquarius.  Let the unfamiliarity of what you're dealing with help you bring in more creativity.  You're in need of refreshment.  Be discriminating when choosing what to indulge in.

Feel good now. Pisces!  You have so much to feel good about.  Don't let minor stresses keep you from loving the life you're living right now.  Others are counting on your to provide emotional sustenance.  Give only what you can afford to.  A breakthrough is imminent.  Are you ready?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Gold is Everywhere

So much to say, so little time!

Thanks to all of you who've ordered email readings during the sale.  It's been so, so gratifying to hear from so many of you.  I love what's happening in that space.  WOW.  It's not too late to get one.  The sale ends this Friday morning, so order now if you've been thinking about it.

Stonestreet Cafe plays Thursday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST at  It's show #26 and I've titled it INNER SNAKE.  I want to take a look at the mean part of us.  We all have that energy in us.  What do we do with it?  This issue is really "up" right now, perhaps because Venus is retrograde in Scorpio.  Notice the news lately!  It's hard not to come across stories of bullying and other cruelties.  Come give a listen.

I've got some exciting projects in the works.  Classes in November, more writing, a new healing space to jump into and (at some point) guided meditations for download.  Keep in mind, things tend to take me longer than I think they will to get to the finish point (I'm talking to you, you sneaky downloads).  With Sagittarius rising, sometimes I talk about stuff before it gets real.  OH WELL!  I'm celebrating the flaws today!

I'm so grateful to be connected to you and I hope you're enjoying the beauty of the world as much as I am.  It is absolutely magical up here in the mountains right now.  Seeing the gold, Aspen leaves flutter to the ground reminds me that abundance and love are everywhere.  Reach out and let it pour down on you!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Fortune Forecast 10/11 - 10/17

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Life is about to go into high gear.  Are you ready?  It's important that we find time to pause and reflect because being reactive will be hard to resist.  Reacting is not as powerful as taking conscious action.  Whatever feels pressing can wait until we have our head's clear and our feet on the ground.  Think about what's wanted and needed and step out of just getting by.  The opportunities are big now and they will be there even if we take time to consider all options.

Monday 10/11
Relax into what's playing out today.  There's no need to fight it or try and control it.  Even situations that look like a threat to what we want can be opportunities to become more resourceful and more creative.  Don't get worked up over glitches and minor delays.  It's all going to smooth out soon.

Tuesday 10/12
Open the heart and share the good vibes.  Extend kindness to everyone.  It's infectious!  When we let the love flow, not only do we bring more light to the universe, we end up healing and releasing the old pain that lingers deep inside our own bodies.  Generosity of spirit brings abundance to the material world.

Wednesday 10/13
It's essential that we get off the beaten track today.  Many wonders await us but they're lurking in the unfamiliar.  Even a small detour helps us discover more magic.  For those feeling weary and unwilling to look away from whatever it is that's causing stress, know that taking your mind off it will help.

Thursday 10/14
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A phone call, an email or a letter to an old friend can help shift us out of heavy energies.  We need to find someone to laugh with.  As amusement comes in, troubles dissipate.  Stop putting connection at the bottom of the to-do list.  Swap stories and lighten the burden.  Let it all out in a peel of giggles.

Friday 10/15
We're being asked to take over a project that needs leadership and focus.  We have the passion needed to get a lot accomplished but our passion can look a little controlling to others involved.  Be mindful of the other people involved.  Offer validation when it's due and everything will run more smoothly.

Saturday 10/16
We're absolutely inspired at every turn today.  Amazing insights and ideas are coming fast and furious.  We need time to take it all in before we create a plan of action.  We'll have the urge to leap before looking, which is fine but perhaps not as effective as waiting for the new vision to take root.

Sunday 10/17
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Picture what you want.  If you don't have the details, feel the feelings of having it.  The mind is so much more powerful than we realize.  Notice the negativity that wants to come in and mess it all up.  Gently say no to this energy and come back to the dream.  It will all come together soon.

need help with the energy this week?

Nothing is wasted and a pause here and there is not only helpful, it's important.  Stay grounded and try not to get swept into the hype and drama that results as the pace starts to pick up.  We choose the pace that works, even if the world is getting kind of nuts.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/10 - 10/16

It's time to put a dream into motion.  This might require travel on your part.  Whether it's literal or metaphorical, get moving, Aries.  Seek out new contacts, ideas and information.  A big shift is underway and you are in a great position to capitalize on it.  Stay in motion. 

Get ready to wake up one morning this week with a whole new perspective on your life, Taurus.  You are ready to mutate into something brighter and more beautiful.  You are rich in resources.  Tap in and make the most of what you've got.  Find time to celebrate and connect.

Take time to pause and reflect this week, Gemini.  You have so many things happening all at the same time that it's getting overwhelming.  Emotional support is available.  Slow down and connect with loved ones.  Unhook from the pressure you're putting on yourself.  It's ridiculously intense.

Hoarding is a natural response when we feel afraid but it's shutting your creative energy down.  Looses up a bit, Cancer.  You don't need to hang on so tight.  You can attract a lot of magic this week.  Open up and let it in.  It's time to start plotting your next step.  Reach beyond the known.

You can have a fresh start in a space that feels stuck, Leo.  All you have to do is open to it.  being stubborn and trying to make it work isn't working.  Be willing to surrender in order to find a new path.  Passionate drives feel out of control.  Trust these urges and go.

Step out of responsibility in order to play.  You'll get more done when you shift from seriousness to amusement, Virgo.  You're falling in love with someone or something.  let yourself sink into it.  Notice the desire to control and gently say no.  Floating will bring more magic.

A big idea has you excited and energized. Be careful when sharing this idea.  Not everyone shares your enthusiasm and you are vulnerable to the downer energy.   Find ways to channel your passion productively.  Physical movement can help you keep your creativity strong and free. 

Balance is important but challenging this week, Scorpio.  Play with this idea and create your own version of it.  You've been putting up with a lot of criticism and it has you shaken.  Don't hesitate to forge your own path.  The urge to break free will get stronger and stronger.  Honor it.

A burst of intense energy can help you free up more energy for projects you love.  You're ready to change some of the agreements that keep you feeling stuck.  Your abundance energy is top notch this week.  Enjoy watching your resources expand and multiply, without effort or struggle.

Your belief system will be challenged this week.  You can see this as a test of faith or perhaps an opportunity to update your information.  A part of you is so ready to move into new spaces.  What are you waiting for, Capricorn?  Just go.  Whatever you think is holding you back is all in your mind.

You're feeling all alone in your struggles this week.  Part of the problem is your unwillingness to show even the slightest hint of vulnerability.  As soon as you get over this internal dynamic, you'll find there's plenty of support.  You'll also start to see that you have everything you want and need.

An opportunity to expand your abundance is definitely worth checking out.  Don't dismiss it Pisces until you have a chance to really check it out.  You're stepping into more power.  Give yourself time to ground the energy, then watch out!  You're going to fly!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is upon us.  Where does the time go?

The energy feels volatile lately (I know, I know...I'm always saying it).  Libra shows us imbalances and injustices in the world at large and in our own inner worlds.  Libra helps us see where we give too much or too little and encourages us to make adjustments.

I hope you have a space to retreat and rest.  I myself have been a little wiped out by it all but strangely, today I AM ON FIRE.  We're all experiencing fluctuations in our energy flow, going from depletion to bursting at the seams from day to day.  Please take good care of that body!

I'm using the New Moon energy to start some new health practices.  Libra rules beauty and I'm determined to get the pretty back (thanks Molly Ringwald, for letting me riff on the title of your new book...).  Let's get the pretty back!!  Not just in terms of our bodies but in terms of how we see, feel and experience the world.  We have such a beautiful world but it's hard to appreciate it when we see so much suffering, struggle and INJUSTICE.

We can use the New Moon to make changes.  Where do you want to beautify, perfect and bring peace?  The New Moon can show us where to put our attention in order to create more harmony, more healing and more PEACE.

If you're struggling to understand and work with some of the challenges in your life, I'm here for you.  I'd love to give you a reading... Now through October 14th, my email readings are on sale at 12listen.  Come get insight and healing in this sacred space.  Also at 12listen this month, we're having secret sales every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you want the scoop on these secret sales, sign up at 12promotions.  You'll get notified in advance and can plan your reading accordingly.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, (10/7) I'll be playing the role of a full-on DJ.  The Cafe is turning into a GIN JOINT for one night with lots of 60's music and very little talking on my part.  I just don't have much to say right now and I don't want to force it.  Plus, I love music and wanted to create some beauty on the air waves in honor of the New Moon in Libra.  Please tune in Thursday 10/7 at 7pm PST/10pm EST for a ride on a psychedelic rainbow!

Much love to you, friends!
Let me know how you're handling the energy.

LET'S MAKE THE MOST OF THIS MOON!  Think peace, think love...
(These are exciting times...not for the faint of heart!)


ps.  i couldn't resist this image.  i stopped using art on the blog because i'm terrified that the internet, art police are going to come knocking at my door any day now.  oh's worth the risk!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fortune Forecast 10/4 - 10/10

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We're being asked to leave the familiar behind this week in favor of adventure and exploration.  Some of us might feel challenged to step out of the comfort zone and yet, staying where we are is causing us to miss out on big opportunities.  Even if it's just a journey of the mind and a willingness to explore new ideas, it's time to break up the status quo.  Magic awaits in new spaces.

Monday 10/4
Let the heart rule the day.  Tune in to the messages coming through.  There is a wealth of wisdom and insight just waiting to be brought forward.  Opening up to more heart will bring much needed luck as well as helping us deepen bonds that help sustain us.  You can't beat that!

Tuesday 10/5
Today we get to see the resolution of a situation that's been unfair for quite some time.  Whether this situation is one that directly affects us or one that we are witness to, it will feel good to see balance restored.  Expect to experience some lingering feelings over all that's transpired here.

Wednesday 10/6
We've been sitting on some potent energy, perhaps fearing its ability to destabilize our normal routine.  The things is, it's not going to go away until it has a chance to run its course.  See it as a positive, as a catalyst for change.  Let the energy have space for expression and trust what comes up and out.

Thursday 10/7
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Put away the resentment and let love in.  Forgiveness brings fluidity and flow to our energy fled and this ability to move is important now.  Old pain can be released with the power of love.  See love as a color and imagine it all around the body.  Bask in it and see what happens.

Friday 10/8
Sometimes we put so much energy into a dream that we get distracted from our real lives.  It's time to pull back from a fantasy that's causing blindness in terms of what is.  Snap out of it!  Get back to the moment and make small changes to feel better now.  It's time for new dreams.

Saturday 10/9
Look around.  We can taste, touch, see and feel the abundance all around.  If you can't get to this space, have the intention of releasing whatever stands in the way.  It's all in the mind.  Lose the thinking that says they're is not enough.  Claim what's yours.  It's waiting right there...

Sunday 10/10
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Today is a great day to contemplate what keeps more from coming to us, without struggle and without effort.  We might find poverty consciousness in terms of love, money or health.  See it and decided to replace it with something better.  It's as simple as intention.

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Get out!  Seek new spaces to explore.  Don't hesitate to wander.  Magic is out there, just waiting to be uncovered but we won't find it in the familiar.  Be willing to travel in order to discover.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/3 - 10/9

A sudden insight brings the motivation you need to change directions.  It takes some effort to rearrange everything and free yourself up.  It's worth it Aries.  Don't let anyone talk you out of it.  People will try.  You are on the path to greater abundance.  Keep going even though support is lacking.

You're learning a new way to ground into the events of your life and it feels awkward Taurus.  Don't doubt for a second that you're on the right track.  Your ability to manifest money is about to go up a notch or two.  Stop the recriminations.  You are as free as you want to be.

You're facing an ending and it might be stirring up a lot of mixed feelings.  Don't hide from these feelings, Gemini.  It's essential that you move into the next chapter feeling as free as you can.  There is a lot of help available.  Don't hesitate to ask.  It's ok to slow down a bit as you move from one world to the next.

Healing energies are coming into your world but it might not look like it. It's time to break free from oppressive spaces.  The process might be uncomfortable.  Go anyway!  No one wants to play your game this week, Cancer.  You can walk away too.  Don't take everything so personally.  Unhook your pride.

A relationship is growing in depth and intensity.  It feels good to have so much support but it's scary too.  As you relax into this attachment, be willing to let your fear come up and out.  You're being asked to go on a journey, Leo.  Go, go, go!  Something wonderful awaits you up ahead.

It's hard to shake off the negative thoughts this week, Virgo.  Whatever it is that's bothering you is not as bad as you think.  Hold steady and put off major decisions until you feel a pop in the energy.  A new passion can help you direct your energy into something more productive.  Permission to explore can help.

Your world is expanding rapidly this week, Libra.  Get ready for some exciting, new opportunities.  Your thinking clearly and it's easy to make a plan of action.  At the same time, an old problem rises up with sharp intensity.  It won't take much to find resolution.  Don't be intimidated by the mess.

This is an exciting time, Scorpio.  The opportunities for growth are huge and you're ready.  Go ahead and challenge old notions of success.  You're forging a new path and the people around you just don't get it. It's ok.  Take a look at the resources you have on hand and you'll see you have more than enough.

Dig in and get to work, Sagittarius.  There's a lot on your plate but you have what you need to confront it.  Breaks can help you stay in there for the long haul.  Someone shows us this week and offers you a chance to see things in a fresh way.  Notice the resistance and let it go.  There's no need to defend your position.

A wish is coming your way, Capricorn.  If you can break away from your focus for a minute, you'll see it.  Get your nose off that grindstone!  Your heart is opening despite your best efforts.  Let the love flow.  As you start to feel more refreshed emotionally, you'll find your productivity skyrocketing.

An investment opportunity has potential to change your life.  You might be hesitant to jump on it.  Put the fears aside and go.  You're depleted and in need of care.  Give it to yourself and quit waiting for the right time.  As your energy comes up, problems will abate. It doesn't need to be so hard.

It's a powerful week, Pisces.  You are being asked to surrender to more love.  Why are you fighting it?  A situation that's been unjust is about to get resolved.  You might not like the outcome.  It doesn't look like what you want but it will bring opportunity your way.  Find healthy outlets for angry feelings.