Monday, October 11, 2010

Fortune Forecast 10/11 - 10/17

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Life is about to go into high gear.  Are you ready?  It's important that we find time to pause and reflect because being reactive will be hard to resist.  Reacting is not as powerful as taking conscious action.  Whatever feels pressing can wait until we have our head's clear and our feet on the ground.  Think about what's wanted and needed and step out of just getting by.  The opportunities are big now and they will be there even if we take time to consider all options.

Monday 10/11
Relax into what's playing out today.  There's no need to fight it or try and control it.  Even situations that look like a threat to what we want can be opportunities to become more resourceful and more creative.  Don't get worked up over glitches and minor delays.  It's all going to smooth out soon.

Tuesday 10/12
Open the heart and share the good vibes.  Extend kindness to everyone.  It's infectious!  When we let the love flow, not only do we bring more light to the universe, we end up healing and releasing the old pain that lingers deep inside our own bodies.  Generosity of spirit brings abundance to the material world.

Wednesday 10/13
It's essential that we get off the beaten track today.  Many wonders await us but they're lurking in the unfamiliar.  Even a small detour helps us discover more magic.  For those feeling weary and unwilling to look away from whatever it is that's causing stress, know that taking your mind off it will help.

Thursday 10/14
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A phone call, an email or a letter to an old friend can help shift us out of heavy energies.  We need to find someone to laugh with.  As amusement comes in, troubles dissipate.  Stop putting connection at the bottom of the to-do list.  Swap stories and lighten the burden.  Let it all out in a peel of giggles.

Friday 10/15
We're being asked to take over a project that needs leadership and focus.  We have the passion needed to get a lot accomplished but our passion can look a little controlling to others involved.  Be mindful of the other people involved.  Offer validation when it's due and everything will run more smoothly.

Saturday 10/16
We're absolutely inspired at every turn today.  Amazing insights and ideas are coming fast and furious.  We need time to take it all in before we create a plan of action.  We'll have the urge to leap before looking, which is fine but perhaps not as effective as waiting for the new vision to take root.

Sunday 10/17
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Picture what you want.  If you don't have the details, feel the feelings of having it.  The mind is so much more powerful than we realize.  Notice the negativity that wants to come in and mess it all up.  Gently say no to this energy and come back to the dream.  It will all come together soon.

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Nothing is wasted and a pause here and there is not only helpful, it's important.  Stay grounded and try not to get swept into the hype and drama that results as the pace starts to pick up.  We choose the pace that works, even if the world is getting kind of nuts.

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