Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/10 - 10/16

It's time to put a dream into motion.  This might require travel on your part.  Whether it's literal or metaphorical, get moving, Aries.  Seek out new contacts, ideas and information.  A big shift is underway and you are in a great position to capitalize on it.  Stay in motion. 

Get ready to wake up one morning this week with a whole new perspective on your life, Taurus.  You are ready to mutate into something brighter and more beautiful.  You are rich in resources.  Tap in and make the most of what you've got.  Find time to celebrate and connect.

Take time to pause and reflect this week, Gemini.  You have so many things happening all at the same time that it's getting overwhelming.  Emotional support is available.  Slow down and connect with loved ones.  Unhook from the pressure you're putting on yourself.  It's ridiculously intense.

Hoarding is a natural response when we feel afraid but it's shutting your creative energy down.  Looses up a bit, Cancer.  You don't need to hang on so tight.  You can attract a lot of magic this week.  Open up and let it in.  It's time to start plotting your next step.  Reach beyond the known.

You can have a fresh start in a space that feels stuck, Leo.  All you have to do is open to it.  being stubborn and trying to make it work isn't working.  Be willing to surrender in order to find a new path.  Passionate drives feel out of control.  Trust these urges and go.

Step out of responsibility in order to play.  You'll get more done when you shift from seriousness to amusement, Virgo.  You're falling in love with someone or something.  let yourself sink into it.  Notice the desire to control and gently say no.  Floating will bring more magic.

A big idea has you excited and energized. Be careful when sharing this idea.  Not everyone shares your enthusiasm and you are vulnerable to the downer energy.   Find ways to channel your passion productively.  Physical movement can help you keep your creativity strong and free. 

Balance is important but challenging this week, Scorpio.  Play with this idea and create your own version of it.  You've been putting up with a lot of criticism and it has you shaken.  Don't hesitate to forge your own path.  The urge to break free will get stronger and stronger.  Honor it.

A burst of intense energy can help you free up more energy for projects you love.  You're ready to change some of the agreements that keep you feeling stuck.  Your abundance energy is top notch this week.  Enjoy watching your resources expand and multiply, without effort or struggle.

Your belief system will be challenged this week.  You can see this as a test of faith or perhaps an opportunity to update your information.  A part of you is so ready to move into new spaces.  What are you waiting for, Capricorn?  Just go.  Whatever you think is holding you back is all in your mind.

You're feeling all alone in your struggles this week.  Part of the problem is your unwillingness to show even the slightest hint of vulnerability.  As soon as you get over this internal dynamic, you'll find there's plenty of support.  You'll also start to see that you have everything you want and need.

An opportunity to expand your abundance is definitely worth checking out.  Don't dismiss it Pisces until you have a chance to really check it out.  You're stepping into more power.  Give yourself time to ground the energy, then watch out!  You're going to fly!!


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