Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Fortune Scopes 10/17 - 10/23

The pace is about to go into high gear.  Are you ready to rock and roll?  You're going to love what's coming for you this week, Aries.  The only problem will be deciding how much to take on.  Shake off the energy of poverty, wherever it's been hiding in you.  You're close to gold.

Good fortune is yours this week, Taurus.  Opportunities are coming toward you in a furious pace.  You have time to reflect on all the options.  There's no need to grab something, thinking if you don't it will slip away.  You're struggling with a recent rejection.  Be grateful to be rid of this.

You are suddenly tapping into a deeper level of awareness and understanding.  Things that were previously hidden from you are crystal clear now.  You are being guided into new, exciting spaces.  Stay grounded, Gemini because it's a lot to take in.  Keep following the sparkle.

A big decision needs to be made and soon.  You keep going back and forth Cancer.  Jump in there soon and pick a path.  You'll feel better as you move from thought to action.  An opportunity to make more money is worth examination.  You're ready to take on bigger and better challenges.

It's time to look out across the landscape and decide where you want to travel to next.  It can be a time of celebration and play if you want it to, Leo.  The skills you're crafting are taking on more dimension.  This is a rich time period in terms of recognizing your gifts and how best to apply them. 

It's all about creating more balance this week, Virgo.  It's time to put some of your worries aside and attend to your immediate needs.  You can control some of the stormy weather around you.  Exercise and experiment with power.  You're building something and doing a fine job.  Keep going.

Powerful energies are working in your favor this week, Libra.  It might not feel like it when circumstances seem to conspire against you but the obstacles popping up are important and disguise buried treasure.  A dream that seem unattainable is causing a lot of suffering.  Cut it loose.

You are quick to rush to judgment this week Scorpio.  Life feels slightly out of control.  In your attempt to feel safer and more protected, you're actually closing down pathways to abundance.  Seek comfort for your body and mind.  Rest can be all it takes to bring in a fresh perspective and a new plan of attack.

Your abundance energy is going up, Sagittarius.  It's exciting and seemingly effortless.  Love what's coming your way this week.  It's a great time to strike out on a quest.  Go seeking.  You're being awfully hard on yourself for something you had little control over.  Perhaps it's time to let it go. 

Protect your ideas but don't hide away.  You're ready to launch a new project.  Stop trying to perfect it and just get going.  Hard work is paying off, Capricorn.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.  The world is just waiting to embrace you.  Shake off the stress you use to drive yourself.  It's not needed.

Fiery feelings are driving you to rash and irrational behavior.  You're a stranger in a strange land this week, Aquarius.  Let the unfamiliarity of what you're dealing with help you bring in more creativity.  You're in need of refreshment.  Be discriminating when choosing what to indulge in.

Feel good now. Pisces!  You have so much to feel good about.  Don't let minor stresses keep you from loving the life you're living right now.  Others are counting on your to provide emotional sustenance.  Give only what you can afford to.  A breakthrough is imminent.  Are you ready?


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